Guide to the Social Protest Collection

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Guide to the Social Protest Collection, ca. 1943-1992

Collection number: Mss 183

Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Social Protest Collection,
Date (inclusive): ca. 1943-1992
Date (bulk): (bulk 1965-1975)
Collection Number: Mss 183
Extent: 6 linear feet (6 record containers)
Repository: University of California, Santa Barbara. Library. Department of Special Collections
Santa Barbara, California 93106-9010
Physical Location: Del Sur
Language: English.

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Social Protest Collection. Mss 183. Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Purchase and donation from multiple sources, ca. 1960s-2003.

Scope and Content of Collection

The Social Protest Collection is organized into twelve rather broadly defined subject series reflecting the major movements of the 1960s-1970s: Arts and Culture, Civil Rights, Community, Ecology/Environment, Education/Academic Organizations, Electoral Politics, International Political Groups and Movements, Labor and Economic issues, Social and Political Movements, Student Movements, Vietnam, and Women/Women's Issues. It contains pamphlets, flyers, announcements, catalogs, journals and newsletters, reprints, reviews, and printed material relating to a wide range of issues including civil rights, ecology, labor, and domestic and international politics. Numerous organizations, groups, and movements are represented, including the Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Panthers, the U.S. Socialist and Labor Parties and many smaller community-based (mostly Santa Barbara/UCSB) groups.
The work of many organizations naturally overlaps more than one subject. For example, documentation on local campus and community organizations can be found in virtually all series. Most are located within two of the subject series: Community Movements and the Student Movement. Material covering the Vietnam War and anti-war organizations can be found in many areas, for example in the sections on Student Movements and International Political Groups, as well as in its own series. Many groups that believed in radical social reform did not believe that an idea could be patented and were opposed to copyright laws. Therefore, many of the materials in the collection lack copyright or reprint dates.
This collection formerly was known as the Radical Pamphlets Collection. Additional related material, from various sources, was added to the collection and it was renamed to more accurately reflect the current contents.

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Collection Contents

Box 1: 1

Arts and Culture, 1965 - 1975

Abstract: [Various publications: essays, journals, literary catalogs, and reviews with a cultural/political focus. Includes a play written and performed by Students for a Democratic Society, small runs of literary and art magazines, and a catalogue for the New England Free Press.]
Box 1: 2

Civil Rights, 1963 - 1971

Abstract: [Pamphlets, flyers, other material related to civil rights issues and organizations, topics of race and racism in the U.S. Includes pamphlets relating to Gary Lawton, Black Panther publications, a SDS pamphlet on racism, and a pamphlet by Huey Newton.]
Box 1: 3 - 5

Community, 1967 - 1992

Abstract: [Mainly Santa Barbara/other Southern California; pamphlets, newsletters, other material centered on community-based/grass roots organizations, many involving legal aid issues, tenants' rights; some overlap with material in education/labor/other categories; a few items on collectives and cooperatives. Includes material from UCSB's opposition to the Gulf War, radical security pamphlets about legal issues and self-defense, various sexual emancipation newsletters, and several copies of The Santa Barbara Community Union Newsletter.]
Box 1: 6

Ecology/Environment, 1970 - 1991

Abstract: [Pamphlets, newsletters and ephemera related to environmental/political concerns. Includes a pamphlet from the 1991 UCSB Radical Environmentalism Conference and various pamphlets about anarchist environmentalism.]
Box 1: 7 - 9

Education/Academic Organizations, 1967 - 1971

Abstract: [Educational theory; role of the university and various academic disciplines in a political context. Includes information related to both grade school and university level education, and pamphlets by Noam Chomsky and Bill Ayers.]
Box 1: 10

Electoral Politics (U.S.), 1966 - 1974

Abstract: [Pamphlets, flyers, and ephemera related to elections and campaigns. Includes mostly Peace and Freedom Party/Movement mailings, including information from the presidential campaigns for both Eldridge Cleaver and Dr. Benjamin Spock]
Box 2: 1 - 16

International Political Groups and Movements, 1960 - 1972

Abstract: [Also, U.S.-based groups re International Groups and Politics. Arranged by primary geographic area of interest or point of publication. Includes various items related to international political situations and groups, including "Cuba: 100 Years of Struggle," and "Japan-US: A Yen to Control?" Also includes Communist revolutionary literature, information about the 1968 Paris student revolts, speeches by Fidel Castro, information about the Rockefeller oil empire, and a paperback book of photography entitled The Face of Vietnam. Folders on Africa, Asia, Canada, China, Europe, Latin America and Cuba, the Middle East, the Soviet Union, and Vietnam.
Box 3: 1 - 4

Labor and Economic Issues, 1960 - 1972

Abstract: [Labor issues, labor actions, and economic theory, mainly from a Marxist/Left perspective. Includes Socialist Labor Party Pamphlets, accounts of various strikes and actions, the writings of Marxist economist Paul Sweezy and David Horowitz, and many pamphlets that generally critique capitalism. Also includes information on the Black Workers' movement in Detroit, specifically about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement.]
Box 4: 1 - 10

Social and Political Movements, 1943 - 1984

Abstract: [Also material on political doctrines such as Marxism. Separate sections on Left and Right political movements and organizations; Gay issues and organizations; health, housing, prisons, and theory and doctrine. Includes SDS pamphlets, copies of the Sanity Now! newsletter, a summary of the minutes of the Peace and Freedom Party Movement Founding, information on draft resistance, and underground G.I. newsletters (including several copies of Gigline). Also includes several copies of pamphlets on general political theory about imperialism and economics, specifically the writings of Engels, Trotsky, Kropotkin, Paul Sweezy, and Murray Bookchin. Folders on the Left, Right, the United States, the Anti-War/Peace Movement, the Gay Movement, health, housing, and political theory and doctrine.
Box 5: 1 - 3

Student Movements, 1965 - 1972

Abstract: [U.S./International, anti-war, anti-draft. Includes pamphlets of the Progressive Labor Party, information about the high school student movement, more information on draft resistance, the SDS Newsletter (2 editions), information about the non-school related youth movement, and flyers protesting Nixon and the Vietnam War. Also, information specifically about the student anti-war movement in Santa Barbara, including newsletters, flyers, and pamphlets.]
Box 5: 4 - 7

Vietnam, 1965 - 1974

Abstract: [Mostly anti-Vietnam War / U.S.-based organizations concerning Vietnam War. Includes non-student war resistance, information about Cambodia, pamphlets by Paul Sweezy, more copies of Gigline (underground G.I. newsletter), several Noam Chomsky pamphlets, reprints from the Santa Barbara News-Press, a copy of a speech delivered by Martin Luther King about the war, information about the military-industrial complex, material from the Santa Barbara Coalition for Peace, and an informational folder entitled "Indo-China War." Also includes post-war information.]
Box 6: 1 - 6

Women/Women's Issues, 1968 - 1979

Abstract: [Includes literature, poetry, information about women workers, literature catalogues and indexes, pamphlets and newsletter from the Santa Barbara chapter of Women Strike for Peace, sexual liberation pamphlets, information about women in the church, and radical feminist pamphlets and literature. Also includes many single feminist newspapers, and several of Coyote Howls, Amazon, Sanity Now!, and La Wisp.]