Guide to the Stanford University Publications and Ephemera Collection

Daniel Hartwig
Stanford University. Libraries. Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Stanford, California
April 2011
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Call Number: SC4000
Creator: Stanford University -- General subdivision--History.;
Title: Stanford University publications and ephemera collection
Dates: 1885-2014
Physical Description: 1000 Linear feet
Language(s): The materials are in English.
Repository: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Green Library
557 Escondido Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-6064
Phone: (650) 725-1022

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Biographical/Historical note

The Stanford University Archives was officially created in 1965 by the Board of Trustees, but active collection of historical materials had been in place prior to that date. One of the early attempts to catalog some of that material was a subject framework known as the "4digit" collection, now known as the publications and ephemera collection.

Scope and Contents note

This intentionally assembled collection contains publications, printed matter, and ephemera documenting Stanford University. This guide is a high level listing of the major subject headings that are used to organization the collection. These include: history of the founders and the university; administration; faculty; academic schools; graduate schools of law, medicine, and business; libraries; interdepartmental programs; athletics; students; alumni; and special topics, including local history.

Collection Contents


0001-0099 History of the Founders


0001-0023 Leland Stanford


0024-0049 Jane L. Stanford


0050-0059 Leland Stanford, Jr.


0060-0089 Stanford Family


0090-0099 Lathrop Family


0100-0999 University History; Buildings and Grounds; Stanford Miscellany


100 University Documents


130 Opening day; dedication


140 Special legislation relating to the University


180 Court action relating to the University


200 Buildings and grounds, general


220 Architecture, general


240 Construction; Goodrich quarry


0260-0299 Buildings, individual


0300-0349 Grounds, individual areas


0400-0699 Historical events (including earthquake, wars)


0700-0999 Stanford miscellany


1000-1999 Administration


1000-1099 Board of Trustees


1100-1199 President, Office of the


1200 Vice President and Provost


1205 Associate Provost for Research


1210 Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies/Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education


1220 Vice President for Finance


1230-1249 Controller


1250-1259 Vice President for Business Affairs (including police, fire, telephone system)


1260 Business Manager


1269 Plant Services


1280-1289 Personnel and Employee Relations


1290-1295 Stanford University Press (except Press books - see 9950)


1300 Real Estate Manager

Related Material

see also Land Development, 9150

1320-1399 Development


1400-1499 Undergraduate Education (see also 1210)


1500-1599 Graduate Division


1600 Accreditation and other evaluative reports


1650-1660 Summer School


1676 Tours and Guided Tours


1680 Public relations publications about the University


1685 News and Publications Services


1687 Stanford Publication Services


1720-1724 Dean of Student Affairs


1750 Admissions


1760-1799 Registrar


1800-1806 Career Planning and Placement Center


1810 Financial Aid


1840-1859 Overseas Campuses


1880 Health Services (including Cowell Health Center, counseling services)


2000-2499 Faculty


2000 Faculty - general


2001 Faculty Housing


2007 Faculty Awards


2045 Faculty Men's Club


2060 Joint Faculty Club


2070 Undergraduate Specials sponsored by Member of the Academic Council


2160 Faculty Social and Academic Organizations


2170-2179 Faculty Organization (including Articles of Tenure)


2180-2193 Academic Council (see also SC0193)


2194-2199 Judicial Committees and Panels


2200 Faculty Advisory Board (including Faculty Grievance Panel)


2210 Endowed Professorships


2400 Emeritus Faculty


2260 Special University-wide Committees (including Committee of 15)


2499 Books by Faculty


2500-4999 Schools (except Law, Medicine, and Business)


2500-2749 Earth Sciences


2750-2999 Education


3000-3399 Engineering


3400-4999 Humanities and Sciences




5000-5299 School of Law


5012 Law School Commencement


5014 Law Student Organizations


5030 Fund Raising and Development


5060-5065 Law Buildings


5075 Law School Library


5200 Law Alumni


5300-5699 School of Medicine


5350 Fund Raising and Development


5360 Medical Center News Bureau


5375 Lane Medical Library


5449 Commencement


5450 Medical Alumni


5500 Departments of the School of Medicine


5540-5570 Divisions of the School of Medicine


5600 Medical School of the Pacific


5605 Toland Medical School


5610 Cooper Medical College


5620 Lane Hospital


5630 Palo Alto Hospital


5640 Hoover Pavilion


5700-5999 Graduate School of Business


5705 GSB Buildings


5775 Jackson Library


5800 Conferences and Special Programs


5900 GSB Alumni


6000-6499 Library (Main; Green; Meyer)


For coordinate libraries see appropriate department

6000-6074 Library (general material)


6075-6099 Library Buildings


6100-6104 Acquisitions


6105-6109 Binding and Finishing


6110-6114 Gifts and Exchange


6115-6119 Serials


6120-6125 Cataloging


6140-6144 Circulation


6170 Departmental Libraries - general material only


6200-6205 Government Documents


6220-6225 Reference (Formerly Humanities and Social Science)


6240 Resources Development


6250 Science Division


6270-6289 Special Collections


6290 Technical Information Services


6300-6314 Undergraduate Library (Meyer)


6315-6319 Stanford Collection


6320 University Archives


6330-6345 Library Staff


6350 Library Automation Project (Project BALLOTS)


6354 Job Classification Project


6360 Business Services


6361 Photocopy Facilities


6400-6404 Hopkins Transportation Library


6442 Library Development Committee


6451 Miscellaneous Publications regarding the Library


6500-6999 Departments and Programs-Interdepartmental; Athletics


6501 Miscellaneous examinations, 1913-1917


6520 Biophysics Laboratory


6525 Special Inter-School Programs


6540-6545 Stanford Center for Information Processing (SCIP)


6560-6575 Food Research Institute


6580-6609 Hoover Institute


6630 High Energy Physics Laboratory


6650 Hydrology


6655 Center for Interdisciplinary Research


6670 Institute for Mathematical Studies in Social Sciences


6680 Stanford-NDEA Institute for Teachers of German


6690 Institute for the Study of Human Problems


6710 Microwave Laboratory


6730 Operations Research Program


6750 Physical Education for Men (pre-1975)


6770 Physical Education for Women (pre-1975)


6780 Dept. of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (1975-)


6790 Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Students in Taipei


6801 Inter-University Center for Japanese Study in Tokyo


6810-6814 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)


6850 Typing and Shorthand


6860-6899 Research Groups Located at Stanford But Not Supported by Stanford (alphabetical)


7000-7999 Students


7000-7159 Undergraduates


7160-7174 Graduate Students


7200 Student living and eating groups--general material


7220-7239 Sororities


7240-7259 Fraternities


7260 Eating Clubs


7264 Food Service


7280-7460 Student housing--residences


7461 Student Dependent Services


7470 Student government--general material


7520 Academic programs sponsored by students (includes SCIRE, SWOPSI, SPIF)


7550 Student Unions


7570 Book Store


7591 KZSU


7593-7599 International Students


7600 Honor Societies


7650 Men's Organizations (including YMCA)


7700 Women's Organizations (not including YWCA)


7750 Student organizations--General


7751 YWCA


7755 Student-Sponsored Non-Academic Programs


7800-7839 Musical Groups


7840-7879 Dramatics Groups


7880 Debate


7900-7984 Student Publications


8000-8499 Alumni


8000-8100 Alumni Association


8122 Winds of Freedom Foundation


8125 New Founders League


8300-8310 Class Yearbooks, Reunions, Directories


8450 Publications




Through 1975; after that see 6780
exceptions noted

8500 Intercollegiate Athletics


8507 Books Concerning Stanford Athletics


8540 Stanford Buck Club (continued on past 1975)


8600-8609 Athletic Buildings


8610 Miscellaneous Programs and Conferences


8615 Athletic Fields (continued on past 1975)


8650 Stanford Axe (continued on past 1975)


8655 Stanford Indian, the (continued on past 1975)


8656 Cardinal (color) (continued on past 1975)


8660 Stanford Hall of Fame (continued on past 1975)


8665 Athletic Awards (continued on past 1975)


8681 Organization of Women Athletes (OSA)


8700-8980 Sports and Contests


9000-9999 Special, Including Non-Stanford Material of Interest to Stanford


9000-9019 Special Endowed Lectureships


9020 Conferences, Non-Stanford, Held on Campus


9030 Student Conferences by Joint Stanford Groups


9040 Student Conferences, Non-Stanford, Held on Campus


9045 Sports (non-Stanford) on Campus


9050 Industrial Affiliates Program


9100 Stanford Research Institute (SRI International)


9110 Foundations


9120 Residential Housing on Stanford Lands


9130 Cedro Cottage


9150 Land Development - General


9153 Airport on Campus


9170 Stanford Industrial Park


9180 Stanford Shopping Center


9181 Stanford Barn (the Winery)


9182 Palo Alto Square


9185 Campus Elementary School


9187 Campus Child Care Center


9190 Medical-Dental-Professional Complex (Welch Road)


9200 Post Office


9210 Stanford Inn


9220 Kingscote Gardens


9230 Children's Convalescent Home


9240 Golf Course and Clubhouse


9250 Free University of Palo Alto (Mid-Peninsula Free U.)


9255 Peninsula Observer


9256 The Grapevine


9257 per/se


9260 Peace Corps, Vista


9270 The Experiment


9271 Esalen Program


9273 Community for Relevant Education


9275 Stanford Speakers Bureau


9279 Population and Environment Forum


9800-9869 Local History of Interest to Stanford


9800 Palo Alto


9820 Eadweard Muybridge


9840 Land Development Near Stanford


9850 Searsville and Ladera Dam


9855 Mayfield


9856 College Terrace


9860 Menlo Park (includes Alpine Inn)


9861 San Francisquito Creek


9862 Los Altos


9863 Woodside


9870 San Jose


9930 Guidebooks not produced by Stanford


9950 Stanford Press Books


9951 Stanford Press Periodicals


9952 L.S.J.U. Publications--University Series