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Guide to the Ralph Ellison Collection
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Collection Contents

box-folder 1:1-4

Biograhical material 1950-1973

Physical Description: 4 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains the few items signed by Ellison or directly related to his writing.
box-folder 1:1

[ACS] Card - "Greetings and best wishes" n.d.

box-folder 1:2

[TDS] "from Shadow and Act" - review for Saturday Review May 17, 1958

box-folder 1:3

Photocopy of Ellison's review of There is a Tree More Ancient than Eden by Leon Forrest with [TLS] note from Selma Shapiro, Random House to "Dear Barbara". Note concerns the photocopy. February 15, 1973

box-folder 1:4

[Ralph Ellison signing autographs] - B/W Photograph, 8" x 10" n.d.

box-folder 1:5-34 - 2:1-27

Writings by Ellison 1938-1977

Physical Description: 56 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains photocopies of short stories, essays, reviews, and speeches written by Ellison.
box-folder 1:5-21

Short Stories

box-folder 1:5

"Backwacking: a Plea to the Senator", Massachusetts Review, v.18:3 Autumn 1977

box-folder 1:6

"Night-Talk", Quarterly Review of Literature, v.16 1972

box-folder 1:7

"A Song of Innocence", The Iowa Review, v.1:2 Spring 1970

box-folder 1:8

"Juneteenth", Quarterly Review of Literature, v.13:3-4 1965

box-folder 1:9

"Harlem is Nowhere", Harpers magazine, v.229:1371 August 1964

box-folder 1:10

"It Always Breaks Out", Partisan Review, v.30:1 Spring 1963

box-folder 1:11

"The Roof, the Steeple and the People", Quarterly Review of Literature, v.10:3 1959-1960

box-folder 1:12

"Prologue to Invisible Man", Partisan Review, v.19 January - February 1952

box-folder 1:13

"Battle Royal", '48: The Magazine of the Year, v.2:1 January 1948

box-folder 1:14

"King of the Bingo Game", Tomorrow, v.4:3 November 1944

box-folder 1:15

"Mr. Toussaint", Negro Story, v.1:3 October - November 1944

Scope and Content Note

[reprinted from Common Ground]
box-folder 1:16

"Mister Toussan", Negro Story, v. 1:1 July - August 1944

Scope and Content Note

[reprinted from New Masses, November 4, 1941]
box-folder 1:17

"Flying Home", Cross Section: A Collection of New American Writing 1944

box-folder 1:18

"Mister Toussan", New Masses, v.23 November 4, 1941

box-folder 1:19

"They found Terror in Harlem", Negro Digest, v.1:1 July 1940

box-folder 1:20

"The Birthmark", New Masses, v.36:2 July 2, 1940

box-folder 1:21

"Slick Gonna Learn", Direction, v.2:5 September 1939

box-folder 1:22-27

Essays - Music & Art

box-folder 1:22

"The Golden Age Time Past", Esquire, v.50 January 1959

box-folder 1:23

"As the Spirit Moves Mahalia", The Saturday Review of Literature, v.41 September 27, 1958

box-folder 1:24

"Resourceful Human" & "Remembering Jimmy", The Saturday Review of Literature, v.41 July 12, 1958

box-folder 1:25

"The Charlie Christian Story", The Saturday Review of Literature v.41 May 17, 1958

box-folder 1:26

"The Swing to Stereo", The Saturday Review of Literature, v.41 April 26, 1958

box-folder 1:27

"Introduction to Flamenco", The Saturday Review of Literature, v.37 December 11, 1954

box-folder 1:28-34

Essays & Speeches on Politics & Culture

box-folder 1:28

"What America Would be Without Blacks", Time, v. 95 April 6, 1970

box-folder 1:29

"Harlem's America", New Leader, v.49 September 26, 1966

box-folder 1:30

"Tell it Like it is, Baby", Nation, v.20 September 20, 1965

box-folder 1:31

"The Way It Is", New Masses, v.44 October 20, 1942

box-folder 1:32

"A Congress Jim Crow Didn't Attend", New Masses, v.35 May 14, 1940

box-folder 1:33

"Camp Lost Colony", New Masses, v.34 February 6, 1940

box-folder 1:34

"Judge Lynch in New York", New Masses, v.33 August 15, 1939

box-folder 2:1-27

Essays & Reviews

box-folder 2:1

"The Little Man at Chehaw Station: The American Artist and His Audience", The American Scholar, v.47 Winter 1977-78

box-folder 2:2

"On Initiation Rites and Power: Ralph Ellison Speaks at West Point", Contemporary Literature, v.15:2 Spring 1974

box-folder 2:3

"The Novel as a Function of American Democracy", Wilson Library Bulletin, v.41:10 June 1967

box-folder 2:4

"Hidden Name and Complex Fate", Authors Guild Bulletin, February 1965

box-folder 2:5

"On Becoming a Writer", Commentary, v.38:4 October 1964

box-folder 2:6

"The Blues", New York Review of Books, v.1:12 February 6, 1964

box-folder 2:7

"A Rejoinder", The New Leader, v.47 February 3, 1964

box-folder 2:8

"The World and the Jug", The New Leader, v.46 December 9, 1963

box-folder 2:9

"Change the Joke and Slip the Yoke", Partisan Review, v.25 Spring 1958

box-folder 2:10

"Stepchild Fantasy", The Saturday Review of Literature, v.29:23 June 9, 1946

box-folder 2:11

"Richard Wright's Blues", Antioch Review, v.5:2 June 1945

box-folder 2:12

"Native Land", New Masses, v.42 June 2, 1942

box-folder 2:13

"Transition", Negro Quarterly, v.1:1 Spring 1942

box-folder 2:14

"The Great Migration", New Masses, v.51 December 2, 1941

box-folder 2:15

"Recent Negro Fiction", New Masses, v.40 August 5, 1941

box-folder 2:16

"Richard Wright and Recent Negro Fiction", Direction, v.4:5 1941

box-folder 2:17

"Negro Prize Fighter", New Masses, v.37 December 17, 1940

box-folder 2:18

"Argosy Across the USA", New Masses, v.37 November 26, 1940

box-folder 2:19

"Big White Fog", New Masses, v.37 November 12, 1940

box-folder 2:20

"Southern Folklore", New Masses, v.37 October 29, 1940

box-folder 2:21

"Romance in the Slave Era", New Masses, v.35 May 29, 1940

box-folder 2:22

"Hunters and Pioneers", New Masses, v.34 March 19, 1940

box-folder 2:23

"TAC Negro Show" , New Masses, v.34 February 27, 1940

box-folder 2:24

"The Good Life", New Masses, v.34 February 20, 1940

box-folder 2:25

"Javanese Folklore", New Masses, v.34 December 26, 1939

box-folder 2:26

"Ruling-class Southerner", New Masses, v.30 December 5, 1939

box-folder 2:27

"Practical Mystic", New Masses, v.28 August 16, 1938

box-folder 2:28-38

Interviews with Ellison 1955-1978

Physical Description: 11 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains interviews with Ellison.
box-folder 2:28

"The Essential Ellison" Interview by Ishmael Reed, Quincy Troupe, and Steve Cannon, Y'Bird , 1:1 1978

box-folder 2:29

"Profiles (Ralph Ellison): Going to the Territory" Interview by Jervis Anderson, The New Yorker, v.52:40 November 22, 1976

box-folder 2:30

"An Interview with Ralph Ellison: Visible Man" Interview by Howard Sage, Pulp, v.2:2 Summer 1976

box-folder 2:31

Interview with Ralph Ellison by John Graham, The Writer's Voice; Conversations with Contemporary Writers 1973

box-folder 2:32

"Indivisible Man" Interview by James A. McPherson, Atlantic Monthly, v.206:6 December 1970

box-folder 2:33

"A Very Stern Discipline: An Interview with Ralph Ellison" Interview by James Thompson, Lennox Raphael, and Steve Cannon, Harper's, v.234:1402 March 1967

box-folder 2:34

"An American Novelist Who Sometimes Teaches", New York Times Magazine November 20, 1966

box-folder 2:35

"An Interview with Ralph Ellison" Interview by Allen Geller, The Tamarack Review, v.32 1964

box-folder 2:36

"That Same Pain, That Same Pleasure: An Interview" Interview by Richard G. Stern, December, No.3 Winter 1961

box-folder 2:37

"The Art of Fiction" An Interview by Alfred Chester and Vilma Howard, Paris Review, No.8 1955

box-folder 2:38

"What's Wrong with the American Novel?", American Scholar, v.24:4 Autumn 1955

Scope and Content Note

[stenographic record of a discussion held at a private residence in Manhattan on Tuesday Evening, July 26, 1955. Present were Stephen Becker, Simon Michael Bessie, Ralph Ellison, Albert Erskine, Hiram Haydn, Jean Stafford, William Styron.
box-folder 2:39-40

Writings about Ellison 1963-1971

Physical Description: 2 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains three bibliographies and a reprint about Ellison and Baldwin.
box-folder 2:39

"A Bibliography of Ralph Ellison's Published Works" by Bernard Benoit & Michael Fabre, Studies in Black Literature, v.2:3 Autumn 1971

box-folder 2:39

Addenda to "A Ralph Waldo Ellison Bibliography 1914-1968" by Carol Polsgrove, American Book Collector, v.20:3 November - December 1969

box-folder 2:39

"A Ralph Waldo Ellison Bibliography 1914-1967" by R.S. Lillard, American Book Collector, v.19:3 November 1968

box-folder 2:40

Reprint of "Aspiring We Should Go" by Howard Levant, Journal of the Mid-Continent American Studies Association, v.4:2 Fall 1963