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Guide to the J. J. Quinn Photograph Album
MS 244  
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[Graf Zeppelin dirigible moored next to Good Year dirigible] ca. 1920-1936

Page 2

[Moored dirigible] ca. 1915-1920

Page 3

[NC-4 Flying Boat in water off beach] ca. 1915-1920

Page 4

[Dirigible moored in field in front of hanger] ca. 1915-1920

Page 5

[Group photo of aviation officers - J.J. Quinn standing 6th from left in second row] ca. 1915-1920

Page 6

[Group photograph in hanger. J.J. Quinn, standing third from the left, top row. Photo by Thompson Photo Service, Santa Monica] ca. 1915-1920

Page 7

[Charles and Anne Lindbergh walking towards cab of moored dirigible] ca. 1920-1930

Page 8

[Charles and Anne Lindbergh talking to crew of dirigible], ca. 1920-1930

Page 9

[Charles and Anne Lindbergh talking with people while waiting for dirigible to power up], ca. 1920-1930

Page 10

[Charles Lindbergh looking out of dirigible cab at ground crew] ca. 1920-1930

Page 11

[Charles Lindbergh in cab of dirigible] ca. 1920-1930

Page 12

[Charles Lindbergh talking to group of men after flying in dirigible] ca. 1920-1930

Page 13a

British R-34 landing, Roosevelt Field, Long Island, N.Y. 1919

Page 13b

[Portrait of Air Force pilot - Lt. Comdr. Albert C. Read?] ca. 1915-1920

Page 14a

British R-34 moored, Roosevelt Field, Long Island, N.Y. 1919

Page 14b

[First Lieutenant Alfred A. Cunningham] ca. 1915-1920

Page 15a

NC-1 arriving at Trepazy [Trepassey] Bay, Newfoundland ca. 1915-1920

Page 15b

NC-4 arriving at Punta Delgada, Azorea [San Miguel] May 20,1919

Page 16a

British R-43, moored, 1919

Page 16b

Crew of NC-4 welcomed in England at completion of epochal flight across Atlantic, Southhampton - 1919. Front seat: Lt. Comdr. Read, et al. 1919

Page 17a

British R-34 over Long Island, N.Y. 1919

Page 17b

NC-4 and NC-1 in preparation at Rockaway, N.Y. "Surging Ship", 1919

Page 18a

British R-43 ready to leave on return strip to England 1919

Page 18b

Lt. Comdr. "Putty" Reid U.S.N. commanding NC-4 on Atlantic flight receives enthusiastic welcome from British on Arrival at Southampton, 1919

Page 19a

NC-4 arriving at Southampton, England, 1919

Page 19b

British R-34 landing at Long Island, N.Y., 1919

Page 20a

U.S. Fleet in review - N.Y. Harbor, 1919

Page 20b

[Charles Lindbergh, Anne Lindbergh and others inspecting dirigible cab], ca. 1915-1919

Page 21a

U.S.S. Pennsylvania at anchor, YorktownFlagship U.S. Battle Fleet, Admiral Mayo U.S.N. Commanding. Photograph from air by Lieut. J.J. Quinn, U.S.N.R.F.C., 1917

Page 21b

First Lighter-than-Air Class - U.S. Navy, Akron, Ohio, 1917

Page 22a

Wreck of Hawker's plane. Hawker attempted non-stop flight Newfoundland - England - nearly successful, 1919

Page 22b

Transportation, Armory, City of Santiago, Chile, Amusement Park - Scenes in Chile photographed by Lt. J.J. Quinn, aide to Admiral Hugh Rodman, U.S.N. Comdr. - U.S. Battle Fleet on South American Cruise, 1921

Page 23a

Navy - Curtis Scout - Tested at Rockaway, NY in July 1919 - Speed 144 M.P.H. over measured course. Flown in test by J.J. Quinn, July 1919

Page 23b

The Kid Himself - Santiago [J.J. Quinn], 1921

Page 24a

Grant's Tomb - N.Y. City. Photo from air by Lt. J.J. Quinn, August 1919

Page 24b

Lieut. J.J. Quinn U.S.N.R.F.C. - San Diego, ca. 1910-1920

Page 25a

Battery - New York - from air. Photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn, August 1919

Page 25b

First class, U.S. Navy Lighter-than-air, Wingfoot Flying Field, Akron, Ohio Graduation --- Lt. Comdr. L.H. Maxfield, U.S.N. Commanding: In order - officers - Lt. Paul Culbert, U.S.N.; Lt. Norfleet, U.S.N. (Switfy); Lt. Comdr. L.H. Maxfield, U.S.N. (Dead Eye Dick) Commanding; Lt. Coil, U.S.N. (Emery Wheel); (Doc) Lt. Ranson, U.S.N. (M.C.); Lt. Pennoyer, U.S.N. (Pennucks); Dog Dammit (Airdale mascot); Petty officers: Green, Thurman, Alleley, Esterley, Tone and etc., October 1917

Page 26a

Someone cracked a joke for crew of C-4 Dirigible, 1919

Page 26b

Greater New York from air - photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn, ca. 1917-1919

Page 27a

C-4 Dirigible passing Woolworth Building, NYC - Lt. J.J. Quinn, Commanding and Piloting, July 1919

Page 27b

Brooklyn Bridge - NYC from air - photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn, 1919

Page 28a

Dirigible C-5 in preparation for Atlantic Flight - Officers - Lt. Campbell Lawrence, Lt. Comdr. Scofield, 1919

Page 28b

[Diaster - dirigible accident], n.d. n.d.

Page 29a

Dirigible C-5 landing at Montauk, 1919

Page 29b

[Good Year Dirigible moored on ship], ca. 1915-1920

Page 30a

C-4 Dirigible in Flight - N.Y., April 1919

Page 30b

Ensemble USS N.M. - Ceremony - Honor King Neptune Equator - U.S. New Mexico; Judges Court of Neptune; Lt. Quinn in student hat, 1921

Page 31a

Crew C-4 Dirigible, Rockaway, New YorkLt. J.J. Quinn Commanding - Lt. Mike Mehlermott Cox; Lt. Carpenter, 2nd pilot; Mechanic Spener; Lt. Comdr. Quinn; Mechanic Rolfe (Radio); U.S. Navy Mapping Engineer, July 1919

Page 31b

San Miguel, Panama; Bow U.S.S. New Mexico; Lt. Sassiter and Lt. J.J. Quinn - U.S.S. New Mexico; Gatum Locks, Panama, 1921

Page 32a

Looking back at R-43 British ship, weighting off for landing at finish of flight from England to U.S. -- C-4 Dirigible escorting R-34; Lt. J.J. Quinn Commanding, 1919

Page 32b

4 Scenes in Valparaiso, Chile -- Beach scene Vina Del Mar; [Four woman]; Park in Valparaiso, Chile; [streetcar in Valparaiso, Chile], 1921

Page 33a

C-4 escorting British R-34 (Lt. J.J. Quinn, Commanding, 1919

Page 33b

Chilean Battleship and country it serves -- "Torree" Chilean Ship; Chile; Vina Del Mar, Chile; Chile, 1921

Page 34a

Dirigible C-5 which attempted Atlantic flight - Lt. E.W. Coil, U.S.N. Commanding -- Photo Montauk, 1919

Page 34b

[New York City from the air], ca. 1919

Page 35a

Crew of C-5 Dirigible - Lt. E.W. Coil, Commanding; Lt. Lawrence, 1st pilot; Lt. Esrerley, Radio; Lt. Campbell, 2nd pilot; Mechanics Blackburn and Wilkes, 1919

Page 35b

Formation of HSR Boats - Lt. J.J. Quinn, pilot A-1201, ca. 1919

Page 36a

Another view first Goodyear - USN F Type Dirigible, Akron, Ohio - 161 ft. long - power 100 HP Curtis - Speed 48 MPH Radius 600 mi. - #62930 ca. 1919

Page 36b

Another view - 1st class L-A - US Navy, Akron Ohio, 1917

Page 37a

Close-up of crash of Ensign Hugh Adams, June 1919

Page 37b

[Dirigible crash in field], ca. 1918-1920

Page 38a

Close-up of crash of Ensign Hugh Adams, June 1919

Page 38b

[Dirigible crash scene at sea], ca. 1918-1920

Page 39a

British R-34 being moored at Roosevelt Field, 1919

Page 39b

NC-4 arriving at Trepazy [Trepassey], Newfoundland - NC-4 taxing in behind, 1919

Page 40a

U.S. Fleet in review , NY. Harbor -- Lt. J.J. Quinn in H.S.2 circling head of column, 1919

Page 40b

Fleet in review, NY Harbor, 1919

Page 41a

Best in Grand Review, NYC -- Lt. J.J. Quinn in HS2 boat circling USS Mississippi leading column, 1919

Page 41b

Fleet in column in 1919 review, NY Harbor -- Photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn in HS2 at 2000 ft., 1919

Page 42a

Statue of Liberty, NY Harbor - Photographed from air by Lieut. J.J. Quinn in HS2 Navy-Curtis Flying Boat, August 1919

Page 42b

Greater New York from the air -- photographed by Lt. J.J. Quinn in HS2 N-C Flying Boat, ca. 1919

Page 43a

Control car of British R-34, ca. 1919

Page 43b

[Group portrait - J.J. Quinn in middle of second row], ca. 1919-1920

Page 44a

Crash of Ensign Hugh Adams flying HS2 into hydrogen gas tank at Rockaway, N.Y., June 1919

Page 44b

[newspaper clipping - poem on death], ca. 1919-1920

Page 45a

British R-34 moored on Roosevelt Field, Long Island - Photograph by Lt. J.J. Quinn from Dirigible C-4, 1919

Page 45b

[Group photo on deck - men drinking - J.J. Quinn, Lt. Comdr. Read, etc, ca. 1919-1920

Page 46a

C-4 Dirigible (Lt. J.J. Quinn, Commanding) escorting British R-34 Dirigible to landing at finish of memorable Flight across Atlantic from Pulham England in 1919 -- R-43 visible - top center, 1919

Page 46b

U.S.S. New Mexico equator crossing; "The Queens and King"; [Group photo - Bouldin, Bauch, Bradford, Berhonier; Neptune tank; [procession on deck]. 1921

Page 47a

Dirigible C-5 leaving Montauk for 1200 mile flight to Newfoundland - 1st leg of Atlantic flight - Lt. E.W. Coil, Commanding. This ship broke loose in Newfoundland and was lost at sea. 1919

Page 47b

[Charles Lindbergh inspecting landing gear of dirigible]. ca. 1917-1919

Page 48a

Fleet in review, NY Harbor, 1919

Page 48b

Photograph of Lt. J.J. Quinn in HS2 over fleet in review. 1919

Page 49a

NC-1 in preparation "Swinging Ship", ca. 1918-1920

Page 49b

NC-4 arriving at Lisbon, Portugal and mooring to Mother ship - U.S.S. Shawmut, 1919

Page 50a

San Diego Air Station from 2000 ft. - Photo by Lt. J.J. Quinn in Martin Bomber, ca. 1915 - 1921