Guide to the Edward V. Roberts Papers, 1975-1998

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Guide to the Edward V. Roberts Papers, 1975-1998

Collection number: BANC MSS 99/34 cz

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Edward V. Roberts Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1975-1998
Collection Number: BANC MSS 99/34 cz
Creator: Roberts, Edward V., 1939-1995
Extent: 11 cartons, 1 oversize box 14.15 linear feet 9 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Abstract: The Edward V. Roberts Papers, 1953-1998 [bulk 1975-1995], consist of writings, professional activities, subject files, and biographical information documenting Roberts's leading role in the movements for disability rights and independent living. The majority of the material is about Roberts's professional and political activities; there is limited information on his personal life. The records include information about Roberts's tenure as the director of the California Dept. of Rehabilitation, and his involvement in the World Institute on Disability (WID) and Disabled Persons International (DPI). The collection contains Roberts's speeches, appearances, testimonies, and records of travel throughout the United States and the world as an outspoken activist for the rights of disabled people.
Languages Represented: English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Edward V. Roberts Papers were given to The Bancroft Library by Roberts's mother, Zona Roberts, and accessioned with the records donated by the World Institute on Disability.


Edward V. Roberts, 1939-1995, contracted poliomyelitis in 1953 at the age of 14. Surviving the disease, he became a quadriplegic, requiring the use of a respirator (called an iron lung) Roberts taught himself how to swallow air in order to survive outside his iron lung and began to attend classes at Burlingame High School once a week as a senior.
After attending the College of San Mateo, Roberts became the first severely disabled student to live on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley in 1962. To accommodate his respirator, Roberts lived in a ward of Cowell Hospital, the on-campus health center. He relied on a personal attendant during the day. As Roberts completed his BA and MA in political science, he became politically active, promoting disabled people's rights and the independent living movement.
In 1970, Roberts helped found the Physically Disabled Students Program (PDSP), later known as the Disabled Students Program (DSP) at Berkeley to assist disabled students. The program then expanded into the Berkeley community as the Center for Independent Living (CIL) in 1972. Roberts served as Executive Director of the CIL from 1973 to 1975. CIL became the national model for a community-based self-help program directed by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.
Roberts was appointed director of the California Department of Rehabilitation in 1975, serving until 1983. As director, Roberts pioneered in the areas of employment and rehabilitation services for people with severe disabilities, anti-discrimination legislation on the state and national level, and independent living program legislation.
Roberts married Catherine Dugan in 1976. They had a son, Lee, in 1978. Though Roberts and his wife later divorced, Roberts shared custody of his son.
In 1983 Roberts co-founded the World Institute on Disability (WID) in Oakland, California, serving as president until his death in 1995. WID was the first non-profit organization in the world dedicated to the development and advancement of a unified body of public policy on disability issues and public awareness of disability. Roberts was named a MacArthur Fellow in 1984, and used the fellowship funds to found WID.
Roberts was also involved with Disabled Peoples International (DPI) and served on many disability and civil rights organizations, committees and advisory boards. He was an avid public speaker, appearing all over the United States and throughout the world.
Roberts died of a heart attack in 1995, and is remembered as a pioneering activist for the rights of people with disabilities.

Scope and Content of Collection

The Edward V. Roberts Papers, 1953-1998 [bulk 1975-1995], consist of writings, professional activities, subject files, and biographical information documenting Roberts's leading role in the movements for disability rights and independent living. The majority of the material is about Roberts's professional and political activities; there is limited information on his personal life. The records include information about Roberts's tenure as the director of the California Dept. of Rehabilitation, and his involvement in the World Institute on Disability (WID) and Disabled Persons International (DPI). The collection contains Roberts's speeches, appearances, testimonies, and records of travel throughout the United States and the world as an outspoken activist for the rights of people with disabilities.
Roberts's writings include articles and drafts or transcripts of speeches written throughout his career to promote disability rights and the independent living movement. Several instances of Roberts's expert testimony in front of federal and state Congressional committee hearings on disability rights, independent living, and the impact of budget cuts on the disabled community are also included in the collection.
The records documenting Roberts's professional activities demonstrate Roberts's growth as a leader, and how he became one of the nation's pre-eminent disability rights activists. Because Roberts was a charismatic leader on disability rights, he was often appointed to advisory boards or committees for civil rights and disability organizations. Roberts was also an avid public speaker. The collection contains information on his remarkable travel throughout the United States and all over the world for conferences, meetings, and public appearances. Roberts's wide involvement in many aspects of disability rights, civil rights, and independent living issues are amply documented in his extensive subject files.
The biographical information shows Roberts's dedication to disability rights awareness from his curriculum vitae, calendars describing his busy public appearance schedule, awards, memorials, posthumous tributes, and collected press clippings. The material shows little of the private man, with the exception of Roberts's own case history file.
Researchers interested in the history of the disability rights and independent living movements will discover Roberts's papers full of material on his involvement with policy creation and organizations throughout the world.

Carton 1, folders 1-48

Series 1: Writings, 1959-1994, n.d.


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Writings is further divided into three sub-series: Articles, Speeches, and Testimonies. Articles contains typewritten drafts, published articles, prefaces written by Roberts, and supportive materials relating to publication; unidentified writings and notes are filed last in the sub-series. Speeches includes drafts, transcripts, notes, and abstracts, identified by title, subject or the name of event. Testimonies contains materials relating to Roberts's expert testimony at federal and California state legislative hearings, and for the legal case of Connie Arnold and the U.S. vs. United Artists Theater Circuit.

ARTICLES, 1959-1992, n.d.

carton 1, folder 1

Is There?, 1959

carton 1, folder 2

The Case for Independent Living, 1977

carton 1, folder 3

Foreword to Independent Living, 1977

carton 1, folder 4

Independent Living: Concept and Programs, 1978

carton 1, folder 5

A Personal Perspective on the 80's, 1979

carton 1, folder 6

Into the Mainstream: The Civil Rights of People with Disabilities, 1979

carton 1, folder 7

The Courage to Take Risks, 1981

carton 1, folder 8

Disabled Peoples' International: A Symbol of Determination, 1982

carton 1, folder 9-11

A Founder's Perspective on Independent Living, chapter in the book Mind and Body: Psychosocial Interventions with Physically Disabled Persons

carton 1, folder 12

Independent Living Movement Promotes Self-determination for Disabled Individuals, 1985

carton 1, folder 13

Old Attitudes, New Attitudes, and Disability Policy, 1991

carton 1, folder 14

Let's Take the "T" Out of the TBI [traumatic brain injury], 1992

carton 1, folder 15

Love, Sex, and Artichokes, 1992

carton 1, folder 16

Untitled writings and notes, 1979-1980, n.d.

Carton 1, folders 17-36

SPEECHES, 1976-1993, n.d.

carton 1, folder 17

Regional Rehabilitation Research Institute, Jul. 1976

carton 1, folder 18

Workshop [on] Hiring [the] Handicapped, Mar. 1977

carton 1, folder 19

Casa Colina, Mar. 1977

carton 1, folder 20

California Behavior Analysis Conference, Mar. 1977

carton 1, folder 21

Section 504 Demonstration, Apr. 1977

carton 1, folder 22

Dan Cloud Leadership Award acceptance, Jul. 1978

carton 1, folder 23

San Jose Goodwill Banquet, Nov. 1978

carton 1, folder 24

The Emergence of the Disabled Civil Rights Movement, May 1980

carton 1, folder 25

From Charity to Integration: A New Future for Persons with Disabilities, Jun. 1980

carton 1, folder 26

Independent Living of Disabled Persons, Oct. 1981

carton 1, folder 27

Disabled Peoples' International, Singapore, Dec. 1981

carton 1, folder 27: B

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Speech: Singapore, 1982

carton 1, folder 28

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Speech: When Others Speak for You, You Lose, 1983

carton 1, folder 29

Gazette International Networking Institute, Polio and Independent Living Conference keynote speech [draft], May 1985

carton 1, folder 30

Toward a Unified Agenda: A National Conference on Disability and Aging, Sept. 1985

carton 1, folder 30: C

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Speech: Ed Roberts: Toward a Unified Agenda, 1985

carton 1, folder 31

Western Social Science Association conference address [Reno draft], Apr. 1986

carton 1, folder 32

California State University, Sonoma [notes], Oct. 1987

carton 1, folder 33

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Speech: Empowerment, 1992

carton 1, folder 34

Soviet Union television appearance, Aug. 1993

carton 1, folder 34: B

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Speech: Soviet Union, 1993

carton 1, folder 35

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Speech: Civil Rights: Draft One, n.d.

carton 1, folder 36

Rehabilitation, n.d.

Carton 1, folders 37-48

TESTIMONIES, 1978-1994

carton 1, folder 37

United States Congress House Subcommittee, hearing on Center for Independent Living, Jan. 1978

carton 1, folder 38

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Testimony of Ed Roberts before the Committee on Veteran's Affairs, 1980

carton 1, folder 39

United States Congress House Committee on Ways and Means, hearing on the impact of federal human services cutbacks on the disabled, Jan.- Mar. 1982

carton 1, folder 39: A

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Testimony on the Impact of Federal Human Services Cutbacks on the Disabled, 1982

carton 1, folder 39: B

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Additional Testimony from the Dept. of Rehabilitation, 1982

carton 1, folder 40

BANC MSS 99/34 cz Testimony on Social Security Benefits, 1982

carton 1, folder 41

California Dept. of Rehabilitation, hearing on Public Law 94-142, Sept. 1982

carton 1, folder 42

United States Commission on Civil Rights, hearing on protection of handicapped newborns, Jun. 1986

carton 1, folder 43

Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy, Jan. 1987

carton 1, folder 44

United States Congress House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights, hearing on H.R. 1158, The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1987, May 1987

carton 1, folder 45

United States Congress House Subcommittee on Human Resources And Intergovernmental Relations, hearing on rehabilitation facilities for people with head injuries, Feb. 1992

carton 1, folder 46-48

Connie Arnold and U.S. v. United Artists Theater Circuit, 1993-1994

Carton 1, folders 49-67, Carton 2-5, Carton 6, folders 1-58, Oversize Box, folder 1

SERIES 2: 1962-1995, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Professional Activities is divided into five sub-series: California Dept. of Rehabilitation, Disabled Persons International (DPI), World Institute on Disability (WID), Professional Appointments, and Public Appearances. The California Dept. of Rehabilitation sub-series includes congratulatory correspondence, interviews, and reports. The DPI sub-series consists of materials on work in countries all over the world, information on the United States branch, and international conference materials. The WID sub-series contains funding materials, correspondence, and subject files. The Professional Appointments sub-series shows the breadth of Roberts's involvement in non-profit and policy work through the records of his positions on numerous advisory boards and committees. The Public Appearances material records his constant travel for appearances and meetings throughout the United States and the World. For more information on speeches and appearances see Roberts's c.v. in Series 4: Biographical Information.


carton 1, folder 49-52

Appointment Congratulatory Correspondence, 1975-1976

carton 1, folder 53

General Correspondence, 1982-1983

carton 1, folder 54

Interviews, Feb. 1981

carton 1, folder 55-58

Reports, 1962-1982

carton 1, folder 59

Booklets, 1978-1981

carton 1, folder 60

Consumer Unity: New Platforms for Progress in the 1980's, 1981

Oversize Box, folder 1

International Year of Disabled Persons Poster, 1981




International Organization

carton 1, folder 61

Background, 1990, n.d.

carton 1, folder 62

Charter and Constitution, 1983-1991

carton 1, folder 63

A Voice of Our Own [newsletter], 1982-1986

carton 1, folder 64-67

World Council, 1983-1987, n.d.

carton 2, folder 1

World Council, 1983-1987, n.d.

carton 2, folder 2

United Nations, 1983-1987

carton 2, folder 3

African region, 1983-1984

carton 2, folder 4

Asia/Pacific region, 1983-1985

carton 2, folder 5-7

Australia, 1983

carton 2, folder 8

European region, 1983-1994

carton 2, folder 9

Latin American region, 1987, n.d.

carton 2, folder 10-11

North American and Caribbean region, 1982-1987

carton 2, folder 12-14

Seminars, 1983-1984

carton 2, folder 15-19

World Congresses, 1980-1981, 1984-1985, 1988-1989

carton 2, folder 20-21

International Conferences, 1992-1993


U.S. Branch

carton 2, folder 22

General correspondence, 1979-1986

carton 2, folder 23

American Coalition of Citizens With Disabilities, Inc. (ACCD), 1984-1985

carton 2, folder 24

Application for membership, 1984-1986

carton 2, folder 25-26

Charter and charter members, 1985

carton 2, folder 27

Bylaws, 1986

carton 2, folder 28

Board of Directors, 1986-1988

carton 2, folder 29

Incorporation, 1986-1988

carton 2, folder 30-31

Steering Committee, 1986-1987



carton 2, folder 32-37

Correspondence, 1983-1995

carton 2, folder 38

Board of Directors, 1990

carton 3, folder 1-9

Funding, 1983-1991

carton 3, folder 10

Publicity: Marketing Resources Network, 1988

carton 3, folder 11

Cable News Network (CNN), 1993

carton 3, folder 12

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit), Transit Disability Awareness Training Program, 1987

carton 3, folder 13

Blue Ribbon Panel on National Telecommunications Policy, 1991

carton 3, folder 14-15

Brain injury, 1992-1994

carton 3, folder 16

Deaf Self-Help model, 1990

carton 3, folder 17-18

Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), re: consultative status, 1983-1987

carton 3, folder 19

Housing, 1991

carton 3, folder 20

Injury prevention, 1986-1989, n.d.

carton 3, folder 21

International Diplomacy Council, 1994

carton 3, folder 22

National Council on the Handicapped Personal Assistance Services Task Force, 1987

carton 3, folder 23

Olympics, 1984

carton 3, folder 24

Personal Assistance Services Symposia, 1991, 1992

carton 3, folder 25

Pomona Revisited: The Consumer in the Rehabilitation Engineering Process workshop, 1987

carton 3, folder 26

Report on Tour of USSR and Czechoslovakia by Deborah Kaplan, n.d.

carton 3, folder 27-29

San Francisco Injury Center, 1991-1994

carton 3, folder 30

Survey Abstract re: attendant service programs, n.d.

carton 3, folder 31

Telecommunications Devices (TTD), 1987

carton 3, folder 32

Volunteers, 1987-1988

carton 3, folder 33-34

General Information, 1983-1994, n.d.



carton 3, folder 35

Cowell Hospital, n.d.

carton 3, folder 36-37

Wright Institute, 1981, 1985

carton 3, folder 38-39

Center for Independent Living, 1982-1995

carton 3, folder 40-42

Public Advocates, 1983-1989

carton 3, folder 43

Gazette International Networking Institute, 1984, 1991

carton 4, folder 1-4

Task Force on the Rights and Empowerment of Americans with Disabilities, 1984-1989

carton 4, folder 5-10

World Interdependence Fund, Inc. (WIF), 1984-1994

carton 4, folder 11

IMPACT, International Initiative Against Avoidable Disablement, 1985-1987

carton 4, folder 12

University of California, Berkeley, 1985-1995

carton 4, folder 13

Through the Looking Glass, 1986-1993

carton 4, folder 14

Human Rights Resource Center, 1987

carton 4, folder 15

National Citizen's Alliance on Disability Issues, Inc., 1987-1988

carton 4, folder 16-25

Partners in Policymaking, 1987-1995

carton 5, folder 1

San Francisco State University Supported Employment Training Specialist Program, 1987-1989

carton 5, folder 2

United Cerebral Palsy Association (Supported Employment Demonstration Project), 1987, 1994

carton 5, folder 3

Bay Area Aging and Disability Project, 1988

carton 5, folder 4

Accessible Housing Development, Inc., 1988-1989

carton 5, folder 5-8

California Consortium on Technology-Related Assistance to Individuals with Disabilities, 1988-1989

carton 5, folder 9-11

San Francisco State University Rehabilitation Engineering Technology Training Project, 1988-1993

carton 5, folder 12

Greenlining Coalition, 1989-1993

carton 5, folder 13

By All Means, 1990

carton 5, folder 14

Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation, 1990-1994

carton 5, folder 15

Harriet B. Burg Fellowship Committee, 1991-1992

carton 5, folder 16

National Council on Disability (NCD), 1992-1995

carton 5, folder 17

Pacific Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center, 1992-1995

carton 5, folder 18

Alta Bates Medical Center Community Members, 1993-1995

carton 5, folder 19

Art Ship, 1993-1194

carton 5, folder 20

Assistance Dog United Campaign, 1993

carton 5, folder 21

New Hampshire Self-Determination Project, 1993-1995

carton 5, folder 22

Center for Children with Chronic Illness and Disability, National Advisory Board meeting, 1994

carton 5, folder 23

Disability Rights Advocates, 1994



carton 5, folder 24

General, 1982-1992, n.d.

carton 5, folder 25

Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of the Disabled Seminar (Tokyo, Japan), 1981

carton 5, folder 26

Center for Independent Living, Berkeley, Computer Training Program graduation, 1982

carton 5, folder 27

Rehabilitation Gazette, "Second International Post-Polio Conference and Symposium on living Independently with Severe Disability" (St. Louis, MO), 1982-1983

carton 5, folder 28

Colorado State University, "Handicapped Awareness Days" (Fort Collins, CO), 1983-1984

carton 5, folder 29

Eskaton workshop, "Second Annual Celebration of the Wholeness of the Family of God" (Carmichael, CA), 1983

carton 5, folder 30

Council of World Organizations Interested in the Handicapped annual meetings (Geneva, Switzerland; New York, NY), 1984-1985

carton 5, folder 31

Project Interdependence, "Santa Barbara District-wide Interdependence Training" (Lake Cachuma, CA), 1984

carton 5, folder 32

University of California, San Francisco, Continuing Education, Mind and Medicine symposium, "Body and Mind: Emotional Problems in Physical Disabilities" (San Francisco, CA), 1984-1985

carton 5, folder 33

Center for Independent Living, Berkeley, "Japan-USA Conference of Persons with Disabilities" (Tokyo, Japan), 1985

carton 5, folder 34

Edu-Quest workshops (San Francisco, CA), 1985

carton 5, folder 35

National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems annual conference (San Francisco, CA), 1985

carton 5, folder 36

Saint Joseph's Hospital Staff conference (Anaheim, CA), 1985

carton 5, folder 37

Pan American University, "Fourth Pan American Conference on Rehabilitation and Special Education" (Acapulco, Mexico), 1986

carton 5, folder 38

Rehabilitation International, US conference, "Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation: A Global Challenge" (Washington, D.C.), 1986

carton 5, folder 39

Coalition of Texans with Disabilities convention, "A Decade of Disability Advocacy" (Houston, TX), 1987

carton 5, folder 40

Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers conference, "Communications et Handicaps" (Paris, France), 1987-1989

carton 5, folder 41

Alpha One Center for Independent Living annual meeting (Portland, ME), 1988

carton 5, folder 42

California Conference on Injury Control (Los Angeles, CA), 1988

carton 5, folder 43

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), 1988-1993

carton 5, folder 44

Metropolitan Center for Independent Living (MCIL) annual dinner program (St. Paul, MN), 1988

carton 5, folder 45

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights luncheon (Minneapolis, MN), 1988

carton 5, folder 46

Stanford University: Psychology 201 lectures (Stanford, CA), 1988-1990

carton 5, folder 47

Sutter Health Continuing Medical Education Program, "Medical Leadership Colloquium on Employment and Disability" (Sonoma, CA), 1988

carton 5, folder 48

Villages, Inc. conference, "Sense of Belonging" (Topeka, KS), 1988

carton 5, folder 49

Albert Lea Technical College training symposium, "Creative Options for People with the Most Severe Disabilities" (Minneapolis, MN), 1989

carton 5, folder 50

Association of Child Advocates Conference: Voices For Children in the States (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), 1989

carton 5, folder 51

Association of Independent Living Centers in New York conference, "Independent Living 89: Celebrating 10 Years in New York State" (Albany, NY), 1989

carton 5, folder 52

Kalamazoo Valley Community College, "Handicapped Technologies in Education Conference" (Kalamazoo, MI), 1989

carton 5, folder 53

State of New York, Commission on Quality of Care for the Mentally Disabled annual conference (Albany, NY), 1989-1990

carton 5, folder 54

Access Living forum, "Political Opportunities and Strategies for the 1990's" (Chicago, IL), 1990

carton 5, folder 55

American Public Health Association conferences (New York, NY, San Francisco, CA), 1990, 1993

carton 5, folder 56

Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania workshop, "Consumer Control: Becoming Your Own Best Advocate" (Harrisburg, PA), 1990

carton 5, folder 57

Colorado Interagency conference, "Building Blocks for Tomorrow" (Colorado Springs, CO), 1990

carton 5, folder 58

Contra Costa Health and Recreation Association Design Workshop (Walnut Creek, CA), 1990

carton 5, folder 59

DataAble self-defense demonstration, "Claim Your Power" (Bethesda, MD), 1990-1991

carton 5, folder 60

Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Rehabilitation Services conference, "Touch the Future" (Atlanta, GA), 1990-1991

carton 5, folder 61

New Mexico Rehabilitation Association conference, "Americans with Disabilities Act: A Decade of Promise" (Mescalero, NM), 1990

carton 5, folder 62

Partners in Leadership conference (Denver, CO), 1990-1994

carton 6, folder 1

Society for Adolescent Medicine meeting, "Adolescence and the Family" (Denver, CO), 1990-1991

carton 6, folder 2

Sonoma Development Hospital, "The Psychiatric Technician and the Disability Rights Movement" (Sonoma, CA), 1990

carton 6, folder 3

Syracuse University, The Center for Human Policy, Policy Institute, "Meaning of Supports in the Lives of People with Disabilities" (Syracuse, NY), 1990

carton 6, folder 4

Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, "53rd Anniversary Dinner" (Hayward, CA), 1990

carton 6, folder 5

Ability Center of Greater Toledo (Toledo, OH), 1991-1992

carton 6, folder 6

American Psychological Association convention, "The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: Implications for Psychologists" (San Francisco, CA), 1991

carton 6, folder 7

Bay Area Rehabilitation Medical Group post-polio conference, "Perspectives for the 1990's" (Oakland, CA), 1991

carton 6, folder 8-9

Center for Children with Chronic Illness and Disability national advisory board meeting (Daytona Beach, FL), 1991-1992

carton 6, folder 10

Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association conference, "Personal Attendant Services" (Long Branch, NJ), 1991

carton 6, folder 11

Kalamazoo Center for Independent Living, "Ability Conference" (Kalamazoo, MI), 1991

carton 6, folder 12

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, "Learn with the Best: A Guest Lecture Series in Brain Injury" (Philadelphia, PA), 1991

carton 6, folder 13

National Head Injury Foundation, annual national symposium (Los Angeles, CA), 1991

carton 6, folder 14

Northern California Foundation for Independent Living Centers regional meeting (Berkeley, CA), 1991

carton 6, folder 15

Port of Oakland, Employment Resources Development Program seminar, "The Americans with Disabilities Act" (Oakland, CA), 1991

carton 6, folder 16

Public Citizen conference, "Taking Back America" (Washington, D.C.), 1991

carton 6, folder 17

Society for Disability Studies annual conference (Oakland, CA), 1991

carton 6, folder 18

Southwest Center for Independence regional conference, "Enabling the Disabled in the 90's" (Durango, CO), 1991

carton 6, folder 19

United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Developmental Disabilities commissioner's forum (Arlington, VA), 1991

carton 6, folder 20

Academy for Educational Development meeting, "American Studies for University Educators" (Oakland, CA), 1992

carton 6, folder 21

Alameda County Developmetal Disabilities Planning and Advisory Council meeting (Berkeley, CA), 1992

carton 6, folder 22

American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Psychologists and Social Workers conference, (Los Vegas, NV), 1992

carton 6, folder 23

Association for Community Living in Colorado family support conference, "Empowerment and Possibilities" (Denver, CO), 1992

carton 6, folder 24

Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services "Dreams, Diversity, and Empowerment: Independent Living in the Heartland" (Kansas City, MO), 1992

carton 6, folder 25

Minnesota Center for Research and Developmental Disabilities retreat (Plymouth, MA), 1992

carton 6, folder 26

Mountain State Centers for Independent Living, "Second Annual ADA Celebration" (Charleston, WV), 1992

carton 6, folder 27

National Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, issue forum and mid-winter meeting (Lake Tahoe, NV), 1992

carton 6, folder 28

New Horizons Unlimited, "Compton Community Conference on Hiring the Disabled Under the Americans with Disabilities Act" (Compton, CA), 1992

carton 6, folder 29

Rotary Club of San Carlos speaking engagement (San Carlos, CA), 1992

carton 6, folder 30

Virginia Commonwealth University, Rehabilitation Research and Training Center symposium, "Building Partnerships that Lead to Supported Employment" (Richmond, VA), 1992

carton 6, folder 31

Area Boards on Developmental Disabilities, Community Living Forum (San Francisco, CA), 1993

carton 6, folder 32

Association for Community Advocacy, Michigan Consortium for Personal Assistance Services town hall meetings (Lansing, MI), 1993-1994

carton 6, folder 33

Ben-Gurion University tribute dinner (San Francisco, CA), 1993

carton 6, folder 34

Center for Children with Chronic Illness and Disability conference, "Reclaiming the Health of Children: Toward a New Model of Service Delivery" (Racine, WI), 1993

carton 6, folder 35

Connecticut Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities statewide meeting on personal assistant services (Hartford, CT), 1993

carton 6, folder 36

Iowa Program for Assistive Technology conference, "Let's Put Iowans with Disabilities in the Driver's Seat" (Des Moines, IA), 1993

carton 6, folder 37

Iowa Protection and Advocacy Services, Inc. advocacy campaign meetings (Des Moines, IA), 1993

carton 6, folder 38

New York State Head Injury Association conference, "New Challenges, New Realities" (Albany, NY), 1993-1994

carton 6, folder 39

San Francisco State University courses (San Francisco, CA), 1993, [1995

carton 6, folder 40

Southwest Institute for Inclusive Schools and Communities, annual institute (Ft. Worth, TX), 1993

carton 6, folder 41

United States, Office of the President, disability community meeting (Washington, D.C.), 1993

carton 6, folder 42

Western Consortium for Public Health, "International Healthy Cities and Communities Conference" (San Francisco, CA), 1993-1994

carton 6, folder 43

Western States Meat Association convention (Reno, NV), 1993

carton 6, folder 44

World Interdependence Fund of New Mexico (Galisteo, NM), 1993

carton 6, folder 45

AbleNet symposium, "Addressing the Needs of the International Disabled Community" (Brookline, MA), 1994

carton 6, folder 46

Advanced Speech Applications and Technologies conference (San Jose, CA), 1994

carton 6, folder 47

American Association of People with Disabilities, Inc. conference (Chicago, IL), 1994

carton 6, folder 48

Association for Persons in Supported Environments conference, "Partnership for Customer Satisfaction" (San Francisco, CA), 1994

carton 6, folder 49

Center for Independent Living, Berkeley "Civil Rights March for Universal Health Care" (San Francisco, CA), 1994

carton 6, folder 50

Courage Center conference, 'Know Your Rights" (Golden Valley, MN), 1994

carton 6, folder 51

Disability Independence Day March, 1994

carton 6, folder 52

Empire State College, "Disabled but Enabled" (Rochester, NY), 1994

carton 6, folder 53

Minnesota Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities, "Minnesota Summer Leadership Institute" (Bloomington, MN), 1994

carton 6, folder 54

National Institute of Art and Disabilities gala benefit, "NIAD Celebrates the Stars" (San Francisco, CA), 1994

carton 6, folder 55

National Multiple Sclerosis Society national conference, "Count on Us Speaking Out" (San Francisco, CA), 1994

carton 6, folder 56

National Youth Leadership Council conferences, "National Service Learning" (Albuquerque, NM and Philadelphia, PA), 1994-1995

carton 6, folder 57

North Shore Association for Retarded Citizens meeting (Danvers, MA), 1994

carton 6, folder 58

Older Women's League, White House Conference on Aging, "We Care: Conversations with Long Term Care Workers" (Oakland, CA), 1995

Carton 6, folders 59-78, Cartons 7-9, Carton 10, folders 1-27

SERIES 3: 1975-1998, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically

Scope and Content Note

Contains material about organizations and issues with which Roberts was involved on the international, national, and local level. Includes correspondence, background information, project proposals, newsletters, pamphlets, legislation summaries, court briefs, press clippings and articles. The series is further sub-divided into eleven sub-series: General, International Organizations, Independent Living, Assistive Technology, Transportation, Accessible Architecture, Employment, Heath Care, Therapy and Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, and Individuals. General subject files consist of information gathered on organizations and research in the United States on general disability rights groups and issues. International Organizations contains materials from non-profit and disability rights organizations overseas, including Russia, Japan, and Brazil. Independent Living includes materials on organizations and research on helping people with disabilities live independently and become productive, fully participating members of society. Assistive Technology contains documentation on the development and use of new technologies to assist people with disabilities. Transportation includes materials on accessible public transportation and travel. Accessible Architecture consists of information on the Americans with Disabilities Act accessability guidelines and legal complaints about inaccessible public spaces. Employment includes project proposals and information on programs promoting the hiring of people with disabilities. Heath Care contains information on national and California state policies on health care and insurance reform. Therapy and Rehabilitation includes materials on organizations and research on physical rehabilitation and psychological therapy. Injury Prevention contains records on preventing disabilities, including highway safety, public health, and immunizations. Individuals contains projects presented to Roberts by activists, writers, film directors and others, including Laurie Block, Bill Golfus, Mary Jane Owen, and Dianne Piastro

GENERAL, 1983-1998, n.d.

carton 6, folder 59

Act for Better Child Care (Federal), 1988

carton 6, folder 60

Attendant Services Agency proposal, 1993

carton 6, folder 61

Buck Charitable Trust, 1990

carton 6, folder 62

Coalition for America's Children, 1992

carton 6, folder 63

Developmental Disability Councils, 1983, 1987-1988

carton 6, folder 64-65

Disability awareness and advocacy groups, 1983-1998, n.d.

carton 6, folder 66

Disability bibliography, 1990

carton 6, folder 67

Disability Friends of Tom Bradley for Political Change, 1986

carton 6, folder 68

Disabled Reproductive and Adoptive Rights, 1983-1987

carton 6, folder 69

Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities: Comedy Network collected humor, 1987-1989

carton 6, folder 70

Gray Panthers, 1984-1986

carton 6, folder 71

Hate Crimes, 1986-1987

carton 6, folder 72

Multiple Sclerosis, 1987-1988

carton 6, folder 73

Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, Jerry Lewis, 1992-1994

carton 6, folder 74

National Association for Journalists with Disabilities, 1991-1992

carton 6, folder 75

National Association for Minority Citizens with Disabilities, 1989

carton 6, folder 76

National Association of People with Disabilities, 1994

carton 6, folder 77

National Council on the Handicapped, 1984-1987

carton 6, folder 78

National Institute of Handicapped Research, 1985

carton 7, folder 1

Next Generation, 1987-1988

carton 7, folder 2

Pew Charitable Trusts, 1986

carton 7, folder 3-5

Polio, 1983-1991

carton 7, folder 6-7

Polio Action Committee Taskforce (PACT), 1985-1986

carton 7, folder 8-10

Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia (PILCOP), 1986-1989

carton 7, folder 11-12

Reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 1986, 1991-1992

carton 7, folder 13

Respirators, 1984-1993

carton 7, folder 14

Rural Development Leadership Network, 1985-1987

carton 7, folder 15

Social Security Act, 1988

carton 7, folder 16-18

TASH, The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps, 1984-1993

carton 7, folder 19

Youth News, 1987



carton 7, folder 20

General, 1981-1995

carton 7, folder 21-23

All Russian Society of the Disabled, 1992-1994

carton 7, folder 24

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, 1986-1987

carton 7, folder 25

Centro de vida independente do Rio de Janeiro, 1992

carton 7, folder 26

House With No Steps Foundation, 1993-1994

carton 7, folder 27

Rehabilitation International, 1983-1988

carton 7, folder 28

San Francisco/Prague Exchange exhibit on Independent Living, 1991-1992

carton 7, folder 29

Working Quads: Self Employment and persons with severe disabilities [Japan], 1994



carton 7, folder 30

General, 1992

carton 7, folder 31

Coalition to End Ableism, 1993-1994

carton 7, folder 32

Geary Boulevard Community Assistance Center, 1986

carton 7, folder 33

Guide Dogs, 1987

carton 7, folder 34

Independent Living proposals, Iowa, 1993

carton 7, folder 35-37

In-Home Support Services, 1993-1994

carton 8, folder 1

Live at Home Foundation, 1991

carton 8, folder 2

National Research and Training Center on Public Policy in Independent Living (RTC-PPIL), 1991-1994

carton 8, folder 3-6

National Council on Independent Living, 1986-1989

carton 8, folder 7-9

People First, 1987-1989

carton 8, folder 10-12

Quality of Life Project, 1988-1992

carton 8, folder 13

Research and Training Center on Independent Living, National Conference, 1987



carton 8, folder 14-15

Associated Enterprises, Inc., 1986-1987

carton 8, folder 16

Bibow Enterprises, Inc., 1988

carton 8, folder 17

Biocontrol Systems, 1993-1994

carton 8, folder 18

California State University, San Francisco, Meeting by AudioVision, 1991, Jan.

carton 8, folder 19

Cellular One, 1992

carton 8, folder 20

Coalition on Technology and Disability, 1988

carton 8, folder 21

Corporation on Disability and Telecommunications, 1993

carton 8, folder 22-23

IBM International Business Machines Corporation, 1984-1987

carton 8, folder 24

Keep Able Limited, Disabled Living Foundation, 1985-1987

carton 8, folder 25

Physically-Challenged Resource Center (Chrysler Motors Corporation), 1988

carton 8, folder 26

Rancho Rehabilitation Engineering Center, 1988

carton 8, folder 27

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America, Association for the Advancement of Rehabilitation Technology, 1988

carton 8, folder 28

Rehabilitation Engineering Technology Training Project, 1988

carton 8, folder 29-30

Technology Promotion Materials, 1989



carton 8, folder 31

Air Carrier Access Act, 1987-1988

carton 8, folder 32

Americans Disabled for Accessible Public Transit (ADAPT), 1987

carton 8, folder 33

California Clean Air, Jobs and Transit Initiative (CALTEA), 1994

carton 8, folder 34

Oakland Paratransit for the Elderly and the Disabled, 1987

carton 8, folder 35

Travel Information for People with Disabilities, 1987

carton 8, folder 36

Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines Advisory Review Committee, 1994

carton 8, folder 37

Blue Roses Corporation, n.d.

carton 8, folder 38

Donald v. College Square and Donald v. Sacramento Valley Bank, 1989

carton 8, folder 39

JC Decaux, USA, 1993

carton 8, folder 40

Kalamazoo Center for Independent Living: Kalamazoo Airport Accessibility, 1989

carton 8, folder 41

Lawrence Hall of Science, 1988


EMPLOYMENT POLICY, 1986-1995, n.d.

carton 8, folder 42

E. Dee [Sacramento Interdependence Project on Employment and Disability], 1989

carton 9, folder 1

Espresso Cart Project for the Physically Challenged, 1993-1994

carton 9, folder 2

Evan Kemp Associates, Inc., 1993-1994

carton 9, folder 3

National Meeting on Supported Employment, 1992

carton 9, folder 4-6

President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (PCEPD), 1990-1995

carton 9, folder 7

Women's Economic Agenda Project (WEAP), 1986


HEALTH CARE POLICY, 1982-1994, n.d.

carton 9, folder 8

Assisted Suicide/Right-to-die, 1987-1988, 1992

carton 9, folder 9

California Health and Security Act, 1994

carton 9, folder 10

Developmental disabilities, 1989, 1992, n.d.

carton 9, folder 11

Inservice Video Productions, 1988, n.d.

carton 9, folder 12-14

Insurance reform, 1984-1987

carton 9, folder 15

Medicaid and Medi-cal, 1989-1991

carton 9, folder 16

Real Health Care for All, 1994

carton 9, folder 17

United States Dept. of Health and Human Services, 1982-1984



carton 9, folder 18-19

Challenge Foundation, 1985-1994

carton 9, folder 20

East West Institute of Healing Arts, 1986-1988

carton 9, folder 21

Light Impact Project, 1991-1994

carton 9, folder 22

Neil Squire Foundation, 1988-1989

carton 9, folder 23

Peer counseling, ca. 1980's

carton 9, folder 24

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Drugs and Disability Advisory Board, 1993-1994

carton 9, folder 25

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, 1975

carton 9, folder 26

Sports for people with disabilities, 1987-1988

carton 9, folder 27

University of Minnesota, Self-Determination Conference, 1988-1989



carton 9, folder 28

Centers for Disease Control, 1989

carton 9, folder 29

Council on Alcohol Policy: California Affiliate of the National Association for Public Health Policy, 1991-1992

carton 9, folder 30

Information disclosure on dangerous products, 1986

carton 9, folder 31

Motorcycle helmet bills, 1988-1990

carton 9, folder 32

National Coalition to Reduce Crash Injuries, 1984-1987

carton 9, folder 33

Prevention Coalition, 1987

carton 9, folder 34

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Immunization Program, 1984-1987

carton 9, folder 35

Wellness Guide: Your Guide to Living Well in California, 1991-1992


INDIVIDUALS, 1983-1995, n.d.

carton 10, folder 1

Block, Laurie, 1991-1994

carton 10, folder 2

Brand, Bob, n.d.

carton 10, folder 3

Bronston, William M.D., 1987

carton 10, folder 4

Compton, Thomas, 1988

carton 10, folder 5

Cremens, Thea, n.d.

carton 10, folder 6

Dee, Maggie, 1992

carton 10, folder 7

Finson, Bruce, 1993-1994

carton 10, folder 8

Golfus, Bill, 1983-1995

carton 10, folder 9

Gwin, Lucy, 1992-1994

carton 10, folder 10

Harrington, Charlene, 1991

carton 10, folder 11

Heumann, Judith E., 1947-, 1990

carton 10, folder 12

Jacuzzi, Kenneth, 1987

carton 10, folder 13

Lambert, Charles Steven, 1992-1993

carton 10, folder 14

Lesy, Michael, 1945-, 1988

carton 10, folder 15

Longwood, Debra, 1984

carton 10, folder 16

McKnight, John L., 1931-, 1986, n.d.

carton 10, folder 17

McNulty, Joseph, 1987-1988

carton 10, folder 18

Meucci, Sandra, 1987

carton 10, folder 19

Moise, Lotte, 1986-1988

carton 10, folder 20-21

Owen, Mary Jane, 1984-1989

carton 10, folder 22

Perske, Robert, 1987-1990

carton 10, folder 23-24

Piastro, Dianne, 1994

carton 10, folder 25-26

Thorn, Lee, 1988-1994

carton 10, folder 27

von Koenig, Frances, 1985

Carton 10, folders 28-39, Carton 11, Oversize Box, folders 1-10

SERIES 4: 1953-1998, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically then chronologically where appropriate

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence, Robert's personal care history, awards, interviews, memorials from government organizations, colleagues, and friends, posthumous articles, and extensive press clippings.
carton 10, folder 28

Incoming correspondence, 1984

carton 10, folder 29

Biography, curriculum vitae, speech and award lists, 1992-1995, n.d.

carton 10, folder 30

Personal case history, 1974-1975

carton 10, folder 31

Wheelchair design, 1991, n.d.

carton 10, folder 32-33

Event detail calendars: speeches, conferences, meetings, coalitions, 1992-1995

carton 10, folder 34-38

Calendars, 1982-1989



carton 11, folder 9-10

MacArthur Fellowship Congratulatory Correspondence, 1984

carton 11, folder 11-14

MacArthur Fellowship, 1984-1994

carton 11, folder 15

N. Neal Pike Prize, 1990

carton 11, folder 16

The Giraffe Project Award, 1990-1991

carton 11, folder 17

Lanterman Award (posthumous), 1995



carton 11, folder 18

"60 Minutes", 1988

carton 11, folder 19

MOUTH, 1992

carton 11, folder 20

"People in Motion", 1995



carton 11, folder 21

Events, 1995

carton 11, folder 22-23

Services, 1995

carton 11, folder 24-26

Condolence letters, 1995

carton 11, folder 27

Shared Memories: WID Staff Members and Friends, 1995

carton 11, folder 28-29

Ed Stories, 1995

carton 11, folder 30

Highlights from speeches by Ed Roberts [tribute by Jon Oda], 1995

carton 11, folder 31

Remarks by Evan Kemp, 1995

carton 11, folder 32

Tributes by President Clinton, Judy Heumann, Justin Dart, 1995

carton 11, folder 33

Tributes by WID, 1995

carton 11, folder 34-35

Tributes by Others, 1995

Oversize Box, folder 1

Memorials: Congressional Record, California State Legislature, County of Alameda, 1995

carton 11, folder 36

Articles on Ed Roberts, 1995

carton 11, folder 37

Media interviews regarding Ed Roberts, 1995

carton 11, folder 38

Ed Roberts Fellowship in Disability and Rehabilitation Research, 1995-1998

carton 11, folder 39

Smithsonian Institution donation, 1995

carton 11, folder 40

The Ed Roberts Library, Vermont Center for Independent Living, 1996

carton 11, folder 41

Death certificate, 1995

carton 11, folder 42

Miscellany, n.d.

carton 11, folder 43-61

Press Clippings, 1953-1997

Oversize Box, folder 2-10

Press Clippings, 1956-1995