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Inventory of the Frederic T. Bioletti Papers.
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Series 1 Correspondence 1916-1933

Physical Description: 0.2 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes incoming correspondence to Bioletti on various subjects, such as raisin driers and information on international programs in viticulture. Also includes one letter from Bioletti to F. Flossfeder on block maps of Davis student vineyards. Arranged chronologically.
Box/Folder 1:1

Correspondence, Publications and Reprints 1915 1931

Box/Folder 1:2

Burlen to Bioletti 1916

Scope and Content Note

Raisin driers
Box/Folder 1:3

Bioletti to Flossfeder 1917

Scope and Content Note

Davis student vineyard block maps
Box/Folder 1:4-7

Letters to Bioletti About Viticultural Schools and Associations 1926

Scope and Content Note

Letters and publications from international consulates
Box/Folder 1:8

French and Italian Letters to Bioletti 1932-1933


Series 2 Research 1904-1934

Physical Description: 0.6 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes data sets and notes from Bioletti's teaching and research, particularly his research on little-leaf disease in grape vines. Arranged alphabetically.
Box/Folder 1:9

Bibliographies 1936 undated

Box/Folder 1:10

Experiments of Control Journal [1913?]

Box/Folder 1:11

Heating Grapes 1904

Box/Folder 1:12

Imperial Valley Project 1925

Box/Folder 1:13

Lecture Notes and Teaching Materials 1934

Box/Folder 1:14

Lists of Wines and Wineries 1934 undated

Box/Folder 1:15-2:4

Little Leaf 1904-1914

Box/Folder 2:5

Little Leaf, Maps and Tables 1910-1911

Box/Folder 2:6

Little Leaf, Soil Analysis 1912-1915

Box/Folder 2:7

Notes on Grapes 1933-1934 undated

Box/Folder 2:8

Vine Pruning 1915

Box/Folder 2:9

Viticulture, Berkeley 1922-1924

Box/Folder 2:10

Viticulture, Davis 1929-1932

Box/Folder 2:11

Viticulture and Enology, Notes and Tables 1933-1934 undated

Box/Folder 2:12

Wine Making, Investigation and Instruction 1934


Series 3 Publications and Manuscripts by Bioletti 1911-1935

Physical Description: 0.8 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes Bioletti's writings. Topics include viticulture and enology, vine diseases, olive processing, and proposals for an enological laboratory at Davis. Arranged alphabetically by title.
Box/Folder 3:1

"Analyse des vins ordinaires" undated

Box/Folder 3:2

"The Antelope Valley as a Possible Grape Growing District" undated

Box/Folder 3:3

Bibliographies undated

Box/Folder 3:4

"Black Measles, Water Berries, and Related Vine Troubles" 1923

Box/Folder 3:5

"Conditioning Wine Containers" 1934

Box/Folder 3:6

"Cordon Pruning" 1921

Box/Folder 3:7

"Density and Arrangement of Vines" undated

Box/Folder 3:8

"Density and Arrangement of Vines", Tables undated

Box/Folder 3:9

"Elements of Grape Growing in California" 1929 1934

Scope and Content Note

California Agricultural Extension Service, Circular 30. Revised edition (1934) includes selected list of Station publications.
Box/Folder 3:10

"Elements of Grape Growing in California", Proof 1929

Box/Folder 3:11

"Erinose of the Vine" undated

Box/Folder 3:12

"Extraction of Must and Wine by Diffusion and Displacement" 1935?

Box/Folder 3:13

"Grape Expert Praises Rogue Valley Tokay" 1922

Scope and Content Note

Grant's Pass Daily Courier
Box/Folder 3:14

"Grape Growing in the Mojave Valley" 1921

Box/Folder 3:15

"Grape Growing in the Paso Robles Region" 1920

Box/Folder 3:16

"Grape Juice" 1913

Box/Folder 3:17

"Grape Vinegar" 1909

Box/Folder 3:18

"Head, Cane, and Cordon Pruning of Vines" 1924

Box/Folder 3:19

"Little Leaf of the Vine" 1917

Scope and Content Note

F.T. Bioletti and Leon Bonnet
Box/Folder 3:20

"Marsala" undated

Box/Folder 3:21

"Une nouvelle théorie de la taille" 1928

Scope and Content Note

F.T. Bioletti and A.J. Winkler
Box/Folder 3:22

"Olive Oil Making" undated

Box/Folder 3:23

"Origin of Some Important Methods of Olive Pickling" 1918

Box/Folder 3:24

"Permanent Demonstration Vineyards in California" 1920

Box/Folder 3:25

"Perold's 'Treatise on Viticulture'" 1929

Box/Folder 3:26

"Plan and Specifications for an Enological Laboratory for the Joint Use of the Bureau of Plant Industry and the College of Agriculture Division of Viticulture and Enology at Davis, California" 1934

Scope and Content Note

F.T. Bioletti and A.J. Winkler
Box/Folder 3:27

"The Practical Application of Approved Methods of Fermentation in California Wineries During 1913 and 1914" 1929

Scope and Content Note

F.T. Bioletti and W.V. Cruess
Box/Folder 3:28

"The Principles of Wine-Making" 1911

Box/Folder 3:29

"Pruning the Seedless Grapes" 1920

Box/Folder 4:1

"Quality in Grapes" 1929

Box/Folder 4:2

"Reminiscences of an Amateur Botanist" 1929

Box/Folder 4:3

"Report on Enology in the College of Agriculture" 1934

Box/Folder 4:4

"Report on Vineyard at State Land Settlement Colony, Delhi" 1920

Box/Folder 4:5

"Results of Olive Pruning Experiments at Davis" 1921

Box/Folder 4:6

"Some Common Errors in Vine Pruning and Their Remedies" 1922

Box/Folder 4:7

"Some Defects of the Black Monukka Grape" 1923

Box/Folder 4:8

"Some Grape Growing Methods Suitable for the Imperial Valley" undated

Box/Folder 4:9

"Some Grape Growing Methods Suitable for the State Land Settlement Colony at Delhi" 1920?

Box/Folder 4:10

"Suggestions for the State Land Settlement at Delhi" 1920?

Box/Folder 4:11

"Supports for Vines" 1922

Box/Folder 4:12

"Topping and Pinching Vines" 1918

Scope and Content Note

F.T. Bioletti and F.C.H. Flossfeder
Box/Folder 4:13

"Variation and Fluctuation in Grape Prices" 1924

Box/Folder 4:14

"Vine Pruning in California" 1921

Box/Folder 4:15

"Vineyard Irrigation" undated

Box/Folder 4:16

"Vineyard Plans" 1922

Box/Folder 4:17

"Viticulture on the Pacific Coast" 1915

Box/Folder 4:18

"Wine Making After Repeal: Will it Succeed?" 1933

Box/Folder 4:19

"The Wine Making Industry in California" 1915

Scope and Content Note

English and French
Box/Folder 4:20

"Wine Making on a Small Scale" undated

Box/Folder 4:21

"The Why of Poor Grape Quality" 1929

Scope and Content Note

Pacific Rural Press

Series 4 Publications by Others 1881-1935

Physical Description: 3.1 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes pamphlets and articles on agricultural topics, including viticulture and enology, home and commercial preserving, and soil science. Arranged alphabetically by author.
Box/Folder 5:1

Allen, R.M., J.O. LaBach, W.R. Pinnell, L.A. Brown, "Non-Alcoholic Carbonated Beverages, Sanitary Condition and Composition" 1915

Box/Folder 5:2

Alwood, William B., R.J. Davidson, W.A.P. Moncure, "The Chemical Composition of Apples and Cider" 1904

Box/Folder 5:3

Andrieu, Pierre, "Le sucrage des vendanges" 1903

Box/Folder 5:4

Andrieu, Pierre, "La vendange - son traitement et sa vinification dans le Midi et en pays chauds" 1901

Box/Folder 5:5

Astruc, Henri, "Le filtrage des vins" 1906

Box/Folder 5:6

Bacon, Charles, "Le greffage et la qualité des vins en Anjou" 1907

Box/Folder 5:7

Barnard, C., Frank M. Read, "Studies of Growth and Fruit Bud Formation" 1933

Box/Folder 5:8

Batchelor, Leon D., "Fruit for Exhibition" undated

Box/Folder 5:9

Baumberger, J.P., "The Food of Drosophila melanogaster Meigen" 1916

Box/Folder 5:10

Bitting, A.W., "Methods Followed in the Commercial Canning of Foods" 1915

Box/Folder 5:11

Bitting, A.W., "Preliminary Bulletin on Canning" 1915

Box/Folder 5:12

Blodgett, F.M., "Further Studies on the Spread and Control of Mildew" 1915

Box/Folder 5:13

Bord, Georges, "Le greffagge et la qualité des vins: vins blancs de Bordelais" 1907

Box/Folder 5:14

Bouffard, A., "Les classes des vins et leurs traitements" 1902

Box/Folder 5:15

Bouffard, A., "Les maladies microbiennes des vins" 1901

Box/Folder 5:16

Bowen, John T., "The Application of Refrigeration in the Handling of Milk" 1914

Box/Folder 5:17

Bowen, John T., "The Cost of Pasteurizing Milk and Cream" 1914

Box/Folder 5:18

Bracker, E.M.D., "Points on the Selection, Adjustment, and Care of Farm Machines" 1915

Box/Folder 5:19

Brackett, E.E., O.W. Sjorgren, "Pump Irrigation in Nebraska" 1917

Box/Folder 5:20

Braker, F.R., "The Prevention and Control of Erosion in North Carolina, With Special Reference to Terracing" 1903

Box/Folder 5:21

Brunet, Raymond, "Le Domaine de la Martinière" 1908

Box/Folder 5:22

Bulletin Agricole de l'Algérie et de la Tunisie 1903 November

Box/Folder 5:23

Bureau of Chemistry, Department of Agriculture, "Orange Testing Outfit for Determining Soluble Solids and Citric Acid" undated

Box/Folder 5:24

"La California Agricola" 1908

Box/Folder 5:25

"The Cape of Good Hope as a Centre for Profitable Fruit-Growing and Fruit-Export" undated

Box/Folder 5:26

Carlucci, Michele, "Lo zuccheraggio dei mostri" 1889

Box/Folder 5:27

Cozalis, Frédéric, "La carte viticole d'Italie" 1889

Box/Folder 5:28

Chabert, F., "Le ciment armé dans les caves" 1900

Box/Folder 5:29

Chabert, F., "Le ciment armé dans les cuveries et les caves de conservation" 1906

Box/Folder 5:30

Chabert, F., "Le collage des vins" 1901

Box/Folder 5:31

Chappaz, Georges, "Essai sur la culture superficielle de la vigne en Champagne" undated

Box/Folder 5:32

Chappaz, Georges, "La gommose bacillaire" undated

Box/Folder 5:33

Chappaz, Georges, "Les porte-greffes dans les vignobles septentrionaux" 1906

Box/Folder 5:34

Chappaz, Georges, "Stratification des greffes en chambre chaud" undated

Box/Folder 5:35

Chatel, A., "Étude sur les contrats de Mgharsa et de Mouçakate dans les coutumes Tunisiennes" 1911

Box/Folder 5:36

Cheysson, E., "La lutte contre l'acoolisme" 1906

Box/Folder 5:37

Christie, A.W., C.E. Woodworth, "The Relation Between Insect Growth and Moisture in Dried Fruits" 1923

Box/Folder 5:38

Cimenterie Atlas, "Installations de caves vaisselle vinaire en acier et en ciment inaltérable" undated

Box/Folder 5:39

Clinton, G.P., "Chlorosis of Plants With Special Reference to Calico of Tobacco" 1915

Box/Folder 6:1

Congresso Internazionale della Vite e del Vino, "Programma Generale" 1932

Box/Folder 6:2

Comité du Midi, "Le vin du Midi de la France (du Languedoc} comme aliment parfait" 1910

Box/Folder 6:3

Cooke, Matthew, "A Treatise on the Insects Injurious to Fruit and Fruit Trees of the State of California and Remedies Recommended for Their Extermination" 1881

Box/Folder 6:4

Coote, A. "Étude sur la casse des vins et sur la bactérie de la casse" 1898

Box/Folder 6:5

Coudon, H., P. Pacottet, "Du tanin dans les vins" 1901

Box/Folder 6:6

Craw, Alexander, "Insect Pests and Remedies" 1894

Box/Folder 6:7

Crider, F.J., "Establishing a Commercial Vineyard in Arizona" 1923

Box/Folder 6:8

Crider, F.J., "Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables" 1915

Box/Folder 6:9

Cruess, W.V., "Fermentation of Red Wine" 1934

Box/Folder 6:10

Cruess, W.V., "Fermentation of White Wines" 1934

Box/Folder 6:11

Cruess, W.V., M.A. Joslyn, "Pure Yeast Cultures - Their Advantages" 1934

Box/Folder 6:12

Cruess, W.V., G.L. Marsh, S. Mendels, "Fruit 'Wines'" 1935

Box/Folder 6:13

Cruess, W.V. and L. Quaccia, "Observations in Spoiling of Must by Yeast" 1934

Box/Folder 6:14

Cuboni, G., A. Pizzigoni, "Nuova contribuzione allo studio dei fermenti del vino" 1899

Box/Folder 6:15

Dean, George A., "Mill and Stored Grain Insects" 1913

Box/Folder 6:16

Debray, F., "Recherches faites à Ben-Aknoun près Alger" undated

Box/Folder 6:17

Degrully, L., L. Ravaz, "Sur la culture superficielle de la vigne" 1905

Box/Folder 6:18

Demoulin, "Défrichements" undated

Box/Folder 6:19

Deroy Fils Ainé, "Guide pratique du bouilleur et du distillateur d'eaux-de-vie et d'essences aromatiques" 1896

Box/Folder 6:20

Desroches, Georges, Le Maroc 1921

Box/Folder 6:21

D'Oliviera, Duarte, "Le greffage et la qualité des vins de Porto" 1907

Box/Folder 6:22

Dubois, R., "Syllabus of Lectures" undated

Box/Folder 6:23

Dufrenoy, J., "1° insolation et qualité des vins dans le sud-ouest de la France" 1932

Box/Folder 6:24

Dunal, "Arrachage mécanique des souches et du tuf" undated

Box/Folder 6:25

Dupont, E., "Fabrication domestique du vinaigre" 1906

Box/Folder 6:26

Eckmann, E.C., C.J. Zinn, "Soil Survey of the Pasadena Area, California" 1917

Box/Folder 6:27

Estación Enológica de Villafranca del Panadés, "Cursos breves intensivos de enología 1914

Box/Folder 6:28

Estación Enológica de Villafranca del Panadés, "Servicios realizados durante el año 1914" 1914

Box/Folder 6:29

Fabre, J.-Henri, "Les vins d'Algérie" 1930

Box/Folder 6:30

Fallot, E., "Le peuplement Français de l'Afrique du Nord" 1906

Box/Folder 7:1

Farrington, E.H., G.J. Davis, Jr., "The Disposal of Creamery Sewage" 1915

Box/Folder 7:2

Ferrouillat, P., "Les pressoirs continus" 1894

Box/Folder 7:3

Gagey, R., "Le matériel agricole et oléicole au Concours Régional de Sousse" 1911

Box/Folder 7:4

Galloway, B.T., "Relation of the United States Department of Agriculture to the Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations" 1913

Box/Folder 7:5

Galloway, B.T., "Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Plant Industry" 1902

Box/Folder 7:6

Gard, "Études anatomiques sur les vignes et leurs hybrides artificiels" 1903

Box/Folder 7:7

Gayon, U., "Étude sur les appareils de pasteurisation des vins" 1895

Box/Folder 7:8

Gayon, U., "Expériences sur la pasteurisation des la Gironde" 1894

Box/Folder 7:9

Gayon, U., "Les ferments du vin" 1899

Box/Folder 7:10

Gayon, U., "Maladies des vins" 1900

Box/Folder 7:11

Gayon, U., "Sur la pasteurisation des vins nouveaux" 1903

Box/Folder 7:12

Gayon, U., "Sur les éthers du vin" 1903

Box/Folder 7:13

Gayon, U., E. Dubourg, "Nouvelles recherces sur le ferment mannitique" 1901

Box/Folder 7:14

Gervais, P., "La crise phylloxérique et la viticulture européene" 1904

Box/Folder 7:15

Goddard, L.H., H.O., Tiffany, "The Cost of Drainage" 1914

Box/Folder 7:16

Godron, D.A., "De la signification morphologique des différents axes de vegetation de la vigne" 1867?

Box/Folder 7:17

Goodwin, W.H., "The Grape-Berry Worm" 1916

Box/Folder 7:18

Gore, H.C., "Studies on Fruit Respiration" 1911

Box/Folder 7:19

Gore, H.C., "Unfermented Apple Juice" 1908

Box/Folder 7:20

Gray, George P., "Standard Insecticides and Fungicides versus Secret Preparations" 1915

Box/Folder 7:21

"Les grands vins de Bordeaux" undated

Box/Folder 7:22

Guernsey, J.E., James Koeber, C.J. Zinn, "Soil Survey of the Honey Lake Area, California" 1917

Box/Folder 7:23

Hart, R.A., "The Drainage of Irrigated Land" 1915

Box/Folder 7:24

Headlee, Thomas J., "Spraying and Dusting White Potatoes" 1915?

Box/Folder 7:25

Hibbard, B.H., "Agricultural Cooperation" 1917

Box/Folder 7:26

Holmes, I.C., E.C. Eckmann, G.L. Harrington, J.E. Guernsey, C.J. Zinn, "Soil Survey of the San Fernando Valley Area, California" 1917

Box/Folder 7:27

Hughes, Elizabeth, "The California of the Padres" 1875

Box/Folder 7:28

Hugouneng, P., "Nouvelle méthode de clarification et conservation des vins remplaçant le platrage" 1889

Box/Folder 7:29

"Important Changes in Wine Laws - Some Features Suggest More Discussions" 1916

Box/Folder 7:30

Institut de Recherches Scientifiques et Industrielles G. Jacquemin, "Applications thérapeutiques d'un ferment pur de raisins des pays chauds" 1904

Box/Folder 8:1

Istvánffi, Gy., Gy. Pálinkás, "Infektionsversuche mit Peronospora" 1912

Box/Folder 8:2

"L'Italia vinicola ed Agraria" 1916

Box/Folder 8:3

Jaffa, M.E., "Farther Experiments on the Reactions Between Alkali Sulphates, Calic Carbonate, and Free Carbonic Acid" 1890

Box/Folder 8:4

Japanese Agricultural Association of California, "Control of Vine Diseases and Insect Pests" undated

Box/Folder 8:5

Jablanzy, Julius, "Der falsche Wehlthau der Rebe" 1891

Box/Folder 8:6

Jablanzy, Julius, "Die Korkneredlung der amerikanischen Rebe" 1890 1891

Box/Folder 8:7

Jacquemin, Georges, "L'Amélioration des vins par les leuvres sélectionées de l'Institut La Claire" 1898 1905-1906 1908-1909

Box/Folder 8:8

Jacquemin, Georges, "Guide de l'emploi des leuvres sélectionées pour la fermentation des vins, cidres, et hydromels" 1903

Box/Folder 8:9

Jacquemin, Georges, "La leuvre pure en distillerie" 1898

Box/Folder 8:10

Joslyn, M.A., "The Possibilities and Limitations of the Artificial Aging of Wine" 1934

Box/Folder 8:11

Joslyn, M.A., G.L. Marsh, "Methods of Wine Analysis" 1935

Box/Folder 8:12

Joslyn, M.A., L.G. Saywell, "Simple Methods of Wine Analysis" undated

Box/Folder 8:13

Julien, C., "La motoculture" 1910

Box/Folder 8:14

Kahn, E., "Vins de raisins secs" 1884

Box/Folder 8:15

Kerr, W.H., "Cooperative Organization Business Methods" 1915

Box/Folder 8:16

Klee, W.G., "A Treatise on the Insects Injurious to Fruit and Fruit Trees of the State of California and Remedies Recommended for Their Extermination" 1888

Box/Folder 8:17

Kosinsky, Victor, "Le greffage et la qualité des vins de Hongrie" 1907

Box/Folder 8:18

Kremers, Edward, "Agricultural Alcohol: Studies of its Manufacture in Germany" 1915

Box/Folder 8:19

Laboratoire de Recherches Scientifiques et Industrielles de G. Jacquemin, "Travaux" undated

Box/Folder 8:20

Laborde, J., "Conférence sur la vinification faite par M. Gayon" 1897

Box/Folder 8:21

Lawrence, W.H., "Some Important Plant Diseases of Washington" 1907

Box/Folder 8:22

Lelong, B.M., "Culture of Citrus in California" 1900

Box/Folder 8:23

Lepage, "Le greffage et la qualité des vins" 1907

Box/Folder 8:24

Lewis, C.I., W.S. Brown, "Fruit and Vegetable By-Products" 1914

Box/Folder 8:25

Lipman, J.G., "Inoculated Sulphur: Its Value and Use for Agricultural Purposes" 1921

Box/Folder 8:26

Long, W.H., "The Death of Chestnuts and Oaks due to Armillaria mellea" 1914

Box/Folder 8:27

Luce, G.W., "The Railroads' Interest in the Fruit Industry" 1914

Box/Folder 8:28

MacDonald, G.B., "Preservative Treatment of Fence Posts" 1915

Box/Folder 8:29

Maison Mallié, "Filtrage des vins" 1898

Box/Folder 8:30

Malvezin, Frantz, "De la pasteurisation préalable de tous les vins" 1900

Box/Folder 9:1

Malvezin, Frantz, "Le pasteurisation des vins fins" 1899

Box/Folder 9:2

Malvezin, Frantz, "Pasteuroxyfrigorie" 1903

Box/Folder 9:3

Malvezin, Frantz, "Stérilisation des mouts par le chaleur" 1902

Box/Folder 9:4

Marcille, R., "Les huiles d'olive Tunisiennes" 1909

Box/Folder 9:5

Marcille, R., "Observations sur la vinification et la composition des vins de Tunisie" 1912

Box/Folder 9:6

Marcille, R., "Les soufres utilisés en viticulture" 1911

Box/Folder 9:7

Mariolopolous, E.G., "Étude sur le climat de la Gréce" 1925

Box/Folder 9:8

Mathieu, L., "Traitement des mouts par le froid" undated

Box/Folder 9:9

Mercantile Trust Company of California, "The Effect of War in Asia Minor on American Fig and Raisin Industry" 1922

Box/Folder 9:10

Merrill, Fred S., "Pruning" 1915

Box/Folder 9:11

Merritt, Eugene, "The Use of Land in Teaching Agriculture in Secondary Schools" 1915

Box/Folder 9:12

Mestre, C., "Sur la stérilisation des mouts de raisins blancs" 1903

Box/Folder 9:13

Mestre, C., "Modernos procedimientos electroquímicos para los análisis de los vinos y su posibilidad de aplicación á otros órdenes de investigaciones quimicas" 1912

Box/Folder 9:14

"Meta-solfito di potassa come rimedio contra certe malattie del vino" undated

Box/Folder 9:15

Meusnier, Maurice, "Vins" 1915

Box/Folder 9:16

Minangoin, N., "Lutte contre les maladies et les insectes de l'olivier dans la circonscription du sud Tunisien" 1912

Box/Folder 9:17

Morgan, Agnes Fay, Anna Field, "The Effect of Drying and Sulfur Dioxide Upon the Antiscorbutic Property of Fruits" 1929

Box/Folder 9:18

Morgan, Agnes Fay, Anna Field, "Vitamins in Dried Fruits. II. The Effect of Drying and of Sulfur Dioxide Upon the Vitamin A Content of Fruits" 1930

Box/Folder 9:19

Morgan, Agnes Fay, Anna Field, P.F. Nichols, "The Effect of Cooking on the Vitamin A and C Content of Fresh and Dried Apricots" 1933

Box/Folder 9:20

Morgan, Agnes Fay, Anna Field, P.F. Nichols, "The Effect of Drying and Sulphuring on Vitamin Content of Prunes and Apricots" 1931

Box/Folder 9:21

Morgan, Agnes Fay, Anna Field, P.F. Nichols, "Recent Studies of the Vitamin A and C Content of Dried Apricots and Figs" 1932

Box/Folder 9:22

Mortensen, A.M., "1917 Report by the Manager of the Fruit Growers Supply Company" 1917

Box/Folder 9:23

Mouillefert, "Les échalas en France" 1895

Box/Folder 9:24

Munson, T.V., "Length of Life of Vines of Various Species and Varieties of Grapes; Profitableness; and by What Diseases Seriously Affected" 1906

Box/Folder 9:25

Nelson, J.W., R.L. Pendleton, J.E. Dunn, A.T. Strathorn, E.B. Watson, "Soil Survey of the Riverside Area, California" 1917

Box/Folder 9:26

News Clippings 1914 undated

Box/Folder 9:27

Nichols, P.F., W.V. Cruess, "Sulfur Dioxide as a Dried Fruit Preservative" 1932

Box/Folder 9:28

Nitescu, Marcel-Al., "Le sélectionnement des leuvres Roumaines avec une étude historique de la sélection" 1916

Box/Folder 9:29

Northrop, R.S., Joseph T. Atkin, "Report on the Southern Utah Experiment Station" 1906

Box/Folder 9:30

Osumi, Tadasi, "The Resistant Stocks of the Grape" undated

Scope and Content Note

Publication in Japanese
Box/Folder 9:31

Pacottet, "L'Ercissement de la vigne" 1907

Box/Folder 9:32

Parker, William B., "Control of Dried-Fruit Insects in California" 1915

Box/Folder 9:33

Parker, William B., "A Sealed Paper Carton to Protect Cereals from Insect Attack" 1913

Box/Folder 9:34

Pennington, M.E., M.K. Jenkins, S.H. Ross, E.Q. St. John, Norman Hendrickson, W.B. Hicks, "A Study of the Preparation of Frozen and Dried Eggs in the Producing Section" 1916

Box/Folder 9:35

Perold, A.I., "Ondersoekings Omtrent Moskonfyt" 1923

Box/Folder 10:1

Powell, G. Harold, "Cooperation in the Handling and Marketing of Fruit" 1910

Box/Folder 10:2

Powell, G. Harold, "The Handling of Fruit for Transportation" 1905

Box/Folder 10:3

Publow, C.A., "An Apparatus for Measuring Acidity in Cheese-Making and Butter-Making" 1909

Box/Folder 10:4

Rabak, Frank, "The Utilization for Cherry By-Products" 1916

Box/Folder 10:5

Rahn, Otto, "Bacteriological Studies of Brine Pickles" 1913

Box/Folder 10:6

"Raisins de France" 1933

Box/Folder 10:7

Ravaz, L., "De l'influence spécifique réciproque du sujet et du greffon" 1930

Box/Folder 10:8

Ravaz, L. "L'Effeuillage de la vigne" 1912

Box/Folder 10:9

Ravaz, L., "Influence des opérations culturales sur la végétation et la production de la vigne" 1909

Box/Folder 10:10

Ravaz, L., "Recherches sur la culture de la vigne" 1909

Box/Folder 10:11

Ravaz, L., "Recherches sur l'influence spécifique réciproque du sujet et du greffon chez la vigne" 1910

Box/Folder 10:12

Ravaz, L., "Recherches sur le rognage de la vigne" 1912

Box/Folder 10:13

Ravaz, L., "Sur quelques facteurs de la qualité du vin" 1907

Box/Folder 10:14

Ravaz, L., G. Gouirand, "Le badigeonnage des plaies de taille" undated

Box/Folder 10:15

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Series 5 Photographs 1911-1934

Physical Description: 7 folders

Scope and Content Note

Includes photographs from publications. Arranged alphabetically.
Box/Folder 12:25

UCD.PIC.D363.2009.0001 Cuts for Olmo's Seedling Book 1913

Physical Description: 18 black and white prints
Box/Folder 12:26

UCD.PIC.D363.2009.0002 Olives undated

Physical Description: 2 black and white prints
Box/Folder 12:27

UCD.PIC.D363.2009.0003 Reversed Fruit Canes 1918

Physical Description: 1 black and white print
Box/Folder 12:28

UCD.PIC.D363.2009.0004 Seedling Vines (Project 819) 1934

Physical Description: 2 black and white prints
Box/Folder 12:29

UCD.PIC.D363.2009.0005 Suggestion for a Reformed Calendar undated

Physical Description: 3 black and white prints, 2 negatives
Box/Folder 12:30

UCD.PIC.D363.2009.0006 Types of Bark undated

Physical Description: 4 black and white prints, 2 sepia and white prints
Box/Folder 12:31

UCD.PIC.D363.2009.0007 Vines Infected With Little Leaf 1911

Physical Description: 9 black and white prints