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Die-Cut Advertising Literature Collection
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Box 1: 1

Abington - Penna (Philadelphia, PA) - Abington High School football program, 1923. Shape: football.

Box 1: 2

Acorn Stoves and Ranges - Acorn Stoves promotional pamphlet, n.d. Shape: acorn.

Box 1: 3

Alliance Book Corporation (New York, NY) - description and order form for Satan in Top Hat: The Biography of Franz von Papen, n.d. Shape: top hat.

Box 1: 4

Alpine Evaporated Cream Co. (San Francisco,CA) - Alpine milk recipe book, [ca. 1930]. Shape: cow.

Box 1: 5

American Art Clay Products (Indianapolis, IN) - Amaco powdered tempera paint samples and price list,[ca. 1930]. Shape: paint can.

Box 1: 6

American Cereal Co. (Chicago, IL) - Quaker Oats promotional piece, [ca. 1895]. Shape: box.

Box 1: 7

American Committee for Shaare Zedek Hospital (Jerusalem, Israel) - donation through advertisement appeal to keep Shaare Zedek Hospital open, [ca. 1960]. Shape: ambulance.


American Snuff Co. (Memphis, TN)

Box 1: 8

Peach Sweet Snuff promotional book with note pages and jokes, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 8

Honest Scotch Snuff promotional book with note pages and calendar, 1942-1943. Shape: can.

Box 1: 9

Ashland Lithia Springs (Ashland, OR) - promotional pamphlet on Ashland, OR, [ca. 1905]. Shape: glass.

Box 1: 10

Associated Importers of Havana Cigars in the United States (New York, NY) - Havana Cigars promotional pamphlet and US importers list, [ca. 1930]. Shape: cigar box.

Box 1: 11

Bain Peanut Co. (Wakefield, VA) - promotional picture book of peanut picking process, [ca. 1900]. Shape: peanut.

Box 1: 12

Ballantine Inn (New York) - Ballantine's Book of Ballads for New York World's Fair, 1939. Shape: beer stein.

Box 1: 13

Bardstown Distillery (Bardstown, KY) - "Ask for the Fiddle Bottle" promotional booklet with "Songs We Love to Sing" by Stephen Foster and a small description of the whiskey-making process, 1937. Shape: fiddle.

Box 1: 14

Barton's Candy Corporation (Brooklyn, NY) - Barton's promotional pamphlet with information on Chanukah, the menorah, and the dredel, n.d. Shape: Menorah.

Box 1: 15

Bernstein's Fish Grottos (San Francisco, CA) - Coo-Coo Clam recipe booklets, n.d. Shape: clam.

Box 1: 16

Blackhawk Mfg. Co. (Milwaukee, WI) - Blackhawk "Chief" socket wrench sets advertisement, n.d. Shape: socket.

Box 1: 17

Blue Onion Cafe (Santa Barbara, CA) - Blue Onion Cafe Drive-In Restaurants menu, n.d. Shape: onion.

Box 1: 18

The Brass Kettle Inn (Long Beach, CA) - Lunch and dinner menu for The Brass Kettle Inn, along with a poem, n.d. Shape: tea kettle.

Box 1: 19

Bull Fighting Illustrated -- illustrated book on bull fighting, [1904]. Shape: bull's head.

Box 1: 20

Business and Professional Women's Club (Seattle, WA) - Majorie Fraser Webster accomplishments from A to Z, 1958. Shape: book.

Box 1: 21

C. Aultman & Co. (Canton, OH) - Buckeye Works first prize promotional, [ca. 1890]. Shape: barn.


C. I. Hood & Co. (Lowell, MA)

Box 1: 22

Booklet of old proverbs and quotes, also quotes of satisfied customers for various Hood's products, 1900. Shape: book.

Box 1: 23

Hood's Sarsaparilla informational booklet, n.d. Shape: pansies.

Box 1: 24

Calavo Growers of California (Los Angeles, CA) - King Salad Avocado promotional booklet with avocado buying, caring, and preparation information and recipes with mailing envelope, 1946. Shape: avocado.

Box 1: 25

California Large Limas (California) - California Large Lima recipes, n.d. Shape : lima bean.

Box 1: 26

Canada Bread Co., Limited (Chicago, IL) - Genuine Butter-Nut Bread advertisement, n.d. Shape: loaf of bread.

Box 1: 27

Cella Commission Co. (St. Louis, MO) - instructional booklet on how to make money buying and selling corn, [1902]. Shape: book.

Box 1: 29

CIBA Company, inc. (New York, NY) - booklet for Coramine, a circulatory and respiratory stimulant, with caption "Be sure - It's in the bag." Shape: doctor's bag.

Box 1: 30

Cleaveland Macaroni Company (Cleveland, OH) - Golden Egg machine-dried macaroni, spaghetti, or short-cut macaroni recipe booklet, n.d. Shape: egg.

Box 1: 31

Coffee Pot Café (Williams, AZ) - Tourist information about the town and surrounding area, n.d. Shape: Coffee pot.

Box 1: 32

Continental Oil Co. [Conoco] - Conoco booklet on germ processed oil, 1931. Shape: oil can.

Box 1: 33

Corn Products Refining Co. (New York, NY) - Mazola salad cookbook, 1938. Shape: place mat and salad bowl.

Box 1: 34

Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) - Cornell Widow magazine with spook ads and articles, jokes, and actual ads, 1925. Shape: book.

Box 1: 35

Cudahy Packing Co. (Los Angeles, CA) - Suetene shortening cookbook, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 36

Dapper Dan Club (Beaver Falls, PA) - "Rubinoff and His Violin" performance souvenir from a school concert, [ca. 1940]. Shape: violin.

Box 1: 37

Davenport Hotel (Spokate, WA) - Davenport Delicacy Shop menu and informational booklet, n.d. Shape: trout.

Box 1: 38

Diamond Brand (California) - Diamond Brand California Walnut cookbook, n.d. Shape: walnut.

Box 1: 39

Dr. Warner's Coraline Corsets (New York) - "Adjustable Flexible Hip" advertisement and endorsement from C.H. Parson's & Co., n.d. Shape: corset.

Box 1: 40

Dunbar - Dukate Co. (New Orleans, LA) - Original Dunbar Shrimp cookbook, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 41

Eastern Corporation (Bangor, ME) - Hurricane Wrapping water-repellent wrapper advertisement, n.d. Shape: ream of paper.

Box 1: 42

Edison Electric Appliance Co., Inc. (Chicago, IL) - Hotpoint Waffle Iron instructions and recipes, n.d. Shape: waffle.

Box 1: 43

Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States (New York, NY) - Equitable Life Insurance Policy advertisement, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 1: 44

Falstaff Brewing Co. (St. Louis, MO) - Falstaff Beer hanging score keeper, n.d. Shape: bottle.

Box 1: 45

Foster, Paul & Co. (Grenoble, France, Berlin, Germany, and New York, USA) - Foster's Kid Gloves advertisement, n.d. Shape: glove.

Box 1: 46

G. & C. Merriam Co. (Springfield, MA) - booklets on Webster's New International Dictionary, Webster's International Dictionary, and Webster's New International Dictionary with Reference History, n.d. Shapes: books.

Box 1: 47

Gamble - Skogmo, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) - Advertisement for Gamble's Home Guard Paint Headquarters with a sampler of nickel plated, rust proof, gold eyed needles, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 48

Gold Label Coffee - Colonial Stop and Shop grand opening thank you gift with Queen Victoria needle sampler, n.d. Shape: cup and saucer.

Box 1: 49

Golden State Dairy Products (San Francisco, CA) - Informative booklet for Golden State Powdered Skim Milk and directions for use, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 1: 50

Gordon's (Rochester, NY) - Gordon's Popular Dry Good's House department listings,1883. Shape: book.

Box 1: 51

Grand Prix Exposition Universelle (Paris, France) - Promotional booklet for the exposition, 1900. Shape: desk.

Box 1: 52

Gulf Oil - "Hit of the Month" promotional booklet for Gulflex Lubrication and advertisement for Lee's Service Station in E. Hartford, Connecticut, n.d. Shape: vinyl record with sleeve.

Box 1: 53

H. Clifford Anderson (Stevenson, Connecticut) - GOP presidential election promotional, interactive cutout with assembly directions and multiple pieces, 1940. Shape: the White House.

Box 1: 54

H. O. Wilbur and Sons, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) - Wilbur's Cocoa recipe book, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 1: 55

Harrah's Club (Reno and Lake Tahoe, NV) - gaming guide and rule book, n.d. Shape: slot machine.

Box 1: 56

Hecker's Buckwheat - Hecker's Buckwheat advertisement, n.d. Shape: butterfly.

Box 1: 57

The Howard Tailoring Co. (Chicago, Illinois) - "The Story in a Nutshell" informative booklet for the Indianapolis, IN location, n.d. Shape: walnut.

Box 1: 58

Hupp Motor Car Corporation (Detroit, MI) - booklet on 1935 line of Huppmobiles, [1934]. Shape: car.

Box 1: 59

Idaho Russet Potatoes (Idaho) - promotional russet potato booklet highlighting the surrounding geographical landmarks, plus recipes, n.d. Shape: potato.

Box 1: 60

Illinois Canning Co. (Koopeston, Illinois) - promotional booklet for French Red Kidney Beans with recipes and reviews, 1895. Shape: can.

Box 1: 61

Indurated Fibre Ware Co. (Chicago, Illinois) - promotional booklet for indurated wood fibre products, n.d. Shape: pail.

Box 1: 62

Interstate Bakeries Corporation (Kansas City, MO) - The Executive Fruit Cake advertisement, n.d. Shape: round box.

Box 2: 1

J. C. Hubinger Bros. Co. (New Haven, CT) - Elastic starch hints for laundry and cleaning, 1914. Shape: box.

Box 2: 2

Jell-O (Le Roy, NY) - promotional booklet for flavored Jell-O, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 2: 3

Kitch-Kamp - general and camp recipe book, n.d. Shape: campsite.

Box 2: 4

Klamath County Potato Growers Association (Klamath Falls, Oregon) - recipe booklet using Klamath Netted Gem Potatoes, n.d. Shape: potato.

Box 2: 5

Knapp's Good Food (Garberville, CA) - Knapp's Good Food restaurant advertisement and map, [ca. 1934-1937]. Shape: cup.

Box 2: 6

Knott's Berry Farm Steak House (Buena Park, CA) - Buffalo Steak menu, [ca 1940]. Shape: buffalo.

Box 2: 7

Larousse (Paris, France) - advertisement for Larousse books with mini calendar, 1950. Shape: book.

Box 2: 8

Latz's Knife and Fork Inn (Atlantic City, NJ) - Latz's restaurant menu, n.d. Shape: lobster.

Box 2: 9

Lee - Lee Riders advertisement, n.d. Shape: pants, made of denim.

Box 2: 10

Lucky Stores (Los Angeles, CA) - Lucky grocery stores advertisement with needle sampler, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 2: 11

Margaret Burnham;s Cottage Candies (Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, CA) - promotional booklet with bridge score cards and rules for play, 1929. Shape: cottage.

Box 2: 12

Marietta Chamber of Commerce (Marietta, OH) - picture book with captions on the historical sites of Marietta, n.d. Shape: cabin.

Box 2: 13

Maytag Co. - Promotional booklet for Maytag washers and ironers, 1937. Shape: padlock.

Box 2: 14

Medford Pear (Medford, OR) - Medford Pear recipe book, n.d. Shape: pear.

Box 2: 15

The Merchants Co-Operative Bank (Boston, MA) - "The Woman in the Case" promotional booklet, n.d. Shape: book.

Box 2: 16

Missouri River Apple Growers (Wathena, KS) - Missouri River Apple District informational booklet, n.d. Shape: apple.

Box 2: 17

Monarch Foods (Chicago, IL) - Informational booklet for Gold corn and other Monarch Foods products, 1930. Shape: corn.

Box 2: 18

Morris & Company (Los Angeles, CA) - Informational booklet for Morola Nut Margarine with various recipes, n.d. Shape: box.


National Broadcasting Co. (Chicago, IL)

Box 2: 19

Ding Dong School Coloring book for the television show, 1955. Shape: lunch bag.

Box 2: 20

Paul Whiteman and his Famous Orchestra booking flyer, 1931. Shape: man's head.

Box 2: 21

National Dairy Council (Chicago, IL) - milk advertisement, n.d. Shape: bottle.

Box 2: 22

National Distillers Products Co. (New York, NY) - Gilbrey's Dry Gin recipe book, n.d. Shape: bottle.

Box 2: 23

New Haven R.R. (Boston, MA) - advertisement for the preview of the movie, "This Is New England" with menu, n.d. Shape: train.

Box 2: 24

Noyo River Apple Land (Medocino County, CA) - advertisement for Noyo River Country, n.d. Shape: apple.

Box 2: 25

Olympia Oyster House (Olympia, WA) - Olympia Oyster House menu, n.d. Shape: oyster.

Box 2: 26

Orange County Board of Supervisors (Santa Ana, CA) - illustrated souvenir booklet of highlights of Orange County, n.d. Shape: orange.

Box 2: 27

Oregon Oyster Co. (Portland, OR) - Dan & Louis Oyster Bar menu, n.d. Shape: oyster.

Box 2: 28

Ortho - Ortho kit advertisement for contraceptive materials, n.d. Shape: toiletry bag with contents.

Box 2: 29

Otto Milk Co. (Pittsburgh, PA) - Otto Milk Cream Top Bottle advertisement, n.d. Shape: bottle.

Box 2: 30

P. Duff & Sons, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) - Duff's Bran Muffin Mix recipes, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 2: 31

Pacific Coast Borax Co. (New York, NY) - 20 Mule Team Brand Boric Spangles recipe book for preventative and curative medicine, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 2: 32

Paramount Pictures - advertisement for Rudolph Valentino movie, "Blood and Sand," n.d. Shape: book.

Box 2: 33

Passenger Department of the Salt Lake Route - promotional booklet for the Salt Lake Route (from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City), including travel information about the city stops along the route, n.d. Shape: orange.

Box 2: 34

R. N. Burgess Company (San Francisco, CA) - "The Mount Diablo Country" in Contra Costa County real estate promotion, [ca. 1900]. Shape: walnut.

Box 2: 35

Reid, Murdoch, & Co. (Chicago, IL) - Monarch Teenie Weenie Sweet Pickles advertisement, 1926. Shape: barrel.

Box 2: 36

Richard Hellman, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) - Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise Salad Suggestions cookbook, [ca. 1930]. Shape: jar.

Box 2: 37

Rod's Steak House (Williams, AZ) - Rod's Steak House menu, n.d. Shape: cow.

Box 2: 38

Rosicrucian Order (San Jose, CA) - "The Man Inside" booklet promoting Rosicrucian Brotherhood, n.d. Shape: man's head.

Box 2: 39

Schmidt's (Columbus, OH) - Schmidt's Sausage Haus and Restaurant in German Village, Ohio, menu, n.d. Shape: beer stein.

Box 2: 40

Shriners (Washington D.C.) - Photo book with captions of governmental buildings in Washington D.C., 1923. Shape: shriner's hat.

Box 2: 41

Southern California Gas Company - Promotional booklet, called the "Platter Patter," for the Home Service Department that contains entertaining tricks, songs, and recipes, n.d. Shape: vinyl record.

Box 2: 43

Southern Cotton Oil Trading Co. (New York, NY) - Wesson Oil Salad Dressing recipe book, [ca. 1920]. Shape: woman.

Box 2: 43

Standard/Chevron - booklet for RPM Supreme motor oil, with tissues to clean glasses. Shape: oil can.

Box 2: 44

Standard Rice Company, Inc. (Houston, TX) - White House Cereals recipe book, n.d. Shape: box.

Box 2: 45

Stormtight - Promotional booklet for Stormtight roofing cement with consumer testimonials, [ca. 1920]. Shape: building.

Box 2: 46

Stuft Shirt (Pasadena, CA) - Stuft Shirt Restaurant menu, n.d. Shape: shirt.

Box 2: 47

Swift & Company (Chicago, IL) - Brookfield Eggs sandwich and salad recipe book, [ca. 1925]. Shape: egg carton.

Box 2: 48

Sylvania Radio Tubes - Promotional cutout, n.d. Shape: rotary dial telephone.

Box 2: 49

Thoughts for the Year - Four seasonal poems and calendar, 1895. Shape: books.

Box 2: 50

Todd, Bancroft & Co. (Rochester, NY) - Kulture Shoes advertisement and places of interest in Buffalo for Pan-American Exposition, n.d. Shape: boot.

Box 2: 51

21 Brands, Inc. (New York, NY) - Tribuno Vermouth recipe book, [ca. 1940]. Shape: bottle.

Box 2: 52

Union Carbide Sales Company - Informative pages and order blanks, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 2: 53

Unique Novelty Co. (New York, NY) - advertisement for "Runaway June," n.d. Shape: mustache and beard.

Box 2: 54

Universal Credit Company - advertisement for "Authorized Ford Finance Plans" through UCC, n.d. Shape: sack.

Box 2: 55

Vie-Del Company (Fresno, CA) - Wine-Chef recipe book, n.d. Shape: barrel.

Box 2: 56

Virden Packing Co. (California) - Virden Camp Fire Brand Selected California Fruits recipe book, [ca. 1930]. Shape: can.

Box 2: 57

Vitamin Food Co. (Westfield, MA) - Vegex recipe book, ca. 1920. Shape: jar.

Box 2: 58

Voigt Milling Co. (Grand Rapids, MI) - Voigt's Crescent Brand Flour score card, n.d. Shape: sack.

Box 2: 59

W. E. Garrett & Sons (Philadelphia, PA) - Garrett Sweet Mild Snuff notebook and joke book, n.d. Shape: can.

Box 2: 60

W. J. McCahan Sugar Refining and Molasses Co. (no location) - McCahan's Sunny Cane Sugar recipe book, 1937. Shape: box.

Box 2: 61

Walter H. Woods Co. (Boston, MA) - booklet on Woods Tours in Europe, 1937. Shape: book.

Box 2: 62

WEAF (Manhattan, NY) - "Morning in Manhattan" radio show advertisement with toasts, n.d. Shape: slice of bread.

Box 2: 63

Wobbers, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) - snap shots of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915. Shape: box camera.

Box 2: 64

Women's Missionary Society (Philadelphia, PA) - Light Brigade missionary work advertisement, n.d. Shape: book.

Box 2: 65

Yakima Commercial Club (North Yakima, WA) - North Yakima and Yakima Country promotional picture booklet, 1907. Shape: apple.