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Guide to the Die-Cut Advertising Literature Collection, ca. 1883-1960

Collection number: Mss 202

Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Die-Cut Advertising Literature Collection
Dates: ca. 1883-1960
Collection Number: Mss 202
Extent: .8 linear feet (2 document boxes)
Repository: University of California, Santa Barbara. Library. Department of Special Collections
Santa Barbara, California 93106-9010
Physical Location: Del Sur
Language: English.

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Preferred Citation

[Item description]. Die-Cut Advertising Literature Collection. Mss 202. Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Acquisition Information

Purchase, 2003.

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection contains over 100 pamphlets, booklets, cards, and flyers cut in shapes such as animals, books, bottles, boxes, cans, fruit and vegetables, hats, oysters, and shoes. Many of the items are highly illustrated and printed in vivid colors. Most are early-mid 20th century, some from California. The collection is arranged alphabetically, by company name.

Box 1: 1

Abington - Penna (Philadelphia, PA) - Abington High School football program, 1923. Shape: football.

Box 1: 2

Acorn Stoves and Ranges - Acorn Stoves promotional pamphlet, n.d. Shape: acorn.

Box 1: 3

Alliance Book Corporation (New York, NY) - description and order form for Satan in Top Hat: The Biography of Franz von Papen, n.d. Shape: top hat.

Box 1: 4

Alpine Evaporated Cream Co. (San Francisco,CA) - Alpine milk recipe book, [ca. 1930]. Shape: cow.

Box 1: 5

American Art Clay Products (Indianapolis, IN) - Amaco powdered tempera paint samples and price list,[ca. 1930]. Shape: paint can.

Box 1: 6

American Cereal Co. (Chicago, IL) - Quaker Oats promotional piece, [ca. 1895]. Shape: box.

Box 1: 7

American Committee for Shaare Zedek Hospital (Jerusalem, Israel) - donation through advertisement appeal to keep Shaare Zedek Hospital open, [ca. 1960]. Shape: ambulance.


American Snuff Co. (Memphis, TN)

Box 1: 8

Peach Sweet Snuff promotional book with note pages and jokes, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 8

Honest Scotch Snuff promotional book with note pages and calendar, 1942-1943. Shape: can.

Box 1: 9

Ashland Lithia Springs (Ashland, OR) - promotional pamphlet on Ashland, OR, [ca. 1905]. Shape: glass.

Box 1: 10

Associated Importers of Havana Cigars in the United States (New York, NY) - Havana Cigars promotional pamphlet and US importers list, [ca. 1930]. Shape: cigar box.

Box 1: 11

Bain Peanut Co. (Wakefield, VA) - promotional picture book of peanut picking process, [ca. 1900]. Shape: peanut.

Box 1: 12

Ballantine Inn (New York) - Ballantine's Book of Ballads for New York World's Fair, 1939. Shape: beer stein.

Box 1: 13

Bardstown Distillery (Bardstown, KY) - "Ask for the Fiddle Bottle" promotional booklet with "Songs We Love to Sing" by Stephen Foster and a small description of the whiskey-making process, 1937. Shape: fiddle.

Box 1: 14

Barton's Candy Corporation (Brooklyn, NY) - Barton's promotional pamphlet with information on Chanukah, the menorah, and the dredel, n.d. Shape: Menorah.

Box 1: 15

Bernstein's Fish Grottos (San Francisco, CA) - Coo-Coo Clam recipe booklets, n.d. Shape: clam.

Box 1: 16

Blackhawk Mfg. Co. (Milwaukee, WI) - Blackhawk "Chief" socket wrench sets advertisement, n.d. Shape: socket.

Box 1: 17

Blue Onion Cafe (Santa Barbara, CA) - Blue Onion Cafe Drive-In Restaurants menu, n.d. Shape: onion.

Box 1: 18

The Brass Kettle Inn (Long Beach, CA) - Lunch and dinner menu for The Brass Kettle Inn, along with a poem, n.d. Shape: tea kettle.

Box 1: 19

Bull Fighting Illustrated -- illustrated book on bull fighting, [1904]. Shape: bull's head.

Box 1: 20

Business and Professional Women's Club (Seattle, WA) - Majorie Fraser Webster accomplishments from A to Z, 1958. Shape: book.

Box 1: 21

C. Aultman & Co. (Canton, OH) - Buckeye Works first prize promotional, [ca. 1890]. Shape: barn.


C. I. Hood & Co. (Lowell, MA)

Box 1: 22

Booklet of old proverbs and quotes, also quotes of satisfied customers for various Hood's products, 1900. Shape: book.

Box 1: 23

Hood's Sarsaparilla informational booklet, n.d. Shape: pansies.

Box 1: 24

Calavo Growers of California (Los Angeles, CA) - King Salad Avocado promotional booklet with avocado buying, caring, and preparation information and recipes with mailing envelope, 1946. Shape: avocado.

Box 1: 25

California Large Limas (California) - California Large Lima recipes, n.d. Shape : lima bean.

Box 1: 26

Canada Bread Co., Limited (Chicago, IL) - Genuine Butter-Nut Bread advertisement, n.d. Shape: loaf of bread.

Box 1: 27

Cella Commission Co. (St. Louis, MO) - instructional booklet on how to make money buying and selling corn, [1902]. Shape: book.

Box 1: 29

CIBA Company, inc. (New York, NY) - booklet for Coramine, a circulatory and respiratory stimulant, with caption "Be sure - It's in the bag." Shape: doctor's bag.

Box 1: 30

Cleaveland Macaroni Company (Cleveland, OH) - Golden Egg machine-dried macaroni, spaghetti, or short-cut macaroni recipe booklet, n.d. Shape: egg.

Box 1: 31

Coffee Pot Café (Williams, AZ) - Tourist information about the town and surrounding area, n.d. Shape: Coffee pot.

Box 1: 32

Continental Oil Co. [Conoco] - Conoco booklet on germ processed oil, 1931. Shape: oil can.

Box 1: 33

Corn Products Refining Co. (New York, NY) - Mazola salad cookbook, 1938. Shape: place mat and salad bowl.

Box 1: 34

Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) - Cornell Widow magazine with spook ads and articles, jokes, and actual ads, 1925. Shape: book.

Box 1: 35

Cudahy Packing Co. (Los Angeles, CA) - Suetene shortening cookbook, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 36

Dapper Dan Club (Beaver Falls, PA) - "Rubinoff and His Violin" performance souvenir from a school concert, [ca. 1940]. Shape: violin.

Box 1: 37

Davenport Hotel (Spokate, WA) - Davenport Delicacy Shop menu and informational booklet, n.d. Shape: trout.

Box 1: 38

Diamond Brand (California) - Diamond Brand California Walnut cookbook, n.d. Shape: walnut.

Box 1: 39

Dr. Warner's Coraline Corsets (New York) - "Adjustable Flexible Hip" advertisement and endorsement from C.H. Parson's & Co., n.d. Shape: corset.

Box 1: 40

Dunbar - Dukate Co. (New Orleans, LA) - Original Dunbar Shrimp cookbook, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 41

Eastern Corporation (Bangor, ME) - Hurricane Wrapping water-repellent wrapper advertisement, n.d. Shape: ream of paper.

Box 1: 42

Edison Electric Appliance Co., Inc. (Chicago, IL) - Hotpoint Waffle Iron instructions and recipes, n.d. Shape: waffle.

Box 1: 43

Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States (New York, NY) - Equitable Life Insurance Policy advertisement, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 1: 44

Falstaff Brewing Co. (St. Louis, MO) - Falstaff Beer hanging score keeper, n.d. Shape: bottle.

Box 1: 45

Foster, Paul & Co. (Grenoble, France, Berlin, Germany, and New York, USA) - Foster's Kid Gloves advertisement, n.d. Shape: glove.

Box 1: 46

G. & C. Merriam Co. (Springfield, MA) - booklets on Webster's New International Dictionary, Webster's International Dictionary, and Webster's New International Dictionary with Reference History, n.d. Shapes: books.

Box 1: 47

Gamble - Skogmo, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) - Advertisement for Gamble's Home Guard Paint Headquarters with a sampler of nickel plated, rust proof, gold eyed needles, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 48

Gold Label Coffee - Colonial Stop and Shop grand opening thank you gift with Queen Victoria needle sampler, n.d. Shape: cup and saucer.

Box 1: 49

Golden State Dairy Products (San Francisco, CA) - Informative booklet for Golden State Powdered Skim Milk and directions for use, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 50

Gordon's (Rochester, NY) - Gordon's Popular Dry Good's House department listings,1883. Shape: book.

Box 1: 51

Grand Prix Exposition Universelle (Paris, France) - Promotional booklet for the exposition, 1900. Shape: desk.

Box 1: 52

Gulf Oil - "Hit of the Month" promotional booklet for Gulflex Lubrication and advertisement for Lee's Service Station in E. Hartford, Connecticut, n.d. Shape: vinyl record with sleeve.

Box 1: 53

H. Clifford Anderson (Stevenson, Connecticut) - GOP presidential election promotional, interactive cutout with assembly directions and multiple pieces, 1940. Shape: the White House.

Box 1: 54

H. O. Wilbur and Sons, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) - Wilbur's Cocoa recipe book, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 1: 55

Harrah's Club (Reno and Lake Tahoe, NV) - gaming guide and rule book, n.d. Shape: slot machine.

Box 1: 56

Hecker's Buckwheat - Hecker's Buckwheat advertisement, n.d. Shape: butterfly.

Box 1: 57

The Howard Tailoring Co. (Chicago, Illinois) - "The Story in a Nutshell" informative booklet for the Indianapolis, IN location, n.d. Shape: walnut.

Box 1: 58

Hupp Motor Car Corporation (Detroit, MI) - booklet on 1935 line of Huppmobiles, [1934]. Shape: car.

Box 1: 59

Idaho Russet Potatoes (Idaho) - promotional russet potato booklet highlighting the surrounding geographical landmarks, plus recipes, n.d. Shape: potato.

Box 1: 60

Illinois Canning Co. (Koopeston, Illinois) - promotional booklet for French Red Kidney Beans with recipes and reviews, 1895. Shape: can.

Box 1: 61

Indurated Fibre Ware Co. (Chicago, Illinois) - promotional booklet for indurated wood fibre products, n.d. Shape: pail.

Box 1: 62

Interstate Bakeries Corporation (Kansas City, MO) - The Executive Fruit Cake advertisement, n.d. Shape: round box.

Box 2: 1

J. C. Hubinger Bros. Co. (New Haven, CT) - Elastic starch hints for laundry and cleaning, 1914. Shape: box.

Box 2: 2

Jell-O (Le Roy, NY) - promotional booklet for flavored Jell-O, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 2: 3

Kitch-Kamp - general and camp recipe book, n.d. Shape: campsite.

Box 2: 4

Klamath County Potato Growers Association (Klamath Falls, Oregon) - recipe booklet using Klamath Netted Gem Potatoes, n.d. Shape: potato.

Box 2: 5

Knapp's Good Food (Garberville, CA) - Knapp's Good Food restaurant advertisement and map, [ca. 1934-1937]. Shape: cup.

Box 2: 6

Knott's Berry Farm Steak House (Buena Park, CA) - Buffalo Steak menu, [ca 1940]. Shape: buffalo.

Box 2: 7

Larousse (Paris, France) - advertisement for Larousse books with mini calendar, 1950. Shape: book.

Box 2: 8

Latz's Knife and Fork Inn (Atlantic City, NJ) - Latz's restaurant menu, n.d. Shape: lobster.

Box 2: 9

Lee - Lee Riders advertisement, n.d. Shape: pants, made of denim.

Box 2: 10

Lucky Stores (Los Angeles, CA) - Lucky grocery stores advertisement with needle sampler, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 2: 11

Margaret Burnham;s Cottage Candies (Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, CA) - promotional booklet with bridge score cards and rules for play, 1929. Shape: cottage.

Box 2: 12

Marietta Chamber of Commerce (Marietta, OH) - picture book with captions on the historical sites of Marietta, n.d. Shape: cabin.

Box 2: 13

Maytag Co. - Promotional booklet for Maytag washers and ironers, 1937. Shape: padlock.

Box 2: 14

Medford Pear (Medford, OR) - Medford Pear recipe book, n.d. Shape: pear.

Box 2: 15

The Merchants Co-Operative Bank (Boston, MA) - "The Woman in the Case" promotional booklet, n.d. Shape: book.

Box 2: 16

Missouri River Apple Growers (Wathena, KS) - Missouri River Apple District informational booklet, n.d. Shape: apple.

Box 2: 17

Monarch Foods (Chicago, IL) - Informational booklet for Gold corn and other Monarch Foods products, 1930. Shape: corn.

Box 2: 18

Morris & Company (Los Angeles, CA) - Informational booklet for Morola Nut Margarine with various recipes, n.d. Shape: box.


National Broadcasting Co. (Chicago, IL)

Box 2: 19

Ding Dong School Coloring book for the television show, 1955. Shape: lunch bag.

Box 2: 20

Paul Whiteman and his Famous Orchestra booking flyer, 1931. Shape: man's head.

Box 2: 21

National Dairy Council (Chicago, IL) - milk advertisement, n.d. Shape: bottle.

Box 2: 22

National Distillers Products Co. (New York, NY) - Gilbrey's Dry Gin recipe book, n.d. Shape: bottle.

Box 2: 23

New Haven R.R. (Boston, MA) - advertisement for the preview of the movie, "This Is New England" with menu, n.d. Shape: train.

Box 2: 24

Noyo River Apple Land (Medocino County, CA) - advertisement for Noyo River Country, n.d. Shape: apple.

Box 2: 25

Olympia Oyster House (Olympia, WA) - Olympia Oyster House menu, n.d. Shape: oyster.

Box 2: 26

Orange County Board of Supervisors (Santa Ana, CA) - illustrated souvenir booklet of highlights of Orange County, n.d. Shape: orange.

Box 2: 27

Oregon Oyster Co. (Portland, OR) - Dan & Louis Oyster Bar menu, n.d. Shape: oyster.

Box 2: 28

Ortho - Ortho kit advertisement for contraceptive materials, n.d. Shape: toiletry bag with contents.

Box 2: 29

Otto Milk Co. (Pittsburgh, PA) - Otto Milk Cream Top Bottle advertisement, n.d. Shape: bottle.

Box 2: 30

P. Duff & Sons, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) - Duff's Bran Muffin Mix recipes, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 2: 31

Pacific Coast Borax Co. (New York, NY) - 20 Mule Team Brand Boric Spangles recipe book for preventative and curative medicine, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 2: 32

Paramount Pictures - advertisement for Rudolph Valentino movie, "Blood and Sand," n.d. Shape: book.

Box 2: 33

Passenger Department of the Salt Lake Route - promotional booklet for the Salt Lake Route (from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City), including travel information about the city stops along the route, n.d. Shape: orange.

Box 2: 34

R. N. Burgess Company (San Francisco, CA) - "The Mount Diablo Country" in Contra Costa County real estate promotion, [ca. 1900]. Shape: walnut.

Box 2: 35

Reid, Murdoch, & Co. (Chicago, IL) - Monarch Teenie Weenie Sweet Pickles advertisement, 1926. Shape: barrel.

Box 2: 36

Richard Hellman, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) - Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise Salad Suggestions cookbook, [ca. 1930]. Shape: jar.

Box 2: 37

Rod's Steak House (Williams, AZ) - Rod's Steak House menu, n.d. Shape: cow.

Box 2: 38

Rosicrucian Order (San Jose, CA) - "The Man Inside" booklet promoting Rosicrucian Brotherhood, n.d. Shape: man's head.

Box 2: 39

Schmidt's (Columbus, OH) - Schmidt's Sausage Haus and Restaurant in German Village, Ohio, menu, n.d. Shape: beer stein.

Box 2: 40

Shriners (Washington D.C.) - Photo book with captions of governmental buildings in Washington D.C., 1923. Shape: shriner's hat.

Box 2: 41

Southern California Gas Company - Promotional booklet, called the "Platter Patter," for the Home Service Department that contains entertaining tricks, songs, and recipes, n.d. Shape: vinyl record.

Box 2: 43

Southern Cotton Oil Trading Co. (New York, NY) - Wesson Oil Salad Dressing recipe book, [ca. 1920]. Shape: woman.

Box 2: 43

Standard/Chevron - booklet for RPM Supreme motor oil, with tissues to clean glasses. Shape: oil can.

Box 2: 44

Standard Rice Company, Inc. (Houston, TX) - White House Cereals recipe book, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 2: 45

Stormtight - Promotional booklet for Stormtight roofing cement with consumer testimonials, [ca. 1920]. Shape: building.

Box 2: 46

Stuft Shirt (Pasadena, CA) - Stuft Shirt Restaurant menu, n.d. Shape: shirt.

Box 2: 47

Swift & Company (Chicago, IL) - Brookfield Eggs sandwich and salad recipe book, [ca. 1925]. Shape: egg carton.

Box 2: 48

Sylvania Radio Tubes - Promotional cutout, n.d. Shape: rotary dial telephone.

Box 2: 49

Thoughts for the Year - Four seasonal poems and calendar, 1895. Shape: books.

Box 2: 50

Todd, Bancroft & Co. (Rochester, NY) - Kulture Shoes advertisement and places of interest in Buffalo for Pan-American Exposition, n.d. Shape: boot.

Box 2: 51

21 Brands, Inc. (New York, NY) - Tribuno Vermouth recipe book, [ca. 1940]. Shape: bottle.

Box 2: 52

Union Carbide Sales Company - Informative pages and order blanks, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 2: 53

Unique Novelty Co. (New York, NY) - advertisement for "Runaway June," n.d. Shape: mustache and beard.

Box 2: 54

Universal Credit Company - advertisement for "Authorized Ford Finance Plans" through UCC, n.d. Shape: sack.

Box 2: 55

Vie-Del Company (Fresno, CA) - Wine-Chef recipe book, n.d. Shape: barrel.

Box 2: 56

Virden Packing Co. (California) - Virden Camp Fire Brand Selected California Fruits recipe book, [ca. 1930]. Shape: can.

Box 2: 57

Vitamin Food Co. (Westfield, MA) - Vegex recipe book, ca. 1920. Shape: jar.

Box 2: 58

Voigt Milling Co. (Grand Rapids, MI) - Voigt's Crescent Brand Flour score card, n.d. Shape: sack.

Box 2: 59

W. E. Garrett & Sons (Philadelphia, PA) - Garrett Sweet Mild Snuff notebook and joke book, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 2: 60

W. J. McCahan Sugar Refining and Molasses Co. (no location) - McCahan's Sunny Cane Sugar recipe book, 1937. Shape: box.

Box 2: 61

Walter H. Woods Co. (Boston, MA) - booklet on Woods Tours in Europe, 1937. Shape: book.

Box 2: 62

WEAF (Manhattan, NY) - "Morning in Manhattan" radio show advertisement with toasts, n.d. Shape: slice of bread.

Box 2: 63

Wobbers, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) - snap shots of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915. Shape: box camera.

Box 2: 64

Women's Missionary Society (Philadelphia, PA) - Light Brigade missionary work advertisement, n.d. Shape: book.

Box 2: 65

Yakima Commercial Club (North Yakima, WA) - North Yakima and Yakima Country promotional picture booklet, 1907. Shape: apple.