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Guide to the Daniel Clarence Holtom Papers
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Collection Contents


Personal correspondence and family documents

Box-Folder 1:1

Articles about DC Holtom

Box-Folder 1:2

Items printed and/or written in Japanese

Box-Folder 1:3

Holtom children’s schoolwork and artwork

Box-Folder 1:4

Personal correspondence relating to Japan

Box-Folder 1:5

Personal: letters, pamphlets, photos, poetry

Box-Folder 1:6

Japanese book sale catalog and jade sales catalog

Box-Folder 1:7

Berkeley Baptist Divinity School – Correspondence 1942

Box-Folder 1:8

Article – Pacific Affairs – correspondence

Box-Folder 1:9

Starr – “Social Aspects of Japanese Problem” (fragment)

Box-Folder 1:10

Gerald Holtom


Scholarly Writing

Series Scope and Content Summary

Contains drafts of publications, notes, and other writings about Japanese religion and politics, written by D. C. Holtom.

Reviews by Holtom

Box-Folder 1:11

Book reviews by D.C. Holtom

Box-Folder 1:12

Book review: Kishimoto, Japanese Religion in the Meiji Era

Box-Folder 1:13

“The National Faith of Japan” reviews

Box-Folder 1:14

Book reviews in the Virginia Quarterly ReviewBook reviews in the Virginia Quarterly Review

Box-Folder 1:15

Review of Shinto: The Unconquered Enemy by Robert O. Ballou for Review of Religion

Box-Folder 1:16

Institute of Pacific Relations

Box-Folder 1:17

Miscellaneous reviews


Lectures by Holtom

Box-Folder 1:18

Chapel Talks and briefs address--Japanese

Box-Folder 1:19

Shinto as the state religion of Modern Japan (lecture) – incomplete

Box-Folder 1:20

Japanese Charms (Lecture) and Notes

Box-Folder 1:21

Japanese Civilization – Some Permanent Values in – Lecture

Box-Folder 1:22

Town Hall program 1944 September 14 Thursday

Box-Folder 1:23

Haskell Lecture I: The Religious Foundations of the Japanese State

Box-Folder 1:24

Haskell Lectures III: Nationalism and Universalism

Box-Folder 1:25

Haskell Lectures VI: The Overseas Expansion of Shinto

Box-Folder 1:26

Yasukuni Jinja – Misc. Notes – Haskell Lectures

Box-Folder 1:27

Rauschenbusch Lectures I: The Japanese Mind (Nippon Seishin)

Box-Folder 1:28

Rauschenbusch Lectures: The Psychological Armament of Japan

Box-Folder 1:29

Rauschenbusch Lectures: Correspondence

Box-Folder 1:30

Sermons and Notes (social life and manners)

Box-Folder 1:31

Misc. Lecture guide


Articles by Holtom

Box-Folder 1:32

Articles published

Box-Folder 1:33

“Christianity in the Japanese Environment” 1938 October

Box-Folder 1:34

The New Republic: “The Japanese Mind” By DC Holtom 1945 May 28

Box-Folder 1:35

Work list for The National Faith of Japan

Box-Folder 1:36

“The National Faith of Japan” page one of typescript

Box-Folder 1:37

“The National Faith of Japan” – Business

Box-Folder 1:38

Shinto – Collier’s 1947 May 1

Box-Folder 1:39

Article on Shintoism for Religion in the XXth Century

Box-Folder 1:40

"Moral characteristics, Japanese” article for Ency. Britannica 1946 March 29

Box-Folder 1:41

Shinto – non-Japanese Interpretations Life, page 115 1945 September 17

Box-Folder 1:42

“The New Status of Shinto” for the Far Eastern Survey

Box-Folder 1:43

Shintoism – article for Ency Britannica 1950 September 1 deadline

Box-Folder 1:44

“The Japanese Mind” New Republic (reprinted in Toronto StarWeekly) 1945 May 28

Box-Folder 1:45

“Japanese Christianity and Shinto Nationalism” Christian Century 1942

Box-Folder 1:46

“Shinto: The National Religion of Japan” for Princeton Publications

Box-Folder 1:47

“Japan – New” Grolier Society Lands and Peoples

Box-Folder 1:48

“Sir Ernest Satow” by DC Holtom

Box-Folder 1:49

Far Eastern Survey

Box-Folder 1:50

“The Foreign Scapegoat” Fragmentary typescript

Box-Folder 1:51

Some Notes on Japanese Tree Worship by DC Holtom

Box-Folder 1:52

Miscellaneous articles (for research and published)

Box-Folder 1:53

Manuscript letter to Holtom from the Baptist church in Mito City


Research by Holtom

Series Scope and Content Summary

Contains notes, handwritten and typed drafts, artifacts, and many clippings and research articles for his publications on Shinto in Japan covering topics such as enthronement ceremonies, shrines, and religion and politics.
Box-Folder 2:1

The Westminster Confession

Box-Folder 2:2

Japanese Kokutai – notes

Box-Folder 2:3

Notes on topics relations to Japanese religion (notecards)

Box-Folder 2:4

Fragmentary notes on Christian topics

Box-Folder 2:5

“A Study in Shinto Origin”, and notes; “A New Interpretation of Japanese Mythology” and incomplete copies of article

Box-Folder 2:6

Part 1: Chapter 2 The Japanese Looks at Himself

Box-Folder 2:7

Part 2: Chapter 2 The Japanese Looks at Himself

Box-Folder 2:8

Chapter II – Early and Medieval forms of Shinto

Box-Folder 2:9

Part 1: Chapter 3, The Son of Heaven

Box-Folder 2:10

Part 2: Chapter III The Son of Heaven

Box-Folder 2:11

Chapter 4 The Cult of the Sun Goddess (tentative outline)

Box-Folder 2:12

Chapter 5 Inspecting the Ancestors (tentative outline) and Chapter 6 Soldiers and Gods (tentative outline)

Box-Folder 2:13

Chapter 7 The Foreign Scapegoat (tentative outline)

Box-Folder 2:14

Chapter 8, The Japanese People and Enduring Peace (tentative outline)

Box-Folder 2:15

Chapter X Deities and Ceremonies

Box-Folder 2:16

Far East and World Peace

Box-Folder 2:17

Japan Post-war relations with Sansom

Box-Folder 2:18

Bushido and Christianity (general notes)

Box-Folder 2:19

Magazine articles – Bushido

Box-Folder 2:20

The Absolute State

Box-Folder 2:21

The Meaning of Kami--Notes

Box-Folder 2:22

Meaning of Kami – Worship areas

Box-Folder 2:23

Miscellaneous notes – Meaning of Kami – Chapter III Second copy

Box-Folder 2:24

Meaning of Kami I, II

Box-Folder 2:25

The Meaning of Kami II “private copy”

Box-Folder 2:26

Meaning of Kami -- III

Box-Folder 2:27

Part 1: The Meaning of Kami – Chapter III

Box-Folder 2:28

Part 2: The Meaning of Kami – Chapter III

Box-Folder 2:29

Early Japanese History (The Real Conflict)

Box-Folder 2:30

The National Faith of Japan

Box-Folder 2:31

The Edict of the Founding of the Japanese State (political texts)

Box-Folder 2:32

Notes on state and religion in Japan

Box-Folder 2:33


Box-Folder 2:34

Notes on Japanese Enthronement Ceremonies

Box-Folder 2:35

Japanese Enthronement Ceremonies

Box-Folder 2:36

Shrine problem

Box-Folder 2:37

Inari Shrines

Box-Folder 2:38

Clippings about shrines

Box-Folder 2:39

Shrine items (printed) – found in envelope titled “pictures, unsorted"

Box-Folder 2:40

“Shinto, Offspring of the Sun Goddess” table of contents and prologue

Box-Folder 2:41

Shinto and peace

Box-Folder 2:42

“The Shinto Dilemma”--1

Box-Folder 2:43

“Shinto Dilemma” – 2

Box-Folder 2:44

Shinto and Japanese Nationalism

Box-Folder 2:45

Shinto history notes

Box-Folder 2:46

Shinto history – Meiji period

Box-Folder 2:47

Shinto history – Edo period

Box-Folder 2:48

Shinto notes

Box-Folder 2:49

Shinto – Ethical content

Box-Folder 2:50

Shinto – Study of Special Terms

Box-Folder 2:51

Shinto – Phallic Worship

Box-Folder 2:52

Shinto – Purification

Box-Folder 2:53

The Idea of the Sacred in Shinto – U. of Hawaii

Box-Folder 2:54

Handwritten list of shrines, their deities, and addresses

Box-Folder 3:1

Shinto – Separation of Buddhism and Shinto

Box-Folder 3:2

Shinto Schools

Box-Folder 3:3

Shinto Sects – Misogi Kyō

Box-Folder 3:4

Shinto Sects – Kurozumi Kyō

Box-Folder 3:5

Shinto Sects – Mitake Kyō

Box-Folder 3:6

Shinto Sects – Shinri Kyō

Box-Folder 3:7

Shinto Sects –Fusō Kyō

Box-Folder 3:8

Shinto Sects – Tikko Kyō

Box-Folder 3:9

Shinto History – Kamakura Period

Box-Folder 3:10

Shinto Sects – Shinshū Kyō

Box-Folder 3:11

Shinto Sects – Taisei Kyō

Box-Folder 3:12

Shinto Sects – Tenri Kyō

Box-Folder 3:13

Shinto Sects – Taisha Kyō

Box-Folder 3:14

Shinto Sects – Konko Kyō

Box-Folder 3:15

Shinto Sects – Shūsei Ha

Box-Folder 3:16

Shinto Sects – Genreal Studies of Entire Group

Box-Folder 3:17

Shinto Sects – General Studies of Entire Group – Clippings 1930-1931

Box-Folder 3:18

Modern Shinto “The Official History”

Box-Folder 3:19

Modern Shinto The Worship of the Sun Goddess

Box-Folder 3:20

Modern Shinto The Parents of the Race

Box-Folder 3:21

The Three Sacred Treasures (Shinto – Ethics, Symbolism)

Box-Folder 3:22

Shrine Shinto – Post Surrender (the present state)

Box-Folder 3:23

The Control of Shinto: Our Shinto Policy

Box-Folder 3:24

Shinto – Miscellaneous (articles included)

Box-Folder 3:25

Magazine articles on Shinto (by others)

Box-Folder 3:26

Elementary Forms of religion

Box-Folder 3:27

Buddhism (notes, typed drafts and articles)

Box-Folder 3:28

Buddhism in Japan – outline and notes

Box-Folder 3:29

Non- Christian Religious Movements in Japan

Box-Folder 3:30

The Eight- forked serpent

Box-Folder 3:31

Japanese mythology – The land of the Gods

Box-Folder 3:32

Japanese Mythology – Sun, Moon and Storm

Box-Folder 3:33

Japanese Mythology: 1.) Beginnings 2.) The Original Parents 3.) Death and Transformation

Box-Folder 3:34

Confucianism in Japan

Box-Folder 3:35

Storm God theme

Box-Folder 3:36

Lightening – Swords and the subduing of the Land

Box-Folder 3:37

“The Japanese State” – notes

Box-Folder 3:38

Post Wheeler The Sacred Scriptures of the Japanese

Box-Folder 3:39

Japanese Nationalism – notes

Box-Folder 3:40

Notes and clippings and articles Christianity and Japanese Nationalism

Box-Folder 3:41

The Christian Movement in Japan

Box-Folder 3:42

“Christianity in the Japanese Environment” and “The Japanization of Christianity”

Box-Folder 3:43

Christianity and National Religion

Box-Folder 3:44

Japan – The Road by which They Came

Box-Folder 3:45

Clippings – The Emperor’s Funeral by GP Holtom

Box-Folder 3:46

Japanese culture, arts, and royal family--clippings

Box-Folder 3:47

Japan University controversy – clippings

Box-Folder 3:48

Istar and Tammuz

Box-Folder 3:49

Japan and Christianity

Box-Folder 3:50

Patriotic Organizations, Japanese

Box-Folder 3:51

Comparison of world religions -- notes

Box-Folder 3:52

Magazine articles – Japanese characteristics

Box-Folder 3:53

Notes: “The Japanization of Christianity”

Box-Folder 3:54

Militarism in the Japanese schools – clippings

Box-Folder 3:55

“The Fundamental Character of the Japanese National Economy” by Ishikawa-Koji (offprint)

Box-Folder 3:56

Clippings from “Japan Advertiser” 1937-1938

Box-Folder 3:57

Excerpt from the “Japan Advertiser” 1938 March

Box-Folder 3:58

Japanese history – articles by others

Box-Folder 3:59

Religion in Japan—fragmentary notes

Box-Folder 3:60

Post-war Japan—articles

Box-Folder 3:61

Article by Saki-Atsuharu “Kaibara-ekiken and ‘onna- daigaki’”

Box-Folder 3:62

“Observations on the Report of the Appraisal Commission of the Laymen’s Foreign missions enquiry” Tokyo – DC Holtom’s copy heavily annotated 1933 January

Box-Folder 3:63

Bibliography – Japanese religions

Box-Folder 3:64

Hito no michi religion (article by Barnard)

Box-Folder 3:65

Magazine articles on Japanese folklore (by others)

Box-Folder 3:66

Japanese English

Box-Folder 3:67

Bibliography – Japanese, General

Box-Folder 3:68

Off-prints of articles by David C. Graham on China

Box-Folder 3:69

Excerpts from the letters of an American doctor in China

Box-Folder 3:70

“China – The Summing Up” address by Ernest B. Price, Commonwealth Club, San Francisco 1944 October 13

Box-Folder 3:71

Chinese language guides – and pronunciation key

Box-Folder 3:72

Clement: Chinese refugees of the 17th cent. (Asiatic Society of Japan)

Box-Folder 3:73

Spy prevention as a form of service behing the front

Box-Folder 3:74

Clippings and ephemera – World War II and US public policy topics

Box-Folder 4:1

Modern Japan and Shinto Nationalism – clippings (acidic)

Box-Folder 4:2

Modern Japan and Shinto Nationalism – corresp., clippings

Box-Folder 4:3

Modern Japan and Shinto Nationalism: revised edition; business and reviews

Box-Folder 4:4

Modern Japan and Shinto Nationalism Chapter VII “The New Shinto” (and info about revision)

Box-Folder 4:5

Modern Japan and Shinto Nationalism revision Chapter VIII “permanent values” text


Photos, postcards, and printed ephemera from Shinto shrines and temples

Box-Folder 4:6

Charms – Unsorted

Box-Folder 4:7

“Mirror with Genre Figures” – illustration (from a book or portfolio)

Box-Folder 4:8

Two sets of photo prints of shrines in Japan

Box-Folder 4:9

Postcards of shrines and scenes in Japan

Box-Folder 4:10

Photo prints of shrines in Japan--7

Box-Folder 4:11

Photos of shrines

Box-Folder 4:12

Tree worship – photos and postcards; notes

Box-Folder 4:13

Postcards – California, Mexico, Vermont, Niagara Falls

Box-Folder 4:14

Souvenir photograph of Commodore Perry’s monument