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A Inventory of the American Pictorial Collection
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XX765 Envelope: A

2 prints OF John Paul Jones' home in Scotland taken by Ben Berman, 1950.

XX765 Envelope: mB

1 print of American and Spanish delegates signing the treaty ending the Spanish-American War, 1898.

Scope and Content Note

Autographed by the delegates.
XX765 Envelope: C

4 negatives of Stanford University before the 1906 earthquake.

XX765 Envelope: D

1 print of David S. Jordan.

XX765 Envelope: m*E

1 print depicting Ray L. Wilbur presiding over the first telephone conversation between Stanford University and New York City, 1916.

XX765 Envelope: F

1 print of Professor Edwin Francis Gay, autographed and presented to Ray L. Wilbur.

XX765 Envelope: m*G

1 print of E.D. Adams' student assistants for the winter of 1921-1922.

XX765 Envelope: H

1 autographed portrait of Putnam W. Eale, 1916.

XX765 Envelope: mI

1 print of Edna M. Hilton, member of the U.S. Food Administration and American Relief Administration, 1918.

XX765 Envelope: J

1 print of Private George H. Martin, Company A. 347th Machine Gun Battalion, killed in action on October 9, 1918.

XX765 Envelope: K

1 print of General John J. Pershing, with Bishop Charles H. Brent, Chaplain General of the U.S. Army.

Scope and Content Note

XX765 Envelope: L

7 prints depicting Red Cross offices during World War I.

XX765 Envelope: M

4 prints (and 18 duplicates) depicting Woodrow Wilson on his trip to Europe, January 1919.

XX765 Envelope: N

2 prints of Cordell Hull.

XX765 Envelope: O

1 print of Calvin Coolidge with an unidentified woman.

XX765 Envelope: P

2 prints of the Blacksmith shop of Jesse Hoover, father of President Herbert C. Hoover, taken at a ceremony on June 24, 1957.

Scope and Content Note

Governor of Iowa Herschel Loveless is shown looking at the tools inside the shop.
XX765 Envelope: Q

3 prints of Lou Henry Hoover and other taken at a girl scout camp, Camp Procter, Ohio, July 1922.

XX765 Envelope: R

1 print of L.H. Hoover as National President of the Girl Scouts, 1923.

XX765 Envelope: m*S

1 print depicting the White House Reception of the 51st Annual Meeting of the American Library Assoc., 1929.

Scope and Content Note

Herbert Hoover is in the center of front row.
XX765 Envelope: T

2 prints of the U.S.S. Arizona in Boston, 1931, and of President Herbert Hoover on the Arizona during a cruise to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, March 1931.

XX765 Envelope: mU

1 print of American clergyman Jenkin Lloyd Jones, director of the Abraham Lincoln Center, Chicago.

XX765 Envelope: m*V

1 print taken at a testimonial dinner to George Akerson given by the White House correspondents, New Willard, January 10, 1931, depicting George Akerson and participants.

XX765 Envelope: W-X

344 prints and 60 negatives of alleged U.S. communists, 1930-1960.

XX765 Envelope: mY

1 print of the square-rigged sailing ship "Star of Alaska," 1929.

XX765 Envelope: mZ

1 print depicting the launching of the "North Star" (U.S. Motor ship) at the Berg Shipbuilding Co., Seattle, Washington, January 8 , 1932.

XX765 Envelope: AA

1 print depicting the U.S. Naval War College Staff and Class of 1923.

Scope and Content Note

Chester W. Nimitz is standing in the center of the back row.
XX765 Envelope: AB

2 prints and 4 negatives depicting Robert L Eichelberger's service in the U.S. Army during the two world wars.

XX765 Envelope: AC

1 print of admiral and diplomat Alan G. Kirk, 1888-1963.

XX765 Envelope: AD

1 autographed print of Clarence Graff.

XX765 Envelope: AE

1 print of F. Warner Karling.

XX765 Envelope: AF

1 print of General Henry H. Arnold.

XX765 Envelope: AG

1 print of General Omar Bradley.

XX765 Envelope: AH

1 print of General James H. Doolittle.

XX765 Envelope: AI

1 print of General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

XX765 Envelope: AJ

1 print of Lt. General John R. Hodge.

XX765 Envelope: AK

1 print of General Douglas A. MacArthur.

XX765 Envelope: AL

1 print of General Harold M. McClelland

XX765 Envelope: AM

1 print of General David M. Shoup

XX765 Envelope: AN

1 print of Rear Admiral William S. Sims.

XX765 Envelope: AO

1 print of General W. Bedell Smith.

XX765 Envelope: AP

1 print of General Carl A. Spaatz.

XX765 Envelope: AQ

1 oversize postcard depicting the U.S.S. San Francisco Memorial in San Francisco, erected in 1950 in honor of the officers and men on board the cruiser San Francisco who were killed during the battle of Guadalcanal, November 1942.

XX765 Envelope: AR

3 prints distributed by the U.S. Navy, First Naval District, depicting the site of the Bethlehem Hingham Shipyards, Hingham, Mass., before and after construction of the shipyards, 1942-1943.

XX765 Envelope: AS

1 print of the Pentagon Building, Washington, D.C., taken with the flag flying at half mast in honor of the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, April 1945.

XX765 Envelope: AT

2 prints of Russian interpreter Elanor Benetzka (one with General Lewis), taken in occupied Germany, 1946.

XX765 Envelope: AU

5 prints distributed by the U.S. Army Signal Corps: 1 of general Douglas MacArthur and General Dwight Eisenhower; 1 of Donald Carpenter, Major General Thomas Green, and James Forrestal; 1 of General Hoyt Vandenberg, Admiral Louis Denfeld, and General Omar Bradley; 1 of Dr. Irene Kuehnel and others; 1 of two American soldiers and two Korean civilians.

XX765 Envelope: AV

3 prints of U.S. Army Air Forces Airways and Air Communications Service.

XX765 Envelope: AW

10 prints of tests of a V-2 rocket, taken at the U.S. Army Ordnance Proving Grounds, White Sands, New Mexico, 1946.

XX765 Envelope: AY

6 prints of guided missiles and space vehicles, General Dynamics.

XX765 Envelope: AZ

5 prints of views of the moon taken by the United States Space Mission Apollo 8, 1968, and Apollo 10, 1969 (NASA).

XX765 Envelope: BA

3 prints showing contrast between television pictures taken with identical equipment except for the camera pick-up tubes. In one, the standard broadcast tube is used and, in the other, the new General Electric tube; in both, the subject is illuminated by moonlight only, 1960, General Electric Co.

XX765 Envelope: BB

1 print of a magnetron, 1 print of a radarscope, Amperex Electronic Corporation.

XX765 Envelope: BC

1 print of a cathode ray tube for use in high speed electronic printing process, Corning Glass Works.

XX765 Envelope: BD

1 print of a weather balloon launching, U.S. Weather Bureau.

XX765 Envelope: BE

1 print of weather detecting equipment, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

XX765 Box: 1

3 oversize prints (apr. 10" x 30", rolled up) depicting the Atlantic Fleet at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 1919, and the officers and crew of the U.S.S. Delaware at Guantanamo Bay, 1920.

XX765 Envelope: mBF

1 print depicting a labor rally, presumably held in Detroit, April 1947.

XX765 Envelope: BG

1 print depicting a painting of Herbert Hoover in a motor boat (hung in the Angler's Club on Key Largo, Florida)

XX765 Envelope: BH

61 negatives, 1918, depicting U.S. Army YMCA camp Beauregard in Louisiana.

XX765 Envelope: BI

2 prints of Herbert C. Hoover, including one at Park Ridge, 1928; and 1 print of the bust of John C. Branner, on display in the Hoover Tower Lobby.

XX765 Envelope: *mBJ

Two copies and one negative of a print depicting the members of Company "E" 162nd U.S. Infantry, acting as guard of honor for President Wilson in London, 28 December 1918.

XX765 Envelope: mBK

2 prints depicting Hoover Dam.

XX765 Envelope: BL

2 prints depicting the former home of Theodore Hoover, brother of Herbert Hoover, in Bodie, California, now a ghost twon, Bodie State Park, 1990.

XX765 Envelope: mBM

1 print depicting Emma Goldman writing at her desk, ca. 1910.

XX765 Envelope: BN

1 print n.d., depicting Cyrus R. Vance when Secretary of the Army.

XX765 Envelope: BO

1 print depicting a 10-yeard old Herbert Hoover standing in front of the Friends Pacific Academy in Newberg, Oregon, 1884.

XX765 Envelope: mBP*

1 oversize print of Herbert Hoover with the Washington State College Football team at the White House, 1930.

Scope and Content Note

(On art racks.)
XX765 Envelope: mBQ

1 oversize print of Joseph Swain.

XX765 Envelope: BR

1 print of Herbert Hoover, General Mark Clark, John Erhardt and Chancellor Leopold Figl in Vienna, 1946.

XX765 Box: 2

1 folder of slides of a demonstration by Women Strike for peach in Washington D.C., 1964.

Scope and Content Note

1 print of John Philip Sousa band at Hoover House, Stanford University, 1928.