Inventory of the Demokraticheskaia Rossiia records, 1989-1993

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Inventory of the Demokraticheskaia Rossiia records, 1989-1993

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Collection Summary

Title: Demokraticheskaia Rossiia records, 1989-1993
Dates: 1989-1993
Collection Number: 93008
Creator: Demokraticheskaia Rossiia (Political party)
Collection Size: 11 manuscript boxes (4.4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: The records relate to politics in Russia and to the 1991 presidential campaign of Boris Yeltsin. They include minutes of meetings, resolutions, statements, appeals, stenographic records, press reviews, and video recordings.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Languages: In Russian

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1993.


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Historical Note

The Demokraticheskaia Rossiia (DR) movement was founded in October 1990, toward the end of the Soviet era, when opposition to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), the only party at the time, emerged. It united the anti-communist opposition parties in the USSR: the Sotsial-demokraticheskaia partiia Rossiiskoi Federatsii, Respublikanskaia partiia Rossiiskoi Federatsii, Partiia konstitutsionnykh demokratov, Svobodno-demokraticheskaia partiia Rossii, Rossiiskoe khristianskoe demokraticheskoe dvizhenie, Konstitutsionno-demokraticheskaia partiia, Partiia narodnoi svobody, Partiia svobodnogo truda, and other organizations. In January 1991 Demokraticheskaia partiia Rossii also joined the movement.
The participants supported the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) president Boris Yeltsin in his struggle against the CPSU leadership and the CPSU General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev.
In June 1991 the Russian Republic held its first presidential election. Boris Yeltsin was elected president of the RSFSR with 57% of the vote, becoming the first popularly elected president.
Yeltsin offered to cooperate with the Baltic republics, which were seeking freedom from the USSR. This contributed to Gorbachev's decision to start negotiations with 15 Soviet republics on enhancing their self government. A draft treaty was scheduled for signing at the end of August 1991. However, on August 19, 1991, eight conservative party and governmental leaders attempted to take control of the country from Gorbachev while he was on vacation. Yeltsin headed the dramatic opposition to the coup and secured Gorbachev's return to Moscow.
After the coup Boris Yeltsin consolidated his own power and led the movement to dissolve the Soviet parliament and outlaw the Communist Party. In the fall of 1991 Yeltsin and other leaders of Soviet republics declared independence for their respective republics. Yeltsin became the head of the post-Soviet Russian Federation.
The DR was one of the most consistent pro-Yeltsin organizations in 1992-1993, although the meetings in support of Yeltsin attracted fewer and fewer participants. This was due to the failure of his ambitious economic reforms known as "shock therapy," which caused inflation and currency devaluation without increasing industrial and agricultural production.
At that time two groups struggled within the DR movement, one favoring a coalition of parties and organizations, and the other, a single organization. As a result, at the end of 1994 many organizations resigned their membership.
Given the absence of a comprehensive program, other than opposition to the CPSU and support of Yeltsin, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent dissolution of the CPSU, the split in the DR became unavoidable.
As a result, Demokraticheskii Vybor, a hybrid of social movements and governmental organizations, was created. The remaining segments of the Democraticheskaia Rossiia movement either disappeared from the public scene or became part of the democratic opposition party Yabloko.

Scope and Content of Collection

The records relate to politics in Russia and to the 1991 presidential campaign of Boris Yeltsin. Documents present minutes of meetings, resolutions, statements, appeals, stenographic records, press reviews, and video recordings.
The collection contains data on the formation of the movement, its internal affairs, social functions, organizing activities, and political activities from 1989, when organizations opposing the Communist party united, through 1993, when the movement dissolved.
Included in the collection are pre-union materials from regional and Moscow-based political groups such as appeals, statements, and leaflets calling for a coalition. Other materials document important political events in Russia, such as the Uchreditel'nyi S"ezd (1990), the first presidential election (Boris N. Yeltsin campaign, 1990-1991), and the "avgustovskii putch" (August coup) by the Gosudarstvennyi Komitet po Chrezvychainomu Polozheniiu (GKChP) (19-21 August 1991).
Other events reflected in the documents are the first democratic mayoral election in Moscow in 1991, the military suppression of the resistance in Lithuania and Latvia in 1991, and forums, congresses, conferences, and referendums conducted between 1989 and 1993 that document the development of democracy in Russia.


The collection is arranged as originally received from Demokraticheskaia Rossiia.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Yeltsin, Boris Nikolayevich, 1931-2007.
Elections--Russia (Federation)
Russia (Federation)--Politics and government--1991-
Soviet Union--Politics and government--1985-1991.

Collection Contents

Box: 1-11

Chronological file, 1989-1993

Physical Description: 1-11
Box/Folder: 1 : 1

Pervyi s"ezd narodnykh deputatov, Tel'man Kh. Gdlian, undelivered speech, 1989

Scope and Content Note

Includes Gdlian's interview to Sovetskaia molodezh', 20 June 1989
Box/Folder: 1 : 2-3

Orgkomitet Dvizheniia, meetings, statements, appeals, 1989-1990

Box/Folder: 1 : 4-11

Moskovskoe ob"edinenie izbiratelei, 1989-1991

Box/Folder: 1 : 12-16 , Box/Folder: 2 : 1-2

Uchreditel'nyi s"ezd, appeals, lists, and minutes, 20-21 October, 1990

Box/Folder: 2 : 3

Kommissiia po vozrozhdeniiu kul'tury v Rossii , 1990

Box/Folder: 2 : 4

Svobodnaia Demokraticheskaia partiia Rossii, 1990

Scope and Content Note

Box/Folder: 2 : 5

Registration, 1990-1991

Scope and Content Note

Includes appeals and leaflets supporting the democratic movement
Box/Folder: 2 : 6

Supporting political clubs and unions, 1990-1991

Box/Folder: 2 : 7

Ustav Dvizheniia "Democraticheskaia Rossiia," 21 October 1990

Scope and Content Note

Edited by II s"ezd in 1991
Box/Folder: 2 : 8-11

Appeals, statements, and speeches, 1990-1992

Box/Folder: 2 : 12-13

Vserossiiskii referendum, 17 March 1991

Box/Folder: 2 : 14

Plenum Soveta predstavitelei, minutes, 13 April 1991

Box/Folder: 2 : 15

Vserossiiskaia Konferentsiia Demokraticheskikh Sil, minutes, 14 April 1991

Box/Folder: 2 : 16

"Mir, progress, prava cheloveka," I-yi Mezhdunarodnyi kongress pamiati A.D. Sakharova, Moscow, 21-25 May 1991

Scope and Content Note

Invitations and program
Box/Folder: 2 : 17

Plenum Soveta predstavitelei, 20-21 July 1991

Box/Folder: 2 : 18

DR Press, independent informative service, press releases, July-December 1991

Box/Folder: 2 : 19-21 , Box/Folder: 3 : 1-4

Gosudarstvennyi Komitet po Chrezvychainomu Polozheniiu, (GKChP), "Avgustovskii Putch," 19-21 August 1991

Scope and Content Note

Includes decrees, statements, appeals, and press releases
Box/Folder: 3 : 5-6

Plenum Soveta predstavitelei, stenographic records, 14 September 1991

Box/Folder: 3 : 7

"Osnovy politicheskogo pliuralizma," National Republican Institute of International Affairs, conference, Moscow, 20-22 September 1991

Box/Folder: 3 : 8

Svobodnyi Ural (weekly democratic newspaper) No. 13, Cheliabinsk, October 1991

Box/Folder: 3 : 9

Konvertiruemyi listok (informational bulletin) Nos. 44-46, October 1991

Box/Folder: 3 : 10-15 , Box/Folder: 4 : 1-11

II s"ezd, 9-10 November 1991

Scope and Content Note

Includes documents of regional organizations, minutes, resolutions, appeals and notes
Box/Folder: 4 : 12-14

Kongress Demoraticheskikh Sil Respublik i Natsional'no-territorial'nykh Obrazovanii na Territorii RF, 14-15 December 1991

Scope and Content Note

Includes stenographic report, notes, lists, and clippings
Box/Folder: 4 : 15

S"ezd storonnikov reform, minutes, 22 December 1991

Box/Folder: 5 : 1-2

Materials related to military suppression of the resistance in Lithuania and Latvia, January 1991

Scope and Content Note

Includes appeals, leaflets, resolutions
Box/Folder: 5 : 3-4

First democratic mayoral election in Moscow, 1991

Box/Folder: 5 : 5-12 , Box/Folder: 6 : 1-6

First Presidential election of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR), 1991

Scope and Content Note

Includes pre-election material
Box/Folder: 6 : 7-11

Plenumy Soveta Predstavitelei, proposals, minutes, lists and notes, 1991

Box/Folder: 6 : 12-15

Koordinatsionnyi Sovet agenda, minutes, and statements, 1991

Box/Folder: 6 : 16

Krov' dushi, by IUrii Kniazev, poems, Riazan', 1991

Box/Folder: 6 : 17

Zakon o svobode informatsii, draft, circa 1991

Box/Folder: 6 : 18

Pochti ofitsial'noe zaiavlenie komandy Gaidara, interview with Petr Aven, minister of foreign economic relations for the Russian Federation, circa 1991

Box/Folder: 7 : 1-3

Regional organizations' appeals, statements, minutes, and lists, 1991-1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 4

Dvizhenie "Demokratisheskaia Rossiia," informational bulletin, June-September 1991 and January-June 1993

Box/Folder: 7 : 5-6

DR-Socio (sociological service), 1991-1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 7

Zerkalo, journal of Obshchestvennyi komitet rossiiskikh reform, Moscow, February-July 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 8

Ob izbiratel'nom protsesse (Izbiratel'nyi Kodeks), zakon Rossiiskoi Federatsii, draft, 17 March 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 9-10

Sobranie grazhdan Rossiiskoi Federatsii, 5 April 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 11

O vnesenii izmenenii i dopolnenii v zakon RSFSR "O privatizatsii gosudarstvennykh i munitsipal'nykh predpriatii v RSFSR" zakon Rossiiskoi Federatsii, 5 June 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 12

Gosudarstvennaia programma privatizatsii gosudarstvennykh i munitsipal'nykh predpriiatii v Rossiskoi Federatsii na 1992 god, , 11 June 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 13

Panorama (informational bulletin) Moscow, no. 3(33), June 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 14

Polozhenie o kommertsializatsii gosudarstvennykh predpriyatii s odnovremennym preobrazovaniem v aktsionernye obshchestva otkytogo tipa, 1 July 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 15

Forum Storonnikov Reform, 4 July 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 16

Plenum soveta predstavitelei, 6-7 July 1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 17-20 , Box/Folder: 8 : 1-3

DR Press, independent informational service, press releases, July-August 1992

Box/Folder: 8 : 4-9

Plenumy Soveta predstavitelei, 26 September and 28 November 1992

Box/Folder: 8 : 10-11

Forum Storonnikov reform, 29 November 1992

Box/Folder: 8 : 12-13 , Box/Folder: 9 : 1-4

Koordinatsionnyi sovet agenda, minutes, and statements, 1992

Box/Folder: 9 : 5-7

III S"ezd, minutes, 19-20 December 1992

Box/Folder: 9 : 8

Reitingi podderzhki deputatami VI S"ezda pravitel'stva reform (special information bulletin), 1992

Box/Folder: 9 : 9-14 , Box/Folder: 10 : 1-4

Akademiia Deputatskogo Korpusa Rossii (Moscow press review), 1992-1993

Box/Folder: 10 : 5-8

Koordinatsionnyi sovet agenda, minutes, and statements, January-June 1993

Box/Folder: 10 : 9-12

Rabochee soveshchanie predstavitelei demokraticheskikh organizatsii Rossii po podgotovke referenduma 11 aprelia, 6 February 1993

Scope and Content Note

Includes stenographic record
Box/Folder: 10 : 13-14 , Box/Folder: 11 : 1

Plenum Soveta predstavitelei, Nizhnii Novgorod, 27-28 February 1993

Scope and Content Note

Includes stenographic record
Box/Folder: 11 : 2

Referendum, 25 April 1993

Box/Folder: 11 : 3-5

Plenum Soveta predstavitelei, Moscow, 29-30 May 1993

Box/Folder: 11 : 6

Rossiiskaia assotsiatsiia privatiziruemykh i chastnykh predpriiatii, 1993

Box: 11

Floppy disks, undated

Physical Description: 11

Scope and Content Note

8 3.5" discs unreadable in both PC and Mac computers, attempted 18 May 2010
Box: 11

Video recordings, 1991-1993

Physical Description: 11

Scope and Content Note

9 VHS cassettes
Box: 11

First Presidential election of the RSFSR, Boris N. Yeltsin, speeches and meetings, 1991

Scope and Content Note

3 VHS cassettes
Box: 11

II S"ezd, parts I and II, 9-10 December 1991

Scope and Content Note

2 VHS cassettes
Box: 11

Forum storonnikov reform, 4 July 1992

Box: 11

III S"ezd, 19-20 December 1992

Box: 11

Referendum, 25 April 1993

Scope and Content Note

2 VHS cassettes