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Register of the Giles Udy Collection

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Collection Summary

Title: Giles Udy collection
Dates: circa 2004-2011
Collection Number: 2011C62
Creator: Udy, Giles, collector
Collection Size: 483 digital files (135 MB)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Photographs of the sites of forced labor camps near Noril'sk, Russia.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Languages: English

Administrative Information


The collection is open for research.
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Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 2011.

Location of Original Materials

The original photographs in their native file format remain with Giles Udy.


Materials may have been added to the collection since this finding aid was prepared. To determine if this has occurred, find the collection in Stanford University's online catalog Socrates at . Materials have been added to the collection if the number of boxes listed in Socrates is larger than the number of boxes listed in this finding aid.

Biographical Note

Giles Udy is an independent academic and a member of the Council of the Keston Institute, formerly Keston College. His long-term work is on the history of the gulag camps of Norilsk, but he has also published research on the impact of Soviet Communism in British politics between the wars.
See also: Giles Udy website, copyright 2008 by Giles Udy,

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection of born-digital, chiefly color photographs of Noril'sk is accompanied by Udy's notes, which describe the geography, history, and function of the subjects depicted. The images are of landscapes and buildings; virtually no people are shown.
Three types of files are in the collection: PDF files containing photographs by Udy, JPG files that appear to be chiefly historical photographs acquired by Udy, and DOC files containing Udy's descriptions of the general subject content of the photographs. The files available to researchers are the only versions available at Hoover; no higher quality files were received by Hoover.
To protect his copyright, Udy provided most of the photographs to Hoover in PDF format with an embedded copyright statement.
The dates of the collection are based on the "date modified" field of the few JPG files provided to Hoover.
The directory structure, folder names and file names were retained by Hoover almost exactly as received from Giles Udy. The directory structure consists of folders with descriptive names; it is the basis of the container list. Many of the file names are also descriptive, though many others follow this alphanumeric form: DSCN1234.pdf. Because the descriptive folder and file names were very long, occasionally exceeding the file system limit of some operating systems, and contained many characters not recommended for file names, Hoover staff slightly altered some file names while retaining their descriptive nature. The creator's full file names were documented and can be provided on request.


The collection is organized in a single series, Photographs of Noril'sk.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Forced labor--Soviet Union.
Soviet Union--Pictorial works.

Collection Contents

Reading room workstation

Photographs of Noril'sk circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 483 digital files

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by location or subject, and accompanied by notes written by Udy

Photographs of camps and settlements west of Noril'sk circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 132 digital files

Alevrolitnyĭ mining camp/penal camp


Zapadnyĭ settlement


Kayerkan settlement


Kalargon penal camp cell block


Photographs of Lake Lama camp circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 59 digital files


This was a pine syrup extraction camp 100 kilometers east of Noril'sk

Baltic officers memorials on shore of Lake Lama


Former NKVD rest house nearby


Miscellaneous views


Provided as background interest

Photographs of Medvezhiĭ Rucheĭ settlement circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 31 digital files

Medvezhiĭ Rucheĭ settlement


Nickel mining sites and buildings


Tundra looking south from nickel mine dumps


Photographs of Mt. Schmidt circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 39 digital files

Scope and Content Note

Includes old city, new city and mines

Photographs of Noril'sk old city circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 49 digital files


The old city dates from the mid-1930s to early 1950s

Residential and administrative buildings


Industrial sites




The prison dates to before 1950

Photographs of Noril'sk old city memorial area by old camp graveyard circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 80 digital files

General site views


Polish memorial


Baltic memorials


Russian memorials


New Jewish memorial


This dates to 2005

New memorial


This dates to 2005-2006

Photographs of Noril'sk - Dolgoe Ozero (Long Lake) and causeway between old and new cities circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 11 digital files

Photographs of Noril'sk new city circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 75 digital files


This was designated as a city in 1956 but began earlier. The early buildings were built chiefly by prisoners

Entrance to new city from causeway across lake


City center


Gulag-era buildings


Camp 5-6 administration building


Miscellaneous sites of interest


Photographs of Noril'sk from outside the city circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 3 digital files

Sample Google Earth screenshots of Noril'sk industrial archaeology circa 2004-2011

Physical Description: 4 digital files


Provided to indicate what can be done to identify the original sites of the Norillag/Gorlag camp complex from memoirs, original maps and drawings, combined with on-site and satellite investigation