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Guide to the William J. Miller Collection
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Series I: Newspapers, 1861-1999

Physical Description: 3 boxes.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains local newspapers related to criminal activity and police work. Featured newspapers include San Jose Mercury News, The Pioneer, California Today, and the San Francisco Chronicle.
Box: 1

Newspapers, 1861-1925

Physical Description: 39 folders.
Box: 2

Newspapers, 1931-1979

Physical Description: 28 folders.
Box: 3

Newspapers, 1980-1999

Physical Description: 13 folders.

Series II: Photographs, circa 1856-1980s

Physical Description: 1 box, 1 oversized photograph (unboxed).

Scope and Content Note

This series contains photographs related to the sheriff's department, other police activities, and Captain Miller's personal interests.
Box/Folder: 4/1

Anderson, R.A., undated

Box/Folder: 4/2

April Journal to Press, undated

Box/Folder: 4/3

Area Scenes, undated

Box/Folder: 4/4

Bell, H., undated

Box/Folder: 4/5

Buildings, undated

Box/Folder: 4/6

Captain Bill Miller, undated

Box/Folder: 4/7

County Officials, undated

Box/Folder: 4/8

Demonstrations at Stanford, Pres. Ford's Visit, 1975

Box/Folder: 4/9

Deputies, undated

Box/Folder: 4/10

Drunk Tank, 1961

Box/Folder: 4/11

Dunham Murder, undated

Box/Folder: 4/12

Elmwood, 1955

Box/Folder: 4/13

Fellows, Dick, undated

Box/Folder: 4/14

Former Sheriffs, undated

Box/Folder: 4/15

Aerial Photos & Negatives, Hellyer Park, undated

Box/Folder: 4/16

Historical Photographs, 1856-1911

Box/Folder: 4/17

Jos Belden Family, undated

Box/Folder: 4/18

Journal Pictures, undated

Box/Folder: 4/19

Judges, undated

Box/Folder: 4/20

Los Gatos, undated

Box/Folder: 4/21

Main Jail (old), 1958

Box/Folder: 4/22

Misc. Info, 1850

Box/Folder: 4/23

Misc. Info, 1880-1890

Box/Folder: 4/24

Misc. Photos, undated

Box/Folder: 4/25

Monterrey Jail, circa late 1800s

Box/Folder: 4/26

Mug Shots, circa 1980s

Box/Folder: 4/27

Outlaws, undated

Box/Folder: 4/28

Photos of Towns, 1895

Box/Folder: 4/29

Police Academy, undated

Box/Folder: 4/30

Police Dept., 1873-1973

Box/Folder: 4/31

Pyne, John, undated

Box/Folder: 4/32

Reserves, undated

Box/Folder: 4/33

San Jose Public Transportation, undated

Box/Folder: 4/34

Sheriff's Badges, undated

Box/Folder: 4/35

Supervisors, undated

Box/Folder: 4/36

Trains, undated

Box/Folder: 4/37

Trousdell, L., undated

Box/Folder: 4/38

Weekend Work Program Pictures, undated

Box/Folder: 4/39

Winter, undated

Box: unboxed

Judges, undated


Series III: Court Records, 1863-1893

Physical Description: 9 folders and 2 books.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains transcripts of court proceedings and a court house directory. Books include Index to Civil Suits (circa late 1800s) and another civil suits index circa 1950s, types of cases unknown.
Box/Folder: 5/1

San Francisco Municipal Reports for the Fiscal Year, 1863-1864

Box/Folder: 5/2

People vs. Pin & Yup/People of the State vs. Britton & Camellio, 1881

Box/Folder: 5/3

The People vs. Lyons, 1883

Box/Folder: 5/4

The People vs. Frand Williams & Michael King, 1887

Box/Folder: 5/5

The People vs. B.F. Burdick, 1890

Box/Folder: 5/6

The People of the County of Santa Clara vs. James Herrington & Howard Holland, undated

Box/Folder: 5/7

The People of the State of California vs. James Francis & Frank Day/The People of the State of California vs. Frank Day, 1893

Box/Folder: 5/8

The People of the State of California vs. Herbert William Mullin, 1973

Box/Folder: 5/9

Court House Directory, undated

Box: 9

Court Log Book, circa 1892

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box: 9

Index to Civil Suits, 1953-1954

Physical Description: 1 book.

Series IV: William J. Miller Personal Files, 1850-1984

Physical Description: 14 folders.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains Captain William J. Miller's personal files, including files from his police training and other schooling, his financial records and other personal items, campaign memorabilia, and law enforcement records.
Box/Folder: 5/10

Sheriff election notes, excerpt from Pen Pictures from "The Garden of the World," notes from the San Jose Daily Herald, 1850-1880

Box/Folder: 5/11-5/12

Receipt, 1887-1888

Box/Folder: 5/13

County of Santa Clara Communications Department official code book, 1952

Box/Folder: 5/14

Issue of The Trailblazer, vol. 9 no. 2, undated

Box/Folder: 5/15

Bank Check, 1970

Box/Folder: 5/16-5/20

School records, 1971-1978

Physical Description: 1 personal note and a term paper: Intro to Law Enforcement, State fo California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, Place Funeral home funeral proceeding, graduation program, teaching credential, organization chart for the Commission on Peace officer Standards and Training, 1 letter, 2 essays from college, 1 college acceptance letter, 1 Community College Special Limited Services credential, 2 note tablets, 1 check out list of library books, 2 petitions in lieu of filing fees, and sheriff election campaign pamphlets.
Box/Folder: 5/21

Academy Materials and Other Items, undated

Physical Description: 1 map to management training seminar, letter to his father, Basic Peace Officers Training Academy Awards Program, 1 issue of The Bullet, vol. 2, no. 2.
Box/Folder: 5/22

Financial Statements, 1982

Physical Description: 1 payment card, 1 form of materials estimate and costs.
Box/Folder: 5/23

Notes, undated

Physical Description: 2 notes.
Box/Folder: 5/24

Miscellaneous, undated

Physical Description: Information on Dick Fellows and Harry Bee, campaign memorabilia, Beverly-Burbank Rotary Club pamphlet, notes, newspaper clippings, 1 excerpt from Santa Clara County's Era of Good Feeling, crime stories by Captain William J. Miller.

Series V: Ephemera, undated

Physical Description: 1 protective sleeve of small badges.
Physical Location: Box 6.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains small physical objects, mostly of Captain Miller's badges during his career in law enforcement.

Series VI: Police Records & Administration, 1850-1982

Physical Description: 31 folders.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains information on prisoners, criminal activity records, the Santa Clara County Jail, and fiscal reports.
Box/Folder: 6/1

Criminal Activity Reports, 1850-1900

Box/Folder: 6/2

Note, 1925

Box/Folder: 6/3

Investigation Reports, 1934

Box/Folder: 6/4

Angela Davis, 1944

Box/Folder: 6/5

Criminal Activity Reports, 1952

Box/Folder: 6/6-6/7

Annual Reports, 1953-1954

Box/Folder: 6/8

Robert A. Anderson, 1957

Box/Folder: 6/9

Santa Clara County Jail, 1958

Physical Description: Blue prints and news clippings.
Box/Folder: 6/10

Annual Report, 1959-1960

Box/Folder: 6/11

Patrol Personnel, 1962

Box/Folder: 6/12

The Informer, 1963

Box/Folder: 6/13-6/17

The Informer, Water Production Statements, and News Bulletins, 1963-1968

Box/Folder: 6/18

Elmwood Rehabilitation Facility & Water Production Statements, 1968

Box/Folder: 6/19

Note, 1970

Box/Folder: 6/20

Emergency Information, 1971

Box/Folder: 6/21

Training Bulletin & Water Production Statements, 1972

Box/Folder: 6/22

Inmate Information, Personnel, Training Information, Water Production Statements, 1973

Box/Folder: 6/23-6/24

Water Production Statements, 1974-1975

Box/Folder: 6/25

1 Note, The Trailblazer, Meeting Minutes, Water Production Statement, 1976

Box/Folder: 6/26

Water Production Statements, Sheriff Department Rank Information, 1977

Box/Folder: 6/27

Bank Note, Arrest Information, 1979

Box/Folder: 6/28

Weekend Movie Schedules, 1980

Box/Folder: 6/29

Captains Staff, Elmwood, 1973

Box/Folder: 6/30-31

Misc. Info, undated

Box: 9

Day-Book, 1892

Physical Description: 1 book.


This book describes prisoner's clothing of when they came to prison.
Box: 10

Log Books, undated

Physical Description: 4 books.
Box/Folder: unboxed

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Fees Books, undated

Physical Description: 3 log books.

Series VII: History, 1881-1977

Physical Description: 11 folders.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains information relating to the history of California, San Jose, and Santa Clara County.
Box/Folder: 6/32

Pioneers, 1829

Box/Folder: 6/33

History of Santa Clara COunty & San Jose, Deputy Information, 1850-1900

Box/Folder: 6/34

A Brief Account of the Lick Observatory of the University of California, 1954

Box/Folder: 6/35

History of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept., 1958

Box/Folder: 6/37

History of Old California, 1971

Box/Folder: 6/38-6/40

Trailblazer issues, vol. 14, no. 1, 2; History of San Jose: vol. 15, no. 1, 3, 4 and vol. 16, no. 1, 1974-1976

Box/Folder: 6/41

A Community Guide to Santa Clara County, 1977

Box/Folder: 6/42

Misc. Info., undated

Physical Description: Misc. info of Dick Fellows, historical notes, history of Santa Clara County.

Series VIII: Correspondence, 1896-1980

Physical Description: 15 folders.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains letters to and from Captain Miller.
Box/Folder: 6/43

Dick Fellows Application for Pardon, 1986

Box/Folder: 6/44

Dick Fellows, 1984

Box/Folder: 6/45

Pardons, 1905

Box/Folder: 6/46

Dick Fellows - Pardons, 1908

Box/Folder: 6/47

Melvin L. Hawley, 1955

Box/Folder: 6/48

Suspected Narcotics Users, 1959

Box/Folder: 6/49

Gocham, 1972

Box/Folder: 6/50

Jail Standards, 1973

Box/Folder: 6/51

Lynn Vermillion to Sheriff Geary, 1974

Box/Folder: 6/52

Weekenders, 1976

Box/Folder: 6/53

Lt. Salvidor to Edgar P. Taylor/Weekenders, 1977

Box/Folder: 6/54

Lt. E. Pourroy to All Divisions/Sgt. Jorgenson to Capt. Miller, 1980

Box/Folder: 6/55

Films Incorporated/Jail Building Program, 1981

Box/Folder: 6/56

Tom Contratto to Capt. Miller/Capt. Miller to All Divisions/George Soto to All Dept. Heads, 1982

Box/Folder: 6/57

Cars & Parts/County of Santa Clara, undated


Series IX: Books, 1942-1971

Physical Description: 14 books.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains books relating to police administration.
Box 8

Police Records: Their Installation and Use by O.W. Wilson, 1942

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Home Investigation: Practical Information for Coroners, Police Officers, and Other Investigators , rev. and enlarged, 9th ed. by LeMoyne Snyder, 1944

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Criminal Investigation, 9th ed. by Charles W. Fricke, LL.M, J.D., LL.D., 1949

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Evidence for the Patrolman, by Floyd N. Heffron, 1959

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Statistics Essential for Police Efficiency, by John I. Griffin, Ph.D., 1958

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Scientific Investigation and Physical Evidence: A Handbook for Investigators , by Leland V. Jones, 1959

Physical Description: 2 books.
Box 8

Patrol Administration, by G. Douglas Gourley, M.S. in P.A. and Allen P. Bristow, M.S. in P.A., 1961

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, by Fred E. Inbau, M.D., LL.B., and John E. Reid, LL.B, 1962

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Criminal Investigation and Interrogation, by Samuel R. Gerber and Oliver Schroeder, Jr., 1962

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Narcotics and Narcotic Addiction, 2nd ed. by David W. Maurer, Ph.D., Victor H. Vogel, M.P.H., M.D., 1962

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Police Administration, 2nd ed. by O.W. Wilson, 1962

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

Management: for Supervisory and Administrative Personnel, published by Charles C. Thomas, 1962

Physical Description: 1 book.
Box 8

How to Increase Your Word Power, by Stuart B. Flexner, 1962

Physical Description: 1 book.

Series X: Scrapbooks, 1922-1923

Physical Description: 2 scrapbooks.
Physical Location: Box 10.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains a scrapbook related to the history of San Jose and Santa Clara County circa 1923 and another scrapbook of Arthur Langford's souvenirs from high school and college and newspaper clippings circa 1896-1902.

Series XI: Audio Discs, 1946-1947

Physical Description: 56 audio discs.
Physical Location: Box 7.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains audio discs of pisoners' confessions. Many of them are of John Pyne.