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Finding Aid for the Robert Gardner Warton Papers, 1892-1929
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Box 1, Folder 1

Sticker on outside says "August 1892" but entries are for May 1892. Expenses and notes, lists of luggage, "to-do" lists. Diary mostly empty. Two sketches: Chinde May 25, 1892; Arab dhow May 16, 1892. 9 May - 26 May 1892

Physical Description: 6" x 3.75" brown leather, with leather pencil holder on left; elastic band attached to keep closed (no longer elastic). Pocket at back. Writing appears at both ends of diary,with many blank pages in middle.
Physical Description: 1 item.
Box 1, Folder 2

Shipboard life; weather; German Anti-Slavery Committee; extensive negotiations with Portuguese and Wiese for trading concessions; setting up trading areas; other trading companies active in area 13 Nov. 1893 - 16 July 1984

Physical Description: Leather diary with key (attached with red thread). Gold lettering (Lt. Col. Warton. Private Journal.). Writing started at both ends. At front, "If found kindly forward either to Durban Club, Natal, S.A. or Naval Military Club, 94 Piccadilly, London W.
Physical Description: 1 item.
Box 1, Folder 3

Details of trip mentioned in previous diary: business dealings; trading posts; interactions with natives; local customs; description of landscapes; registration of Wiese's concessions; missionaries; agriculture; setting up new post; vocabulary list 29 Jan. - 27 March 1894

Physical Description: At front Warton wrote name and 1893, so daughter wrote 1893 on outside, but is actually 1894. 6.25" x 3.5" leather notebook with front pocket (empty), made in Germany
Physical Description: 1 item.
Box 1, Folder 4

38 sketches by Warton. Typed transcript edited by Warton (with some additions by daughter). Wildlife; food; landscape; Wiese's dealings with natives; Portuguese rule 11 April - 27 April 1893

Physical Description: 5" x 3" leather diary with front pocket, place for pencil (missing), elastic to close (missing), attached slate tablet, different colored paper
Physical Description: 2 items.
Box 1, Folder 5

Shipboard life; concern about keeping correct time via watches brought from England; latitudes and longitudes kept; Durban Club; list of letters written and received; diary mostly empty 12 July - 1 Sept. 1895

Physical Description: 9.25" x 7.25" black leather
Physical Description: 1 item.
Box 1, Folder 6

Tete, Muchena, surveying for telegraph; finding of iron ore; possibility of gold mines; native uprising at Boroma 1 Sept. -14 Dec. 1895

Physical Description: 7" x 4" black leather with place for pencil (included), pocket in front, space for stamps, calendars pasted to inside front (July -Dec. 1895, Jan.-Dec. 1896), elastic used to close cut off
Physical Description: 1 item.
Box 1, Folder 7

Apptointed by Rhodes as BSA Co. Commissioner and Magistrate for NCE Co. in N. Zambesia under Forbes; 1st European to cross Cadzebesi (?) River (8 June 1896); Ft. Young; list of routes taken during trip 24 Dec. 1895 - 3 July 1896

Physical Description: 7" x 4" black leather with pencil holder on side; pockets in front to hold stamps, etc.; in pockets 1 small sketch by Warton, some notes by daughter
Physical Description: 2 items.
Box 1, Folder 8

Gold; quartz; description of Zulu chief M'Pesene's subjects, country, tribal life; telegraph stations; Loangweni; inter-tribal rivalries; problems with native workers; Wiese; Forbes and discussion of positions relative to BSA Co. and NCE Co. 4 July - 31 Oct. 1896

Physical Description: 6" x 4" brown stamped leather; pencil holder with pencil on side; pocket in front; sheet of carbon paper in back.
Physical Description: 1 item.


Box 2, Folder 1

Handwritten list by E.A. Warton of photos by R.G. Warton, mostly landscapes: 6 8 3/8" x 6.5" (#39-44); 26 5 3/8" x 3.5" (#45-69); handwritten descriptions on inside flap match written list; most undated; 1 10" x 7.75" framed photo of Warton), no date 7 June 1894 - 4 Dec. 1897

Physical Description: Handwritten list doesn't match photos: list numbers photos consecutively 39-71; photos labeled consecutively 39-47, 48a, 48b, 49-69.
Physical Description: 34 items.

Correspondence (Business)

Box 2, Folder 2

NCE Co. blank memo paper; letters to Warton upon return; memo re mining concessions; extracts of letters to Wiese; letters to/from NCE; letter to RCI detailing involvement with NCE 11 Jan. 1894 - 11 Dec. 1919

Physical Description: 8" x 5" letterbook with carbon sheet; some letters handwritten, some carbon copied.
Physical Description: 14 items.
Box 2, Folder 3

Letter book for business correspondence with alphabetical index in front; mention of German Anti-Slavery committee (undated); letter re father's death (undated) 16 Sept. 1892 - 10 Sept. 1895

Physical Description: 11.5" x 8.75", leather bound; alphabetical index at front; each page number stamped for reference.
Physical Description: 1 item.

Correspondence (Personal)

Box 2, Folder 4

2 letters to sister re situation with M'Pesene (cf. b1, f8), native ceremonies, household plans for return to England; letter to father describing development of new country; 2 letters to Miss Warton re selling shares (from ? Illegible, undated) 17 Sept. 1895 - 31 July 1896

Physical Description: 5 items.


Box 2, Folder 5

Handwritten list of reports/dates; report of pioneer expedition; articles on NCE; surveyor's report of expedition; various annual meeting reports; undated description by Warton of final trip to region and suggestions to generate revenue 7 Dec. 1896 - 22 Dec. 1923

Physical Description: 24 items.

Maps/Legal Documents

Box 2, Folder 6

3 legal documents (power of attorney for Warton; concessions between trading companies); two maps: grant from British S. Africa Co. to North Charterland Exploration Co.; hand- drawn map of telegraph stations from Beira to Inyamuriho 4 - 10 July 1895

Physical Description: 5 items.


Box 2, Folder 7

Duplicate of map in Box 2, Folder 6 (grant from British South Africa Co. to North Charterland Exploration Co.) Undated

Physical Description: 1 item.

Handwritten notes

Box 2, Folder 8

Handwritten extracts from books, read by E.A. Warton, connected with R.G. Warton's diaries Undated

Physical Description: 2 items.


Box 2, Folder 9

Typewritten report on expedition to area west of Nysassaland: Zulu native customs, religion, history; NCE expeditions into area; geography; mineral deposits; ending slavery; projections for future of NCE in area. After Dec. 25, 1896

Physical Description: 1 item.

Newspaper Clippings

Box 2, Folder 10

Newspaper clippings of Warton and NCE members,and NCE's activities. The African Review, July 27, 1895; reprint from The Truth, Jan. 2, 1929; The Sunday Telegraph, May 17, 1964; undated clipping re trade with Rhodesia; news photo of Warton, 1892., 1892-1964 Broken Series

Physical Description: 6 items.
Box 3, Folder 1

Newspapers clippings dealing with R.G. Warton and North Charterland Exploration Co.; newspaper photo of R.G. Warton British Central Africa Gazette, July 1, 1896, 2 copies; The Citizen, Jan 30, 1897 two clippings; undated and unidentified clipping. 1896 - ?

Physical Description: Oversized material removed from Box 2, folder 10
Physical Description: 5 items.