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Archer (Kate Rennie) Papers
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box-folder 1:1-5

I. Correspondence, 1915-1970,

Physical Description: 5 folders

Scope and Contents note

Consists of outgoing, and incoming correspondence. Correspondents included are Julia Altrocchi, Helen Faulkner, Florence R. Keene, Frona Lane, Arthur L. Price, and Jennette Yeatman. Majority of the outgoing correspondence consists of letters written to Mrs. (Gita) Lewis Specker, a friend from a San Francisco Browning Society.

Arrangement note

Incoming letters are arranged alphabetically by a corporate or last name.
box-folder 1:1

Outgoing, 1932, 1953, 1963-1970

box-folder 1:2-5


box-folder 1:2

Letters in regards to publishing & other literary activity, A-Z, 1915,1939-1963

box-folder 1:3

Letters from friends and fans, A-Z, 1915-1968

box-folder 1:4

Fan mail redirected from radio KFRC after reading of "The Constant Heart", Feb 1932

box-folder 1:5

Unknown, 1939-1963, n.d.

box-folder 1:6-9

II. Biographical, 1914-1962,

Physical Description: 4 folders

Scope and Contents note

Contains biographical notes, legal documents, articles written about Kate Rennie Archer, and her business card.

Scope and Contents note

Chronological arrangement.
box-folder 1:6

Biographical notes by Mrs. Archer

box-folder 1:7

Finance, contracts & other legal documents, 1914-1955

box-folder 1:8

Newspaper Articles about K.R.A., 1931-1962

box-folder 1:9

Ephemera, 1933, n.d.

box-folder 1:10-11

III. Family Papers, 1907-1963,

Physical Description: 2 folders

Scope and Contents note

Contains material relating to Douglas Archer Sr.'s music activity in Edinburgh, as well as correspondence from the son Douglas Archer Jr. and his family.

Arrangement note

Chronological arrangement.
box-folder 1:10

Douglas Archer Sr., Opera programs and clippings, 1907, 1910, 1922

box-folder 1:11

Douglas Archer Jr. and his family, Correspondence to his parents, 1942-1963

box-folder 2:1-6

IV. Activity, 1936-1963,

Physical Description: 6 folders

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and various printed material regarding to Kate Rennie Archer's literary and teaching activity.

Arrangement note

Arrangement chronologically where possible.
box-folder 2:1

Clubs and Societies:

box-folder 2:1

Poets of the Pacific, programs, journal, certificate of merit, 1941, 1943

box-folder 2:1

California Writer's Club, roster, 1951

box-folder 2:1

California Federation of Chaparral Poets, certificate

box-folder 2:1

The Poetry Society of America, Bulletin, Dec 1944, Feb-Mar, May 1953, Dec 1956, May 1963

box-folder 2:2-3


box-folder 2:2

Technical Adult School, Oakland, printed copy of "Original Poems by Class in Poetry and Verse, 1948-1949

box-folder 2:3

Dominican Grammar School, Collection of student poems, 1949,1951-1952

box-folder 2:4-5

Poetry Workshop:

box-folder 2:4

Incoming & outgoing correspondence, 1955

box-folder 2:5

Notes, publicity drafts, newspaper clippings, blank contest entry form

box-folder 2:6

Programs and announcements for lectures and readings, 1936, 1953,n.d.

box-folder 3:1-5:7

V. Manuscripts, [1927]-1967,

Scope and Contents note

Contains typed and hand written manuscripts of published and unpublished poems, stories, as well as broadcast scripts and speeches, a score, a notebook, miscellany draft fragments, notes, and writing source material.

Arrangement note

Arranged alphabetically by title, where possible. Untitled groups of poems, which were found attached as a set, were kept intact.
box-folder 3:1

Source material; newspaper clippings of stories & publisher information, 1934-1966

box-folder 3:2

"Afternoon in a park, Bad Sassendorff, Germany, and other works", 1967

box-folder 3:3

"Broadcast script", KYA, corrected & annotated typescript, Jun 1949

box-folder 3:4

"Bus Trip", set of 3 poems, typescript, n.d.

box-folder 3:5-7

"Call Frae the Heather":

box-folder 3:5-6

Corrected typescript (poems were broadcasted over KYA), n.d.

box-folder 3:7

Corrected and edited scripts for a dramatic reading, 1936

box-folder 3:8-9

"Coffee Shop", corrected typescripts, Oct 1946, n.d.

box-folder 3:10

"Epicure Evening", Handmade pamphlet of poems and sketches in a menu, n.d.

box-folder 3:11

"For One Who Stayed", poems, typescript, n.d.

box-folder 3:12

"Frae the Heather" broadcast outlines of Scottish songs, typescripts, Nov 1949

box-folder 3:13

"The Gipsy in Me", collection of stories, corrected typescript, [1927]

box-folder 3:14

"Growth", poem which received a Browning Society Award, 1962

box-folder 3:15

"Harvest of War", corrected typescript, n.d.

box-folder 3:16

"Make Straight the Way", corrected typescripts, n.d.

box-folder 3:17

"My Son Enlist", a poem, corrected typescript, n.d.

box-folder 3:18

"Night Clerk Western Union", corrected typescript, n.d.

box-folder 3:19

"Persimmon Harvest", incomplete set of poems, and receipts, 1954

box-folder 3:20

"Personality", writing of nine different human personalities [by K.R.A ?], n.d.

box-folder 3:21

"Return Freight", narrative picture poem, corrected typescript, 1934

box-folder 3:22

"Roses and Fire: Lyrics", corrected typescript, n.d.

box-folder 4:1

"Saga of Service: For City Hospitals Everywhere", 3 corrected typescripts

box-folder 4:2

"Seeing the World at One and Three Fifty Cents per Mile: 8000 miles for 1.22 dollars", article sent to N.Y. Post, typescript, 1931

box-folder 4:3

"Tumbleweed Trail", 2 corrected typescripts and notes, 1936

box-folder 4:4

"Song of a Little Brother", complete and incomplete typescript sets, corrected

box-folder 4:5-7

Single poems by title, A-Z, typed and hand written versions

box-folder 4:8-9

Untitled groups of poems, corrected and uncorrected typescripts

box-folder 4:10

Untitled poems, drafts

box-folder 5:1-2

Short stories and essays by title, B-W

box-folder 5:3

Story and essay fragments, outlines

box-folder 5:4

Speeches; "Child Poetry Lines and Laughter", "Old Songs and New", "Poetry Day 1953", "Shakespeare and Stratford Today", "These are Scots"

box-folder 5:5

Score for "The Gray Ship", music and words by K.R.A, scripted by hand, n.d.

box-folder 5:6

Notebook, contains drafts for poems, addresses, and misc. notes

box-folder 5:7


box-folder 2:7-15

VI. Printed Material, 1934-1960,

Physical Description: 9 folders

Scope and Contents note

Contains galley proofs, a collection of periodicals and newspaper clippings of K.R.A.'s poems and articles, as well as clippings of miscellany publicity and bookreviews.

Arrangement note

Newspaper clippings are devided into groups by a periodical title.
box-folder 2:7-8

Galley proofs:

box-folder 2:7

"Frae the Heather", 2 corrected copies

box-folder 2:8

"Petals of the Guelred-Rose", 3 corrected copies

box-folder 2:9

"Night Clerk Western Union", Glenwood ed. [pamphlet], 1960's

box-folder 2:10

Cards, 1947, 1959

box-folder 2:11

Poems in journals; "Daphne in Change", Envoi, and "Wild Halcyons", The Navy, v.61:10, Oct 1956

box-folder 2:12

Poems; newspaper clippings from:

box-folder 2:12

The Albany Herald, featured in "The Red Kite", 1937-1942

box-folder 2:12

The Carmel Pine Cone-Cymbal, featured in "Poetry", 1942-1952

box-folder 2:12

The Courier, featured in "The Poetic View", 1933-1934

box-folder 2:12

The Maple Leaf, n.d.

box-folder 2:12

The Oakland Tribune, featured in "Other Fellows", 1928-1958

box-folder 2:12

The San Francisco Examiner, 1939, 1941-1942

box-folder 2:13

Poems; newspaper clippings from misc. publications, 1935-1958, n.d.

box-folder 2:14

Articles in journals and newspapers, 1934, 1954, n.d

box-folder 2:15

Book publicity and book reviews, flyers & clippings, 1935, 1937, 1941, 1943, 1955

box-folder 6:1-2

VII. Scrapbooks, 1933-1937, 1951-1952,

Scope and Contents note

Contains two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings documenting Mrs. Archer's and her son's budget travel across the Atlantic in 1930's, and miscellany publicity in regards to her literary activity in early 1950.

Scope and Contents note

Chronological arrangement.
box-folder 5:8

VIII. Photographs, [1890-1960],

Physical Description: 1 folders

Scope and Contents note

Contains 30 photographs, including individual and group portraits of Kate Rennie Archer (1910's, 1960's), Douglas Archer Sr. ([1890], 1930's, 1960's), and Douglas Archer Jr. (1930-1960).

Arrangement note

Arranged by size; 8x11, 5x7, and 4x5
box-folder 2:16

IX. Realia, 1912, n.d.,

Physical Description: 1 folders

Scope and Contents note

Contains a framed drawing of Kate Rennie Archer and a package of wedding rice.

Arrangement note

No arrangement.
box-folder 5:10-12

X. Miscellany, 1928, 1944-1956,

Physical Description: 3 folders

Scope and Contents note

Collection of writings by other than K.R.A. and other miscellany publications.

Arrangement note

No arrangement.
box-folder 5:10

Poetry by other than K.R.A., booklets and copies:

box-folder 5:10

A Dozen New Poems, by Gavin Arthur, [inscribed by author], 1954

box-folder 5:10

Tropic Earth, by Clifford Gessler, [inscribed by author], 1944

box-folder 5:10

Typed and hand written copies of Nora May French's poems

box-folder 5:11

Writings by other than Kate Archer:

box-folder 5:11

"Yada Lecture", unknown author, Feb 1956

box-folder 5:11

"Fire & Ice: The Two Satan's", by Jennette Yeatman, carbon copy

box-folder 5:12

Miscellany publications:

box-folder 5:12

The West Minster Magazine, v.35:3, Autumn 1946

box-folder 5:12

"The Truth About the War", Major George A. Drew, reprint of MacLean's, Canada's National Magazine, Jul 1928