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Guide to the (A. L.) Sonderegger Papers, Water Resources Collection
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Series 1  Metropolitan Water District, 1939-1965

Box 1, folder 1

Metropolitan Water District-Report on Water Supply of Cajalco River, 1933

Box 1, folder 2

Metropolitan Water District-Report on Population and Water Forecast Los Angeles and Orange County, 1933

Box 1, folder 3

Is the Colorado Aqueduct Project Sound?,

Box 1, folder 4

Metropolitan Water District-Report on Randall Parcel (Weymouth), 1934

Box 1, folder 5

Metropolitan Water District-Report on Forecast growth of Metropolitan Area and Permissible Rates of the Colorado River, 1931

Box 1, folder 6

Metropolitan Water District-Colorado River Water Rights, 1931

Box 1, folder 7

San Jacinto Valley (Pico Case)-Southern California Fault Lines, 1931

Box 1, folder 8

General Geology of the Cajalco Reservoir Maps, 1933

Box 1, folder 9

Groundwater Condition in the Vicinity of Valverde Tunnel, 1935

Box 1, folder 10

Blueprint Valverde Shaft # 3,

Box 1, folder 11

Metropolitan Water District -Cajalco Reservoir Maps, 1933

Box 1, folder 12

Metropolitan Water District-Report on Groundwater Conditions, Vicinity of Shaft #3, Valverde Tunnel (part of the Colorado River Aqueduct,

Box 1, folder 13

Metropolitan Water District -Cajalco Reservoir Site-Report on Water Supply of Individual Parcels, 1934

Box 1, folder 14

Metropolitan Water District -Report on Groundwater Storage in Cucamonga Basin by A. L. Sonderegger, 1930

Box 1, folder 15

Metropolitan Water District -Report on Suitability of Boulder Canyon Water Supply for Citrus Culture, 1931

Box 1, folder 16

Metropolitan Water District -Report on Local Water Supply of Metropolitan Area of Southern California during Historical Periods of Drought, 1933

Box 1, folder 17

Metropolitan Water District-Conference with John Treanor and Report on John Treanor Reductions--Colorado River Aqueduct, 1931

Box 1, folder 18

Metropolitan Water District-Legal Report by W. B. Mathews, 1931

Box 1, folder 19

Metropolitan Water District-Water Requirments of the los Angeles Metropolitan Area and Discussion of Plans, 1930

Box 1, folder 20

Metropolitan Water District-Report on Recoverable Storage in Cajalco Reservoir Site, 1934

Box 1, folder 21

Water Problems-Effect of Water Rights and Growth in Population Upon per Capita Consumption by Leonard Metcalf, 1925

Box 1, folder 22

Metropolitan Water District-Colorado River Aqueduct by H. L. Honnold and William B. Munro, 1930-1939

Box 2, folder 1

Flow of Water in Concrete Pipelines,

Box 2, folder 2

City of Pasadena v. Metropolitan Water District,

Box 2, folder 3

Metropolitan Water District-Chart on Concrete,

Box 2, folder 3

Soft Filtered Water for Metropolitan Water District, 1941

Box 2, folder 5

Rainfall and Stream Run-off in Southern California since 1769, 1939

Box 2, folder 6

Bechtal Corporation's Investigation on the Pumping for Tehachapi Crossing of California Aqueduct for the Metropolitan Water District, 1964

Box 2, folder 7

Citizens National Company Report on Moreno Mutual Irrigation Co., by A.L. Sonderegger, 1925

Box 2, folder 8

Letter to Mr. W.P. Whittsett of Metropolitan Water District from A. L. Sonderegger, 1931

Box 2, folder 9

Letter from John Treanor to Col. Wheeler, 1931

Box 2, folder 10

Metropolitan Water District -Forced Account Hetch Hetchy Tunnels, 1933

Box 2, folder 11

Metropolitan Water District -Gary Goetz Cases, 1935

Box 2, folder 12

Metropolitan Water District -Valverde Shaft # 3, 1934

Box 2, folder 13

Water Supply of Parcel 140 6-9a Cajalco, California,

Box 2, folder 14

Dickinson Parcel, 1934

Box 2, folder 15

Outline for Investigation and Research Work in Souther Coastal Basin of California, by Harold Conkling, 1930-1939

Box 3, folder 1

Dominguez Channel-Southern California Tel., 1948-1957

Box 3, folder 2

Tideland Investigation-Report Rancho Boundaries, 1937

Box 3, folder 3

Metropolitan Water District-Bureau of Municipal Research-Report to Report by A.L. Sonderegger, 1932

Box 3, folder 4

Metropolitan Water District-RE:Flouide in Colorado River Water,

Box 3, folder 5

Metropolitan Water District-Cajalco Reservoir Site Water Supply Summary of Conclusion, 1934

Box 3, folder 6

Summary of Proposed Amendments to the Metropolitan Water District Act,

Box 3, folder 7

Dr. H.A. Hansen and Associates-Report on Water Supply and demand Mojave Desert Properties, 1958

Box 3, folder 8

Metropolitan Water District -General Discussion on the Possibilites of Large Underground Storage in Southern California Basins, 1930

Box 3, folder 9

Producation and Use of Water in Los Angeles and Vicinity (Preliminary) by D.A. Lane and C.C. Elder, 1929

Box 3, folder 10

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California-Analysis of Cost of Colorado River Water, 1931

Box 3, folder 11

Metropolitan Water District Comparison of L.A. County-City with New York on Population and Tempurature re: Per Capita use of Water, 1931

Box 3, folder 12

California Division of Water-Addendum San Gabriel Memorandum, 1927

Box 3, folder 13

Report on Safe Net Yield from the Water Supply of Lake Henshaw (San Diego) by S.T. Harding, 1953

Box 3, folder 14

State of California Division of Water Rights-San Gabriel Investigation (1914) by Willis S. Jones with maps, 1927

Box 3, folder 15

Chino Basin Municipal Water District-Board Meeting Minutes, 1955-1956

Box 3, folder 16

Correspondence with U.S. Coast and Geodatic Survey RE: Official Key to Symbols on Topogrpahical Map, 1937

Box 3, folder 17

U.S. Coast and Geodatic Survey Spirit Levelling, 1900-1940

Box 4, folder 1

Rancho Los Cerritos-Historical Documents in Connection with Compromise Line Between Rancho Los Cerritos and Rancho San Pedro in 1867 (facsimile), 1938

Box 4, folder 2

U.S. Coast and Geodatic Survey Long Beach Harbor Graphs,

Box 4, folder 3

Juan Temple (claimant) v. United States, 1853

Box 4, folder 4

U.S. Department of the Interior-Land Survey of Swamp Lands in California, 1850-1853

Box 4, folder 5

Ana Dominguez/Dan MacFarland and los Angeles Terminal Land Company Deed, 1892

Box 4, folder 6

Tide Land Investigation-Miscellaneous Papers-Long Beach area, 1888-1938

Box 4, folder 7

Manuel Dominguez v. United States (California), 1852

Box 4, folder 8

Map of Los Angeles County showing Mines and Oil Fields, 1935

Box 4, folder 9

Mystery in San Andreas Fault by Kenneth Crist,

Box 4, folder 10

San Andreas Fault as a Source of Water Supply by A. L. Sonderegger, 1937

Box 4, folder 11

"What Happended Seisomologically", 1933

Box 4, folder 12

Earth Slips and Subsidence from Underground Erosion, 1931

Box 4, folder 13

Critical Velocity of Water in Open Channels,

Box 4, folder 14

Geological Map of L.A. and Ventura Channels,

Box 4, folder 15

Computation Book no. 100-Tideland Investigation (Rancho Los Cerritos), 1937

Box 4, folder 16

Report on the effect of Water Spreading on the Water table in the Vicinity of the Burbank Rock Products Co.'s pit, 1941

Box 4, folder 17

General Review of Water Resources of Southern California with Specific Reference to the Surface Runoff for the 1949-1950 Water Year, 1949-1950

Box 4, folder 18

Map Showing depleted Water Basin in Metropolitan Area, 1931

Box 5, folder 1

Discussion of Water Supply for Central Coastal Plain by George Gleason, 1950

Box 5, folder 2

Marine Cycle of Erosion for Steeply Sloping Shoreline of Emergence by William Putnam,

Box 5, folder 2

Paper on Tides by A. L. Sonderegger, 1950

Box 5, folder 2

U.S. Coast and Geodatic Survey Tidal Observation-Monthly and Annual, 1924-1935

Box 5, folder 3

Wells-[Rancho] Cucamonga, Pasadena, and Pomona,

Box 5, folder 4

Map of State Rain Stations,

Box 5, folder 5

San Pedro Tides by J. B. Lippincott and A. L. Sonderegger,

Box 5, folder 6

Discussion on Value and Use of Evaporation Pan Records by A. L. Sonderegger, 1951

Box 5, folder 7

Upland Water Issues, 1957

Box 5, folder 8

Blueprints Water Supply, Los Angeles,

Box 5, folder 9

Tidal Observations Long Beach, 1906-1938

Box 5, folder 9

Leaching by Rainfall Letter to and Reply From Dr. C.S. Scofield,