Guide to the Collection of Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1 Computer Materials

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Guide to the Collection of Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1 Computer Materials

Collection number: X3602.2006

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California
Processed by:
Judith A. Strebel and Rebekah Y. Kim
Date Completed:
June 2007
Encoded by:
Rebekah Y. Kim
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Descriptive Summary

Title: Collection of Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1 Computer Materials
Dates: 1960-1983
Bulk Dates: 1960-1976
Collection number: X3602.2006
Collection Size: 9 linear feet 8 boxes
Repository: Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA 94043
Abstract: The Collection of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-1 Computer Materials is comprised of program listings, manuals, technical papers, promotional materials, design drawings and photographs regarding the PDP-1 digital computer spanning 1959 to 1983.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection is open for research.

Publication Rights

The Computer History Museum can only claim physical ownership of the collection. Users are responsible for satisfying any claims of the copyright holder. Permission to copy or publish any portion of the Computer History Museum's collection must be given by the Computer History Museum.

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The provenance is unknown for the Collection of DEC PDP-1 Computer Materials and most likely came from a variety of different sources. The nucleus of the collection was originally acquired in the 1980s and 1990s when the Computer History Museum was then known as the Computer Museum, located in Boston. The Collection is a portion of the larger artificial Company Collection. Gwen Bell, the Computer Museum's first curator arranged documents by originating institution or company. In 2005 and 2006 all the PDP-1 materials shelved as part of the "Company Collection" were given the found in collection lot number of X3602.2006 and processed.

Biography / Administrative History

In 1960 Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) launched its first computer, the PDP-1 (Programmed Data Processor-1). The computer cost $120,000.00, and was 8 feet by 2 feet by 6 feet in size. The computer was designed in three and a half months by Ben Gurley. He based his system on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory TX-0 and TX-2 computers and used DEC's initial product, a series of interconnectable circuits known as "Laboratory Modules," to create the PDP-1.
The PDP-1 was the world's first commercial interactive computer, and was used for process control, scientific research, and graphics applications, as well as to pioneer timesharing systems. The PDP-1 also made it possible for smaller businesses and laboratories to have access to much more computing power than ever before.
Though the PDP-1 was produced in relatively small quantities (just over 50) its impact was significant. For DEC, it was the first in a long line of computers that focused on interactivity and affordability. For the user, the PDP-1 represented an unprecedented freedom of human-machine interaction, spurring the creation of hacker culture at MIT, Bolt Baranek and Newman (BBN) and elsewhere. Inspired programmers created early debugging, text editing, music and game programs - including the first computer video game, Spacewar!

Scope and Content of Collection

The Collection of Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1 Computer Materials is composed of program listings, manuals, technical papers, memorandums, promotional materials, logbooks, specifications, design drawings, photographs and paper tape [software] spanning 1959 to 1976. The records are divided into eight series and total 9 linear feet, in six record cartons, one manuscript box, and one oversized box. All series are arranged alphabetically by folder title.
The first series, Program Listings, date from 1961 to 1976. Included in this series is the program listing for Spacewar!, one of the earliest, if not the earliest video game, for digital computers. The large group of program listings includes debugging programs, administrative routines, and test programs.
The second series, Technical Notes, date from 1959 to 1975. This series contains technical programming notes to all types of programs from Invisible Debugger to Expensive Typewriter. Contained in this series are technical notes for the PDP-1 by the Digital Equipment Corporation Users Society (DECUS), BBN, DEC, Itek Laboratories, and MIT.
The third series is Manuals, 1960 to 1967. The manuals cover hardware and programming topics. This series contains manuals that focus on specific components as well as ones that cover basic instructions and maintenance for the PDP-1. Included is an early Programmed Data Processor-1 Handbook (1963).
The fourth series is Miscellaneous, 1960 to 1965. Contained in this series are a small number of interoffice memoranda and promotional materials. Also included is a 1963 option and price list. Of interest is an oral history transcript of Richard Best, an engineer who worked at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory and then at Digital Equipment Corporation.
The fifth series Specifications, is a small quantity of specifications dating from 1961 to 1973. These include cable schedules, component lists, component diagrams, and wiring schematics.
The sixth series is Logbooks/ Records. This series consists of logbooks, 1962 to 1976, for the PDP-1 computers at the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics. Information recorded here describes the programs that were run, maintenance issues, and failures. Also included is an undated maintenance log on loose paper.
The seventh series is Design Drawings, 1959 to 1968. These are oversized schematics of the PDP-1.
  • Series 1. Program listings (1961 - 1976)
  • Series 2. Technical Notes (1959 - 1975)
  • Series 3. Manuals (1960 - 1967)
  • Series 4. Miscellaneous (1960 - 1965)
  • Series 5. Specifications (1961 - 1973)
  • Series 6. Log Books/ Records (1962 - 1984)
  • Series 7. Design drawings (oversized drawings) (1959 - 1968)

Indexing Terms

Computer science. Computer architecture and design
Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
Electronic digital computers programmed instruction
Electronic digital computers
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
PDP computers
Spacewar computer game
Time-sharing computer systems

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Separated Material

Photographs were removed from the collection. There were over 75 original photographs covering, 1960 to 1983, of the PDP-1 Computer taken of the computer in use or for marketing purposes. To view the photographs go to the CHM website at .
Paper tapes were removed from the collection. There are 388 catalog records of various software programs punched on paper tape for the PDP-1. The cataloging was done by transcribing what was written on the paper tape and not by machine reading it to verify the actual content of the tapes. To view the paper tape catalog records go to the CHM website at

box 1-3

Series 1. Program listings 1961-1976

Series Description

This series contains a large set of program listings, some of the types of program listings included are debuggers, administrative routines, and test programs.

7 bit character put and get 102635722






Action 102665171


Administrative and executive routines 102664280


Alphanumeric punch with parity 102635713


Argus core 102636256


Arithmetic pack for FORTRAN 102664281


Ascii II tape lister 102636255




BASIC SOURCE #3 102665170


CROCK = MTA4 102665113


Certainly (1969) 102636254


Certainly (1973) 102664282


Character display 102636251


Cylindrical File 17oct70 102665030


DDT (DEC Debugging Tape) 102635727


DPY Plot 102636244


Decimal Print integer, Fraction, Double 102636247


Decimal print subroutine 102636241


Double Precis Square Root 102636245


Double precision decimal print 102636249


Drum Test (1963) 102664283


Drum Test (1972) 102652449


Drum error recovery 102635696


ER X-REF; FR 15AU 102664465


Executive Routine 102636250


Expensive desk calculator 102636242


Expensive typewriter (1969) 102636253


Expensive typewriter (1973) 102664474


Expensive typewriter text reader / writer 102636252


Expensive typewriter window patches 102652330


FCDDDT 102652331




FLIT I 102635748


FORTRAN PASS 1 102664487




FORTRAN PASS 3 102664489


FORTRAN PASS 3/4/5 102665163


FORTRAN PASS 4 102665162


Fancy title punch subroutine 102635710


Fixed log base 2 102636248


Float 1 102635747


Floating Point Interpretive Routine 102635744


Floating point arithmetic package 102635709


Fork 102664476


Fortran Utilities 102665059


Fortran compiler ("Fort.comp") 102652329


INVISIBLE DEBUGGER (1973-04-18) 102664483


Input Routine 102664681


LISP 102665031


LISP for TS (time sharing) 102652338


Lightmeter Test 102650322


Line Plotting Routines and Macros 102635746


Line display routines 102635745


MAIZE / EDC / JOTTO 102664473




MIDAS 102665061




Map 102652334


Midas Assembler Extended Memory 102652336


Miscellaneous program listings 102664680


Multi-precision Package 102635695


Natural Log and log base 2 102652332


New Float 102635697


New mode sequence break subroutine 102635702


Octal print subroutine 102635698


PAL COMPILER 102664485




Pen follow program 102635715


Possible 102652335


Preliminary DECAL Manual, Solitaire, Space War 4.0 TS, Executive Routine, Microtape Interface 102665066


Prime tester 102635716


Programs 1 through 11 102664480


Random Number Generator 102665069


Real Time Clock; Summary Commands Expensive Typewriter; The Monitor Program; Utility Set Up 102665147


Round File 102665062




Scatter READ and CHECK routines 102635732


Scope character output subroutine 102635712


Scope decimal print 102635718


Sequence break routines 102635719


Simple pen follow 102635723


Sin-cosine subroutine 102635725


Sine-cosine Routine 102650074


Single precision integer square root 102635726


Spacewar 3.1 and Spacewar 4.8 102650101


Square root of sum of squares 102635728


Stupid double add and integer log 102635729


Symbol puncher printer lister 102635724


Symboldum 102650321


System assembler 102635721


System saver 102635720






TJ-2-TS (Type Justifier) 102652337


TRAC 102635700




TS macro FIO-DEC 102635708




Text printing subroutine 102635707


Text verifier 102636243


Time-sharing system 102635701


Title punch subroutine 102635714


Translation checkerboard 102636258


Type justifier 102652339


Type-Out Type-In Test 102650095




Unsigned square root 102652386

box 3-4

Series 2. Technical Notes 1959-1975

Series Description

This series contain technical notes concerning all types of programs.



A Time-shared computation facility for education and research 102652307


ALWAC Conversion Routine 102650373


Add columns to a stored matrix (ACMATRIX) 102650038


Add or subract two matrices 102650039  


Add rows to a matrix 102650040


Administrative Routine (Mystic) 102652542


Alphanumeric codes by character 102652325


An Invisible Debugger for a PDP-1 Time Sharing System 102665058


Analyzer 102650087


Arithmetic Routines 102650070


Average Response Computer Program (ARC) 102650116


Back-search Readinbuffer 102650135


Binary Punchoff 102650093


Binary Tape Converter Program/ Binary Format Loader 102650339


Binary Tape Format and Input Routine 102650625


Binary to Decimal Punch 102650372


CHKSYM (Check a symbolic tape) 102650066


Calculate a row sum 102650049


Certainly 102650575


Changes to Drum DDT (DDDT) 102650622


Character Display 102650098


Character plotter 102636261


Check Parity 102650053


Colossal Typewriter Program (CT) 102650331


Commands to Calif. Comp. Prod. Plotter 102650118


Compare blocks 102650020


Compare strings 102650056


Compatible Reproduce 102650083


Complementing checkerboard program 102650125


DEC Debugging Tape (DDT) 102650078


DECTAPE Control Routine 102650334


DTL Microcircuits 102650112


Decimal - Binary Package 102650338


Decimal Input/ Output Package 102650103


Digital Function Generate and Display 102650069


Disc Input-Output Typing Routine (Operating Instructions) 102650119


Disc-Clear Program (Operating Instructions) 102650123


Display Line: dpyline, increment, FRAP subroutine 102650097


Display Pattern Generator 102650627


Divide Simulator 102665104


Divide Subroutine 102650325


Divide and Multiply Test Using Random Numbers 102650094


Double Precision Floating Point Elementary Mathematical Subroutines 102650104


Drum Adaptor 102665052


Drum Scheduling Techniques 102650613


Drum Test 102650630


Dzm block 102650054


Exchange blocks 102645676


Expensive Desk Calculator 102650084


Expensive Desk Calculator 102664278


Expensive Typewriter 102650079


Exponential Routines 102650075


Extend DDT 102650102


Extended DECAL 102650099


FIO-DEC and Computer Typewriter Codes 102650335


FLR 102650050


FNIP 102650052


FORTRAN 102664693


FORTRAN for the PDP-1 version 3 102665067


FRAP; FRAP and DECAL 102650326


Fixed Point Multiply 102650107


Flagcounter 102650129


Flint 36 102652328


Floating Input Routine 102650071


Floating Output Routine 102650072


Floating Point Arctangent 102650077


Floating Point Arithmetic Package 102665068


Floating Point Interpreter 102650073


Floating Point Interpreter Routines: 18-18 Arithmetic routines 102650031


Floating Point Interpreter Routines: Exponential Routines 102650032


Floating Point Interpreter Routines: Floating output routine 102650030


Floating Point Interpreter for Use with Programs Compiled with DECAL-BBN 102650037


Floating Point Interpretive Routine: Single Precision Floating Point Interpreter 102650027


Floating Point Interpretive Routines: Floating Point Natural Logarithm 102650035


Floating Point Interpretive Routines: Floating input routine 102650029


Floating Point Interpretive Routines: Floating point are tangent 102650036


Floating Point Interpretive Routines: Floating square root 102650033


Floating Point Interpretive Routines: Sine-Cosine Routines 102650034


Floating Point Natural Logarithm 102650076


Floating Point Package 102650086


Floating Square Root 102650314


Fortran 102650574


Frapcorrector 102650329


Friden Model FPC-8 Double Case Flexowriter 102650336


Generate a unit matrix 102650045


Get median 102650057


Get standard deviation 102645674


I/O and Mass Memory Devices 102652446


IOT Operated I/O Devices 102665095


Inclusive or Blocks 102650060


Index Register 102650106


Input / Output in the PDP-1-X 102650616


Instruction Test Programs 102650092


Instructional Manaul: I/O and mass memory devices 102665097


Intercom and Debug Program 102650131


Invisible Debugger (ID) 102665054


Invisible Debugger (ID) 102650619


Jack Dennis Technical Papers 102665048


Kalah game playing program 102645673


Knobs and Buttons 102650628


LISP 102664689


LISP Implementation for the PDP-1 Computer 102650371


Larger, equal, smaller algebraic (lesa) or absolute magnitude (lesm) 102650024


MAC: A Master Subroutine Control System 102650374


MACRO Assembly Program 102665112






Magnetic Drum Storage 102650631


Master Tape Duplicator 102650085


Matrix Operations Program 102650096


Memory Addressing Test Program 102650090


Microflit PS 102650624


Microtape File System 102650576


Microtape Hardware System 102650629


Midas Assembly Program 102650620


Misc. logic equations, diagrams, schematics, notes 102665132


Modification Bulletin No. 1-1 102664686


Move a matrix to a new location 102650042


Move block 102645677


Multiply Subroutine 102650324


Multiply a matrix by a constant 102650041


Multiply a row by a constant 102650046


Multiply two matrices 102650043


Multiply/ Divide Option 102650113


Music programs 102665088


New Fiodec Codes and Symbols 102650316


New Mode Sequence Break System for Time Sharing 102650330


Nth word readinbuffer subroutine 102650134


Octal Loader Program/ Octalinput/ Binary Loader 102650327


Octal Debugger 102650080


Octal Dump 102650328


Octal Typeout 102650133


Off-Line Flexowriters 102650623


Operating Instructions for IBM Tape Checker 102650115


Operating Instructions for Punching Titles on Tapes 102650120


Order (Ascending) a dimensional array 102650064


Order (ascending) a two dimensional array 102650063


Order block of fixed point numbers algebraically (oba), or according to absolute magnitude (obm) 102650025


PAP Symbol Table 102650323


PDP-1 Basic Instructions 102665098




PDP-1 Program Library: Expensive Desk Calculator 102664262


PDP-1 Sequence Break System 102664692


PDP-1 Teletype hardware 102665101


PDP-1 Timesharing interface 102665056


PDP-1 instruction code and Friden code 102652326


PDP-1 memory 102665060


PDP-1-X System Organization 102650028






PROGRAMMED QUEUES in the PDP-1-X 102664690




Paper Tape Reader Test Program 102650105


Pen Tracker Routines 102650111


Possible 102650573


Preliminary Program Information for the PDP 102650504


Process Scheduling 102650611


Program Flags 102650121


Program Library Index 102650320


Programmed Data Processor Specifications 102636234


Programmed Queues 102650614


Programmed System for Typographic Composition and Editorial Processing 102650317


Programming teh PDP-1 computer 102665099


Programming the PDP-1 Computer 102652327


Proposal: An Implementation of an almost-segmented multiprogrammed computer system for the PDP-1 102665050


Punch Memory 102650081


Punch an intermediate matrix on paper tape 102650047


Punchout Read In Mode Tape 102650088


Push block up N registers 102645675


RATBIN (read and type a binary paper tape) 102650065


Random Number Generators; Coin, Random, Ranmodn 102650082


Random Punch Paper Tape/ Typewriter Test 102650126


Random Walk Number 102650051


Read and Write Disc 102650124


Read Binary Test 102650091


Read intermediate matrix tape 102650048


Readinbuffer 102650333


Relocatable Assembler 102664691


Relocatable subroutine library 102665100


Revised PDP-1 order code 102636237


Rotate Test 102650109


Rotate blk right, left 102650059


SINGLEDEC 102650026


STEP (Selective Trace and Examination of Process) 102650130


Scheduling Data 102650612


Search 102650055


Select with/without replacement 102650058


Sequence Break 102650319


Simple Core Memory Test 102650127


Software Applications Index 102650128


Sort a block of alphabetic items using sortl (DSL-LP-56) 102650062


Sort a block of items 102650061


Speed of the PDP-1 Reader 102650136


Start-Stop Reader Test 102650068


Subroutine OS-01 Scope Character Output 102650626


Summary of Teco Commands 102636236


System Assembler 102650618


TECO (Tape Editor and Corrector) 102664688


THOT's: DDT-6 what should it be? 102664682


TJ-2: Type Justifying Program 102664683


TS Macro 102635717


TX-O 102665092


TX-O/PDP-1 Data Link 102650617


Tape Conversion Program 102650337


Teletype Trouble Code 102652418


Teletypesetter 102650318


Telex Disk Storage Unit 102650117


Telex Test 102650315


Temporary-Storage Pushdown Package 102650110


Test Programs 102665055


Time Sharing System 102636259


Timesharing system instructions 102665057


Timing charts for PDP-1 computer (Not including in-out features, multiply, divide or the sequence break system) 102665049


To compute n(n-1)...n(n-r+1) 102645672


To compute(n/r) = nl/(rl(n-r)1) 102650021


To delay a running program for a specified number of milliseconds 102650022


To delay a running program for a specified number of seconds 102650023


Tracing Program; trace 102650108


Transpose matrix 102650044


Trigonometric-Root 102650114


Two Memory Checkerboard Program 102650067


Type Justifier 102650621


Type-A-Tape 102650132


Typewriter Control 102665107


Typewriter Inquiry Control (TIC) 102650089




Use of Disc, Light Pen and Logic 102650122

box 4-5

Series 3. Manuals 1960-1975

Series Description

This series cover hardware and programming topics. Included in this series are manuals that focus on specific components as well as manuals that cover basic instructions and maintenance for the computer.

A-D, D-A Interface 102652387


ADA-1A Interface Maintenance Manual 102652388


Adjustment and Lubrication Prodcedures for Decoder and Power Unit of the Computeriter 102650503


Basic Instruction Manual (Preliminary) 102652403


Coder Unit Models EC and ETC Computeriter Manual 102652389


DECAL-BBN Programming Manual 102652396


DECAL-BBN Technical Manual 102652397


DECtape Control Type 550 Instruction Manual 102652390


Digital Modules manual 102652391


I-O Device programming manual 102652448


Instruction List 102636228


Instruction Manual (PDP-35) 102650615


MACRO Assembly Program 102635758


MAINDEC 1 Instruction Test 102650491


MAINDEC 10 Read Binary Test 102650496


MAINDEC 12 Punch Test 102650497


MAINDEC 132 Light Pen Test 102650500


MAINDEC 14 Typewriter Test Program 102650498


MAINDEC 2 Memory Checkerboard 102650492


MAINDEC 22 Memory Checkerboard Test 102650499


MAINDEC 3 Address Test Program 102650493


MAINDEC 4 Multiply and Divide Test 102650494


MAINDEC 5 Single Channel Sequence Break Test Program 102650495


Macro Assembly Program Internal Operations Manual 102635749


Macro Assembly Program for Programmed Data Processor -1 (PDP-1) 102652398


Magnetic Tape Equipment Types 50/51/52 102652393


Microtape 102652409


PDP-1 Course Workbook 102652395


PDP-1 Input-Output Systems Manual (Preliminary Manual) 102650502


PDP-1 Installation Manual 102652402


PDP-1 Supplement (PDP-1D-45) 102652399


Precision CRT Display Type 30A 102652394


Programmed Data Processor - 1 Maintenance Manual 102652404


Programmed Data Processor-1 Handbook 102636240


Programmed Data Processor-1 Manual 102652401


System Modules 102652392


Ultra-Precision CRT Type 31A Display 102650501


User's Guide to Data Handling on the PDP-1 102652400

box 5-6

Series 4. Miscellaneous 1959-1968

Series Description

This series includes a small number of interoffice memorandums, correspondences and promotional materials.

Computer Application Note 102652406


Correspondence with vendors: Digitronics 102652419


Correspondence with vendors: Soroban 102652421


Correspondence with vendors: Teletype 102652420


DEC PDP-1 Technical Memoranda 102665109


DEC PDP-1 Technical Memoranda 102665108


DEC Programmed Data Processor 102652405


MIT PDP-1 computer work description worksheet 102652531


Misc. DEC Interoffice Memos 102652422


Oral history transcript: Dick Best 102652416


P.E. Customers and serial numbers 102652417


PDP Option List 102652407


PDP-1 Price List 102652408


PDP-1 related published articles and conference preceedings 102650632


PDP-1 to MIT donation 102665105


Type 33 card codes and printouts 102652415



box 6

Series 5. Specifications 1961-1973

Series Description

This series contain a small quantity of specifications that include cable schedules, components lists, component diagrams, and wiring schematics.

10 pin amphenol 102652423


1K26 pin assignments, inter-bay and dataphone connections 102665127


22 pin amphenol 102652424


50 pin amphenol 102652426


Ampex write up 102652433


Bus Reset Driver WK01 102652435


Cable schedule 102664279


Cable schedule 102652447


Cable schedule 102665051


Data channel schematics 102652431


Explanatory notes for cycle flow diagrams 102652445


External Components List 102652427


General Wiring Sheets 102652428


Installation procedure for 823 SCR Driver 102652438


Master drawing list PDP-1C-6 102636257


Microtape power control 102652439


Misc. Hardware Specifications 102665123


Module list 102634751


Music Maker diagram 102664679


Music parts 5 and 6, Position: 10F6 102652436


Radio astronomy typewriter conn to PDP schematics 102652443


Self contained DRPE logic 102650100


Special pulse timing chart 102634776


System diagrams 102665047


System modules test data: Sense Amplifier 102652434


TDCM Connections - Memory Bay schematics 102652444


Taper pins schematic list 102652429


Teletype Private Type-in control input shift register schematics 102652432


Type 121D Core Memory Control external components list 102652430


Types and quantities of component used 102635759


Typewriter TSN/TSF Switch PDP Time Sharing 102652437

box 6

Series 6. Log Books/ Records 1962-1984

Series Description

This series consists of logbooks for the PDP-1 computers at the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics.

MIT computation book 102665149


PDP Log (1979-1984) and notes 102665148


PDP-1 Logbook from December 18, 1973 to December 1, 1974 102665027


PDP-1 Logbook from February 24, 1965 - July 21, 1965 102665064


PDP-1 Logbook from June 3, 1973 to December 17, 1973 102665026


PDP-1 Logbook from November 13, 1972 to June 2, 1973 102665025


PDP-1 maintentance log, test programs and guidelines for use of PDP-1 computer 102665029


Photocopy of Department of Research Laboratory of Electronics PDP-1 Logbook from March 12, 1962 to August 15, 1962 . 102665016


Photocopy of PDP-1 Logbook from August 15, 192 -October 29, 1962 102665017


Photocopy of PDP-1 Logbook from December 2, 1965 to April 20, 1966 102665020


Photocopy of PDP-1 Logbook from Janurary 1, 1963 to June 28, 1963 102665018


Photocopy of the Department Research Laboratory of Electronics PDP-1 Logbook from July 20, 1965 to December 2, 1965 102665019


Photocopy of the Department of Research Laboratory of Electronics PDP-1 Logbook from October 19, 1966 to March 29, 1967 102665022


Photocopy of the Department of Research Laboratory of Electronics PDP-1 Logbook from April 20, 1966 to October 18, 1966 102665021


Research Laboratory of 36-476 Electronics PDP-1 Logbook from December 1, 1974 to July 30, 1976 102665028


Research Laboratory of Electronics PDP-1 Logbook from April 11, 1972 to November 12, 1972 102665024


Research Laboratory of Electronics PDP-1 Logbook from October 16, 1971 to April 11, 1972 102665023

box 7

Series 7. Design drawings (oversized drawings) 1959-1968

Series Description

This series contain oversized schematics of the PDP-1.

16K Memory Type 170 DEC System Module Location 102650752


16K Memory Type 170 Racks 3C and 3D 102650751


16K Memory Type 170 Read Write 102650754


16K Memory Type 170 Sense AMP and Inhibit 102650753


A/D/A Interface and Relay Buffer 102650755


Arithmetic Control Unit: AU Control Logic 102650749


Arithmetic Control Unit: Flow Diagram of Arithmetic Unit 102650750


Automatic Mul/Div Type 10 (field instl) switch plate WD 102650797


Automatic Mul/Div Type 10 DEC system module location 102650796


Bay 11 to Bay 3 signals 102665128


Bay 11 to CPU signals 102665129


Bay 6-7 interconnections 102665131


Cable Diagram SCR Driver 823 102650732


Cycle zero and defer cycles flow diagram 102650862


Cycle zero and defer cycles flow diagram 102650861


Data Control 131: 1 BUF and 2 BUF 102650748


Data Control 131: 1C-43 1 Buf and 2 Buf; Racks 1C, 1D, 1E; PDP-5 - 131 - PDP-1 Interface 102650759


Data Control 131: Flow Diagram 102650747


Data Control 131: Initial Location Control 102650746


Data Control 131: Word Counter 102650745


Dataphone connectors 102665130


Dectape 550: Block Diagram, 550 Control 102650744


Dectape 550: C1 Control Print #1 102650743


Dectape 550: C2 Flag Response Data Control Outputs 102650742


Dectape 550: Control Interconnecting Cables 102650739


Dectape 550: Power Wiring and Indicator Lite Wiring 102650738


Dectape 550: Utilization Module List 102650740


Dectape 555: Chassis Wiring 102650736


Dectape Control 550: IN Information Handling 102650741


Dectape Control 550: TM Control Pulses 102650735


Dectape Control 550: Timing Diagram 102650737


Inforonics 102650765


Inforonics H.S. Punch Interface 102650756


Memory assignments: process entity, computation entity, executive routine + (addresses 0 to 3174 octal), active drum area 102665136


Micro Tape Control 550: W Mark Track Decoding Error 102650734


PDP-1 Accumulator BS 102650857


PDP-1 Accumulator Control BS 102650860


PDP-1 Accumulator Control BS 102650859


PDP-1 Accumulator Control BS 102650858


PDP-1 Automatic multiply/ divide type 10 BS 102650856


PDP-1 Computer logic layout 102650871


PDP-1 Cycle one flow diagram 102650855


PDP-1 Display console logic typewriter control 102650863


PDP-1 Drum field selection logic 102650870


PDP-1 Drum reader amp MIT WD 9D and 9E 102650869


PDP-1 Drum write amp. WD 9A and 9B MIT 102650867


PDP-1 Drum write amplifiers MIT BS 102650868


PDP-1 General control functions 102650854


PDP-1 General control functions 102650853


PDP-1 High speed channel control type 19, address mixer BS 102650852


PDP-1 High speed channel control type 19, buffer mixer BS 102650851


PDP-1 High speed channel control type 19, request and transfer logic BS 102650850


PDP-1 In-out input mixer BS 102650849


PDP-1 In-out input mixer BS 102650848


PDP-1 In-out input mixer BS 102650847


PDP-1 In-out register BS 102650846


PDP-1 In-out register BS 102650845


PDP-1 Instruction register and decoders 102650843


PDP-1 Instruction register and decoders 102650844


PDP-1 Instruction register and decoders 102650842


PDP-1 MA, MB, IO and PC transfer logic 102650841


PDP-1 MA, MB, IO and PC transfer logic BS 102650840


PDP-1 Memory address register and decoders BS 102650839


PDP-1 Memory address register and decoders BS 102650838


PDP-1 Memory buffer register BS 102650836


PDP-1 Memory buffer register BS 102650837


PDP-1 Memory extension control type 15, MAD and MB buffers 102650835


PDP-1 Memory extension control type 15, transfer and selection logic BS 102650832


PDP-1 Memory extension control, type 15 memory buffer mixer 102650834


PDP-1 Memory extension control, type 15, transfer and selection logic 102650833


PDP-1 Memory module type 12 102650831


PDP-1 Memory module type 12 BS 102650829


PDP-1 Memory module type 12 BS 102650830


PDP-1 Modifications, external flags and buffers 102665124


PDP-1 Program counter BS 102650828


PDP-1 Program counter BS 102650827


PDP-1 Punch control 102650826


PDP-1 Punch control BS 102650825


PDP-1 Punch control BS 102650824


PDP-1 Reader control BS 102650821


PDP-1 Reader control BS 102650823


PDP-1 Reader control BS 102650822


PDP-1 SH/RO logic, program flag and count logic, one channel sequence break BS 102650818


PDP-1 Sequence break system type 20, control BS 102650820


PDP-1 Sequence break system type 20, priority chain BS 102650819


PDP-1 Standard Wiring... for one memory CD 102650865


PDP-1 Standard in-out transfer control BS 102650817


PDP-1 Taper pin panels and in-out plugs for optional equipment WD 102650816


PDP-1 Typewriter Control 102650814


PDP-1 Typewriter control BS 102650815


PDP-1 modifications IO buffer register 102665125


PDP-1 modifications: time sharing IO input mixer 102665137


PDP-1 modifications: time sharing sequence break 102665133


PDP-1 time sharing executive flowchart 102665126


PDP-1 time sharing executive routine 102665134


PDP-1 time sharing executive routine 102665135


PDP-1B Cycle one flow diagram 102650812


PDP-1B Cycle one flow diagram 102650813


PDP-1B Cycle zero and special cycles flow diagram 102650811


PDP-1C Accumulator 102650807


PDP-1C Accumulator 102650809


PDP-1C Accumulator 102650808


PDP-1C Accumulator 102650806


PDP-1C Address mixer high speed channel control type 19 102650805


PDP-1C Automatic multiply / divide type 10 BS 102650803


PDP-1C Buffer mixer - high speed channel control type 19 102650802


PDP-1C Flow diagram automatic mul /div type 10 102650804


PDP-1C IOT control BS 102650801


PDP-1C Option Interconnection for MAG TAPE 51 102664678


PDP-1C Reader teletype#punch typ# control 102650800


PDP-1C SH/RD +1,-1, PC, rotate, PF, one channel SB and control 102650799


PDP-1C Special cycles 102650798


PDP-1C Special cycles 102650864


PDP-1C TPG, SPG, EE, BC, defer, cycle and run, control BS 102650795


PDP-1C Wiring diagram; IH- time pulses, IJ - PBG, SPG IOT; 1K - Run, Cycle, DF, Break WD 102650794


PDP-1C--2 Memory system BS 102650770


PDP-1C-2 AC Control 102650793


PDP-1C-2 Accumulator BS 102650792


PDP-1C-2 Console, control panel WD 102650791


PDP-1C-2 IO Register 102650790


PDP-1C-2 IOT pulses WD 10265089


PDP-1C-2 IR + Buffers 102650788


PDP-1C-2 MA, PC, MB 8, IO pulse control BS 102650787


PDP-1C-2 Mem address register decoder BS 102650786


PDP-1C-2 Memory Buffer Register BS 102650785


PDP-1C-2 Memory system 3A,B,C,D WD 102650784


PDP-1C-2 SH/RO, +1-1, PC, Rotate, PF BS 102650783


PDP-1C-2 Typewriter buffer O and control BS 102650782


PDP-1C-20: In-out input mixer #2 102650767


PDP-1C-20: Inforonics A/D/A 102650766


PDP-1C-20: Option interconnection 102650769


PDP-1C-20: Taper pin panels and in out plugs for optional equipment 102650764


PDP-1C-20; Micro Tape 555 IOT Control 102650768


PDP-1C-3 IOT Control BS 102650781


PDP-1C-3 IOT Pulses WD 102650780


PDP-1C-3 Logic for teletype BRPE punch B5 102650779


PDP-1C-3 Memory system 3A,B,C,D WD 102650778


PDP-1C-3 Program counter BS 102650777


PDP-1C-3 Reader Buffers and Control 102650776


PDP-1C-3 Reader Buffers and Control 102650775


PDP-1C-3 SH/RO +1,-1, PC, Rotate, PF 102650774


PDP-1C-3 Wiring Diagram ID+1 PC, SH/RD IE-Pf+SH/Logic IE, IR IF 102650773


PDP-1C-33 Ass'y 102650763


PDP-1C-35: Memory Extension Control Type 15, MAD and MB Buffers 102650762


PDP-1C-38: Standard In-Out Transfer Control; A/D General Purpose; In-Out Input Mixer; Bit Control and Speed Accuracy; PDP-1C Option Interconnection for Micro Tape 102650761


PDP-1C-4-2 Color box transfer logic 102650772


PDP-1C-40: In-Out Input Mixer; IOT Control Data 131 Space War Console MIT; Taper Pin Panels and In Out Plug; Option Interconnection; Instruction Register and Decoders 102650760


PDP-1C-49 ADX-10 Memory Extension Control Type 171 Transfer and Selection Logic 102650758


PDP-1C-50 ADX-9 Memory Extension Control Type 171 Transfer and Selection Logic 102650757


PDP-1C-6-2 3D Display interface; PDP-1C-6-3 Request and transfer logic high speed control type 19 102650771


Punch (2 1/2 amp) 2 step power control BS 102650866


RACK 11F SCR Driver 823 102650733