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Title: Alexander and Ethel Pronin collection
Date (inclusive): 1850-1996
Collection Number: 91052
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: Russian
Physical Description: 12 manuscript boxes, 3 videocassette boxes, 1 oversize box, 394 motion picture film reels (88.7 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Writings, notes, printed matter, photographs, sound recordings, video tapes, motion picture film, and miscellany relating to aspects of Russian and Soviet culture and history.
source: Pronin, Alexander
Creator: Pronin, Ethel
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquisition Information

Materials were acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1991.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Alexander and Ethel Pronin collection, [Box no., Folder no. or title], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Biographical note

Dr. Alexander Georgievich Pronin (1927-2007) was a writer and professor of Russian Studies at California State University, Fresno for 28 years. Author: Russian Folk Arts, Byliny, Heroic Tales of Old Russia

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection consists of writings, notes, printed matter, photographs, sound recordings, video recordings, and motion picture films relating to aspects of Russian and Soviet culture and history. The papers include materials of Pronin's father, Russian-American entomologist Georgii Pronin.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Video tapes
Motion pictures
Russia -- Civilization
Russia -- History
Soviet Union -- Civilization
Soviet Union -- Pictorial works
Soviet Union -- History
Russia -- Pictorial works
Pronin, Alexander


Georgii Pronin File 1926-1960

Scope and Contents note

Includes correpsondence, photographs and writings by A. Pronin father Georgii.
box 4

Personal papers 1926-1954

Scope and Contents note

Includes certificates, correspondence, and clippings.
box 12

Photographs circa 1930

Scope and Contents note

3 BW prints depicting Georgii and Zinaida Pronin.

Writings 1927-1960

Scope and Contents note

Includes notes, drafts, sketches, and correspondence.
box 4

"Bronepoezd "Ofitser," p'esa v V deistviiakh" circa 1950

box 4

"Die Latenz," Wissenschaftliche Arbeit circa 1935

box 9

"Osanovo" circa 1950

box 7

"Rasskazy i ocherki" 1938-1951

box 8

"Rasskazy i ocherki" (continued)

box 10

"Rasskazy i ocherki" (continued)

box 4

"Uzor tenei," poems 1927

box 5

"Zapiski entomologa" and other writings on entomology 1936-1960

Scope and Contents note

Includes research papers and photo illustrations.
box 6

"Zapiski entomologa" and other writings on entomology (continued)

box 7

"Zapiski entomologa" and other writings on entomology (continued)

box 8

"Zapiski entomologa" and other writings on entomology (continued)

box 9

"Zapiski entomologa" and other writings on entomology (continued)

box 10

"Zapiski entomologa" and other writings on entomology (continued)


Subject File 1914-1992

box 6

German anti-partisan warfare 1941-1942

Scope and Contents note

Instructions, memoranda, and notes.
box 4

Kalmyk Cossacks 1956-1962

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence and writings. See also Audiovisual File.
box 6

Kongress sootechestvennikov 1991

Scope and Contents note

Includes invitations, program, and photographs.
box 12

Sal'e, Marina Evgen'evna 1990

Scope and Contents note

Includes statements, appeals, and press reviews of Sal'e's Russian parliamentary election campaign.
box 4

Insurgent movements 1945-1968

Scope and Contents note

Includes writings, clippings, a map of Soviet labor camps, and photographs of Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn.
box 6

Political condition of the Russian Far East after the Bolshevik Revolution 1917-1919

Scope and Contents note

Photocopies of correspondence, memoranda, and reports.
box 6

Russische Armee 1914

Scope and Contents note

Includes photocopies of painting of soldiers in contemporary military uniforms.
box 6

Russkaia Zarubezhnaia Tserkov' 1970-1976

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter, photographs, and slides.
box 12

Polish history papers 1980-1981

Scope and Contents note

Includes serial issues, pamphlets, election campaign literature, proclamations, and other printed matter, relating to various aspects of Polish history, anti-communist issuances from World War II and the early post-war period, and the Solidarity trade union movement. These materials were collected by Aleksandr Pronin during his visit to Poland in 1981.
box 13

Polish history papers (oversize material) 1979-1981


Writings 1965-1975

box 12

Byliny, Heroic Tales of Old Russia 1971

box 3

"Guerrilla Warfare in the German-Occupied Soviet Territories 1941-1944" 1965

Scope and Contents note

A Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the Georgetown University.
box 7

"History of Russian Literature 16-17 Century" circa 1965

box 11

"Istoricheskii rost Rossii" circa 1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes research material.
box 11

"Istoriia kazachestva" circa 1965

box 7

Russian Folk Arts 1975

box 12

"Russian Language Self-Study Book" circa 1965

box 11

Russian Vocabulary Builder, 10 Words a Day 1967

box 3

"Russkaia tsivilizatsiia " circa 1970

box 3

"Soviet Counterinsurgency Doctrine" circa 1965

box 3

"A Young Reader's Guide to Russia," by Aleksandr and Barbara Pronin circa 1970


Writings by Others 1917-1984

box 9

Bocharnikova, M. A., "V 1m Petrogradskom zhenskom batal'one," manuscript 1917

box 9

Parkhomenko, Terentii, "Vospominaniia, 1880-1962" 1967

box 6

Shvetzoff, Dimitri A., "Captivity and Escape from Bolshevicks of Horseguardsman Dimitri A. Shvetzoff in 1919-1921" 1971

box 6

Mukhametshin, Boris, "Plakat kak forma protesta" 1984


Audiovisual File 1962-2001


Motion Picture Film Reels circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Partial list created by collector.
reel 1

Around the Soviet Union: Battleship Aurora

reel 2

Soviet Science at Work

reel 3

Visit Estonia, Bukovina, Turkmenia, Tadzhikistan, Ukraine

reel 4

Health Necklace: The Green Patrol

reel 5

From Air to Ground: Parachute Training

reel 6

Army Parachute Training and Sports

reel 7

Kazakhstan Melodies

reel 8

Defying the Storms and the Wind (Mountain climbing; women climbers)

reel 9

The Young Sportsmen Grew Up (Sports for children)

reel 10

Around the Soviet Union: Duck Farm, Omsk

reel 11

We Are the Sixth (Elections)

reel 12

Creative Jobs Await the Youth

reel 13

Power Industry: Solar Energy

reel 14

A Great Event: Forthcoming 26th Congress

reel 15

25th CPSU Congress, Moscow

reel 16

Music in Their Lives

reel 17

Young Naturalists

reel 18

In Our Kindergarten

reel 19

As Long as You Are Alive (visiting a concentration camp)

reel 20

Soviet School and ARTEK

onsite digital

Central documentary film studios, Moscow: Truth and Slander 1975

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 91052_f_0001518

Scope and Contents note

Label reads "Reel 21: Truth and Slander: Maoism (Soviet victory over Japan)." Narration in English. Duration 19:00. Black and white.
reel 22

Our Gagarin

reel 23

Lunakhod No. 1: Vehicle on the Moon

reel 24

A Rude Awakening (Emigration to Israel)

reel 25

The New Moscow Circus

reel 26

The Village of Bergiliskii

reel 27

Patterns of Ice

reel 28

Moscow, a City of Science

reel 29

This Is Caucasia

reel 30

The Soiuz and Apollo Linkup

reel 31

Health Comes First

reel 32

University Games

reel 33

Forum for European Communists

reel 34


reel 35

Azerbaijan Arts

reel 36

Friendship Coast

reel 37

Stronger Soviet and Arab Friendship

reel 38

Soviet Georgia

reel 39

The Stronger Fair Sex

reel 40

The Working Class of the USSR

reel 41

Soviet Army Road to the Sky

reel 42

Subways in Five Soviet Cities

reel 43

Moscow Art Exhibit: India

reel 44

Armenia, My Native Land

reel 45

Red Square on May Day

reel 46

Military Engineers and Health Care

reel 47

The Soviet Army: Motorized Infantry

reel 48

State Dance of the Uzbekistan Republic

reel 49

Beyond the Sandhills

reel 50

Ukrainian Villages: New Look

reel 51

Land of Our Birth: Past and Present Jewish Life in the USSR: Part I

reel 52

Land of Our Birth: Past and Present Jewish Life in the USSR: Part II

reel 53

Soviet Trade Unions

reel 54

Brezhnev: Peaceful Deeds

reel 55

Soviet Gymnasts

reel 56

On Red Square

reel 57

Our Friends

reel 58

The Epic of Fergana Valley (Uzbekistan)

reel 59

A Village in the Center of Europe

reel 60

This Is Sport

reel 61

The Life of Muslims in the USSR

reel 62

Lenin: Seven Years in Switzerland

reel 63

Faster, Higher, Stronger (Olympic champions)

reel 64

From the Shore of the Baltic

reel 65

A Road Equal to Centuries (60th anniversary)

reel 66

Town on the Oka River (Serpukhov)

reel 67

A Year in a Ground Space Ship

reel 68

Preserve the Planet for Happiness

reel 69

How We Vacation

reel 70

The Spring of Victory

reel 71

The USSR: A Union Inviolable

reel 72

Rhythms and Tunes from Soviet Georgia

reel 73

Lenin's Childhood

reel 74

12th World Festival of Youth

reel 75

New Ideas in Science and Technology

reel 76

Estonian SSR

reel 77

Soviet Rhythms and Soviet Sports

reel 78

7th USSR Summer Games

reel 79

Meeting on the Volga (French-Soviet Friendship Society)

reel 80

School of Beauty Appreciation (Lithuania)

reel 81

The Children Come to the Circus

reel 82

Celebration on Victory Day

reel 83

Backyard Sportsmen

reel 84

1975: International Women's Year: State Prize Winners

reel 85

Star Town: Space City

reel 86

We Studied in Moscow

reel 87

The Young Pioneers

reel 88

Nature and Your City

reel 89

Soviet Army Victorious at Stalingrad

reel 90

A Family of Scientists

reel 91

They Defended Their Motherland

reel 92

Life in the Georgian SSR

reel 93

New Achievements: 25th CPSU Congress

reel 94

Life and Work of the Painter Korens

reel 95

Children of the Planet

reel 96

Moscow University

reel 97

Middle School

reel 98

The World Beneath the Sun

reel 99


reel 100

Struggle for Peace

reel 101

Odessa, Hero City

reel 102

Girls of the Planet

reel 103

Teenage Sailors

reel 104

Ostankino District of Moscow: TV Tower

reel 105

Hello, Georgia

reel 106

Industry of the Soviet Union

reel 107

The Socialist Community

reel 108

Lithuanian SSR

reel 109

Dedicated to the 60th Anniversary

reel 110

1986: Looking to the Next Century

reel 111

An Epic's Beginning: Gagarin: Part I

reel 112

Komsomol: Young Communist League

reel 113

USSR Under Construction

reel 114

Moscow Music World

reel 115

Nine Days and All Her Life

reel 116

The Amber of Baltic Coast: Part I

reel 117

They Are Building Moscow

reel 118

Knowledge for the People

reel 119

Russian SFSR

reel 120

Heroes of Labor

reel 121

A Collective Farm in Kazakhstan

reel 122

We Are Working People

reel 123

Around the Soviet Union: Odessa

reel 124

State Farm "Zaria Komunizma"

reel 125

Right to Rest and Leisure

reel 126

Kirghiz SSR

reel 127

A Town on the Terek River (Ordzhonikidze)

reel 128

Soviet Courts

reel 129

Krakow (Poland) Remembers Lenin

reel 130

With Love in Our Hearts: The Music Lenin Loved

reel 131

To the Tip of the Planet

reel 132

Colors of Turkmenia

reel 133

The Right to Housing

reel 134


reel 135

The Way to the Skies (training pilots)

reel 136

Council for Economic Assistance: Part I

reel 137

Council for Economic Assistance: Part II

reel 138

7th World Congress of Twin Towns

reel 139

Kirghiz SSR

reel 140

U.S. Young Farm Group Visits USSR

reel 141

Around the Soviet Union: Sochi, Tbilisi

reel 142

Envoys of Peace and Friendship

reel 143

Hammer and Sickle Places of Culture

reel 144

Spreading Soviet Culture

reel 145

A Pioneer Palace

reel 146

Our Youth

reel 147

On Guard for Health

reel 148

Dedicated to 60th Anniversary

reel 149

Senior Citizens of Central Asia

reel 150

Under the Banner of the 60th Anniversary

reel 151

Belorussian SSR

reel 152

The Leninist Peace Policy

reel 153

Soviet-Chinese Friendship Society

reel 154

The Moscow Virtuoso

reel 155


reel 156

Dushambe, Capital of Tadzhikistan

reel 157

Brezhnev: Pages from His Life

reel 158


reel 159

Leningrad and Lenin's Birthday

reel 160

Seminar in Minsk

reel 161

Soviet Social Security

reel 162

Around the Soviet Union

reel 163

Three Portraits

reel 164

Peace through Humanism: Socialist Red Cross

reel 165

The Sound of the Bugle: ARTEK

reel 166

To Live in the Twenty-First Century

reel 167

The Pioneer Summer Camp

reel 168

Centuries within 60 Years

reel 169

The Village of Bergiliskii

reel 170

Odessa and Varna

reel 171

Amateur Talent

reel 172

Animals in Siberia

reel 173

The Moscow Ballbearing Plant

reel 174

Kishinev, Capital of the Moldavian SSR

reel 175

Story of a Communist: Brezhnev

reel 176

From Air to Ground: Parachute Training

reel 177

Friendship with the Peoples of Africa

reel 178

A Lesson in Peace

reel 179

Around the Soviet Union

reel 180

The Water of Life (Lithuanian SSR)

reel 181

For Your Children (Festival of children's talent)

reel 182

At the 26th Congress of the CPSU

reel 183

The Truth of the Newspaper Pravda

reel 184

Let's Get Acquainted: Part I

reel 185

Let's Get Acquainted: Part II

reel 186

Soldiers of the Liberation Army

reel 187

Tbilisi, Georgian SSR

reel 188

Lenin in Emigration

reel 189

Young Mechanics

reel 190

Our Youth

reel 191

The Moscow Kremlin

reel 192

Land of Our Birth: Past and Present Jewish Life in the USSR

reel 193

A Little Girl and Her Place in the Summer Camp

reel 194

Around the Soviet Union: Lake Baikal, Siberia

reel 195

Tales of Siberia

reel 196

Military Strategic Parity

reel 197

Russian Winter Festival of Arts

reel 198

The New Heights: 26th Congress of the CPSU

reel 199


reel 200

Home for Theater Veterans

reel 201

Lenin: First Years of the Revolution

reel 202

Belorussia in Colors

reel 203

Preparing for 27th Congress, CPSU

reel 204

The Right to Rest, Leisure and Health Protection

reel 205

The Right to Work

reel 206

"With Leninism in My Heart": Reminiscences by a Co-worker

reel 207

My Lithuania

reel 208

State Concern for the Children

reel 209

Starting Out in Life: From Birth through Grade School

reel 210

Our Student Years Have Made Us Friends

reel 211

National Sports of the Soviet People

reel 212

Turkmenian SSR Culture: Rug-making

reel 213

Siberia Invites You

reel 214

Color and Rhythm: Turkmenia

reel 215

One Day at a Movie Studio (Moscow)

reel 216

About Soviet Sciences

reel 217

Geneva: Start of a Dialogue

reel 218

Children's Railroad

reel 219


reel 220

Environmental Protection

reel 221

Freedom of Conscience

reel 222

I Want to Be a Worker

reel 223

Unesco International Conference on Books, Moscow

reel 224

Rebuilding Tashkent: Quake 1966

reel 225

Abreast of the Time

reel 226

Leningrad Plant (in Spanish)

reel 227

Around the Soviet Union

reel 228

Dance Natasha

reel 229

Kiev: What a City

reel 230

Invitation to the Olympics 1980

reel 231

Festival of Friendship

reel 232

Women of Uzbekistan

reel 233

Along Red Square

reel 234

The Population of the USSR

reel 235

Georgian Children

reel 236

Soviet Health and Medical Plans

reel 237

Ballet School

reel 238

Soviet Armenia

reel 239

An Unusual Theater: Animals for Children

reel 240

Jewelry by Soviet Artisans

reel 241


reel 242

Soviet Navy in the Mediterranean

reel 243

The Doctors of Kalinovka

reel 244

They Are Building Moscow

reel 245

Architectural Discoveries in the Ukraine

reel 246

Sight in Birds

reel 247

Riga, Capital of Soviet Latvia

reel 248

Soviet Latvia

reel 249

Sports Rhythms

reel 250

The Builders

reel 251

National Folk Art

reel 252

Water Colors

reel 253

Secrets of the Moscow Circus

reel 254

No to the Atom Bomb

reel 255

Dancing School: Ballet

reel 256

Pinyonkov: A Talent of Russia: Sculpture

reel 257


reel 258

Around the Soviet Union

reel 259

Siberia Invites You

reel 260

A Song about Seven Daughters (Teachers)

reel 261

Super Cup: Kiev Soccer

reel 262

Rehabilitation for Blind People

reel 263

The Moscow Kremlin

reel 264

Belovezh Preserve in Ukraine

reel 265

The Silver Sound of the Brass Band

reel 266

Around the Soviet Union

reel 267

Masters of Sports

reel 268

The Electrification of the USSR

reel 269

By the Deep Blue Sea

reel 270

Tadzhikistan Melodies

reel 271

Vilnius as It Looks Today

reel 272

Kishinev, Capital of Moldavia

reel 273

Four Soviet War Heroes Meet in Volgograd

reel 274

The Miracle Frost (Cartoon)

reel 275

The Golden Ring

reel 276

The Wolf and the Tailor (Cartoon)

reel 277

Let's Dance the Charkhuduzonu

reel 278

Soviet Ukraine

reel 279

Tales from Sakhalin Island

reel 280

Meet Alexander Pushkin

reel 281

Our Golden Childhood

reel 282

Making Things Better for Man

reel 283

The Belaya River

reel 284

Amateur Talent

reel 285

Soviet Sports: Asian Republics

reel 286

A Loaf of Bread: Russian Holiday

reel 287

Minsk, Belorussia

reel 288

The Soviet Banking System from 1917

reel 289

Moscow under Construction

reel 290

Moscow Transportation

reel 291

Antarctica : The White Magnet

reel 292

In the Far East

reel 293

Around the Soviet Union: Animal Farm

reel 294

Science in Siberia: Building of Sciencetown

reel 295

Friendship Congress in Moscow

reel 296

The Legion that Began (Spain)

reel 297

Tales of Siberia

reel 298

Black American Delegation

reel 299

Ring of Friendship

reel 300

From Saturday to Monday

reel 301

The Land of Young Masters

reel 302

Across Siberia to Lake Baikal

reel 303

The Sculptor

reel 304

The State Structure of the USSR

reel 305


reel 306

Around the Soviet Union

reel 307

Architecture in Moscow

reel 308

Around the Soviet Union

reel 309

Winter in Siberia

reel 310

If I Were a Magician (Cartoon)

reel 311

Songs of Svanetiya

reel 312

My Poltava

reel 313


reel 314

Council for Mutual Economic Assistance 30th Anniversary

reel 315

Lenin in Switzerland

reel 316

Dedicated to Ballet

reel 317

Student Years

reel 318


reel 319

A Pioneer Palace

reel 320

An American Farmer Visits the USSR

reel 321

The Neutron Bomb

reel 322

Around the Halls of a Russian Museum

reel 323

The Treasures of the Russian Museum

reel 324

Treasures of the Russian Museum, Leningrad

reel 325

How Animals See

reel 326

The Earth Is Our Home

reel 327

Sports for One and All

reel 328

Not on Any Map: New Cities Created in Central Asia

reel 329

Kazakhstan Melodies

reel 330

Story of a Communist: Brezhnev: Reel 1

reel 331

Story of a Communist: Brezhnev: Reel 2

reel 332

Soviet Far East

reel 333

The Land I Love: 50th Anniversary Accomplishments: Reel 1

reel 334

The Land I Love: 50th Anniversary Accomplishments: Reel 2

reel 335

Lenin Dream in Action

reel 336

The Art of Russian Jewelry (Tsarist crown, etc.)

reel 337

Twenty-seven Minutes about Russia

reel 338

The Great Exploit: Reel 1

reel 339

The Great Exploit: Reel 2

reel 340

The Dawning of Buryatia

reel 341

Welcome to USSR Friendship House, Moscow

reel 342

Our Leningrad: Reel 1

reel 343

Our Leningrad: Reel 2

reel 344

The Fifteen Soviet Republics: Reel 1

reel 345

The Fifteen Soviet Republics: Reel 2

reel 346

Unusual Days of Great History

reel 347

Unbreakable Union

reel 348

Moscow Conservatory

reel 349

Life of Fedor Dostoevsky

reel 350

Space Stations, Reel 2 1957-1976:

reel 351

The Land of Our Birth: Jewish Life in the USSR: Reel 2

reel 352

Meridians of Friendship: Cultural Exchange: Reel 2

reel 353

The Amber Baltic Coast: Reel 2

reel 354

Lenin in October: Reel 1

reel 355

October Days: Reel 1

reel 356

October Days: Reel 2

reel 357

The Grass Grows Red Here: Africa

reel 358

Danger from Maoism

reel 359

Soviet Theater Today

reel 360

In Commemoration of Shostakovich

reel 361

Fourth Tchaikovsky Competition

reel 362

Around the Soviet Union

reel 363

A Tadzhik: Ancient Cultures and Customs

reel 364

Siberian Forest School

reel 365

October 1917: Reel 2

reel 366

The Circus Comes to Town


VHS Videocassettes 1980-2001

Arrangement Statement

Arranged chronologically.
box 1

"Afganistan-kak eto bylo" circa 1980

box 1

"Denisov: vozvrashchenie, repatriatsiia" circa 1990

box 1

"Rossiia. Moskva. Svoboda," kontsert circa 1990

box 1

"Truth of the Newspaper Pravda" circa 1990

box 1

"Vlasov. Dvazhdy prokliatyi general," documentary film circa 1990

box 1

"Congress of Compatriots (Dedovich tapes)," 1-3 1991

box 1

"Moskva, 19-20 avgusta 1991" 1991

box 1

"Soviet TV, August 19" 1991

box 1

The Congress of Russian-Americans Highlights 1996

box 14

ABГYCT 19, MOCKBA-Pев undated

box 14

Moscow Games 1986 July 15

box 14

Gorbachev speech, VREMYA newscast 1987 November 2

box 14

Go East: Keynote Film for US-NIS Conference on Democracy and the Market Economy. 1993 October 15-16

box 14

ВOЗBPAЩEHИE Konzpecc undated

box 14

The People Speak undated

box 14


box 14

Cщspy Cob Cotozy 1987 October 12

box 14

Bpenл 1998 October 10

box 14

Gorbachev 19th КЛCC Speech 1988 January 26

box 15

Gorbachev Comsomol speech 1987 April 16

box 15

Cщшу Cob. Cotozy 1989 October 15

box 15

50/50 Ha Cщшde oтereoby undated

box 15


box 15

History Doc Party HTC undated

box 15

rempa sample 1987 July 25

box 15

Гoгил - фuльм undated

box 15

Col. Meлuцuл 1989 November

box 15

Bрсмл #1 undated

box 15


box 15

Gorbachev speech 1987 October 2

box 15

GOPBACHEV-Вгемλ 1990 May 29

box 16

Special Demonstration 1990 March 28

box 16


box 16

Revolution Russia 1991 August 19-21

box 16

Јорбацв - Нобпгещл 1990 October 15

box 16

Јорбапїь шеспіл 6 1990 February 14

box 16

Yeltzen Gorbache Pres. Bush 1991 December 25

box 16

Yeltzen resignation 1999 December 31

box 16

USSR-American Journalist IR undated

box 16

Strategy of Acceleration 26th Congress and New Policy 1986

box 16

Veteran personal archive W. Schenk 2001 August 15

box 16

Власоь doc film undated

box 16

Власоь DOC undated

box 2

Scotch Sound Recording Tapes 1962-1971

Scope and Contents note

Oral history of the Kalmyks.

Memorabilia 1850-1920

box 12

Russian paper money 1918-1920

Scope and Contents note

Russian Provisional Government paper money, presented to Aleksandr Pronin by the officer of the Imperial Russian Army Evgenii Eduardovich Messner. Use copies.
box 13

Russkii khudozhestvennyi listok E. Timma circa 1850

Scope and Contents note

Portfolio of drawings by V. Timm and A. Chernushev of ordinary people in provincial Russian cities and remote villages.

Printed Matter 1908-1968

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Kto i pochemu mog pokhitit' Gen. Kutepova i Gen. Millera?, P. Makhrov, Paris 1937

box 10

Nash Student, American Student's Russian Monthly 1966-1968

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Revoliutsionnaia mysl', nos.2-3 1908

box 6

Sotsial-demokratiia i budushchii obshchestvennyi poriadok, Fleishman, Vladivostok 1918