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Descriptive Summary

Title: E. Taté Collection of Material about the Study of Anthropology in France,
Date (inclusive): 1876-1916
Collection number: 533
Creator: Taté, E.
Extent: 1 box (0.5 linear ft.)
Repository: University of California, Los Angeles. Library. Department of Special Collections.
Los Angeles, California 90095-1575
Language: English
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Provenance/Source of Acquisition

Collection originally assembled by E. Taté.

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[Identification of item], E. Taté Collection of Material about the Study of Anthropology in France (Collection 533). Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA.

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UCLA Catalog Record ID: 4233854 

Scope and Content

Collection consists of photographs, manuscripts, original drawings, maps, and ephemeral material relating to the study of anthropology in France. Includes material relating to the 27th excursion of the Société d'Excursions Scientifiques, and the first, third, fifth, and sixth Congrés de préhistoire de la France.

Indexing Terms

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Taté, E.--Archives.
Anthropologists--France--Archival resources.

Container List


1. Material relating to the 27th excursion of the Société d'Excursions Scientifiques [of which M. Taté was a charter member], held April 26, 1903.

Scope and Content Note

This particular excursion, visited an alabaster and gypsum mine and workshop at Vallières, owned by M. Taté.


(For description of the occasion, see the Society's Bulletin, vol.3, pp.1-6)

a-h. 8 photographs taken on the occasion.

Physical Description: (Duplicate copies of 3).


Note: one is dated 16 April 1903, apparently an error for 26.

i. Postcard of the buildings, autographed by the persons present (The signing of this card and presentation thereof to M. Taté is described in the Bulletin cited, p.4; the account of the excursion there given will identify several of the signatures).


2. Material re the [1st] Congrés de préhistoire de la France, held at Périgueux, September 26-October 1, 1905:


a. Printed card with a photograph of a worked flint [serving as announcement of the meeting?].




b. Several men in front of door of Musée du Périgord.


c. Group of people having alighted from carriages, examing a site by side of road.


d. Roadside cave or site (same as c).


e. Group of men in street of a small town, labeled Le Moustier.


f. Same group from another angle.


Note:In this case the photograph is labeled Les Eyzies (On the back of this photograph is printed the program of a lecture on the Messina earthquake, 1909).

g. Group of men at an excavation, labeled La Madeleine.


h. Group of men in front of cliff, labeled La Madeleine, October 1, 1905.


i. Shelter and excavations, labeled Le Moustier, October 1, 1905.


j. View of a cliff across a river, labeled Les Eyzies.


k. People at base of cliff, labeled St. Christophe in Moustier.


3. Material relating to the 3rd Congrés, held at Autun, August 12-18, 1907:


a. Photograph, large group of people around an excavation.

Physical Description: (2 copies).

b. Photograph, group in front of a chapel with talk in progress.

Physical Description: (2 copies).

4. Material relating to the 5th Congrés, held at Beauvais, July 1909 (all photographs):


a. Group of men in an excavation.


b. Group at lunch, July 30, 1909.


c. Group at Dolmen de Villier St. Sépulcre, July 30, 1909.


d. Figures at Dolmen de Champignolles, July 29, 1909. [same site is called allée couverte de Champignolles in Plate I (between pp.58-59) of vol.3 of the Bulletin of the Société d'Excursions Scientifiques].


e. People and cows at the Menhir de Champignolles.


f. Unlabeled, but same menhir as preceding.


g. Dolmen troué de la Bellée, July 29, 1909. Sic; this same dolmen is in another photograph labeled de Trie-Chateau, which was visited on the same occasion. That this is the dolmen of Trie-Chateau is shown by Plate 3 (between pp.96-97) of vol.1 of Bulletin cited in d above.


5. Material relating to the 6th Congrés, held at Tours, August 1910 (all photographs):


a. Group of people at the flint workshop at Meunes [or Meusnes].


b. Another group, showing one the men at work chipping flint.


c. Formally posed group (the attendants at the Congrés?).


6. labeled photographs and postcards not part of one of these congresses:


a. Group at Dolmen de Trie-Chateau, June 3, 1894.


(For further identification of this dolmen, see reference under 4 g above)

b. 3 postcards (duplicate copies of 3) of La frise solutréene du Roc.


c. 4 postcards of Atelier solutréen du Roc.


d. Postcard L'homme-fossile de la Quina [skull].


e. Photograph of skull, Crane d'anfant moustérien...La Quina 1915.


f. A postcard and two views, of no interest, of Beauvais and Himes.

Scope and Content Note

These concern Dr. Henri Martin.

7. Unlabeled photographs:


a. Group of peasant women and carriages in a street.


Probably not worth keeping.

b. Street scene with sidewalk shops.


Probably not worth keeping.

c. Cavalcade of cars and carriages on road (almost certainly Périgueux, 1905.


d. Unidentified dolmen.


8. Original drawings:


a. Pen drawing of a metal clet hafted onto a wood handle.


b. Manuscript map of the vicinity of the Roman town of Vellaunodanum [somewhere in France, could be located], with 2 cross-sections of an aqueduct.


c. Pen and water color sketch of a tumulus or mound, with measurements.


d. Pencil measured drawing, ground plan of a building (or tomb?).


e. Pen and water color plan topographique du tumulus dit Le Mont aux Pretres, près, Chateauneuf sur Loire.


9. Manuscripts:


a. Autograph letter signed, Gabriel de Mortillet to [Taté], September 21, 1891.


b. Pencil manuscript, 3 leaves, apparently draft for an announcement of summer courses of school of anthropology. Begins Depuis 8 ans environs l'Ecole d'Anthropologie organise pendant l'été des courses....


c. Postcard, Autograph letter signed, Henri Martin to --- [Taté?], July 9, 1929.


d. Autograph letter signed, --- to M. Campagne, fils, n.d.


e. Folder labeled Antiquités / Notes containing draft of a letter from of which 9 are Autograph letters signed of M. Jollois (?), 2 Autograph letters signed of M. Gaucher(?), and 2 Autograph letters signed of Boucher de la Rupelle; all between 1828 and 1842.


f. 3 Autograph letter signed of the Abbé Cochet, with an engraving of him (1856-1868).


(See also Autograph letter signed of Adrien de Mortillet in 11 d below.)

10. Maps:


a. Map, taken from a book, of Départment of Loir-et-Cher.


b. Town plan (photographic) of Lons-le-Saunier.


c. Carte de la distribution géographique des produits de l'industrie métallurgique en France et en Suisse... 1876. (From Récherches sur l'origine de la métallurgie en France, by Ernest Chantre?).


(See also manuscript map, 8 b above).

11. Miscellany


a. Clippings:


1) Article by Maurice Barres entitled La lutte pour la cendre des morts cut from Echode Paris, January 21, 1915, re use of prehistory and anthropology in wartime propaganda of Germans.


2) Unidentified clipping, L'homme préhistorique, re Henri Martin.


3) Copy of Le Franc-Parler, September 8, 1912, containing an article headed Le `savant' M. Chauvet (refers to the Congrés at Angouleme in 1912).


4) Copy of Le Petit Bleu de l'Exposition for September 11, 1897, containing an article, Les tombes de Harmignies.


[Also contains an article on cliff-dweller pottery sent from the U.S. for exhibit]

5) Copy of Le Matin Charentais, August 20, 1912, with article on opening of Congrés in Angouleme.


6) Copy of Le Petit Monégasque, April 17, 1906, with article on opening of 13th Congrès International d'Anthropologie et d'Archéologie (Monte Carlo).


b. Photographs:


1) 2 photographs of scenery in Monaco (from 1906 Congrès, above).


c. Printed Items:


1) 4pp. open letter, A propos des fouilles de Glozel, by the Comte de Bégouen, 1927.


2) Funeral card for M. Paul Ballet, 1920.


3) Label from a Camberbert cheese package, showing a dolmen.


d. Material relating to dedication of a monument to Gabriel de Mortillet, 1905:


1) Blank circular letter, dated 1903, re raising funds


2) Autograph letter signed, Adrien de Mortillet to Taté, October 8, 1905, re date for ceremony.


3) Postcard, Autograph letter signed, ---- to Taté, [October 1905], re making arrangements.


4) Printed invitation card to dedication.


5) Printed program of the dedication.


6) Printed announcement of meeting of Société Préhistorique de France, following dedication.


e. Manuscript:


1) Scrap of paper with 4 lines in ink and 2 in pencil, apparently a charade or code of some sort, using historic names.


Note: for a picture (albeit poor) of M. Taté, see p.27 of vol.6 of the Bulletin of the Société d'Excursions Scientifiques.