Preliminary Guide to the Philip W. Powell Collection

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Preliminary Guide to the Philip W. Powell Collection, ca. 1930s-1980

Collection number: UArch FacP 18

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Philip W. Powell Collection
Dates: ca. 1930s-1980
Collection number: UArch FacP 18
Creator: Powell, Philip Wayne
Collection Size: ca. 28 linear feet (17 document boxes, 11 cartons, and 33 oversize boxes)
Repository: University of California, Santa Barbara. Library. Dept. of Special Collections
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Abstract: The collection contains mainly drafts of writings and research files including copies of 16th-18th century Spanish and Mexican government documents, of a UCSB Latin American scholar.
Physical location: SRLF.
Languages: English, Spanish

Access Restrictions

None. Collection is stored off-site, advance notice required for retrieval.

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Preferred Citation

Philip W. Powell Collection. UArch FacP 18. Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Acquisition Information

Some donation or purchase of copies, ca 1960s-1970s; also donation by Philip Powell's widow, Maria L. Vanegas-Guarin de Powell, 1989, and donation from John C. Moran, 2008.


Philip Wayne Powell was born October 30, 1913 in Chino, California. He joined the UCSB faculty in 1948 and continued to teach at Santa Barbara until 1981. He is known for his research in Hispanic civilization. Powell died September 17, 1987, in Santa Barbara, California.

Scope and Content of Collection


The collection contains the following series:
  • General. Includes: Archive/Library Files (material relating to Powell's research in institutions in Spain and Latin America, as well as files relating to research ideas and projects); Correspondence; Lectures and Talks. Boxes 1-2.
  • Research and Writings. Boxes 3-10.
  • Research Files. Mainly copies and transcriptions of documents from Archives in Spain and Latin America. Boxes 11-61.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Powell, Philip Wayne
Civilization, Hispanic.




Archive/Library Files

Scope and Content Note

Includes material relating to Powell's research in institutions in Spain and Latin America, as well as files relating to research ideas and projects
Box 1

Archivo Historico de Hacienda (transcriptions of documents ca. 1505-1526)

Box 1

Archivo General de Simancas (mainly research notes)

Box 1

Spanish Archives, 1974 (includes notebooks dated through 1980; relating to documents seen at the archives)

Box 1

Academia de la Historia - Madrid, ca. 1938-1977 (includes correspondence, lists and receipts apparently for microfilm and copies)

Box 1

Archivo del Tribunal, Guadalajara, ca. 1938-1939 (includes papers by Powell about the archive)



Box 2


Box 2

1974 (Madrid)

Box 2

1972-1976: seven TLS from Powell to John C. Moran [gift of John C. Moran]

Box 2

Lectures and Talks


Research and Writings

Box 3-4

Black Legend (BL)

Box 5


Box 5

Cuenta del Capitan Francisco Beltran: Protector de los Indios Chichimecos... (typewritten transcript)

Box 5

The Eagles and I

Box 5

Guns of San Juan and M.E. (Martin Enriquez)

Box 6

Files re guns, battles with English, ca. 1568-1590 (includes copies, transcripts, notes possibly arranged by chapter for book - some folders have letters M. E.)

Box 7

Card files

Box 8

Mexico's Miguel Caldera Ponzona en las Nieves (typescript draft of a novel based on the writings of Capitan Felipe de Velasco, 1573-1634)

Box 9

Spain and the Western World

Box 9

Spanish American Literature

Box 9

Spanish Literature

Box 9

Tree of Hate: Propaganda and Prejudices Affecting United States Relations with the Hispanic World

Box 10

USA and Hispanic America

Box 10

War and Peace on the North Mexican Frontier: A Documentary Record

Box 10

Writing Ideas and Current Writing


Research Files


Copies of Documents

Scope and Content Note

[copyflo, photostats, etc.]. Powell, in his introduction to War and Peace..., talks about the documents he collected and his intention to publish a multi-volume series of transcriptions, Volume I being The Crescendo of the Chichimeca War (1550-1585); [and the only one actually published?]. Also according to the introduction "... Soldiers, Indians and Silver ... tells much of this frontier story and provides the historical context into which the individual documents can be fitted; it provides references and notes which are keys to use and understanding of the records which follow. In effect, the historical sources contained in this and the oncoming volumes constitute a very large Appendix which adds much detail to the broader story told in Soldiers, Indians and Silver ... The plan of publication is generally chronological, and very specifically so within the various categories. Inevitably, however, the establishment of certain categories of documents on the basis of thematic unity causes some chronological overlapping... Volume II of this series, to be titled: Spanish Captains and Soldiers on the Chichimeca Frontier, will contain enlistment contracts of soldiery engaged in the Chichimeca War, and the records of services of certain Spanish military leaders on that frontier. Volume III, to be titled The Chichimeca War and the Real Caja of Zacatecas, will contain detailed accounts of frontier war expenditures as revealed in the Royal Treasure office (Real Caja) of Zacatecas, the hub of administrative management of the Chichimeca War and the of the pacification program which ended it. These accounts will be of the years 1580-1583…. Beyond these three volumes, it is expected that several more will be printed. These will include, in addition to Zacatecas treasury records of the 1590s, vice-regal correspondence concerning war and pacification and, above all, several volumes containing the most significant single document of early American frontier history. This is the massive frontier investigation of 1602-1603, ordered by Viceroy the Conde de Monterrey for purposes of examining the action and expenditures of the great pacification of the Chichimeca peoples which was carried out primarily in the last decade of the sixteenth century. This 3,400 page record is briefly treated on pages 220-221 of Soldiers, Indians and Silver and somewhat more fully in my 'Peacemaking on North America’s First Frontiers,' The Americas, 16 (January 1960), 221-250." (xxiv-xxvii)

Archivos General de Indias, Sevilla [AGI]

Scope and Content Note

List of copies of documents requested, dated 22 Feb. 1977 and the copies, which are from the following record groups, most apparently ca 1580s-1600s; also some transcripts from copies of the documents.
Box 11: 1


Box 11: 2

Indiferente General 1095

Box 11: 3

Contaduria 859A

Box 11: 4

Guadalajara 6

Box 11: 5

Filipinas 6

Box 11: 6

Santa Fe 17

Box 11: 7

Santa Fe 18

Box 11: 8

Guatemala 10


Contaduria 851 - Cuentas de Protectores de Yndios

Box 21: 1-4

Introductory and Lists

Box 21: 5-6

Guelva, Diego de (1590-1594)

Box 21: 7-10

Morlete (1590-1598)

Box 21: 11-12

Anda, Pedro de (1590-1601)

Box 22: 1-2

Beltran (1590-1601)

Box 22: 3-4

Duarte, Gaspar (1592-1597)

Box 22: 5-6

Saldivar, Juan de - protector at Colotlan and elsewhere (1597-1600)

Box 22: 7-8

Urdiñola, Francisco de (1592-1601)

Box 22: 9-10

Fuenmayor, Ortiz de (1592-1601)

Box 23: 1-2

Fuenmayor (cont.)

Box 23: 3-8

Hija, Juan de la (1592-1601)

Box 24: 1-2

Murga, Pedro de (1592-1603)

Box 24: 3-4

Saldivar, Vicente de (1593-1601)

Box 24: 5-6

Avila Carrillo, Pedro de (1598)

Box 24: 7-8

Benito, Pedro (1594)

Box 24: 9-10

Mesa (1595-1602)

Box 24: 11-12

Vargas (1597-1599)

Box 24: 13-14

Lizaldi, Martin de (1597-1601)

Box 25: 1-2

Nuñez de Miranda, Diego (1598)

Box 25: 3-4

Vera, Lorenzo de (1599-1600)

Box 25: 5-6

Ruiz, Francisco (1590)

Box 25: 7-8

Rodarte, Mateo - at Colotlan (1600-1601)

Box 25: 9-10

Figueroa, Lorenzo de (1599-1601)

Box 25: 11-12

Enciso, Pedro de (1600)

Box 25: 13-14

Perez de Alanis, Juan (1599-1601)

Box 25: 15-16

Garcia, Juan Batista (1601-1602)

Box 26: 1-2

Avila, Francisco de - Santa Maria (SLP) (1602)

Box 26: 3-4

Taranco, Juan de (1603)


Contaduria 851: Cuentas: Proveedores; Pagadores

Box 26: 5-9

Velasco, Diego de – Proveedor General (1592-1594)

Box 26: 10

Monroy, Juan de - Proveedor (1594-1598)

Box 27: 1-4

Monroy (cont.)

Box 27: 6-8

Montalvo, Juan de - Proveedor (1598-1601)

Box 28: 1-6

Cuaderno de Diferentes Papales... (1592-1602)

Box 12


Scope and Content Note

AGI Mexico mostly; cross-referenced to reel and item #; seems to be straight chronological order, with documents from different archives or different record groups interfiled; in one folder are a legal pad and steno pad, with Powell's handwriting, which appears to be same handwriting as on the folders.


Scope and Content Note

Seems to be arranged by record group as follows

Archivos General de Indias (AGI), Sevilla

Box 13

Mexico 206

Box 13

Mexico 22

Box 13

Mexico 21

Box 13

AGS Legajos 819

Box 13

AGS Legajos 822

Box 13

AGS Legajos 823

Box 13

AGS Legajos 824

Box 13

AGS Legajos 827

Box 13

AGS Legajos 829

Box 13

AGS Legajos 830

Box 13

AGS Legajos 836

Box 13

AGS Legajos 820

Box 13

AGS Legajos 831

Box 13

AGS Legajos 70 [?]

Box 13

AGS Legajos 839

Box 14


Scope and Content Note

Mostly from AGI Lima and AHH Legajo; straight chronological arrangement; a number of documents are Viceroy Enriquez to King, so is this a chronological run relating to a given topic, and box 1 is a chronological run relating to a different topic? Box 2 seems to only be partially sorted, and apparently not finished, by Powell.
Box 15


Scope and Content Note

Mostly AHH Legajo; arranged chronologically?


Scope and Content Note

Includes Coruna to King and Villamanrique to King; arranged chronologically?
Box 16

ca. 1550s-1790s

Scope and Content Note

Includes copies from Biblioteca Nacional, Lima; Archivos Municipal, Lima; Arch. Colonial, Prov. de Chiapas; Arch. Colonial, Prov. de Guatemala; also AGG, with some notes clipped to copies and reference to roll #s.
Box 17

ca. 1570s-1619

Scope and Content Note

Mostly oversize copies.
Box 18

Archivo General de Simancas

Scope and Content Note

Copies of documents; includes material re Francisco Beltran.


Scope and Content Note

Mainly copies and transcriptions, including following folder titles.
Box 19

Guillermo de Siles, 1571

Box 19

Jacques Montier, 1571

Box 19

Tlamatitlanejo, 1578

Box 19

Procesos Contra los Oficiales de Huejotzingo

Box 19

Cuenta y Visita del Pueblo de Tiripitio, 1578

Box 19

Sanchez Baquero, Juan, 1571-1580

Box 19

Nots. Hernandez-Cortes (Archivo Nacional, Lima)

Box 19

Arch. Colonial, Prov. Chiapas

Box 19

Probanzas de Meriotos (AGG)

Box 19

Fray Juan de Zumarraga



Scope and Content Note

No copying permitted.

Small Cans and Reels of 35mm Film

Scope and Content Note

This appears to be some of the film that copyflo prints came from; some cans have information on them such as: Contaduria 854, 54pp., Reel 110; AHH Mexico, Roll #5; Mexico 69, Reel #114; unclear how it corresponds to some of the boxed film.

Boxed 35mm Film

Scope and Content Note

Some of which is from the Bancroft Library and Huntington Library; also some with notations like UCSB NEG 101 thru 121 (copy of smaller reels #s 101-121?) and UCSB Rolls 81-95 which, on inspection, appears to be the smaller rolls of tape spliced together; there are several boxes of consecutively numbered rolls, with at least two numbered runs, but these are NOT duplicates, ie roll #1 in one box is not the same document as roll #1 in the other box; perhaps one series of AGI and one of AHH?

Oversize Material

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically; copies of documents from Archivo General de Indias (Seville, Spain) and Archivo Historico de Hacienda (Mexico City, Mexico). Documents have been drawn from the following sections of the archives: AGI - Mexico, AGI - Lima, AGI - Patronato, AGI - Contaduria, AGI - Contratacion, AGI - Indiferente General, AHH - Tesoreria, AHH - Marina.
Box 29


Box 30


Box 31

1569-1570 (no month)

Box 32

Jan. 1570-Jan. 1571

Box 33

Jan-May 1571

Box 34

May-Dec. 1571

Box 35

Jan-Mar. 1572

Box 36

Apr. 1572

Box 37

Apr-Sept. 1572

Box 38

Sept. 1572-Mar. 1573

Box 39

Mar-Sept. 1573

Box 40

Oct-Nov. 1573

Box 41

Nov. 1573-Jan. 1574

Box 42

Jan-Mar. 1574

Box 43

Mar-Oct. 1574

Box 44

Oct-Dec. 1574

Box 45

Dec. 1574-Apr. 1575

Box 46

Apr-Nov. 1575

Box 47

Jan-Oct. 1576

Box 48

Oct. 1576-Apr. 1577

Box 49

Apr. 1577-Jan. 1578

Box 50

Feb. 1578-Aug. 1579

Box 51

Sept. 1579-Dec. 1580

Box 52

Jan. 1581-May 1583

Box 53

May 1583

Box 54

May 1583, 1590-1602

Box 55-60


Box 61

Apr. 1597-Feb. 1598, Jan. 1604