Inventory of the Rostislav Evdokimov papers

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Inventory of the Rostislav Evdokimov papers

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Collection Summary

Title: Rostislav Evdokimov papers
Dates: 1920-2000
Collection Number: 99041
Creator: Evdokimov, Rostislav, 1950-
Collection Size: 9 manuscript boxes (3.6 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, memoranda, newspaper issues, election campaign literature, other printed matter, photographs, and video tapes, relating to activities of the Narodno-Trudovoĭ Soiuz and other anti-communist and labor organizations in the Soviet Union, and to political conditions in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia, and the city of Saint Petersburg
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Languages: In Russian

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Biographical Note

29 November 1950 Born, Leningrad, Soviet Union (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
1968 Admitted to the Leningrad State University, first to the Faculty of Physics, then the Faculty of History
1971 Joined the Narodno-trudovoĭ soiuz (People's Labor Union)
1972 Expelled from the university
1972-1982 Worked on geological and geophysical expeditions in Soviet Union
1979 Joined the SMOT-Svobodnoe mezhprofessional'noe ob'edinenie trudiashchikhsia (Free Inter- professional Trade Union)
1980-1981 Co-editor of the underground newsletter SMOT
1982 Member of the French and Swedish PEN (Poets, Essayists, and Novelists) Club
1982-1983 Arrested for campaigning for free trade unions in the Soviet Union, sentenced to 5 years in Perm labor camp
1986 Author, Stikhi
1987 Granted amnesty, returned to Leningrad
1987 Founder and leader of the Leningrad group of the International Society for Human Rights
1988 Reinstated in the faculty of history at Leningrad State University (graduated in 1992)
1988-1991 Editor in Chief, Petropolis
1991-1994 Council member of the NTS, member of the editorial board of Posev
1994 Member of the Russian PEN Club
1995 Author, Liudskie poteri SSSR v period vtoroi mirovoi voiny
2000 Author, Posle molchaniia

Scope and Content of Collection

The Rostislav Evdokimov papers relate to activities of the Narodno-Trudovoĭ Soiuz (NTS) and other anticommunist and labor organizations in the Soviet Union, as well as political conditions in the Soviet Union, post-Soviet Russia, and the city of Saint Petersburg. The collection consists of correspondence, writings, memoranda, newspaper issues, election campaign literature, printed matter, photographs, and video tapes.
The bulk of the collection dates from 1987 through 2000, after Evdokimov, a writer and social activist, was released from labor camp. He took on leadership roles in the International Society for Human Rights and St. Petersburg branch of the NTS, as well as being an active member of the Editorial board of the NTS publication Posev.
The collection consists of six series, each presenting different aspects of Evdokimov's activities. The Narodno-trudovoĭ Soiuz (NTS) Saint-Petersburg branch materials and the Election campaigns file record Evdokimov's activities as a leader of the Saint-Petersburg political group and his participation in local elections.
While working on his writings, Evdokimov collected material reflecting his interests in the social, politica,l and economic situation in the Soviet Union, post-Soviet Russia, and former Soviet republics. This material in the Subject file, became a foundation for his published political books and articles found in the Writings. The Printed matter and Video recordings series contain additional documents reflecting NTS activities and political events.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Narodno-trudovoĭ soiuz.
Anti-communist movements--Soviet Union.
Labor movement--Soviet Union.
Political prisoners--Soviet Union.
Dissenters--Soviet Union.
Soviet Union--Politics and government--1985-1991.
Russia (Federation)--Politics and government--1991-

Collection Contents

Box: 1-3

Narodno-trudovoĭ Soiuz (NTS) Saint Petersburg branch materials 1987-1997

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence, address books, members list, reports, minutes, statements, proposals and proclamations, speeches and writings, and clippings regarding NTS activities in the city of Saint Petersburg. Arranged in chronological order.
Box/Folder: 1 : 1-2


Box/Folder: 1 : 3


Box/Folder: 1 : 4-16


Box/Folder: 2 : 1-7


Box/Folder: 2 : 8-13


Box/Folder: 2 : 14-15 , Box/Folder: 3 : 1-2


Box/Folder: 3 : 3-4


Box/Folder: 3 : 5-6


Box/Folder: 3 : 7-11


Box/Folder: 3 : 12-13


Box: 3-4

Election campaigns file 1990-1998

Scope and Content Note

Consists of speeches, writings, notes, proclamations, leaflets, and clippings related to elections at the city and state level. Arranged by public office
Box/Folder: 3 : 14

Leningrad City Soviet of People's Deputies, 1990

Box/Folder: 3 : 15-16

State Duma, 1993, 1995

Box/Folder: 4 : 1-2

City Assembly, Saint Petersburg, 1994

Box/Folder: 4 : 3

Governor of Saint Petersburg, 1996

Box/Folder: 4 : 4-7

Municipal Soviets Deputies, Saint Petersburg, 1997-1998

Box/Folder: 4 : 8-13

Legislative Assembly, 1998

Box: 4-7

Subject File 1920-2000, bulk 1988-2000

Scope and Content Note

Contains copies of documents, notes, clippings, and printed matter related to Evdokimov's research on a wide varieties of topics, as well as his articles and other writings. Original subject order was maintained, though files with similar titles have been consolidated. Arranged alphabetically.
Box/Folder: 4 : 14

Abkhazia, 1989

Box/Folder: 4 : 15

Armenia, 1994

Box/Folder: 5 : 1-2

The Constitution of Russian Federation, 1990-1993

Box/Folder: 5 : 3

Dagestan, circa 1990

Box/Folder: 5 : 4

Ecology, 1990

Box/Folder: 5 : 5-7

Estonia, 1988-1995

Box/Folder: 5 : 8

Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, 1990

Box/Folder: 5 : 9-10

Informal social organizations documents and press releases, 1988-1989

Box/Folder: 5 : 11-13

International child adoption from Russia, 1996-1998

Box/Folder: 5 : 14-15

International Society for Human Rights, 1984-1994

Box/Folder: 6 : 1-2

Karabakh, 1988-1989

Box/Folder: 6 : 3

Land ownership in Russia, 1991-1995

Box/Folder: 6 : 4-6

Latvia, 1988-1990

Box/Folder: 6 : 7

National question, 1989-1991

Box/Folder: 6 : 8

National security, 1939 and 1994

Scope and Content Note

Includes O vneshnei politike Sovetskogo Soiuza, report by V. M. Molotov, 1939
Box/Folder: 6 : 9-10

Natsional'no-Patrioticheskii Front "Pamiat'," periodicals and clippings, 1920, 1986-1990

Scope and Content Note

Includes Russian translation The International Jew, by Henry Ford, 1920
Box/Folder: 6 : 11-16 , Box/Folder: 7 : 1

Political parties and organizations in Russia, 1990-2000

Box/Folder: 7 : 2-3

Russian press from remote locations, 1990-1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 4

Samizdat, 1988-1990

Box/Folder: 7 : 5

Social and economic situation in Russia, 1991-1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 6-8

Soviet army, 1989-1995

Box/Folder: 7 : 9

Soviet "psychiatry," 1989-1992

Box/Folder: 7 : 10-11

Soviet West, 1989-1993

Box/Folder: 7 : 12

Ukraine, 1988-1991


Zemskii soiuz, 1985, 1997

Scope and Content Note

Includes Samoupravlenie i svoboda v Rossii, by S. Pushkarev, 1985
Box: 8

Writings, 1990-2000

Scope and Content Note

Includes books and articles on political issues. Arranged by the title in chronological order. See also Subject file.
Box/Folder: 8 : 1

Novaia metla v Mariinskom dvortse, 1990

Box/Folder: 8 : 2

Vne stroia, 1999

Box/Folder: 8 : 3

Zapiski lzhesvidetelia, 1999

Box/Folder: 8 : 4

Posle molchaniia, 2000

Box: 8-9

Printed matter, 1991-2000

Scope and Content Note

Contains printed material related to Evdokimov's political research. Arranged by title in chronological order
Box/Folder: 8 : 5

Ten' topora, by V. Rybakov, 1991

Box/Folder: 8 : 6

Gosudarstvo i ekonomika, by B. Pushkarev, 1993

Box/Folder: 8 : 7

Kalendar'-pamiatka NTS, 1995

Box/Folder: 8 : 8

Rossiia 1913 god, 1995

Box/Folder: 8 : 9-10

Posev, 1953-1959, 2000

Box/Folder: 8 : 11

The White Guard, calendar, 2000

Box/Folder: 9 : 1

Kak i pochemu ia strelial v glavaria totalitarnogo gosudarstva M. Gorbacheva, by A. A. Shmonov, 2001

Scope and Content Note

Includes handwritten copy
Box: 9 : 1

Video recordings, 1988-1991

Scope and Content Note

Consists of professional and home video recordings of political events on VHS tapes. Includes a detailed, handwritten list of contents with comments for each VHS tape
Box/Folder: 9 : 2

List of contents, 1991

Box/Folder: 9 : Tape 1

Political life in Leningrad and Georgia, 1988-1989

Scope and Content Note

Includes interview of Zviad Gamsakhurdia, 1988
Box/Folder: 9 : Tape 2

History of the NTS, 1991

Box/Folder: 9 : Tape 3

Democratic meetings in Estonia, 1988

Box/Folder: 9 : Tape 4

NTS conference in Saint Petersburg, 1990

Box/Folder: 9 : Tape 5

Interview of Evgenii Romanovich Ostrovskii (Romanov), President of the NTS, Frankfurt, 1990