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Guide to the United States Civil War Collection 1811/1987

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Overview of the Collection

Collection Title: United States Civil War Collection
Dates: 1811-1987
Bulk Dates: 1861-1864
Identification: MS-0254
Physical Description: 3.75 linear ft
Language of Materials: English
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Genre/Form of Material:

Personal Papers

Geographic Name:

United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Causes

Topical Term:

Slave trade -- Southern States -- History -- Sources
Slave trade -- United States -- History -- Sources
Slavery -- Southern States -- Sources
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Sources

Administrative Information

Custodial History:

The contents of this collection derive frmo several sources, including the San Diego Historical Society; Wilfred A. Dellquest, Major Edward D. Clarkson, the Putnam Sisters of San Diego, Chuck Valverde, Professor Hunton D. Sellman, and Professor William F. Hanchett.

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This collection is open for research.

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Identification of item, folder title, box number, United States Civil War Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Library and Information Access, San Diego State University.

Arrangement of Materials:

The collection is arranged in the following ten series:
1. Manuscripts
2. Printed Correspondence
3. Speeches and Sermons
4. Speeches -- House of Representatives
5. Speeches -- United States Senate
6. General publications
7. Legal Materials
8. Medical
9. Plates and Portraits
10. Ephemera
Some materials within the collection have been topically identified to help researchers find certain perspectives or subjects. These terms include the following:
Foreign Relations

Scope and Contents

The United States Civil War Collection contains manuscript and printed materials dating from the Civil War era, as well as later items about the war.  These materials include correspondence, speeches, pamphlets, and newspapers. The bulk of the material dates from 1861 to 1865, and both Northern and Southern perspectives are represented. Highlights of the collection include an 1823 bill of sale for a slave and an 1864 diary.  Also included is information pertaining to several persons of interest such as Henry Clay, Victor Hugo, Benson Lossing, James Monroe, and Henry Jackson Van Dyke. The collection is divided into ten series: Manuscripts, Printed Correspondence, Speeches and Sermons, Speeches from the House of Representatives, Speeches from the US Senate, General Publications, Legal Materials, Medical, Plates and Portraits, and Ephemera. Each series is arranged alphabetically.
The Manuscripts series is comprised of several documents dating from 1823 to 1865. Included are personal letters regarding daily life, military experience and business, as well as Southern diaries containing Confederate poetry. Items of interest include an 1823 bill of sale of a slave, draft deferment documentation, as well as a letter from Abraham Lincoln to General Joe Hooker. 
The Printed Correspondence Series is composed mostly of letters from both Northern and Southern perspectives.  Much of the documentation includes editorials and articles arguing for or against the institution of slavery, and several prominent authors from the era are featured. Included in this series is an essay by Victor Hugo titled "Letters on American Slavery" in which he fervently denounces the practice.  Also included are essays about post-war Reconstruction, as well as reports relating to US Foreign policy from 1861 to 1865.
The Speeches and Sermons series dates from 1811 to 1868 and documents several verbal accounts of slavery from the North and South. Other topics covered include US foreign relations, Reconstruction, and the Fugitive Slave Law. Of particular interest are documents contrasting the doctrines of the Democratic and Abolitionist Parties.
The Speeches from the House of Representatives series dates from 1835 to 1865 and contains mostly pro-Northern materials. The majority of the documents attack slavery on moral grounds, and several essays criticize the economic and ethical foundations of the institution. Highlights include an essay by Jim Ashley titled "The Barbarism of Slavery," as well as a treatise by I.N. Arnold titled "Slavery: The Cause of the War and All Its Evils."
The Speeches from the Senate series dates from 1850 to 1868. Both Northern and Southern perspectives are presented. Highlights include an essay by Henry Clay titled "Resolutions on the Issue of Slavery," as well as a resolution preparing to retrocede the Southern courts.
The General Publications series begins in 1835 and also includes documents published during the 1970’s about the Civil War. Much of this material was written after the conflict, and includes several comprehensive historical accounts. Items featured are catalogues of Civil War Battles, a chronological history of the Civil War, and photographs published in 1979. Also included are several academic essays about Civil War History, as well as writings pertaining to US foreign Policy during the mid to late nineteenth century.
The Legal Materials series dates from 1856 to 1865. Highlights of the series are a report of the decisions of the Supreme Court during the Dred Scott case, and an essay by Tatlow Jackson titled "Martial Law: What it is and who can declare it."
The Medical series dates from 1861 to 1865, and focuses mostly on the sanitary conditions of the battlefield. The series is comprised of surveys, letters, and outlines pertaining to the hygienic, medical, and surgical procedures during the war. Highlights include a piece by Joshua Nicholas Speed titled "A letter on the sanitary conditions of the troops in Boston," as well as the letters of Dr. William Hanchett titled "Illinois physician and the Civil War Draft."  Other items of interest are a report on Government hospitals and Agencies, as well as documents recounting the operations of the US Sanitary Commission.
The Plates and Portraits series is comprised mostly of photographs and prints that were published during the twentieth century. Featured items are prints illustrating Civil War battle scenes, officer prints, portraits and photographs, national military aerial views, and twenty re-prints of President Lincoln. The only dated materials are from 1910 and 1946.
The Ephemera series dates from 1856 to 1875.  Materials include a Civil War issue of Americana Press, newspaper reproductions, scrapbooks, and Southern currency. Other items of interest include original confederate poetry and postage stamps, as well as selected poems about General Ulysses S. Grant.



Box 1, Folder 1

11th Illinois Infantry Volunteers - Special Orders Number 136 Enforcement by Paymaster 1863

Scope and Contents

Two Pieces
Box 1, Folder 2

Bound Transcript of Letter from Abraham Lincoln to General Joseph Hooker 1865

Scope and Contents

Three Pieces
Box 1, Folder 3

Civil War Letters: Military 1861-1862

Scope and Contents

Nine Pieces
Box 1, Folder 4

Civil War Letters: Personal or Business 1861-1865

Scope and Contents

Eight Pieces
Box 1, Folder 5

Confederate States of America - Army Travel Passes 1865

Scope and Contents

Three Pieces
Box 1, Folder 6

Debts (Two I.O.Us) 1863-1864

Scope and Contents

Two Pieces
Box 1, Folder 7

Farnsley, Alexander - Letters 1856-1860

Scope and Contents

Nineteen Pieces
Box 1, Folder 8

Georgia Headquarters Conscript Service - Draft Deferment February 13, 1865

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 1, Folder 9

Georgia - Jefferson County - Bill of Sale of a Slave January 7, 1823

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 1, Folder 10

Georgia - Richmond County Court of Ordinary - Bagley Estate Items 1861-1863

Scope and Contents

Eleven Pieces
Box 1, Folder 11

Louisiana - City of New Orleans - Sale of Slaves Receipt January 24, 1860

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 1, Folder 12

Map of Country South of Washington Along the Potomac River No Date

Scope and Contents

1 Piece
Box 1, Folder 13

O'Harra, Charles Tisdale - Diary 1864

Scope and Contents

Two Pieces
Box 1, Folder 14

Poems - Confederate No Date

Scope and Contents

Three Pieces
Box 1, Folder 15

Red Rose of Oakland and Letter July 17, 1865

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 1, Folder 16

United States Army - 34th Massachusetts Infantry - List of Quartermaster's Stores 1863-1865

Scope and Contents

Two Pieces
Box 1, Folder 17

United States Navy - Bureau of Navigation and Office of Detail - Order to Proceed to Norfolk without Delay December 1865

Scope and Contents

Two Pieces
Box 1, Folder 18

United States Treasury Department - Letter from Francis Spinner Concerning Payment of Bills October 11, 1862

Scope and Contents

One Piece

Printed Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 19

Agnew, J. Holmes - "Reply to a Review of a Sermon on Biblical Slavery" (Pro-Southern) 1861

Box 1, Folder 20

Black, Jeremiah S. - "The Doctrines of the Democratic and Abolition Parties Contrasted" (Pro-Southern) October 24, 1864

Box 1, Folder 21

"Correspondence on the Present Relations Between Great Britain and the United States" (Foreign Relations) November 1862

Box 1, Folder 22

Hugo, Victor - "Letters on American Slavery" (Pro-Northern) 1860

Box 1, Folder 23

Jackson, Henry R. - "The Crisis - What is Resistance?" (Pro-Northern) 1860

Box 1, Folder 24

Kirkland, Charles P. "A Letter on the Treatment to be Extended to the Rebels" (Reconstruction) 1865

Box 1, Folder 25

"A Letter to an English Friend on the American War" (Foreign Relations) July 1863

Box 1, Folder 26

Loring, Charles G. - "Remarks on the Letter of 'Historicus'" (Foreign Relations) November 4, 1863

Box 1, Folder 27

McKinstry, Justus - "Vindication of Brigadier General McKinstry" (Military) 1862

Box 1, Folder 28

Motley, John Lothrop - "The Causes of the American Civil War" (Foreign Relations) 1861

Box 1, Folder 29

Naglee, Henry M. - "Report of the Conduct of the Advance of the Column for the Relief" (Military) April 18-19, 1863

Box 1, Folder 30

"O.C.'s Letters from the South" (Pro-Southern) 1857

Box 1, Folder 31

"Official Documents Relating to a 'Champlain's Campaign (not) with General Butler, but in New York" (Reconstruction) 1865

Box 1, Folder 32

Raymond, Henry J. - "Disunion and Slavery: A Series of Letters" (Pro-Northern) 1860

Box 1, Folder 33

Robb, James - "A Southern Confederacy: Letters to an American in Paris" (Pro-Southern) 1862

Box 1, Folder 34

"Secret Correspondence Illustrating the Condition of Affairs in Maryland" (Foreign Relations) 1863

Box 1, Folder 35

Wilson, W.D. - "Attainder of Treason and Confiscation of the Property of Rebels" (Reconstruction) 1863

Box 1, Folder 36

Walker, Robert J. - "American Finances and Resources" September 11, 1863

Box 1, Folder 37

Walker, Robert J. - "Our National Finances" (Reconstruction) No Date


Speeches and Sermons

Box 1, Folder 38

Allen, Samuel C. - "Eulogy on the Honorary John Wheelock, LLD" No Date

Box 1, Folder 39

"American Destiny: What Shall it Be, Republican or Cossack?" (Pro-Northern) 1864

Box 1, Folder 40

Baker, Reverend A.R. - "Discourse: Delivered on the Annual Fast" (Pro-Northern) April 7, 1864

Box 1, Folder 41

Black, Jeremiah S. - "The Doctrines of the Democratic and Abolition Parties Contrasted" (Pro-Southern) October 24, 1864

Box 1, Folder 42

Boutwell, George S. - "Reconstruction: Its True Basis" (Reconstruction) July 4, 1865

Box 1, Folder 43

Butler, Benjamin F. - "Impeachment of the President... Opening Argument" (Reconstruction) 1868

Box 1, Folder 44

Carman, Adam - "Fourth Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade" (Pro-Northern) January 1, 1811

Box 1, Folder 45

Clarke, James Freman - "Discourse on the Aspects of the War" (Pro-Northern) April 2, 1863

Box 1, Folder 46

Cossham, Handel - "The American War: Facts and Fallacies" (Pro-Northern) February 12, 1864

Box 1, Folder 47

Crosby, Alpheus - "The Present Position of the Seceded States" (Reconstruction) July 19, 1865

Box 1, Folder 48

Defrees, John D. - "The War Commenced by the Rebels" (Foreign Relations) August 1, 1864

Box 1, Folder 49

Dudley, John L. - "Slavery's Last Word" (Pro-Northern) 1865

Box 1, Folder 50

French, J.W. - "Law and Military Law" (Military) 1861

Box 1, Folder 51

Hamilton, A.J. - "An Address on 'Suffrage and Reconstruction'" (Reconstruction) December 3, 1866

Box 1, Folder 52

Hamilton, John Church - "The Slave Power: Its Heresies and Injuries" (Pro-Northern) November 1864

Box 1, Folder 53

Henry, C.S. - "Patriotism and the Slaveholders' Rebellion" (Pro-Northern) September 28, 1861

Box 1, Folder 54

Hickman, John - "Who Broke the Treaties?" [in German] (Pro-Northern) 1859

Box 1, Folder 55

Homans, I. Smith - "A Few Plain Words to England and Her Manufacturers" (Foreign Relations) February 27, 1862

Box 1, Folder 56

Jay, John - "The Great Issue" (Foreign Relations) October 25, 1864

Box 1, Folder 57

Kelley, William D. - "The Conscription" (Foreign Relations) 1863

Box 1, Folder 58

Kelley, William D. - "Replies to George Northrop, Esquire" (Pro-Northern) September 23, 1864

Box 1, Folder 59

Lambert, Thomas A. - "A Discourse" (Pro-Northern) January 4, 1861

Box 1, Folder 60

MacBeth, James - "The Church and the Slaveholders" (Pro-Northern) No Date

Box 1, Folder 61

McCall, S. - "Who is Responsible for Public Calamities?" (Pro-Northern) April 28, 1861

Box 1, Folder 62

McGinley, William A. - "Federal Triumphs Over the Victories of February 1862" (Pro-Northern) February 1862

Box 1, Folder 63

Miller, Leo - "The Great Conflict: Cause and Cure of Secession" (Pro-Northern) April 28, 1861

Box 1, Folder 64

O'Conor, Charles - "Negro Slavery Not Unjust" (Pro-Southern) December 19, 1859

Box 1, Folder 65

Parker, Cortlandt - "Philip Kearney: Soldier and Patriot" (Military) January 17, 1867

Box 1, Folder 66

Pierce, Mr. - "The Public Defense" (Military) February 27, 1862

Box 1, Folder 67

Prentiss, George L. - "The Free Christian State and the Present Struggle" (Pro-Northern) August 6, 1861

Box 1, Folder 68

Pulitzer, Joseph - "The Campaign in the West!" (Reconstruction) No Date

Box 1, Folder 69

Spencer, Ichabod S. - "Fugitive Slave Law" (Pro-Northern) November 24, 1850

Box 1, Folder 70

Stiles, Joseph - "Speech on the Slavery Resolutions" (Pro-Northern) May 1849

Box 1, Folder 71

Sumner, Charles - "Protection of Freedmen: Actual Condition of the Rebel States" (Foreign Relations) December 20, 1865

Box 1, Folder 72

Trenholm, W.L. - "The South" (Reconstruction) April 7, 1869

Box 1, Folder 73

Trumbell, Lyman - "Bemerkungen... Uber die Ennahme der Arsenale in Harper's Ferry" [in German] (Pro-Northern) December 6-8, 1859

Box 1, Folder 74

Van Dyke, Henry J. - The Character and Influence of Abolitionism (Pro-Northern) December 9, 1860

Box 1, Folder 75

Wilson, Henry - "Speech on the Bill to Abolish Slavery in the District of Columbia" (Pro-Northern) March 27, 1862


Speeches -- House of Representatives

Box 1, Folder 76

Arnold, I.N. - "Slavery the Cause of the War and All Its Evils" (Pro-Northern) February 17, 1862

Box 1, Folder 77

Ashley, J.M. - "Amend the Constitution" (Pro-Northern) January 6, 1865

Box 1, Folder 78

Gooch, Daniel - "The Supreme Court and Dred Scott" (Pro-Northern) May 3, 1860

Box 1, Folder 79

Lovejoy, Owen - "The Barbarism of Slavery" (Pro-Northern) April 5, 1860

Box 1, Folder 80

Slade, Mr. - "The Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade" (Pro-Northern) December 23, 1835

Box 1, Folder 81

Slade, Mr. - "Speech in the Right of Petition; and the Principles, Purposes, and Porspects of Abolition" (Pro-Northern) January 18 and 20, 1840

Box 1, Folder 82

Spalding, Rufus P. - "Confiscation of Rebel Property" (Pro-Northern) January 22, 1864


Speeches -- United States Senate

Box 1, Folder 83

Clay, Henry - "Resolutions on the Subject of Slavery" (Pro-Northern) February 5-6, 1850

Box 1, Folder 84

Cragin, Aaron H. - "Loyal Supremacy" (Reconstruction) January 30, 1868

Box 1, Folder 85

Howard, J.M. - "Interference in Elections by Military and Naval Officers" (Military) February 12, 1864

Box 1, Folder 86

Hunter, H.M.T. - "Resolution Proposing to Retrocede the Forts" (Pro-Southern) January 11, 1861


General Publications

Box 1, Folder 87

"About the War" (Pro-Northern) 1863

Box 1, Folder 88

"The Anti-Slavery Record: The Flogging of Females" (Pro-Northern) October 1835

Box 1, Folder 89

"The Bastille in America, or, Democratic Absolutism" No Date

Box 1, Folder 90

Bemis, George - "The Alabama Negotiations and their Just Repudiation" (Foreign Relations) 1869

Box 1, Folder 91

"The Bible Against Slavery" (Pro-Northern) No Date

Box 1, Folder 92

Broadwater, Robert P. - "The Bronze and the Granite: Stories and Anecdotes of the Civil War" (Military) No Date

Box 1, Folder 93

Brotherhead, W. - "General Fremont, and the Injustice Done Him By Politicians and Envious Military Men" (Military) 1862

Box 1, Folder 94

"Catalog of Civil War Battles: 1861-1865" (Military) 1960

Box 1, Folder 95

"Chronological History of the Civil War: 1859-1865" (Military) 1960

Box 1, Folder 96

"Civil War Centennial Special Section" April 1961

Box 1, Folder 97

"Civil War Times"

Scope and Contents

1958; April-August 1959; October 1959; December 1959; January-February 1960; April-August 1960; October 1960; December 1960 Fifteen Pieces
Box 1, Folder 98

"Civil War Times"

Scope and Contents

January-February 1961; May-August 1961; October-November 1961, February 1962
Box 1, Folder 99

"Civil War Times Illustrated" December 1974; June 1975; April 1976

Scope and Contents

Three Pieces
Box 1, Folder 100

"Comments on the Nebraska Bill with Views in Contrast with Freedom!" (Pro-Northern) 1854

Box 1, Folder 101

"The Confederate States Almanac for 1863" [Reprint] (Pro-Southern) No Date

Box 1, Folder 102

Corbitt, D.L., and Wilborn, Elizabeth W. - "Civil War Pictures" 1979

Box 1, Folder 103

Cullen, Joseph P. - "Richmond Battlefields" (Military) 1987

Box 2, Folder 1

Denslow, Van Buren - "Fremont and McClellan, Their Political and Military Careers Reviewed" (Military) 1862

Box 2, Folder 2

"The Diplomatic Year: A Review of Mr. Seward's Foreign Correspondence of 1862" (Foreign Relations) 1863

Box 2, Folder 3

Dixon, Ben F. - "Farthest North: 1861: The Man Behind the Guns"

Box 2, Folder 4

Elder, William - "Effect of Secession Upon the Trade and Industry of the Loyal States" (Foreign Relations) June 1863

Box 2, Folder 5

"English Neutrality: Is the Alabama a British Pirate?" (Foreign Relations) 1863

Box 2, Folder 6

"A Few Facts Respecting the American Colonization Society" (Pro-Northern) 1830

Box 2, Folder 7

"The Five Cotton States and New York: The Social and Economical Aspects of the Southern Political Crisis" (Pro-Southern) January 1861

Box 2, Folder 8

Flanders, Henry - "Must the War Go On?" (Foreign Relations) 1863

Box 2, Folder 9

Gardner, Daniel - "A Treatise on the Law of the American Rebellion" (Foreign Relations) 1862

Box 2, Folder 10

Garvin, T.F. - "History of Battery 'G' First Regiment Michigan Light Artillery" (Military) 1891

Box 2, Folder 11

Gottschall, Irwin - "Bibliography of Maps of Civil War Battlefield Areas" (Military) 1962

Box 2, Folder 12

Hanchett, William - "Reconstruction and the Rehabilitation of Jefferson Davis: Charles G. Halpine's 'Prison Life'" (Reconstruction) September 1969

Box 2, Folder 13

Hanchett, William - "Stanton's Doorbell: A Note on Historical Method" July 1966

Box 2, Folder 14

Harcourt, William Vernon - "American Neutrality, by 'Historicus'" (Foreign Relations) December 22, 1864

Box 2, Folder 15

Harwell, Richard B. - "The Original Draft of the Confederate Constitution Confederate Imprints" (Pro-Southern) 1982

Box 2, Folder 16

"The Historical Review of the Grand Army of the Republic and Affiliated Organizations" (Military) 1925

Box 2, Folder 17

Hodgkins, William H. - "The Battle of Fort Stedman" (Military) March 25, 1865

Box 2, Folder 18

Holt, Joseph - "Report of the Judge Advocate General on the 'Sons of Liberty'" (Foreign Relations) 1864

Box 2, Folder 19

Hubbel, John T. - "Civil War History: A Journal of the Middle Period" September 1967

Box 2, Folder 20

Hunt, Ezra M. - "Words About the War; or Plain Facts for Plain People" (Pro-Northern) 1861

Box 2, Folder 21

"In Memoriam, H.L.A. (Military) 1864

Box 2, Folder 22

Joinville, the Prince de - "The Army of the Potomac" (Military) 1862

Box 2, Folder 24

Kennedy, John P. - "The Border States: Their Power and Duty in the Present Disorders" (Pro-Southern) 1861

Box 2, Folder 25

Kingsbury, Harman - "The Slavery Question Settled. Man-Stealing, Legitimate Servitude, Etc." (Pro-Northern) 1862

Box 2, Folder 26

La Boulaye, M. Eduoard - "Why the North Cannot Accept Separation" (Foreign Relations) 1863

Box 2, Folder 27

La Boulaye, M. Eduoard - "Upon Whom Rests the Guilt of the War?" (Pro-Northern) 1863

Box 2, Folder 28

"Liberal Republican Convention... Horace Greeley's Letter of Acceptance" (Reconstruction) May 1972

Box 2, Folder 29

"List of Civil War Army and Navy General Officers - North and South" (Military) 1960

Box 2, Folder 30

Loring, Charles G. - "Neutral Relations of England and the United States" (Foreign Relations) 1863

Box 2, Folder 31

Lossing, Benson - "The Legend of States" (Pro-Northern) 1863

Box 2, Folder 32

McCoy, A.D. - "Thoughts on Labor in the South, Past Present, and Future" 1865

Box 2, Folder 33

"Major-General George B. McClellan, from August 1, 1861, to August 1, 1862" (Military) 1862

Box 2, Folder 34

Monroe, James - "Message From the President Transmitting a Report Relative to the Introduction of Slaves in the United States" (Pro-Northern) May 6, 1822

Box 2, Folder 35

"The Mustering of Vermont Corps" (Military) 1862

Box 2, Folder 36

Naglee, Henry M. - "A Chapter From the Secret History of the War" (Military) No Date

Box 2, Folder 37

"Narrative of Privation and Sufferings of United States Soldiers While Prisoners of War" (Military) 1863

Box 2, Folder 38

Nott, Samuel - "The Necessities and Wisdom of 1861" (Pro-Northern) 1861

Box 2, Folder 39

Olszewski, George J. - "Historical Structures Report: Restoration of Ford's Theatre" 1963

Box 2, Folder 40

"Opinion of the Early Presidents Upon Slavery and Upon Negroes as Men and Soldiers" (Pro-Northern) 1863

Box 2, Folder 41

Owen, Robert Dale - "The Future of the North-West Without New England" (Reconstruction) 1863

Box 2, Folder 42

Parker, Joel - "The Character of the Rebellion, and the Conduct of the War" (Foreign Relations) 1862

Scope and Contents

Two Copies
Box 2, Folder 43

Parker, Joel - "The Domestic and (Foreign Relations) of the United States" (Foreign Relations) 1862

Box 2, Folder 44

"'Peace! Peace!' 'But There Is No Peace'" (Foreign Relations) No Date

Box 2, Folder 45

Petersen, Fred'k A. - "Military Review of the Campaign in Virginia and Maryland" - Parts I and II (Military) 1862

Box 2, Folder 46

"Power and Policy of Exclusion by a Kentuckian" (Reconstruction) No Date

Box 2, Folder 47

Prentiss, Geo L. - "The Political Situation" (Reconstruction) April 1866

Box 2, Folder 48

Price, William H. - "The Civil War Centennial Handbook" 1961

Box 2, Folder 49

Robertson, James I. - "Civil War Sites in Virginia" 1982

Box 2, Folder 50

Schobert, Le Baron - "Paix á l'Amerique" (Foreign Relations) 1862

Box 2, Folder 51

Spehr, Paul C. - "The Civil War in Motion Pictures: A Bibliography of Films Produced in the United States Since 1897" 1961

Box 2, Folder 52

Sumner, Charles - "The Case of the Florida" (Foreign Relations) 1864

Box 2, Folder 53

Sumner, Charles - "Les Relations des Etats-Unis" (Foreign Relations) 1863

Box 2, Folder 54

"Union and Confederate Army Organizations of the Civil War: Size: Battles: Casualties" (Military) 1960

Box 2, Folder 55

"The Union: Being a Dondemnation of Mr. Helper's Scheme" (Pro-Southern) No Date

Box 2, Folder 56

"United States Navy Regulations" (Military) July 16, 1862

Box 2, Folder 57

"Virginia Country's Civil War" - Volumes II and III 1985

Scope and Contents

Two Pieces
Box 2, Folder 58

"Virginia Country's Civil War" - Volumes V-VII 1986

Scope and Contents

Three Pieces
Box 2, Folder 59

Walker, Robert J. - "Review of Our Finances, and the Report of Honorary S.P. Chase" (Military) December 19, 1862

Box 2, Folder 60

"The War: And Why It Is" (Foreign Relations) 1862

Box 2, Folder 61

War Department - "Rules for the Management and Cleansing of the Rifle Musket, Model 1863" [Reprint] (Military) 1863

Box 2, Folder 62

Willich, August - "The Army, Standing Army or National Army?" (Reconstruction) 1866

Box 2, Folder 63

Wisener, William H. - "Argument in Favor of the Constitutionality of the Franchise Law" (Reconstruction) 1867

Box 2, Folder 64

Wright, J.S. - "Citizenship, Sovereignty, for American Citizens" 1864


Legal Materials

Box 2, Folder 65

Alabama, State of - "Execution of Will of George G. Tankersley" March 18, 1863

Box 2, Folder 66

"The Disenfranchisement of Deserters; The Case of Reilly versus Huber" (Foreign Relations) February 23, 1865

Box 2, Folder 67

"Documents in the Case of Major Andrew Washburn" (Military) 1862

Box 2, Folder 68

Hunt, J. Dickinson - "The Union Restored by Legal Authority" (Pro-Northern) 1865

Box 2, Folder 69

Jackson, Tatlow - "Martial Law: What is it and Who Can Declare it?" 1862

Box 2, Folder 70

Johnson, Reverdy - "A Reply to the Review of Judge Advocate General Holt" (Military) 1863

Box 2, Folder 71

"The Littlejohn Libel Suit" 1861

Box 2, Folder 72

Loper, R.F. - "Self-Defense Against the Aspersions of the Senate Committee" (Military) 1863

Box 2, Folder 73

"Oath of Allegiance to the United States, Augusta, Georgia" [Printed Form, Filled in] (Reconstruction) June 6, 1865

Box 2, Folder 74

"Ohio Boys in Dixie: The Adventures of 22 Scouts Sent to Destroy a Railroad" (Military) 1863

Box 2, Folder 75

"Proceedings of Court of Inquiry to Examine the Charges Against Captain T.E. Ball" (Military) March 13, 1863

Box 2, Folder 76

"Report to the Committee for Relief to Tennessee for the State of New York" (Reconstruction) 1865

Box 2, Folder 77

"Report of the Committee of the Waltham Union League, Organized in 1865" (Foreign Relations) December 1865

Box 2, Folder 78

"A Report of the Decisions of the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott Case" (Pro-Southern) December 1856

Box 2, Folder 79

"A Review of the Case of Brigadier-General Joseph W. Revere" (Military) August 10, 1863

Box 2, Folder 80

"Union League Report of the Committee on Volunteering" (Military) October 13, 1864

Box 2, Folder 81

"Vindication of Judge Advocate General Holt, from the Foul Slanders of Traitors" (Reconstruction) No Date



Box 3, Folder 1

Bellows, H.W. - "Notes of a Sanitary Survey of the Forces of the United States in the Ohio" (Military) 1861

Box 3, Folder 2

Hosmer, George W. - "Report of the General Aid Society... Government Hospitals and the Agencies of the United States Commission" (Military) 1862

Box 3, Folder 3

Hanchett, William - "An Illinois Physician and the Civil War Draft... Letters of Doctor Joshua Nichols Speed" 1864-1865

Box 3, Folder 4

Howe, S.G. - "A Letter on the Sanitary Conditions of the Troops in Boston" 1861

Box 3, Folder 5

"Outlines of Inquiry Related to Hygienic, Medical, and Surgical Experience in the War" 1865

Box 3, Folder 6

"Statement of the Causes Which Led to the Dismissal of Surgeon-General Hammond" 1864

Box 3, Folder 7

Steiner, Lewis H. - "Operations of the United States Sanitary Commission" February 1, 1866


Plates and Portraits

Box 3, Folder 8

Civil War Battle Scene Prints (Military) No Date

Scope and Contents

Sixty Pieces
Box 3, Folder 9

"Civil War Cards" (Military) No Date

Scope and Contents

Seventeen Pieces
Box 3, Folder 10

"Civil War Officer Prints" (Military) No Date

Scope and Contents

Twenty-Two Pieces
Box 3, Folder 11

Civil War Photographs: Album No Date

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 12

Civil War Photographs: Portraits (Military) No Date

Scope and Contents

Thirty-Three Pieces
Box 3, Folder 13

"Civil War Veteran with Flag" (Military) 1910

Box 3, Folder 14

"Grant, United States - Prints" (Military) No Date

Scope and Contents

Thirteen Pieces
Box 3, Folder 15

"Lincoln, Abraham. 20 Mounted Prints" (Pro-Northern) No Date

Scope and Contents

Twenty Pieces
Box 3, Folder 16

"National Military Park Aerial Views" December 13, 1946

Scope and Contents

Five Pieces


Box 3, Folder 17

Americana Press - "The Civil War at a Glance" 1956

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 18

"Battles of the Civil War" 1981

Scope and Contents

Four Pieces
Box 3, Folder 19

Bearss, Edwin C. - "The Battle of Grand Gulf" 1975

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 20

Civil War Newspaper Reproductions 1861-1864

Scope and Contents

Nine Pieces
Box 3, Folder 21

"Civil War Scrap Book" No Date

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 22

Civil War Token 1863

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 23

Currency (Southern) Reproductions No Date

Scope and Contents

Twenty-Seven Pieces
Box 3, Folder 24

Currency (Southern) 1862-1864

Scope and Contents

Eight Pieces
Box 3, Folder 25

Envelopes No Date

Scope and Contents

Three Pieces
Box 3, Folder 26

Faustin - "Figaro Cartoons: General Ulysses S. Grant" 1869

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 27

Life - "Great Battles of the Civil War" 1961

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 28

Lincoln, Abraham No Date

Scope and Contents

Two Pieces
Box 3, Folder 29

"A Look Behind the Scenes: Walt Disney's Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" No Date

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 30

Louisiana State University - Department of Archives - "Calendars of Manuscript Collections in the Department of Archives, Louisiana State University" May 1938

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 31

Members of the Poet's Union - "Selected Poems on General Ulysses S. Grant" No Date

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 32

Poems (Confederate) No Date

Scope and Contents

Five Pieces
Box 3, Folder 33

Postage Stamps (Confederate) No Date

Scope and Contents

Two Pieces
Box 3, Folder 34

"The Postage Stamps of the Confederate States of America" 1861-1864

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 35

"The Rand-McNally Pocket Map of Virginia" 1912

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 36

The San Diego Union - "Civil War Centennial" 1961

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 37

Scrapbook No Date

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 38

"Second Battle of Manassas" No Date

Scope and Contents

One Piece
Box 3, Folder 39

Tickets 1859-1864

Scope and Contents

Three Pieces