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Madrona Marsh Collection
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Series I: Organizational Records 1973-2010

Scope and Contents

This series include documents related to the history of Madrona Marsh; proposals, studies, and reports related to the development of Madrona Marsh; grant deeds; meeting minutes; notes; and other related documents. A majority of the reports are related to Park Del Amo development agreements; plans and proposals for the Madrona Marsh Nature Center; as well as other documents related to construction projects, maintenance, and management of Madrona Marsh.
box 1, folder 1

Madrona Marsh- background and history 1977-1995, 2009, undated

box 1, folder 2

State of California non-profit status filing; memorandum 1989, 1991

box 1, folder 3-5

"Wildlife Park" proposal by the City of Torrance, California (four copies) 1973

box 1, folder 6-9

"Madrona Marsh Wildlife Habitat Study" City of Torrance, California September 1976

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, copy of "The Madrona Marsh: A Local Treasure" (essay) by Kelly Boyd, and other loose documents.
box 1, folder 10

"Environmental Resources Element" comprehensive general plan/City of Torrance Planning Department October 1973

box 1, folder 11

"Environmental Impact Report for Sepulveda-Crenshaw Development". Prepared by the Planning Department- Environmental Division City of Torrance (Draft); comments regarding report April 1974; April 1981

box 1, folder 12

Environmental Review Board- notices of meeting; agenda September 1981

box 1, folder 13

"Effects of the Solution of the Drainage Problem on the Madrona Fresh Water Marsh and the Wildlife Park" (draft) December 17, 1973

box 1, folder 14

Memorandums regarding Madrona Marsh Wildlife Habitat Study; Environmental Assessment 1974, 1976

box 1, folder 15

"The Conservation of Natural Areas in the Context of Urban Development. Case Study: Madrona Marsh" by Eliza Howe Earle June 1975

box 1, folder 16

"Summary of Federal Intervention" 1979-1980

box 1, folder 17

H.R. 6142 "Madrona Marsh National Wildlife Refuge Act" December 14, 1979

box 1, folder 18

"Application for 1974 State Grant Funds Madrona Marsh Project" 1974

box 1, folder 19

"Grant Application for Environmental Protection Program 1981-82, Madrona Marsh Acquisition" September 1980

box 1, folder 20

"Chronological Listing of Actions in the Effort to Acquire Madrona Marsh" March 1981

box 1, folder 21-22

Final Environmental Impact Report, Park Del Amo (one complete and one incomplete copy), Prepared for City of Torrance; Appendix N: Comments Received and Responses to Comments; January 1982

box 1, folder 23, box 2, folder 1-2

"Discussion Paper on Madrona Marsh, City of Torrance" (four copies) August 1981

box 2, folder 3

Madrona Marsh Wetlands Awareness Research Committee 1981

box 2, folder 4

"Official Government Maps of Park Del Amo Project Site" circa October 1981

box 2, folder 5

Lawsuit- Friends of Madrona Marsh vs. City of Torrance April 1982

box 2, folder 6

Memorandum of Understanding June 7, 1983

box 2, folder 7

"Comments on Park Del Amo Tentative Tract Conditions, Staff Report"; "Development Standards" Richards, Watson, Dreyfuss and Gershon July 20 1983; August 22, 1983

box 2, folder 8

Park Del Amo Development Agreements 1983

box 2, folder 9

Santa Fe Land Improvement Company Property Park Del Amo Development Project, Appraisal Report December 29, 1983

box 2, folder 10

"Environmental Findings: Park Del Amo" city of Torrance circa 1983

box 2, folder 11

Litigation documents- appeal process for ERB determination; grant of conservation easement; quitclaim deed; infrastructure improvement agreement; and others 1983-1986

box 2, folder 12

Grant deeds 1984-1986

box 2, folder 13

documents related to planning and designing for Madrona Marsh Nature Preserve 1984-1988

box 2, folder 14

Development Agreement- Park Del Amo; Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Watts Home Inc.); Agreements (City of Torrance, Santa Fe Land Improvement Company, Torrance Investment Company, Watts Home Inc., etc.) 1983-1986

box 2, folder 15

Park Del Amo Development Agreement Review Report, Environmental Findings; Comments on Development Agreement, Assessment District, and Open Space Offer; Development Agreement Survey 1979, 1981, 1983; undated

box 2, folder 16

Purchase and Sale Agreement and Escrow Instructions; Option Agreement December 1985; April 1986

box 2, folder 17

Settlement Agreement and Escrow Instructions May 1985, June 1986

box 2, folder 18-19

Settlement Agreements 1985-1986

box 2, folder 20

"Notice of Exercise of Section 404 Jurisdiction", Department of the Army; "A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Torrance Establishing Interim rules and Regulations for Madrona Marsh Nature Preserve" November 1986

box 2, folder 21

Resolution for interim rules and regulations for Madrona Marsh 1986

box 2, folder 22

Ordinance No. 3182- establishing the Madrona Marsh district and establishing certain procedures for considering the use, sale, lease, or rental of all or any portions thereof January 6, 1987

box 2, folder 23

Documents related to maintenance services 1987, 2000, 2016

box 2, folder 24

Kiosk Agreement April 1988

box 2, folder 25

Park Rehabilitation and Open Space Preservation Report, prepared by the Parks and Recreation Department City of Torrance May 1989

box 2, folder 34

Landscape plan, activity boards plan circa 1989

box 2, folder 26

Management of the Lowland (report) October 24, 1990

box 2, folder 27

Nature Center survey results circa May 1991

box 2, folder 28

Madrona Marsh Interpretive Center [draft], prepared by Sasaki Associates September-October 1991; February 1992

box 2, folder 29

Notice of Determination- EAS 91-0501 City of Torrance for habitat restoration/enhancement program of Madrona Marsh January-February 1992

box 2, folder 30

Madrona Marsh Restoration Plan 1992-93 Season circa 1992

box 2, folder 31

City of Torrance, Bid No. B93-13, construction of public parking lot at Madrona Marsh March 1993

box 2, folder 32

Madrona Marsh Nature Center- master plan, proposal for needs assessment, memorandums, notes, recommendations for construction, strategic planning meeting documents 1993-1999

box 2, folder 33

Madrona Marsh Nature Park Preserve Phase II, Construction Specifications, City of Torrance circa early 1990s?

box 3, folder 1

Madrona Marsh Preserve Interpretive Planning Focus Workshop- memorandums; summary of results; overview August-September 1993

box 3, folder 2

Madrona Marsh Interpretive Master Plan and Natural History Center Interpretive Exhibit Plan- proposed scope of work; memorandum November 1993

box 3, folder 3

Madrona Marsh Natural History Center- functions and room analysis; request for proposal for architectural services circa 1993; December 1994

box 3, folder 4

documents related to perimeter landscaping 1994-1997

box 3, folder 5

Madrona Marsh Natural History Center- proposals, memorandums, consultant agreement, and other documents 1994

box 3, folder 6

Madrona Marsh draft business plan (pages missing) circa 1994

box 3, folder 7-8

Madrona Marsh Interpretive Master Plan and Interpretive Exhibit Plan (working draft) and other related documents 1995

box 3, folder 9

"Recommendations to accept the final report from the building committee for the natural history center at the Madrona Marsh" (draft) March 7, 1995

box 3, folder 10

Madrona Marsh Land Management Plan 1995

box 3, folder 11-12

"Madrona Marsh Preserve Natural History Center: A Comprehensive Business Plan" written for Friends of Madrona Marsh by R.L. Cornwall (final report) (three copies) 1995

box 3, folder 13

Madrona Marsh Preserve Habitat Enhancement, Summary of Specifications circa 1995

box 3, folder 14

City of Torrance Bid No. B96-01 to furnish all necessary labor and material for Madrona Marsh Preserve habitat enhancement January 1996

box 3, folder 15

Opinion and comments on Mardrona Marsh management plan; Madrona Marsh Preserve Natural Resource Management Plan (draft) 1996

box 3, folder 16

documents regarding park bench construction 1996

box 3, folder 17

Madrona Marsh Operating Plan; Request for Proposal May, August 1997

box 4, folder 1

Madrona Marsh Interim Cooperative Agreement proposed by Friends of Madrona Marsh 1997-1998

box 4, folder 2

Natural History Center- draft plan; overview circa 1997

box 4, folder 3

Madrona Marsh Nature Center- strategic planning meeting programming June 10, 1998

box 4, folder 4

Madrona Marsh Nature Center planning documents- notes; renderings; construction circa 1999-2000

box 4, folder 5

Madrona Marsh Preserve Natural Resource Management Plan with notes and corrections; budget memorandum January, April 1999

box 4, folder 6

Madrona Marsh Preserve Management Plan- Duck Island December 1998

box 4, folder 7

position descriptions for Madrona Marsh Nature Center; work schedules 1994-2000

box 4, folder 8

Madrona Marsh Nature Center proposal to provide exhibit services; exhibit program March, November 1999

box 4, folder 9

Milestones in the stewardship of Madrona Marsh; floor plans circa 1990s

box 4, folder 10

documents related to water management; water profiles; storm water control guidelines for Madrona Marsh circa 1990s

box 4, folder 11

"Preliminary Building Program for the Proposed Natural History Center at Madrona Marsh for the City of Torrance" (drafts) circa 1990s

box 4, folder 12

"Proposal for Agreement with city of Torrance" (draft) circa 1990s

box 4, folder 13

"Madrona Marsh Preserve Habitat Restoration/Enhancement Program Clarification of Proposed Projects" circa 1990s

box 4, folder 14

Madrona Marsh Nature Center- Exhibit Design Questions and Answers circa 1990s-2000s

box 4, folder 15

Nature Center construction meeting notes; "Madrona Marsh preliminary research outline" January, February 9, 2000

box 4, folder 16

Madrona Marsh Nature Center, Status Report April 2000

box 4, folder 17

Proposal to establish a native specimen garden at the Madrona Marsh Natural History Center April 28, 2000; June 15, 2000

box 26

Madrona Marsh- graphic design submittal phases I and II June-July 2000

box 4, folder 18

Madrona Marsh- Design Development (second draft text) July 7, 2000

box 4, folder 19

Madrona Marsh gift shop proposal circa 2000

box 4, folder 20

Madrona Marsh Preserve- Natural Resource Management Plan circa 2000

box 4, folder 21

Madrona Marsh Nature Center- lab safety guidelines December 2001

box 4, folder 22

Aerial photograph review of drill site 60, Telluris Inc. (two copies) August 29, 2002

box 5, folder 1-6

Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature Center- management plan. Prepared by Tracy E. Drake (three copies) March 2005; May 2008

box 5, folder 7

proposals for courtyard and classroom construction; Bryant, Palmer, Soto, Inc. May 12, 2010

box 5, folder 8

Madrona Marsh Restoration and Enhancement Project, Santa Monica Bay Restoration grant Program Phase I Pre-Proposal undated


Series II: City of Torrance 1973-2000; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains material generated by the City of Torrance and is organized into two sub-series. Sub-Series A: Correspondence, Memorandums, Inter-Office Communication contains mostly memorandums and inter-office communication as well as some correspondence regarding the Park Del Amo project, settlement agreements, proposals for the Madrona Marsh site, site enhancements, the Natural History Center project, budget, funding, construction, activities reports, and other related topics. Subseries B: Meeting Agendas and Minutes; Reports contains city council meeting minutes and agendas; budget summaries; resolutions; meeting minutes for the Natural History Center Building committee; and material generated by the Parks and Recreation department.

Sub-Series A: Correspondence, Memorandums, Inter-Office Communication 1973-2000

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains correspondence, memorandums, and inter-office communication regarding the Park Del Amo project, proposal regarding Madrona Marsh, settlement agreements, development, improvements, activities reports, clean-up, budgets, and other related topics.
box 5, folder 9

Correspondence- General plans for preserving Madrona Marsh; Madrona Marsh water management; Friends of Madrona Marsh, land survey, Santa Fe Energy Co., and other topics 1973-1979

box 5, folder 10

Correspondence- Surveys, preservation, developments 1980

box 5, folder 11

Correspondence- operation of proposed Madrona Marsh wildlife park, developments, oil spill, claim of jurisdiction, Park Del Amo/Torrance Investment Company, and other topics 1981

box 5, folder 12

Correspondence- Park Del Amo project, traffic, Torrance Investment Company project 1982

box 5, folder 13

Correspondence- Park Del Amo project, STOP initiative, preservation of land 1983

box 5, folder 14

Correspondence- Torrance Investment Company, Madrona Marsh dedication and sale, grant deeds, settlement agreement 1984

box 5, folder 15

Correspondence- Deeds, proposed settlement agreement, Park Del Amo development agreement, disputes 1985

box 5, folder 16

Correspondence- Development, design, construction, funding 1987-1989

box 5, folder 17

Correspondence- settlement agreement, planning for site 1986

box 5, folder 18

Correspondence- Clean-up, Chevron lot, proposal for development for wildlife interpretive center 1990

box 6, folder 1

Correspondence- Activities reports, construction, events 1991

box 6, folder 2

Correspondence- Improvements, updates, activities reports 1992

box 6, folder 3

Correspondence- Plans for Natural History Center, triangle improvements, enhancements, Earth Day activities, updates, clean-up, activities reports 1993

box 6, folder 4

Correspondence- Updates, landscape plan, oil pipe removal, clean-up, activities reports 1994

box 6, folder 5

Correspondence- Clean-up, triangle, Madrona Marsh Interpretive Plan, preservation, oil pipe removal, updates, parking lot, maintenance, activities reports, and other topics 1994-1995

box 6, folder 6

Correspondence- Improvements, updates, clean-up, needs assessment, restoration, budget, and other topics 1995

box 7, folder 1

Correspondence- Construction, Natural History Center project, Natural Resource Management Plan, sump pump, contracts, proposals, and other topics 1996-1998

box 7, folder 2

Correspondence- Naturalist job responsibilities, approved programs, budget, events, Nature Center manager, and other topics 1999-2000


Sub-Series B: Meeting Agendas and Minutes; Reports 1985-2000; undated

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains council meeting minutes and agendas; Natural History Center Building Committee meeting minutes; budget summaries; resolutions; and documents related to the Parks and Recreation department.
box 7, folder 3

"Economic and Fiscal Analysis of Downtown Redevelopment Opportunities" Prepared for City of Torrance Redevelopment Agency October 1980

box 7, folder 4

Council meeting minutes 1985-1988; 1990

box 7, folder 5

Hearing of the City Council, Reporter's Partial Transcript of Proceedings June 27, 1986

box 7, folder 6

Agendas; meeting minutes 1992-1999

box 7, folder 7

Natural History Center Building Committee- meeting minutes 1995

box 7, folder 8

Budget summaries, resolutions, reductions, proposals, strategic plan summary 1995-1999; undated

box 7, folder 9-10

Parks and Recreation Department- commission agendas, meeting minutes, organization chart, expenditure discussion paper, tree planting procedure, and other related documents 1986-2000; undated


Series III: Financial Records 1989-2007

Scope and Contents

This series contains purchase orders, bank statements, receipts, invoices, financial statements, and tax documents. For more financial statements regarding the Friends of Madrona Marsh see Series IV: Friends of Madrona Marsh.
box 8, folder 1

Purchase orders 1993-1995

box 8, folder 2

Financial Statements 1991-1995

box 8, folder 3

Course financial statements 1995, 1997-1998

box 8

Bank statements, financial statements, receipts, invoices 1996-1998

box 9, folder 1-15

Bank statements, financial statements, receipts, invoices, vouchers 1999-2003

box 9, folder 16

Insurance documents 2000

box 9, folder 17

tax exempt status record 1989

box 9, folder 18-22, box 10, folder 1-2

Income tax documents 2000-2007

box 10, folder 3-10

bank statements, accounting, invoices, income tax documents 2004-2006


Series IV: Friends of Madrona Marsh 1970s-2012 1980-2000

Scope and Contents

This series contains by-laws, meeting minutes; newsletters; memorandums; event program and flyers; press releases; financial statements; material related to fundraisers and auctions; day planners; survey responses; and other documents related to the Friends of Madrona Marsh. Also included are documents related to the Save Madrona Marsh campaign which includes mostly correspondence regarding AB 2133 sent to Governor Brown in support of preserving Madrona Marsh. For more financial statements see Series III: Financial Records.
box 10, folder 11

By-Laws; articles of incorporation; statement of goals, objectives, and policies; memorandum of understanding; mission; history 1970s-2000s

box 10, folder 12

"Report to the Environmental Review Board" April 1, 1981

box 10, folder 13-29

Board of Directors- meeting minutes, agendas, memorandums, financial statements 1980-2006

box 10, folder 30

Directories- board of directors; planning committee; membership lists 1993-2001

box 10, folder 31, box 11, folder 1

Press Releases 1980s-1990s

box 11, folder 2

Artist Reception and Art Auction 2009

box 11, folder 3

Moonlight Magic for Madrona Marsh 2010-2012

box 11, folder 4

Starlight Magic 2011

box 11, folder 5

fundraiser financial reports 2010-2015

box 11, folder 6, box 26

event programs and flyers; welcome sign 1991-1997; 2000

box 11, folder 7

Newsletters 1970s

box 11, folder 8-12

"Marsh Mailing" (newsletters) 1980-2009

box 11, folder 13

monthly calendars 2011-2012

box 11, folder 14

material related to slide shows February 1985; January 1990

box 11, folder 15

Earth Day grant and events- flyers, press release, correspondence 1993, 2000, 2001

box 11, folder 16

monthly pesticide reports 1993-1997

box 11, folder 17

traffic signal and street improvements; bus parking 1998-1999

box 11, folder 18

website 2013

box 11, folder 19

notes, order forms, flyers, and other documents 1985, 1998, undated

box 12, folder 1

Survey responses for Madrona Marsh Nature Center 1991

box 12, folder 2

"State of the Marsh" [pamphlet] August 1998

box 12, folder 3

thank you notes; memorandums; holiday greeting newsletter 1990-2000

box 12, folder 4, box 13, folder 1

day planners 1996, 1997, 1999, 2010

box 12, folder 5-11, box 13, folder 1

day planners belonging to Bob Carr 2002-2008

box 13, folder 2-4

correspondence mostly to Governor Brown, signatures, and clippings regarding AB 2133 to preserve Madrona Marsh 1973-1976

box 13, folder 5

Save Madrona Marsh- flyers, brochures 1974, 1980

box 26

Save Our Sumps- poster board with photographs undated


Series V: Programming, Events, and Education 1981-2005; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains flyers, programs, reports, and guides related to programming, events, and education within or affiliated with the Madrona Marsh preserve. Included are documents related to field trips, fall and school walks, visitors guides, a Girl Scouts tree planting event and "Meet Mother Nature" program, Eagle Scouts projects, docent training, and other related material.
box 14, folder 1-3

Flyers for workshops, events, and programs circa 1990s

box 14, folder 4

Programs- Madrona Marsh transfer ceremony; Madrona Marsh day celebration 1984, 1986

box 14, folder 5

Wetlands Preservation Event- budget, maps, equipment inventory 1990

box 14, folder 6

T-Shirt design contest flyers 1995

box 14, folder 7

Kiosk Bulletin Board- flyers, articles, pamphlets, Torrance sign ordinance, and other documents circa 1980s-1990s

box 14, folder 8

School walks- map, self-guided tour, trail manual, notes circa 1986

box 14, folder 9

activities reports; sign-in sheets 1988-2000

box 14, folder 10

"Notice of Intent to Enter Madrona Marsh Preserve" forms; marsh walks attendance 1988-1989

box 14, folder 11

fall walk scripts undated

box 14, folder 12

"Visitors Guide to the Preserve and Nature Center" undated

box 14, folder 13

documents related to field trips- LA County school trip program manual; self-guide trail manual 2nd and 3rd grade circa 1990s?

box 15, folder 1

educational packet proposal August 1989

box 15, folder 2, box 24, folder 1

curriculum guides, coloring books, activity books, nature notebooks, discovery book 1981, 1999; undated

box 15, folder 3

"Teacher's Guide for Hands-on Water Activities" Developed by Gilbert C. Yee for the California Department of Water Resources undated

box 15, folder 4

Girl Scouts tree planting event- memorandum, notes, clippings January 1988

box 15, folder 5

Eagle Scouts community service/conservation project 1988-2002

box 15, folder 6

Girls Scouts "Meet Mother Nature" patch program November 1990

box 15, folder 7-8

Junior Naturalist Program field journals 2004-2005

box 15, folder 9-10

"Week in Review", Tracy Drake, Manager/Naturalist 2002-2003

box 15, folder 11

Urban Forestry Grant Program- memorandum; notes 1991

box 15, folder 12

project proposals- Stayin' Alive- Marsh Watch; Upland Restoration; removal of fill; Mobil Pegasus Awards 1993-2001; undated

box 16, folder 1

Docent rosters 1990-1994

box 16, folder 2-4

material related to docent training 1987, 1989, 1990, 1992; circa 2000s

box 16, folder 5

docent training- reference material regarding birds 1988-1990


Series VI: Wildlife 1995-2009; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains material related to wildlife that can be found within Madrona Marsh and includes documents regarding birds, butterflies, insects, plants, and trees as well as a report about fairy shrimp and animal care information.
box 16, folder 6

birds at Madrona Marsh 1995-2002

box 16, folder 7

butterflies at Madrona Marsh 1995-2005

box 16, folder 8

wildlife at Madrona Marsh. Includes documents regarding insects, mammals, and plants 1976-2000

box 17, folder 1-2

plant exhibit; photocopies of plant pictures 2002; undated

box 17, folder 3

Fairy shrimp report 2003

box 26

"Honey Bees" and "Mosquitoes" exhibit, and class (photographs on poster board) August, September 2005

box 17, folder 4

"Madrona Marsh Preserve's Fabulous 40 Plants, Shrubs, Trees, and Grasses" 2005

box 17, folder 5

Animal care information 2009

box 17, folder 6-9

Series VII: Clippings- Madrona Marsh 1973, 1980s-2000; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains clippings and articles regarding Madrona Marsh. A majority of the clippings from the 1980s contain information about the proposed development of condominiums and the efforts to preserve and save the land. Other clippings contain information regarding events, programs, wildlife, classes, and other related topics. For other clippings and articles not related to Madrona Marsh see Series X: Reference Materials.

Series VIII: Photographs, Slides, and Negatives 1923, 1949, 1969-2017; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains photographs, slides, negatives, artwork, and postcards mostly of images of Madrona Marsh, as well as images taken on field trips to other nature preserves and centers. A majority of the images are of wildlife, plants, flowers, construction, maintenance, classes, events, clean-up and restoration projects, Eagle Scouts projects, school groups, and tours.
box 28-29

Shirley Turner Photographs 1983-1998

Scope and Contents

These boxes contain images of birds, Madrona Marsh, construction, the sump pump, insects, tours, school groups, committment day, sunsets, bird watchers, pipe installation, clean-up projects, 10th Anniversary gathering, the Nature Center, classes, events, vernal pool, Eagle Scouts projects, and other related images.
box 30-31

General Photographs 2000-2005

Scope and Contents

These boxes contain images of Madrona Marsh, canoeing, flowers, animal tracks, insects, Chevron corner clean-up, channel storm, Eagle Scout projects, sump maintenance, nature center construction, trash removal, clean-up projects, planting, habitat restoration, science fair, Earth Day, award ceremonies, and other related images.
box 32

Tracey Drake Photographs 2004-2005

Scope and Contents

Includes images of spiders, butterflies, plants, trees, classes, events.
box 33-35

General Photographs and Slides circa 1970s-2000s

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs of wildlife, classes, events, Park Del Amo complex, sump pump, construction, insects, tours, wildflower field trips, George Canyon Nature Center, Palm Springs Desert Museum, clean-up projects, Ballona Wetlands, Sand Dune park, Manhattan Beach, marsh walks, Del Amo sump, drain installation, Madrona Marsh day, spider Eagle Project, flowers, science fair, award ceremonies, canoeing, Catalina Nature Center, nature center construction, annual meeting, Earth Day, frogs, and other related images. Slides include images of vernal pool, Madrona Marsh, plants, construction, Save Madrona Marsh campaign, events, insects, classes, birds, flowers, Boy Scouts, building construction, and other images.
box 36

General Photographs, Negatives, Artwork, Postcards 1923, 1949, 1969-1978; circa 1980s; 2006-2017; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes images of plants, Madrona Marsh, butterflies, birds, construction, topographical surveys, artwork of Madrona Marsh, aerial photographs, and J.F. Landsdowne watercolors. Also included are digital files of Madrona Marsh by Constance M. Vadheim, Friends of Madrona Marsh board member.

Series IX: Ephemera, Maps, and Promotional Material 1974-2014; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains brochures, certificates, maps, blueprints, plaques, exhibit labels, and notes regarding Madrona Marsh and members of the Friends of Madrona Marsh; as well as maps regarding the L.A. Basin, and other material. Oversized material is located separately in map case 3, drawer 3.
box 24, folder 2

Madrona Marsh brochures 1996; undated

box 24, folder 3

Certificates for enhancement and restoration of Madrona Marsh Nature Preserve January 1991, January 1994

box 24, folder 4, box 26

Certificates- appreciation, recognition, Spot Awards, Proclamations, "Madrona Marsh Day" resolution 1983, 1993-2014

Scope and Contents

Includes certificates presented to the Friends of the Madrona Marsh; Walt Wright; and others.
box 24, folder 5

Madrona Marsh sticker and pins undated

box 24, folder 6

Maps- L.A. Basin, Santa Clarita Woodlands Park 1998-2001; undated

box 24, folder 7, case 3, drawer 3, box 26

Maps and Blueprints- Madrona Marsh; planned development Torrance Investment Co.; Torrance, Ca; plans for the construction of the Natural History Center; Irrigation plans and details; concept plan, Park Del Amo; Aerial for Environmental Fair 1981, 1991, June 1994, September 1995, July 1998, March 2000; undated

Separated Materials

oversized blueprints are located in map case 3, drawer 3.
box 26

Tract No. 1952; Tract No. 10788; Tract No. 2675; Tract No. 10777 (blue prints) circa 1981

box 24, folder 8

Labels from traveling exhibit board circa late 1990s

box 25, folder 1

exhibit labels undated

box 25, folder 2

business cards; tour guide name tag undated

box 25, folder 3

notes 1990-2000; undated

box 25, folder 4-6

Plaques- Angeles Girl Scout Council Community Award; Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce member; California Turtle and Tortoise Club appreciation 1974, 1995, 1998

box 25, folder 7

VHS tape [untitled] undated

box 27

Madrona Marsh volunteer shirts; Madrona Marsh hats undated


Series X: Reference Materials 1975-2009; undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains subject files and reference material and is organized into two sub-series. Sub-series A: Subject File includes clippings, articles, flyers, pamphlets, reports, newsletters, press releases, and other material regarding cities, organizations, wetlands, parks, animals, plants, wildlife, and other topics. This includes: Deane Dana Friendship Park, California Native Plant Society, Audobon Society, Ballona Wetlands, butterflies, birds, entomology, Gardena Willows Wetlands, Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park, Palos Verdes, El Dorado Park, Los Cerritos Wetlands, Torrance, and others.Sub-series B: Reports contains reports regarding the Compton Creek, Los Angeles county beaches, a guide for nature writers, and others.

Sub-Series A: Subject File 1979-2003; undated

Scope and Contents

Sub-series A contains clippings, articles, flyers, pamphlets, press releases, newsletters, and other material regarding cities, organizations, wetlands, parks, animals, plants, wildlife, and other related topics.
box 18, folder 1

Alaska 1987-1988; 1996; 2000

Scope and Contents

Includes articles about oil well caribou; Alaska meteor
box 18, folder 2

Amphibians and Reptiles 1996; 1998; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes articles, pamphlets, and a manual on tortoises, iguanas, frogs, the Southwestern Herpetologists Society, and others.
box 18, folder 3

Astronomy 1997-1998; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes articles on black holes, gammar rays, Europa (Jupiter's moon).
box 18, folder 4

Aquatic plants; fish 1992; 2003

Scope and Contents

Includes documents on Azolla; Aquatic Plant Control Operations Support Center;types of fish.
box 18, folder 5

Audubon Society 1985-1999

Scope and Contents

Includes a fact sheet about John James Audubon; newsletters of Buena Vista, Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica bay audubon societies; "Audobon Activist" (May 1991); "Audubon Advocate" Issue 1.
box 18, folder 6

Ballona Wetlands 1986; 1995; 1998

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings; "Ballona wetland Habitat Management Plan" draft, executive summary, press release.
box 18, folder 7

Bayfront Conservancy Trust 1987-1988

Scope and Contents

Includes Chula Vista Nature Interpretive Center pamphlet and flyers; "Bayfront By-Line" Vol. 1, No.5 newsletter.
box 18, folder 8, box 19, folder 1

Birds 1979; 1988-2000; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes pamphlets, booklets, guides on birding, articles, checklists, clippings, and fact sheets.
box 19, folder 2

Bolsa Chica 1996

Scope and Contents

Includes an issue of the "Turn Tide", Vol. 21, No. 1
box 19, folder 3

Buena Vista 1997

Scope and Contents

Includes pamphlets and flyers for Buena Vista Museum of Natural History
box 19, folder 4

Butterflies 1986-1998; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, articles, fact sheets, Xerces Society butterfly counts; and other documents.
box 19, folder 5

California Association of Nonprofits 1994

Scope and Contents

Includes newsletter, pamphlets
box 19, folder 6

California Department of Fish and Game 1986, 1992

Scope and Contents

Includes pamphlets, wetlands policy, "Abalones of California" (reprint), Bulletin No. 91, and other documents.
box 19, folder 7

California for Parks and Wildlife (CALPAW '94) 1994

box 19, folder 8

California Native Plant Society 1988-1999

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, pamphlets, publications catalog, bulletins, newsletters, issues of "Fremontia"
box 19, folder 9

Casper's Wilderness Park undated

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers; pamphlets
box 19, folder 10

Center for Creative Leadership program 1993

box 19, folder 11

Deane Dana Friendship Park 1995-1997; 2000; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, pamphlets, flyers
box 19, folder 12

Earth Day 1993, 1999; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, pamphlets
box 19, folder 13

Earth Skills 1988; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, pamphlets
box 20, folder 1

Earthquakes, Seismology 1989; 1996

Scope and Contents

Includes articles
box 20, folder 2

Economics 1995-1996, 2000

Scope and Contents

Includes articles and clippings
box 20, folder 3

Ecosystems 1998; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes a book on the rain forest, articles on ponds, and sand dunes
box 20, folder 4

Endangered species 1989, 1993, 1995

Scope and Contents

Includes "Endangered Species Alert Program" manual; "California Endangered Species Resource Guide"; and articles
box 20, folder 5

Education 1989-1996

Scope and Contents

Includes articles
box 20, folder 6

Energy 1988, 1994, 1998

Scope and Contents

Includes "Environmental Education Compendium for Energy Resources", U.S. and California Department of Energy material
box 20, folder 7

Entomology 1988, 1989, 1995, 1997

Scope and Contents

Includes pamphlets, flyers, clippings, and articles
box 20, folder 8

Environment 1988, 1990, 1993, 1997

Scope and Contents

Includes articles, flyers
box 20, folder 9

Fourth California Islands Symposium 1994

Scope and Contents

Includes program, notes
box 20, folder 10

Fossils 1989, 1997

Scope and Contents

Includes articles, clippings, fact sheets
box 20, folder 11

City of Gardena, California 1994, 1998, 2000

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, articles, meeting minutes, Willows Wetlands Jurisdictional Delineation, and other material mostly related to Gardena Willows Wetlands
box 20, folder 12

Geology 1995, 1996

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, photographs, list of minerals, and other documents
box 20, folder 13

Grants 1993-1994

Scope and Contents

Includes articles, guides, and other material related to obtaining grants and fundraising
box 20, folder 14

Health and Medicine 1997, 1998

Scope and Contents

Includes articles and clippings on bone marrow donors, antibiotics, and other topics.
box 20, folder 15

Henrietta Basin Marsh 1992

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, photographs, and report "The Ecology, Preservation, and Use of Henrietta Basin Marsh, Torrance, California"
box 20, folder 16

Huntington Beach undated

Scope and Contents

Includes pamphlet for Huntington Central Park
box 20, folder 17

Kent Publishing 1985

Scope and Contents

Includes program for "Introduction to Business"
box 20, folder 18

Los Angeles County 1995-1996; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes draft master plan for Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park Improvement Program as well as clippings and memos regarding Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park. Also includes County of Los Angeles map, parks and recreation department flyers and pamphlets, clippings regarding the LA Zoo.
box 20, folder 19

Long Beach, California 1990-2000

Scope and Contents

Includes documents mostly related to El Dorado Park and Los Cerritos Wetlands
box 20, folder 20

Mammals 1989, 1998; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, articles, and fact sheets on bats, coyotes, mice, opossums, raccoons, and other mammals.
box 20, folder 21

Nature Conservancy 1987, 1994, undated

Scope and Contents

Includes fact sheets, list of birds and animals at Pine Butte Preserve, and other documents
box 20, folder 22

New Orleans undated

Scope and Contents

Includes maps and brochures
box 20, folder 23

Ocean 1989-2000

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, fact sheets, and articles mostly on sharks, seals, and whales.
box 20, folder 24

Oil 1981-2003

Scope and Contents

Includes documents regarding Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response; clippings and articles regarding pipeline, Mobil Oil, Chevron, and other related documents.
box 20, folder 25

Palos Verdes 1986, 1987, 1995, 1997

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, pamphlets, fact sheets, documents regarding Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy
box 20, folder 26

Placentia Canyon Nature Center 1983, 1989

Scope and Contents

Includes brochures, flyers
box 20, folder 27

Plants 1982-2002

Scope and Contents

Includes lists of rare and threatened plants, clippings, articles, fact sheets, and other documents regarding plants, flowers, and trees
box 20, folder 28

Playa Vista 1998; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings
box 20, folder 29

Politics 1990, 1996, 1997

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings
box 20, folder 30

Recycling 1990-1996

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, pamphlets, flyers
box 20, folder 31

Redondo Beach 1994-1997; 2000

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, flyers
box 20, folder 32

San Diego circa 1990s

Scope and Contents

Includes San Diego Natural History Museum research staff listing and exhibition schedule; guidelines for membership San Diego Society of Natural History
box 20, folder 33

San Pedro 1995-1996

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings
box 20, folder 34

Santa Monica Mountains 1990, 1995; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings, brochures, flyers
box 20, folder 35

Soil 1921

Scope and Contents

Includes "Reconnoissance Soil Survey of the Central Southern Area, California", US Department of Agriculture
box 20, folder 36

South Bay 1994, 1995; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes fact sheets, maps, notes
box 20, folder 37

Southern California Marine Institute 1997; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes newsletter Issue 2; pamphlets
box 21, folder 1

Theodore Payne Foundation 1987-1988; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes brochures, flyers, pamphlets
box 21, folder 2-4, box 26

Torrance, California 1980-2000; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes copies of "Direction Torrance", "Torrance People", "Recreation Roundabout" clippings, event flyers, brochures, event programs, and other material.
box 21, folder 5

Torrance Community Advisory Panel/Dow 1994-1995

Scope and Contents

Includes meeting minutes, articles, notes, flyers, pamphlets
box 21, folder 6

TreePeople 1989-1990

Scope and Contents

Includes newsletters, events calendars
box 21, folder 7

United States Fish and Wildlife Service 1991, undated

Scope and Contents

Includes brochures
box 21, folder 8-9

Water 1976, 1987, 1995, 2001

Scope and Contents

Includes "West Basin Municipal Water District" annual report; "The Porter-Cologne Water Control Act", "Torrance Water Supply" by Ben Haggot, brochures, flyers, leaflets
box 22, folder 1

Weather 1989-1990

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings; rainfall and parcipitation data
box 22, folder 2

Wetlands 1993-1995; 1997; 1998

Scope and Contents

Includes clippings and articles regarding wetlands
box 22, folder 3

William O Douglas Outdoor Classroom (WODOC) 1990-1991; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes class schedule, flyers, brochure
box 22, folder 4

miscellaneous articles 1989-2000; undated

Scope and Contents

Includes articles on atom bomb, microbes, volcanos, the Pope, and other topics
box 22, folder 5

A-C 1993-2000

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, newsletters and other documents from City of Brea, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, and others.
box 22, folder 6

D-L 1989-1998

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, newsletters and other documents from Fullerton Arboretum, Earth Skills, Livable Places, and others.
box 22, folder 7

M-P 1994-2000

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, newsletters and other documents from Orange County Natural History Association, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and others.
box 22, folder 8

Q-S 1990-2000

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, newsletters and other documents from San Diego Natural History Museum, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Rancho Mission Viejo, Santa Clarita Woodlands Park Association, Rails to Trails Conservancy, and others.
box 23, folder 1

T-Z 1989-2000

Scope and Contents

Includes flyers, newsletters and other documents from Youth Science Center, VOICE, Yucca Valley, and others.

Sub-Series B: Reports 1975-2009; undated

Scope and Contents

Sub-Series B contains reports regarding the Compton Creek, Los Angeles county beaches, a guide for nature writers, and others.
box 23, folder 2

"The Last of the Cienagas" by Win Hainbuch February 1975

box 23, folder 3

"Los Angeles County Beaches Refurbishment Program" prepared for the County of Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors September 1992

box 23, folder 4

"Interpretation Primer, Thoughts for Interpretive Planning" John Veverka and Associates circa 1990s

box 23, folder 5

Compton Creek Watershed Management Plan June 2005

box 23, folder 6

Introduction to Environmental Interpretation (course reader) Spring 2009

box 23, folder 7

"Making the Right Connections, A Guide for Nature Writers" by James Heintzman undated