Guide to the Francesco Franceschi Papers, 1904-1918

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Guide to the Francesco Franceschi Papers, 1904-1918

Collection number: BANC MSS 70/11 c

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Francesco Franceschi Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1904-1918
Collection Number: BANC MSS 70/11 c
Creator: Franceschi, Francesco, 1843-
Extent: Number of containers: 20 boxes Linear feet: 10
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Correspondence, manuscripts of his writings, and lists of plants relating to his work in acclimatizing plants in Santa Barbara, and in maintaining a nursery of exotic plants. Some later correspondence for the Montarioso Nursery, Aug. 1913-1918, included.
Languages Represented: English

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[Identification of item], Francesco Franceschi Papers, BANC MSS 70/11 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Biographical Sketch

Born in Italy in 1843, Francesco Franceschi, a renowned botanist, obtained his doctorate from the University of Pisa in 1864. He began his work of plant acclimatization in Santa Barbara in 1893 when he established a nursery specializing in the growing and propagating of exotic plants. This work entailed a worldwide correspondence, an exchange of seeds and specimens, and a sharing of the results. At this time Dr. Franceschi compiled an inventory of foreign plants that had been introduced into the area, entitled Santa Barbara Exotic Flora. The nursery was beset by various difficulties. A fire in 1904 destroyed the propagating nursery and an unfortunate association with a landscape gardener, P. Riedel, led to a series of lawsuits, ending in dissolution of the partnership in 1909. Despite these setbacks, Dr. Franceschi managed to a large degree to popularize in California the cultivation of avocados, bamboo, figs, the large Japanese persimmons, palm trees, a ground cover named Lippia repens, some roses, cypress, asparagus and acacia.
Soon after the settlement of the Riedel affair, the doctor, with the aid of his children, established the Montarioso Nursery -his daughter in charge of the commercial side of the enterprise, while he continued his scientific work.
Dr. Franceschi left California in the summer of 1913 for a position in Tripoli offered by the Italian government, relating to plant cultivation and land development.

Scope and Content

The collection, transferred from the University of California Herbarium in July 1969, consists mainly of correspondence concerning the acquisition and exchange of plants and seeds and of reports on their growth in the Santa Barbara region. A group of letters from the Montarioso Nursery written after Franceschi's departure reveals that by 1916 the nursery had been largely abandoned in favor of landscape work, and they reflect the growth of the Montecito area. Also included are a few of Franceschi's writings (MS and printed), lists of plants introduced in the nursery, and plant and seed lists of the nursery.

Key to Arrangement:

Boxes 1-4

Outgoing letters of Franceschi, 1904-1913, and of the Montarioso Nursery, 1913-1918

Boxes 5-19

Incoming letters

Scope and Content Note


Single letters arranged alphabetically in miscellanies, and two or more letters arranged alphabetically by author or organization, then chronologically within each folder.
A partial list of correspondents follows the key to arrangement..
Box 20

Copies of Franceschi's writings


Lists of plants introduced by the Nursery


Garden and seed lists


Miscellaneous advertisements, etc.

Partial List of Correspondents


A Miscellany


Alabama Nursery Company, Huntsville, Ala.


Letter, Feb. 24, 1904.


Alcocer, Gabriel, 1864-1916


Letter, Dec. 13, 1910, addressed to Mario Calvino.


Allaire, C. B.


Letter, Aug. 31, 1911.

Additional Note

Concerning growth of Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis in Texas American Breeders' Association Letter, Nov. 13, 1908, by W. M. Hays

American Breeders' Association


Letter, Nov. 18, 1908, by W. M. Hays.


Abrams, LeRoy, 1874-


2 letters, 1909.


Adnet, René


6 letters, 1910-1911.

Additional Note

Developer of hybrid freesias, Antibes, France

Ahern, George Patrick, 1859-1942


2 letters, 1911-1913.

Additional Note

Re Philippines.

Allen, Cyril


8 letters, 1909-1911.

Additional Note

Colombian horticulturist

American Civic Association


3 letters, 1905.

Additional Note

Form letters. Letter of Nov. 1 signed by J. H. McFarland.

Miscellaneous publications at end of folder


Arechavaleta, José, 1838-1912


4 letters, 1904-1907.


B Miscellany


Ball, Carleton Roy, 1873-


Letter, Dec. 29, 1911.


Ballini, Virgillo


Letter, July 2, 1911.

Additional Note

Italian horticulturist

Bartlett, Harley Harris, 1886-1960


Letter, May 12, 1910.


Bertie-Smith, A. E.


Letter, Nov. 8, 1906.

Additional Note

Rubber and tobacco planter, Uganda

Bradshaw, G. S.


Letter, Oct. 22, 1909.

Additional Note

Re orchids, Mexico

Brand, August, 1863-1930


Letter, Sept. 1, 1909.


Babcock, Ernest Brown, 1877-1954


4 letters, 1906-1913.


Bailey, Liberty Hyde, 1858-1954


15 letters, 1905-1913.

Additional Note

Mainly re Cyclopedia of American Horticulture.

Baker, Charles Fuller, 1872-1927


20 letters, 1906-1912.


Baker, Edward


4 letters, 1904-1911.

Additional Note

Re figs.

Baldrati, Isaia, 1872-

See Eritrea, Direzione de colonizzazione.


Balfour, Isaac Bayley, 1853-1922


15 letters, 1907-1913.

Additional Note

Regius keeper, Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh.

Barber, T. U.


9 letters, 1913-1917, to C. F. Franceschi, re avocado culture.


Bard, Thomas Robert, 1841-1915


16 letters, 1905-1911.

See also Geberding, E. O.


Barnes, Parker Thayer, 1874-

See Garden Magazine


Barnhart, P. D.


34 letters, 1905-1913.

Additional Note

Many written for the Pacific Garden.

Barrett, Otis Warren, 1872-


55 letters, 1905-1908.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry

Barron, Leonard, 1868-1938

See Horticultural Society of New York.

See also County Life in America


Basso, Domingo


5 letters, 1903-1906.

Additional Note

Montevideo horticulturist

Bassotti, Giuseppe


4 letters, 1908-1911.

Additional Note

Director of Sao Paolo's Escola Municipal de Pomologia

Batchelder, George Aiken, 1860-


9 letters, 1911-1912.


Baum, Lyman Frank, 1856-1919


2 letters, 1912


Beagles, R. L.


6 letters, 1911-1913.

Additional Note

U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry at Chico. Many are form letters.

Beal, Alvin Casey, 1872-1929


5 letters, 1911-1912.


Beaty, John Yocum, 1884-

See Luther Burbank Society


Beccari, Odoardo, 1843-1920


11 letters, 1906-1909.


Beck, H. B.


12 letters, 1905-1907.

Additional Note

Re plants to acclimatize in Austin, Texas.

Beers, C. W.


4 letters, 1909-1913.

Additional Note

Some written as Horticultural Commissioner, Santa Barbara Co.

Berger, Alwin, 1871-1931


7 letters, 1905-1911.


Berliner, M.


12 letters, 1906-1907.

Additional Note

Commercial agent for government of Cape of Good Hope

Bertoni, Moisés Santiago, 1857-1929


7 letters, 1907-1910.


Bessey, Ernst Athearn, 1877-


2 letters, 1907-1908.

Additional Note

Both letters are incomplete.

Bioletti, Frederic Theodore, 1865-


3 letters, 1906.


Bisset, Peter, 1869-


32 letters, 1909-1913.

Additional Note

Plant introducer, U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry

Blanchard, Sarah Eliot, 1868-


6 letters, 1909-1913.


Bogor, Indonesia. Kebun Raja


7 letters, 1904-1908.

Additional Note

Some by Professor Melchior Treub.

Borzi, Antonino, 1852-

See Palermo. Giardino Botanico


Bossche, Leon van den


15 letters, 1904-1910.

Additional Note

Belgian horticulturist

Bowles, Phillip Ernest, 1859-1926


15 letters, 1905-1911.


Boyle, Thomas F.

See San Francisco. Auditor


Brand, Charles John, 1879-


4 letters, 1907.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Brandegee, Katharine (Layne), 1844-1920 [Mrs. Townshend Stith Brandegee]


6 letters, 1904-1908.


Brandegee, Townshend Stith, 1843-1925


3 letters, 1903-1911.


Branner, John Casper, 1850-1922


5 letters, 1909-1910.


Braunton, Ernest


15 letters, 1904-1906.

Additional Note

Some written for the Cultivator and for the Southern California Horticultural Association.

Brisbane, Australia. Botanic Gardens


6 letters, 1904-1905, by Philip MacMahon.

Additional Note

Mainly form letters.

Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-

See New York. Botanical Garden


Buckman, Benjamin


2 letters, 1910.

Additional Note

Re pawpaws.

Buenos Aires. Jardin Botánico


3 letters, 1904-1908, by Carlos Thays.


Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926


10 letters, 1904-1912.

Additional Note

1912 item is printed postcard announcing creation of the Luther Burbank Company.

Burtt-Davy, Joseph, 1870-


3 letters, 1899-1907.

See also Transvaal. Dept. of Agriculture.


C Miscellany


Cannon, William Austin, 1870-


Letter, Sept. 24, 1909.


Cheney, Warren, 1858-1921


Letter, Feb. 6, 1911.


Christ, Emile


Letter, May 31, 1908. On flora of Réunion.


Christy, Thomas


Letter, Feb. 15, 1905.


Cockerell, Theodore Dru Alison, 1866-


Postcard, Apr. 16, 1906.


Coit, John Eliot, 1880-


Letter, Apr. 9, 1913.

Additional Note

Re summer course in citriculture and semi-tropical fruits.



Letter, Feb. 22, 1910, by Sarah Comstock.


Cooper, Ellen


Letter, June 6, 1905.

Additional Note

Daughter of Ellwood Cooper.

Country Life in America


Letter, Mar. 21, 1911, by L. Barron.


Crawford, Albert Cornelius


Letter, Nov. 7, 1904.

Additional Note

Pharmacologist, U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry

Cuevas, Hilario


Letter, Sept. 19, 1905.

Additional Note

Plant introduction, cotton trees, etc., in Mexico.

California. State Commission of Horticulture. Quarantine Division


3 letters, 1911, by O. F. Bremner and A. J. Cook


California Association of Nurserymen


9 items, 1911.

Additional Note

Including constitution and by-laws.

California Promotion Committee


2 letters, 1905-1906, by Rufus P. Jennings.


Calvino, Mario


21 letters, 1909-1913.

Additional Note

Re Mexican horticulture.

Campbell, Douglas Houghton, 1859-


2 letters, 1908.


Carnegie, Thomas Morrison, 1874-


9 letters, 1903-1910.


Casali (G) G. y Cia, Mexico


25 letters, 1910-1912.

Additional Note

Horticultural firm.

Cave, George H.

See Darjeeling, India. Lloyd Botanic Garden.


Chabaud, B.


11 letters, 1905-1910.

Additional Note

Botanist, Toulon

Childs, John Lewis, 1856-1921


11 letters, 1903-1910.

See also Hovey, C. H.


Chisholm, Frederic


2 letters, 1908-1909.

Additional Note

(U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry)

Comstock, Sarah

See Collier's


Condit, Ira Judson, 1883-


2 letters, 1913


Conzatti, Cassiano, 1862-1951


16 letters, 1908-1912.


Cook, Albert John, 1842-1916


2 letters, 1911-1912.


Coolidge, D. W.


19 letters, 1904-1911.

Additional Note

Letter of Oct. 19, 1907, for the Pasadena Gardeners' Association.

Cooper, Ellwood, 1829-


5 letters, 1905-1908.


Cooper, Fanny


11 letters, 1907-1910.


Cornell, Ralph D.


3 letters, 1912.


Cory, Clarence Linus, 1872-1937


2 letters, 1909.


Costa Rica. Secretaría de Hacienda y Comercio


4 letters, 1907-1908, by O. F. Rohrmoser.


Costantin, Julien Noël, 1857-1936


11 letters, 1905-1911.

Additional Note

Also included are two desiderata lists. Curator, Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris. Many are form letters.

Crisp, sir Frank, 1843-1919


2 letters, 1905


Cultivator Publishing Company, Los Angeles


26 letters, 1905-1913.

Additional Note

Many re the California Cultivator. Some by C. B. Messenger.

D Miscellany


Denison, John Hopkins, 1870-1936


Letter, July 20, 1917.


Derby, Orville Adelbert, 1851-


Letter, June 12, 1909.


Douglas, Walter, 1870-


Letter, Jan. 2, 1912.


Dudley, William Russel, 1849-1911


Letter, [Jan. 1909].


Day, William Rufus, 1849-1923

See McKinley National Memorial Association


Devol, Carroll Augustine, 1859-1930

See U.S. Quartermaster's Dept.


Dodero, Cipriano


5 letters, 1905-1908.

Additional Note

Baja California collector

Dorsett, Palemon Howard


27 letters, 1905-1913.

Additional Note

Written while serving with the U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Durand, William Frederick, 1859-


18 letters, 1908-1913.

Additional Note

Letter of Jan. 3, 1909, contains notes on effect of frost on his plants at Stanford University.

E Miscellany


Earle, Franklin Sumner, 1856-1929.


Letter, Nov. 22, 1908.


Easley, W. T.


Letter, May 12, 1909.

Additional Note

Re seeds from Soledad, Mexico.

Eaton, Charles Frederick, 1842-


Letter, May 12, 1907.


Eddy, Arthur Jerome, 1859-1920


Letter, Jan. 8, 1906.


Edwards, Arthur Mead, 1836-


Letter, June 20, 1913.


Edwards, Harry Taylor


Letter, Sept. 19, 1911.

Additional Note

Philippine Islands' Bureau of Agriculture

Estabrook, Leon Moyer, 1869-1937


Letter, Mar. 5, 1913.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Eastwood, Alice, 1859-


25 letters, 1904-[1913].


Edmunds, George Franklin, 1828-1919


2 letters, 1906 and n.d.


Ehrhorn, Edward Macfarlane, 1862-1941


3 letters, 1905-1906.


Elliott, Ina Scott


3 letters, 1916 and n.d.

Additional Note

Developer of columbines

Elliott, Orrin Leslie, 1860-1940

See Young Men's Christian Association


Emery, Ella Rhoda (Emery) [Mrs. Grenville C. Emery]


6 letters, 1904-1910.


Eritrea. Direzione de Colonizzazione


3 letters, 1911-1912, by I. Baldrati.


Espinosa, Bruno T.


5 letters, 1907-1908.

Additional Note

Re Colombian palms.

F Miscellany


Forbes, Robert Humphrey, 1867-


Letter, Dec. 16, 1911.


Frémont, Elizabeth Benton, 1842-1919


Letter, Mar. 2, 1905.


Fairchild, David Grandison, 1869-


73 letters, 1903-1913.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Fancher Creek Nurseries, Fresno, Calif.


93 letters, 1904-1918.

Additional Note

Some by G. C. Roeding. Accounts at end of folder.

Fényes, Eva Scott, d. 1930


5 letters, 1909-1910.


Field, Edward Bell, 1850-1919


3 letters, 1910-1913.

Additional Note

Letter of Aug. 2, 1910, written for him by his secretary.

Fischer, W.


34 letters, 1906-1909.

Additional Note

One letter incomplete. Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Flood, James L.


6 letters, 1912-1913.


Foëx, Felix


42 letters, 1903-1912.


Fowble, Lucy E.


8 letters, 1909-1910.

Additional Note

Re Mexican avocados and orchids.

Franceschi, Cammillo Fenzi [Son of Dr. Franceschi]


47 letters, 1911-1915.


G Miscellany


Garden Magazine


Letter, May 12, 1906, by Parker Thayer Barnes.


Graves, Henry Solon, 1871-


Letter, Feb. 18, 1911.


Gravis, Auguste, 1857-


Postcard, Apr. 3, 1907.


Gregg, John William, 1880-


Letter, Aug. 30, 1913.


Geberding, E. O.


6 letters, 1904-1912.

Additional Note

Some written for Thomas R. Bard.

Gedge, Charles J.


6 letters, 1909-1910.

Additional Note

Mainly re the "sand strawberry." 1906 letter re earthquake in Oakland.

Giffard, W. M.


2 letters, 1907-1908.

Additional Note

Re yellow poinsettias et al.

Gifford, John Clayton, 1870-


5 letters, 1907-1911.


Goodrich, Edward E.


3 letters, 1910.

Additional Note

Re California olives.

Gossweiler, John


4 letters, 1905-1907.

Additional Note

Botanist in Angola

Gould, Harris Perley, 1871-


5 letters, 1909-1911.

Additional Note

Written while serving in U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Grabendörfer, Carlos, d. 1905


2 letters, 1903-1904.

Additional Note

Baja California horticulturist

Green, E. C.


2 letters, 1910-1911.

Additional Note

Written while serving in U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry, Brownsville, Texas.

Griffiths, David, 1867-1935


8 letters, 1905-1911.


Grissinger, W.


2 letters, 1907.

Additional Note

Horticulturist from Ghent

Guillen, V.


2 letters, 1906-1910.

Additional Note

Re Psidium grown in Valencia, Spain.

H Miscellany


Havens, Frank Colton, 1848-1918


Letter, Feb. 20, 1906.


Heard, Dwight Bancroft, 1869-1929


Letter, Nov. 1, 1904.


Heard, Maie B (Bartlett) [Mrs. Dwight Bancroft Heard]


Letter, Dec. 12, 1904.


Heering, Wilhelm Christian August, 1876-


Letter, Feb, 2, 1910.


Heyn, C.


Letter, July 18, 1911.

Additional Note

Written while agent at Mazatlán, re conditions in Mexico, cascalote (a bark used for tanning) and avocado seeds.

Hough, Romeyn Beck, 1857-1924


Letter, July 1, 1905.


House & Garden


Letter, Jan. 10, 1910, by Gardner Teall


Hudson, Claude Silbert, 1881-1952


Letter, Apr. 6, 1911.

Additional Note

(U.S. Bureau of Chemistry)

Humphrey, Harry Baker, 1873-1955


Letter, Nov. 13. 1907.


Hall, Byron


2 letters, 1911.

Additional Note

Re seeds from Mexico.

Hall, Harvey Monroe, 1874-1932


34 letters, 1905-1911.


Hansard, Arthur C.


3 letters, 1904.

Additional Note

Re Porto Rican palms.

Hartley, Charles Pinckney, 1870-


2 letters, 1910-1911


Harvey, J. C.


14 letters, 1904-1912.

Additional Note

Re plants of Mexico, especially palms.

Haughs, David


19 letters, 1905-1912.

Additional Note

One letter incomplete. Re Hawaiian plants.

Hays, Willet Martin, 1859-

See American Breeders' Association


Hebert, Mrs. William


2 letters, 1905.

Additional Note

Re Mexican palms and other plants.

Higgins, J. E.


18 letters, 1905-1913.

Additional Note

Re Hawaiian seeds.

Hochderffer, George, 1863-1955


18 letters, 1905-1908.

Additional Note

Re Arizona seeds. Most letters signed jointly with M. J. Hochderffer.

Hooker, Katharine (Putnam), 1849-


7 letters, 1905-1908.


Horne, William Titus, 1876-


2 letters, 1912.


Horticultural Society of New York


5 letters, 1906-1908, by Leonard Barron

Additional Note

Preliminary Program for Oct. 1907 meeting included.

Hosmer, Ralph Sheldon, 1874-


2 letters, 1910.


Houzeau de Lehaie, Jean


3 letters, 1908.

Additional Note

Bamboo expert, Belgium

Hovey, C. H.


4 letters, 1905-1911.

Additional Note

Some for John Lewis Childs.

Hunt, Benjamin Weeks, 1847-


14 letters, 1909-1913


Hutchins, E.


5 letters, 1904-1905.

Additional Note

Cape Town forester

Hutchinson, Norman, 1875-1924

See U.S. Legation. Santiago, Chile.


I Miscellany


Irish, Henry Clay, 1868-


Letter, Feb. 17, 1905.

Additional Note

Acting director, Missouri Botanical Garden.

Isaac, John


2 letters, 1906-1912.

Additional Note

1906 letter written while Secretary, California Commission of Horticulture, and 1912 letter while editorial manager for the California Farmer.

J Miscellany


Johnson, Caroline Rixford


Letter, June 1, 1912.

Additional Note

Re Myrtus Arayan, a Mexican plant.

Jaffa, Myer Edward, 1857-1931


4 letters, 1907-1913.


Jaramillo, Epifanio


2 letters, 1911.

Additional Note

Re avocado seeds from Monterrey, Mexico

Jennings, Rufus P.

See California Promotion Committee


Jepson, Willis Linn, 1867-1946


2 letters, 1904-1909.


Jones, Katherine D., d. 1943


3 letters, 1912-1913.


K Miscellany


Kellerman, Karl Frederic, 1879-


Letter, May 30, 1912.


Kew, Royal gardens


20 letters, 1906-1912, by W. Watson and D. Prain.

Additional Note

Some are form letters.

Kruckeberg, Henry W.


23 letters, 1905-1910.

Additional Note

Mainly as editor of the Rural California

Kunze, Richard Ernest, 1838-1919


13 letters, 1906-1913


L Miscellany


Le Feuvre, René F.


Letter, Mar. 11, 1904.

Additional Note

Botanist, Santiago, Chile

Lillingston, Grey


Letter, Sept. 12, 1908.

Additional Note

Re flora of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Lipman, Jacob Goodale, 1874-1939


Letter, May 18, 1911.


Livermore, Horatio P.


Letter, June 8, 1907.


Lloyd, Francis Ernest, 1868-


Letter, Mar. 2, 1904.


Luther Burbank Society


Letter, Apr. 5, 1913, by John Y. Beaty.


Lake, Edward Ralph, 1860-


4 letters, 1910-1912.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Lawson, Anstruther Abercrombie, 1874-


2 letters, 1904.


Ledien, F.


5 letters, 1909-1912.

Additional Note

Curator, Botanical Gardens at Dahlem, Germany

Lejeune, E.


3 letters, 1904.

Additional Note

Account of work at the Fancher Creek Nursery with Mr. Roeding.

Letts, Arthur, 1862-1923


21 letters, 1905-1913


Lynch, R. Irwin


10 letters, 1905-1912.

Additional Note

Curator, Botanic Garden at Cambridge, England

Lyon, William Scrugham, 1852-1916


5 letters, 1908-[1909].

Additional Note

Re Manila flora.

M Miscellany


McDonald, James Gordon, 1868-


Letter, Jan. 6, 1904.


MacDougal, Daniel Trembly, 1865-


Letter, May 31, 1913.


MacFarlane, John Muirhead, 1855-


Letter, May 4, 1910.


McIntyre, Donald


Letter, Oct. 16, 1908.

Additional Note

Re culture of avocados in Hawaii.

Manning, Warren Henry, 1860-1938


Unsigned carbon, June 25, 1907.


Means, Thomas Herbert, 1875-


Letter, Aug. 4, 1906.


Meier, Ernst


Letter, Oct. 2, 1905.

Additional Note

Re Porto Rican flora.

Mexico. Secretario de Fomento


Letter, Nov. 6, 1909, by Olegario Molina Solis.


Mills, Susan Lincoln, 1826-1912


Letter, Sept. 8, 1905.


Morrill, Austin Winfield, 1880-


Letter, Apr. 22, 1911, to Cammillo Franceschi


McAuliffe, David J.


4 letters, 1907-1908.

Additional Note

Re Australian flora.

McFarland, John Horace, 1859-

See American Civic Association


McKinley National Memorial Association


2 letters, 1903-1904, by William R. Day and H. M. Altick.

Additional Note

Form letters.

McLaren, John, 1846-1943


13 letters, 1904-1913.

Additional Note

Mainly as Supt. of Parks, San Francisco.

Maiden, Joseph Henry, 1859-1925

See Sydney, Australia, Botanic Gardens


Marston, George White, 1850-


4 letters, 1905-1913.


Mason, Silas Cheever, 1857-1935


7 letters, 1909-1912.

Additional Note

Aboriculturist, U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry

Mexico. Dirección general de agricultura


4 letters, 1911.


Millard, Walter S.


2 letters, 1907-1909.

Additional Note

Re seeds of Cassia renigera from Burma.

Miller, Frank Augustus, 1857-1935


4 letters, 1906.


Milliken, Carl Spencer, 1876-


7 letters, 1909-1910.

Additional Note

Undated incomplete letter at end of folder.

Moffitt, James Kennedy, 1866?-1955


13 letters, 1905-1917.

Additional Note

1917 letters to Cammillo Franceschi

Molina Solís, Olegario, 1843-1925

See Mexico. Secretario de Fomento


Montevideo. Jardín Botánico


3 letters, 1906-1908.


Moore, Willis Luther, 1856-1927

See National Geographic Society


N Miscellany


New York City Botanical Garden


Letter, June 1, 1908, by N. L. Britton


Noter, Raphael de, 1857-


Letter, Feb. 27, 1911.


National Geographic Society


3 letters, 1905-1907.

Additional Note

Form letters. 1907 letter by Willis Luther Moore. Programs, etc. included.

Nordhoff, Walter


35 letters, 1904-1913


O Miscellany


Oliver, George Watson, 1858-1923


Letter, Sept. 19, 1906.

Additional Note

Written while with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Oaxaca, Mexico. Estación Agrícola Experimental


5 letters, 1912, by Sebastian Blanco and Rutilio Castillo.


P Miscellany


Patiño, Jesús A.


Letter, June 22, 1907.

Additional Note

Re Colombian palm seeds.

Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946


Letter, July 27, 1904.


Pacific Coast Association of Nurserymen


10 letters, 1906-1913.

Additional Note

Form letters.

Pacific Garden

See Barnhart, P. D.


Palermo. Giardino Botanico e coloniale


2 letters, 1907-1910, by A. Borzi.


Palmer, Bertha (Honoré), d. 1918 [Mrs. Potter Palmer]


12 letters, 1912-1913.

Additional Note

Some 1913 letters re payments written for Mrs. Potter by the Palmer-Florida Company.

Parish, Samuel Bonsall, 1838-1928


7 letters, 1906-1908.

Additional Note

Re palms.

Pasadena Gardeners' Association

See Coolidge, D. W.


Payne, Theodore


82 letters, 1904-1913.


Pérez, George V.


14 letters, 1905-1909.

Additional Note

Re botany of the Canary Islands.

Perkins, S. Albert, 1865-


3 letters, 1904-1906.


Peschelt, W. A.


7 letters, 1905-1906.

Additional Note

Gardener for Arthur Letts

Pierce, Newton Barris, 1856-1917


10 letters, 1905-1913.


Pieters, Adrian John, 1866-1940


15 letters, 1904-1906.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Piper, Charles Vancouver, 1867-1926


3 letters, 1907-1909.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Pirotta, Romualdo, 1853-1908


5 letters, 1904-1911.


Poirault, Georges


6 letters, 1904-1909.

Additional Note

Botanist, Antibes

Pomeroy, Eltweed, 1860-


3 letters, 1910.


Popenoe, F. Wilson, 1892-

See Popenoe, Wilson, 1892-


Popenoe, Wilson, 1892-


86 letters, 1909-1913.

Additional Note

Many letters re avocado culture.

Powers, Le Grand, 1847-

See U.S. Bureau of the Census


Prain, sir David, 1857-1944

See Kew. Royal gardens


Purpus, Carl Albert, 1851-


3 letters, 1905.

Additional Note

Re Mexican cacti.

R Miscellany


Reed, Henry E.


Letter, Nov. 29, 1906.

Additional Note

Director of exploitation, Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Letter, Aug. 11, 1909, by Palmer C. Ricketts.


Richards, Jarrett Thomas


Letter, May 28, 1909.

Additional Note

Concerning Franceschi's lawsuit against Riedel.

Ridgway, Robert, 1850-1929


Postcard, Nov. 25, 1909.


Rathbun, Richard, 1852-1918

See Smithsonian Institution


Ravenel, William de Chastignier, 1859-

See Smithsonian Institution


Regnard, Gabriel


9 letters, 1909-1910.

Additional Note

Re botany of Mauritius. At end of folder, one letter from Mr. Regnard's son, L. Ferd. Regnard.

Ricker, Percy Leroy, 1878-


3 letters, 1909-1913.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Ricketts, Palmer Chamberlaine, 1856-1934

See Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Riedel, P.


3 letters, 1905-1908.

Additional Note

One time associate of Dr. Franceschi's.

Rixford, Emmet, 1865-1938


3 letters, 1909-1912.


Rixford, G. P.


28 letters, 1905-1913.

Additional Note

Many re figs. Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry, San Francisco.

Robertson-Proschowsky, A.


3 letters, 1904-1905.


Roeding, George Christian, 1868-1928

See Fancher Creek Nurseries.


Rose, Joseph Nelson, 1862-1928


2 letters, 1905.

Additional Note

Written while serving with Smithsonian Institution.

Ross, Hermann, 1862-


12 letters, 1905-1910.

Additional Note

Re his work on oak gall.

S Miscellany


St. John, Chauncey M.


Letter, Mar. 29, 1912.


Sampson, Alden, 1853-1925


Letter, Nov. 6, 1906.


Stockberger, Warner W., 1872-


Letter, Apr. 19, 1911.


Story, John Petten, 1841-1915


Letter, Nov. 23, 1911.


Swett (John) & Son, Martinez, Calif.


Letter, Jan. 16, 1911.

Additional Note

Re vines, signed by Frank T. Swett.

Safford, William Edwin, 1859-1926


3 letters, 1905-1911.

Additional Note

Re plants of Guam and Mexico. Written while with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

San Diego, Calif. Panama-California Exposition, 1915


26 letters, 1910-1912.

Additional Note

Mainly re landscaping and planting for the Exposition.

San Francisco. Auditor


2 letters, 1912, by Thomas F. Boyle


San Francisco. Park Commissioners


5 letters, 1905-1911, by James de Lucca, H. L. Schmitz, E. N. Lomasney.

See also MacLaren, John.


San Francisco. Public Library


2 letters, 1911, by William R. Watson.


Sargent, Charles Sprague, 1841-1927


12 letters, 1904-1913.


Schiffmann, Rudolph


2 letters, 1906-1910.

Additional Note

1906 letter re his collection of Philippine plants.

Schneider, Albert, 1863-1928


3 letters, 1905.

Additional Note

Re medicinal plants, particularly the possibility of cultivating cinchona (quinine) in California.

Scripps, Edward Wyllis, 1854-1926


5 letters, 1904.

Additional Note

Mainly by his private secretary, J. P. Hamilton.

Sessions, Kate O.


71 letters, 1904-1913.


Shearer, Frank


9 letters, 1909-1913.

Additional Note

Some letters written while Los Angeles Park Superintendent.

Shepherd, Theodosia Burr, 1845-1906

See Shepherd (Theodosia B.) Co., Ventura, Calif.


Shepherd (Theodosia B.) Co., Ventura, Calif.


32 letters, 1904-1913.

Additional Note

Some letters by Theodosia Burr Shepherd.

Sherfesee, William Forsythe


2 letters, 1912.

Additional Note

For Philippine Bureau of Forestry.

Shinn, Charles Howard, 1852-1924


2 letters, 1911.


Simpson, Charles Torrey, 1846-1932


2 letters, 1903-1904.


Slossom, Willis M.


3 letters, 1905-1906.

Additional Note

Writing as U. S Forest Supervisor at Santa Barbara.

Smith & Menzel, Aldgate, South Australia


5 letters, 1905-1906.

Additional Note

Exchange of seeds.

Smithsonian Institution


2 letters, 1905, by W. de C. Ravenel and Richard Rathbun.


Smock, John Conover, 1842-1926


9 letters, 1911-1912


Spoor, John Alden, 1851-1926


3 letters, 1913


Stiles, Harvey C.


15 letters, 1904-1910.

Additional Note

Re plants in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Stratton, George Malcolm, 1865-1957


3 letters, 1909-1910.


Stubenrauch, Arnold Valentine, 1871-1917


3 letters, 1905.


Swett, Frank Tracy, 1869-1969

See Swett (John) & Son, Martinez, Calif.


Swingle, Walter Tennyson, 1871-


3 letters, 1909-1912.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Sydney, Australia. Botanic Gardens


10 letters, 1905-1911, by J. H. Maiden.

Additional Note

Some are form letters

T Miscellany


Taylor, Norman, 1883-


Letter, May 29, 1912.

Additional Note

Curator, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Tiebout, G. L.


Letter, Nov. 23, 1911.

Additional Note

Re culture of the casabanana in Louisiana.

Torchiana, Henry Albert van Coenen, 1867-1940


Letter, Nov. 8, 1910.


Taft, C. P.


11 letters, 1904-1911.

Additional Note

Many re Feijoas.

Taylor, Frederic William, 1869-


11 letters, 1912-1913.

Additional Note

Director, Philippine Islands Bureau of Agriculture. Letter written for him by O. W. Barrett. One 1913 letter incomplete.

Taylor, William Alton, 1863-


4 letters, 1909-1910.

Additional Note

Written while serving with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Teall, Gardner Callahan, 1878-

See House & Garden


Tevis, William Sanders


31 letters, 1906-1909.

Additional Note

Some written for him by his secretaries. Many re bamboos.

Thacher, E. S.


7 letters, 1908-1913.

Additional Note

Many re cultivation of avocados and pistachios.

Thacher, Sherman Day, 1861-1931


2 letters, 1906.


Thays, Carlos

See Buenos Aires. Jardín Botánico


Thornber, John James, 1872-


19 letters, 1910-1913.


Tinoco, J. M.


17 letters, 1906-1908.

Additional Note

Written mainly while Costa Rican consul in San Francisco, re sending seeds and plants for tree planting in San José de Costa Rica.

Trabut, Louis, 1853-1929


5 letters, 1907-1913.


Transvaal. Dept. of Agriculture


8 letters, 1906-1907.

Additional Note

Include two letters by J. Burtt-Davy.

Trelease, William, 1857-


38 letters, 1904-1911.

Additional Note

Director, Missouri Botanical Garden. Many re his work on agaves. Letter of Aug. 18, 1908, incomplete.

Treub, Meichior, 1851-1910

See Bogor, Indonesia, Kebun Raja


True, Rodney Howard, 1866-1940


2 letters, 1907.

Additional Note

Re introduction of lemons. (U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry)

U Miscellany


U.S. Legation. Santiago, Chile


Letter, Nov. 4, 1902, by Norman Hutchinson.


U.S. Quartermaster's Dept.


Letter, Jan. 3 1906, by D. C. Devol.


Underhill, Francis T.


2 letters, 1905-1907.


U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry


16 letters, 1904-1913.

See also:

Barrett, Otis Warren

Beagles, R. L.

Bisset, Peter

Brand, Charles John

Chisholm, Frederic

Dorsett, Palemon Howard

Estabrook, Leon Moyer

Fairchild, David Grandison

Fischer, W.

Gould, Harris Perley

Green, E. C.

Lake, Edward Ralph

Mason, Silas Cheever

Oliver, George Watson

Pieters, Adrian John

Piper, Charles Vancouver

Bicker, Percy Leroy

Rixford, G. P.

Safford, William Edwin

Swing1e, Walter Tennyson

Taylor, William Alton

True, Rodney Howard

Van Fleet, Walter

Wester, P. J.

Wight, William Franklin

Young, Robert Armstrong


U.S. Bureau of the Census


2 letters, 1910-1911, by L. G. Powers


U.S. Customs Office, San Francisco


2 letters, 1907-1913, by W. B. Hamilton


U. S Federal Horticultural Board


3 letters, 1913.

Additional Note

Re quarantine permits for seeds from foreign countries.

V Miscellany


Voetter, Thomas Wilson, 1869-


Letter, Feb. 26, 1909.


Van Fleet, Walter, 1857-1922


4 letters, 1909-1910.

Additional Note

U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry at Chico, Calif.

Vilmorin, Maurice Lévêque de, 1849-

See Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie., Paris


Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie., Paris


32 letters, 1904-1913.

Additional Note

Some by Maurice L. de Vilmorin.

W Miscellany


Washington, Horace Lee, 1864-


Letter, July 28, 1906.

Additional Note

Copy. Contains report on pipes made from calabash.

Weed, Howard Evarts


Letter, Dec. 10, 1906.


Went, Friedrich August Ferdinand Christian, 1863-1935


Letter, June 29, 1910.


Westgate, John Minton, 1878-1937


Letter, Apr. 30, 1907.


White, Jay, 1869-1918


Letter, Mar. 6, 1907.

Additional Note

As American consul, Bogotá

White, Stewart Edward, 1873-1946


Letter, Aug. 22, 1909.


Wilder, Gerrit Parmile, 1863-1935


Letter, Sept. 3, 1909.


Wille, Nordal, 1858-1924


Postcard, Mar. 11, 1905.


Windham, W. S.


Letter, July 11, 1911.

Additional Note

Re cascalote tree in Mexico.

Work, R. C.


Letter, 1904.

Additional Note

Re Mexican plants.

Walter, Frank


28 letters, 1906-1915.

Additional Note

Seed collector whose interest includes seeds from Mexico and Baja California.

Watson, William, 1858-1925

See Kew. Royal Gardens


Watson, William Richard, 1867-1926

See San Francisco. Public Library


Wercklé, Carlos


12 letters, 1909-1913.

Additional Note

Re Costa Rican plants.

Wester, P. J.


34 letters, 1907-1912.

Additional Note

With U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry at Miami and at Washington, D.C. and later with the Philippine Bureau of Agriculture. Many letters re anonas and avocados. 3 letters incomplete.

Whitehead, Ralph Radcliffe, 1854-1929


4 letters, 1912-1913


Whitney, Florence E. (Canfield) [Mrs. Caspar Whitney]


3 letters, 1912-1913.


Wickson, Edward James, 1848-1923


7 letters, 1905-1911.


Wight, William Franklin, 1874-


2 letters, 1907.

Additional Note

Written while with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Wood, John Medley, 1827-1915


4 letters, 1904-1910.

Additional Note

Director, Natal Botanic Gardens

Wooton, Elmer Otis, 1865-


4 letters, 1906-1911.


Wright, Harrison


11 letters, 1905-1911.

Additional Note

Some information re palms.

Wulle, Enrique


2 letters, 1911.

Additional Note

Re South American seeds.

Young, Robert Armstrong, 1876-


21 letters, 1907-1909.

Additional Note

Written while with U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry.

Young Men's Christian Association


4 letters, 1904-1911.

Additional Note

From Santa Barbara and Stanford University branches. Include letter from O. L. Elliott.