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Table of contents What's This?


Libertarian Party materials 1950-1985

Scope and Contents note

Legal documents, correspondence, statements, advertisements, announcements, promotions, flyers, speeches, reports, and writings, arranged into groups by subject


box 1, folder 1

Bylaws of the Libertarian party, adopted in convention, New York City 1983 September 1-4

box 1, folder 2

Platform of the party











box 1, folder 3

Statement of principals undated

box 1, folder 4

Libertarian party on the issues




Controlled substances


Election laws


Gay rights


Government and business


Health care




Women's rights

box 1, folder 5

Correspondence 1952-1983

box 1, folder 6

Advertisements, announcements, promotions 1977-1984

box 1, folder 7

Flyers, bumper stickers 1971-1984

box 1, folder 8

List of Free Enterprise Organizations (confidential), typescript

Scope and Contents note

Includes report on INFRA's activities, 1964-1965

Election materials

box 1, folder 9

General 1979


Presidential candidates

box 1, folder 10

John Hospers 1972

box 1, folder 11

Roger MacBride 1976

box 1, folder 12

Ed Clark 1980

box 1, folder 13

David Bergland 1984

box 1, folder 14

United States Senate


Stormy Mon undated


Lynn Kinsky 1976


William White 1984

box 1, folder 15

United States Congress


Jeff Mandel 1982


Dana Rohrabacher 1989 (?)

box 1, folder 16

Governor/Lieutenant governor, Libertarian party


Gary Greenberg, New York 1978


John Vernon, California 1982 (?)


Dan Dougherty, California 1982

box 1, folder 17



Fran Youngstein, New York City 1973


Ray Cunningham, San Francisco 1979

box 1, folder 18

Miscellany undated


Libertarian Party Conventions

box 1, folder 19

London convention of the Libertarian International, the second world libertarian convention 1984

box 1, folder 20






box 1, folder 21

Libertarian party of California









box 1, folder 22

Future of Freedom conference series


General 1980s












Survey of opinion

box 2

State Libertarian party materials


California 1971-1983

box 2, folder 1

General 1972-1981

Scope and Contents note

Includes platform of the Libertarian party of California, 1974-1976
box 2, folder 2

San Francisco Bay area 1973

box 2, folder 3

Orange County 1971-1983

box 2, folder 4

Georgia 1983-1984


New Jersey 1979


Texas 1986


Collected materials

box 2, folder 5

Association of Libertarian Feminists 1974-1981

box 2, folder 6

Campus Studies Institute, San Diego, California 1971-1972

box 2, folder 7-8

Foundation for Economic Education, Irvington-on-Hudson, New York 1950-1970

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence, pamphlets, notes, and reports
box 2, folder 9-10

Institute for Human Studies, Menlo Park, California 1961-1973

Scope and Contents note

Includes annual reports, correspondence, meeting notices, and other material
box 3, folder 1

New Right Coalition (individuals for rational society) 1971-1974

box 3, folder 2

Society for Individual Freedom undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence dated 1953
box 3, folder 3

Society for Individual Liberty 1970-1974

box 3, folder 4

Society for Libertarian Life 1977-1982

box 3, folder 5-6

Young Americans for Freedom 1969-1974

box 4, folder 1

Young Americans for Freedom 1969-1974


Collected writings

box 4, folder 2

Bastiat, Frèdèric, The State 1955


Bergland, David, Libertarian candidate for President of the United States, Libertarianism in One Lesson 1984


Bergland, David, The Politics of Freedom, America's Libertarian heritage undated


Bird, Mary Carol, Capsule Course In Community Press Relations, written for Young Americans for Freedom, Washington, D.C


Bonjarski, Stefan, The Gods and Their Defenders, Pacific Libertarian 1973


Botsford, David, Industry and State: Myth and Reality undated


Breggin, R. Peter, The Psychiatric Holocaust undated


Callaway, Howard, Up Against the Yaf Wall 1969 July


Casterline, C. James, The Agora 1971


Childs, R. A., Jr., An Open letter to AYN Rand: Objectivism and the State 1969


Clifton, Merritt, Freedom undated


Cobb, Joe, The Income Tax Must Go! 1982


Collier, Peter, The Next American Revolution: The Libertarian party Wants to Set You Free 1979


Cooper, Richard, review on Joe David's book The Fire Within Alexandria undated


Curley, Charles, Critical Essay undated


Curley, Charles, The Future of the Libertarian Movement, presented to the Society for Libertarian Life 1982 September 26


Delain, Gail, Secret Project Ho-Hum undated


Dematteis, Philip, What is Libertarianism? 1976


Ebeling, Richard, In Defense of Free Migration, Libertarian Reprints, an occasional publication of the Libertarian Alliance, London, England 1979


Ely-Chaitlin, Eric, The last Crusade 1985


Grey, John, The System of Ruins 1983


Hartwell, R. M., History and Ideology 1974


Hoar, William, Watching Libertarians In Convention 1975 September


Hospers, John, second annual Fourth of July Address, Paternalism in America undated


Hummel, Jeffrey Rogers, The Case for Legalizing Heroin undated


Jenkins, John, Free Thinkers 1980

box 4, folder 3

Konkin, Samuel Edward, An Agorist Primer 1986


Kuklinsky, T., Political Definitions undated


Kuklinsky, T., Economics undated


LeFevre, Robert, The Strategy of Apathy undated


MacBride, Roger, The Libertarian Challenge: A New Direction for America 1975


MacCallum, Spencer, Drafting a Constitution for Orbis: The Business of Providing Community Services in Space undated


Meinshausen, Donald, Rohrabacher as Renegade Radical Reagan Republican undated


Micklethwai, Brian, Freedom Order and Architecture 1983


Mints, Frank, Debacle in Vietnam 1969


Mises, Ludwig, von, Middle-of-the Road Policy Leads to Socialism, an address circa 1965


Moore, Thomas, The New Libertarians Make Waves 1985


Moreell, Ben, an address, It is not Enough to be an Engineer 1964


Nolan, David, Classifying and Analyzing Politico-Economic System 1971


Pugsley, John, Viewpoint of the Month 1978-1984


Raimondo, Justin, Tear Down the walls! 1979


Rand, Ayn, The Shanghai Gesture 1972


Richman, Shel, The Great Auto-Import Rip-off 1981


Rothbard, Murray, From the desk of Murray N. Rothbard undated


Saunders, Richard, The M Strategy undated


Smith, George, transcript of a speech, The Corruption of Freedom in Classical Liberalism 1977 February 20


Shenfield, Arthur, An Heir to Adam Smith 1974


Tame, Chris, Ernest Hemingway and the Failure of Nihilism 1980/1981


Wheler, Richard, The Fascist Threat to America undated


Wright, Nelson, Uncle Sam's Phony Express 1974


Yench, John, articles from Christian Laissez Faire 1973-1974


Libertarian publications 1961-1988

Scope and Contents note

Books and periodicals, pamphlets, newsletters, bulletins, journals, and magazines and newspapers, arranged by physical form

Books and periodicals

box 4, folder 4

Alternative Bookshop, specialists in libertarian books in all subjects, London, England undated


Book News, published by Academic Associates Incorporated, Los Angeles, California 1969, 1972-1973


Campus Organizing Manual, published by Young Libertarian Alliance, Washington, D.C. undated


Eden Press, privacy catalog, protection business plans opportunities options, Fountain Valley, California undated


Free Market Yellow Pages, directory of truly free-market businesses and organizations, sponsored by Rampart Institute and Agora Association of Businesses 1983-1985

Scope and Contents note

(Lawrence Samuels project)
box 4, folder 5

Humanist Century, published by the Humanistic Science Inc. 1983, 1985


Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy, New York 1983/1984


Liberty Book Store, Libertarianism: A Recommended Reading List undated


Index on Liberty: An International Directory of Institutions and Publications of Interest to Promoters of Reason and Liberty, a supplement to Free World Chronicle, Bergen, Norway 1984


Books for Libertarian


Catalog, winter, Washington, DC 1973-1974


Bulletins, Washington, DC 1972-1974


Laissez Faire Books, the world's largest selection of book on Liberty, New York


Laissez Faire Books (catalog), New York

box 4, folder 6


box 5, folder 1


box 5, folder 2

Anarchist Catalog 1980, 1983


Catalog and Review 1973-1981


Libertarian catalog, New York 1974 May


Review 1973-1975

box 5, folder 3

L.M.P – Libertarian microfiche publishing, literature list 1983

box 5, folder 4

Libertarian Connection, published by Natalee Hall and Skye D'Aureous 1969-1972

box 6, folder 1

Libertarian Review, Washington, DC 1974-1976


Liberty, Mountain View, California spring 1977


Publications of the Institute of Economic Affairs, London, England. Distributed in North America by Transatlantic Arts, Inc., Levittown, New York 1977


Rampart Institute (non-profit, tax-deductible, educational organization), Student and General Educational Catalog, Carmel, California 1984


Society for Individual Liberty Speakers Bureau, booklet, Silver Spring, Maryland 1971

box 6, folder 2

University Bookman, quarterly review, New York 1968-1969



box 6, folder 3

A is A, writings on freedom and individualism, Brighton, Michigan 1972-1973


Abolitionist, publication of the Radical Libertarian Alliance 1971


Activist Letter, Students for Libertarian Society, Warminster, Pennsylvania 1983


American Anarchist Tradition, Westfield, New Jersey undated


American Defense, Libertarian Defense Caucus, Colton, California 1982-1984


Anchorage Libertarian Newsletter, published by the Libertarian Party of Anchorage, Alaska 1986


California Libertarian News, Libertarian Party of California 1987


Caltech Liberty, Caltech Libertarian Alliance 1979


Campus Report, published by the Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1962-1966

box 6, folder 4

Center for Libertarian Studies Newsletter, New York 1977


Channel Counties Libertarian, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, Southern California) 1983


Chronicle, Libertarian International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1981-1982


Common Sense, Libertarian Party of Florida, Miami, Florida 1980-1985


Dialogue on Liberty, Young Americans for Freedom 1977-1979


East Bay Libertarian Lifeline, Oakland, California 1981


East Bay LP News, Berkeley, California 1976


Free Marin, San Rafael, California 1986


Free New Mexico, Libertarian Party of New Mexico, Sapello, New Mexico 1987


Free Texas Reports, Libertarian party of Taxes, Houston 1983


Free World, Digest of the Libertarian International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1982


Freedom Network News, published by Libertarian


Frontlines, Santa Barbara, California 1980, 1982


Georgia Libertarian, Libertarian party of Georgia 1984


Hawaii Libertarian, Honolulu 1978


Headlines, Fountainhead Club Libertarians for Gay Rights, Los Angeles, California 1984

box 6, folder 5

Individualist, published by the Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, Inc. 1957-1964

box 6, folder 6

Individual Liberty, Society for Individual Liberty, Warminster, Pennsylvania 1977, 1984-1987

box 7, folder 1-2

Innovator, applications, experiments, and advanced developments of liberty, Los Angeles, California 1967-1969

box 7, folder 3

LibSIG (international libertarian special interest group in Mensa), San Francisco, California 1980-1981


LFL Reports, Libertarian for Life, Wheaton, Maryland 1981, 1986


Libertarian, California Libertarian Party, Burlingame, California 1972


Libertarian, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. 1962


Libertarian, Wenonah, New Jersey 1967


Libertarian Alternative, Travis County Libertarian Party, Taxes 1973


Libertarian Alternative Newsletter, San Diego, California 1980-1982


Libertarian American, Center for Libertarian Studies, San Antonio, Taxes 1967-1970


Libertarian Digest, Berkeley, California 1985


Libertarian Chronicle, San Diego Libertarians, California 1982

box 7, folder 4

Libertarian Church Newsletter, First Libertarian Church Newsletter, Los Angeles, California 1977-1986

box 7, folder 5-6

Libertarian Forum, New York 1975-1983

box 8, folder 1

Libertarian Review, Libertarian Review Inc., Washington, D.C. 1974-1975


Libertarian Transition Caucus Newsletter, Los Angeles, California undated


Libertarian Party on Campaign Issues, Libertarian Party, Washington, D.C. 1982


Libertarian Super Club of Los Angeles 1972-1973


Libertarian Vision, Libertarian Party of Florida, Orlando 1986


Libertarie, Libertarian Party of Quebec 1977


Libertas Review, Society for Libertarian Life Associated Students, Inc. California State University Fullerton 1980-1984


Limit! Libertarian Republican Alliance, New York 1975-1978


Market for Liberty, Libertarian party of Oregon 1976, 1978


Michigan Libertarian, Libertarian Party of Michigan 1986


Movement for Independent Pacific Channel Islands, Avalon, California 1983


New Capitalist Digest, Pasadena, California 1971


New Libertarian Strategy of the Movement of the Libertarian Left, New Libertarian Enterprises, Long Beach, California 1980

box 8, folder 2

New Libertarian Weekly (First Newsweekly of the New Libertarian Society) 1976-1978


New Libertarian Weekly Supplement, New Libertarian Enterprises, Long Beach, California 1984


Newsletter, Progress party of New South Wales, registered by Australia Post Publication, Sylvania, Australia 1985-1986


Newsletter of the Libertarian Supper Club of Orange County, California 1981


Now and After, Libertarian Socialist Newsletter 1977


Orange County Libertarian, Huntington Beach, California 1978


Oregon Libertarian, McMinnville, Oregon 1985


Palmetto Libertarian Forum, forum for members of the South Carolina Libertarian Party, Columbia, South Carolina 1985

box 8, folder 3

Peterborough Libertarian Association, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 1980-1981


Porcupine, serving Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, Missoula, Montana 1980-1981


Prometheus, Libertarian Futurist Society, Rochester, New York 1984-1985


Pursuit of Liberty, Center for Libertarian Studies, New York 1977-1981


Rampart College Newsletter, Santa Ana, California 1972


Sandhills Libertarian Gazette, Libertarians in the South Carolina Midlands, West Columbia, South Carolina 1985-1987

box 8, folder 4

San Diego Libertarian, San Diego Libertarian Party, San Diego, California 1985-1986

box 8, folder 5

Society for Individual Liberty News, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1970-1973

box 8, folder 6

Southern Libertarian Messenger, Florence, South Carolina 1986


Tactics of the Movement of the Libertarian Left, Long Beach, California 1983-1984


Tanstaafl! Published by the Rational Libertarian Church, Fort Collins, Colorado 1973


Taxes Libertarian, LPT Activists, San Antonio, Texas 1985, 1987


Thorn, Ann Arbor Anarchist Coalition, a part of the Michigan region of the Radical Libertarian Alliance undated


Torch, Grove City College Conservative Club, Grove City, Pennsylvania 1969


Torch, Galatians Fellowship of California 1980


United Libertarian Fellowship, Yorba Linda, California 1978-1979


Virginia Libertarian, Richmond, Virginia 1985


Washington Libertarian, Libertarian Party of Washington State, Tacoma, Washington 1983


Westside Libertarian, Libertarian party of California, Los Angeles 1987

box 9


box 9, folder 1

Against the Wall, Westfield, New Jersey, volume one, number 10 undated


Bay Area Libertarian, San Francisco Bay Area Libertarian Party, San Francisco, California 1977


Bulletin – Newsletter of the Ontario Libertarian Party, Toronto, Ontario 1985-1986


California Activist, Libertarian Party of California, San Jose, California 1983-1984


Dissent, TDT-Libertarian Enterprises, Cupertino, California 1978-1986


Free Life, journal of the Libertarian Alliance, London, England 1981-1983

box 9, folder 2

Free Marin, journal of ideas for the liberation/free market community, Kentfield, California 1987


Illinois Libertarian, Chicago, Illinois 1981


Indian Libertarian, incorporating the Free Economic Review and The Indian Rationalist, an independent journal of Economic and Public Affairs, Bombay 1961


Invictus, journal of individualist thought, Hollywood, California 1970, 1973


Libertarian Alliance, (Independent non-party group), Libertarian Alliance Ltd., London, England undated


Libertarian Bulletin, Libertarian Party of Australia, Campbelltown, South Australia 1982-1985


Libertarian Iconoclast, Alliance of Libertarian Activists, Berkeley, California 1968-1969


Libertarian News, occasional review of British, European and World Libertarian news, issued by the Libertarian Alliance, London, England 1984


Libertarian Vanguard, Libertarian party Radical Caucus, Palo Alto, California 1982


LP News, National Office of the Libertarian Party. Aurora, Colorado 1974

box 9, folder 3

Preform-Inform, Libertarian Press Association, information exchange among Libertarian Nomads 1969


Principle, Libertarian party of Canada, Ontario, Canada 1977, 1980


Southern Libertarian Messenger, Florence, South Carolina 1985-1986


Update: ?n the Libertarian Movement, Libertarian Review Foundation, Washington, D.C. 1982


Volition, libertarian review, Redlands, California 1969



box 9, folder 4

Against the Wall, Self-Liberation and Voluntary Alternatives, Westfield, New Jersey 1980


Cambridge Liberator, Cambridge, England, issue one undated


Efficacy, Gulf Coast Voice of Civil and Economic Liberty, Houston, Taxes 1979


Elf, journal for left-tight libertarian expression 1980

box 9, folder 5

Freedom's Child, literary journal, published by Anglican Enterprises, Grover City, California 1982


Free World Chronicle, Libertarian International World Headquarters, volume III, number 5 1986


Integrity, member of the Libertarian Press Association 1971


Liberator: An Academic Voice for Individualism, 1961-1962, New Orleans, Louisiana

box 10, folder 1-2

Libertarian Connection, member of the Libertarian Press Association 1970-1973

box 10, folder 3

Libertarian Outlook, Garrison Foundation, San Francisco, California 1985


Libertarian Review, Libertarian Review, Inc., San Francisco, California 1980


Liberty, Liberty Publishing, Port Townsend, Washington 1991


Life and Liberty, New Jersey Libertarian Alliance, North Plainfield, New Jersey 1970-1971

box 10, folder 4

New Libertarian, New Libertarian Company of Free Traders, Costa Mesa, California 1982-1985

box 10, folder 5

New Libertarian Notes, New York Libertarian Association, New York 1973-1977

box 11, folder 1

New Libertarian Notes, New York Libertarian Association, New York 1973-1977

box 11, folder 2

Notes From the Underground, samizdat publication of the Underground Seminar on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness 1980


Outlook, Libertarian Monthly, Abolitionist Association 1972-1973


Scream! Individualist Anti-War Rag/Special Issue, Baltimore, Maryland 1984



box 11, folder 3

Arizona Liberty, the voice of the Arizona Libertarian party 1977-1978


Banner, Libertarian Journal 1972-1973


Caliber, California Libertarian News 1981


California Arena, Stanford University 1970


California Political Times, Libertarian Party of California undated


California Libertarian 1980

box 11, folder 4

California Libertarian news 1974


Captain America's, underground Ghetto Press 1971


Carolina Renaissance, North Carolina Young Americans for Freedom 1970


Cassandra, Western Pennsylvania Young Americans for Freedom 1971


Challenger, published in the interest of law and order 1967


Christian Laissez Faire, Institute for Human Studies, Menlo Park, California undated


Colorado Liberty, Colorado Libertarian Party 1983-1986


Convention News, the Tenth Anniversary Convention of the Libertarian Party, Denver 1981


Counterpoint, Massachusetts Young Americans for Freedom 1970-1971

box 11, folder 5

Creative Californian, Young Americans for Freedom 1970-1977


Dimension 1971-1972


Essence, Power to individual 1972

box 11, folder 6

Free Texas, Libertarian Party of Taxes 1980-1983

box 12, folder 1

Free Trojan, Southern California 1970-1971, 1984


Free Vermont, Vermont Libertarian News 1986


Freedom Reborn, 1985 National Convention of the Libertarian party, Phoenix, Arizona 1985


For Real 1971-1973


Future of Freedom, Conference, Long Beach City College 1983


Harvard Libertarian 1983


Hollywood Free Paper 1971


Liberator, publication independent of the Daily Iowan 1970

box 12, folder 2

Libertarian Party News, Libertarian National Committee, Houston, Texas 1982-1986


Liberty, (Clark for President!) 1980


Liberty, voice of students for a libertarian society 1982


Libra Freepress 2003


Majority Opinion, University of Houston, Young Americans for Freedom undated


Majority Speaks, independent publication 1973


Movement 1973

box 12, folder 3

New Horizon, power to the individual 1971


News: Clark President 1980


Outlook, commentary on the important issues of today, published by the Libertarian Party, Washington, D.C. 1977 (?)


Placer Gold, Libertarian Party 1985


Protos, universal Banner edition 1970-1971

box 12, folder 4

Right-On, very unofficial University of Taxes journal of conservative opinion 1972-1973


Sixth Annual national Libertarian Party Convention, San Francisco, California 1977


Smith's Journal, complete 1980 platform of the Libertarian Party circa 1980


Stanford Independent 1972


Stanford Libertarian 1981


Starboard, Detroit, Michigan 1970


Sunburst, journal of anarchist thought, published by the North American Libertarian Alliance 1971


Time for Liberty, Fresno, California 1984

box 12, folder 5

Virginia Liberty 1985-1986


Write-On! Very independent Boardman student publication 1971-1972


Young Libertarian 1987

box 12, folder 6

Newspaper clippings 1969-1978

box 12, folder 7


box 13, folder 1-4



Publications (non Libertarian) 1962-1987

Scope and Contents note

Books and periodicals, newsletters and bulletins, journals, magazines and newspapers, arranged by physical form. Most of the publications are for those interested in individual liberty and the philosophy behind politics


box 13, folder 5

American Review, Conservative Party of California, Los Angeles 1963


Area Bulletin, Association for Rational Environmental Alternatives 1976


Bulletin, monthly report of the Economic Education and Research Forum 1976


Claustrophobia, life-extension news, Portland, Oregon 1984


Free Campus News Service, Washington, D.C. 1970-1973

box 13, folder 6

Free World Chronicle, Libertarian International, Richmond, Virginia 1985


Freedom Guide, Sacramento, California 1987


Freedom's Child Literary Journal, Freedom's Child, Grover City, California 1982


Human Studies Review: A Research and Study Guide, Menlo Park, California undated


Individualist, Journal of the Personal Rights Association 1973, 1975


Inform, Center for Independent Education by the Cato Institute, Menlo Park, California 1978-1981


Liberator, Advocates for self-Government, Inc., Fresno, California 1986


Rational Individualist, Society for Rational Individualism, Silver Spring, Maryland 1969

box 14, folder 1

SRA Federation Bulletin, Social-Revolutionary Anarchist Federation, Mountain View, California, number 51-54 undated


Standard, Standard Publishing Company of Lawrence, Kansas 1962-1963


Stanford Independent 1972-1973


Unbound! Individualists for a Rational Society, Boston, Massachusetts 1971-1974


Workers Party, for individual liberty and free enterprise, South Australian Bulletin 1977-1978



box 14, folder 2

Abolitionist: The American Association for the Abolition of Involuntary Mental Hospitalization, American Association for the Abolition of Involuntary Mental Hospitalization, Syracuse, New York 1971


All Power to the People, Open Campus Publication of California, UCLA 1969


Anaheim Young Republicans Newsletter 1971


Atlantis News, Atlantis Publishing Company, New York 1970


Australian Economic Newsletter, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama 1987


Conservative Journal, New York State Young Americans for Freedom 1971


Decentralize! Non-Violent Radical Decentralist Strategy, Washington, D.C. 1987


Enterprise: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Business, Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, Campbell University, North Carolina 1986


Familist, voice of the Familist Movement, Familist Movement, El Paso, Texas 1986


Free Market, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Burlingame, California 1986-1988


Free Market Reporter, Freedom Fellowship. San Francisco, California 1977


Free Press Network, Free Press Association, Apple Valley, California 1982-1985


International, Richmond, Virginia 1986

box 14, folder 3

Intellectual Activist, New York 1980, 1989


Liberator, Advocates for Self-Government, Inc. 1986


Little Guy, Citizens Strike (a non-profit organization dedicated to resistance against big government and taxation), La Mirada, California 1979


Live and Let Live, Church of Eternal Life and Liberty, Inc., Southfield, Michigan 1978


Movement for an Independent Pacific Channel Islands, Avalon, California 1983


New Rampart, Rampart Institute, Fullerton, California 1984-1985


Newsociety 1981


Peaceletter, Peace Resource Center of Santa Barbara 1983


Privacy News Letter, Financial Engr. Consultants, Inc., San Jose, Costa Rica


Quillon, Michigan Young Americans for Freedom 1963


Strider Commentary, Mendocino County, California 1985-1986


Superfluous Newsletter (and Memoirs), Los Angeles, California 1985



box 14, folder 4

American Atheist, Freethought Society of America, Baltimore, Maryland 1964


Counterattack [publication for the self employed and small businesses], London, England 1976-1977


Equitarian, conference proceedings, Equitarian Associates, Amana, Iowa 1971

box 14, folder 5

Freedom Today, Freedom Fellowship Church, Phoenix, Arizona 1976-1977


Individualist, Society for Individual Liberty, Center for Independent Education, Wichita, Kansas 1971


IRI Insights, Investment Rarities, Incorporated, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1980


Long Life Magazine, Long Life Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois 1980


Mission Viewpoint, Church of Scientology Mission of Long Beach, California 1978

box 15, folder 1

New Guard, Young Americans for Freedom, Washington, D.C. 1969


Nomos, published by Nomos Press Inc., Chicago, Illinois 1985-1986


PM, students of the Cypress College evening magazine production class 1977


RAP: magazine for rapport with tomorrow's people today, Pine Tree Publications, Rampart College, Santa Ana, California 1970


SOL III, glossary of military obfuscations, International Fixed Calender, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1971

box 15, folder 2

SOL III, glossary of military obfuscations, International Fixed Calender, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1971


Under 30, Digest of the best in conservative collegiate writing, Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1962-1963


Verdict, Auric International Corporation, New York 1964



box 15, folder 3

Arena, Stanford's only unregulated, unauthorized, unregistered newspaper 1970


Aware, the square newspaper, Los Angeles, California undated


Banner, Orlando, Florida 1974


Deregulator 1986


Disneyland War Zone: Orange County True Press, Voice of the New Right 1970


Dollars and Sense 1978


Eden Independent News Service 1976


Flash Point 1980


Free Patriot, Best of foreign and domestic advises undated


Righteou's Conspiracy, Free World Publication 1971


Student Voice undated


Territorial Herald, Ministry of the Interior of the Royal Territorial Government of Ely-Chatelaine, Laguna Miguel, California 1981-1987

box 15

Books 1978-1991

Scope and Contents note

Books by Lawrence Samuels and Robert Le Fevre, 1978-1991, arranged by author

Robert LeFevre


Does Government Protection Protect?Society for Libertarian Life, edition 1978 (?)


Fundamentals of Liberty, Rampart Institute 1988


Nature of Man And His Government, Caxton Printers, Caldwell, Idaho 1991


Lawrence Samuels, Freeland: The Search for Free/New Countries, Freeland Publishers, Fullerton, California 1983


Richard Epstein, Medical Malpractice: The Case for Contract, Center for Libertarian Studies 1979