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Title: Francis Crick Personal Papers
Creator: Crick, Francis
Identifier/Call Number: MSS 0660
Physical Description: 14.6 Linear feet (32 archives boxes, 4 card file boxes, 2 oversize folders, 4 map case folders, and digital files)
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Date (inclusive): 1935-2007
Abstract: Personal papers of British scientist and Nobel Prize winner Francis Harry Compton Crick, who co-discovered the helical structure of DNA with James D. Watson. The papers document Crick's family, social and personal life from 1938 until his death in 2004, and include letters from friends and professional colleagues, family members and organizations. The papers also contain photographs of Crick and his circle; notebooks and numerous appointment books (1946-2004); writings of Crick and others; film and television projects; miscellaneous certificates and awards; materials relating to his wife, Odile Crick; and collected memorabilia.

Scope and Content of Collection

Personal papers of Francis Crick, the British molecular biologist, biophysicist, neuroscientist, and Nobel Prize winner who co-discovered the helical structure of DNA with James D. Watson. The papers provide a glimpse of his social life and relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Largely a collection of correspondence dating from 1947 to 2005, the papers also contain personal documents, especially certificates and awards; notebooks and appointment books (1946-2004); photographs of Francis and Odile, his wife, as well as friends and scientific colleagues; personal business files related to property and projects; film and television projects; writings of Crick and of others; and memorabilia such as announcements and invitations, poems, portraits, newspaper clippings, receipts, wine lists, menus, and programs from scientific and theatrical events.
The accessions processed in 2007 and 2016 add correspondence to the collection, primarily from family members and friends, in addition to a small amount of condolence correspondence received by Odile Crick after Dr. Crick's death on July 28, 2004. Also included are sound and video recordings, and miscellaneous materials related to Odile Crick, who died on July 5, 2007.
Accession processed in 2006
Accession processed in 2007
Accessions processed in 2016


Francis Harry Compton Crick was born on June 8, 1916 in Weston Favell, a district of Northampton, in central England. Crick was the eldest of the two sons of Harry Crick (1878-1948) and Anne Elizabeth Crick (née Wilkins) (1879-1955). His father and uncle ran the leather boot and shoe factory founded by their father, Walter D. Crick, an amateur naturalist. The elder Crick wrote a survey of local foraminifera (single-celled protists with shells), corresponded with Charles Darwin, and had two gastropods (snails or slugs) named after him.
Crick attended Northampton Grammar School and the non-conformist Protestant Congregational Church. At age 14, he won a scholarship to the Mill Hill School, a private boarding school in North London that his father and three uncles had also attended.
At age 18, Crick attended University College in London (UCL). In 1937, he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree, second honors, in Physics with a minor in mathematics. With family financial aid, Crick began graduate study at UCL until the outbreak of World War II interrupted his studies. Crick's war work involved research on magnetic and acoustic mines for the British Admiralty. Briefly, he worked for Naval Intelligence at Whitehall in London. In 1940, he married Ruth Doreen Dodd, a UCL English Literature undergrad, and their son, Michael, was born during an air raid on November 25, 1940.
After the war, Crick decided to move from physics to study "the division between the living and the non-living,'' choosing the field of study today termed molecular biology. In 1947, he accepted work at the Strangeways Laboratory that he later described as his "apprenticeship in biology." In 1949, Crick joined the Medical Research Council (MRC) as a Cavendish Laboratory scientist and, at age 33, once again became a graduate student. Four years later, he obtained his PhD from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.
In 1949, Crick married Odile Speed (born 8-11-1920 in King's Lynn, Norfolk, daughter of a British jeweler, Alfred Valentine Speed, and a French mother, Marie-Therese Josephine Speed (nee Jaeger)). Odile was an art student at St. Martin's School of Art in London, in Paris, and was studying in Vienna when German troops entered that city. She served as a WREN (Women's Royal Naval Service) officer whose activities included driving trucks, code-breaking, and translating German documents. She met Francis in 1945 at the Admiralty. The Cricks lived in a small flat called the Green Door above a tobacconist shop in Cambridge. Their first daughter, Gabrielle, was born in 1951, followed by Jacqueline in 1954.
In 1952, Crick began his collaboration with James Watson that resulted in establishing the structure and function of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Later, both would share the 1962 Nobel Prize in Medicine with Maurice Wilkins for these discoveries.
The Cricks traveled frequently around the globe to symposiums and to give lectures. He was a visiting lecturer at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Harvard University, UC Berkeley's virus laboratory, the University of Rochester, and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Crick was also, from almost its inception, a visiting fellow at the Salk Institute of Biological Sciences in La Jolla, CA each February. In 1960, funded partly by the Lasker Foundation Prize, the Crick's visited Mont Blanc and enjoyed a month-long stay in a Tangier villa. Often Crick would then travel on alone to a scientific meeting. Later, the Cricks would travel on speaking tours to Japan, Thailand, India, and vacation in Geneva, Zurich, Paris and French Polynesia. The family took up boating when Crick bought first a half-share of a 47-foot Sparkman & Stephens yacht, then later a Bertram power boat named the Eye of Heaven. Vacations then regularly included the Greek Islands.
The year 1962 brought honors and promotions. Crick received the Nobel Prize and the family traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to attend the festivities including dinner with King Gustaf VI. At the MRC, Crick became a joint head of the newly founded MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.
In the 1960s, Crick, along with Paul McCartney, Graham Greene and others collaborated to urge cannabis legal reform. Unafraid of controversy, Crick, an outspoken atheist and associated with various humanist organizations, sponsored an essay contest on what might be done with the Cambridge College chapels.
Nobel fame brought television, movie and book offers. In 1968, Watson published his best seller, The Double Helix. In the 1970s, Crick and Watson agreed to participate in the making of the documentary, DNA Story. In 1987, the BBC released Life Story, a 106-minute dramatic television program which was well-received in Britain and in America. In 1971, Crick and Leslie Orgel created the hypothesis of "directed Panspermia" (the idea that genetic materials may have been purposely spread by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization). This led to one of Crick's four books: Life Itself: Its Origin And Nature (1981). Crick wrote 130 published papers as well as three other books: Of Molecules And Men (1966), What Mad Pursuit (1988), and The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search For The Soul (1994).
1976 marked the beginning of the family's transition to California. First, Crick visited during an eight-month sabbatical and then accepted Salk's offer to become the Kieckhefer Professor at the Institute. The Cricks moved to coastal California and later bought land eighty-five miles east in the desert town of Borrego Springs where he built a house and enjoyed desert gardening.
In 1994-1995, Crick served as President of the Salk Institute but resigned after having heart surgery in 1995. In 2001, Crick was diagnosed with colon cancer. He continued to work and was able to attend many of the functions associated with the 50th anniversary of the double helix discovery. He died at age 88 on July 28, 2004.
Among the many honors beyond the Nobel Prize, Crick was awarded the Prix Charles Leopold Meyer, the Gairdner Foundation's Award of Merit, the Warren Triennial Prize Lecture, Foreign Honorary Membership in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, fellowships from UCL, Churchill College, Gonville and Caius College, and U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Royal Society, French Academy of Sciences and Irish Academy memberships.
Biographies include: M. Ridley, Francis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code (2006); P. Strathern, Crick, Watson, and DNA (1999); H.F. Judson, The Eighth Day of Creation (expanded ed. 1996); J.D. Watson, The Double Helix (1968); and Robert Olby, Francis Crick: Hunter of Life's Secrets (2009).

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Subjects and Indexing Terms

DNA -- Structure
Orgel, Leslie E. -- Correspondence
McClure, Michael -- Correspondence
Perutz, Max F. -- Correspondence
Kreisel, Georg -- Correspondence
Gamow, George -- Correspondence
Crick, Francis -- Archives
Pauling, Linus -- Correspondence
Watson, James D. -- Correspondence
Wilkins, Maurice -- Correspondence


Accession processed in 2006



Scope and Contents of Series

Series 1) CORRESPONDENCE: Crick’s personal correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues, and condolence correspondence sent to Odile Crick after his death. Arranged in the following subseries: A) General, B) Unidentified, and C) Letters of Condolence.
A) General: Letters and greeting cards that date from 1947 to 2005. Family correspondence includes letters from his children, Michael, Gabrielle and Jacqueline; his wife Odile; as well as other relatives. The series includes a photocopy of Crick's March 19, 1953 letter to his son that explained the DNA discovery prior to Crick and Watson's publication in NATURE magazine in April of 1953. Other correspondence documents Crick's involvement with various humanist associations and fellow humanists such as C.P. Snow and a letter from Winston Churchill puzzling over Crick's stance regarding the building of a chapel at Churchill College, Cambridge. Included is correspondence with Crick's friend, mathematician Georg Kreisel, poet Michael McClure, historian Robert Olby, and scientists Max Perutz and Peter Pauling. Also included are letters from Edward C. Collingwood, a Royal Society fellow and mathematician, who was Crick's naval superior during the war years, and later a mentor; and artist Howard J. Morgan who drew Crick's portrait for the National Portrait Gallery in London. Arranged alphabetically.
B) Unidentified: Letters that lack a surname and are filed by first name.
C) Letters of Condolence: Letters and condolence cards received after Crick's death in 2004. Condolences were received from scientists around the globe, from other Nobel Prize recipients, as well as friends, neighbors, family, and dignitaries. Arranged alphabetically


Box 1, Folder 1

A - Miscellaneous

Box 1, Folder 2

Adachi, Sumi 1972 - 2001

Box 1, Folder 3

Allen, Robert F., Jr.

Box 1, Folder 4

American Public Health Association, Inc. 1960

Box 1, Folder 5

Andrade, E.N. da C. 1950 - 1968

General note

Former professor.
Box 1, Folder 6

Arrhenius, Gustaf 1986

Box 1, Folder 7

Azar, Mandana 1989

Box 1, Folder 8

B - Miscellaneous

Box 1, Folder 9

Bachmann, Lawrence P. 1988 - 2002

Box 1, Folder 10

Barnett, Leslie M. 1983 - 2002

Box 1, Folder 11

Bates, David R. 1972 - 1975

Box 1, Folder 12

Bearman, L.

Box 1, Folder 13

Beatty, Countess Diane 1969 - 1970

Box 1, Folder 14

Bendell, Alfred G. 1990 - 2002

Box 1, Folder 15

Benirschke, Kurt 1994 - 1995

General note

[See also First Thursday Club correspondence.]
Box 1, Folder 16

Blackburn, Derek

Box 1, Folder 17

Bogen, Joseph 1995 - 1996

Box 1, Folder 18

Bonnaud, Evelyne 1988 - 1998

Box 1, Folder 19

Borucka, Alina 1968

Box 1, Folder 20

Bouratinos, E. 1974 - 1992

Box 1, Folder 21

Brachet, J. 1975

Box 1, Folder 22

Braitenberg, Carla and Zeno 1971

Box 1, Folder 23

Braxton, Maria Lang 1972 - 2001

Box 1, Folder 24

British Broadcasting Corporation 1953 - 1975

General note

Includes outline of the program Genetics with Crick.
Box 1, Folder 25

British Humanist Association 1963 - 1969

General note

Contains correspondence regarding essay prize sponsored by Crick on the subject, "What can be done with College Chapels." Includes correspondence from E.M. Forster, who consented to be a judge and urged that Crick's sponsorship not be anonymous, a typescript of the winning essay, and newspaper photographs of the winner, P.J. Lewis.
Box 1, Folder 26

Bronowski, Jacob 1964 - 1974

Box 1, Folder 27

Bruce, J. 1960

Box 1, Folder 28

Bryan, Felicity

Box 1, Folder 29

Buracas, Elena 1997

Box 1, Folder 30

C - Miscellaneous

Box 1, Folder 31

Cambridge Humanists 1955 - 1974

Box 1, Folder 32

Cambridge Philosophical Society 1948 - 1954

Box 1, Folder 33

Cambridge Review 1966 - 1974

Box 1, Folder 34

Cambridge Sports Hall Appeal 1971 - 1972

Box 1, Folder 35

Cambridge University Jewish Society 1967

Box 1, Folder 36

Cameron, Marie 1976

Box 1, Folder 37

Chen, Carton W. 1976 - 1977

General note

Contains typescript manuscript of Chen's "A Quadruplex DNA Model and its Biological Significance," an inscribed copy of a revised version entitled, "Quadruplex Models for Palindromic DNA and Recombining DNA," correspondence, and a photocopy reprint of Stewart McGavin's "Models of Specifically Paired Like (Homologous) Nucleic Acid Structures."
Box 1, Folder 38

Chernin, L.S. 1971

Box 1, Folder 39

Christensen, Milane

Box 1, Folder 40

Chu, Barbara 1967

Box 2, Folder 1

Churchill College, Cambridge 1960 - 1976

General note

Contains letter dated October 9, 1961 from Winston Churchill questioning Crick's objection to the building of a chapel at the college.
Box 2, Folder 2

Churchland, Patricia and Paul 1991 - 2004

Box 2, Folder 3

Cohen, Becky 1992 - 2001

Box 2, Folder 4

Cohn, Judith D. 1974

Box 2, Folder 5

Colinvaux, Raoul 1948 - 1962

General note

Legal correspondent of The Times (London) and school friend (Mill Hill).
Box 2, Folder 6

Collingwood, Edward 1947 - 1966

Box 2, Folder 7

Cooper, Judith

Box 2, Folder 8

Cornish, Elizabeth 1947 - 1977

Box 2, Folder 9

Cornish, Peter J. 1955 - 1989

Box 2, Folder 10

Cotton, Peter B. 1975

Box 2, Folder 11

Cowan, Pauline 1948 - 1984

Box 2, Folder 12

Crick, Annie Elizabeth (mother)

General note

Contains last will and testament and newspaper death notice.
Box 2, Folder 13

Crick, Anthony Foster (brother) 1949 - 1959

Box 2, Folder 14

Crick, Anthony Foster - Estate 1963 - 1971

General note

Includes correspondence and deed of settlement.
Box 2, Folder 15

Crick, Anthony Frederick 1978

General note

Contains correspondence from doctor who inadvertently received correspondence meant for Crick's brother.
Box 2, Folder 16

Crick, Arthur (uncle) 1951 - 1955

Box 2, Folder 17

Crick, Bernard

Box 2, Folder 18

Crick, David (nephew) 1972 - 1973

Box 2, Folder 19

Crick, Francis

General note

Drafts of letters.
Box 2, Folder 20

Crick, Gabrielle (daughter) 1963 - 2004

Box 2, Folder 21

Crick, Harry

General note

Includes funeral program, obituary note and eulogy by Rev. Owen Butler.
Box 2, Folder 22

Crick, Jacqueline (daughter) 1967 - 2003

Box 2, Folder 23

Crick, Kindra (granddaughter) 2004

General note

Contains photograph of Francis and Kindra.
Box 2, Folder 24

Crick, Michael Francis Compton (son) 1951 - 1984

General note

Contains photocopies of letters from father to son explaining DNA double helix discovery prior to its publication in Nature.

Crick, Odile (wife)

Box 2, Folder 25

1947 - 1959

Box 3, Folder 1-2

1960 - 1989, undated

Box 3, Folder 3

Crick, Walter Drawbridge (grandfather) (1857-1903)

General note

Obituary note.
Box 3, Folder 4

Crockett, Freda 1968

Box 3, Folder 5

Crombie, A.C. 1961

Box 3, Folder 6

Crosfield, John F. 1994 - 1997

Box 3, Folder 7

D - Miscellaneous

Box 3, Folder 8

Danielli, Jim

Box 3, Folder 9

Darking, June 1990

Box 3, Folder 10

De Sanctis, Rodolfo 1965 - 1973

Box 3, Folder 11

Delbruck, Manny

Box 3, Folder 12

Delta Squared V Club

Box 3, Folder 13

Dickins, Winifred (paternal aunt) 1949 - 1985

Box 3, Folder 14

Dodd, Ruth Doreen (first wife) 1959 - 1996

Box 3, Folder 15

Dougall, Bob 1948 - 1973

General note

BBC radio and television reporter.
Box 3, Folder 16

January, Douglas L. 1952 - 1959

General note

Cambridge real estate agent for the purchase and sale of the Portugal Place residence and regarding land at Barton Road. [See also Residence file in Series 6 SUBJECT FILES].
Box 3, Folder 17

Dubinin, N.P.

Box 3, Folder 18

Duncan, Ronald 1968 - 1978

General note

Contains manuscript of poem entitled, "Man (Chapter 2)," dedicated to Francis Crick. Includes correspondence with Miranda Weston-Smith, Duncan's collaborator and editor of Duncan's letters and an annotated typescript of Crick's contribution to The Encyclopedia of Ignorance entitled, "Developmental Biology."
Box 3, Folder 19

Duthie, Graeme 1992

Box 3, Folder 20

E - Miscellaneous

Box 3, Folder 21

Eckhart, Walter ca. 1970s

General note

Contains photocopies of reprints of Harumi Kasamatsu, Donald L. Robertson and Jerome Vinogard on mitochondrial DNA.
Box 3, Folder 22

Egon, N.R. 1950 - 1952

Box 3, Folder 23

Ellison, Jan 1952

Box 3, Folder 24

Elworthy, Frank W. 1972

Box 3, Folder 25

Empedocles, Louise 1968

Box 3, Folder 26

Eshag, Eprime 1956 - 1998

Box 3, Folder 27

F - Miscellaneous

Box 3, Folder 28

Faber and Faber, Ltd. 1960

Box 3, Folder 29

Fairchild, B.M. 1967

Box 3, Folder 30

Farrar, Kent

Box 3, Folder 31

Fay, [?] Amy 1947

Box 3, Folder 32

Few and Kester, Solicitors 1959

Box 3, Folder 33

Finbow, Pauline 1968 - 2003

Box 3, Folder 34

First Thursday Club 1989 - 2004

General note

Contains correspondence regarding dinner and discussion group of which Crick was a founding member along with S. Lakoff, L. Orgel, E. Schneour and C. Thomas. [See also Charles A. Thomas correspondence.]
Box 3, Folder 35

Carlo Erba Fondazione 1974 - 1976

Box 3, Folder 36

Fost, Harold and family 1988 - 2002

Box 3, Folder 37

Fouracre, Ronald 1947 - 1973

General note

[See also DNA Story under Series 7 - FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS.]
Box 3, Folder 38

Fox, Wilfred 1967 - 1972

Box 3, Folder 39

Fraser of Lonsdale, Lord 1971 - 1973

Box 3, Folder 40

G - Miscellaneous

Box 3, Folder 41

Gamow, Geo 1954

Box 3, Folder 42

Gampell, M.S. 1971

Box 3, Folder 43

Gayer-Anderson, John

Oversize FB-447, Folder 1

Gaynor, Christopher 1976 - 1977

General note

Contains photocopy of musical score entitled, "Ancestors" with inscription to Crick, dated 1977. Includes photocopy of a song entitled, "Ear-Songs" also inscribed to Crick, dated 1976.
Box 3, Folder 44

Gold, Tommy

Box 3, Folder 45

Goldberg, Milton 1970

Box 3, Folder 46

Golob, Paul 1989

Box 3, Folder 47

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge 1950 - 1976

Box 4, Folder 1

Gottesfeld, Joel 1977

Box 4, Folder 2

Gray, James 1960

Box 4, Folder 3

Gray, Pam 1948 - 1974

Box 4, Folder 4

Green, Alfred Rozelaar 2002

Box 4, Folder 5

Grey, Henrietta 1973

Box 4, Folder 6

Gunn, Betty 1952 - 1999

Box 4, Folder 7

Guppy, Shusha 1967 - 1969

General note

Contains program of the Molecule Club's performance of "Why What Now" performed at the Mermaid Theatre, ca. 1968. The Club's aim was to stage performances "to awaken the interest of children" to science.
Box 4, Folder 8

Gutfreund, Herbert 1951 - 1989

Box 4, Folder 9

H - Miscellaneous

Box 4, Folder 10

Haitinger, Anne Marie 1956 - 1958

General note

"Former au pair girl to the Crick family in Cambridge, probably 1955-1956" [supplied by Robert Olby].
Box 4, Folder 11

Hamilton, Hamish 1964

Box 4, Folder 12

Hamilton, Leonard D. 1967 - 1972

Box 4, Folder 13

Hammond, Edie 1948

Box 4, Folder 14

Henderson, Judith 1966 - 1967

Box 4, Folder 15

Hendler, Sheldon Saul 1988

Box 4, Folder 16

Hensman, Jackson, and Chamberlain 1949

Box 4, Folder 17

Hockey and Son 1959

Box 4, Folder 18

Holdra, Judy 1960

Box 4, Folder 19

Hollander, John 1968

General note

Contains reprint of poem entitled "Five Shaped Poems," a signed and autographed typescript of "Midwinter Leaves," and "A Shape of Life" inscribed "for Francis Crick."
Box 4, Folder 20

Houser, John 1998 - 2000

General note

American painter and sculptor who sculpted bust of Crick.
Box 4, Folder 21

Hughes, Arthur and Shirley 1949 - 1952

Box 4, Folder 22

Hunt, John

Box 4, Folder 23

Hurter, Roxane de 1994

Box 4, Folder 24

Huxley, Andrew 1960

Box 4, Folder 25

Huxley, Hugh 2000 - 2001

General note

Contains photocopy of newspaper article about the sale of Crick papers from the Daily Telegraph dated December 6, 2001.
Box 4, Folder 26

I - Miscellaneous

Box 4, Folder 27

Institut Pasteur 1958

General note

Contains program listing Crick as a presenter on "Relations entre prophage et chromosome bacterien. Transduction." In French.
Box 4, Folder 28

International Committee for the Liberation of Dr. M. Stern

Box 4, Folder 29

J - Miscellaneous

Box 4, Folder 30

JBS Associates Limited 1974

Box 4, Folder 31

Jagannathan, Suchitra 1987 - 1988

Box 4, Folder 32

Johnston, Kimball 1968

Box 4, Folder 33

Jonak, Jim

General note

Box 4, Folder 34

Jukes, Thomas H. 1971 - 1996

Box 4, Folder 35

Jumsai, Sumet 1985 - 2000

Box 4, Folder 36

K - Miscellaneous

Box 4, Folder 37

Kapitza Club 1951 - 1957

Box 4, Folder 38

Karstens, Renee 1960 - 1963

General note

"French au pair for the Cricks in Cambridge." [supplied by Odile Crick].
Box 4, Folder 39

Kendrew, John 1951 - 1977

Box 4, Folder 40

Kent, R.L. 1972

Box 4, Folder 41

Khorana, Har Gobind 1989 - 1995

Box 4, Folder 42

Kings College, Cambridge 1961 - 1974

Box 4, Folder 43

Kingscote-Billinge, L. 1974

Box 4, Folder 44

Kirkpatrick, Susan 1999

Box 4, Folder 45

Kirsti-Simomsuuri, Kiti 1981 - 2004

Box 4, Folder 46

Klima, Ed and Ursula Bellugi-Klima 1982

Box 4, Folder 47

Klug, Aaron 1976 - 1977

General note

Includes correspondence, handwritten notes, memorandum, diagrams, and photographs regarding the structure of chromatin (a complex of DNA and protein found inside the nuclei of eukaryotic cells.)
Box 5, Folder 1

Klug, Aaron 1977 - 2004

General note

Contains correspondence, photographs, memorandum, and reprint photocopies. Includes Klug's Heineken Prize Lecture dated April 28, 1979 and reprint of Klug's "The Discovery of the DNA Double Helix," published in the Journal of Molecular Biology, January 2004, with Crick's typescript comments.
Box 5, Folder 2

Kornberg, Arthur 1996

Box 5, Folder 3-10

Kreisel, Georg 1947 - 1994

Box 6, Folder 1-7

Kreisel, Georg 1995 - 2003, undated

Box 6, Folder 8

L - Miscellaneous

Box 6, Folder 9

La Jolla Country Day School 1982 - 1983

General note

Contains photocopy of newspaper article regarding Crick's appearance at the school.
Box 6, Folder 10

Lane, Miriam 1973

Box 6, Folder 11

Lappi, Darlene and Doug 1984 - 1995

Box 6, Folder 12

Lawrence, Peter and Birgitta Haraldson 1985 - 1995

Box 6, Folder 13

Leicester Secular Society 1972 - 1973

Box 6, Folder 14

Leith, Peter 1972

Box 6, Folder 15

Levitt, Michael 1977

General note

Contains correspondence regarding Levitt's computational work on the structure of DNA including graphs and tables.
Box 6, Folder 16

Lewis, Carol M. 1968

Box 6, Folder 17

Little, Barbara and Bert

Box 6, Folder 18

Logothetis, Nikos and Yanna ca. 1990s

Box 7, Folder 1

Loulken, Sheila 1951

Box 7, Folder 2

Luskin, Marla B. 1986 - 1999

Box 7, Folder 3

Luzzati, Vittorio

Box 7, Folder 4

M - Miscellaneous

Box 7, Folder 5

Maddox, John 1973 - 1974

Box 7, Folder 6

Marr, David 1978 - 1979

General note

Contains handwritten and carbon copy typescripts of Crick replies.
Box 7, Folder 7

Marrian, D.H. 1972

Box 7, Folder 8

Marris, Robin 1991 - 1994

Box 7, Folder 9

Maskell, Jennifer 1968 - 1970

General note

Former secretary at MRC Laboratory, Cambridge [supplied by Odile Crick].
Box 7, Folder 10

Matthews, M. 1972

Box 7, Folder 11

May, Mona 1958


McClure, Michael

Box 7, Folder 12

Contains "Dream Table" 1965

Box 7, Folder 13

Contains a poem entitled "The Surge," a bound book signed for Francis Crick 1969

Box 7, Folder 14

Includes a photocopy of the poem "Xes" with the first page inscribed to Crick 1970 - 1971

Box 7, Folder 15

Contains correspondence regarding a symposium on McClure, a handwritten and typewritten paper by Crick on McClure entitled, "The Poetry of Michael McClure: A Scientist's View" and a copy of Margins which contains the symposium papers 1974

Box 7, Folder 16

Includes photocopy of the poem "We" undated

Box 7, Folder 17

Includes broadside poem entitled, "Oh Accident" undated

Box 7, Folder 18

Includes photocopy of the poem "Listen, Lawrence, It's Time to Re-Figure" undated

Box 7, Folder 19

Contains typescript of "Antechamber" inscribed to Francis Crick 1978 - 2005

Box 7, Folder 20

Contains pamphlet poem entitled, "Letter" 1978

Box 7, Folder 21

Contains correspondence and announcements of poetry readings 1979 - 1980

Box 7, Folder 22

Contains broadside poem entitled, "Little Ode" 1980

Box 7, Folder 23

Contains printed copy of Poetry Flash, No. 94, featuring a photograph of Gregory Corso and Michael McClure from the Bandaged Poet Series 1981

Box 7, Folder 24

Contains photocopy of broadside entitled, "Miracle or Crime: The Whole Man Swears, 'I'm here and Born of Fear that Wears the Teeth of Bravery'" 1986 - 1987

Box 7, Folder 25

1987 - 1991

Oversize FB-447, Folder 1

Oversized material. Contains broadside entitled, "Berkeley Song" with inscription to Francis and Odile Crick 1988

Box 7, Folder 26

Contains a flyer announcement of a McClure and Ray Manzarek poetry reading undated

Box 7, Folder 27

Contains pamphlet poem entitled, "Rain Haiku" with an additional handwritten poem and McClure's signature 1992

Box 7, Folder 28

Contains announcement of reading at La Jolla Cultural Society 2000

Box 7, Folder 29

Contains correspondence and copy of poem entitled, "Double Moire: for Francis Crick," and broadside of poem, "November Hillside" 2003 - 2005

Oversize MC-006-02

Oversized materials. Contains broadside of "Peyote Poem," photocopy of article "Moments Freed from Time," published in Perspectives (1998), a poetry reading announcement for "Polymorphous Pirates" at the Magic Theatre in Berkeley, and a broadside poem entitled, "A Canon for Francis Crick," authored and signed by Michael C. Ford 1958 - 1972

Box 7, Folder 30

McQuillen, Kenneth 1962 - 1974

Box 7, Folder 31

Medawar, Peter 1967

Box 7, Folder 32

Medical Research Council 1951 - 1995

Box 7, Folder 33

Miller, Elaine 1968

Box 7, Folder 34

Mitchison, Graeme 2003 - 2004

General note

Contains article reprint entitled, "Theory in Biology: Happy days here again?" for Current Biology by Mitchison, as well as Crick's reply.
Box 7, Folder 35

Mitchison, Murdoch 1950 - 1953

Box 7, Folder 36

Moore, Ruth 1960 - 1976

Box 7, Folder 37

Mor, Antonio 1949 - 1950

Box 7, Folder 38

Morgan, Howard 1980 - 1999

General note

Contains correspondence regarding Morgan's portrait of Crick, a gallery exhibition program, invitations, and brochures.
Box 7, Folder 39

Morison, Patt 1994

Box 8, Folder 1

Mosley, John 1972 - 1995

Box 8, Folder 2

N - Miscellaneous

Box 8, Folder 3

Narda, Fatimah 1976

Box 8, Folder 4

National Human Genome Research Institute 2003

General note

Contains email and agendas regarding Crick's involvement in "Scientific Symposium: From Double Helix to Human Sequence - and Beyond," and "Bringing the Genome to You."
Box 8, Folder 5

Neville, Helen 1988 - 1993

Box 8, Folder 6

Nobel Prize Committees. Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences 1967

Box 8, Folder 7

Noll, Christopher J. 1972

Box 8, Folder 8

Noll, Hans 1972 - 2003

Box 8, Folder 9

Nottingham and Notts Humanist Group 1967

Box 8, Folder 10

O - Miscellaneous

Box 8, Folder 11

Olby, Robert 1970 - 2003

General note

Contains photocopy of a June 23, 1970 letter from Linus Pauling commenting on facts in an Olby article draft and two photographic prints of the "198A repeat" by Zalin and Spei [?].
Box 8, Folder 12

Oppenheimer, Steve 1988

Box 8, Folder 13

Orgel, Alice 1959 - 1975

Box 8, Folder 14

Orgel, Leslie 1963 - 1971

Box 8, Folder 15

Orion Society

Box 8, Folder 16

Orr, M.H.L. 1961

Box 8, Folder 17

Oster, Gerald 1986 - 1992

Box 8, Folder 18

O'Sullivan, Valerie 1991 - 1998

Box 8, Folder 19

P - Miscellaneous

Box 8, Folder 20

Parnes, Vera 1972

Box 8, Folder 21

Paterson, David

Box 8, Folder 22

Pauling, Linus 1954 - 1961

Box 8, Folder 23

Pauling, Peter 1993 - 2000

Box 8, Folder 24

Perham, Richard 1967 - 1974

Box 8, Folder 25

Perutz, Max and family 1958 - 2003

General note

Contains reprint from the New Yorker dated October 7, 1993 of Perutz' review of book on Leo Szilard and correspondence from Perutz' daughter, Vivien, and son, Robin, after his death.
Box 8, Folder 26

Petitto, Laura 1987 - 1990

Box 8, Folder 27

Petrova, Marina 1971

Box 8, Folder 28

Pfeiffer, John 1959

Box 8, Folder 29

Playboy Magazine 1968 - 1971

Box 8, Folder 30

Plowden, Julian

Box 8, Folder 31

Pohl, William 1977 - 1981

Box 8, Folder 32

Pollen, Dan 1995

Box 8, Folder 33

Pontecorvo, G. 1957 - 1971

Box 8, Folder 34

Pope, Frances L. 1989

Box 8, Folder 35

Popham, Theresa

Box 8, Folder 36

Popper, Karl 1976

Box 8, Folder 37

Prezenick, George

Box 8, Folder 38

R - Miscellaneous

Box 8, Folder 39

Raacke, Dorothea 1961

Box 8, Folder 40

Raacke, I.D. 1977

General note

Contains photocopied typescript entitled, "Protein Hormones and the Eukaryotic Genome," and a reprint of "The Die is Cast: I am Going Home: The Appointment of Herbert McLean Evans as Head of Anatomy at Berkeley."
Box 8, Folder 41


General note

Cannabis law reform organization.
Box 8, Folder 42

Rich, Alexander 1967

Box 8, Folder 43

Ridley, Matt and Anya 1994 - 2002

General note

Crick biographer.
Box 8, Folder 44

Rinaldini, Luis M. 1950 - 1999

Box 8, Folder 45

Robertson, A.J. 1976

Box 8, Folder 46

Rodley, G.A. 1977

Box 9, Folder 1

Roller-Massar, Ann 1957 - 1974

Box 9, Folder 2

Rosenblith, Walter 1960 - 1971

Box 9, Folder 3

Roskies, Adina 1989 - 1995

Box 9, Folder 4

Rothschild, Lord 1973

Box 9, Folder 5

Royal Society 1972 - 1978

Box 9, Folder 6

S - Miscellaneous

Box 9, Folder 7

Saint Phalle, Niki de 1997 - 2001

Box 9, Folder 8

Salk, Jonas 1964

General note

Contains telegram advising Crick of Leo Szilard's death.
Box 9, Folder 9

Sanderson, Ruth and Barbara 1947 - 1948

Box 9, Folder 10

Savidis, George 1951 - 1954

Box 9, Folder 11

Schneefuss, Fanny 1956

Box 9, Folder 12

Schubert, Dave 1996

Box 9, Folder 13

Sejnowski, Beatrice and Terry 1990

General note

Includes manuscript draft prayer for wedding service by Crick.
Box 9, Folder 14

Sharman, C. (aunt) 1960

Box 9, Folder 15

Shoma, Luu

Box 9, Folder 16

Siegelmann, Hava 1996 - 2000

Box 9, Folder 17-18

Simonsuuri, Kirsti 1973 - 2003

Box 9, Folder 19

Sirtori, Carlo 1986 - 1991

Box 9, Folder 20

Snow, Charles P. (Lord and Lady) 1959 - 1973

General note

Contains annotated carbon copy typescript of Snow's "The Two Cultures: Another Look," dated August 15, 1963 and the 1959 reprint of "The Two Cultures and The Scientific Revolution."
Box 9, Folder 21

Solomon, A.K. 1972

Box 9, Folder 22

Society for Visiting Scientists 1948 - 1949

Box 9, Folder 23

Southwell, Corinna Clover Felicity 1959

Box 9, Folder 24

Speed, Marie-Therese (Odile's mother) 1949 - 1951

Box 9, Folder 25

Speed, Philippe and Marguerite (Odile's brother) 1993

Box 9, Folder 26

St. Catharine's Cumberland Lodge 1961 - 1967

Box 9, Folder 27

Starr, Chuck M. 1971 - 1972

Box 9, Folder 28

Stein, Jean 1994

General note

Editor of Grand Street, poetry magazine founded in 1981 by Ben Sonnenberg and ceased publication in 2004.
Box 9, Folder 29

Steiner, Ursula and Ted 1974

Box 9, Folder 30

Stent, Gunther Siegmund 1959 - 1998

Box 9, Folder 31

Stoffel, Max 1960

Box 9, Folder 32

Stoker, Michael G.P. 1971

Box 10, Folder 1

Stranton, Betty 1978 - 1990

Box 10, Folder 2

Suginoma, Yukiko 1988

Box 10, Folder 3

T - Miscellaneous

Box 10, Folder 4

Taylor, Geoffrey

Box 10, Folder 5

Temberly, Neville 1959

Box 10, Folder 6

Thomas, Charles A. 1985 - 1995

General note

[See also First Thursday Club correspondence].
Box 10, Folder 7

Thompson, W.D.R. 1971

Box 10, Folder 8

Thornton, Helene 1987 - 1994

General note

Contains photographs of her artwork.
Box 10, Folder 9

The Times 1973 - 1976

General note

Contains correspondence from various journalists and article photocopies in regard to a future obituary of Maurice Wilkins for which Crick comments were solicited.
Box 10, Folder 10

Tirado, Lidia 1987

Box 10, Folder 11

Todd, Alexander

Box 10, Folder 12

Tomlin, E.W.F

Box 10, Folder 13

Tonegawa, Mayumi Yoshinari 1995 - 1996

Box 10, Folder 14

Trudgian, Jenny 1967 - 1972

Box 10, Folder 15

Tsaner, R. 1971

Box 10, Folder 16

Tupp, Sue Ervin 1960

Box 10, Folder 17

U - Miscellaneous

Box 10, Folder 18

Union Society, Cambridge 1967 - 1975

Box 10, Folder 19

University College London 1949 - 1968

Box 10, Folder 20

University of Cambridge 1953 - 1976

Box 10, Folder 21

University of Leicester 1972

Box 10, Folder 22

University of York 1973

Box 10, Folder 23

Unwin, Janet 1972 - 1993

Box 10, Folder 24

V - Miscellaneous

Box 10, Folder 25

Vick, Elizabeth 1957 - 1975

Box 10, Folder 26

Vidman, D.B. 1949

Box 10, Folder 27

Vokes, Rachel 1992 - 1994

Box 10, Folder 28

W - Miscellaneous

Box 10, Folder 29

Walden, Leonard 1972

Box 10, Folder 30

Waring, Mike J. 1978

Box 10, Folder 31

Wassmuth, James 1977

Box 10, Folder 32

Watson, James D. 1953 - 2003

General note

Includes typescript photocopy of nominations of Seymour Benzer, Sidney Brenner, and Charles Yanofsky for the Nobel Prize written by Watson and a March 12, 1970 typescript nominating Sydney Brenner for the Gregor Mendel Medal, possibly written by Crick.
Box 10, Folder 33

Webb, Sarah Mae 1971 - 1972

Box 10, Folder 34

Wiggins, Jim

Box 10, Folder 35

Wilkins and Darking, Ltd. 1968

Box 10, Folder 36

Wilkins, Ethel M. (aunt) 1949 - 1971

Box 10, Folder 37

Wilkins, June (cousin)

Box 10, Folder 38

Wilkins, Maurice H.F. 1954 - 2004

Box 10, Folder 39

Wilkins, Michael 1951 - 1956

Box 10, Folder 40

Wilkins, Philip (cousin) 1969

Box 10, Folder 41

Williams, Carl 1973

Box 10, Folder 42

Williams, Hans 1966

Box 10, Folder 43

Williams, Ronald 1971 - 1994

Box 10, Folder 44

Winhart, Olive 1950

Box 10, Folder 45

Wittet, Peggy 1948 - 1994

Box 10, Folder 46

Wolfenden, Joan 1994

Box 10, Folder 47

Wolkonsky, Peter 1995

Box 10, Folder 48

Wright, Alex 1995

Box 10, Folder 49

Wright, H. Dudley 1988

Box 10, Folder 50

Wulff, Erich 1964

General note

Contains correspondence from doctor who was a member of West German medical mission in Vietnam.
Box 10, Folder 51

Yates, Elaine 1980

Box 10, Folder 52

Yianilos, Kerry 1993

Box 10, Folder 53

Yoon, Myong G. 1977

General note

Includes curriculum vitae and research plans.
Box 11, Folder 1

Z - Miscellaneous

Box 11, Folder 2

Zelenin, Alexander

Box 11, Folder 3

Zhang, Shuguang 2003 - 2004



Box 11, Folder 4

A - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 5

B - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 6

C - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 7

D - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 8

E - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 9

F - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 10

G - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 11

H - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 12

J - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 13

K - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 14

L - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 15

M - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 16

N - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 17

O - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 18

P - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 19

R - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 20

S - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 21

V - Firstname

Box 11, Folder 22



Letters of Condolence

Box 11, Folder 23

Condolence letter list 2004

General note

Contains list used by Odile Crick to respond to condolences.
Box 11, Folder 24

A - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Bruce Alberts, President, National Academy of Sciences; John Allman, California Institute of Technology neuroscientist; Gustaf Arrhenius, Scripps Institution of Oceanography oceanographer; and Professor Jan Atkinson, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College, London.
Box 11, Folder 25

B - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Horace Barlow, British visual neuroscientist; Seymour Benzer, neuroscientist, California Institute of Technology; May Brenner (wife of longtime friend and scientific collaborator, Sydney Brenner); and Mark Bretscher, cell biologist, Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge.
Box 11, Folder 26

C - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Melvin Cohn, Salk Institute founding and resident Fellow; Edythe Crosfield (widow of John); and John Cairns, physician, molecular biologist and director of the Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory (1963 - 1968).
Box 11, Folder 27

D - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Derek Denton, physiologist, educator and research director of the Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medicine; Paul Doty, Mallinckrodt Professor of Biochemistry, Harvard; and William F. Dove, George Streisinger Professor of Experimental Biology, University of Wisconsin, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research.
Box 11, Folder 28

E - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Gerald Edelman, 1972 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for work on the immune system.
Box 11, Folder 29

F - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from United States Senator Diane Feinstein of California.
Box 11, Folder 30

G - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from the Gairdner Foundation; Francoise Gilot-Salk; Richard Gregory, Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol; and Roger Guillemin, 1977 Nobel Prize for Medicine for discoveries concerning hormone peptide production in the brain.
Box 11, Folder 31

H - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Dr. Leonard D. Hamilton; Robert Haselkorn, Chemistry, University of Chicago; neuroscientist Stephen Heineman; Mahlon Hoagland, molecular biologist and co-discoverer of transfer RNA; Robin Holliday, discoverer of the RNA-related Holliday Junction; David H. Hubel, 1981 Nobel Prize for discoveries concerning the visual system; and Hugh Huxley, British biologist and humanist.
Box 11, Folder 32

I - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Vernon M. Ingram, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known as the "father of molecular medicine."
Box 11, Folder 33

J - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Francois Jacob, 1965 Nobel Prize for discoveries of the genetic control of enzyme and virus synthesis; and Sumet Jumsai, Thai architect and author. Includes photocopies of photographs of Crick and film director Roman Polanski at a dinner party in Thailand, ca. 1981.
Box 11, Folder 34

K - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Dr. Harvey J. Karten; Jerome Kohlberg, Chairman, Salk Institute; Arthur Kornberg, 1959 Nobel Prize for discovery of the mechanisms in the biological synthesis of DNA and RNA; Crick's longtime friend and mathematician Georg Kreisel; and Samuel Krimm, Department of Physics and Biophysics, University of Michigan.
Box 11, Folder 35

L - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Doug Lappi, University of California, San Diego biologist; Peter A. Lawrence, Medical Research Council, Cambridge; E.S. Lennox, Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research; and Richard Lerner, President, Scripps Research Institute.
Box 12, Folder 1

M - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from author Brenda Maddox; Dr. Nina V. and Dominic Michaelis; mathematician Graeme Mitchison with typescript of article, "Francis Crick (1916-2004): Recollections by Graeme Mitchison," published in the JOURNAL OF GENETICS, 2005; and artist Howard J. Morgan.
Box 12, Folder 2

N - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Peter M. Narins, University of California, Los Angeles Auditory Science Lab; and psychoanalyst Dr. Maryam Razavi and husband Howard Newman.
Box 12, Folder 3

O - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from George A. Ojemann, Professor of Neurological Surgery, University of Washington School of Medicine; and Steven B. Oppenheimer, Center for Cancer and Experimental Biology, California State University, Northridge.
Box 12, Folder 4

P - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Richard Perham, Master, St. John's College, Cambridge; Robin and Vivien Perutz, son and daughter of Max Perutz; and Salk Institute fellow, Tony Hunter, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory.
Box 12, Folder 5

R - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from ecological artist, Aviva Rahmani; Dr. Joe W. Ramsdell, Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Crick personal physician; Matt Ridley, Crick biographer; Professor Judy Rosenblith (widow of Massachusetts Institute of Technology provost and brain researcher Walter A. Rosenblith); and Dr. Adina Roskies, Dartmouth neurophilosopher.
Box 12, Folder 6

S - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from mathematician and photographer Gunter Sachs; author and neurologist Oliver Sacks; Jonathan and Peter Salk (sons of Jonas); brain theorist Gordon Shaw; Elie A. Shneour, President, Biosystems Research Institute; and Salk Institute senior member Larry Swanson, and wife, Neely, romance language scholar and translator.
Box 12, Folder 7

T - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Dr. Charles A. Thomas, Jr., Mayo Clinic; Glauco P. Tocchini-Valentini, Institute of Cell Biology, National Research Council of Italy; and artist Millicent Tomkins.
Box 12, Folder 8

V - Miscellaneous

Box 12, Folder 9

W - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from Geoffrey M. Wahl, Salk Institute's Gene Expression Laboratory with Dr. Barbara Parker, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Rebecca and John Moores Cancer Center, University of California, San Diego; and author Gina Wright.
Box 12, Folder 10

Z - Miscellaneous

General note

Contains correspondence from neurobiologist Semir Zeki, University College, London; and Shuguang Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center of Biomedical Engineering.


Scope and Contents of Series

Series 2) BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIALS: Early student correspondence with Cambridge University regarding Crick's acceptance into a Ph.D. program, passports (1945 - 2008), award certificates and membership cards, Oxford pince-nez style eyeglasses and a wallet, announcements of Crick lectures and symposia participation, visa applications, and newspaper clippings about Crick. Personally identifiable materials in Box 13 have been restricted according to state and federal law.
Box 12, Folder 11

80th Birthday Celebration 1996

Oversize FB-447, Folder 1

Announcement, Brain Sciences 1983

General note

Oversized material. Printed announcement of Crick lecture entitled, "Thinking About the Brain" as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series in the Brain Sciences offered by Whitaker College of Health Sciences, Technology and Management, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on September 22, 1983.

Announcements and invitations

Box 12, Folder 12

1948 - 1989. Contains announcement for a Cambridge speech Crick gave in the 1950s (prior to receiving his Ph.D.) and a memorial program for Alfred Valentine Speed (Odile Crick's father)

Box 12, Folder 13

1990 - 2003. Contains memorial program for Jonas Salk

Box 12, Folder 14

Cambridge College 1948 - 1952

General note

Contains applications, library card, and Ph.D. program and thesis acceptance. [See also C - Miscellaneous in CORRESPONDENCE (Series 1A) regarding various Cambridge-related organizations].
Box 12, Folder 15

Certificates and identity, admission and membership cards 1939 - 1974

Box 12, Folder 16

Commander of the Order of the British Empire 1963

General note

Contains correspondence regarding Prime Minister Harold MacMillan's offer to submit Crick's name for appointment and Crick's handwritten draft of his refusal.
Box 12, Folder 17

Curriculum vitae and publication list

Box 12, Folder 18

Driving license, Great Britain 1973 - 1976

Box 12, Folder 19

Eyeglasses - Oxford pince-nez style with case undated


Institut de France, Academie des Sciences 1962

Box 12, Folder 20

Correspondence regarding Crick's receipt of the Charles Leopold Mayer prize. In French

Oversize FB-447, Folder 1

Contains Charles Leopold Mayer prize certificate evidencing Crick's receipt of the Mayer prize. In French

Box 12, Folder 21

Memorial program 2004

General note

Includes a list of speakers and a short biography of Crick. Program was distributed at the Salk Institute memorial held on August 3, 2004.
Box 12, Folder 22

Newspaper clippings - Contains articles about Crick and his work

Oversize MC-006-01

Newspaper clippings - Contains articles about Crick and his work

Box 13, Folder 1

Order of Merit Award (Buckingham Palace) 1991 - 2003

General note

Contains correspondence regarding Crick's acceptance and participation in the prestigious British Order of Merit (O.M.) recognizing achievement in the arts, sciences and literature.

Passports, British

Box 13, Folder 2

1945 - 1955. Includes photocopy of laid-in New York Times article regarding DNA discovery

General note

Includes photocopy of laid-in newspaper article regarding DNA discovery from the NEW YORK TIMES, dated June 13, 1953.
Box 13, Folder 3

1953 - 1963. Includes health vaccination certificate booklet

Box 13, Folder 4-7

1963 - 1998

Box 13, Folder 8

Passport, European Union 1998 - 2008

Box 13, Folder 9

Questions in the Air 1956

General note

Program for a radio broadcast.
Box 13, Folder 10

Salk Institute 1975 - 1981

General note

Correspondence regarding decision to accept Kieckhefer Professorship, contract negotiations, press releases, resignation from the MRC and handwritten notes. Includes official offer to extend contract for additional three years dated January 21, 1981.
Box 13, Folder 11

Salk Institute Fellowship 1961 - 1966

General note

Contains correspondence, expense notes, air tickets and honorarium information.
Box 13, Folder 12

Social Security card and brochure 1954

General note

Contains original card, government brochure and 1976 application completed upon move to the United States.

Conditions Governing Access note

Restrictions Apply
Box 13, Folder 13

United States visa and alien registration material 1976

General note

Contains photocopies of applications, correspondence with the United States Embassy in London, handwritten notes and an application for a social security card for Odile. Also includes telex from Crick stating he had lived continuously in the United States since September 10, 1976.
Box 13, Folder 14

University of California, Berkeley 1959

General note

Contains employment form for Crick's visit to the virus laboratory.
Box 13, Folder 15


Box 13, Folder 16

Wedding announcement 1949

General note

Contains printed invitation from Odile's parents to Francis Crick, the "bridegroom."


Scope and Contents of Series

Series 3) APPOINTMENT BOOKS: Forty-nine small pocket-sized appointment books with names, addresses, telephone numbers, appointment notations, miscellaneous laid-in notes, receipts and mailing paraphernalia.
Box 13, Folder 17

Pages removed from appointment books due to restriction of social security numbers of Crick and others 1981 - 2004

Conditions Governing Access note

Restrictions Apply
Box 14, Folder 1

1946 - Bound notebook with handwritten notes

Box 14, Folder 2

1949 - Loose pages with handwritten notes

Box 14, Folder 3

1952-1953 - Bound notebook with handwritten notes

Box 14, Folder 4

1954-1955 - Bound notebook with handwritten notes

Box 14, Folder 5

1955-1956 - Bound notebook with handwritten notes

Box 14, Folder 6

1956-1957 - Bound notebook with handwritten notes and laid-in receipt

Box 14, Folder 7

Appointment Book 1957 - 1958

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 8

Appointment Book 1959

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 9

Appointment Book 1959 - 1960

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 10

Appointment Book 1960 - 1961

General note

Copy 1. Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 11

Appointment Book 1960 - 1961

General note

Copy 2. Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes and laid-in receipts.
Box 14, Folder 12

Appointment Book 1961 - 1962

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes. Includes laid-in card and note with addresses.
Box 14, Folder 13

Appointment Book 1962 - 1963

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 14

Appointment Book 1963 - 1964

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 15

Appointment Book 1964 - 1965

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 16

Appointment Book 1965 - 1966

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 17

Appointment Book 1966 - 1967

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 18

Appointment Book 1967 - 1968

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 19

Appointment Book 1972 - 1973

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 20

Appointment Book 1973 - 1974

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 21

Appointment Book 1974 - 1975

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 22

Appointment Book 1975 - 1976

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 23

Appointment Book 1979

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 24

Appointment Book 1980

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 14, Folder 25

Appointment Book 1981

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes and laid-in note.
Box 14, Folder 26

Appointment Book 1982

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes and laid-in note.
Box 14, Folder 27

Appointment Book 1983

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes and laid-in notes.
Box 14, Folder 28

Appointment Book 1984

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes for July through December only.
Box 14, Folder 29

Appointment Book 1985

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes and laid-in note.
Box 14, Folder 30

Appointment Book 1986

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes. Includes laid-in contact information, lists, stamps and mailing paraphernalia.
Box 14, Folder 31

Appointment Book 1987

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes and laid-in notes and receipt.
Box 14, Folder 32

Appointment Book 1988

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten and laid-in notes.
Box 14, Folder 33

Appointment Book 1989

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 15, Folder 1

Appointment Book 1990

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten and laid-in notes.
Box 15, Folder 2

Appointment Book 1991

General note

Copy 1. Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes and laid-in ticket stub.
Box 15, Folder 3

Appointment Book 1991

General note

Copy 2. Contains bound notebook with handwritten and laid-in notes.
Box 15, Folder 4

Appointment Book 1992

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes. Includes laid-in business card and handwritten notes.
Box 15, Folder 5

Appointment Book 1993

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes. Includes laid-in business cards.
Box 15, Folder 6

Appointment Book 1994

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten and laid-in notes.
Box 15, Folder 7

Appointment Book 1995

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten and laid-in notes.
Box 15, Folder 8

Appointment Book 1996

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten and laid-in notes.
Box 15, Folder 9

Appointment Book 1997

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten and laid-in notes.
Box 15, Folder 10

Appointment Book 1998

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 15, Folder 11

Appointment Book 1999

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten and laid-in notes.
Box 15, Folder 12

Appointment Book 2000

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 15, Folder 13

Appointment Book 2001

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 15, Folder 14

Appointment Book 2002

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 15, Folder 15

Appointment Book 2003

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.
Box 15, Folder 16

Appointment Book 2004

General note

Contains bound notebook with handwritten notes.


Scope and Contents of Series

Series 4: NOTEBOOKS: A small collection of pocket-sized notebooks with jottings, addresses and notes.
Box 16, Folder 1

Notebook 1945 - 1946

General note

Contains a bound notebook with handwritten notes, including a list of Russian words, addresses, poem drafts, and notes on a lecture.
Box 16, Folder 2

Notebook 1953 - 1955

General note

Contains three pages with addresses and loose pages with handwritten notes mentioning RNA and DNA and refers to published works of various scientists.
Box 16, Folder 3

Notebook 1956 - 1958

General note

Contains loose pages with handwritten notes on DNA and RNA.
Box 16, Folder 4

Notes - miscellaneous

Box 16, Folder 5

Weekly Organizer 1948

General note

May - November.
Box 16, Folder 6

Weekly Organizer 1969 - 1971



Scope and Contents of Series

Series 5) PHOTOGRAPHS: Images of Francis and Odile Crick, studio portrait photographs of Francis' mother, father and uncle, and group photographs with family and friends. Also included is a photograph of the RNA Tie Club, an informal group founded in 1954 by George Gamow. The club included Watson and Crick among its earliest members who engaged in informal conversation about the mystery of RNA. The series also includes a print of one of the now famous A.C. Barrington Brown photographs of Watson and Crick in 1953 with their double helix model.
Box 16, Folder 7

Bernal, John Desmond (J.D.)

General note

Box 16, Folder 8

Crick, Anne Elizabeth (née Wilkins) (mother) 1938

Box 16, Folder 9

Crick, Arthur (paternal uncle)

General note

Box 16, Folder 10

Crick, Francis

General note

ca. 1935-1937. At Trelawn Park, Mill Hill, London.
Box 16, Folder 11

Crick, Francis 1953

General note

With James Watson and DNA double helix model. Photograph by A. C. Barrington Brown.
Box 16, Folder 12

Crick, Francis 1986

General note

With Linus Pauling at the Caltech celebration of Pauling's 85th birthday.
Box 16, Folder 13

Crick, Francis 1955

General note

With members of the RNA Tie Club including Alex Rich, Leslie Orgel and Jim Watson.
Box 16, Folder 14

Crick, Francis

General note

ca. 1960s. At home of John Mosely and with Elizabeth Mosley.
Box 16, Folder 15

Crick, Francis 1977

General note

With miscellaneous unidentified groups, one at the Salk Institute.
Box 16, Folder 16

Crick, Francis

General note

ca. 1990s. With Odile at a wedding party.
Box 16, Folder 17

Crick, Francis

General note

Undated. Contains photographs and slides of Crick.
Box 16, Folder 18

Crick, Harry (father)

General note

Studio portrait of Crick's father as a young man.
Box 16, Folder 19

Crick, Odile (née Speed) (wife)

General note

ca. 1944-1945. Wearing a Women's Royal Naval Service (WREN) uniform.
Box 16, Folder 20

Crick, Odile

General note

Box 16, Folder 21

Miscellaneous photographs 1939

General note

Contains photographs of Crick's laboratory at University College London.
Box 16, Folder 22

Perutz, Max and Sydney Brenner 1979

General note

Upon Perutz's (right) handing over the Medical Research Council (MRC) laboratory directorship to Brenner.
Box 16, Folder 23

Watson, James D. 1954

General note

Photographic print originally published in VOGUE magazine's August issue.
Box 16, Folder 24

Wilkins, Maurice H.F

General note

ca. 1955. With scientific apparatus.
Box 16, Folder 25

Unidentified friends and family members



Scope and Contents of Series

Series 6) SUBJECT FILES: Files that document property, projects and vacations. The files document Crick's decision to come to the Salk Institute; residence property transactions in both the United Kingdom and the United States; family vacations and speaking tours; Crick's participation as director, scientific advisory board member and stock option owner of SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc., a corporation established in 1981 by the Salk Institute. Also included are collected memorabilia such as invitations to attend events and Crick theme parties, menus and wine lists, newspaper clippings and magazine articles of interest to Crick, receipts, as well as advertisements in which Crick was a participant, poems, mathematical examinations, and theatrical and other event programs.
Oversize FB-447, Folder 1


General note

ca. 1986. Oversized printed advertisement captioned, "Look What 350 Days of Sunshine Has Done to Our Brains" featuring Crick and others, to promote the City of San Diego.
Box 16, Folder 26

Advertisement 1988

General note

Glossy brochure featuring Crick endorsing the Weck all-disposable hemoclip applier. In Japanese.
Box 16, Folder 27

Brochures 1980 - 1982

General note

Miscellaneous scientific and charitable.
Box 16, Folder 28

Cavendish Laboratory brochure 1953

Box 16, Folder 29

French Polynesia - Vacation 1984

General note

Contains receipts and brochures.
Box 16, Folder 30

Hot Air Balloon 1992

General note

Contains correspondence and certificate commemorating March 8 flight.
Box 16, Folder 31

International Summer School on Molecular and Cell Biology 1972 - 1974

General note

Contains information regarding Crick's teaching at this school in Spetsai, Greece.
Box 17, Folder 1

Invitations 1970 - 1989

General note

Contains formal and informal invitations to both private and public events.
Box 17, Folder 2

Invitations to Crick parties in Cambridge

General note

ca. 1960s-1970s. Includes invitations to a "South Seas Party" and to a "Flower Party."
Box 17, Folder 3

Japan - India Speaking Tour 1981

General note

Contains itineraries, maps, receipts and correspondence regarding trip that included Thailand and Hong Kong.
Box 17, Folder 4

Kiwi (yacht) 1963 - 1967

General note

Materials related to the purchase of the yacht.
Box 17, Folder 5

Knowles Gallery 1985

General note

Contains postcards and business card regarding exhibition of Odile Crick's watercolor and pastel paintings.
Box 17, Folder 6

"Life and Work of Linus Pauling (1901 - 1994): A Discourse on the Art of Biography" 1995

General note

Program. Includes biography of Crick as keynote speaker and recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award presented by Oregon State University.
Box 17, Folder 7

London - Geneva - Zurich - Paris - Vacation 1981

General note

Contains itineraries, receipts and correspondence.
Box 17, Folder 8

Mathematics examinations

Box 17, Folder 9

Menus 1958 - 1989

General note

Includes "40th Anniversary of the Double Helix" menu incorporating Crick residence names into dish titles and a menu from the "Watson and Crick Cafe" dated September 11-15, 1989.
Box 17, Folder 10

Miscellaneous materials 1948 - 2003

General note

Part 1. Contains reprints, receipts, a Bedales School prospectus (1948), brochures and advertisements.
Box 17, Folder 11

Miscellaneous materials 1948 - 2003

General note

Part 2. Contains photocopy of Keats' "Ode on a Grecian Urn" from which Crick garnered his book title, WHAT MAD PURSUIT, photocopies and printed articles about sound equipment by recording engineer John Mosely, and a reprint of Allama Mashrigi's pamphlet entitled, "The Human Problem," ca. 1955.
Box 17, Folder 12

Morocco - Vacation 1960 - 1961

Box 17, Folder 13

Morocco - Vacation 1974 - 1975

Box 18, Folder 1

Newspaper clippings 1980

General note

Miscellaneous articles regarding helixes and Nobel prize winners.
Box 18, Folder 2

Nobel Prize Dinner 1962

General note

Mimeograph copy of the order of procession for the Nobel Festival Dinner.
Box 18, Folder 3

Notes and business cards

Box 18, Folder 4

Pasadena Conference on the Structure of Proteins - List of participants 1953

General note

September 21-26.
Oversize FB-447, Folder 1

Portrait 1995

General note

Oversized material. Pencil drawing of Crick as a patient by unknown artist.
Box 18, Folder 5

Portrait entitled, "Decoding Cannabis Changed my Life" 2001

General note

Pen and crayon portrait by Guillaume de Saint Phalle (relative of artist Niki de Saint Phalle) [supplied by Odile Crick].
Box 18, Folder 6

Postcards (blank)

Box 18, Folder 7

Programs 1950 - 1977

General note

Part 1. Contains miscellaneous programs for scientific and theatrical events.
Box 18, Folder 8

Programs 1978 - 1981

General note

Part 2. Contains miscellaneous programs for scientific and theatrical events.
Box 18, Folder 9

Programs 1982 - 1983

General note

Part 3. Contains miscellaneous programs for scientific and theatrical events.
Box 18, Folder 10

Programs 1984 - 1997

General note

Part 4. Also contains undated programs.
Box 18, Folder 11


Box 18, Folder 12

Refusal cards

General note

ca. 1960s. Contains printed cards created by Crick as a joke to respond to the many requests he received. Includes cards sent back to him with humorous additions to the list of activities Crick declined invitation to.
Box 18, Folder 13

Residence, Borrego Springs, California

General note

ca. 1990. Hand-drawn floor plan and correspondence with Andy Palleson, home construction contractor.
Box 18, Folder 14

Residence, Portugal Place, Cambridge

General note

ca. 1970s. Contains description of residence for purposes of sale by realtors January and Partners. Includes newspaper advertisement with photograph of residence.
Box 19, Folder 1

SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc. 1996 - 1998

General note

Includes press releases, announcements and correspondence regarding Crick's participation on scientific advisory board and as a director of corporation originally established by the Salk Institute in 1981. Also includes correspondence regarding Crick's stock option ownership and SIBIA's initial public offering.
Box 19, Folder 2

SOMA 1967

General note

Contains drafts of advertisement, with handwritten annotations, advocating cannabis legal reform later published in THE TIMES (London newspaper) on July 24, 1967.
Box 19, Folder 3

Thailand - India trip 1987

General note

Contains itineraries and brochures.
Box 19, Folder 4

Travel brochures

Box 19, Folder 5

Travel maps

Box 19, Folder 6

Travel reimbursement and receipts 1980 - 1984

General note

Contains correspondence with Salk Institute, original receipts and handwritten notes.
Box 19, Folder 7

Valentine's Day cards

Box 19, Folder 8

Wine lists



Scope and Contents of Series

Series 7) FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS: Files regarding Crick's 1970s involvement in the filming of two documentaries (one for educational use with first year students, one for a lay audience) about DNA entitled, DNA Story. The lay audience version was later shown in the United States, on a March 7, 1976 NOVA public television broadcast entitled, The Race For The Double Helix with author Isaac Asimov as narrator. There were discussions of another unrealized film project entitled, The Genetic Code. Additional files document Crick's participation in the making of and reactions to the 1987 BBC-produced drama Life Story with Jeff Goldblum as Watson and Tim Pigott-Smith as Crick which was later marketed in the United States as The Race For The Double Helix . Another project includes a Christopher Wood screenplay and correspondence featuring legal and financial discussions with Laurence P. Bachmann regarding an unrealized film project entitled, Double Helix .
Box 19, Folder 9

DNA STORY film project 1970 - 1974

General note

Part 1. Contains correspondence regarding production of two educational films, one for students and one for the public. Includes correspondence with Ronald Foreacre of Rebel Productions Limited (1970-1971) and VSM Productions Limited which took over the project in September, 1971.
Box 19, Folder 10

DNA STORY film project 1970 - 1974

General note

Part 2. Contains correspondence, handwritten notes on story outlines and typescript screenplay drafts.
Box 19, Folder 11

DNA STORY film project 1970 - 1974

General note

Part 3. Contains correspondence, reactions of test viewers, draft outlines, and discussions of an unrealized film project entitled THE GENETIC CODE.
Box 19, Folder 12

DOUBLE HELIX film project 1981 - 1983

General note

Part 1. Contains correspondence with producer Laurence P. Backman of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Co., Crick and Watson's theatrical agent, Lee Rosenberg, James D. Watson, and attorneys.
Box 20, Folder 1

DOUBLE HELIX film project 1985

General note

Part 2. Contains correspondence and typescript screenplay by Christopher Wood based on the book by James D. Watson.
Box 20, Folder 2

LIFE STORY television project 1984 - 1987

General note

Part 1. Contains correspondence, audience reactions, advertisements, and reviews. This BBC made-for-TV film was later released in the United States as "THE RACE FOR THE DOUBLE HELIX."
Oversize FB-447, Folder 1

LIFE STORY television project 1987

General note

Part 2. Contains an oversized copy of the British Broadcasting Corporation's RADIO TIMES entitled, "Gene Geniuses: They're brash, they're brilliant - and they're racing to unravel the secret of life."


Scope and Contents of Series

Series 8) WRITINGS: Drafts and outlines in preparation of lectures and papers dealing with various scientific subjects including molecular biology, consciousness, neurobiology, the visual cortex, science and religion, and dream theories. Also included are Crick’s tributes to his friend, Sydney Brenner, notes on Jacob Bronowski, and a proposal prepared at the end of World War II regarding employing German scientists.
Box 20, Folder 3

Bronowski, Jacob

General note

ca. 1974. Crick's handwritten notes about Bronowski as a scientist and friend.
Box 20, Folder 4

"Cambridge and the Code" 2002

General note

Article in THE SCIENTIST Special Supplement to mark the 75th birthday of Sydney Brenner. Includes articles by Phillip Tobias, Leslie Orgel, Paul Berg, Jonathan Karn, Jonathan Hodgkin, Y.H. (Chris) Tan, Roger Brent and Horace Freeland Judson.
Box 20, Folder 5

"Consciousness and Neuroscience" 2001

General note

Contains handwritten notes and typescript drafts in folder annotated "Prolegomenon to the Study of Consciousness."
Box 20, Folder 6

"An Information-processing Approach to Understanding the Visual Cortex" 1979 - 1980

General note

Part 1. With D.C. Marr and T. Poggio. Published in THE ORGANIZATION OF THE CEREBRAL CORTEX, edited by E.O. Schmitt, F.G. Worden and G.S. Denis, MIT Press Cambridge, MA, 505-533, 1980. Contains handwritten notes, photographs, and lecture notes entitled, "Woods Hole Meeting" dated May 4, 1979.
Box 20, Folder 7

"An Information-processing Approach to Understanding the Visual Cortex" 1979 - 1980

General note

Part 2. With D.C. Marr and T. Poggio. Contains handwritten and photocopied notes and graphs.
Box 20, Folder 8

Notes on biocomputing 1981

General note

Contains handwritten notes and Salk VAX/VMS Newsletter, Vol. 1.81, No. 1.
Box 20, Folder 9

Notes on molecular biology 1970

General note

Handwritten notes including notes annotated "plan for book," dated August 24.
Box 20, Folder 10

Notes on neurobiology 1981

General note

Contains handwritten notes and typescript annotated drafts regarding neural nets.
Box 20, Folder 11

Notes on science and religion

General note

ca. 1970s. Contains miscellaneous handwritten notes on existence of God, efficacy of prayer, what science has revealed, character outlines, and notes on modern culture.
Box 20, Folder 12

"Proposal to employ German Technicians recruited from the British zone in postwar Berlin"

General note

Box 20, Folder 13

Rem Sleep Theory 1982

General note

Part 1. Contains handwritten notes, correspondence with Graeme Mitchinson, and handwritten outline of letter to William Dement, Stanford University sleep researcher.
Box 20, Folder 14

Rem Sleep Theory 1982

General note

Part 2. Contains correspondence, referee comments and responses, editorial comment from NATURE editors, and handwritten and printed research notes regarding "The Function of Dream Sleep," by Francis Crick and Graeme Mitchinson, published in NATURE, July, 1983,
Box 20, Folder 15

Visual system

General note

ca. 1996. Miscellaneous handwritten notes and diagrams on the visual cortex, consciousness and qualia. Includes "Note for Mind-Brain Talk," handwritten draft entitled, "Consciousness, Where are We Now?," dated July 1996, and outline entitled, "My Talk at Resner [?] Meeting."


Scope and Contents of Series

Series 9) WRITINGS OF OTHERS: Articles and advertisements featuring or quoting Crick, including articles commemorating the 40th anniversary of the double helix discovery in 1993, articles about Crick's family, Linus Pauling's 85th birthday celebration, Sydney Brenner's 2002 Nobel Prize, and an article about James D. Watson's tenure as head of the Human Genome Project at the National Institute of Health. The series also includes scientific reprints, a book review of Crick's What Mad Pursuit, and numerous poems mentioning or inscribed to Crick.
Oversize FB-447, Folder 1

"ADN: les 40 ans de la double helice" 1993

General note

Oversized article in newspaper LE QUOTIDIEN DU MEDECIN regarding 40th Anniversary of double helix discovery. In French.
Box 20, Folder 16

Anderson, E.S. "Up the Krick with Watson" - Poem

Box 20, Folder 17

Angell, Roger 1981

General note

Printed copy of poem entitled, "Greeting Friends" published in the December issue of THE NEW YORKER that mentions Crick.
Box 20, Folder 18

Baum, Rudy 1986

General note

Contains article entitled, "Caltech Celebrates Pauling's 85th Birthday" in CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING NEWS, with photograph of Pauling and Crick.
Box 20, Folder 19

Bradford, Robert 2003

General note

Article entitled "A Man, a Worm, and a Nobel" published in SALK SIGNALS about Sydney Brenner's receipt of the 2002 Nobel Prize quoting Crick, his longtime friend and scientific collaborator.
Box 20, Folder 20

Calvin, William H. 1988

General note

Book review entitled, "Gene Genius" of Crick's WHAT MAD PURSUIT: A PERSONAL VIEW OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY, published in the SEATTLE WEEKLY, on November 9.
Box 20, Folder 21

Casement, Richard 1980

General note

Article entitled "How to Get a Bright Idea" published in THE ECONOMIST and includes a biography of Crick and a crossword puzzle based on his life and work.
Oversize FB-447, Folder 1

"Challenge Spirit" 1987

General note

Oversized full-page newspaper article featuring Crick. In Japanese.
Box 20, Folder 22

Chohan, N. Anubhava 1979

General note

Photocopy of poem entitled, "Magic."
Oversize FB-447, Folder 1


General note

Undated, unsigned broadside [possibly associated with composer Christopher Gaynor].
Box 20, Folder 23

"Dream Kitchen"

General note

Undated and unidentified poet. Includes poem entitled, "The Park."
Box 21, Folder 1

Hofstader, Douglas R. 1976

General note

Contains typescript of working outline entitled, "Godel, Escher, Bach" and musical score and dialogue entitled, "Crab Canon."
Box 21, Folder 2

Kung, Chiang 1981 - 1984

General note

Contains photocopies of ten scientific papers and abstracts regarding Kung's research into ion channels in Paramecium.
Box 21, Folder 3

Melnechuk, Theodore 1983

General note

Article entitled, "Dreaming: A Startling New Analysis from the Man Who Brought You DNA" published in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY as the cover story regarding Crick and Mitchinson's dream theory.
Box 21, Folder 4

"People at Home" 1965

General note

Article in the NORTHAMPTON AND COUNTY INDEPENDENT regarding the Dickens family. Crick's paternal aunt was Mrs. Arnold (Winifred) Dickens.
Box 21, Folder 5


General note

Undated. Contains two typescript poems by unidentified authors.
Box 21, Folder 6

Rothschild, Victor (Lord)

General note

Undated magazine interview mentioning Crick.
Box 21, Folder 7

"Salk has New President, CEO" 1995

General note

Copy of SALK INSTITUTE NEWSLETTER article announcing official election of Crick as president and Charles L. Massey as chief executive officer.
Box 21, Folder 8

SCIENTIFIC OUTLOOK: Proceeding 'B' of the Sixth Indian Congress of College Going Scientists 1983

General note

Article entitled, "Scientists Mystify Science" quoting Crick from his book, OF MOLECULES AND MEN.
Box 21, Folder 9

Woddis, Roger 1977

General note

Contains photocopy of poem entitled, "Howl of Anguish: (After Browning)," originally published in THE NEW STATESMAN alluding that Crick's move to America was prompted by Britain's high taxes.
Box 21, Folder 10

Wright, Robert 1990

General note

Contains article entitled, "Achilles' Helix: Mr. Huxley, Mr. Darwin: Meet Dr. Watson," originally published in THE NEW REPUBLIC, July 9 and 16, regarding James D. Watson's appointment as head of the Human Genome Project at the National Institute of Health.


Scope and Contents of Series

Series 10) ORIGINALS OF PRESERVATION PHOTOCOPIES: Originals of brittle or high acid content documents that have been photocopied.
Box 21, Folder 11

Originals of preservation photocopies


Accession processed in 2007



Scope and Contents of Series

Series 11) CORRESPONDENCE: Letters from four generations of the Crick family (including Crick's mother, aunts, cousins, and grandchildren) as well as from numerous long-time personal friends including: Sumi Adachi, Eprime Eshag, Jan Ellison, Pauline Finbow, John Gayer-Anderson, Patsy Lambe, Peter Lawrence and Brigitta Haraldson, Robin Marris, Francoise and Dominic Michaelis, Walter and Judy Rosenblith, Gunter and Mirji Sachs, Kirsti Simonsuuri, Vanji Thorgerson, and Edith Weisz. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically by last name.
Box 22, Folder 1

A - Miscellaneous

Box 22, Folder 2

Adachi, Sumi 1978 - 2004

Box 22, Folder 3

B - Miscellaneous

Box 22, Folder 4

Bergelin, Marthe (Odile's cousin) 1951

Box 22, Folder 5

Bergelin-Mettai, Elaine (Odile's cousin) 1977 - 2001

Box 22, Folder 6

Bhargava, Manorama 1981 - 2007

Box 22, Folder 7

Binkley, Nick 1999 - 2006

Box 22, Folder 8

Bonnaud, Evelyn 1981 - 2004

Box 22, Folder 9

Boulesteix, Guiton and Mado (Odile's maternal aunts) 1951 - 1988

Box 22, Folder 10

Boulesteix, Madeline (Odile's cousin), ca. 1990s - 2007

Box 22, Folder 11

Boulesteix, Michel (Odile's cousin) 1987 - 2002

Box 22, Folder 12

Braitenberg, Elizabeth 1978 - 2001

Box 22, Folder 13

C - Miscellaneous

Box 22, Folder 14

Cash, Howard, ca. 2000s

Box 22, Folder 15

Cohen, Becky 1991 - 2007

Box 22, Folder 16

Crick, Annie Elizabeth (Francis' mother) 1954

Box 22, Folder 17

Crick, Camberley (granddaughter) 1990 - 2003

Box 22, Folder 18

Crick, Elizabeth (Mrs. Alfred) (Francis' aunt) 1948 - 1950

Box 22, Folder 19

Crick, Gabrielle (daughter) 1978 - 2007

Box 22, Folder 20

Crick, Michael (son) 1954 - 1980

Box 22, Folder 21

Crick, Odile (wife) 1951 - 2007

Box 22, Folder 22

Crick-Langdon, Kindra (granddaughter) 2001 - 2005

Box 22, Folder 23

Crick-Nichols, Jacqueline (daughter) 1976 - 2007

Box 22, Folder 24

D - Miscellaneous

Box 22, Folder 25

Darking, Sue (Francis' cousin) 1985 - 1992

Box 22, Folder 26

Delach, John 1953 - 2003

Box 22, Folder 27

E - Miscellaneous

Box 22, Folder 28

Eshag, Eprime 1978 - 1999

Box 23, Folder 1

Ellison, Jan 1976 - 1985

Box 23, Folder 2

F - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 3

Finbow, Pauline 1989 - 2005

Box 23, Folder 4

Fost, Harold and Doreen 1999 - 2006

Box 23, Folder 5

G - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 6

Gayer - Anderson, John 1977 - 1992

Box 23, Folder 7

H - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 8

Hansen, Aase 1991 - 1995

Box 23, Folder 9

Hurt, John and Tammy, ca. 1970s - 2006

Box 23, Folder 10

J - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 11

Jumsai, Sumet 1987 - 2003

Box 23, Folder 12

K - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 13

Karstens, Peter and Renee 1985 - 2007

Box 23, Folder 14

L - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 15

Lambe, Patsy 1979 - 2003

Box 23, Folder 16

Lawrence, Peter and Brigitta Haraldson 1991 - 2007

Box 23, Folder 17

Lyons, Francoise (née Speed - Odile's niece) 1980 - 2006

Box 23, Folder 18

M - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 19

Malrick, Mary Ann (née Crick - Francis' niece) and Ward 1976 - 2006

Box 23, Folder 20

Marris, Robin 1988 - 2003

Box 23, Folder 21

Masnell, Jennifer 1991 - 2007

Box 23, Folder 22

Michaelis, Francoise and Dominic 1987 - 2007

Box 23, Folder 23

Morgan, Howard 2000 - 2007

Box 23, Folder 24

N - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 25

O - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 26

P - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 27

R - Miscellaneous

Box 23, Folder 28

Ramsay, Linda 1995 - 2006

Box 23, Folder 29

Rosenblith, Walter and Judy 1982 - 2004

Box 23, Folder 30

S - Miscellaneous

Box 24, Folder 1

Sachs, Gunter and Mirji, 1980 - ca. 2000s

Box 24, Folder 2

Sarrud, Lawrence (née Bergelin - Odile's cousin) 1992 - 2002

Box 24, Folder 3

Seuss, Alisse 1989 - 2004

Box 24, Folder 4

Simonsuuri, Kirsti 1976 - 2006

Box 24, Folder 5

Speed, Alain (Odile's nephew), 1999 - ca. 2000s

Box 24, Folder 6

Speed, Bruno (Odile's nephew) 1973 - 2006

Box 24, Folder 7

Speed, Maria-Therese (Odile's mother) 1949 - 1951

Box 24, Folder 8

Speed, Philippe and Marguerite (Odile's brother) 1977 - 2006

Box 24, Folder 9

Southgate, Peter and Monica, ca. 2000s

Box 24, Folder 10

Southwell, Clover 1981 - 2002

Box 24, Folder 11

Stapp, Monique 1979 - 1999

Box 24, Folder 12

Sugden, Marian 1954 - 2000

Box 24, Folder 13

Swanson, Larry and Neely, ca. 2000s

Box 24, Folder 14

T - Miscellaneous

Box 24, Folder 15

Thorgerson, Vanji 1977 - 2006

Box 24, Folder 16

Tomkins, Millicent 1987 - 2006

Box 24, Folder 17

U - Miscellaneous

Box 24, Folder 18

Unwin, Nigel and Janet 1995 - 2006

Box 24, Folder 19

V - Miscellaneous

Box 24, Folder 20

Vandenbergh, Nancy (née Scott ?) 1979 - 2004

Box 24, Folder 21

Vaughan, Debbie, 1976 - ca. 2000s

Box 24, Folder 22

W - Miscellaneous

Box 24, Folder 23

Wadey, Kay 1982 - 2002

Box 24, Folder 24

Watson, Jim and Liz 2000 - 2004

Box 24, Folder 25

Weisz, Edith 1999 - 2006

Box 24, Folder 26

Wilkens, Esther (Francis' aunt) 1954

Box 24, Folder 27

Y - Miscellaneous

Box 24, Folder 28

Zhang, Shuguang 2003 - 2006

Box 24, Folder 29




Scope and Contents of Series

Series 12: CONDOLENCE CORRESPONDENCE: One folder with approximately 25 sympathy cards and letters received by Odile Crick in late-2004 and 2005. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically by last name.
Box 24, Folder 30

Condolence letters 2004 - 2005



Scope and Contents of Series

Series 13) MISCELLANEOUS MATERIALS: Biographical materials such as Crick's alien registration card (1976); an invitation to a reception on Queen Elizabeth's yacht (1983); pen and ink portraits of Crick by his wife, Odile; photographs of Crick and others; writings by Crick; and a small metal double helix model.
Box 24, Folder 31

Alien registration card 1976

Box 24, Folder 32

Churchill College - Fortieth Anniversary Messages from the Founding Fellows 1980

General note

Printed copy of the CHURCHILL REVIEW with Crick remembrances of the chapel incident and the issue of allowing women to dine at High Table.
Box 24, Folder 33


General note

ca. 2002. Handwritten notes on consciousness and a handwritten draft of a letter discussing a paper to be entitled, "A Framework for Consciousness," (later published with Christof Koch in NATURE NEUROSCIENCE, February, 2003).
Box 25, Folder 1

DNA modeling material

General note

Undated. Metal modeling material in a double helix shape.
Box 26, Folder 1

Invitation 1983

General note

Printed invitation from Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to a reception on board the yacht, HMY Britannia , at San Diego, February 26, 1983, at 10 pm.
Box 26, Folder 2

Landscape and gardening notes, ca. 1990s

General note

Handwritten notes on desirable plants, sketches of landscaping schemes for the desert house, and watering schedules.
Box 26, Folder 3

Miscellaneous materials

General note

Poems, newspaper articles, and a photocopied typescript of "Love is a Fallacy," by Max Shulman.
Oversize FB-473, Folder 1


General note

Undated pen and ink drawing by Odile Crick of Francis Crick in various postures sitting in a chair reading.
Oversize FB-473, Folder 1


General note

Undated pen and ink drawing by Odile Crick of Francis Crick at a desk writing.
Box 26, Folder 4


General note

ca. 1930s - 2004. Photographs of Francis and Jim Watson, Odile as a young woman, three of Odile's paintings, Francis with Odile and others, and May Brenner.
Box 26, Folder 5

"A Structure for DNA"

General note

ca. 1950s. Undated, handwritten draft on blue note paper with annotations.


Scope and Contents of Series

Series 14) ODILE CRICK MISCELLANEOUS MATERIALS: Contains appointment calendars kept by Odile Crick; a notebook of expenses associated with her art; the printed card she used to respond to the voluminous amount of condolence correspondence she received after Crick's death, a printed memorial card (featuring one of her watercolors) and photocopied newspaper obituaries printed after her own death on July 5, 2007.
Box 26, Folder 6

Book-lending notebook 1962-1973

General note

Hard-bound notebook listing book titles borrowed from the Cricks' home library, with borrowers' names and return dates.
Box 26, Folder 7-14

Calendars, appointment 1953, 1966-1970, 1975-1976

Box 27, Folder 1-12

Calendars, appointment 1977-1988

Box 28, Folder 1-11

Calendars, appointment 1989-1996

Box 29, Folder 1-5

Calendars, appointment 1997-2002

Box 30, Folder 1-5

Calendars, appointment 2003-2007

Box 30, Folder 6

Condolence thank you card 2004

General note

Printed card Odile used to reply to the large amount of correspondence she received after the death of Francis Crick.
Box 30, Folder 7

Correspondence 1990-2005

Box 30, Folder 8-9

Dinner notebooks 1976-1996

General note

Spiral notebooks listing dinner guests, meals served, and comments on successfulness, quantities, food preferences, etc.
Box 30, Folder 10

Family transactions book 1974-1986

General note

Handwritten notations of loans and other financial transactions among the family.
Box 30, Folder 11

Jaeger family of Walchied 1993


Genealogical materials on the family of Odile Crick.
Box 30, Folder 12

Ledger - Art expenses 1982-1989

General note

Printed accounting book with handwritten annotations.
Box 31, Folder 1

Memoir fragments 1995 and undated


One handwritten and one photocopied short memoirs by Odile Crick describing her experiences in World War II and meeting Francis Crick.
Box 31, Folder 2

Memorial card 2007

General note

Proofs and final printed card the Crick family sent out after Odile's death. Includes a reproduction of one of her watercolors.
Box 31, Folder 3

Name and address books

General note

ca. 1990s. Printed books with handwritten annotations.
Box 31, Folder 4

Passports 1969-1998

General note

British passports of Odile Crick.
Box 31, Folder 5

Obituaries 2007

General note

Photocopies of Odile Crick obituaries that appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, UK INDEPENDENT and the ASSOCIATED PRESS.
Box 31, Folder 6

Salk Institute 1991-2003


Correspondence, notes and ephemera regarding the Salk Institute Association and special events at the Salk Institute.

Accessions processed in 2016



Scope and Content of Series

SERIES 15) BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIALS: Awards, clippings, obituaries, ephemera and other biographical information regarding Francis Crick. Includes photographs, correspondence, and neuroscience diagrams that Crick kept on his office bulletin boards at the Salk Institute, and a personal narrative by Crick on his childhood in Northampton. The series also contains correspondence, ephemera and a booklet for Crick's two memorial services at the Salk Institute. See the VIDEO RECORDINGS series for videos of both services.
Box 31, Folder 7

Program for the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scientist of the Year event 1999

Box 31, Folder 8

Bibliography 2003

Box 31, Folder 9-11

Bulletin board materials 1976-2004

General note

Correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and diagrams of the brain and neural systems that Crick kept on his office bulletin boards.
Box 31, Folder 12-13

Clippings and magazine articles regarding Francis Crick 1976-2005

Oversize MC-006-04

Garden folly (viewing platform) inspection records and plans for the Crick residence in La Jolla 1989

Box 31, Folder 14

Northampton 1999-2006

General note

Includes recollections by Crick of his childhood in Northampton, and images and information on the Francis Crick memorial sculpture.
Box 31, Folder 15

Obituaries 2004

Box 31, Folder 16

Order of Merit 2002-2004

Box 32, Folder 1-2

Remembering Francis Crick - Memorial service at the Salk Institute 2004

General note

Includes a booklet of the slide presentation, correspondence, invitation lists and ephemera. See the VIDEO RECORDINGS series for a video of the event.
Box 32, Folder 3

A Visit with Francis Crick - Interview transcript courtesy of Carolina Biological Supply Company 1989



Scope and Content of Series

SERIES 16) CORRESPONDENCE: Correspondence between Crick and his family, friends, colleagues and publishers. Includes a color reproduction of Crick's 1953 letter to his son Michael explaining the structure of DNA. Additional correspondence may be located throughout the collection.
Box 32, Folder 4

Birthday cards and letters 1997-2001

Oversize FB-473, Folder 11

80th birthday card 1996

General note

Poster board card with photograph of the Salk Institute and signatures of the staff.
Box 32, Folder 5

Churchill College, University of Cambridge 2002-2004

Box 32, Folder 6

Color reproduction of letter from Francis Crick to his son Michael on structure of the DNA double helix 1953 March 19

Box 32, Folder 7

Crick, Odile 1987-1991

Oversize MC-006-05

Get well cards undated

General note

Poster board cards with photographs of the Salk Institute and signatures of the staff.
Box 32, Folder 8

Miscellaneous 1974-2004

Box 32, Folder 9

Petitto, Laura 1985-1995

General note

Includes photographs of Francis and Odile Crick.
Box 32, Folder 10

Publishing 1975-2002

Box 32, Folder 11

Smith, Elizabeth G. 1984-1997

General note

Includes photographs of Francis Crick.
Box 32, Folder 12

U.S. visit 1955-1972



Scope and Content of Series

SERIES 17) SUBJECT FILES: Ephemera, clippings, correspondence, and other materials regarding universities attended by Crick, organizations and special events, and the 50 Anniversary of the Double Helix celebration. Includes photographs and information on artwork commemorating Crick in Northampton and Cambridge.
Box 32, Folder 13

50th Anniversary of the Double Helix - Publicity and ephemera 2002-2003

Oversize FB-473, Folder 11

Beyond the Double Helix - Poster for presentation by the Deans' Council College of Letters and Science at UCLA undated

Box 32, Folder 14

Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge 1981-1992

General note

Includes photographs and information on the stained glass windows commemorating Francis Crick and the double helix.
Box 33, Folder 1

Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge 1993-2005

Oversize FB-473, Folder 11

Koch, Christof. A Framework for Thinking About Consciousness. Salk Institute for Biological Studies Francis Crick Lecture poster 2004 March 10

Box 33, Folder 2

Nobel Laureate Park at La Jolla Shores - Plans undated

Oversize FB-473, Folder 11

The Problem of Visual Awareness - Poster for lecture by Crick at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1994 June 13

Box 33, Folder 3

Secular Humanist associations 1996-2002

Box 33, Folder 4

University College London 1991-2005



Scope and Content of Series

SERIES 18) WRITINGS: Drafts, correspondence, agreements and reviews for Crick's published and unpublished writings, including his books The Astonishing Hypothesis (1994), Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature (1984), and What Mad Pursuit: A Personal View of Scientific Discovery (1988). See also the Northampton file in the series 15) BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIALS for a personal narrative by Crick on his childhood.
Box 33, Folder 5-6

The Astonishing Hypothesis (The Neural Basis of Consciousness) (1994) - Correspondence, agreements, and reviews 1985-1999

Box 33, Folder 7

The Central Problem of Molecular Biology - Book outline undated

Box 33, Folder 8

The Conformation of Nucleic Acid - Lecture manuscript by F.H.C. Crick and J.D. Watson undated

Box 33, Folder 9-10

Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature (Directed Panspermia) (1984) - Agreements and review 1979-1985

Box 33, Folder 11

"Proteins - The Simple Picture" and "Proteins - The Complications." Chapter drafts undated

Box 33, Folder 12-14

What Mad Pursuit: A Personal View of Scientific Discovery (1988) - Correspondence and reviews in English and German 1987-1997



Scope and Content of Series

SERIES 19) WRITINGS OF OTHERS: Manuscripts, drafts, correspondence, ephemera, and reviews of published biographies of Crick and histories of molecular biology and neuroscience research that concern Crick. Includes drafts of Francis Crick: Hunter of Life's Secrets (Robert Olby, 2009), Francis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code (Matt Ridley, 2006), and "Remembering Francis Crick" by Oliver Sacks.
Box 33, Folder 15

Koch, Christof. The Quest for Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach (foreword by Crick, 2004) - Reviews, ephemera and correspondence 2004

Box 33, Folder 16-18

Olby, Robert. Francis Crick: Hunter of Life's Secrets (2009) - Correspondence and annotated drafts 2003-2005

Box 33, Folder 19

Olby, Robert. On Becoming a Molecular Biologist: The Early Career of Francis Crick - Correspondence and annotated manuscript 2003

Box 34, Folder 1

Ridley, Matt. Francis Crick: A Short Biography (Francis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code) (2006) - Annotated manuscript 2005

Box 34, Folder 2

Sacks, Oliver. Remembering Francis Crick - Manuscript 2005



Scope and Content of Series

SERIES 20) PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographs of Francis and Odile Crick, James Watson, and researchers from the Salk Institute and other research institutions.
Box 34, Folder 3

Contact prints - Roll D undated

General note

Includes Francis Crick, Dr. Dixon of SCARF, Renato and Maureen Dulbecco, Gerald Edelman, Niels Kaj Jerne, Betty Lang, Harry Resinar, and Ed Self.
Box 34, Folder 4

Photograph of a circular staircase inscribed, "DNA Model!" undated

Box 34, Folder 5

Fondazione Carlo Erba group photographs 1963

Box 34, Folder 6-7

Francis Crick 1987-2003 and undated

Box 34, Folder 8

Francis Crick and James Watson undated

Box 34, Folder 9

Francis Crick lecture undated

General note

Group photographs include Francis and Odile Crick; Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein; Princess Grace of Monaco; Dianne Day; Marq Debary; Frederic and Pat de Hoffmann; Curt Mileikowsky; Conte Theo Rossi; Mary, Viscountess Rothermere; George Sulzer; Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, Jr.; Léon and Miriam Velge; and Odette Wurzburger.
Box 34, Folder 10

Marvin Minsky. Erevan, Soviet Armenia undated

Box 34, Folder 11

Meeting photographs 1979-1988

General note

Group photographs from neuroscience conferences, featuring prominent colleagues.
Box 34, Folder 12

Odile and Francis Crick undated

Box 34, Folder 13

Royal Artillery course, Edinburgh University 1944

General note

Group photograph; inscribed "Speed" (family of Odile Crick).


Scope and Content of Series

SERIES 21) SOUND RECORDINGS: Audiocassette tape recordings of interviews and lectures by Crick on DNA and neuroscience research. Original media formats are restricted, though researchers may request that listening copies be produced in advance of their visit.
Box 35, Folder 1

The Biggest Diamond: 40 Years of DNA 1993 April 27

General note

Francis Crick, James Watson, Max Perutz, Fred Sanger, Aaron Klug and Andrew Griffiths interviewed by John Newell for Discovery.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 2

Frontiers of Medicine 1983 November 19

General note

Lecture by Crick on "The DNA Revolution" at the Frontiers of Medicine Symposium, Denver.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 3

The Future of Man undated

General note

Lectures by Francis Crick and Joshua Lederberg, and a reading of Hermann Muller by Gordon Wolstenholme.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 4

Just Gossiping 1984 November 12

General note

Francis Crick interviewed by BBC on his education, research, and Nobel prize.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 5

On the Function of Dream Sleep undated

General note

Interview with Francis Crick for Science Now.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 6

These Days, KPBS Radio 1994 January 18

General note

Francis Crick interviewed by Dan Erwin on These Days, KPBS Radio, about human consciousness.


Restrictions Apply


Scope and Content of Series

SERIES 22) VIDEO RECORDINGS: Video recordings of Francis Crick's interviews, lectures, award acceptance speeches, and memorial services. Original media formats are restricted; researchers may request that user copies be produced in advance of their visit. Arranged in two subseries: A) Digital Video and B) Videocassette.
A) Digital Video: An interview of Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel by Soraya de Chadarevian in 1997 and a video recording of the September 2004 memorial service for Crick at the Salk Institute.
B) Videocassette: VHS video recordings of lectures, interviews, award speeches, building dedications, and the August 2004 memorial service for Francis Crick. Includes home footage of Francis and Odile Crick, and footage of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology researchers. Includes both American and European format videocassettes.

Digital Video

Digital_file 1

Francis Crick in conversation with Leslie Orgel and Soraya de Chadarevian. Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology 1997 October 14

General note

Part 1: Crick's early career and DNA research. Part 2: Research after the double helix. Part 3: Later research at the Salk Institute.


Box 35, Folder 7

The Chemistry of Memory 1988 December 1

General note

Lecture by Francis Crick at California State University, Northridge for science teachers as part of NSF project 8650081.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 8-9

Comments on the Docudrama 1991 February 2 and 1992 February 20

General note

Francis Crick compares the discovery of DNA structure to the television film The Race for the Double Helix (1987) at California State University, Northridge. Two lectures for NSF science teacher programs and Eisenhower fellows.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 10

Consciousness: The Nature of the Problem. From DNA to Consciousness 1999 March 4

General note

Lecture by Francis Crick on the neurobiology of perception at the Salk Institute as part of the Stephen W. Kuffler lecture series.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 11

Dream Sleep 1986 November 20

General note

Lecture by Francis Crick at California State University, Northridge on the neurobiology of dreaming. Introduction by Steven Oppenheimer.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 12

Francis and Odile During Visit of Hans Noll in La Jolla 1985

General note

Footage of Francis and Odile Crick and Johanne Noll in La Jolla and Switzerland. Includes footage of paintings by Odile Crick.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 13

Francis Crick Memorial 2004 August 3

General note

Memorial service for Crick at the Salk Institute. Includes recollections of Crick by Christopher Kintner, Renato Dulbecco, Kathleen Murray, Leslie Orgel, Jacqueline Crick Nichols, and Michael Crick.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 14

Franklin-Wilkins Building Dedication, King's College London 2000 March 22

General note

Remarks by Francis Crick on DNA research for the dedication of the Franklin-Wilkins Building, taped in advance.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 15

Hinxton Hall Conference Centre Naming Ceremony 2000 November 24

General note

Dedications of the Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin and James Watson Pavilions, and of the Francis Crick Auditorium at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge. Speakers include Maurice Wilkins and James Watson.


Restrictions Apply
Box 35, Folder 16-17

How do We See? 1988 February 4 and 1997 February 20

General note

Lectures by Francis Crick on human and primate visual systems at California State University, Northridge as part of a NSF science teacher education program.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 1

Human Brain and Vision 1995 February 16

General note

Lecture by Francis Crick on visual psychology at California State University, Northridge, as part of a NSF teacher enhancement program.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 2

Interview with Crick and Watson, La Jolla 1998

General note

Francis Crick and James Watson discuss their DNA research.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 3

Liberty Medal Presentation Acceptance Remarks 2000 July 4

General note

Francis Crick's acceptance speech for the Liberty Medal, recorded in advance, on DNA research and its implications for society.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 4

Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, England. DNA in Reflection 1962-1983

General note

Footage of MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology researchers, including Crick, 1962-1963. Also a short film by Anand Sarabhai and Hans Boye depicting Crick's DNA model as seen through a kaleidoscope, 1982-1983.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 5

Origins of Life on Earth 1993 February 18

General note

Lecture by Francis Crick on the molecular origins of life given at California State University, Northridge as part of a NSF science teacher enrichment program.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 6

Roda de premsa. Trobada amb professors a Cas Jai. Conferencia. Universitat de les Illes Balears undated

General note

Lectures by Crick on neuroscience and visual perception at a press conference and meeting with teachers at the University of the Balearic Islands. In English and Spanish.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 7

San Diego Pathfinders with Sir Francis Crick 1994 August 11

General note

Francis Crick interviewed by UCSD Chancellor Richard Atkinson and San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Neil Morgan on his neuroscience research. Produced by UCSD-TV.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 8

Die Stillen Stars (The Silent Stars) 1986

General note

Francis Crick interviewed by Frank Elstner on his Nobel prize and research. In English and German. European format video cassette.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 9

Trotter Prize Acceptance Speech 2001 October 26

General note

Crick's acceptance speech for the 2002 Trotter Prize, recorded at the Salk Institute, on The Astonishing Hypothesis.


Restrictions Apply
Box 36, Folder 10

University College Northampton, Opening of Library Extension undated

General note

Remarks by Francis Crick for the dedication of the University College Northampton Library Extension, taped in advance.


Restrictions Apply