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Title: Leonard H. Goldenson Collection
Collection number: 2242
Contributing Institution: USC Libraries Cinematic Arts Library
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 242.0 Linear feet
Date (inclusive): 1915-1994
Abstract: The Leonard H. Goldenson Collection documents the activities of the American Broadcasting System network in the United States and it's interests outside of the country. The collection includes memoranda, correspondence, reports, speeches, reports, policy statements, scant photographs and a small amount of legal and financial papers. Although incomplete at several levels, the collection offers representative coverage of operations in advertising, programming, research, sales, television, and news and public affairs broadcasting and the expansion of the network into the movie industry primarily from the 1950's through the late 1960's.
creator: Goldenson, Leonard H.


This collection is organized into three series: Business Records Part 1, Personal Papers, and Business Records Part 2. All three parts of the collection were processed prior to their arrival at USC.
Two principal archivists processed the majority of the collection. The first series, Business Records Part 1, having been processed by the first archivist, and the remaining two series processed later by the other. Rather than integrate the last acquisition of Business Records into an already completed series of Business Records, the second archivist instead created a third series.

Scope and Content

The Leonard H. Goldenson Collection consists of material relating to the day to day operations of the American Broadcasting Company and the activities of Leonard H. Goldenson, its president from 1953 to 1986. The collection consists mainly of correspondence and artifacts, as well as scrapbooks, ephemera, newspaper clippings, photographs, VHS film, and audio.
A sizeable amount of the collection is dedicated to Leonard H. Goldenson's founding of and continued philanthropic efforts with United Cerebral Palsy. There is also material relating to Goldenson's autobiography Beating The Odds.

Conditions Governing Access

COLLECTION STORED OFF-SITE. Advance notice required for access.

Conditions Governing Use

Students and researchers may use materials from this collection in the Cinematic Arts Library reading room only. For additional information, please see Cinematic Arts Library staff.

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Beginning with his takeover in 1953 of the fledgling American Broadcasting Company, Leonard Goldenson became one of the most famous pioneers of television history. After being hired to assist in the successful reorganization of near-bankrupt Paramount Pictures, Goldenson then turned to Hollywood in the early 1950s. Competing against broadcasting giants NBC and CBS, Goldenson engineered such successful ABC ventures as American Bandstand, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, and The Mickey Mouse Club. Convincing Warner Brothers and the Walt Disney Company to partner with ABC and produce TV shows proved to be another successful move for Goldenson, who saw ABC continue to gain ground in the network ratings through the turbulent 1960s. Under Goldenson's leadership, ABC soon emerged as the premier network for sports broadcasting with the addition of ABC's Wide World of Sports, coverage of the Olympic Games, and Monday Night Football. ABC introduced new, innovative ideas to the television landscape such as the TV movie and the miniseries (including 1977's highly awarded Roots). Seeing his once humble enterprise reach the pinnacle of financial success, Goldenson retired in 1986 after selling ABC to Capital Cities, Inc.
Aside from his achievements in the entertainment industry, Goldenson's legacy includes a myriad of philanthrophic endeavors as well. Chief among these is the founding of United Cerebral Palsy in 1949, along with his wife Isabelle, fellow New York businessman Jack Housman, and Housman's wife Ethel. Beginning with a simple advertisement in the New York Herald Tribune, he led the campaign to improve treatment and quality of life for children with developmental disabilities, which resulted in the national organization that continues to strive for those same ideals today.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

ABC Television Network. -- Archives
American Broadcasting Company. -- Archives
Capital Cities Communications, Inc. (U.S.). -- Archives
Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. -- Archives
Goldenson, Leonard H. -- Archives
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. -- Correspondence
Kintner, Robert E., (Robert Edmonds), 1909-1980 -- Archives
Treyz, Oliver E., 1918-1998 -- Archives
United Cerebral Palsy Associations. -- Archives
United States. Federal Communications Commission. -- Correspondence
Monday night football (Television program)
Television broadcasting of news--United States--Archival resources
Television broadcasting of sports--United States--Archival resources
Television broadcasting--Archival resources
Television mini-series--Archival resources
Television personalities--United States--Archival resources
Television pilot programs--Archival resources
Television producers and directors--Archival resources
Television programs--Archival resources
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Television stations--California--Los Angeles--Archival resources
Television writers--United States--Archival resources


Business Records Part 1


The records that encompass this series from the collection are designated as Part 1 (Boxes 1 through 87), Part 2 (Boxes 88 through 102), and Part 3 (Boxes 103 through 130). The records were shipped in essentially the same three unites. Delineation of the records into these parts, however, is due to the uniqueness in nature, time spans and probably initial provenance. The core of the Business Records is derived from Part 1 and follows their original arrangement.
Differences between the three parts of the collection may be briefly stated. Part 1 consists of older papers, primarily 1955-1960, with some items as late as 1970, in which the various offices have been integrated into types of subject files (correspondence, committee, program, station, and smaller subject files). Part 2 contains files that are related to those in Part 1 but which are not a direct continuation of those series. They are generally more recent, primarily dating from the late 1970s and 1980s, and are functionally arranged. Part 3 contains corporate records that date from a time after LHG's direct involvement in network affairs, as well as strictly personal records, primarily financial, medical and household.

Correspondence Bulk, 1956-1967 1950-1971

Scope and Content

These records contain files on the development of television broadcasting at ABC and consist of correspondence, memos, reports, booklets, studies, press releases, news clippings, promotional items, and related items. The bulk of the files are for the period 1956-1967 and consist of material from the offices of several ABC departments. This series is divided into: General Correspondence (1954-1956, 1958-1959, 1968-1969) arranged by year and then alphabetically by correspondents’ last name; Outgoing Correspondence (1959-1969), which consists solely of carbon copies arranged chronologically, (dates); Individual Correspondence (1956-1965) which consists of continual correspondence with individuals arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by the last name of the correspondent; Congratulatory Correspondence (1961-1965) contains letters and telegrams maintained in their original grouping by subject and then alphabetically by name; and Correspondence; AB-PT records. As with other original series, many documents contain a notation in pencil on the upper right hand corner stating “AB-PT” or other designation and were filed as a distinct unit.
This collection consists of material sent from ABC’s New York City headquarters and their record storage facility. Substantive gaps in the collection indicate it may have been weeded at some time prior to transfer to storage. Prior to that time the correspondence was perhaps three times its present size. Fire damage and incomplete runs in file series indicate large portions of missing records.
For the most part, the original order has been retained. As a result the researcher should be prepared to look in more than one location for material on a particular topic. Goldenson’s treatment of correspondence of certain individuals as separate from general correspondence has been maintained. Within the alphabetical arrangement of the General Correspondence the materials is frequently insignificant and of a cursory nature, mentioning a recent lunch, meeting, or upcoming event. Although Goldenson did maintain some folders specified solely as “Congratulatory Correspondence,” “Invitation Accepted,” etc. correspondence of that nature is interspersed among the General Correspondence.

ABC Films 1959-1963

Box 39, Folder 1

Financial Reports 1960

Box 39, Folder 2

Reports to Board of Directors 1959-1960

Box 39, Folder 3

Racer Productions, Inc. Financial Reports 1961-1963

Box 35-37

American Broadcasting - Paramount Pictures 1956-1963

Scope and Content

These records concern technical and engineering issues such as sound and film equipment and facilities and transmission; potential film projects; brief personal notes similar to that found in General Correspondence and as a whole contains much of the same nature. There is little continued or cohesive correspondence on a single subject. Interdepartmental correspondence is more substantive.
Box 4, Folder 7

Applicants 1957

Box 39, Folder 4-6

Board of Directors Extracts from Minutes of Meetings Board of Directors and Exec. Comm. 1960-1971

Box 4, Folder 1-6, Box 8, Folder 6-11, Box 14, Folder 5-10

Congratulatory 1956, 1958, 1961, 1963-1965

Box 1-8, 10, 14, 22-29

General 1956-1959, 1961, 1968-1969

Scope and Content

General Correspondence documents ABC’s involvement with educational television; letters to stockholders or potential investors document network decisions and trends regarding election coverage, securing stations in Latin America, development of UHF, etc. Broader network issues are discussed only intermittently usually in reaction to a specific concern on behalf of the correspondent. Information on programming primarily consists of replies to complaints or compliments on programs from the general public.
The files are arranged first by year and then alphabetically by last name of correspondent. It should be noted that documentation consists of material both by and about many departments. Files exist for divisions and prominent personnel. There are also separate files for ABC presidents Robert Kintner and Oliver Treyz.
Other personal correspondence consists of congratulatory notes on weddings, births, etc. (including a brief humorous telegram to Jerry Lewis on the birth of his son 1/8/64). More in depth correspondence centers on LHG’s responses to viewers and/or stockholder’s concerning programming or ABC policy.
Correspondents include public officials and departments, members of Congress, the FCC, affiliates, employees and business acquaintances. Though far from complete, portions of the material is of high quality. The bulk of the memos and reports in the General Correspondence are not well detailed nor do they reveal policy decisions and implementation.
Among the General correspondence, social correspondence and internal memoranda pre-dominate, but there are also charitable campaign literature, newspaper and magazine clippings, reports, pamphlets, scant photographs, promotional material, contracts, scripts and transcripts, bulletins and newsletters, political campaign literature, and related material. The bulk of the records document the years 1956-1969 although there is almost a complete lack of General or Outgoing Correspondence for 1957. The bulk of fire damaged correspondence from LHG and Treyz dates from 1958. Such an obvious gap in records indicates it is possible that fire destroyed most of the files from 1957.

See Also

Box 131 (Damaged)
Box 30-34

Individual 1950-1966

Box 30, Folder 1-8

Blank, Abe H.

Box 30, Folder 9-14

Foster, Michael

Box 30, Folder 15-22

Gersten, E. Chester

Box 30, Folder 22-28

Hagerty, James C.

Box 31, Folder 1-5

Hahn, Herbert

Box 31, Folder 6-10

Hinckley, Robert H.

Box 31, Folder 11-21

Hoffines, Robert L.

Box 31, Folder 22-27

Hyman, Edward L.

Box 32, Folder 1-5

Lower, Elmer W.

Box 32, Folder 6-7

Martino, Joseph

Box 32, Folder 8-15

Marx, Frank

Box 33, Folder 11

Moore, Thomas

Box 33, Folder 12-14

Pauley, Robert R.

Box 33, Folder 15

Phipps, John H.

Box 33, Folder 16-23

Quinlan, Stirling

Box 34, Folder 1-6

Riddleberger, Stephen C.

Box 34, Folder 7-19

Weinbach, Mortimer

Box 38, Folder 8, 19-20

Interoffice Memos 1962-1964

Box 38, Folder 1-17

Kinter, Robert 1955-1959

Box 38, Folder 21

Misc. (Condolences) 1955-1971

Box 9, 11-13, 15-21

Outgoing 1957-1968

Scope and Content

These files primarily contain correspondence with individuals and organizations outside ABC. The initial correspondence is not attached. (Correspondence of a personal nature document the financial and logistical household arrangement including obtaining a housekeeper; camp registration for daughters; school deposits, etc.). Much correspondence concerns invitations accepted or declined, thank you letters for gifts, particularly gifts made to UCP; acknowledgments of donations to charities. The bulk of all outgoing correspondence for the months of December and January consist of thank-you notes for holiday gifts.
Congratulatory Correspondence consists primarily of brief notes of a personal or business acquaintance nature (generally from individuals outside of ABC) recognizing an honor or award. These records include letters and telegrams with occasional newspaper or magazine clippings.
Notes inserted throughout correspondence particularly from the 1960s indicate the removal of pieces of correspondence. These notes consist simply of legal notepaper with the initials C.P, the date of the correspondence and the names of the addresser and addressee.
Correspondence and internal memoranda pre-dominate, but there are also newspaper and magazine clippings, reports, charts, pamphlets, scant photographs, promotional material, contracts, scripts, and transcripts, bulletins and newletters, charitable campaign literature, and related material.
Note: A selection of burned General Correspondence originating from or to LGH from 1958 and 1959 was found separately from the bulk of the series. It appears they were mis-filed or interfiled with other records (Stations and Treyz Correspondence from the same time period.)
Box 40-41

Treyz, Oliver 1956-1962


Fire Damage
Box 14, Folder 4

United Cerebral Palsy 1962

General Physical Description: Fire Damage
Box 131, Folder 1-9

[Damaged] 1958-1959


Oliver Treyz Subject Files 1957-1961

Box 42, Folder 1

Advertising Age 1961

Box 42, Folder 2

Audience Correspondence 1961

Box 42, Folder 3

Broadcasting 1961

Box 42, Folder 4

Henry Hede 1959

Box 42, Folder 5

Kukla, Fran & Ollie 1957

Box 42, Folder 6

Magazines & Newspapers 1961

Box 42, Folder 7

NABET 1958

Box 42, Folder 8

News Department 1960-1961

Box 42, Folder 9

Printer's Ink 1961

Box 42, Folder 10

Program Derby 1961

Box 42, Folder 11

Public Service Programs 1961

Box 42, Folder 12

RTDG Contracts 1959

Box 42, Folder 13

Sponsor 1961

Box 42, Folder 14

Television Age 1961

Box 42, Folder 15

Television Magazine 1961

Box 42, Folder 16

TV Guide 1961

Box 42, Folder 17

Variety 1961

Box 42, Folder 18

Sports Focus TV 1958


Committees 1956-1976

Scope and Content

These files contain correspondence, invitation lists, press releases, speeches, and other records, relating to annual conferences of organizations, Committees include both those related to broadcasting and charitable and civic organizations. Goldenson’s involvement with the Advertising Council is particularly well recorded. The file includes lists of directors and staff, financial and budget documents, director’s annual reports and copies of letters on programs and problems. Minutes record attendance, summarize reports and show action on campaigns and policy issues. They contain annual and narrative reports, information on advertising campaigns; reports of media and corporate support contributions; lists of officers, boards of directors, committees & executive staff; reports of annual awards dinners and conferences; and financial statements.
Substantial records exist on the building of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. They include memos, agendas and minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board for the Center. The records begin with those of the National Culture Center prior to the assassination of President Kennedy and the subsequent re-naming of the center.
Activities of the National Broadcasters Association portray cooperation between the networks on subject such as discrimination against television; rules political broadcastings and general regulation of television broadcasting. Correspondence, reports and minutes document the activities of the NAB and several of its committees.
Box 43, Folder 1-2

Accepted 1958-1968, 1970-1975

Box 43-44

Advertising Council Meeting Files 1958-1969

Box 44, Folder 7

American Jewish Committee Bulk, 1963-1965 1960-1965

Box 44, Folder 8

American Red Cross 1966-1969

Box 44, Folder 9

American Security Council 1958

Box 44, Folder 10

B'nai B'rith Bulk, 1963-1969 1957-1971

Box 45, Folder 1

Brand Names Foundation 1957-1961

Box 45, Folder 2-5

Center For InterAmerican Relations 1968-1972

Box 45, Folder 6

Center For Latin American Relations 1966-1967

Box 45, Folder 7

Children's Cancer Research Bulk, 1964-1970 1960-1973

Box 45, Folder 8

Center For Economic Development 1958

Box 45, Folder 9

Committee For Industry Association Of New York Bulk, 1961-1964 1958-1964

Box 45, Folder 10

Court Administration 1970

Box 46, Folder 1-5

Declined 1960-1966, 1970-1972

Box 46, Folder 6

Economic Development Club of New York 1956-1966


Government Conference on Public Welfare 1964-1969

Box 47, Folder 1-2, 5

General 1964-1969

Box 47, Folder 3

Conference Material and Reports 1967

Box 47, Folder 4

Summaries of Participation Comments 1967

Box 46, Folder 9

Governor's Committee On Physically Handicapped 1962

Physical Description: *Damaged*
Box 47, Folder 6

Greater New York Fund 1958


Institute of Logopedics 1956-1965

Box 47, Folder 7-8

General 1956-1964

Box 47, Folder 9-10

Minutes and Reports 1959-1965


JFK Center for The Performing Arts 1960-1968

Box 48-49

General 1964-1968

Box 48-49

Meetings 1967

Box 48, Folder 2

National Cultural Center 1960-1963

Box 48, Folder 4

Photograph undated

Box 48, Folder 5

Presentation Folder circa 1964

Box 48, Folder 1

Jobs For Vets 1971

Box 46, Folder 7-8

Motion Picture Pioneers 1958-1965


National Association of Broadcasters 1957-1963

Box 49, Folder 4-6

General 1957-1958, 1960-1963

Box 49, Folder 7

Research Bureau Reports 1962

Box 50, Folder 1-2

National Association of Radio & TV Broadcasters 1956


National Center for Voluntary Action 1970-1972

Box 50, Folder 3-4, 8-9

General 1970-1972

Box 50, Folder 5

Minutes 1970

Box 50, Folder 6-7

Executive Committee Meetings 1970

Box 50, Folder 4-6

National Citizens' Advisory Committee on Vocational Rehabilitation 1966, 1968-1969

Box 51, Folder 2-3

National Citizens' Commission on International Cooperation 1965-1966

Box 51, Folder 1

National Citizens' Committee for Community Relations 1964-1967

Box 51, Folder 8-10

President's Commission on Traffic Safety 1961-1967

Box 51, Folder 7

President's Youth Commission, Operation Fitness USA Bulk, 1957-1959 1957-1963


Sam Rayburn Library Bulk, 1962-1963 1962-1968

Box 52, Folder 1

General 1962-1963

Box 52, Folder 2

Publications, Dedication 1968

Box 52, Folder 3

U.S. Bicentennial World Theatre Festival 1976

Box 52, Folder 4

U.S. Chamber of Commerce 1956-1958

Box 52, Folder 5

United Shareowners of America 1960-1962

Box 52, Folder 10

Uptown Advisory Board 1956

Box 52, Folder 6-7

World's Fair 1961-1964, 1966

Box 52, Folder 8-9

Youth Services 1970


Program Files 1955-1970

Scope and Content

Documentation is particularly impressive for the program department. They document the handling of commericial sponsorship, the disposition of program ideas and the coverage of news and special events. There are also significant files for ABC’s general services, sales, engineering, station relations, and station publicity. Topics treated include audience, broadcast, and station promotion; newspaper and magazine advertising; censorship; and relations with advertising agencies and affiliates.
News Department files are not thorough and document only a few years. Of anecdotal interest is a letter from Elmer Lowery regarding the recent hiring of Peter Jennings which predicts a “rosy future” for him at ABC (August 4, 1964, News Dept. Programs)
The most comprehensive files, although they exist only for the year 1959, are those for “American Bandstand.” Many photocopied records are illegible. Most records concern advertising spots on the show and consist of orders fro shows which record the advertisers name. Particularly of interest in light of the Payola scandal involving Dick Clark is correspondence recording the cancellation of practices that protected clients of “American Bandstand” from competitive products being advertised on the show. A complete Advertising Proposal feature, “American Bandstand,” is included.
“The Danny Thomas” show is also well documented with heavy correspondence regarding sponsorship of the show. Network records on the “Mike Wallace Show” deal primarily with the sale of the show to the Philip Morris Company. Audience letters regarding Mike Wallace and his interview style predominate, as do replies from Goldenson. An eloquent letter from Thomas W. Moore on November 11, 1963 documents efforts of ABC to sensitively handle coverage of President John F. Kennedy’s funeral.

Academy Awards 1960-1966

Box 53, Folder 1

General 1960-1966

Box 53, Folder 2

Photographs circa 1963

Box 53, Folder 3-5

Africa 1966-1968

Box 53, Folder 6

Alcoa 1960-1961

Box 53, Folder 7-9

American Bandstand 1957-1959

Box 54, Folder 1

America's Town Meeting 1956

Box 54, Folder 2

Avengers Bulk, 1966-1967 1966-1967, 1969

Box 54, Folder 7

Baby Game 1967

Box 54, Folder 6

Batman 1965-1966

Box 54, Folder 3

Billy Graham Association 1956

Box 54, Folder 8

Boy Scout World Jamboree 1967-1968


Breakfast Club 1956

Box 54, Folder 4

General 1956

Box 54, Folder 5

Advertising Material circa 1956

Box 54, Folder 9

Brigadoon 1966

Box 54, Folder 10

Californian 1957

Box 54, Folder 11

Circus Boy 1966

Box 54, Folder 12

Combat Bulk, 1966-1967 1963-1967

Box 54, Folder 13

Cowboy in Africa 1967-1968

Box 54, Folder 14-16

Danny Thomas Show 1956-1957, 1959

Box 55, Folder 1

Disney Canada 1956-1958

Box 55, Folder 2

Disney Radio 1956

Box 55, Folder 3

F Troop 1966

Box 55, Folder 4

Football General circa 1959

Physical Description note: Fire Damage
Box 55, Folder 5

Fugitive Bulk, 1963-1965 1963-1967

Box 55, Folder 6

Grand Central Station 1956

Box 55, Folder 7

Green Hornet 1966-1967

Box 55, Folder 8

Guide to the Swinging Bachelor 1968-1969

Box 55, Folder 9

Guy Mitchell 1957

Box 55, Folder 10

Hobby Lobby Show 1959

Physical Description: Fire Damage
Box 55, Folder 11-12

Holiday on Ice 1964-1968

Box 55, Folder 13

Hondo 1967

Box 55, Folder 14

How's Your Mother-in-Law? 1968

Box 55, Folder 15

It's Time 1956

Box 55, Folder 16

Jack Paar 1956

Box 55, Folder 17

Jim Bowie 1956-1957

Box 55, Folder 18

Journey to the Unknown 1968-1969

Box 55, Folder 19

King Family 1969

Box 55, Folder 20

Ladybird Johnson's Tour of D.C. 1964-1965

Box 56, Folder 1

Legend of Custer 1967

Box 56, Folder 2

Lone Ranger 1956

Box 56, Folder 3

Martin Block 1956

Box 56, Folder 26

Medical Horizons CIBA 1956


Metropolitan Opera 1956

Box 56, Folder 4

Auditions 1956

Box 56, Folder 5

Broadcast 1956

Box 56, Folder 6-17

Mike Wallace Show 1957-1958

Box 56, Folder 18-21

Miscellaneous Programs 1955-1956, 1964-1970

Box 56, Folder 23

Mystery Time 1956

Box 56, Folder 22

My True Story 1956

Box 57, Folder 2

Newlywed Game 1966-1969

Box 56, Folder 24

New People 1969


News Department 1958-1967

Box 57, Folder 3-5, 7

General 1958, 1960-1967

Box 57, Folder 8

Analysis of ABC TV News and Public Affairs Programs 1964

Box 57, Folder 6

News Policies 1962-1964

Box 58, Folder 9

New Sounds for You 1956

Box 56, Folder 25

New York, New York 1964-1966

Box 57, Folder 9

No School Today 1956

Box 57, Folder 1

NYPD 1967-1969

Box 57, Folder 10

Olympics 1959

Box 54, Folder 17-19

Operation Daybreak 1958-1959

Box 57, Folder 11

Outcasts 1969

Box 57, Folder 12

Patrice Munsel Show 1957

Box 58, Folder 1-2

Programming Lineup 1966-1968

Box 57, Folder 13

Princess and Me 1968

Box 57, Folder 14

Program Development 1964

Box 57, Folder 15

Program Information Book 1965-1966

Box 58, Folder 3

Proposed Programs 1956

Box 58, Folder 4

Saga of Western Man 1964-1965

Box 58, Folder 5

Scope 1965-1967

Box 58, Folder 8

Second Hundred Years, The 1967

Box 58, Folder 7

Snowfire 1957

Box 58, Folder 10

Survivors 1968-1969

Box 58, Folder 11

Variety Show Las Vegas 1955

Physical Description: Fire Damage
Box 58, Folder 6

Voice of Firestone Summary of Exhibits 1955-1956

Box 58, Folder 12

Voice of Prophecy 1956

Box 58, Folder 14

When a Girl Marries 1956

Box 58, Folder 13

Whispering Streets 1956

Box 58, Folder 15

Women's Home Companion 1956


Foreign 1956-1969

Scope and Content

Files relative to the network’s activities outside of the United States are of considerable interest. These files document ABC’s response to the political and military situation of the late 1950s and 1960s. Foreign files are particularly valuable in that they document the belief in the ability of broadcasting to effect political change during the Cold War by addressing communism and democracy through “propaganda” efforts. The term propaganda is not used pejoratively, but as a quote from the records themselves. Records include minutes, reports and correspondence.
Records pertaining to the foreign work of the Advertising Council heavily document efforts to extend broadcasting into Latin and Central America. The “Mexican Project” discusses methods to turn “braceros” (illegal Mexican immigrants in Texas) into pro-United States supporters. These records also touch on United States public relations and “propaganda” activities outside the country. Notes, synopses, and correspondence regarding Latin America refer to privatization of broadcasting in South America as well as efforts to thwart communism through the use of television.

Advertising Council 1958-1965

Box 59, Folder 1-2, 5-6

Mexican Project 1960-1965

Box 59, Folder 3

Report "A Look At Mexico" circa 1962

Box 59, Folder 4

Report for Subcommittee for Mexico Overseas Information Exploration Committee 1962

Box 59, Folder 7

Association Television, LTD. Annual Reports 1958-1963, 1965

Box 59, Folder 8

Broadcast Corps 1964

Box 59, Folder 9-12

Canada 1959-1964

Box 60, Folder 1-6

Central America 1960-1965


European Broadcasting Union 1962

Box 60, Folder 7

Speeches and Remarks 1962

Box 60, Folder 8

Correspondence 1962

Box 60, Folder 9

General International 1956-1965

Box 61, Folder 1-2

Latin America 1960-1962

Box 61, Folder 3

Television Information Office 1958-1962

Box 61, Folder 4

Television Rights 1959-1961


United States Information Agency 1958, 1960-1962

Box 61, Folder 6

Correspondence 1961-1962

Box 61, Folder 7

Aide Memoir on ABC for Meeting of Leonard H. Goldenson and John F. Kennedy with Edward R. Murrow 1961

Box 61, Folder 8

Report "Frank Marx" 1958

Box 61, Folder 9

Overseas Television Department 1960

Box 61, Folder 10

Unitel International Inc. 1960

Box 61, Folder 5

North Vietnam Pamphlets "Efforts to Conquer South Vietnam" 1961

Box 61, Folder 13

Vietnam - General 1968


Venezuela 1966-1969

Box 61, Folder 14

Financial Correspondence 1968-1969

Box 61, Folder 15

Paid Invoices 1966-1968


Worldvision Symposium 1962-1966

Box 61, Folder 11

Television in the Space Age 1962-1965

Box 61, Folder 12

General 1966


ITT 1963-1968

Scope and Content

This subseries contains records relating to legal issues involved hearings regarding the proposed merger between International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT) and ABC consists chiefly of correspondence among those in support of the merger and Goldenson’s notes of appreciation. Also included are files that document meetings with Harold Geneen and affidavits, opinion, order and records of court appearances taking place in federal court under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department. Files contain copies of newspaper articles on the merger.
Box 62, Folder 1-3

Annual Reports 1963-1966

Box 62, Folder 4

Financial Statements 1965-1967

Box 62, Folder 5-6

Conference Correspondence 1966

Box 62, Folder 7

Conference Invitees and Attendees 1966


Conference Presentation 1966

Box 62, Folder 8

Correspondence 1966

Box 62, Folder 9

Drafts 1966

Box 63, Folder 1

Conference and Party Press Releases 1964-1966

Box 63, Folder 2

Conference Program 1966

Box 63, Folder 3

Conference Photographs 1966

Box 63, Folder 4

Conference Proceedings 1966

Box 63, Folder 5-6

Conference Banquet Audio Tape 1966


Merger 1965-1968

Box 63-65

Correspondence 1965-1968

Box 66, Folder 3

Notice of Appeal 1966

Physical Description: 0.025 Linear feet 1 folder
Box 66, Folder 4

Supporting Documents 1965-1967

Physical Description: 0.025 Linear feet 1 folder
Box 65, Folder 5-7

Geneen, Harold (Correspondence) 1965-1967

Box 65, Folder 8

Hearing Materials 1967

Box 66, Folder 1

Letters From Leonard H. Goldenson to ITT (Draft) 1966

Box 66, Folder 2

FCC Opinion 1967


FCC 1956-1968

Scope and Content

These records consist primarily of correspondence, memoranda and drafts relating to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Network Study (known also as the Barrow Report) on ABC. It documents witness testimony and hearings regarding possible infringements regarding pricing of network programs as made available to network and non-affiliated stations in 1958. It contains testimony and reports, which quote documents or conversations on related subjects.
Records on the Payola scandal include internal correspondence among departments and affiliated stations regarding compliance with false advertising rules, and documenting infractions when found. Particularly valuable is a “Record of Statement of the Relationship Between AM-PAR and Dick Clark.” It contains a transcript of testimony and background material.
Box 67, Folder 3-7

General 1956, 1958, 1960-1967

Box 67, Folder 1

Chain Broadcasting Rules 1961

Box 67, Folder 2

Chain Drop In Dockets 1962-1963


Network Study 1956-1958, 1962

Box 67, Folder 8

General 1956-1958

Box 67, Folder 9

Television Network Program 1962

Box 68, Folder 9-10

Payola 1959-1960

Box 68, Folder 11

Payola Hearing Compilation of Documents 1960

Box 68, Folder 12

Payola Testimony 1960


Statements 1962

Box 68, Folder 1

Treyz, Oliver 1962

Box 68, Folder 2

Hagerty, James C. 1962

Box 68, Folder 3

Sarnoff, Robert W. (NBC) 1962

Box 68, Folder 4

Beville, Hush M. (NBC) 1962

Box 68, Folder 5

Scott, Walter D. (NBC) 1962

Box 68, Folder 6

Werner, Mort (NBC) 1962

Box 68, Folder 7

Stabile, James A. (NBC) 1962

Box 68, Folder 8

Stanton, Frank S. (CBS) 1962

Box 69, Folder 1-5

Weinbach Reports 1960-1965, 1968


Legal 1954-1972

Scope and Content

Columbia Pictures Vs. ABC Files. Many files contain no more than one or two documents with no identifying case of evidence numbers. They appear to have been removed from their original series, in some cases copied for legal purposes. Both copies and the originals remained separated in this main series. Originals of these records are not found in this collection. Removal of these records is not documented by transmittal slips or found among the handwritten withdrawal slips. The lack of such information indicates that additional pertinent records, possibly part of this collection, existed at some time.
The documents included in the case files are varied in nature and extent. The correspondence and memoranda provided are evidentiary of background only. Not documented are settlement negotiations, litigation strategies, billing, or other legal matters. Files do not include court documents such as briefs, motions, depositions, copies of the complaint, or transcripts of court proceeding. These files were apparently segregated and numbered at some point after their creation and prior to shipment to storage. Their relationship to other ABC legal files is unknown.
Note: Some extracts of ABC Board Meeting Minutes also contain docket numbers.
Extracts of Meeting Minutes. These files contain extracts of meeting minutes created by cutting and pasting full minutes. Some contain docket notations indicating they may have been used in court. No court case of name is assigned. The dates of the records correspond to the Legal Files and make it possible they were used in the case of Columbia Pictures vs. ABC. They contain no original notation.
Box 70, Folder 1-6

Network Meetings 1967-1972

Box 71, Folder 1

Broadcast Discussion Meetings Minutes 1970


Columbia vs. ABC 1954-1972

Box 71, Folder 2-4

Competitive Information 1968-1970

Box 71, Folder 5

Correspondence 1967

Box 71, Folder 6

Financial Statements 1969-1970

Box 71, Folder 7

1-1-46 1960-1970

Box 71, Folder 8

1-1-49 AVCO 1969-1970

Box 71, Folder 9

1-1-53 1970

Box 71, Folder 10

1-1-54 1970

Box 71, Folder 11

1-1-55 1970

Box 71, Folder 12

1-1-56 1968

Box 71, Folder 13

1-1-57 1968

Box 71, Folder 14

1-1-59 Harvard Business School circa 1958

Box 72, Folder 1

1-1-60 1969

Box 72, Folder 2

1-1-61 1968

Box 72, Folder 3

1-1-62 1964, 1970

Box 72, Folder 4

1-1-63 1969-1970

Box 72, Folder 5

1-1-64 Videocassettes 1970

Box 72, Folder 6

1-1-65 1970

Box 72, Folder 7

1-1-66 1968-1969

Box 72, Folder 8

1-1-67 1969

Box 72, Folder 9

1-1-68 1966-1967

Box 72, Folder 10

1-1-69 1969

Box 72, Folder 11

1-1-70 1968

Box 72, Folder 12

1-1-70 1970

Box 72, Folder 14

B 1956

Box 72, Folder 15

A2181 1972

Box 72, Folder 16

A2185 1968

Box 72, Folder 17

A16449 undated

Box 72, Folder 13, 18-20

General 1954-1958, 1962-1965, 1966-1968, 1970


Capital Cities Communications 1983-1989

Box 72, Folder 21

Fact Sheets and Announcements 1985

Box 72, Folder 22

Annual Report 1983-1984

Box 72, Folder 23

ABC and CCC Joint Proxy Statement Prospectos 1985

Box 72, Folder 24

Executive Summary 1985

Box 72, Folder 25

ABC Material For Discussion 1985

Box 72, Folder 26

Statements and Remarks 1989


ABC Films 1965-1970

Box 73, Folder 1-7

Correspondence 1956-1960, 1962-1964, 1966, 1968

Box 73, Folder 8

Agreements for Services 1969

Box 73, Folder 9

Agreements - Henry Grundman 1967


Film Pilots 1963-1970

Box 73, Folder 10

Candy undated

Box 73, Folder 11

Hell in the Pacific 1969

Box 73, Folder 12

For the Love of Ivy circa 1970

Box 73, Folder 13

No Time For Sergeants 1963

Box 73, Folder 14

Miscellaneous 1966-1969

Box 73, Folder 15

Ring of Bright Water 1969

Box 73, Folder 16

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came 1969

Box 73, Folder 17

They Shoot Horses, Don't They? 1969-1970

Box 73, Folder 18

Zachariah undated


Subject Files 1956-1969

Scope and Content

Subject files are in alphabetical order. The folders contain various types of records; e.g., correspondence, memos, published materials, reports, et cetera, in no discernible order. Some files were originally marked as subject files. The processor has included files that were not related to other file series within the Subject Series. More substantial selections in the Subject files include the following categories:
LABOR: Mainly contracts and some correspondence relating to musicians and writers unions in theaters and the network. Documents to a small degree wage control.
MERCHANDISE FILES: Many have been removed and what remains is just the empty folders on which only the show titles remain. Documentation is scant and generally consists of licensing agreements only.
THEATERS: Document daily operations, profit and administration.
VIOLENCE MAIL: Records document viewer reactions during this time and capture the inflammatory issues of the day. They discuss censorship, coverage of racial issues, hiring and firing of broadcasters and communism.
One box of records marked as Subject Addendum contains supplementary subject files found amongst unrelated records. The records appear to be the beginning of an alphabetical series from the late 1950s and early 1960s of a more substantial nature than those now classed as Subject Files. Their presence may indicated the existence at some point of another series of records not yet found or possibly destroyed.
Box 74, Folder 1-5

Awards 1956-1964

Box 74, Folder 6

Color Television 1957-1963

Box 74, Folder 7-9

Contributions Made 1956-1962

Box 74, Folder 10-13

Contributions Refused 1958-1963


Labor 1958-1964

Box 74, Folder 14

AFTRA, SAG 1958-1960

Box 74, Folder 15

American Federation of Musicians 1958-1963

Box 74, Folder 16

Broadcast Musicians 1958-1962

Box 75, Folder 1

Local #1 Negotiations 1958

Box 75, Folder 2

Miscellaneous Negotiations 1957-1962, 1964

Box 75, Folder 3

Writer's Guild of America 1959-1960

Box 75, Folder 4-6

Litigation 1957, 1959-1966


Merchandising 1960-1969

Box 75, Folder 7-10

Annie Oakley 1962, 1964, 1967, 1969

Box 75, Folder 11

Buffalo Bill 1960

Box 75, Folder 12

Legend of Jesse James Arlington Hat Co. 1965

Box 75, Folder 13

Legend of Jesse James Donruss Co. 1965

Box 75, Folder 14

Legend of Jesse James Hubley Manufacturing Co. 1965

Box 75, Folder 15

Legend of Jesse James Louis Marx Co. 1965

Box 75, Folder 16

Legend of Jesse James Western Painting Co. 1967

Box 75, Folder 17

Honey West 1966


Moral Re-Armament 1960-1964

Box 75, Folder 18

Correspondence 1960-1964

Box 75, Folder 19

Audio Tapes 1964

Box 75, Folder 20-21

National Education Television 1961-1964

Box 76, Folder 1-4

Pay TV 1957-1964

Box 76, Folder 5

Radio Network 1960-1962


Satellite TV 1965-1967

Box 76, Folder 7-8

Comsat 1965-1966

Box 76, Folder 9-10

Ford Foundation 1966-1967

Box 76, Folder 11-12

Sea World 1964-1967

Box 77, Folder 1

Senate Correspondence 1967

Box 77, Folder 2

Station Breaks 1961

Box 77, Folder 3

Subliminal Perception 1957-1959

Box 77, Folder 4-7

Theatre Integration 1960-1965

Box 77, Folder 8-10

Violence Mail Petition Names 1968-1969


Subject Files Addendum 1955-1964

Scope and Content

These records were found interspersed in Part 3 of the collection and were not part of the original Subject Files. It is evident that files were interspersed prior to the fire and water damage which affects some records. For instance, the files for the Branch Office: Chicago 1959, found in the original Subject Files in Part 1, are heavily damaged. Part 3 contained disparate folders including Branch Offices: San Francisco 1959 which were not damaged. This is a small portion of records that appear to have been removed from their original order and placed with records of a later date.
Box 77a, Folder 1

Advertising and Promotion 1962-1964

Box 77a, Folder 2-4

Ampar Records 1957-1962

Box 77a, Folder 5

Branch Offices, Chicago 1959

Box 77a, Folder 6

Conelrad Drill 1959

Box 77a, Folder 7

Program and Advertising Policies 1955

Box 77a, Folder 8

Policies, General 1960-1962

Box 77a, Folder 9

Symposia, Northwestern University Re: Broadcasting 1961

Box 77a, Folder 10

United Artist Digest Vol. 6, No. 1 circa 1958


Theatres 1955-1965

Box 77, Folder 11

Arizona Paramount Theatres 1956

Box 77, Folder 12

Balabant Katz 1956

Box 77, Folder 13

Daily Admission Receipts 1956

Box 77, Folder 14

Florida State Theater 1956

Box 77, Folder 15

Intermountain Co. 1956

Box 77, Folder 16

Interstate Theatre 1956-1958

Box 77, Folder 17

North and Detroit Theater 1956

Box 77, Folder 18

Picture Releases 1956

Box 77, Folder 19

Theatre Corporations 1958

Box 77, Folder 20

Tri-State Corp. 1956, 1958

Box 77, Folder 21

United Detroit Theatres 1956

Box 77, Folder 22

Wilby-Kinay Service Corp. 1956

Box 77, Folder 23-24

General Theatres 1955-1956, 1958

Box 77, Folder 25

Theatre Operations 1962-1965


Personnel 1956-1967

Scope and Content

Consists primarily of unsolicited personal letters of individuals seeking employment. LGH responses are often contained. In a few instances correspondence was forwarded to others in the network and contain handwritten questions and remarks regarding possible hiring by ABC. Policy files consist of formal network issued policy booklets.
Box 78, Folder 1-5

Applicants 1959-1967

Box 78, Folder 6

Policies, Additions and Payroll Changes 1956

Box 78, Folder 7

Policies, Personnel Policy 1963


Stations 1953-1965

Scope and Content

These consist of files concerning ABC’s relations with its affiliates and its owned-and-operated stations and contain a wealth of information concerning network policy, objectives and strategy. The files concern domestic broadcasting and are all ABC-related. Correspondence occasionally refers to activities on non-ABC stations. The files consist of correspondence, memos, notes, reports, charts, clippings, and financial data. Arranged alphabetically by call letters, most stations have separate files. A few are grouped into folders of miscellaneous material. Although inclusive dates are given for the material on many stations, there are frequent gaps within these span dates. Most of the files concern rates, time options, frequency and power allocations, contract negotiations, and facility operations and locations.
The records of the Owned-and-Operated Stations include material on sales and program arrangements and other day-to-day relations between the network and its owned and affiliated stations. Correspondence contains internal exchanges between departments, affiliates, and owned and operated stations. Subjects include programming; relations with sponsors, advertising agencies, television personalities, and governmental agencies; governmental regulation; competition with CBS and NBC; and new, educational, and religious broadcasting.
Files are routine, fragmentary and lacking in consistency. Most document only a single year. Nevertheless they contain much that is of value in documenting the overall network strategy of ABC and its implementation among affiliates. The material for WSIX is noteworthy in its quantity and quality. Some files contain information on specific programming. Many files consist of interdepartmental correspondence from local stations to Herbert Hahn regarding station programming highlights and public service programming among Owned and Operated Stations. Reports, rankings and analysis of Owned and Operated performance are also found here.
Correspondence is primarily between station managers and Presidents and Oliver Treyz (VP TV Network) regarding sales of ABC shows to local stations, meetings of affiliate stations, corporate rational and research for rate increase proposals, rankings of stations and networks and promotions and cancellation of programs. Newspaper clippings are frequently included. Of particular interest is the strong network stance taken in regard to “spotting” of local stations and too frequent breaks between network programs. The immediate cancellation of popular programs “Maverick,” and “Lawrence Welk” in response to such violations is well documented in the correspondence with station WSIX-TV. Files are in poor condition. They are brittle and in many cases cannot be flattened or will disintegrate. Large amounts of ash and debris have been removed although even minimal handling produces small amounts of debris.
Station Meeting files document the regular meetings of ABC’s Primary Affiliates; ABC Television Affiliates Association Board of Governors; Owned and Operated Managers Meetings; correspondence on meeting planning and follow-up. Minutes of meetings are often marked confidential or “top secret” and refer to reports, reserach, goals and programming strategies. Minutes from meetings in 1958 stress the need for the network to move into sports programming and records the different attitudes and opinions of network executives on this subject.
Portions of the files concern ABC’s relations with the FCC, particularly during mergers. There is also some coverage of surveys of early television audiences, experiments in television programming, and the use of film in broadcasts.
Box 79, Folder 1-3

Owned and Operated 1958-1959

Box 79-80

Owned and Operated: Station Meetings 1956-1964

Box 79, Folder 8

Owned and Operated: Meeting Minutes 1963-1965

Box 80, Folder 5-6

KABC Black and White Ball 1958

Box 80, Folder 7

ABC-TV Correspondence, Invoices 1953-1954

Box 80, Folder 8

Blair TV, ABC 1956, 1960-1961

Box 80, Folder 9

WMVR TV 1956-1958

Box 80, Folder 10

WNAC TV 1957

Box 81, Folder 1-3

WSIX TV 1959

Box 81, Folder 4

WTOB TV 1957

Box 81, Folder 5

WPTA TV 1959

Box 81, Folder 6

WTPA TV 1957-1958

Box 81, Folder 7

WTVH TV 1957, 1959

Box 81, Folder 8

TVPI: Danny Kaye Music 1958

Physical Description: Fire Damage
Box 81, Folder 9-10

Clearance Department 1961

Box 81a, Folder 1

Advertising 1959

Box 81a, Folder 2

Labor Legislation Program 1959

Box 81a, Folder 3

KABC TV 1956-1958

Box 81a, Folder 4

KGO TV 1956-1958

Box 81a, Folder 5

WABC TV 1957-1959

Box 81a, Folder 6

WHNC TV 1958-1959

Box 81a, Folder 7

WNEM TV 1956-1958


Subsidiaries 1951-1975

Scope and Content

Includes corporate books and files of firms that were subsidiaries of, or allied to, the American Broadcasting System. Holdings for each company vary in size and completeness. Records of companies represented were primarily based in the United States but also includes some foreign-based interests. The records consist of subject files, background information, correspondence and meeting material, published annual reports, financial reports, and news clippings concerning affiliated, associated, and subsidiary banks and companies.
Box 82, Folder 1-3

Allieo Stores Corporation 1970-1975

Box 82, Folder 4

City Stores Company 1956-1957


Diversification 1966-1971

Box 82, Folder 5

Essex Company 1969

Box 82, Folder 6

Franklin National Bank 1968

Box 82, Folder 7

Funds, General 1967-1971

Box 82, Folder 8-9

General 1968

Box 82, Folder 10

Hyatt Corporation 1968

Box 82, Folder 11

Holiday Inn 1968-1969

Box 83, Folder 1-2

Knight and Gladieux 1967-1968

Box 83, Folder 3-5

Ling Temco Vought 1967

Box 83, Folder 6

McGraw Hill 1967

Box 83, Folder 7

Ogden Corporation 1966-1968

Box 83, Folder 8-9

Ontario Motor Speedway 1969-1970

Box 84, Folder 1

Norton Simon 1970

Box 84, Folder 2

Studebaker Worthington 1968

Box 84, Folder 3

Swingline 1968

Box 84, Folder 4

Topodynamics 1969

Box 84, Folder 5

Walter Hellert Company 1967-1968

Box 84, Folder 6-7

Dynametrics 1957-1961

Box 84, Folder 8-12

Madison Square Garden 1964-1968


Microwave Associates, Inc. 1951-1967

Box 85, Folder 2-8

General 1958-1959, 1961-1967

Box 85, Folder 1

Finance 1951-1958

Box 85, Folder 9

No. Report Stock Certificate undated

Box 85, Folder 10-11

Financial Reports 1958-1959, 1963-1967

Box 85, Folder 12-13

Meeting Minutes 1966-1967

Box 85, Folder 14

Minnesota Amusement Co. 1956

Box 86, Folder 1-7

Technical Operations 1958-1968

Box 86, Folder 8

Teleprompter Corporation 1965

Box 87, Folder 1-9

Western Union 1958-1967


Awards 1965-1989

Scope and Content

Files document achievement awards, usually related to broadcasting or philanthropy awarded to LHG. They typically include initial notification, correspondence regarding events related to the award, and congratulatory letters, sometimes with LGH responses. Programs and invitations are included. Press clippings are less occasionally found and photographs are contained only when noted.
Box 88, Folder 1

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 1978

Box 88, Folder 2

American Film Institute 1989

Box 88, Folder 3

Emerson College Commencement 1981

Box 88, Folder 4

Flame of Truth Award 1982

Box 88, Folder 5

Horatio Alger Awards Dinner, Washinton Hilton 1989

Box 88, Folder 6-8

Motion Picture Pioneer of the Year 1967-1968

Box 88, Folder 9

NATO Award 1970

Box 88, Folder 10

Neal Pike Award, Boston University 1980

Box 89, Folder 1

PACE University Leadership in Management Award 1986

Box 89, Folder 2

Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Award 1983

Box 89, Folder 3

Press Club 1980

Box 89, Folder 4

PULSE Award 1965

Box 89, Folder 5-6

Skowhegan School Awards Dinner 1976-1977


Biography: Beating the Odds 1989-1990

Scope and Content

These files consist of transcripts of oral interviews conducted by Martin Wolf and numerous subjects for the LGH biography Beating the Odds. The computer printouts are not dated but do contain the name of the interviewee. They are arranged alphabetically by last name of interviewee. They do not contain any handwritten notations. The transcripts between Wolf, LGH and IWG are arranged sequentially based on Wolf’s note of “Part 1, Part 11, etc.” A galley draft of the biography dates from 1990 and does contain marginal notes.
Box 90-91

Transcripts undated

Box 92, Folder 1-3

Draft Copy 1990

Box 93, Folder 1-2

Catalog (Paintings) 1977-1979

Scope and Content

Consists primarily of photographs of LGH’s paintings and typewritten descriptive notes that were used in the published catalog, copies of which are included. The catalog and files date from 1977-1979.

Paintings 1977

Box 93, Folder 3

Cafe des Artistes Exhibit undated

Box 93, Folder 4

Palm Springs Desert Museum Exhibit 1977

Box 93, Folder 5

Sioux City Arts Center Exhibit 1977


Capital Cities, ABC 1976-1995

Scope and Content

These records concern the merger between Capital Cities and ABC Inc., and include substantial correspondence, formal SEC documents and other material useful to researchers in the expansion of broadcast networks. Files date from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s.
Box 94, Folder 1

Affidavits and Questionnaires Leonard H. Goldenson and Directors 1976-1991

Box 94, Folder 2-5

Board of Directors Meeting Files 1987-1990

Box 94, Folder 6

Goldenson Reception 1991

Box 95, Folder 1

Merger Clippings 1985-1988

Box 95, Folder 2

Merger Draft Proposals 1985

Box 95, Folder 3

Executive Summary 1985

Box 95, Folder 4

Merger Congratulations Letters 1985

Box 95, Folder 6

Miscellaneous Correspondence 1986-1995

Box 95, Folder 7

Policies circa 1990

Box 95, Folder 8

Section 338 Study 1985

Box 95, Folder 9

Shareholders Information 1988


Harvard University 1977-1994

Scope and Content

Apart from some records regarding LGH class reunions or recognition of Harvard University, these files heavily document the effort for voter turnout spearheaded by LGH, known as “Voting for Democracy.” The correspondence, program and supporting material cover the evolution of the event from start to finish as well as congratulatory letters from prominent politicians. Voting for Democracy files date from the mid-1980s. Reunion and personal university files date from the early 1960s to the 1990s.
Box 96, Folder 1

Class of 1927 Reunion 1977

Box 96, Folder 2

Donations 1988-1991

Box 96, Folder 3

Frank Stanton Professorship 1981

Box 96, Folder 4

General 1985-1987

Box 96, Folder 5

Goldenson Dedication 1994

Box 96, Folder 6

Harvard Club of Sarasota 1988-1991

Box 96, Folder 7

60th Reunion 1986


Voting for Democracy 1983-1984, 1987

Box 96, Folder 8

Clippings and Photos 1987

Box 96, Folder 9

Clippings and Programs 1984

Box 96-97

Correspondence 1983-1984

Box 97, Folder 2

Public Relations 1983

Box 97, Folder 3-4

Support Material 1983-1984

Box 97, Folder 5

Howard Hughes Takeover Attempt Correspondence 1968

Box 97, Folder 6

Jackie Robinson Foundation Information File 1987


Interviews 1957-1982

Box 98, Folder 1

1950s 1957-1959

Box 98, Folder 2

1960s 1960-1965

Box 98, Folder 3

Forbes Magazine 1982


Speeches 1968, 1974

Box 98, Folder 4

Scottsdale Speech 1974

Box 98, Folder 5

Miscellaneous 1968


UCP 1965-1995

Scope and Content

Apart from scant correspondence with individuals recognizing their contributions to UCP in Part 1, this file series represents the bulk of UCP related documents. They are primarily administrative files that cover affiliates, telethons, galas, and internal operations such as pensions, property acquisition, etc. Some photographs are present.
Box 99, Folder 1

Affiliates 1988-1990

Box 99, Folder 2

Background Material 1985-1989

Box 99, Folder 3

Board of Directors 1990-1991

Box 99, Folder 4

Children's Cancer Research 1980

Box 99, Folder 5

Clippings 1989

Box 99, Folder 6

Corporate Sponsor Program 1986

Box 99, Folder 7-8

Correspondence 1989-1993

Box 99, Folder 9

Executive Operating Committee 1991

Box 99, Folder 10

Financial General 1991

Box 99, Folder 11-13

Gamboling Gala 1990-1991, 1994

Box 99, Folder 14

General 1995

Box 99, Folder 15

Goldenson/Weinstein Awards 1989

Box 99, Folder 16

Grants 1987

Box 100, Folder 1

Harvard Presentation 1977

Box 100, Folder 2-7

Humanitarian Dinners 1990-1993

Box 100, Folder 8

NASA 1974-1975

Box 100, Folder 9-10

NASA Goldenson Tribute Tribute Weekend 1989

Box 100, Folder 11

Photograph circa 1989

Box 101, Folder 1

Pension Trust 1990-1993

Box 101, Folder 2

Policies 1990-1992

Box 101, Folder 3

Proposal, Research 1965

Box 101, Folder 4

Research 1973-1980

Box 101, Folder 5

Research Washington Speech 1974

Box 101, Folder 6

Research and Education Foundation 1991

Box 101, Folder 7

Space Application Board 1973-1974

Box 101, Folder 8-9

Remarks and Speeches 1965-1988

Box 102, Folder 1-6

Star-A-Thon 1989-1995

Box 102, Folder 7-8

Telethons 1983-1994

Box 102, Folder 9

TV Special 1993

Box 102, Folder 10

Trump Property 1980-1984

Box 102, Folder 11

Washington Effort 1974-1975


Alphabetical Files 1959-1998

Scope and Content

Much of this correspondence dates from the early and mid-1990s and was dictated from Florida by LGH but not read. They consist primarily of brief notes to individuals without substantive information pertaining to broadcasting.
The alphabetical subject files are often of a personal nature, relating to households and personal expenses. Their contents are evident from the container list.
Howard Hughes correspondence consists mainly of telegrams in support of LGH efforts to block Hughes obtaining controlling interest of ABC stock. LGH’s thank you correspondence is also included. Of interest is a summary of issues concerning Howard Hughes, making special note of syphilis.
These files date from the late 1990s and do not appear to have been copied to LGH, nor is he mentioned. In general the files are scant, particularly those on specific television programs. Principal correspondents in these files are: Mike Mallardi; Daniel Burke; Jim Long; and Steven Burke. There are some notes on various sheets. Files are duplicates either faxed, emailed or photocopied. An interesting note from Peter Jennings briefly discusses coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial.
Unprocessed material from Part 3 primarily consists of financial data and reports from businesses in which LGH held interests.
Box 103, Folder 1

Academy of Arts and Sciences 1989-1990

Box 103, Folder 2

Arbus, Loreen 1988-1994

General Note

Contents have been removed
Box 103, Folder 3

Boston University Pike Prize 1989-1992

Box 103, Folder 4

Biography Isabelle Goldenson undated

Box 103, Folder 5-6

Biography Leonard H. Goldenson undated

Box 103, Folder 7

Biography, Wills, Leonard H. Goldenson undated

Box 104, Folder 1

CapCities Ink 1978

Box 104, Folder 2

Car 1989-1992

Box 104, Folder 3

Century Country Club 1979-1991

Box 104, Folder 4

Chauffeur circa 1989-1990

Box 104, Folder 5

Car Expenses 1989

Box 104, Folder 6-8

Chauffeur Records circa 1989-1990

Box 104, Folder 9

Congregation Emanu-El 1985-1992

Box 105-106

Correspondence 1990-1995

Box 107, Folder 1

Dental Isabelle Goldenson 1985

Box 107, Folder 2

Dental Leonard H. Goldenson 1985

Box 107, Folder 3

Domestic Help Isabelle Goldenson 1990


Dwellings 1959-1993

Box 107, Folder 4

[untitled] 1959-1989

Box 107, Folder 5

Driving Instructions undated

Box 107, Folder 6

Expenses and Furnishings 1986

Box 107, Folder 7

Islander Club 1986-1990

Box 107, Folder 8

Mamaroneck Shore Acres Point Corporation 1979-1989

Box 107, Folder 9

Mamaroneck Restoration 1977

Box 107, Folder 10

Mamaroneck Shipping Lists 1990

Box 107, Folder 11

Mamaroneck Sale 1990

Box 107, Folder 12

Mamaroneck Expenses 1990

Box 107, Folder 13

Mamaroneck Inventories 1990

Box 107, Folder 14

Misc. 1980-1990

Box 108, Folder 1-2

Sovereign 1977-1980, 1982-1989

Box 108, Folder 3

Sovereign Apartments 1986-1993


Fringe Benefits 1977-1993

Box 108, Folder 4

[untitled] circa 1980-1988

Box 108, Folder 5

KEICP Deferred Compensation 1989-1993

Box 108, Folder 6

Employee Stock Purchase Plan 1977-1987

Box 108, Folder 7

Furs and Jewelry 1959-1990


Gifts, Chemical Bank Transfer Funds 1988-1994

General note

Contents have been removed.
Box 108, Folder 8

Loreen Arbus 1988-1993

Box 108, Folder 9

Maxine Goldenson 1989-1994

Box 108, Folder 10

Gifts, Christmas 1987-1993

Box 108, Folder 11

Goldenson, Maxine 1988-1992

General note

Contents have been removed
Box 108, Folder 12

Graham, Billy: Luncheon 1991

Box 108, Folder 13

Household Help 1993

Box 109, Folder 1

Keenan Ivory Wayans 1998

Box 109, Folder 2

Laser Angioplasty 1989


Medical Records 1973-1986

Box 109, Folder 3

Isabelle Goldenson: Arthritis 1981-1982

Box 109, Folder 4

Leonard H. Goldenson 1973-1977

Box 109, Folder 5

Isabelle Goldenson 1975-1986

Box 109, Folder 6

Middle East: The Disney Channel 1997

Box 109, Folder 7

Miller, Farrell 1997

Box 109, Folder 8

Miramax Films 1997

Box 109, Folder 9-10

Miscellaneous 1996-1997

Box 109, Folder 11

Monday Night Football 1997-1998

Box 110, Folder 1

Morgan Stanley Advertising and Media 1997

Box 110, Folder 2

Multimedia Corporation 1996

Box 110, Folder 3

Museum of Broadcasting 1990-1994

Box 110, Folder 4

NABET 1988

Box 110, Folder 5

National TV Sales 1989-1997

Box 110, Folder 6

NBC circa 1997

Box 110, Folder 7

Neuberger and Berman Account 1987

Box 110, Folder 8

NewCo ABC Video 1990-1994

Box 110, Folder 9

New York City Investment Fund 1996

Box 110, Folder 10

News Corporation 1996

Box 110, Folder 11

New York Tax Deal 1994-1995

Box 110, Folder 12

NPV Analysis Latin America 1996

Box 110, Folder 13

Office 1981-1992

Box 110, Folder 14

Office Expenses 1990-1991

Box 111, Folder 1

Online 1996-1997

Box 111, Folder 2

Oral History 1989

Box 111, Folder 3

Paxson Communications 1997

Box 111, Folder 4

Pay Deal circa 1996

Box 111, Folder 5

Pay TV 1998

Box 111, Folder 6

Personnel 1986-1990

Box 111, Folder 7

Phoenix 1996-1997

Box 111, Folder 8

Pixar 1997

Box 111, Folder 9

Planet 24 undated

Box 111, Folder 10

Politically Incorrect 1997

Box 111, Folder 11

Project Heston Exodus 1996-1998

Box 112, Folder 1-4

Radio 1992-1994, 1996-1998

Box 112, Folder 5-6

Radio Disney 1996-1997

Box 112, Folder 7

Radio Disney Europe 1997-1998

Box 113, Folder 1

Radio Network 1997

Box 113, Folder 2-3

Radio Sports 1986-1987, 1997

Box 113, Folder 4

Radio Synergy 1997

Box 113, Folder 5

Radio Today Entertainment 1997

Box 113, Folder 6

Resumes circa 1993-1998

Box 113, Folder 7

Retransmission Consent 1993-1995

Box 113, Folder 8

Research America 1989-1991

Box 113, Folder 9

Rosie O'Donnell 1996

Box 114, Folder 1

Saturday Morning 1997

Box 114, Folder 2

Spanish Broadcasting Systems 1997

Box 114, Folder 3

Season Tickets 1997

Box 114, Folder 4

Showtime 1998

Box 114, Folder 5

Simmons School 1997

Box 114, Folder 6

Soaps 1996

Box 114, Folder 7

Soap Channel 1996

Box 114, Folder 8

Spin City 1998

Box 114, Folder 9

Spain 1997

Box 114, Folder 10

Speeches 1996-1998

Box 114, Folder 11

Starbucks 1997

Box 114, Folder 12

Starwave 1996

Box 114, Folder 13

Station Acquisitions 1997

Box 114, Folder 14

Station Groups circa 1996

Box 114, Folder 15-18

Stations Owned and Operated 1986-1994, 1997-1998

Box 115, Folder 1

WABC AM 1989-1997

Box 115, Folder 2

WABC TV 1987-1998

Box 115, Folder 3

WHXT FM 1986-1989

Box 115, Folder 4

WJRT TV 1995

Box 115, Folder 5

WJR AM 1990s

Box 115, Folder 6

WKHX AM/FM 1997-1998

Box 115, Folder 7

WLS AM 1991, 1997

Box 115, Folder 8

WLS TV 1987-1997

Box 115, Folder 9

WMAL AM 1987-1991

Box 115, Folder 10

WPLJ FM 1987-1991

Box 115, Folder 11

WPVI TV 1998

Box 115, Folder 12

WRQX FM 1990-1991

Box 115, Folder 13

WTVD 1987-1997

Box 115, Folder 14

WTVG TV 1995-1996

Box 115, Folder 15

WWOD 1997

Box 115, Folder 16

WXCD FM 1997

Box 115, Folder 17

Sweeps 1996-1998

Box 115, Folder 18

Synergy 1996-1997

Box 115, Folder 19

TGIF 1997

Box 115, Folder 20

Time Warner 1997

Box 115, Folder 21

Tony Awards 1996

Box 116, Folder 1-4

Stock Prices 1990, 1992-1994


Travel 1988-1993

Box 117, Folder 1

Isabelle Goldenson 1988-1991

Box 117, Folder 2

Leonard H. Goldenson 1989-1993

Box 117, Folder 3

Advantage Leonard H. Goldenson 1990-1993

Box 117, Folder 4

Frequent Flyer Leonard H. Goldenson 1989-1993

Box 117, Folder 5

One Pass Leonard H. Goldenson 1990-1993

Box 117, Folder 6

United Way 1997-1998

Box 117, Folder 7

UPN 1998

Box 117, Folder 8

White and Case 1985-1986

Box 117, Folder 9

Westwood One 1998

Box 117, Folder 10

Windows 1997

Box 117, Folder 11

Wink Communications 1997

Box 117, Folder 12

World Cup Soccer 1996

Box 117, Folder 13

Worldvision 1997

Box 117, Folder 14

Zaino, Gene 1985


[Damaged Files] 1955-1962

General Physical Description: These files have experienced severe fire damage, and extreme care is to be taken while handling.
Box 118, Folder 1-3

Oliver Treyz 1955-1957

Box 118, Folder 4-5

Acquisitions 1957

Box 118, Folder 6-7

Congratulatory Correspondence 1956-1957

Box 119, Folder 1-7

General 1958-1962

Box 120, Folder 1

Job Applications 1957

Box 120, Folder 2

Speeches 1955

Box 120, Folder 3

Neilson Material 1956-1957

Box 120, Folder 4

Personnel 1957

Box 120, Folder 5

Trendex Ratings 1957

Box 120, Folder 6

WXYZ Dedication 1959

Box 121

[unidentified] undated


Personal Papers

Other Finding Aid

An Excel spreadsheet exists detailing specific file and item level descriptions for much of the material in the Personal Papers series. The spreadsheet was created prior to the collection's donation to USC.

Annual Reports

Scope and Content

1942-1998, 222.5 in. Arranged by subject. A slightly incomplete set of records for Paramount Theatres inc. & subsidiary companies, dating from 1942-1964. American Broadcasting Company, Inc. is complete from 1965-1985. Incomplete set for Capital Cities / ABC, Inc. 1986-1994. Additional reports reflect investment interests of Leonard H. Goldenson.
Box 1, Folder 1-4

Paramount Pictures, Inc. 1942-1948

Box 1, Folder 5-7

United Paramount Theatres, Inc. 1950-1952

Box 1, Folder 8-19

American Broadcasting Paramount Theatres, Inc. 1953-1964

Box 1-2

ABC 1965-1984

Box 2-3

Capital Cities, ABC 1985-1987, 1990-1991, 1994

Box 4, Folder 1

Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. 1980

Box 4-5

CBS 1986, 1988

Box 4-5

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. 1987, 1994, 1998

Box 4, Folder 4

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Its Jimmy Fund 1988

Box 4, Folder 5

Ford Foundation 1988

Box 4, Folder 6

The News Corporation, Ltd. 1989

Box 4, Folder 7, 16

Dean Witter Discover & Co. 1992, 1995

Box 4-5

Dover Corporation 1992, 1995

Box 4, Folder 9

Merck 1993

Box 4, Folder 11

The Charles A. Dana Foundation 1994

Box 4-5

SPS Transaction Services, Inc. 1994-1995

Box 4-5

The Walt Disney Company 1994-1995

Box 4, Folder 14

American Express 1995

Box 4, Folder 15

AT&T 1995

Box 4-5

The Buckley School 1994-1996

Box 5, Folder 1

DH Group 1995

Box 5, Folder 3

Exxon Corporation 1995

Box 5, Folder 4

First Data Corporation 1995

Box 5, Folder 5

General Electric 1995

Box 5, Folder 6

The Gillette Company 1995

Box 5, Folder 7

IBM 1995

Box 5, Folder 10

Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations 1996

Box 5, Folder 12

Children's Circle of Care 1997

Box 5, Folder 13

Roper Industries, Inc. 1996

Box 5, Folder 14

The Museum of Modern Art New York 1986-1987

Box 5, Folder 15

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1989-1990

Box 5, Folder 18

Harvard Club of New York City Annual Report of the Board of Managers 1995

Box 5, Folder 19

Amerada Hess Third Quarter Report 1990

Object 1-586


Scope and Content

1927-2002, 58 cu. ft. Unarranged. Collection consists of service, humanitarian, philanthropic, and achievement awards received by Leonard H. Goldenson and to a lesser degree Isabelle Goldenson. These awards reflect the Goldensons’ commitment to the United Cerebral Palsy Association and Harvard University as well as Leonard H. Goldenson’s professional accomplishments. There are ABC, Inc. advertising and promotional materials, Olympic Games memorabilia, travel and personal items including jewelry and billfolds, and a small collection of mermaid figures. Oversized objects include awards, clothing related to the Olympic games, sports equipment, and advertising material.



Art Collection








Museum of Television and Radio


Olympic Games




United Cerebral Palsy


White House


World Figures


Beating The Odds

Scope and Content

1954-1991, 46 in. Arranged by subject. Predominantly interviews as well as notes, correspondence, outlines, research materials, transcribed oral histories, a letter of agreement, promotional materials, galley corrections, a questionnaire, reviews and articles, book signing information, party lists, and legal opinions relating to Leonard H. Goldenson’s biography, Beating the Odds.
Box 1, Folder 1-12

Interviews, Reviews & Correspondence

Box 2, Folder 1-16

Goldenson notes & book correspondence

Box 3, Folder 1-8

Research Material

Box 4-8


Box 9-12




Scope and Content

1965-1998, 45 in. Unarranged. Diaries as well as day, telephone, address, guest and memo books that were used by Leonard H. Goldenson and to some extent Isabelle W. Goldenson.
Box 1-5, 7-9


Scope and Content

1920-2002, 12 cu. ft. & 23 in. Arranged chronologically. The majority of the clippings relate to Leonard H. Goldenson’s personal and professional life. Predominantly three areas of interest; the communications industry especially Goldenson’s business history with ABC, Inc. and Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., United Cerebral Palsy Association and Harvard University. Goldenson’s biography, Beating the Odds, the Museum of Television Arts and Sciences and his accomplishments as a painter are also included. There are clippings relative to Isabelle W. Goldenson, and their daughters Loreen and Maxine. There are clippings that relate to friends and relatives. Serial collections of Los Angeles Magazine 1978-1988.


Scope and Content

1941-2002, 82.5 in. Arranged by topic. The bulk of the material dates from 1980-1990. The series titles are: incoming to Leonard H. Goldenson, laminated incoming to Leonard H. Goldenson and Isabelle Goldenson, laminated speeches, outgoing from Leonard H. Goldenson, Leonard H. Goldenson speeches and interviews, donations, incoming and outgoing to Isabelle W. Goldenson, Family, Maxine Goldenson, Loreen Arbus, incoming to Leonard and Isabelle Goldenson, Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University Donations, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Class of 1927, Temple Beth Israel, Congregation Emanu-El, The White House, Award, Voting for Democracy, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Museum of Television and Radio, Invitations, Personalities, ABC Board of Directors meetings, ABC Annual meeting of Shareholders, Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., ABC Financials, ABC programming files, ABC, Inc./Capital Cities Merger, ABC, Inc., ABC Anniversary, National Institute of Health, United Cerebral Palsy Research and National Aeronautics Space Administration, United Cerebral Palsy, Pulled from Personal Library, Film & Video or Recording Collection, Personal Inventories, Note cards, oversized White House, and Notes. Included but not limited to this collections are letters, greeting cards, telegrams, notes, memoranda, announcements, reports, financial statements, proposals, lists, inventories, minutes, invitations, press releases, treatments, screenplays, photographs, histories and publications.
Box 33-39, 41-43

ABC 1967-1998

Box 30, Folder 1-63

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation

Box 28, Folder 1-33

Awards 1951-1995

Box 36

Capital Cities / ABC, Inc. 1994-1995

Box 26, Folder 1-8

Congregation Emanu-El 1982-1999

Box 9, Folder 1-25

Donations 1989-1999

Box 19-23

Harvard University 1967-2000

Box 1-3, 17-18

Incoming 1945-2000

Box 32, Folder 1-20

Invitations 1959-1997

Box 31, Folder 1-18

Museum of Television and Radio 1993-2000

Box 44, Folder 1-12

National Institute of Health 1973-1993

Box 2, 5-6

Outgoing 1954-1999

Box 64, Folder 1-14

Personalities 1957-1987

Box 40, Folder 1-21

Programming Files 1986-1998

Box 57, Folder 1-56

Pulled from Personal Library, Film & Video, or Recording Collection 1950-2000

General Note

Content of the following folders was removed March 2007: 2, 3, 52, 53
Box 4, 7

Speeches & Interviews 1966-1994

Box 24-25

Temple Beth Israel 1978-1998

Box 27, 65

The White House 1945-1990

Box 16, 45-56

United Cerebral Palsy 1971-2002

Box 29, Folder 1-20

Voting for Democracy 1983-1984

Box 5-6, 9-14


Scope and Content

1919-1996, 40 in. and 2 cu. ft. Stationery and a variety of materials, A collection of business cards which relate to the Goldensons' life on Longboat Key, Florida that are arranged alphabetically. Leonard H. Goldenson’s business cards and ABC, Inc. and related subsidiary’s stationery. Personal stationery of Leonard H. & Isabelle W. Goldenson and that of Genise Goldenson. Stationery from the White House and the Waldorf Astoria in New York, NY. Materials relating to the exhibition of Leonard H. Goldenson’s paintings. Annual reports and publications relating to the Daughters of Jacob in New York City as well as announcements, seating lists and invitations to their annual dinners and luncheons. Documentation concerning the appraisal, authenticity, purchase, and shipping of the Goldenson’s fine art collection. A collection of invitations, announcements, catalogues and guides from galleries and auction houses. Materials from the 1964 Democratic Convention. Laminated materials include Russek’s coat labels, note-cards, reports, various event programs and invitations, annual reports, histories and publications. Other materials include writings, a book list, post cards, companion books with personal gifts, Congressional Records, and duplicate copies of Leonard H. Goldenson’s descriptions of his paintings.
Box 1-7

Film and Video circa 1975-1999

Scope and Content

Arranged by format. Collection of u-matic tape, 1/2” vhs tape, and 8mm film documenting events concerning Leonard H. Goldenson, his family, United Cerebral Palsy, ABC, Inc., Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. and Harvard University. Leonard H. Goldenson speeches and interviews. Tapings of the University Satellite Programs funded by I&L Goldenson Foundation., inventory of Leonard H. Goldenson’s paintings. Personal interest videos. ABC and Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. pilots.

Fine and Graphic Art 1929-1975

Scope and Content

Works include portraits of Leonard H. Goldenson, drawing by Isabelle W. Goldenson, unidentified primitive drawings, posters and prints and Leonard H. Goldenson’s sketchbook.
Box 1-8

Memorial Records 1999-2000

Scope and Content

5 - 12.5” x 13” x 3” binders Arranged by subject. Memorial services guest books; obituary clippings; correspondences, notes of condolence; address and thank you lists. An invitation, memos, flyers, announcements from the ceremony, "Celebration of the Life of Leonard H. Goldenson." A memorial biography, remarks by Maxine Goldenson and color-copies from the ATAS memorial service.
Box 1-5

Personal Library 1927-1998

Scope and Content

50 cu. ft. & 19” of oversized materials. Unarranged. This collection reflects but is not limited to Leonard H. Goldenson’s interests in fine and decorative arts, the television industry, Judaism, religion, government, health and fitness history, and golf. Many of the volumes are autographed by their authors. Copies of Beating the Odds that were once a part of the collection have been released to Loreen Arbus, except for Isabelle W. Goldenson’s copy. There are several paper and hardback copies of Leonard H. Goldenson’s painting exhibition catalogue from the Palm Springs Desert Museum; dictionaries and thesauri; and a small collection of books belonging to Isabelle Goldenson.

Photographs circa 1904-2001

Scope and Content

Arranged chronologically. Archival photos of the Lee Goldenson and Max Weinstein families and Leonard H. Goldenson and Isabelle Weinstein in their youth. Most of the images are Leonard H. Goldenson’s family photos. Family outings, trips, residences, holidays, parties and daily life are documented. A box of oversized photographs holds mainly archival family portraits. In addition to family photographs there are American Broadcast Corporation, Inc., Paramount Theatres, United Cerebral Palsy, World Figures and Celebrities, and Leonard H. Goldenson images. There is a box of water damaged photos, laminated photos, and unidentified photos. There are Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. copyrighted images. There are albums filled with slides and negatives capturing family and personal images. Damaged or deteriorating photo albums have been re-housed in their original order.
Box 1, Folder 1-41

Celebrities and World Figures

Box 2, Folder 1-66

Leonard H. Goldenson

Box 3-5


Box 6-7

United Cerebral Palsy

Box 8, Folder 1-4

Paramount 1944-1948

Box 26, Folder 1-7


Box 30, Folder 1-33


General note

contains glass
Box 34, 40

ABC, Inc. Copyright

Box 41, Folder 1-19

Additional Materials

Box 1-3, 6

Recordings circa 1970-1994

Scope and Content

10 cu. ft. 2 cu. ft. 8 track cassettes, 2 cu. ft. audio-tape, and 6 cu. ft. of LP records. Arranged by format. Formats include LP record albums, 8 track cassettes, and audio cassette tapes. The 8 track cassette tape collection and the LP collection consist of music published by ABC Records, Inc.
There are audio-tape recordings of speeches, lectures and talks relating to ABC, Inc., United Cerebral Palsy, and the Goldensons’ travels to China and Israel. There are a few personal tapes. The personal audio-tape collection is now with Loreen Arbus.
Box 1-2, 4-17, 20-29, Object 38-39

Scrapbooks circa 1954-1994

Scope and Content

22 cu. ft. & 10 in. Arranged by subject. Scrapbooks that were deteriorating have been removed from their original bindings and the material has been placed in their original order in archival bindings and mounting pages. There are scrapbooks which document the awards received by Leonard H. Goldenson, ABC, Inc.’s 25th Anniversary, ABC, Inc.’s 1978 Board of Director’s meeting, World Management IT&T Corporation Dinner, the Olympic Games, the family of Leonard H. Goldenson, the Kennedy-Nixon debates, the paintings of Leonard H. Goldenson, the merger of ABC, Inc. and Capital Cities Communications, the National Conference of Christian and Jews, the Scottsdale Centennial celebration, One Hundred Year Association of New York, Inc., the Goldensons’ trip to South America, Leonard H. Goldenson’s biography, United Cerebral Palsy, presidential election coverage 1982-1983, the Goldensons’ 60 million dollar donation to Harvard Medical School and the dedication ceremony of the Isabelle & Leonard Goldenson Biomedical Research Building, visit to the Manned Space Center in Houston, Texas, Voting for Democracy Symposium, the 24th Annual Pennsylvania Broadcasting Reception & Dinner, White House engagement, and the AP-PT Board of Directors meeting.
Box 6

Subject Files 1945-1995

Scope and Content

27.5 in. Arranged alphabetically. This collection covers a variety of topics. Personal and professional correspondences, paid bills, financial reports, event programs relating to awards received by Leonard H. Goldenson as well as Leonard H. Goldenson’s acceptance speeches, clippings, train schedules, brochures, medical records, lists, the Goldenson family tree, legal information, estate information, budgets, insurance information, itineraries, investment projections, telegrams, real estate contracts, property appraisals, travel receipts, gallery guides, biographies, histories, press releases, publications, invitations, annual reports, newsletters, transcripts, inventories, ads, pension and retirement information, bank statements, and proposals.

Business Records Part 2 1915-1994

Scope and Content

This portion of Leonard H. Goldenson's business records is the fourth and final shipment received from Capital Cities / ABC's records storage facility. The material is varied in content and includes but is not limited to memoranda, correspondence, reports, speeches, policy statements, applications, photographs, publications, moving images, artifacts, vital records, and ephemera. The records are incomplete on several levels. Many appear to have been misplaced from their original record groups.
There are ABC annual reports, committee meetings and agendas, and program files. Correspondence materials document AB-PT's activities with Disneyland productions, involvement in the Harris Subcommittee Hearings and the Federal Communication Commission hearings. United Cerebral Palsy correspondences include correspondence from the various state chapters with carbon copies of Goldenson's correspondences. The bulk of this dates from 1960-1970. There are miscellaneous correspondence and those documenting the various awards received by Goldenson from 1954-1997.
A substantial amount of personal files concerning Leonard Goldenson, his wife, daughters, mother and family friend, Karen Hansen are apart of this collection. These records include but are not limited to correspondences, clippings, photographs, cards, telegrams, annual reports, financials and photocopies of vital records. These are files that address Loreen Goldenson's wedding to Norman Fox, the dedication ceremony for Genise Goldenson, nursing home care for Genise Goldenson and Karen Hansen, medical histories, estate planning, Harvard University, codicils to the last will and testament of Esther Goldenson, and selective service information relating to Leonard H. Goldenson.
The photography collection includes both personal and ABC related images. Many of Goldenson's paintings are included in this collection. The bulk of the material focuses on Goldenson's activities with ABC.


This portion is divided into Annual Reports (1950-1989); Artifacts (1960); Capital Cities / ABC, Inc. Records (1989-1995); Clippings (1951-1994); Correspondence / United Cerebral Palsy (1956-1992); Correspondence / Miscellaneous (1959-1993); Correspondence / Leonard H. Goldenson Remarks & Speeches (1967-1970); Correspondence / Awards (1984-1989); Correspondence / Legal (1936-1960); Correspondence with Photographs (ca. 1960-1980); Ephemera (1994-1999); Moving Images (ca. 1990); Personal Library; Personal Records (1941-1977); Photography (1915-1994); Program Files (1962-1981); Scrapbooks (1974); Unprocessed Financial Records (1981-1982)


Box 1-6

United Cerebral Palsy 1956-1992

Box 7

Miscellaneous 1959-1993

Box 8

Remarks & Speeches 1967-1970

Box 9-11

Awards 1957-1999

Box 12-21

Legal 1936, 1951-1965

Box 22

Photographs ca. 1960-1983

Box 1-3

Photographs 1915-1994

Box 1-5

Program Files 1962-1966, 1971-1979

Box 1

Annual Reports 1950-1989

Box 1-2

Capital Cities / ABC Inc. 1989-1995

Box 1

Ephemera 1994

Box 1

Moving Images 1990

Box 1

Clippings 1951-1994

Box 1

Artifacts 1960

Box 1

Scrapbooks 1974