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Title: Maerose J. Evans papers
Date (bulk): 1969-1975
Collection Number: 95049
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 13 manuscript boxes (5.2 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, bulletins, newsletters, serial issues, clippings, and photographs relating to efforts to secure the release of American prisoners of war in Vietnam, efforts to secure information on American servicemen reported missing in action, and the families of those servicemen.
Creator: Evans, Maerose J.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1995.

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Biographical Note

Maerose J. Evans, originally from New Jersey, was the wife of Commander James J. Evans, United States Navy. Commander Evans was a naval aviator whose aircraft was lost during a reconnaissance mission over Laos in 1965. In 1974 he was presumed killed in action, and in 1977 his remains were positively identified and returned. At the time of his disappearance, the couple was living in Alameda, California, with their two children, Monica and James.
Maerose Evans was involved with the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia during its founding and incorporation in 1969 and 1970. She eventually became the Western Regional coordinator, which oversaw chapters in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii. She was heavily involved in the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action issue in the United States and gave many speeches and talks about the inhumane treatment of prisoners and the need for a full accounting of the missing men. Evans even travelled to Laos in 1972 in an attempt to gain more information about her missing husband. Eventually, she left the position of Regional Coordinator and the National League of Families over a disagreement about the direction of the organization, and she believed that her values no longer aligned with those of the League.
In 1984, Evans married George Humphreys, whom she remained with until her death in 1995. She was buried in Arlington National Cemetery next to her first husband, Commander Evans.

Scope and Content of Collection

Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, bulletins, and newsletters from the National League of Families, supporting committees, and the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action League of Santa Clara County. The majority of the collection is made up of personal correspondence related to efforts to secure the release of American prisoners of war in Vietnam, efforts to secure information on American servicemen reported missing in action, and the families of those servicemen. A small amount of serial issues, clippings, and photographs related to the POW/MIA issue are also included.
Most of the materials focus on the Western Region or California families of servicemen who were prisoners of war or missing in action. There is also some focus on the issue at a national and international level.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Prisoners of war
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Prisoners and prisons, North Vietnamese
United States -- Armed Forces
Navy spouses
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Missing in action
National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia


Correspondence 1965-1989

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence between Maerose Evans and various others, organized alphabetically by organization or correspondent's last name. When possible, the original order of the creator was maintained.
box 1, folder 1

A 1972-1976

box 1, folder 2

B, 1972-1977

box 1, folder 3

C, 1971-1976

box 1, folder 4

Canaan, G. C. 1971-1974

box 1, folder 5

Change of Command invitations, 1965-1973

box 1, folder 6

Christmas cards 1967-1972

box 1, folder 7

Clum, Sadie 1973-1976

box 1, folder 8

Colgan, Jack 1975-1976

box 1, folder 9

Correspondence from bracelet wearers 1972-1976

Scope and Contents note

POW/MIA bracelets were first created in May 1970 by the group Voices in Vital America (VIVA). They sold for $2.50 or $3.00 and were engraved with the rank, name, and loss date of an American serviceman who was captured or went missing during the Vietnam War.
box 2, folder 1

Cranston, Alan 1972-1975

box 2, folder 2

D, 1972-1978

box 2, folder 3

E, 1972-1975

box 2, folder 4

F 1972-1976

box 2, folder 5

Families for Immediate Release, 1972

box 2, folder 6

G 1972-1976

box 2, folder 7

Goldsmith, John A. 1976-1978

box 2, folder 8-9

Gratch, Archie William, 1972-1979

box 2, folder 10

H, 1971-1977

box 2, folder 11

Hillman, Jo 1973-1974

box 2, folder 12

I 1974-1975

box 3, folder 1

J, 1972-1975

box 3, folder 2

K 1972-1977

box 3, folder 3

Ketchum, William M., 1974

box 3, folder 4

L 1972-1977

box 3, folder 5

Lawson, Richard L. 1974-1975

box 3, folder 6

M 1971-1989

box 3, folder 7

Mauldin, Dick 1971-1976

box 3, folder 8

McCloskey, Paul 1976-1978

box 3, folder 9

Miscellaneous 1972-1974

Scope and Contents

Correspondence that was written and sent to people other than the creator and not related to any of the organizations represented in the collection.
box 3, folder 10

N 1972-1976

box 3, folder 11

United States Department of the Navy 1968-1973

box 3, folder 12

O 1972-1974

box 3, folder 13

P 1971-1976

box 3, folder 14

Percy, Charles H. 1973-1975

box 3, folder 15

Pursell, Dan 1969-1973

box 4, folder 1

Q 1974

box 4, folder 2

R 1971-1977

box 4, folder 3

S 1971-1975

box 4, folder 4

Schlesinger, James 1974

box 4, folder 5

Scott, James H. 1971-1974

box 4, folder 6

Shields, Roger 1972-1976

box 4, folder 7

Sieverts, Frank 1973-1975

box 4, folder 8

Smith, Bernice 1974-1977

box 4, folder 9

Stark, Pete 1973-1977

box 4, folder 10

Stratton, Richard A. 1974-1979

box 4, folder 11

T 1974-1976

box 4, folder 12

Tenoso, Ed and Kathy 1972

box 4, folder 13

Thorsness, Leo 1974

box 4, folder 14

V 1972-1973

box 4, folder 15

W 1972-1975

box 4, folder 16

Williams, Jerry A. 1972-1974

box 4, folder 17

Y 1975

box 4, folder 18

Z 1976

box 4, folder 19

Zacharies, J. M. 1972-1975

box 4, folder 20

Zumwalt, E. R. 1970-1973


National League of Prisoners of War/Missing in Action Families File 1969-1976

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence, meeting minutes, mailings and promotional material, printed matter, and organizational documents for the National League of Families of Prisoners of War/Missing in Action (NLF) during its founding and early years. There is more emphasis on the Western Region and California state chapter than any other part of the organization.
The NLF is an organization that was formed in the late 1960s and formally incorporated in 1970. Membership was for family or close relatives of military personnel that were listed as a prisoner of war (POW) or missing in action (MIA). The organization was headed by a National Board of Directors and divided into four regions, each headed by a Regional Coordinator. Each state within the region elected a State Coordinator that worked with the Regional Coordinator and Board of Directors to raise awareness about the POW/MIA issue in America.
The NLF believed that the American government was too complacent in its negotiations for the humane treatment and release of POWs during the Vietnam War. Indochinese countries were accused of violating the Geneva Convention by not issuing a complete list of POWs captured, not providing adequate food or medical treatment, refusing to allow the Red Cross to inspect POW camps, and not allowing mail to reach POWs. The NLF was organized to raise awareness of these issues and pressure both the American government and foreign governments to account for the missing men.

Correspondence 1970-1974

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence related to the functions of the National League of Families (NLF). Letters sent and received are between or on behalf of members of the governing board of NLF. Coordinator and Regional letters are between the numerous State and Region Coordinators.
box 5, folder 1

Regional letters 1971-1973

box 5, folder 2

Letters sent 1971-1974

box 5, folder 3

Letters received 1971-1974

box 5, folder 4

Coordinator letters 1970-1974

box 5, folder 5

Newsletters 1973-1976

box 5, folder 6

Western Coordinator expenses 1971-1974

box 5, folder 7

Member mailings 1970-1974

box 5, folder 8

National conventions 1971-1973

box 5, folder 9

Special reports and league mailings 1969-1974


Board meetings file 1971-1974

Scope and Contents

Meeting minutes, agendas, and special reports prepared for the Board of Directors meetings of the National League of Families.
box 5, folder 10

1971 May



box 5, folder 11


box 5, folder 12


box 5, folder 13


box 5, folder 14




box 5, folder 15


box 6, folder 1


box 6, folder 2


box 6, folder 3


box 6, folder 4


box 6, folder 5


box 6, folder 6




box 6, folder 7


box 6, folder 8


box 6, folder 9


box 6, folder 10


box 6, folder 11


box 6, folder 12

Promotional material 1970-1975

box 6, folder 13

House of Representatives Bill 16520 1974

box 6, folder 14

Support Our Prisoners of War campaign 1974-1976

box 6, folder 15

Western Region 1971-1974


State folders file 1971-1975

Scope and Contents

Materials related to the various state chapters of the National League of Families.
box 6, folder 16

Alaska 1972-1973

box 6, folder 17

Arizona 1971-1973

box 6, folder 18

Colorado 1973-1975

box 7, folder 1

Northern California 1970-1974

box 7, folder 2

Southern California 1971-1974

box 7, folder 3

Connecticut 1974

box 7, folder 4

Hawaii 1973

box 7, folder 5

Idaho 1972-1974

box 7, folder 6

Maryland 1972-1974

box 7, folder 7

Mississippi 1972-1973

box 7, folder 8

Montana 1971-1973

box 7, folder 9

Nevada 1972-1973

box 7, folder 10

Ohio 1970-1975

box 7, folder 11

Oregon 1973-1975

box 7, folder 12

Utah 1971-1974

box 7, folder 13

Virginia 1972

box 7, folder 14

Washington 1971-1975

box 7, folder 15

Wyoming 1972-1973

box 7, folder 16

West Virginia 1973

box 7, folder 17

Printed matter 1971-1974

Scope and Contents note

Informational brochures and pamphlets of Freedom Tree dedications and luncheons.

Committees File 1972-1974

Scope and Contents note

Contains materials from different committees and groups that were involved with the POW/MIA issue and with the National League of Families.
box 7, folder 18

Forgotten Americans Committee of Kansas 1972-1974

box 7, folder 19

Forgotten Americans Committee 1972-1973

box 8, folder 1-2

Voices in Vital America 1972-1974

box 8, folder 3

Freedom Tree Dedication 1972-1974

box 8, folder 4

Concern for Prisoners of War 1972

box 8, folder 5

Repatriation, Rehabilitation, and Readjustment Committee 1972

box 8, folder 6

Northern California Peace Action Coalition 1972-1973

box 8, folder 7

Committee of Liaison with Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam 1973

box 8, folder 8

Remember the Pueblo Committee 1973

box 8, folder 9

Americans Who Care 1973

box 8, folder 10

Dallas Cares 1974

box 8, folder 11

Help Hospitalized Veterans 1973


Prisoners of War/Missing in Action League of Santa Clara File 1970-1975

Scope and Contents note

The Prisoners of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) League of Santa Clara County is a now defunct organization with similar goals as the National League of Families. They represented the servicemen of Santa Clara County who were POW/MIA. The organization sold POW/MIA bracelets, sponsored a letter writing campaign, hosted talks and support groups, and coordinated with the National League of Families on events. Their two goals were to get all American POWs released and to get a full accounting of all the MIA servicemen. By the time the organization closed in 1974 they believed only the first goal had been completed.
box 9, folder 1-3

Correspondence 1971-1974

box 9, folder 4

Board meeting minutes 1971-1974

box 9, folder 5

Newsletters 1970-1975

box 9, folder 6

Mailings 1971-1973

box 9, folder 7

Presidio Action League 1973

box 9, folder 8

Prisoners of War/Missing in Action International 1972-1973

box 9, folder 9

Poster undated


Subject File 1970-1974

box 10, folder 1

City proclamations 1970

Scope and Contents note

Official proclamations from various American cities that call for the accounting of missing men and humane treatment of prisoners of war.
box 10, folder 2

Congress 1969-1975

Scope and Contents

A small number of Congressional publications and reports related to the POW/MIA issue.
box 10, folder 3

Evans, James J. 1965-1977

Scope and Contents

Documents related to Commander James J. Evans, who went missing in action in 1965. Includes a copy of the telegram sent to his wife informing her of his status.
box 10, folder 3

Laos meeting 1973

Scope and Contents note

Transcript, clippings, and written report on a meeting in Laos with members of the National League of Families and a Laos official.
box 10, folder 5-6

Military social events 1969-1972

Scope and Contents

Invitations and announcements to lunches and other social events at military bases in Northern California.
box 10, folder 7

Peace movements 1971

Scope and Contents

Materials related to American citizen peace efforts in order to stop the war in Vietnam.
box 10, folder 8-10

Prisoners of War/Missing in Action 1970-1974

Scope and Contents

Materials related to the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action movement in the United States but not directly related to the National League of Families or the POW/MIA League of Santa Clara County.
box 11, folder 1

United States Department of Defense 1971-1973

Scope and Contents note

Publications and statistic sheets produced by the Department of Defense about American servicemen that were prisoners of war or missing in action.

Photographs 1966-1972

Scope and Contents note

Photographs of prisoners of war and the conditions they were kept in, a photo contact sheet and altered photo from the Navy Times, and photographs from Family Day at the Naval Air Station in Alameda, California.
box 11, folder 2

Prisoners of war 1966-1970

Scope and Contents

Photographs include Lieutenant Commander H. A. Stafford, Lieutenant Commander John S. McCain, Lieutenant James J. Connell, Lieutenant D. G. Rehman, D. B. Hegdahl, Captain M. N. Jones, Lieutenant Robert F. Frishman, and Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Hughes as prisoners of war. Folder also contains four negatives and two slides.
box 11, folder 3

General 1969

Scope and Contents

Two images of unidentified servicemen, one image of an unidentified group of people, an image with accompanying letter from an Open House at the California Air Station in 1969, and a photohraph of a political cartoon with accompanying letter from 1974.
box 11, folder 4

Navy Times 1972 April 2

box 11, folder 5

Family Day undated

Scope and Contents

Six photographs from a Family day at the Naval Air Station in Alameda, California. The photographs are undated but most likely between the years of 1968 and 1977.

Printed Matter 1965-1994

Scope and Contents note

The bulk of the series is comprised of pamphlets related to the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action issue and the conflict in Southeast Asia from 1960 through 1975. Additionally, there are a few periodicals and unpublished fact sheets.

Clippings 1969-1994

Scope and Contents note

Contains newspaper clippings collected by the creator. Original folder titles have been retained when possible, and loose clippings were put into a general folder. Arranged alphabetically following the general folder.
box 11, folder 6-9

General 1970-1994

box 12, folder 1


box 12, folder 2


box 12, folder 3

Bracelets 1971-1973

box 12, folder 4

Laos 1972-1982

box 12, folder 5-6

Lockhart 1969-1970

box 12, folder 7

McGovern 1972

box 12, folder 8

Missing in action 1973-1982

box 12, folder 9-10

Prisoners of war 1971-1982

box 12, folder 11

United States and Nixon 1972-1981

box 13, folder 1-2

Vietnam 1972-1982

box 13, folder 3

Wives and families 1972-1981

box 13, folder 4

Air Force and Space Digest 1969-1970

box 13, folder 5

Cal-Vet Newsletter 1972-1973

box 13, folder 6

Newsweek 1973 February 26

box 13, folder 7

In Brief for the P.O.W.: A Catch-Up on News from Missing Years 1965-1972

box 13, folder 8

Commanders Digest 1972-1974

box 13, folder 9

Navy Wifeline 1971 Fall

box 13, folder 10

Ladycom 1973 February

box 13, folder 11

The Oak Leaf 1973 February 23

box 13, folder 12

Medical Service Digest 1973 November

box 13, folder 13

Missing in Action, Prisoner of War: A Primer 1971

box 13, folder 14

Hanoi, Release the Prisoners 1971-1972

box 13, folder 15

Aerospace Speech Series: Prisoner of War/Missing in Action 1971 September

box 13, folder 16

Snapshots of Life of Captured United States Pilots in the Detention Camps of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam 1969-1974

box 13, folder 17

Prisoner of War/Missing in Action fact sheets 1970-1972

box 13, folder 18

Department of Defense Information Pamphlet for Families of United States Servicemen Who Are Prisoners of War or Are Missing in Action in Southeast Asia 1972 September 22

box 13, folder 19

Miscellaneous 1969-1973

Scope and Contents note

Four pamphlets not related to POWs or MIAs. The titles include the Fremont Rotary Opinion from 17 January 1973, If You Want Air Time: A Handbook for Publicity Chairmen, Alameda Meals-On-Wheels, and How to Display and Respect the Flag of the United States.
box 13, folder 20

Gist: A Quick Reference Aid on United States Foreign Relations Primarily for Government Use 1971 September

box 13, folder 21

Citizens Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Assistance Program 1970 March

box 13, folder 22

In the Name of Humanity...Write On! 1971 March

box 13, folder 23

Birth of a Cause: Colorado Springs and the American Prisoner of War 1970-1973

box 13, folder 24

Ten Myths About Vietnam 1969 December

box 13, folder 25

Legislative Guide for the Military 1971 January

box 13, folder 26

National Guard Association of the United States: 24th Annual Conference 1972 September