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Guide to the Garrett Hardin Papers
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Table of contents What's This?

Collection Contents


Series I.  General 1939-1999

Box 1

Bibliography of writings by Hardin

Box 1

Biography, ca. 1939-1999

Scope and Content Note

Include articles about and interviews with Hardin, some autobiographical material
Box 1

Oral history from Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), 1997 March 9


[See also: OH 46 for UCSB Oral History, 1983]

Series II.  Correspondence 1930-2003

Box 2

Subseries I.  Early Correspondence, 1930s-1940s

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by correspondent. Mostly incoming correspondence.

Subseries II.  Incoming/Outgoing Correspondence, 1949-2003

Scope and Content Note

Arranged first chronologically, then by last name of author. Some letters with specific correspondents grouped together per Hardin's organization. Includes related materials such as news clippings, inscribed and annotated articles by others. Also see Subject Files (Series III) and Chronological Files (Series VI) for additional correspondence.
Box 3


Box 4


Box 5


Box 6


Box 7


Box 8


Box 9


Box 10


Box 11


Box 12


Box 13


Box 14


Box 15


Box 16


Box 17


Box 18


Box 19


Box 20


Box 21


Box 22


Box 23


Box 24


Box 25


Box 26


Box 27


Box 28


Box 29


Box 30


Box 31

1999-2001 April

Box 32

2001 April - 2003


Address Lists

Box 33

Mackey, Gerry, ca. 1988-1999


May, Cordelia, ca. 1988-1999


Tanton, John, ca. 1988-2003


Youngquist, Walter Lewellyn, ca. 2003


Miscellaneous incoming, ca. 1972-2003

Box 34

Fletcher, Joseph, ca. 1974-1991

Box 35

McKinley, Dan, ca. 1971-1999


Subseries III.  Publishers, 1952-1977

Box 36

Viking Press, 1971-1973


Freeman, W.H., ca. 1952-1977

Scope and Content Note

Includes royalty statements

III.  Subject Files 1954-2003


I.  Numbered Subject Files, ca. 1969-1999

Scope and Content Note

Subjects listed as defined by Hardin
Box 37

Key to files


1. Population -- History


2. Population -- Theory


3. Population – Limits, and 3.5 Migration


4. Population – Control


5. Space; UFOs, Interstellar Migration


7. Abortion & Contraception


[See also: Printed materials in abortion subject file (Boxes 41-45)]

8. Selection


9. Evolution, Theory & Fights


10. Anarchy & Extinction


11. Indiv. Differences, incl. Sex


13. Eugenics

Box 38

14. Genocide


15. Transemination & Sterilization


16. Race


17. Death


18. Value & Sanctity of Life


19. Infanticide


22. Coercion


23. Political Theory


25. Nature, Conservation of


27. Energy: Temperature & Heat


29. Heroic Medicine


32. Sociobiology & Social Control


33. War


34. Information: Meliorism & Pejorism


35. Information: Cybernetics


40. Censorship


41. Taboo


42. Travel & Transportation


43. Triage


44. Ecological Systems

Box 39

45. Hardin's Law


46. Altruism


47. Change & Reform; Action


48. Utopias


49. The Future


50. Value Theory


51. Ageing & Teleocide


52. Autoecology of Science


53. Science & Society (Synecology)


54. Competition: Envy & Rights


55. Reliability & Risk


57. Education

Box 40

58. Numeracy, Ecolacy


59. Ethics


60. Foreign Affairs (incl. For. Aid)


61. Quis Custodiet Problems


62. Poverty & Distribution Theory


63. The Commons


64. Free Trade


65. Carrying Capacity


66. Economics


67. Charity


68. Seductive Substances


80. [South Africa?]


II. Abortion Files 1954-1976

Box 41

Correspondence, ca. 1967-1970


Printed Material

Scope and Content Note

Primarily articles, news clippings, Society for Humane Abortion, Inc. Newsletter, California Committee on Therapeutic Abortion Newsletter, and other printed items
Box 42


Box 43


Box 44


Box 45

1972-1976 , [n.d.]

Box 46

Maginnis (Patricia Therese) Abortion Papers, ca. 1964-1971

Scope and Content Note

Includes clippings, booklets, press releases

Access Information

Includes confidential material; closed pending staff review
Box 47

Subject Files, ca.1964-1971

Scope and Content Note

Hardin's self-designated file, includes correspondence

Access Information

Includes confidential material; closed pending staff review

III. Environmental Fund 1973-1985


See Series II: Subseries II: Incoming/Outgoing Correspondence for additional materials
Box 48

Correspondence, ca.1973-1975

Box 49

Miscellaneous, ca.1976-1985


IV. Miscellaneous Subject Files 1956-2003

Box 50

Alcohol, ca.1978-1979


Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS), 1995, 2001


Card File, ca. 1956-1985


Duncan, Richard, 2000


Grants and Foundations, ca.1973-2002


Greenpeace, 1978-1979


LaRouche, Lyndon, 1975-1985


Nimitz, 2003


IV.  Teaching Files (from UCSB) 1965-1977

Box 51

Biology 123, 1965-1966, 1969

Box 52

Biology 123; Winter 1974, 1976-1977


V. Writings 1929-2000


I.  Monographs 1949-1999

Scope and Content Note

Includes handwritten and typewritten drafts, proofs, correspondence, and book reviews; first date of publication listed in parentheses. Also see chronological files for unidentified monographs
Box 53

Miscellaneous reviews of monographs


Biology: Its Human Implications (1949)


Biology: Its Principles and Implications (1961)


Controversial Biology: A Collection of Readings [n.d.]


(Edited by Hardin)
Box 54

Exploring New Ethics for Survival: The Voyage of the Spaceship BEAGLE (1972)


Filters against Folly: How to Survive despite Economists, Ecologists, and the Merely Eloquent (1985)

Box 55

The Immigration Briefing Book (1994)


The Immigration Dilemma: Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons (1995)


The Limits of Altruism: An Ecologist's View of Survival (1977)

Box 56

Living within Limits: Ecology, Economics, and Population Taboos (1993)


Managing the Commons, edited by Garrett Hardin and John Baden (1977)

Box 57

Mandatory Motherhood: The True Meaning of 'Right to Life' (1974)


Nature and Man's Fate (1959)

Box 58

The Ostrich Factor: Our Population Myopia (1999)

Box 59

Population, Evolution, and Birth Control: A Collage of Controversial Readings, edited by Garrett Hardin (1964)

Box 59

Promethean Ethics: Living with Death, Competition, and Triage (Danz Lectures) (1980)

Box 60

Saved by Reason [Working title] (unpublished)


Science and Controversy: Population, a Case Study (1969)


Stalking the Wild Taboo (1973) (2nd ed., 1996)

Box 61

Thirty-nine Steps to Biology (1968)


Value & Dignity of Life (ca. 1973-1974)


[published as Mandatory Motherhood?]

II. Articles, Essays, Papers, Chapters in Books, etc. 1929-2000

Scope and Content Note

Essays arranged alphabetically, by title of work; includes drafts, correspondence, and reviews. Some may have been published under alternate titles.

"Abortion: The Heroic Solution" (1989)


"Abortion and Human Dignity" (1964)


"Abortion and Morality" (1970)


"Abortion – or Compulsory Pregnancy?" (1968)


"Altruism: Illusions and Reality" [n.d.]


"Always Room for One More?" (1979)


"Ambivalent Aspects of Education" (1973)


"America's Future as a Provident Nation" [n.d.]


"'And Then What?' – The Test of a Real Conservative" (1977)


"Another Face of Bioethics: The Case for 'Massive Diebacks' of Population" (1975)


"Are Technological Fixes Enough?" (1977)


"Beyond 1976: Can Americans Be Well Nourished in a Starving World?" (1977)


"Biology and Individual Differences" (1962)


"Biology, Education, and Original Sin" (1967)


"Biology in the Next Two Decades" (1969)


"Biomedical Research: Spending Money to Save Money" (1976)


"Birth Control – The Prospects" (1967)


"Blueprints, DNA, and Abortion: A Scientific and Ethical Analysis" (1967)


"Can Environmentalists Grasp the Nettle of Population?" (1990)


"Can Freedom Survive Growth?" (1999)


"Can Harvard Bite the Bullet?" (1976)


"Can Humanity Match Nature?" (1975)


"Can Liberals Accept the Truths of Population?" [n.d.]


"Carrying Capacity" (1975)


"Carrying Capacity as an Ethical Concept" (1976)


"Cassandra's Role in the Population Wrangle" (1988)


"Choices of Parenthood" (1970)


"The Commons: A Maximum-Optimum Paradox" (ca. 2000)


"Compassion and Responsibility in the Immigration Problem" (1977)

Box 63

"The Competitive Exclusion Principle: Its Origins and Its Implications" (ca. 1959-1960)


"A Conservative Biologist Looks at Abortion" (1981)


"Conservative Reality in a Washroom" (1980)


"Course by Newspaper" (1972)


"A Critical Evaluation of Some Biological Terms" (1955/1956)


"Cultural Carrying Capacity and the Defense of Wilderness" (1988)


"The Cybernetics of Competition: A Biologist's View of Society" (1963)


"Darwin and the Heterotroph Hypothesis" (1950)


"Demand Control" (1979)


"Dirty Cars, Immigration, and the Free Market" (1987)


"Discriminating Altruisms" (1985)


"Do We Need the Word 'Protoplasm'?" (1960)


"The Doctrine of Sufferance in the Library" (1947)


[See also: "Last Canute" file [Box 66] ]

"A Dream of Sanity" (1979)

Box 64

"An Ecolate View of the Human Predicament" (1978)


"An Ecological View of Ethics" 1990


"An Ecological View of God" (1978)


"Ecology and Growth – The Tragic Insight" (1973)


"Ecology and the Death of Providence" (ca. 1978)


"Edison's Greatest Invention" (1929)


"Education in an Overpopulated World" (1971)


"Ending the Squanderarchy" (1980)


"Environmental 'Crises' and Chronic Courage" (1973)


"Equilibrium" (1973)


"The Ethical Case for Strictly Limited Immigration" (1977)


"The Ethical Foundation of Conservation" (1974)


"Ethical Implications of Carrying Capacity" (1981)


"The Ethics of a Lifeboat" (1974)


"The Ethics of Sickle-Cells: A View from Mars" [n.d.]


"Eugenics Unashamed" (AAAS paper) (1972)


"Everybody's Guilty – The Ecological Dilemma" (1970)


"An Evolutionist Looks at Computers ...with Some Alarm" (1968)


"Extensions of 'The Tragedy of the Commons'" (1998)


"The Fallibility Factor" (1976)


"'Fast for Food' – Philanthropy or Folly?" (1975)


"Fatty Acid Antibacterials from Plants" (1949)


"Feast of Malthus" (1998)


"The Fifth Option" (1971)


"Finding Lemonade in Santa Barbara's Oil" (1969)


"Fishing the Commons" (1976)


"Foreign Aid: No Hope Without Vision" [n.d.]


"From Healthcare to Discrimination" (1994)


"From Malthus," [n.d.]


"The Future of Commonism" (1979)

Box 65

"Genetic Consequences of Cultural Decisions in the Realm of Population" (1972)


"Genetic Research and Public Policy" (1978)


"The Ghost of Authority" (1966)


"Gresham's Law of the Environment" (1974)


"Helping Out the Communists" [n.d.]


"Hilfe, die nicht hilft" (1981)


"The History and Future of Birth Control" (1966)


"How Did Life Begin?" (1953)


"How Diversity Should Be Nurtured" [n.d.]


"How Freedom in a Commons Brings Tragedy" (1969)


"How To Be Rich" [n.d.]


"How To Destroy America" (1980)


"Human Ecology: The Subversive, Conservative Science" (1984)


"If Pro-Lifers Get Their Way…(They're in for a Surprise!)" [n.d.]


"Immigration – And the Dogs That Do Not Bark" (1976-1977)


"Immigration at the Crossroads" (1977)


"The Immorality of Being Softhearted" (1969)


"The Impact of Longevity on Society and Vice Versa" (1963)


"Imperatives of the Conserver Society" (1979)


"The Imperative of Trans-Incremental Change" (ca. 1972)


"Implications," Essay Series (1984)


"Institute for Value Studies" (1966)


"Interstellar Migration and the Population Problem" (1959)


"Is Civilization Ready for Nuclear Power?" (1976)


"Is Restraint Unthinkable?" (1977)


"Is There a Right to Bread?" [n.d.]

Box 66

"The Last Canute" (1946)


"Let's Scrap the Census" (1980)


"Lifeboat Ethics" (1976)


"Lifeboat Ethics: A Radical Approach" (1986)

Box 67

"Limited World, Limited Rights" (1979)


"The Limits of Sharing" (1978)


"Una Linea Apropiada de Ensenanza" (1970)


"Living on a Lifeboat" (1974)


"Living with the Faustian Bargain" (1976)


"Loving Wilderness, Loving Humanity" (1979)


"Making Error Creative" (1970)


"Managing the Medical Commons" (1979)


"Man's Endangered Existence" (1970)


"The Meaninglessness of the Word 'Protoplasm'" (1956)


"The Medieval Commons" (1979)


"The Message Is the Problem" (ca. 1973)


"Mexico – The Special Case" (1977)


"Moral Implications of Cultural Carrying Capacity" (1989)


"The Moral Threat of Personal Medicine" (1974)


"Multiculturalism and the Social Contract" [n.d.]


"Multiple Paths to Population Control" (1970)


"Naturalist at Large" [n.d.]


"The Necessity of No" (1970)


"Net Zero Immigration – The Only Policy That Makes Sense" [n.d.]


"Nice Guys Finish Last" (1977)


"1991 Global Report" (1991)


"No One Ever Dies of Overpopulation" (1973)


"Not All Lives Are Equally Valuable" (1974)


"Not by Bread Alone" (1975)


"Not For Abortion, but Against Compulsory Pregnancy" (ca. 1973)


"Not Peace, but Ecology" (1969)


"Notes on Growth and the Future" (1974)

Box 68

"Oceanic Fisheries and the Tragic 'Third System'" (1976)


"On not Feeding the Starving" (1989)


"Other-Worldly Approaches to Population: Popular but Wrong" (1994)


"Panhandling and the Tragedy of 3-Second Giving" [n.d.]


"A Path to Relevant Teaching" (1969, 1970)


"Patriotism and Other Forms of Altruism" (1982)


"Pejorism: The Middle Way" (1976)


"Perpetual Grown: The Next Dragon Facing Biology Teachers" (1991)


"Physiological Observations and Their Ecological Significance: A Study of the Protozoan, Oikomonas Termo" (1944)


"Platitudes for Peace" (1988)


"The 'Political Refugee' Issue" (1979)


"Political Requirements for Preserving Our Common Heritage" (1976)


"Pop Research & the Seismic Market" (1967)

Box 69

"Population and Immigration: Compassion or Responsibility?" (1977)


"Population and Political Systems" (1970)


"Population, Biology, and the Law" (1971)


"Population, Pollution, and Political Systems" (1971)


"Population Skeletons in the Environmental Closet" (1972)


"Population: The Solution Is in Our Minds" (1973)


"Posterity Needs Our Restraint" (1975)


"Preserving Quality on Spaceship Earth" (1972)


"Private Bag: Zero Net Immigration as the Goal" (1992)


"A Rapout of O'Neill's Dream" (1976)


"A Rational View of Abortion" (1979)


"The Rationale of Distribution" (1977)


"Refugees: If Posterity Matters, Numbers Matter" (1979)


"Remarkable Reversal of Time at 41.52 N, 12.37 E" (1968)


"Reproduction: Problems Real and Spurious" (1978)


"The Right to Breed" (1972)


"Rights: Human and Nonhuman" (1974)


"Science Is Heresy" (1960)


"A Scientist's Case for Abortion" (1967)


"A Second Sermon on the Mount" (1963)


"Second Thoughts on 'The Tragedy of the Commons'" (1978)


"Semantic Aspects of Abortion" (1967)


"The Semantics of 'Space'" (1966)


"Sociobiology: Aesop with Teeth" (1977)


"Statement to 'Children of Choice' of Australia" (1974)


"The Statue of Liberty: Pure Pornography" (1988)


"Sterilization: Accepting the Irrevocable" (1971)


"Symbiosis of Paramecium and Oikomonas" (1944)


"Symbols of Trust and Power" [n.d.]


"Ten Charming Delusions about Population" (1975)

Box 70

"The Threat of Clarity" (1960)


"Three Classes of Truth: Their Implications for the Behavioral Sciences" (1961)


"Throwing Babies at the Problem" [n.d.]


"To a Plank in the Sea" [n.d.]


"To Kill 'Progress,' that Responsibility May Begin" [n.d.]


"To Malthus" (1966)


"To Trouble a Star" (1970)


"The Toughlove Solution" (1981)


"The Tragedy of the Commons" (1968)


(See also: Numbered sub file 63)

"The Tragedy of the Commons Revisited" (1969)

Box 71

"Transcending Pessimism through Ecology" (1973)


"The Trans-Science of 'Necessity'" (1976)


"The Twin Tragedies of World Food Banks and Immigration" (1974)


"Two Cultures – Or Three Filters?" (1999)


"Tying Foreign Aid to Population Control" (1974)


"The Unmanaged Commons as an Educational Challenge" (1994)


"The Unnatural Element in 'Natural' Disasters" (1979)


"Unscrambling Mitosis and Meiosis" (1955)


"Vulnerability – The Strength of Science" (1976)


"We Need a Federal Food Reserve Bank" (1974)


"We Need Abortion for the Children's Sake" (1971)


"What Cybernetics Tell Us About the Marketplace" (1973)


"What Is Essential in the Ministry?" (ca. 1964)


"What Marx Missed" (ca. 1975)


"What Shall We Sanctify? –Life, or Carrying Capacity?" (1978)


"Why Plant a Redwood Tree?" [n.d.]


"Will Xerox Kill Gutenberg?" (1977)


"Willing to Lose" (1976)

Box 72

Book Reviews, Editorials, Forewords for others, Letters to Editors, Open Letters, and Prefaces


Lectures, Speeches, Statements at Hearings, and Unitarian Sermons

Box 73

Misc., pt.1

Box 74

Misc., pt.2


VI. Chronological Files 1963-2003

Scope and Content Note

mainly unidentified manuscript drafts of articles and chapters of books, arranged roughly chronologically; usually handwritten, with notes to the typist; some correspondence also interspersed.
Box 75


Box 76


Box 77


Box 78


Box 79


Box 80

2000-2003, n.d., files from hard drive


VII. Notebooks ca. late 1930's-1980's

Box 81, 84

ca. late 1930's-1980's

Scope and Content Note

Includes notebooks from Hardin's student years at Stanford and later notes for miscellaneous writings and lectures.

VIII. Photographs and Slides ca.1960-2002

Box 82, 84


Scope and Content Note

Primarily personal and publicity photographs, both in b/w and color, including several photos of L.F. Ivanhoe and Walter Youngquist. Includes group photograph of Federation for American Immigration Reform Board of Directors, 2001.

IX.  Writings by Others

Box 83

Includes autobiography in two volumes by J.H. Bretz (ca.1970s); Immigration Quotes, ed. By Tom Andres and Jane Hardin (1993); memoirs (1983) and short stories (n.d.) by Joseph Fletcher; biography of John H. Tanton by John F. Rohe (1999); oral history of John H. Tanton by UCSB Emeritus History Professor Otis L. Graham, Jr. (1989); oral history of Otis L. Graham, Jr. by John H. Tanton (1990); and oral history of William C. Paddock by Otis L. Graham (1993). Box 84 includes UCSB yearbook La Cumbre 1961 dedicated to Hardin.

Box 84