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A Guide to the Noel Behn papers M1084
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Scope and Contents note

This series contains biographical, legal, medical, financial documents and data, awards.
Box 4

Correspondence, bills, property documents, receipts, postcards, statements, contracts, computer materials, etc, primarily 1980s.

Box 12

Bills, statements, medical info, various financial documents, agreements, "OUST" papers, "Musical Theatre Academy of New York" papers, "Musical Tent" papers, "Fosse Fellowships" papers; “Writers' Guild of America - 41st Annual Awards", 1989; miscellaneous clippings, etc.

Box 22

Bankruptcy materials (1980s), High Fidelity Recordings, Inc. papers, Actors' Equity Association papers, address and notebooks, "Chronology of Aphra Behn's life", miscellaneous financial documents, notes, personal papers.

Box 57

Miscellaneous papers (mostly medical and financial: bills, taxes, loans etc.), 80s-90s, no date.

Box 72

Medical info and booklets, medical records, Writers' Guild Association paperwork, bills, miscellaneous receipts, legal documents, etc.

Box 136

Daily reminders and diaries, 1986-1990, 1995; miscellaneous memos, receipts, etc.

Box 140

Telephone, address and appointments books, diaries, daily reminders with notes, enclosures etc., some half or less filled; 1992-1994, no date.

Box 141

Diaries, organizers, address books, daily reminders; 1968, 1970, 1973, 1975-1977, 1980, 1981, no date.

Box 142

Diaries, daily reminders, to-do lists, financial documents (receipts etc.), miscellaneous; 1982-1985, 1987, 1996-1998, no date.

Box 157

Monthly statements, paid bills, pay charts, credit ratings, receipts, tax documents, calendars and to-do lists, etc.; 1987-88, miscellaneous dates, no date.

Box 171

Dorothy Behn's (Noel Behn's mother) living will; Writers Guild Health Plan; address and phone books and a diary; miscellaneous receipts; banking, household, phone, automobile and other living expenses, miscellaneous; 1960s - 1990s.

Box 184

Medical information, miscellaneous receipts, recorded expenses, tickets, bank records, invoices, personal papers and documents, among them Noel Behn's U.S. passport and his Army record; miscellaneous dates.



Box 39

Miscellaneous business and personal correspondence, including fan letters.

Box 133

Miscellaneous official, business, and personal correspondence (letters, postcards, telegrams, notes), including a photocopy of John Edgar Hoover letter to Washington Post (Feb. 6, 1967), a letter from Mrs. Elizabeth Cane regarding Lindbergh case (1997), etc.

Box 173

Miscellaneous correspondence; incl. fan mail and Christmas cards (1991, 1993, 1997 files), letters from editors, Owen Laster and Maria Bello letters regarding Cindy Wirth's business activities, etc.

Box 185

Business correspondence, 1980s; a letter from FBI, Jan. 2, 1979; a letter to Mr. Anton Mueller, Editor, Grove and Atlantic Press, by a man claiming to be the kidnapped Lindbergh's son, Feb. 9, 1994; miscellaneous postcards, notes, etc.



Scope and Contents note

This series contains manuscripts, proofs, drafts, etc. written by Noel Behn or co-authored.
Box 1

Hauptman Case materials, 1930s: correspondence, document index, various photocopies, investigation files, reports and related materials; includes files 1-140 out of 243 (presumably the materials for the book "Lindbergh: The Crime", 1994).

Box 3

Hauptman Case materials, 1930s: correspondence, document index, various photocopies, investigation files, reports, clippings and related materials; includes files 234-243A; materials related to the film "The Brink's Job"; preliminary drafts and story ideas; "Seven Silent Men" materials; correspondence, various photocopies, typescripts and fragments of typescripts, clippings, contracts, miscellaneous.

Box 2

Hauptman Case materials, 1930s: correspondence, document index, various photocopies, investigation files, reports, clippings and related materials; includes files 141-230.

Box 5

"Seven Silent Men" materials, continued: typescripts and fragments of typescripts, 1983.

Box 6

"Seven Silent Men" materials, continued; unidentified fragments, typescripts and fragments of typescripts, 1983-1984, no date; an annotated uncorrected proof of "Seven Silent Men" and a typewritten final draft of "Homicide: Life on the Street" (episode 2, August 3, 1993).

Box 7

"Greybull" (A Part of "Seven Silent Men") materials; "Story Segments from Untitled Novel" (1990); "Hallelujah: A Novel in Progress"; "Calcutta" fragment; "Kootch"; "Fatal Beauty" (A Screenplay by Behn from the novel by John Godey); typescripts and fragments of typescripts, Feb. 10, 1986 - March 10, 1986.

Box 8

"Fatal Beauty" materials (continued): original 7/18/1985 corrected copy, 7/17/1985 uncorrected copy, fragments of final copy; old undated copy; July 1 – Dec. 1985 copies; "Master", Feb. 4, 1986, typescripts.

Box 9

"Master", no date; "G-Series to W-Series" [?], no date; "Lemonade Set-Ups", no date; "Homicide: Life on the Street", episode 2, "Black and Blue", 7/28/1993, and episode 1, 06/04/1999; "Seven Silent Men", typescripts and a manuscript, 11/4/1987; "CLOUT!" (by Tom Fantana and Noel Behn), July 5, 1989 (based on Behn's "Seven Silent", typescript.

Box 10

"Seven Silent Men" (play), drafts and fragments, Aug. 4, 1987, outline, April 27, 1987; other "Seven Silent Men" materials, no date; "Clout!", July 5, 1989; "DELL - 2 plus 2" and "Tulip Time Bang" draft, 7/6/1997; "The Tea Party" and other unidentified fragments, no date; "The World Dies" fragments, typescripts and manual drafts.

Box 13

Unidentified typescript with a foreword by George Burus; unidentified fragments; "Seven Silent Men" materials: outline, chronology, research, early notes, typewritten and handwritten fragments, miscellaneous.

Box 18

"Seven Silent Men" materials (continued): outline, chronology, research, early notes, typewritten and handwritten fragments, miscellaneous.

Box 19

"Seven Silent Men" materials (continued): outline, chronology, research, early notes, typewritten and handwritten fragments, miscellaneous; Homicide materials, 1999: drafts, class '99; unidentified fragments; "Not So Lucky Lindy" mini-series outline, Jan 20, 1995; "Homicide, episode no. 307", 5/17/1994: typescripts, research materials.

Box 20

"Three to Tango", 6/5/94; "High Command" and other fragments, no date; "Jody Boy", 5/95; "Homicide", casting; "Elaine" materials; "Homicide on Net - Program Breakdown" materials, 1996; "Seven Silent Men" materials; "The Debriefing", "JESSUP" materials; unidentified typescripts, fragments; random notes, etc.

Box 23

"Pardue Brothers" case materials: FBI materials (copies), 1969-1987; "Pardue / Osgood / Featherson" materials: typescripts and fragments of typescripts, 1985, no date; FBI-N.Behn correspondence, 1980s.

Box 24

"Pardue Brothers" case materials (continued): typescripts; Hauptmann / Lindbergh case materials; typescripts, correspondence; "Quick" (screenplay), no date.

Box 25

"Fatal Beauty" (screenplay by N. Behn from the novel by John Godeg), Feb 10, 1986 (typescripts); "Clout!" by Tom Fontana and N. Behn, based on the novel by N. Behn, July 5, 1989 (typescripts); "Good Cop / Bad Cop" (teleplay by N. Behn and Tom Fontana from the story by John Tinker and Bruce Paltrow), Sept 12-Dec 3, 1991, no date (typescripts and fragments); "Greybull" materials (typewritten fragments, clippings).

Box 27

"Ping Pong" materials: typescripts and fragments, miscellaneous drafts; unidentified typewritten fragments; no date.

Box 28

"Ping Pong" materials (continued): typescripts and drafts, research materials (clippings, miscellaneous).

Box 29

"Ping Pong" materials (continued): typescripts and fragments of typescripts.

Box 30

"Ping Pong" materials (continued): typescripts and fragments, miscellaneous worksheets; "Masters" and "Yellows" materials (belong to "Seven Silent Men"), typewritten fragments.

Box 31

"Yellows" materials (continued); "Extras" (including any revised versions); no date.

Box 32

"Extras" (continued); The Brink's Job materials (typewritten).

Box 33

"The Brink's Job" materials (continued); "Daybreak at Dying Elk" ("Master"); "Magazine" materials, typewritten; "Catherine's First Tale" (handwritten and typewritten drafts); "A Minor Matter of Retribution" (typescript); outline for "Contacts" (typewritten); "The Treasure of Berlin" (typewritten); no date; "A Present from Your Old Man" (annotated, fragile typewritten copies).

Box 34

"A Present from Your Old Man" (a typescript), no date; "Seven Silent Men": early drafts, extra copies, early chapters (typescripts, fragments of typescripts).

Box 35

"Seven Silent Men" materials (continued): early drafts, extra copies, early chapters (typescripts, fragments of typescripts).

Box 36

"Seven Silent Men" materials (continued): early drafts, extra copies, early chapters (typescripts, fragments of typescripts), miscellaneous cards and notes; "The Shining Man" typescript, 1990.

Box 37

"The Shining Man" (continued); "Seven Silent Men" - "Out Yellow" (typescripts, fragments of typescripts); unidentified fragments, no date.

Box 42

"Seven Silent Men" - "Out Yellows" materials (typescripts and fragments); miscellaneous fragments. Some folders are empty.

Box 43

"Seven Silent Men" - "Out Yellows" (continued); notes on Lindbergh case (typewritten).

Box 44

"Seven Silent Men" - "Out Yellows" (continued); "Lindbergh: The Crime" (galleys, fragments of galleys, related correspondence and other materials), 1993.

Box 45

"Lindbergh: The Crime" (continued); "Seven Silent Men - original, final manuscript" (typewritten, annotated), 1983; "A Continuing Untitled Work in Progress", 1991; miscellaneous drafts, fragments, and notes, no date.

Box 46

"Lindbergh: The Crime" (fragments); "Seven Silent Men" (typewritten drafts, outlines, fragments, etc.), 1987, no date; miscellaneous fragments, typewritten, 1987, no date.

Box 47

"Seven Silent Men", Aug. 4, 1987; "Crime Without Passion"; "The Onion Patch", "Love Slave", "Berin" [?], "Breakdown of Action" and other unidentified typewritten fragments and handwritten notes, most likely by N. Behn; "Tattingers" materials (some in co-authorship with Tom Fontana; typescripts, notes, fragments etc., 1988 mostly.

Box 50

"Tattinger's" materials (drafts, notes, research materials); miscellaneous fragments; "Seven Silent Men", book 2 (an annotated typescript).

Box 51

"Seven Silent Men," annotated typewritten fragments (mostly disorganized) and handwritten notes.

Box 52

"Seven Silent Men," ibid.; Lindbergh case materials ("A Third Suspect" typescripts, "Countdown").

Box 53

"Lindbergh: The Crime" (a typescript), other Lindbergh case materials ("Countdown," "Book Three: A 3rd Suspect," "What of Elizabeth?" - typescripts).

Box 54

"A Third Suspect: The Lindbergh Kidnapping Revisited" (a typescript); "Book Three: A Third Suspect" (a typescript); Lindbergh materials (outlines, scripts, etc.); "Fatal Beauty," a screenplay from the novel by John Godey (a typescript); a copy of "Fatal Beauty" by John Godey with Behn's marks.

Box 59

"Fatal Beauty" materials (typescripts, synopses, outlines, etc.); "Seven Silent Men" materials.

Box 66

Typescripts and fragments ("Clout!" and "Tattinger's," episode 7, both in co-authorship with Tom Fontana; "Koniker", "The Morrows", "Net of Treason," miscellaneous fragments). Incl. also editors' notes and N. Behn's answers, typewritten. 1988-1989, no date.

Box 67

"Shining Man" and "Ping-Pong" typescripts (some are annotated); editor's notes; unidentified typewritten and handwritten fragments; Lindbergh case materials (photocopies of 1930s memos, investigation reports, clippings, etc.).

Box 68

Lindbergh case materials (continued): photocopies of 1930s memos, investigation reports, clippings, etc.; Governor Hoffman's dossier (mostly photocopies); N. Behn's edit of Joe Fox's edit (an annotated typescript) of "The Shining Man"[?].

Box 69

"Lindbergh. A Crime Revisited" and other Lindbergh-related typescripts; "Ping-Pong" (fragments, typewritten); "Voyage of Tsars", typewritten; an untitled typescript; no date.

Box 71

"Ping-Pong" background research materials, presentation papers etc. (including off prints, clippings, booklets); old stories and scripts ("You are right", "Paris stories" etc.), "A Present from Your Old Man" (typewritten). 1960s-1980s, no date.

Box 74

"The Great Brinks Robbery" typescripts; "Hauptmann-Lindbergh Case" materials (continued to materials in boxes 1-3, files 300-334A).

Box 75

"Hauptmann-Lindbergh" files, 334B-371.

Box 77

"Lindbergh. The Crime" typescripts and notes; "Ping Pong" research materials (newsletters, reports and copies of reports on world population, biological and chemical weapons, travel, etc.); miscellaneous materials, drafts and notes.

Box 78

"Lindbergh. The Crime" typescript; "Quick" (screenplay, annotated typescript); an address book and a notebook related to "Ping Pong" research.

Box 81

"The Shining Man"; "Winter Term" in co-authorship with David Black and Tom Fontana; "Story Segments from Untitled Novel", "The Cherry Lane" (typescripts); "Lindbergh" research materials, miscellaneous.

Box 83

"High Command" (typescripts, fragments, research materials); "Tromsa" (ibid.); "Lindbergh Movie Outline" file (typescripts, fragments, research materials, miscellaneous); "Lindbergh Misc." file; "Homic[ide] personnel info" file.

Box 84

"Homicide No. 614" files, "Della Ventura" file, "Fort Halabird" file (typescripts and drafts, photocopies of clippings, research materials, faxes, miscellaneous).

Box 85

"Story Segments from Untitled Novel"; "A Previously Untitled Work in Progress"; "Catch-Up" (in co-authorship with David Black and Tom Fontana), 5 versions; "EK Rebut" and "The Summary"; "4th Station, 1st rough [draft]"; "Chapter Two-A and Chapter Two-B"; unidentified fragments and notes. Typescripts mostly, 1988-1991, no date.

Box 86

"Halj" file; "Ping Pong" materials (two copies); "The Devil's Tongue" typescript; typewritten unidentified fragments; a notebook; miscellaneous handwritten notes (possible "Clout" notes).

Box 91

"Seven Silent Men," various versions, 8/4/1987-6/26/1989. Typescripts and fragments of typescripts, mostly annotated.

Box 92

"FBI File 300" - Lindbergh case materials, 1930s (mostly photocopies of reports, protocols etc.); "Score!," "Seven Silent Men" (typescripts and photocopies of typescripts, mostly annotated), 1980s, no date.

Box 93

"Seven Silent Men": 1st Pass Galleys, Books I-IV with Don Fine's changes to it (typescripts and photocopies of typescripts, annotate); 9/1/1983; no date.

Box 94

"Seven Silent Men": 1st Pass of Galleys, 9/1/1983; Xerox of Master Copy, Books I-IV, no date; miscellaneous fragments (typescripts and photocopies of typescripts, annotated).

Box 95

"Seven Silent Men" materials (photocopies, typescripts, fragments of typescripts, outlines, summaries, memos, promo materials, related correspondence, an editor's notes, etc.); 1980s, no date; includes also "Lindbergh: The Crime" materials: "Lindbergh's Way: The Third Investigation" original (typescript); "A Third Suspect. The Lindbergh Kidnapping Revisited", proof copy (typewritten), fragments; no date.

Box 96

"Lindbergh's Way. The First Investigation", "War of the Lawmen. The Second Investigation," "A Family Secret? The Third Investigation" (a typescript); "Lindbergh's Investigation" (an incomplete typescript); "A Third Suspect. The Lindbergh Kidnapping Revisited" (a typescript); fragments. No date.

Box 100

"Homicide" episodes (typescripts, annotated and not annotated), "Dellaventura"; 1990s, no date.

Box 105

"Homicide" episodes: "Class of '99" (miscellaneous typewritten fragments, notes, revisions etc.), "Mother's Day" (typewritten), "Dellaventura" drafts, "Saved", "Homicide" miscellaneous; 1994-1997, no date.

Box 107

"Silent Service", "Silent Sphynx", "Halj", "Lindbergh. The Crime" (typescripts and fragments of typescripts, some annotated), 1993, 1995, 1997, no date.

Box 108

"Lindbergh. The Crime", "Book Three. House of Cards", typescripts; no date.

Box 109

"Quick", "Seven Silent Men" (typescripts and fragments of typescripts, some annotated); no date.

Box 110

Untitled typescript (possibly a photocopy of a typescript), chapters 65-85, no date.; "Book Three. House of Cards", no date; "Book Three (Seventeen)", no date; "Homicide" (episode two: "A ghost of a Chance"), teleplay by N. Behn, story by Tom Fontana, Sept. 3, 1992. (Some typescripts are annotated.)

Box 115

"Homicide" episodes, "Split Image" (in a co-authorship with Siv Svendsen); typescripts and fragments of typescripts, some annotated; 1991-1993, no date.

Box 116

"Lindbergh. A Crime Revisited" (unedited); "Split Image. A Screenplay" (in a co-authorship with Siv Svendsen); "Kootch", fragments (most likely by N. Behn) - typescripts and fragments of typescripts, Nov. 1-15, 1991; no date.

Box 117

"Split Image", "Flashback" (screenplays in a co-authorship with Siv Svendsen), typewritten fragments, 1991, no date.

Box 118

"Lindbergh. A Crime Revisited" (unedited); "Quick" (a typescript and fragments); 7/15/90, no date.

Box 121

"Quick" (fragments), "Lindbergh" drafts (typewritten); no date.

Box 122

"Lindbergh" typescripts and editors' notes; June 6, 1993, no date.

Box 123

"Lindbergh" typescripts, "EM Series" fragments, no date.

Box 125

"EM Series" fragments, "Dellaventura" drafts, "Smiling Men" materials, Lindbergh case materials, "Halj" outpages, miscellaneous fragments (typescripts, some heavily annotated; Web printouts; miscellaneous); 1976; 1990s; no date.

Box 126

Incl. books that are research materials, with marks, bookmarks, attached notes etc. (some are damaged): 1) Lindbergh. A biography by Leonard Mosley ("Doubleday and Company, Inc.", NY, 1976); 2) The Day the Bubble Burst by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts (same publisher, 1979); 3) FBI. An Uncensored Look Behind The Walls by Sanford J. Ungar ("Little, Brown and Company", 1975); 4) The Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann by Sidney B. Whipple ("Country Life Press", Garden City, N.Y., 1937); 5) 1929. America before the Crash by Warren Sloat ("Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc.", N.Y., 1979); 6) A Year on the Killing Streets. Homicide by David Simon (Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1991); 7) Kidnap. The Story of the Lindbergh Case by George Waller ("The Dual Press", N.Y., 1961).

Box 132

"The Devil's Tongue", "Homicide-NB / 410", "A Present from Your Old Man", "Night Owls", outlines, fragments, story ideas etc. (typescripts, some annotated; handwritten notes). No date.

Box 134

"Seven Silent Men", "Little Girl - Master", no date; "The Brinks Robbery" (rewritten starting 2/27/73); "Homicide", Episode Two, "The Ghost of a Chance", Aug. 27, 1992 (typescripts and photocopies of typescripts).

Box 137

"The Great Brinks Robbery", "Tarzan of the Tetons", fragments (typescripts, photocopies of typescripts; some annotated); no date.

Box 138

"Sihler", "Act of Treason", "The Shadow Boxer", "Mother Luv" fragments, "Ping Pong" and "Lindbergh" materials, untitled fragments (typescripts, photocopies of typescripts, fragments, etc.), 1997, no date.

Box 139

Lindbergh case research materials (photocopies of documents, clippings, etc.), Behn's drafts (typewritten and handwritten), notes, etc.; includes also typewritten fragments of an untitled manuscript. 1980s mostly; no date.

Box 144

Lindbergh case - research materials (mostly photocopies of documents); "Ping Pong", "Brink's!" (typescripts, with some notes and corrections); no date.

Box 145

"Seven Silent Men" (typescripts and fragments, edited); Lindbergh case materials (mostly photocopies of clippings and other documents regarding Elizabeth Morrow and Marrow family), miscellaneous dates.

Box 147

"Ping Pong" fragments; untitled fragments edited by Joe Fox; typescripts, no date; some annotated. Includes also Lindbergh case materials, mostly photocopies of miscellaneous documents regarding Morrow family; miscellaneous dates.

Box 148

"Devil's Tongue" (typescripts, fragments); untitled fragments, no date.

Box 150

"Seven Silent Men" (typescripts, scene reports, outlines), "Black Box" (typescripts), miscellaneous and untitled typescripts and fragments of typescripts. June 23, 1987; no date.

Box 151

"Jennifer-Yellows", no date; "Subject to Change" ("3d suspect"), in co-authorship with Siv Svendsen, April 12, 1991; July 30, 1991; no date (typescripts, a tear sheet, off prints).

Box 154

"General Story" outlines, "Night Owls", early "Seven Silent Men", "Subject to Change," "Split Image" (in co-authorship with Siv Svendsen), "Act of Treason," un-titled and unidentified fragments, notebooks, miscellaneous notes (typescripts, photocopies of typescripts, some annotated; handwritten materials); 1987, 1991, no date.

Box 155

"The Race for the Lindbergh Killer"; "Sihler III", rough draft; "Ping Pong", "Black Box", Lindbergh case materials; unidentified and untitled fragments, notes, etc.; 1970, 1972, 1980, no date (typescripts, photocopies of typescripts, handwritten notes).

Box 156

"The Night Owls", "Owls Out", untitled fragments (typescripts, some annotated; fragments with notes; photocopies, etc.), no date.

Box 159

"A Third Suspect", "The Shining Man" (fragments), Lindbergh-Hoffman case materials (typescripts, photocopies, related notes and correspondence, etc.); 3/8/1972, 3/1/1989, 12/22/1994, miscellaneous dates, no date.

Box 161

Transcriptions of "Master" tapes, 1984; untitled typescripts, fragments, drafts, notes, no date; editor's notes, Jan 18, 1989; lines and story ideas (notes, clippings, magazines, miscellaneous); "The Death Masters" and "Behn Chronology" (typewritten, no date).

Box 162

"Kiss-Pitch”, "Tarzan of the Tetons," "Sihler," "Ping Pong," "Death Masters," "Tom Bostwick Just Bought God" (typescripts, photocopies of typescripts, notes, etc.); miscellaneous fragments and drafts, untitled; 1970s, no date.

Box 163

"The Great Brinks Robbery", chapters 45-69; "Sihler" and "4th Station" (typescripts, fragments, photocopies of typescripts), 1970s, 1991, no date.

Box 164

"Sihler," "Seven Silent Men - dead matter" (typescripts, photocopies of typescripts), 1971, 1983-1984; Lindbergh case materials (mostly photocopies of miscellaneous documents), miscellaneous dates.

Box 165

Lindbergh and "Color Crime" research materials (photocopies of various documents, mostly clippings, 1930s).

Box 166

Lindbergh and "Color Crime" research materials (photocopies of various documents, mostly clippings, 1930s); "Dr. Ross" [?] case research materials, 1920s; "The Shadow Boxer," untitled ["Night Owls"] typescripts, annotated, no date.

Box 167

"Seven Silent Men - dead matter", 12/7/83; "Night Owls", miscellaneous fragments, no date; "A Minor Matter of Retribution," no date; other miscellaneous fragments, typescripts, photocopies of typescripts, some annotated.

Box 169

"Seven Silent Men," "The Kremlin Letter," "A Minor Matter of Retribution," untitled fragments (typescripts and photocopies of typescripts, some annotated), 1966, 1983-1984, no date.

Box 174

"I, Spy", 1996; "A Present from Your Old Man", no date; Lindbergh materials; untitled fragments, no date; related editor's letters, outlines, miscellaneous (typescripts, notes, photocopies, etc.).

Box 176

Books with numerous handwritten notes, marks, etc.: The Spirit of St. Louis by Charles A. Lindbergh (NY, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1953); Bring Me a Unicorn, Diaries and Letters of Anne Marrow Lindbergh (NY, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 1971); George Waller, Kidnap. The Story of the Lindbergh Case (NY, The Dial Press, 1961); Scapegoat. The Lonesome Death of Bruno Richard Hauptmann by Anthony Scaduto (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, NY 1976); The Airman and the Carpenter by Ludovic Kennedy (Viking, 1985); Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Diaries and Letters, 1929-1932 (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973); Time Capsule / 1932. A History of the Year Condensed from the Pages of Time (Time-Life Books, NY, 1932).

Box 177

Books with numerous handwritten notes, marks, etc.: The House of Morgan. An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance by Ron Chernov (Atlantic Montly Press, NY, 1990); The Men Who Robbed Brink's by Bob Considine (Random House, NY, 1961); Brink's! Uncorrected proof, by Noel Behn (G.P. Putnam's Sons, NY, 1977); A Year on the Killing Streets. Homicide by David Simon (Houghton Mifflin Company / Boston, 1991); The Great Depression by Robert S. McElvaine (Times Books, NY, 1984); The Lindbergh Crime by Sidney B. Whipple (Blue Ribbon, NY, 1935); Since Yesterday. The 1930s in America by Frederick Lewis Allen (Harper and Row, Publishers, NY, 1986); Commando Extraordinary. The Remarkable Exploits of Otto Skorzeny by Charles Foley (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1967); Of Flight and Life by Charles A. Lindbergh (Charles Scribner's Sons, NY, 1948).

Box 183

Russian trip materials and various drafts and versions of the Behn's article on the topic; includes notebooks, maps, postcards, notes, leaflets, travel magazines, etc.

Box 185

Noel Behn's writings - notebooks, drafts, fragments, Lindbergh case materials (mostly photocopies), etc.



Scope and Contents note

This series contains research materials, thematic files, FBI materials, off-prints, miscellaneous materials.
Box 14

Thematic files: "Musical and Dramatic Theatre Academy of America" (1963; no date); "Musical Theatre Academy of New York"; "Military Information Enterprises, Inc.", 04/04/96; "Stormfront" (computer printouts from Websites of the "Stormfront" and other racist groups); includes also computer info, various programs, flyers, miscellaneous papers.

Box 16

"Night at the Algonquin" materials: programs, typescripts "Meanwhile, back at the Algonquin…" by Channing Gibson and Tom Fontana, invitations, lists, various drafts, etc. –Nov. 1987; no date.

Box 17

"Algonquin" materials (continued); programs, flyers, Internet printouts (racist and hate sites' materials); "Netscape Navigator Handbook", miscellaneous.

Box 40

"Pentagon on Net" materials (includes printouts etc.), "Simon and Schuster Lawsuit" materials, FBI National Academy materials, actresses' portfolios, miscellaneous papers.

Box 41

Actresses' and actors' portfolios (continued); FBI materials; bibliographical materials on Lindbergh case; off prints; miscellaneous.

Box 49

Actresses' personal files; inventory of the Hauptmann case subject files in the Harold G. Hoffman papers, 1988; a printout related to Hauptmann case, 3/27/1987; "News flash" printouts; Web printouts (criminal info, racist and hate sites, etc.), U.S. Dept. of Justice materials, etc.

Box 60

"Seven Silent Men" promotional materials, events materials ("Seven Silent Men" supper, 1984; "New York Historical Society Banquet," no date; etc.), "To-Do" lists, research materials, miscellaneous.

Box 61

Lindbergh case materials - "Harold G. Hoffman Museum" materials (copies of criminal records, off-prints, copies of related media materials, detective agencies' materials, correspondence, etc.), miscellaneous notes. Folders A1-A33.

Box 62

Lindbergh case materials - "Harold G. Hoffman Museum" materials, continued, folders A34-A102.

Box 76

"The Writers Theatre" file (press releases, invitations, actors' info, grants info, related correspondence, etc.), "The Author Guild, Inc." file; events' files (Mid-Atlantic Mystery Book Fair, 1993; Global Survival Conference, Oxford, 1988); actors' and actresses' portfolios; medical general information; Wilhelm Reich file (a fragment from his biography by Myron Sharaf, photocopies of clippings, W. Reich Museum materials, etc.).

Box 90

Juana Leija case and Hurley Foutenof case materials, 1980s-1990s; Cluna hotels file, 1989, no date; Holocaust Organizations file; Writers' Theatre's mailing list; Writers Guild of America 47th Annual Awards materials, March 19, 1995; books' dust jackets; Tom Clancy's portfolio; actresses' portfolios, Michael Arkin's resume; light diffusion kit; individual's files (Terry George; Leandra Lynn; Andrew Stevovich); miscellaneous.

Box 124

Actors' and actresses' resumes, publishers' catalogs, research materials (thematic files on criminals, fire work, pyrotechnics, impotence, cult movements, mafia history etc. – mostly Internet printouts), N. Behn's 60th birthday list, miscellaneous, 1980s-1990s, no date.

Box 153

Writer's Guild materials, Screen Actors Guild materials, Actors' resumes, miscellaneous indexes and inventories, FBI file, military file, Jan Barry Sandlin case materials, "7 Silent Men" casting and work list materials, miscellaneous (off-prints, printouts, leaflets and catalogs, faxes, letters, etc.); 1950s, 1970s, 1990s, no date.

Box 160

"Missouri Film Production Guide" files; Noel Behn's Cleveland Schedule and related documents; FBI reports, financial documents, etc., 1940s (photocopies); "Writers' Guild" registrations; subject and personal files (Mickey Rourke); John O'Connor, Hall-Mills murder; miscellaneous. Includes correspondence, typewritten and handwritten materials, leaflets, brochures, photocopies, manuals, etc., 1940s, 1969, no date and miscellaneous dates.

Box 170

Actors' and actresses' resumes; Mid Atlantic Mystery Book Fair documents; Intelligence School documents, 1950 [were marked "restricted"]; "Quad-Stanford 1950" edition (with N. Behn's photo-portrait); personal and thematic files, miscellaneous.

Box 175

Actors' resumes and casting materials; subject files ("Lindbergh, The Crime" - PR materials; cat file; drug dealers' criminal case materials; "The Humanities Prize" for "Homicide" scripts, etc.), event files, miscellaneous; a lot of materials regarding Cindy Wirth's business activities and fitness programs. 1980s, 1990s, miscellaneous.

Box 179

PR materials, resumes and personal files, bibliographical materials, leaflets and brochures, Internet printouts, The Musical Theatre Academy of New York information, Musical and Dramatic Theatre Academy of America information, miscellaneous notes, drafts, fragments, etc.; 1990s mostly.

Box 181

Photo-portraits (mostly Noel Behn's), contact sheets, related materials (notes etc.). Two photos are framed (wooden frames, one with glass, one without glass), no date.

Box 182

Miscellaneous photos, contact sheets, Polaroid photos, two film rolls, and related documents (notes etc.); includes photos of Julie Bovasso, Peter Naas, Noel Behn (on his trip to Russia), Cindy Wirth, among others; mini floppy disks and MT tapes, some transcribed.

Box 185

American Art posters file; Joel Orlansky (1996) file; materials on the topics (World Population Explosion Problem; Ecological problem, etc.) - leaflets, bulletins, photocopies, off-prints, etc.); miscellaneous materials.



Scope and Contents note

This series contains audiotapes and videotapes, interviews etc. (some with identified content).
Box 87

Miscellaneous videocassettes, some with episodes from "Homicide” and some unidentified; a videocassette with B.J. Ward's "Stand-Up Opera" (04/26/1994), "Song of Norway"; audiocassettes and EHG TC-20, VHSC cassettes (mini videocassettes).

Box 88

Miscellaneous videocassettes, including "Tony Kaye Films," "VideoHead Cleaners," "Tyson vs. Hollyfield," "Where Eagles Dare," "Heurik Holm," "Kremlin Letter," various "Homicide" episodes, review copy of the interview with Noel Behn about "Lindbergh Crime," "Noel Behn, Dateline NBC, 12/7/1993," "The Best Man" and unidentified materials; includes also JVC-VHSCXR cassettes (mini video cassettes) and audio cassettes.

Box 89

Videocassettes: "Trial of the Century Symposium, Jan. 21-Feb 8, broadcast on the New Jersey Network," "Sons of Norway," "One False Move," "Bounce Terre Mine," "Bonne Terre, Missouri," "Homicide" episodes; VHSC videocassettes and audiocassettes; videocassettes "Global Forum on Survival, Oxford Univ., England," "ABC Night Life 1/8/1981" [?], "Nova: How Good Is Soviet Science, 4/25/1988"; audiocassettes: "Lunch 7/7/1988 at Cage Cielo," "Child Holocaust," "Dena and Rose, Song Stylist."

Box 180

CDs, diskettes, soft mini floppy disks, four cassette albums (one with the title "Boston trip"), 29 audiocassettes total; 5 videocassettes (titled "HBO: Lindbergh," "Carolyn Beauchamp," "Cold Steal: B. Allen. 1991 / Marianne Hettinger," "Homicide: Episode #203, A Many Splendored Thing," an untitled cassette); some materials are fragile and may need further preservation. Scotch recording tape RB-5 (package); an audiocassette titled "300 Green"; "Baseball trading cards" (an unopened package); a CD "The Beginning of the End" with related materials (an invitation, an envelope), called "Slim File," a folder with 3M diskettes and related descriptions (titled "Homicide," "Foot Note," etc.); handwriting samples and plates (Lindbergh case materials), mostly photocopies (includes handwritten and other materials, too).



Scope and Contents note

This series contains manuscripts, annotated texts and proofs.
Box 11

"Seven Silent Men" by Jesse Graham (from the book of the same name by Noel Behn); "Seven Silent Men," Scene Report 2, 3rd draft by Hal Ashby, Sept. 18, 1987; "Seven Silent Men," final version by Hal Ashby, 11/4/87, and "Master"; "Vital Parts," screenplay by Hal Ashby, based on the novel by Thomas Berger; "My Bouffant Hairdo" by Tish Cather, Nov 3, 1997; "Black Snow" by Sir Svendsen; typescripts and fragments of typescripts, a letter.

Box 15

Works and fragments of works by Philip Carlo, Shelley Rusteen Conners, Ben Starr, Kenley Shea, Tony Cinciripini, David Black, William Alton, Graham Greene, Samuel Beckett, Channing Gibson and Tom Fontana - typescripts, a proof, an off-print, 1970s-1990s. Includes also fragments by unidentified authors.

Box 26

Works by David Blum, Aaron Julieu, Rob Weiss, Heidi Kujac, Walter Bobbie, Tom Fontana, Herb Gardner, Bryan Lacey, Robert Porter; "Home Fires": A Teleplay by various authors; "Magazines" by Cindy Lee Brinkendahl and Jonathan Smith-Gault [?] - typescripts, 1989-1994, no date.

Box 38

Works by Tish Coffer, T.N. Berg, Tom Fontana, Bruce Paltrow, John Tinker, Lawrence Herbert, Linola Kelly, Al Shannon, Joe Eszterhas, Channing Gibson, 1989-1998; no date.

Box 48

Works by J.R. Chastain, Tom Fontana (some in co-authorship), Tommy De Vito [?], Christopher Sprinkle, Cynthia R. Wirth, and others. Includes also various submissions, related correspondence, miscellaneous.

Box 58

Works by Hal Ashby, Walter Bobbie, Thomas Fontana, Blaine Novak, Bruce Paltrow, John Masius, James Friend, Robert DeLaurentis, Matt Dillon [?], Allan Torrey, unidentified author(s).

Box 64

"Brinks" drafts by David Zelag Geedman and Bruce Nicolaysen (various revisions); "The Crime of the Century" by Robert W. Lenski; "Heat" by an unidentified author (typescripts, notes), 1975-1977; no date.

Box 65

Works by Tom Fontana, Bruce Paltrow, John Tinker, Monty Diamond, Shane Black, Ian Normann Karlsen, Channing Gibson, Laurice Elehwany, Kevin Richards, Julie Martin, an unidentified author, 1988-1992, no date (typescripts and fragments, some are annotated).

Box 70

Works by Thomas M. Fontana, Joel A. Thompson, Walter Bobbie, Daniel Fried, William W. Wilson, 1979, 1992, 1999, no date (typewritten).

Box 73

Works by Robert Cohen, Tom Fontana, Walter Crittenden and unidentified authors; 1990s, no date (typescripts).

Box 80

Works by Adam Drucker, Greg Antonacci, Kevin Barnes, Mike A. Internicola, Willy Holtzman, William J. Zide, and unidentified authors (typescripts and related correspondence); a photocopy of the book "The Cunning Mulatto…" by Fletcher Pratt.

Box 82

Works by Damien Gray, Tom Benson, Christopher Sprinkle, Siv Svendsen, Channing Gibson, Tom Fontana, and unidentified authors (typescripts, some annotated); 1989-1997; no date.

Box 98

Works by Sydney [?], Lee Theodore, Hal Ashby, Jesse Graham, Tom Fontana, Bernie DeLeo, Ron Swanson; "Homicide," Episode 12, by Anya Epstein; 1986-1998; no date.

Box 99

"Homicide" episodes by James Yoshimura, Bounie Mark, Yaphet Kotto, David Simon, Anya Epstein, Jorge Zamacona, Eric Overmyer, Rafael Alvarez, Julie Martin, Linda L. McGibney; "OZ" episode by Tom Fontana; "Dellaventura" by Frank Abatemarco; "Family Brood," pilot episode, by James Yoshimura and Tom Fontana; 1990s.

Box 101

"Junk Bonds" by Lucy Wang, 7/96; "Homicide" episodes by Henry Bromell, James Yoshimura, Tom Fontana, David Simon, Anya Epstein, Julie Martin, Jorge Zamacona, Darryl LeMout, 1995-1997 (typescripts).

Box 102

"Homicide" episodes by David Simon, Tom Fontana, Michael Whaley, Anya Epstein, Eric Overmyer, Bonnie Mark, Jack Behr, Julie Martin, Kevin Arkadie, James Yoshimura,, Edward Gold, Jorge Zamacona, Michael Chernuchin, D. Maria Legaspi, David Rupel (typescripts, some annotated); 1995.

Box 103

"Homicide" episodes by Jorge Zamacona, Julie Martin, David Rupel, Eugene Lee, Bonnie Mark, Henry Bromell, Tom Fontana, D. Keith Mano, Rogers Turrentine, Jean Gennis, Phyllis Murphy (typescripts, some with handwritten marks and notes), 1994-1995.

Box 104

"Homicide" episodes by David Simon, James Yoshimura, Tom Fontana, Anya Epstein, Julie Martin, Darryl LeMout Wharton, Henry Bromell, Linda McGibney, Philip B. Epstein, Sean Jablonski, Matthew Witten, Eric Overmyer, Gay Walch, Jane Smiley, David Mills, Randall Anderson (typescripts), 1994, 1996-1998.

Box 106

"Homicide," "OZ," "Murder.com" episodes, various pilot episodes and screenplays by Tom Fontana, Yaphet Kotto, Les Carter, Susan Sisko, Ben Hecht, Charles Lederer, Anya Epstein, Lynda LaPlante, Christopher Kyle, Lee Blessing, Jeanne Blake, James Yoshimura, Debbie Sarjeant, and an unknown author; typescripts; 1949, 1996-1998.

Box 111

Works by Frank Pugliese, John Connolly, David Loucka, Barry Levinson, Stephen Metcalfe, Larry Duberstein, Mickey Rourke, Tom Fontana, Bruce Paltrow, John Tinker, S. Lee Pogostin (typescripts, photocopies of typescripts, off-prints); 1986-88, 1995; no date. One material is marked "confidential."

Box 112

Works by Harry Russo, Tom Fontana, David Black, Rob Moss, Clifford Harris, Robert Mark Kamen, John A. Nist, Hiroshi Sugawara, Haruniko Yoshimeki, Jorge Zamacona, 1983; 1994-1995; no date (typescripts and related correspondence).

Box 113

"Homicide" episodes and other works by Paul Attanasio, Jorge Zamacona, Bonnie Mark, James Yoshimura, Tom Fontana, Frank Pugliese, Fredric Brown, and unknown authors (typescripts, fragments of typescripts, photocopies, some annotated, with handwritten marks and notes), 1992-93, 1995; no date.

Box 114

"Homicide" episodes and related materials and other works by Ron Thompson, Jorge Zamacona, Tom Fontana, James Yoshimura, Paul Attanasio, and unknown authors (typescripts, fragments of typescripts, outlines, fillers, related correspondence), 1992-93, 1997; no date.

Box 119

Works (some untitled) by Tom Fontana, Sean Jablonski, Elizabeth M. Cosin, Bradford Winters, Allan R. McKinnon, Orran Farmer, John Kirk, Peter Mattei, Kurt Sinnamon, and unknown authors. Typescripts, 1997-1998; no date.

Box 120

"OZ" and "Homicide" episodes and other works by Elizabeth M. Cosin, Kathryn Paulsen, Andrea Newman, Nabeil Sarhan, Willy Holtzman, Tom Fontana, Joanna Cohen, mums [?], Bronwen Hruska, Juliann Garey (typescripts, related correspondence, resumes), and unknown authors. 1990s, no date.

Box 127

Works by Cindy Wirth, Daniel Weitzman, Marilyn Osborn, Ken Brisbois, Matt Mullin, John Carlen, Randi Cushnir, Jay Clark, Christian Maxwell, Susanna K. Elm, Gene Cogan, Andrew Ordover, muMs the schemer [?], Larry Grossburg, Susan Sullivan [?], et al. (typescripts, photocopies); 1984, 1986, 1997-1998; no date.

Box 128

Works by Dvora Inwood, Robin U. Russin, Sara M. Dexheimer, Lois Johnson, Gary Anderson, Eve Pellegrino, Maryellen Stadtlander, R. Scott Gemmill, Andrew C. Ordover, Steven Berko, Neal Hirschfeld (typescripts and related correspondence), 1996-1997; no date.

Box 129

Works by Aram Saroyan, Tanya Hamilton, Dvora Inwood, Russ La Valle, Richard Sweren, Stephen R. Aisenberg, Sonec Thompson, Clark Middleton (typescripts and photocopies of typescripts, related PR, correspondence), 1995, 1997; no date.

Box 130

Works by Judith McGreary, Marc Kristal, Richard Holland, Tanya Hamilton, Steven Berko, Francine M. Storey, Tim Hotchner, Stephen J. Brackley, Pamela K. Long, R. Scott Gemmill (typescripts and related correspondence); 1995-1997; no date.

Box 131

Works by Andrew C. Ordover, Walter T. Meade, Eve Pellegrino, David Shore, Tori A. Baker, Jodie Blackford, Thomas McKelvey, Amos Kamil, Brian Cameron Fuld, Linda Wright, Tim Minear, Ron Lux, Jonathan Robert Kaplan, and an unknown author (typescripts, related PR and correspondence); 1994-1997; no date.

Box 135

"Homicide" episodes by Frank Pugliese, Paul Attanasio, James Yoshimura, Jorge Zamacona; "A Present From Your Old Man" by Walter Crittenden; "Ascent" and other works by unknown author(s); typescripts, 1992-1994; no date.

Box 143

"Homicide" episodes by David Simon, Anya Epstein, Matt Witten, Paul Attanasio, and unknown author(s), other works by Louisse Bernikow, Kim Philby, Edith Pinero Green, Eric S. mu Mticulous, Catherine Lewis, mu Ms the Schemer, Walter I. Meade, Lorenzo Carcaterra, John Braut, Edith Renaud, and unknown author(s); typescripts, photocopies, uncorrected proofs; 1932, 1970, 1968 [?], 1979 [?], no date.

Box 146

"Homicide" episodes by David Simon, David Mills, Paul Attanasio, Anya Epstein, Tom Fontana; other works by P. Chayefsky, Bob Fosse, Linda M. Wright, Robert A. Furthur [ ?], and unknown author(s); 1978, 1982, 1990s, no date (typescripts, some annotated).

Box 149

"Seven Silent Men" by Hal Ashby, Jesse Graham and unidentified author(s), loose pages, untitled fragments, etc.; typescripts and fragments, some annotated; no date.

Box 158

Works by Timothy Nolan, Candido Tirado, Steve Monroe, Earl Majikau, Dorothy Dellabough, Hal Ashby, Grant B. Dellabough, and an unidentified author; 1987, 1990s, no date (typescripts, related notes and correspondence).

Box 172

Works by Carmen Rivera, McGowan, Guy Durham, A.H. Corliss, Saltzman [?], Jam Tracks, Michael O’Connor, T. Schulz [?], Ch. Bukovsky, D.F. Canning, unidentified authors (typescripts, photocopies, notes, miscellaneous). 1980s-1990s, no date, miscellaneous dates.

Box 178

Works by Bradley Tusk, Cheryl Difalla, Susan Winston, Dan Funk, Greg Zittel, Edward Pomerantz, Julie Friedgen, Jonathan Robert Kaplan, Stephen Evangelinas, Laura Cahill, Carl Ellsworth, Timothy Nolan, Philip John Taylor, Linda Reynolds, Kenya Boone, Robert Duvall, and unidentified authors: typescripts, a book, related correspondence and other materials. 1990s; no date.

Box 185

Works by Aaron J. Schuster, Steven Tanenbaum, and unidentified author(s) - typescripts.



Scope and Contents note

This series contains clippings, newspapers, magazines and miscellaneous publications.
Box 21

Magazines, newspapers, clippings and photocopies of clippings, Web news printouts; includes also reviews of Behn's works in printed and electronic media. Mostly 1990s.

Box 55

Clippings and photocopies of clippings including those related to "Seven Silent Men"; miscellaneous magazines including those related to "Ping Pong" research; 1980s-1990s mostly.

Box 56

Magazines and publications ("Time," "Boston," "George," etc.), miscellaneous catalogs.

Box 63

Magazines, newspapers ("The Hollywood Reporter," "The New York Times Book Review," etc.), miscellaneous press releases, clippings, photocopies of clippings, publicity materials, etc.

Box 79

Magazines and publications related to "Ping Pong" and "Lindbergh" research; miscellaneous clippings and photocopies of clippings; "New York," "New York Times Magazine"; "Computer Tooter"; 1980s-1990s mostly.

Box 97

Newspapers accounts on Lindbergh case (photocopies and negative photocopies of clippings).

Box 152

Copies of "The New Yorker," "Vanity Fair," "Esquire," "Playbill," "Time," "Script Magazine," "Venezuela," "New West," etc., miscellaneous clippings, photocopies of clippings, tear sheets, etc.; "Homicide" reviews, clippings regarding Lindbergh case, news clips from Russia. Mostly 1980s-1990s.

Box 168

"Playbill" and other artistic publications, "Boston," "New York Magazine," "Memories," "Consumer Reports," clippings and photocopies of clippings regarding Soviet Union, Lindbergh case, Nosovitsky, etc.; miscellaneous publicity materials. 1970s-1980s, miscellaneous dates.

Box 186

"Playbill," "Stagebill," "Gamut," and other artistic publications, clippings, photocopies of clippings, articles, tear sheets.