An Inventory of the European Pictorial Collection

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An Inventory of the European Pictorial Collection

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Descriptive Summary

Title: European Pictorial Collection
Dates: 1918-2001
Collection number: XX772
Collection Size: 4 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 1 slide box, 37 envelopes, 1 oversize folder, 1 album box (6.6 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Photographs, postcards, and slides, depicting cities, prominent personalities, and historical events in various European countries, particularly in Eastern Europe. Includes scenes of the Hungarian Revolution of 1918-1919; the coup of 1926 in Poland; the revolt of 1934 in Austria; post-World War II communist activities in Romania; and the Solidarność movement in Poland in the 1980s.
Physical location: Hoover Institution Archives
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English

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Indexing Terms

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NSZZ "Solidarność" (Labor organization)
Austria--History--1918-1938--Pictorial works.
Europe--Pictorial works.
Hungary--History--Revolution, 1918-1919--Pictorial works.
Poland--History--Coup d'état, 1926--Pictorial works.
Romania--History--1944-1989--Pictorial works.
Poland--History--1980-1989--Pictorial works.

Container List

XX772 Envelope: A

16 prints of scenes of street fighting and destruction during the Austrian revolt of 1934; 10 postcards of personalities involved; 5 postcards of views of Melk in der Wachau, Austria.

XX772 Envelope: B

1 print of the Czech opera singer Otakar Marak, 1919, autographed.

XX772 Envelope: C

3 prints and 4 negatives depicting the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops, August 1968; 1 negative of Premier Dubcek; 1 negative of a view of Prag.

XX772 Envelope: D

23 prints depicting daily life in the small town of Zagora, Greece, under the Junta's rule.

XX772 Envelope: E

1 pictorial booklet depicting buildings, bridges and monuments in Budapest, Hungary. Captions in German and Hungarian.

XX772 Envelope: mF

16 prints depicting scenes from the Hungarian Revolution of 1918-1919; 31 postcards of leaders of the Hungarian Soviet Republic; 8 photocopies of posters from the Hungarian Revolution 1 illustrated newspaper section of leaders of the Hungarian Soviet Republic.

XX772 Envelope: G

1 print of Nicholas Horthy, regent of Hungary, 1920-1944, with a dedication to the Hungarian peasantry signed by Horthy, November 16, 1919.

XX772 Envelope: mH

1 print of Eamonn De Valera, President of Ireland, 1959-1973.

XX772 Envelope: I

1 post card of Benito Mussolini, Italian Fascist premier, 1922-1945.

XX772 Envelope: J

1 print of crowd in Northern Italy demonstrating in favor of occupation and annexation by Yugoslavia, 1948.

XX772 Envelope: K

20 prints depicting various places of interest in Wilno, Lithuania, 1920's; and 6 prints, 1992.

XX772 Envelope: L

32 prints depicting street fighting in Warsaw, Poland, at the time of Marshal Pilsudski's coup in May 1926.

XX772 Envelope: m*M

1 print of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, ruler of Spain, 1939-1975.

XX772 Envelope: Q

12 prints depicting various locations in Yugoslavia.

XX772 Envelope: R

1 print depicting the unveiling in Poznan, Poland, of a statue of President Woodrow Wilson, in 1931.

XX772 Envelope: S

44 prints and 2 postcards depicting Budapest and the Hungarian countryside and people, 1931.

XX772 Envelope: T

2 prints an 8 postcards depicting various monuments in Basel, Vienna, Heidelberg, as well as a performance of "die walkure" in Bayreuth, 1931.

XX772 Envelope: U

4 prints of Republican supporters (women, Carlist youth, and Communists involved in the destruction of churches) in Spain, 1936.

XX772 Envelope: V

5 prints depicting street scenes and demonstrations in Czechoslovakia in 1990.

XX772 Envelope: W

12 prints depicting scenes from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

XX772 Envelope: X

4 prints of President Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia, and 1 postcard of Hradcany Square, 1989-1992.

XX772 Envelope: Y

7 prints and postcards of the history museum Brama Stracen Cytadeli in Warsaw, Poland, 1992.

XX772 Envelope: Z

30 prints of political demonstrations in Czechoslovakia, 1989, and of election campaign posters in Slovakia, 1992.

XX772 Box: 1

1 album of prints of a Lithuanian literary exhibition in Moscow and scenes of cultural activity in Estonia and Latvia, 1948; and 7 prints and accompanying booklet of scenes in Romania following the revolution of 1990.

XX772 Box: 2-3

Prints, 1970-1987, of Polish dissidents, gatherings and scenes associated with the Solidarnosc movement, the Polish priest Jerzy Popieuszko and his funeral, and visits of Pope John Paul II to Poland.

XX772 Envelope: AA

9 postcards depicting Latvian government buildings, government leaders and military parades, 1938; and 5 prints of Baltic independence demonstrations and Latvian monuments, 1988-1990.

XX772 Envelope: AB

28 prints of Nicolae Ceausescu, other Romanian communist leaders, and scenes of Romanian communist activities, ca. 1947-1985.

XX772 Envelope: AC

31 prints of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife with various world leaders, ca. 1960s-1980s.

XX772 Envelope: AD

76 prints of Romanian communist demonstrations, ca. 1980s.

XX772 Envelope: AE

51 color photographs of election posters in Slovakia, 1994.

XX772 Envelope: AF

15 prints of street-fighting in Poland, 1970.

XX772 Envelope: AG

16 prints of political prisoners in Poland, ca. 1980s.

XX772 Envelope: AH

30 prints of underground printing presses in Poland, CA. 1980s

XX772 Envelope: AI

11 prints of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland, 1983.

XX772 Envelope: AJ

48 prints of the Polish priest Jerzy Popieluszko and of his funeral, 1984.

XX772 Envelope: AK

72 prints of Polish dissidents, and of gatherings and scenes associated with the Solidarnosc movement, ca. 1980s.

XX772 Envelope: AL

1 print of the transfer of the ashes of Ignacy Paderewski to Warsaw, 1992.

XX772 Envelope: fAM

1 album of prints depicting the life and career of the Bulgarian communist leader Todor Zhivkov, n.d.

XX772 Box: 4

1 album of prints of the inspection of a Polish army mechanized division by the Polish communist leader Edward Gierek, 1971.

XX772 Box: 3

13 prints of Lech Walesa and other delegates at the opening session of the Polish Sejm, 1989.

XX772 Box: 5

Slides of Italian election posters, 1994-1996.

XX772 Box: 3

Prints of visits of Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev, Jerzy Kosinski and Richard M. Nixon to Poland, 1963-1989.

XX772 Box: 3

Prints of Polish political and military leaders, 1965-1975.

XX772 Box: 3

Negatives of election poster billboards in the Czech Republic, 1996.

XX772 Box: 3

Postcards of Polish armed forces, n.d.

XX772 Box: 3

Postcards of war damage in Dubrovnik, 1995

XX772 Box: 3

Photographs of election posters in Bosnia, 1996.

XX772 Box: 3

Photographs of the visit of the Polish Cardinal Szczepan Wesoly to the United States, 1997.

XX772 Box: 3

Slides of the reinterment of the body of General Wladyslaw Sikorski in Krakow, 1993. Postcards of Pope John Paul II, 1997.

XX772 Box: 3

Autographed photograph of President Guntis Ulmanis of Latvia, 1997.

XX772 Box: 3

Filmstrip depicting social conditions in interwar Poland, n.d.

XX772 Box: 6

Prints of Poles in Germany, ca. 1930s.

Scope and Content Note

Photographs of Edith Stein memorial in Poland, 1997. Photographs of Prague, 1990. Photographs of Tirana, Albania, 1996. Photographs of the Romanian royal family, ca. 1990s. Negatives of election posters in Poland, 1997. Postcards of Wroclaw Poland, n.d. Prints of the painting of religious pictures in Ol'shanskii Church, Prague, 1942.
XX772 Box: 6

Prints and photographs depicting social condition in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Estonia, ca. 1930s. Prints of anti-communist demonstrations in Prague, 1989. Prints of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, 1939-1942. Prints of election campaigning in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1996. Prints of President Boleslaw Bierut of Poland and F.L. Belin, American ambassador to Poland, 1933-1947.

XX772 Box: 6

Photographs of Skwer Hoovera in Warsaw, 1998.

Scope and Content Note

Photographs of election posters in the Czech Republic, 1998. Photographs of election posters in Slovakia, 1998. Photographs of President Emil Constantinescu of Romania, 1998. Photographs of social and political conditions in Albania, 1985-1999.
XX772 Box: 7

Photographs of the Austrian socialist Friedrich Adler, n.d. Photograph of Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek of Poland, n.d. Photograph of leaders of the Osterreichische Volkspartei, 1999.