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The Personal Collection of Adm. Gerald F. Bogan SDASM.SC.10018
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Box 01, 21 folders


Correspondence, Military Orders and Official Papers

Physical Description: 1. Personal Correspondence, 1919-1941. 2. Orders and Incidental Official Papers, 1921-1932. 3. Orders and Incidental Papers, 1934-1942. 4. Military Writings, 1943-1944. 5. Military Correspondence, 1943-1944. 6. Biography, 11th Naval District, San Diego, 1949; other biographical. 7. Operation Remember Album, 1957, May 1-3. 8. United States Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 86, Number 11, November 1960. 9. United States Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 87, Number 5, May 1961 (Includes article by VADM Gerald F. Bogan, Retired, “The Navy Spreads Its Golden Wings”). 10. Naval Training School, Directory, Class of 5-’43. 11. Presidential Award. 12. Miscellaneous Postcards -1927. 13. Miscellaneous Pamphlets. 14. Other Personal Papers.


Physical Description: 15. Article, “Barber Shop Chord,” G.F. Bogan, post 1950 (Early Naval Career). 16. Article, “Our Defense Problem,” G.F. Bogan, post 1950. 17. Article, “Modern Sea Power,” G.F. Bogan, post 1950. 18. Article, “Lin Piao’s Manifesto, The World in Peking’s Image.”


Physical Description: Photographs 19. U.S. Naval Air Station, Miami, Florida (Outlying Fields, Adjacent Fields and Seaplane Facilities) – 1942 20. Japanese Ship Damage – Kure, August-October 1945 – 88 photographs. Admiral Bogan commanded Carrier Division 4 and Task Group 39.2 during aerial attacks on the remnants of the Imperial Japanese Fleet at Kure anchorage on July 24, 25 and 28, 1945. During the course of these attacks a carrier, three battleships, two heavy cruisers, two training cruisers, and numerous other smaller vessels were sunk. Additionally, two other carriers and ships were damaged and effectively taken out of the war. The photographs in Bogan’s collection are comprised of eighty-eight official USN photographs, taken of the IJN ships at Kure after the Japanese surrender, circa August-October 1945. Specifically: IJN CV Ryujo (22) IJN BB Hyuga(6) IJN BB Haruna (10) IJN BB Ise (13) IJN CV Amagi (6) IJN CC Tone (5) IJN CC Aoba (15) IJL Oyoda (1) IJL Armored Cruisers Iwate and/or Izumo (10) 21. U.S. Carrier Tour, Commander-in-Chief, Iran Navy, North Island, on 3 December 1949 (named Shah of Iran in 1965) – 12 photographs. Also, a 26 October 1957 newspaper article, describing the tour, San Diego Union.

Box 02, 9 folders



Physical Description: 1. Admiral Marc A. Mitscher (three photographs) 2. Mitscher Field Dedication (1955). 3. Miscellaneous Photographs Includes Gerald F. Bogan (as an infant, and circa 1918, 1936, and 1950), Admiral and Katherine Bogan (undated), Admiral Bogan’s Retired Navy I.D. Card, U.S.S. Broome in 1921 (DD 210), U.S.S. Birmingham (first airplane flight from a warship was from the Birmingham), Unidentified Submarine in Newport, Rhode Island (1916), Burgess Dunne Hydroplane, U.S.S. Saratoga Ship Bell Ceremony (circa 1949), Commanding Officer’s Quarters, USNAS Miami (1942), Admiral William F. Halsey.

Newspaper Articles

Physical Description: 4. Yacht Abandoned – Admiral Bogan Rescued (1963)


Physical Description: 5. “Sara, The Story of the U.S.S. Saratoga,” c. 1946 (including “Warpath,” a rare map depicting Saratoga missions). 6. “The Gangway, A Pictorial History of the U.S.S. Randolph’s First Year at Sea,” 1946. 7. “Operation Lifeline, History and Development of the Naval Air Transport Service,” by James Lee, photographs by Joe Rosenthal, Limited Edition, Number 856 of 1000 (possible original signatures of James Forrestal, C.W. Nimitz, A.W. Radford, and J.W. Reeves, Jr.). 8. “The Book of Navy Songs,” Collected and Edited by The Trident Society, 1937. 9. “Carrier Air Group 86,” 1946.

Box 03, 8 Folders



Physical Description: 1. “The Lucky Bag, The Class of 1913,” U.S. Naval Academy, Yearbook. 2. “40th Reunion, Class of 1916,” U.S. Naval Academy, 1956.


Physical Description: 3. U.S. Naval Academy, 50th Reunion, June 1-2, 1991, Annapolis - Video Cassettes (Set of Three).


Physical Description: 4. Photographs (1956), Admiral Robert Burns Pirie and Captain William E. Gentner, onboard the Coral Sea (CV-43) - six large format photographs. Admiral Pirie had been commanding officer of the Coral Sea in 1952. He was a 1926 graduate of the Naval Academy, designated a naval aviator in 1929. Admiral Pirie retired as a Vice Admiral in 1962, at that time Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air). He was sometimes referred to “The Beard,” allowed to wear a beard because of a skin condition. Captain Gentner was commanding officer of CV-43 when the photographs were taken, later also attaining the rank of Vice Admiral. 5. Photographs (4), Pearl Harbor, Matson Liner (pre-war). 6. Cartoon – Admiral Bogan/most likely Leon Swirlbul (Grumman Aircraft). 7. Original Watercolor, Carriers at Sea 8. Article, “Turkey Pilots Are Normal,” E.S. Dickson, circa 1944 (Operating TBMs from Carriers).

Box 04


Oversize Miscellaneous

Physical Description: 1. Album, World Air Center, Douglas DC-3/DST. 2. Photograph, Blue Angels (Signed), 6 February 1953. 3. Reproductions from the Abbott Collection of Naval Aviation Paintings (Set). 4. Limited Edition, Ink Etching (Numbered, Signed), Navy Seaplane - Water Takeoff. 5. Artists Drawings (Aircraft Prints), Brewster Aeronautical Corporation. 6. Portrait Photograph, Admiral Bogan (then Captain Bogan) – Two Variants. 7. Photograph, “Fighting Three,” Fleet Air Base, San Diego, 1931. 8. Photograph, VH-1, Saratoga (1932). 9. Original Ink Sketch, U.S.S. Saratoga, G. Ashley. 10. Large Format Photographs Depicting Life of Admiral Bogan (19) – Several Humorous 11. Miscellaneous Photographs and Sketches (27), Admiral Bogan, Other Officers, Locations, Aircraft and Ships. 12. Remembrance Album, “U.S.S. Randolph, CV-15,” Vice Admiral Gerald F. Bogan, U.S.N., Commander Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet 13. Photograph, Signed by Rear Admiral Harry E. Yarnell to Gerald Bogan, April 1932. 14. Photograph, Signed by McClelland Barclay to Gerald Bogan, 25 April 1941. Note: Mac Barclay was a prominent artist and illustrator, lost at sea in 1943. His Navy poster art was (and is) highly acclaimed and sought after. His work was used as cover art by many contemporary publications.


Physical Description: 15. Navy Flag, Vice Admiral Rank (Flagship U.S.S. Salisbury Sound (AV-13).