Guide to the Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California Collection CEMA 64

Callie Bowdish, July 2011
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Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Research Collections
Title: Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California collection
Identifier/Call Number: CEMA 64
Physical Description: 5 Linear Feet 10 boxes
Date (inclusive): 1982-1986
Date (bulk): 1982-1983
Abstract: This is an extensive video archive of 173 video cassettes and 10 audio cassettes with bound transcripts, originally acquired through purchase in U-matic format and later reformatted into VHS. It is also preserved in digital format and the videos are available online at The coverage includes a major 1982 conference held at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The collection contains presentations of musical theatrical works, cultural events such as el Dia de los Muertos and interviews with performers, artists and authors related to Chicano culture and society in California.
Physical Location: Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library.

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The collection is open for research.

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Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California Collection, CEMA 64, Department of Special Collections, University Library, University of California, Santa Barbara

Acquisition Information

Acquired from Isaac Artenstein.

Biographical/Historical note

The University of California, Santa Cruz planning grant for Califas was directed by Eduardo Carrillo. The grant period was from January 1, 1982 - December 31, 1982. The videos and 7 bound volumes were purchased from Isaac Artenstein and cover some material that is different than the Santa Cruz planning grant project but are part of Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California. The audio tapes are of the Califas conference held April 16 - 17, 1982 at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Volume 7 contains an index that describes the video and audio tapes. There is also a bound volume pertaining to the grant and conference events.

Scope and Contents note

This collection contains video, audio files and transcripts from the Califas, Chicano Art and Culture in California conference and associated events in 1982 and 1983. There are also transcripts in bound volumes in Special Collections, and a report about the Califas grant with the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Related Archival Materials note

Alurista Papers (CEMA 21), Centro Cultural de la Raza Archives (CEMA 12), Shifra Goldman Papers (CEMA 119), José Montoya Papers (CEMA 20), and Royal Chicano Air Force Archives (CEMA 8). Also, the Tomás Ybarra-Frausto Research Material on Chicano Art, 1967-2008 at the Smithsonain Archives of American Art. Philip Brookman papers, 1980-1995 at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Mexican American art -- 20th century
Mexican Americans -- California
Chicano art
Mexican American theater -- California -- History
Mexican American poets
Mexican American musicians
Día de los muertos celebrations
Day of the Dead
U.S. - Mexico Border
Aztec dance
Chicano movement -- California
Mexican American artists -- California
Mural Art
Performance art


Videos 1982-1983

media types

The Califas videos are recorded on various media. There are U-matic, VHS and digital versions of the videos. The U-matic files and the corresponding streaming videos are listed in the guide. There are also digital preservation and access files on LTO5 tape.
item V644/UM

Tape no. 0 Luis Valdez/SJ Bautista 10/19/1982

item V645/UM, V646/UM

Tape no. 1, 2 Juventino Esparza/ Eduardo Carrillo 3/17/1982, 3/18/1982

item V647/UM - V654/UM

Tape no. 3 - 10 Califas Conference Session 1 - 5 4/16/1982


University California, Santa Cruz
item V655/UM

Tape no. 11 Conference Lunch, UC Santa Cruz 4/17/1982

item V656/UM - V659/UM

Tape no. 12 - 15 Poetry Jose Montoya, Luzmaria Espinosa, and Alurista April 1982


Conference presentation/Poetry by Jose Montoya, Luzmaria Espinosa / San Juan Bautista. 4/17/82, The last third of tape 15 includes come Los Illegals.
item V660/UM - V662/UM

Tape no. 16 - 18 Music by Los Illegals 4/17/1982


The exposure is pretty dark. The last tape, no. 18, has the best exposure.
item V663/UM, V664/UM

Tape no. 19, 20 Music by Los Illegals, Luiz Valdez 4/21/1982

item V665/UM - V667/UM

Tape no. 21 - 23 Aerial views of Chicano Park, Chicano Park Day 4/24/1982

item V668/UM - V676/UM

Tape no. 24 - 32 Toltecas Danzantes, Chicano Park, San Diego 4/25/1982

item V671/UM

Tape no. 27 Toltecas Danzas San Diego 4/25/1982

item V677/UM - V680/UM

Tape no. 33 - 36 16th of September, Fiestas Patrias 9/12/1982

item V681/UM - V682/UM

Tape no. 37, 38 Yellow Dog exhibit and poetry reading 9/16/1982

item V683/UM

Tape no. 48 - 51 Amailia Mesa-Bains, Los Muertos exhibit 10/29/1982


Almalia Mesa-Bains interview, S.F. Dias de Los Muertos exhibit Galaria de la Raza, S.F.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

item V687/UM - V690/UM

Tape no. 52 - 55 Rene Yanez and Ralph Maradiaga 10/29/1982


interview w/ Rene Yanez and Ralph Maradiaga, San Francisco
item V691/UM - V696/UM

Tape no. 56 - 61 Carmen Lomas Garza, Patricia Rodriguez and R. Patlan 10/30/1982

item V697/UM - V699/UM

Tape no. 62 - 64 De los Muertos celebration, San Juan Bautista 10/31/1982

item V700/UM - V704/UM

Tape no. 65 - 69 Daniel Valdez interview and music 10/31/1982


Interview w/ Daniel Valdez, San Juan Bautista
item V705/UM - V707/UM

Tape no. 70 - 72 Ray Patlan, Berkeley 11/1/1982

item V708/UM - V710/UM

Tape no. 73 - 75 Mission District murals San Francisco, interview with Rene Yanez 11/2/1982

item V711/UM, V712/UM

Tape no. 76, 77 Los Muertos exhibit, 2nd wave exhibit, T. Dresche 11/2/1982


Dia de Los Muertos exhibit, Altars at Galeria de la Raza, S.F., Second Wave Exhibit, San Jose Univ., San Jose, CA
item V713/UM - V722/UM

Tape no. 78 - 87 Poetry, Music, Freddy Chavez, Quien Soy Noodle Co., Performance, ASCO 5/20/1983


Tape no. 78 Poetry and music, Freddy Chavez and the Quien Soy Noodle Co., UC Santa Cruz, 5/20/83 Tape no. 79 Poetry, music, F. Chavez Tape no. 80 Performance, ASCO Tape no. 81 Performance, ASCO, UC Santa Cruz, 5/20/83 Tape no. 82 Performance, ASCO, Harry Gamboa, Jr. Santa Cruz, 5/21/83 Tape no. 83 ASCO Performance group, interview, Santa Cruz, 5/21/83 Tape no. 86 ASCO Exhibit/ mural by Gronk/ UC Santa Cruz, 5/23/83 Tape no. 87 ASCO Exhibit/ artwork and murals by Willie Herron and Gronk, UC Santa Cruz, 5/23/83
item V723/UM, V724/UM

Tape no. 88, 89 Reservoir, Pacheco Pass, Highway 152, ASCO exhibit 5/22/1983


Views of highway 152 and reservoir, Pacheco Pass
item V725/UM - V727UM

Tape no. 90 - 92 Mission, S.F., Royal Chicano Air Force, Murals, Southside Park, K Street 6/18/1983


City scape Mission, S.F., 6/18/83/ Royal Chicano AirForce, Murals, Southside park, 6/18/83
item V728/UM

Tape no. 93 Murals, San Jose 6/19/1983

item V729/UM, V730/UM

Tape no. 94, 95 Murals, Mission, San Francisco 6/18/1983


Murals, Mission District , S.F., 6/19/83
item V731/UM

Tape no. 96 Tile mural, Eduardo Carillo 8/6/1983


Tile Mural at Placita De Delores/ Eduardo Carillo, L.A. 8/6/83
item V732/UM

Tape no. 97 Music, Lowrider club/cookoff 8/7/1983, 8/8/1983


Music,Lowrider car club/ Menudo cookoff/ Santa Ana 8/7/83, Joe Gonzales, L.A. 8/8/83
item V733/UM - V735/UM

Tape no. 98 - 100 Tiles at Goez studio, interview with Joe Gonzales 8/8/1983


tile making at Goez studio, East LA, Interview Joe Gonzalez, East LA
item V736/UM

Tape no. 101 Robert Arenevar, East Los Angeles 8/8/1983


Robert Arenevar and other artists, East LA murals
item V737/UM - V740/UM

Tape no. 102 - 105 East LA Streetscrapers, Shifra Goldman interview 8/9/1983


The first half of tape no. 102 has the East LA East LA Streetscrapers on 4th and Soto section. The rest of the tapes are the Shifra Goldman interview.
item V741/UM - V746/UM

Tape no. 106 - 111 The Great Wall of Los Angeles, Historical Narrative by Judy Baca 8/9/1983

item V747/UM - V749/UM

Tape no. 111 - 114 Great wall of Los Angeles with artists working, Eva Cockcroft, Patssi Valdez 8/10/1983

item V750/UM

Tape no. 115 Great Wall mural Los Angeles 8/10/1983

item V751/UM

Tape no. 116 Judy Baca interview 8/10/1983

item V752/UM, V753/UM

Tape no. 117, 118 David Botello, Los Angeles 8/10/1983

item V754/UM and V757/UM

Tape no. 119 - 122 John Valadez, Gilbert Lujan, Los Angeles 8/11/1983


interview John Valdez, L.A. 8/11/83
item V758/UM - V761/UM

Tape no. 123 - 126 Artwork by John Valdez in Los Angeles and Interview with C.W. (Cat) Felix in Montebello 8/11/1983


Artwork by John Valdez,L.A. 8/11/83. Interview/ C.W. "Cat" Felix /Montebello, 8/11/83
item V762/UM - V764/UM

Tape no. 127 - 129 Linda Vallejo, Long Beach 8/11/1983


Linda Vallejo, Long Beach, 8/11/83
item V765/UM - V769/UM

Tape no. 130 - 134 Victor Ochoa and Veronica Enrique, Centro Cultural de la Raza 8/12/1983


Victor Ochoa, Centro Cultural de la Raza, 8/12/83
item V770/UM - V772/UM

Tape no. 135 - 137 David Avalos, Centro Cultural de la Raza 8/13/1983


David Avalos, Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego, 8/13/83
item V773/UM

Tape no. 138 Murals at Chicano Park, Victor Ochoa 8/13/1983


Murals Chicano Park, S.D. Victor Ochoa, San Diego, 8/13/83
item V774/UM - V776/UM

Tape no. 139 - 141 Murals and Street, Chicano Park, San Diego 8/13/1983, 8/14/1983

item V777/UM - V780/UM

Tape no. 142 - 145 Mexican Border and Interview with Ramses Noriega 8/14/1983


Mexican Border, San Ysidro, 8/14/83
item V781/UM - V785

Tape no. 146 - 150 Ernesto Palomino Interview and music and Cotton fields 10/8/1983


Cotton fields Central Valley, 10/8/83 interview Ernesto Palomino, Fresno, 10/8/83
item V786/UM - V789/UM

Tape no. 151 - 154 Eduardo Carillo, Ben Lomond 10/8/1983

Physical Description:


Interview with Eduardo Carillo and Ben Lomond, Music by Jose Montoya and Esteban Villa
item V790/UM - V792/UM

Tape no. 155 - 157 Rupert Garcia 10/14/1983


interview Rupert Garcia, Oakland 10/14/83
item V793/UM

Tape no. 158 Rupert Garcia Oct. 14, 15, 16, 1983


interview Rupert Garcia, Oakland 10/14/83
item V794/UM - V797/UM

Tape no. 159 - 162 Rolando Castellon, Jerrry Concha, Carlos Loarca, Gustavo Rivera, San Francisco 10/16/1983


Rolando Castellon, Jerry Concha, Carlos Loarca, Gustavo Rivera, San Francisco, 10/16/83 Mexican American Artists talk about the Galeria de la Raza.
item V798/UM - V801/UM

Tape no. 163 - 166 Jose Montoya and Esteban Villa 10/15/1983


MUSIC : Jose Montoya, Esteban Villa, Sacramento 10/15/83
item V801/UM, V803/UM

Tape no. 167, 168 Luzmarie Espinosa 10/15/1983


interview and poetry Luzmarie Espinosa , Sacramento, 10/15/83
item V804/UM

Tape no. 169 Juanishi Orozco Interview, Sacramento 10/15/1983

item V805/UM - V808/UM

Tape no. 170 - 173 Ricardo Favela, tile making and Royal Chicano Air Force 10/15/1983


interview Ricardo Favela, tile making, Sacramento, 10/15/83
item V809/UM - V810/UM

Tape no. 174, 175 Dias de Los Muertos 10/15/1983


Dias de Los Muertos celebration, Watsonville, 11/5/83
item V811/UM - V814/UM

Tape no. 176 - 179 Malaquias Montoya 11/6/1983


Audio Files 1982

item A20317

Califas (1 of 10) 4/16/1982

item A20318

Califas (2 of 10) 4/16/1982

item A20319

Califas (3 of 10) 4/16/1982

item A20320

Califas (4 of 10) 4/16/1982 ; 4/17/1982

item A20321

Califas (5 of 10) 4/17/1982

item A20322

Califas (6 of 10) 4/17/1989

item A20323

Califas (7 of 10) 4/17/1989

item A20324

Califas (8 of 10) 4/18/1989

item A20325

Califas (9 of 10) 4/18/1998

item A20326

Califas (10 of 10) undated




Califas: Chicano art and culture in California, transcripts 1986

Physical Location: Special Collections E184.M5 C2997 1986 [Non-circulating]

Scope and Contents note

These 7 bound volumes contain the transcripts from the videos that are part of this collection. The last volume is an index to the transcripts, audio files and video.

Califas, Chicano Art and Culture in California, Indexes to the Archive (Online URL) V.7 1986

Physical Location:

Final report to the National Endowment for the Humanities: "Califas, Chicano art and culture in California," Oakes College, April 18, 1982 1982

Physical Location: Special Collections E184.M5 C2998 1982a [Non-circulating]