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Guide to the J. J. Quinn Photograph Album

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Descriptive Summary

Title: J. J. Quinn Photograph album
Dates: 1915-1930
Collection number: MS 244
Creator: Quinn, J. J.
Collection Size: 1 album, 1 flat
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library. Special Collections and Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This album contains photographs of the Navy's early LTA (Lighter-than-Air) crews and early flights at Akron, OH, Lakehurst NAS, Roosevelt Field, NY, and Rockaway NAS, NY. Also included are photos Charles and Anne Lindbergh inspection of a dirigible and test flight.
Physical location: Stored offsite at NRLF: Advance notice is required for access to the papers.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection open for research.

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J. J. Quinn Photograph album. MS 244. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Donor unknown.

Scope and Content of Collection

This album contains thirty seven album pages and twelve loose photographs documenting J.J. Quinn's participation as a member of the Navy's early LTA (Lighter-Than-Air) crews and of early flights at Akron, Ohio, Lakehurst NAS, Roosevelt Field, and Rockaway NAS, New York. Also included are photos Charles and Anne Lindbergh inspection of a dirigible and test flight.
The descriptions/captions are from the album pages.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Quinn, J.J.--Archives
Airships--United States
Rockaway (New York, N.Y.)--History
Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-

Page 1

[Graf Zeppelin dirigible moored next to Good Year dirigible] ca. 1920-1936

Page 2

[Moored dirigible] ca. 1915-1920

Page 3

[NC-4 Flying Boat in water off beach] ca. 1915-1920

Page 4

[Dirigible moored in field in front of hanger] ca. 1915-1920

Page 5

[Group photo of aviation officers - J.J. Quinn standing 6th from left in second row] ca. 1915-1920

Page 6

[Group photograph in hanger. J.J. Quinn, standing third from the left, top row. Photo by Thompson Photo Service, Santa Monica] ca. 1915-1920

Page 7

[Charles and Anne Lindbergh walking towards cab of moored dirigible] ca. 1920-1930

Page 8

[Charles and Anne Lindbergh talking to crew of dirigible], ca. 1920-1930

Page 9

[Charles and Anne Lindbergh talking with people while waiting for dirigible to power up], ca. 1920-1930

Page 10

[Charles Lindbergh looking out of dirigible cab at ground crew] ca. 1920-1930

Page 11

[Charles Lindbergh in cab of dirigible] ca. 1920-1930

Page 12

[Charles Lindbergh talking to group of men after flying in dirigible] ca. 1920-1930

Page 13a

British R-34 landing, Roosevelt Field, Long Island, N.Y. 1919

Page 13b

[Portrait of Air Force pilot - Lt. Comdr. Albert C. Read?] ca. 1915-1920

Page 14a

British R-34 moored, Roosevelt Field, Long Island, N.Y. 1919

Page 14b

[First Lieutenant Alfred A. Cunningham] ca. 1915-1920

Page 15a

NC-1 arriving at Trepazy [Trepassey] Bay, Newfoundland ca. 1915-1920

Page 15b

NC-4 arriving at Punta Delgada, Azorea [San Miguel] May 20,1919

Page 16a

British R-43, moored, 1919

Page 16b

Crew of NC-4 welcomed in England at completion of epochal flight across Atlantic, Southhampton - 1919. Front seat: Lt. Comdr. Read, et al. 1919

Page 17a

British R-34 over Long Island, N.Y. 1919

Page 17b

NC-4 and NC-1 in preparation at Rockaway, N.Y. "Surging Ship", 1919

Page 18a

British R-43 ready to leave on return strip to England 1919

Page 18b

Lt. Comdr. "Putty" Reid U.S.N. commanding NC-4 on Atlantic flight receives enthusiastic welcome from British on Arrival at Southampton, 1919

Page 19a

NC-4 arriving at Southampton, England, 1919

Page 19b

British R-34 landing at Long Island, N.Y., 1919

Page 20a

U.S. Fleet in review - N.Y. Harbor, 1919

Page 20b

[Charles Lindbergh, Anne Lindbergh and others inspecting dirigible cab], ca. 1915-1919

Page 21a

U.S.S. Pennsylvania at anchor, YorktownFlagship U.S. Battle Fleet, Admiral Mayo U.S.N. Commanding. Photograph from air by Lieut. J.J. Quinn, U.S.N.R.F.C., 1917

Page 21b

First Lighter-than-Air Class - U.S. Navy, Akron, Ohio, 1917

Page 22a

Wreck of Hawker's plane. Hawker attempted non-stop flight Newfoundland - England - nearly successful, 1919

Page 22b

Transportation, Armory, City of Santiago, Chile, Amusement Park - Scenes in Chile photographed by Lt. J.J. Quinn, aide to Admiral Hugh Rodman, U.S.N. Comdr. - U.S. Battle Fleet on South American Cruise, 1921

Page 23a

Navy - Curtis Scout - Tested at Rockaway, NY in July 1919 - Speed 144 M.P.H. over measured course. Flown in test by J.J. Quinn, July 1919

Page 23b

The Kid Himself - Santiago [J.J. Quinn], 1921

Page 24a

Grant's Tomb - N.Y. City. Photo from air by Lt. J.J. Quinn, August 1919

Page 24b

Lieut. J.J. Quinn U.S.N.R.F.C. - San Diego, ca. 1910-1920

Page 25a

Battery - New York - from air. Photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn, August 1919

Page 25b

First class, U.S. Navy Lighter-than-air, Wingfoot Flying Field, Akron, Ohio Graduation --- Lt. Comdr. L.H. Maxfield, U.S.N. Commanding: In order - officers - Lt. Paul Culbert, U.S.N.; Lt. Norfleet, U.S.N. (Switfy); Lt. Comdr. L.H. Maxfield, U.S.N. (Dead Eye Dick) Commanding; Lt. Coil, U.S.N. (Emery Wheel); (Doc) Lt. Ranson, U.S.N. (M.C.); Lt. Pennoyer, U.S.N. (Pennucks); Dog Dammit (Airdale mascot); Petty officers: Green, Thurman, Alleley, Esterley, Tone and etc., October 1917

Page 26a

Someone cracked a joke for crew of C-4 Dirigible, 1919

Page 26b

Greater New York from air - photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn, ca. 1917-1919

Page 27a

C-4 Dirigible passing Woolworth Building, NYC - Lt. J.J. Quinn, Commanding and Piloting, July 1919

Page 27b

Brooklyn Bridge - NYC from air - photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn, 1919

Page 28a

Dirigible C-5 in preparation for Atlantic Flight - Officers - Lt. Campbell Lawrence, Lt. Comdr. Scofield, 1919

Page 28b

[Diaster - dirigible accident], n.d. n.d.

Page 29a

Dirigible C-5 landing at Montauk, 1919

Page 29b

[Good Year Dirigible moored on ship], ca. 1915-1920

Page 30a

C-4 Dirigible in Flight - N.Y., April 1919

Page 30b

Ensemble USS N.M. - Ceremony - Honor King Neptune Equator - U.S. New Mexico; Judges Court of Neptune; Lt. Quinn in student hat, 1921

Page 31a

Crew C-4 Dirigible, Rockaway, New YorkLt. J.J. Quinn Commanding - Lt. Mike Mehlermott Cox; Lt. Carpenter, 2nd pilot; Mechanic Spener; Lt. Comdr. Quinn; Mechanic Rolfe (Radio); U.S. Navy Mapping Engineer, July 1919

Page 31b

San Miguel, Panama; Bow U.S.S. New Mexico; Lt. Sassiter and Lt. J.J. Quinn - U.S.S. New Mexico; Gatum Locks, Panama, 1921

Page 32a

Looking back at R-43 British ship, weighting off for landing at finish of flight from England to U.S. -- C-4 Dirigible escorting R-34; Lt. J.J. Quinn Commanding, 1919

Page 32b

4 Scenes in Valparaiso, Chile -- Beach scene Vina Del Mar; [Four woman]; Park in Valparaiso, Chile; [streetcar in Valparaiso, Chile], 1921

Page 33a

C-4 escorting British R-34 (Lt. J.J. Quinn, Commanding, 1919

Page 33b

Chilean Battleship and country it serves -- "Torree" Chilean Ship; Chile; Vina Del Mar, Chile; Chile, 1921

Page 34a

Dirigible C-5 which attempted Atlantic flight - Lt. E.W. Coil, U.S.N. Commanding -- Photo Montauk, 1919

Page 34b

[New York City from the air], ca. 1919

Page 35a

Crew of C-5 Dirigible - Lt. E.W. Coil, Commanding; Lt. Lawrence, 1st pilot; Lt. Esrerley, Radio; Lt. Campbell, 2nd pilot; Mechanics Blackburn and Wilkes, 1919

Page 35b

Formation of HSR Boats - Lt. J.J. Quinn, pilot A-1201, ca. 1919

Page 36a

Another view first Goodyear - USN F Type Dirigible, Akron, Ohio - 161 ft. long - power 100 HP Curtis - Speed 48 MPH Radius 600 mi. - #62930 ca. 1919

Page 36b

Another view - 1st class L-A - US Navy, Akron Ohio, 1917

Page 37a

Close-up of crash of Ensign Hugh Adams, June 1919

Page 37b

[Dirigible crash in field], ca. 1918-1920

Page 38a

Close-up of crash of Ensign Hugh Adams, June 1919

Page 38b

[Dirigible crash scene at sea], ca. 1918-1920

Page 39a

British R-34 being moored at Roosevelt Field, 1919

Page 39b

NC-4 arriving at Trepazy [Trepassey], Newfoundland - NC-4 taxing in behind, 1919

Page 40a

U.S. Fleet in review , NY. Harbor -- Lt. J.J. Quinn in H.S.2 circling head of column, 1919

Page 40b

Fleet in review, NY Harbor, 1919

Page 41a

Best in Grand Review, NYC -- Lt. J.J. Quinn in HS2 boat circling USS Mississippi leading column, 1919

Page 41b

Fleet in column in 1919 review, NY Harbor -- Photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn in HS2 at 2000 ft., 1919

Page 42a

Statue of Liberty, NY Harbor - Photographed from air by Lieut. J.J. Quinn in HS2 Navy-Curtis Flying Boat, August 1919

Page 42b

Greater New York from the air -- photographed by Lt. J.J. Quinn in HS2 N-C Flying Boat, ca. 1919

Page 43a

Control car of British R-34, ca. 1919

Page 43b

[Group portrait - J.J. Quinn in middle of second row], ca. 1919-1920

Page 44a

Crash of Ensign Hugh Adams flying HS2 into hydrogen gas tank at Rockaway, N.Y., June 1919

Page 44b

[newspaper clipping - poem on death], ca. 1919-1920

Page 45a

British R-34 moored on Roosevelt Field, Long Island - Photograph by Lt. J.J. Quinn from Dirigible C-4, 1919

Page 45b

[Group photo on deck - men drinking - J.J. Quinn, Lt. Comdr. Read, etc, ca. 1919-1920

Page 46a

C-4 Dirigible (Lt. J.J. Quinn, Commanding) escorting British R-34 Dirigible to landing at finish of memorable Flight across Atlantic from Pulham England in 1919 -- R-43 visible - top center, 1919

Page 46b

U.S.S. New Mexico equator crossing; "The Queens and King"; [Group photo - Bouldin, Bauch, Bradford, Berhonier; Neptune tank; [procession on deck]. 1921

Page 47a

Dirigible C-5 leaving Montauk for 1200 mile flight to Newfoundland - 1st leg of Atlantic flight - Lt. E.W. Coil, Commanding. This ship broke loose in Newfoundland and was lost at sea. 1919

Page 47b

[Charles Lindbergh inspecting landing gear of dirigible]. ca. 1917-1919

Page 48a

Fleet in review, NY Harbor, 1919

Page 48b

Photograph of Lt. J.J. Quinn in HS2 over fleet in review. 1919

Page 49a

NC-1 in preparation "Swinging Ship", ca. 1918-1920

Page 49b

NC-4 arriving at Lisbon, Portugal and mooring to Mother ship - U.S.S. Shawmut, 1919

Page 50a

San Diego Air Station from 2000 ft. - Photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn in Martin Bomber, ca. 1915 - 1921