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Harry C. James papers
MS 111  
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1 Series 1. Correspondence 1880-1989, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series is comprised of correspondence to and from Harry and Grace James. The correspondence is a mixture of personal and professional matters with topics including the Trailfinders; important regional, state, and national political topics related to James' work; wilderness conservancy, the Palm Springs Tramway, and many other subjects. Correspondents include Charles M. Bogert, Don Perceval, Harry Lawton, John Tunney, Edmund Brown, the Sierra Club, and the US Bureau of Land Management. Some correspondence can be found with associated material in other series.

Series Arrangement

The correspondence is organized chronologically by decade.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.


Nature conservation
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Box 2, Folder 1

Letters undated

Box 2, Folder 2

Letters 1880-1899

Box 2, Folders 3-4

Letters 1919-1939

Box 2, Folders 5-6, Box 3, Folder 1

Letters 1940-1949

Scope and Contents

Includes letter Harry wrote to President Roosevelt about making the San Jacinto and San Gorgonio areas a national monument, dated June 7, 1943.
Box 3, Folders 2-4, Box 4, Folders 1-4

Letters 1950-1959

Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence with Don Perceval, a copy of a letter from Harry James to Winston Churchill (Nov 15, 1951) and response from Prime Minister's office, correspondence on Palm Springs Tramway, and correspondence on Mt. Whitney and Sequioa National Park.
Box 5, Folders 1-4, Box 6, Folders 1-3

Letters 1960-1969

Scope and Contents

Folders includes correspondence with numerous state and national politicians including Congressman John V. Tunney, Secretary Stewart L. Udall, Robert F. Kennedy, California Governor Edmund G. Brown, and California Governor Ronald Reagan. Also included is a letter from Walt Disney dated April 26, 1962.
Box 6, Folder 1, Box 7, Folders 1-4, Box 7a, Folders 1-3

Letters 1970-1979

Box 7a, Folder 4

Letters 1980-1989

Box 8, Folders 1-2

Postcards 1920-1979, undated

Box 8, Folders 3-5, Box 9, Folders 1-2

Greeting cards 1930-1979, undated

Box 9, Folders 3-4

Invitations 1941-1959

Box 9, Folder 5

Telegrams 1928, undated

Box 46, Item 1

Letter attached to a vinyl record 1948


Series 2. Manuscripts and other material 1928-1977, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series consists of manuscripts and related material. A large majority of these manuscripts were written by Harry C. James, and include some of his most famous works, such as "Pages from Hopi History" and "Red Man - White Man." Other materials, such as royalty receipts and correspondence related to a manuscript, are also included in this series.

Series Arrangement

The contents of this series are arranged alphabetically by manuscript title followed by unidentified titiles.
The contents of this series are arranged into the following two subseries:

Missing Title

  • Subseries 1. By title, 1951-1976, undated.
  • Subseries 2. Other,1930-1972, undated.
Box 33, Folder 3

"The Cupeño Language" undated

Box 18, Folders 1-2

"The First Americans" 1968-1976, undated

Box 18, Folder 3

"Grizzly Adams" 1957-1976, undated

Box 15, Folders 1-5

"The Hopi Indians" 1951-1960, undated

Box 22, Folders 1-2

"Indian Tribes of North America" 1971-1974, undated

Box 22, Folder 4

"Kit Carson" undated

Box 25, Folders 1-2

"Orabi The Village of Honau and Poli" 1957-1971, undated

Box 25, Folder 3

"Ovada" 1958-1973, undated

Box 31, Folder 1-3

"Pages from Hopi History" undated

Box 32, Folders 1-5

"Pages from Hopi History" 1957-1974, undated

Scope and Contents

Folders include extensive correspondence.
Box 43, Folder 1

"Pages from Hopi History" research material undated

Box 43, Folder 2

"Pages from Hopi History" correspondence 1969-1977, undated

Box 14, Folders 1-5

"Red Man-White Man" 1958-1964, undated

Box 17, Folders 1-4

"Unafraid" 1954-1964, undated

Box 29, Folders 1-5

"Western Campfires" 1968-1974, undated

Box 29, Folder 6

"Yugoslavia" undated

Box 29, Folder 7

"4000 year old pine trees" undated

Box 33, Folder 1

Unidentified titles A-B 1954-1959, undated

Box 33, Folder 2

Unidentified titles C-D 1950-1969, undated

Box 33, Folder 4

Unidentified titles E-F 1957-1969, undated

Box 18, Folder 4

Unidentified titles G-H 1953-1954, undated

Box 22, Folder 3

Unidentified titles I-J undated

Box 22, Folder 5

Unidentified titles K-L 1952-1958, undated

Box 22, Folder 6

Unidentified titles M-N 1930, undated

Box 25, Folder 4

Unidentified titles O-P 1968, undated

Box 14, Folder 6

Unidentified titles R-T 1928-1972, undated

Box 17, Folder 5

Unidentified titles V-W 1965, undated

Box 29, Folder 8

Untitled manuscripts undated

Box 34, Folder 6

Book jackets for Ovada, The Hopi Indians, Red Man-White Man, and other titles undated


Series 3. Newspaper clippings and scrapbooks 1920-1979, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series includes newspaper clippings collected by Harry C. James, and includes some of his own written articles, as well as other articles pertaining to Native American tribes, environmental conservation, and other topics. Much of the material in this series pertains to or was printed in the Southern California region.

Series Arrangement

The contents of this series are arranged by format and topic.
Box 12, Folders 1-2

Clippings about Native Americans 1957-1978, undated

Box 12, Folders 3-4

Clippings about environmental conservation 1920-1979

Box 12, Folder 5

Clippings about nature 1952-1973

Box 12, Folder 6

Clippings about travel 1950-1965

Box 12, Folder 7

Clippings about music and literature 1930-1968, undated

Box 12, Folder 8

Clippings about politics 1960-1974, undated

Box 19, Folder 1, Flat-File-Folder 1

Clippings about Harry C. James 1949-1978

Box 19, Folder 2

Clippings about Southern California regions, including Palm springs 1960-1979, undated

Box 19, Folders 3-4

Clippings about book reviews 1935-1979, undated

Box 42, Folders 2-3

Clippings about the San Jacinto tramway 1957-1968

Box 45, Item 3

Scrapbook about "Odds and Ends" 1951-1952

Box 45, Item 1

Scrapbook about San Gorgonio (1 of 2) 1946-1947

Box 42, Folder 1

Scrapbook about San Gorgonio (2 of 2) 1946-1968

Box 45, Item 2

Scrapbook about the San Jacinto tramway (1 of 2) 1954-1959

Box 45, Item 1

Scrapbook about the San Jacinto tramway (2 of 2) 1950-1954


Series 4. Pamphlets and programs 1913-1979, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series contains pamphlets and programs collected by Harry C. James. Much of the content relates to his love of nature and his conservation efforts.

Series Arrangement

The contents of this series are arranged sequentially by box and folder number.
Box 13, Folders 1-2

Pamphlets related to art 1931-1979, undated

Box 13, Folders 3-4

Pamphlets related to National Parks and Monuments 1928-1959

Box 13, Folders 5-6

Pamphlets related to nature 1920-1965

Box 16, Folders 1-2

Pamphlets related to travel 1939-1969, undated

Box 16, Folder 3

Pamphlets related to biographies 1913-1945, undated

Box 16, Folders 4-5

Pamphlets related to history 1947-1975, undated

Box 16, Folder 6

Pamphlets related to politics undated

Box 16, Folder 7

Pamphets related to college institutions 1951-1967, undated

Box 16, Folder 8

Pamphets related to environmental conservation 1955-1968, undated

Box 26

Pamphlets related to Native Americans 1952-1974, undated

Box 44, Folder 1

Programs related to performing arts and other subjects 1938-1977, undated


Series 5. Periodicals 1895-1985, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series contains a large amount of periodicals such as "The Palm Springs Villager", "Desert Magazine", "Out West", and "Highways". Many of the periodicals regularly featured articles written by Harry C. James or his colleagues.

Series Arrangement

The contents of this series are arranged alphabetically.
Box 28, Folders 1-2

Titled A 1916-1985, undated

Box 28, Folder 3

Titled B 1963-1979

Box 28, Folder 4

Titles C-D 1955-1971, undated

Box 28, Folders 5-6, Box 21, Folder 1

Titles E-J 1936-1978, undated

Box 21, Folder 2

Titled L 1895-1960, undated

Box 21, Folder 3

Titled M 1910-1972, undated

Box 11, Folder 1, Box 21, Folders 4-5

Titles N-O 1895-1973, undated

Box 11, Folders 2-5

Titled P 1942-1978, undated

Box 37, Folders 1-2

Titles R-S 1931-1970, undated

Box 37, Folder 3

Titles T-U 1933-1973, undated

Box 37, Folders 4-5

Titles V-Y 1945-1973

Box 37, Folder 6

Untitled undated


Series 6. Material on Native American Tribes 1880-1977, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series contains a variety of documents related to Native American tribes. Many of these materials were used by James for research for his articles and books.

Series Arrangement

This series is arranged into three sub-series as follows:
  • Sub-Series 6.1. Hopi Tribe, 1921-1977, undated.
  • Sub-Series 6.2. Cahuilla Tribe, 1900-1968, undated.
  • Sub-Series 6.3. Other Native American tribes, 1880-1969, undated.

Sub-Series 6.1. Hopi tribe 6.1 1918-1977, undated

Sub-Series Scope and Contents

This subseries contains documents used for research by Harry C. James on his written works relating to the Hopi tribe. Also included are related correspondence and information relating to the culture of the Hopi tribe.

Sub-Series Arrangement

This subseries is arranged sequentially by box and folder number.
Box 38, Folder 1

Documents relating to agriculture and food 1928-1970

Box 38, Folder 2

Documents relating to ceremonies 1923-1968

Box 38, Folder 3

Documents relating to arts and crafts 1930-1976

Box 38, Folder 4

Documents relating to Hopi-Navajo land controversy 1957-1977, undated

Box 38, Folder 5

Documents relating to artist Fred Kabotic 1951-1976

Box 38, Folder 6

Documents relating to museum curator James Kewanwytewa 1957-1966

Box 38, Folder 7

Documents relating to tribe laws 1925-1971

Box 38, Folder 8

Documents relating to language 1955, undated

Box 38, Folder 9

Documents relating to villages 1928-1932, undated

Box 38, Folder 10

Published articles about Hopi featured in "Plateau" 1940-1973

Box 39, Folder 1

Manuscript on mission work undated

Box 39, Folder 2

Correspondence relating to Hopi tribe 1921-1976

Box 39, Folder 3

Correspondence relating to Lansa family legal issues 1962-1963

Box 39, Folder 4

Handwritten correspondence with Lansa family 1925-1959

Box 39, Folder 5

Correspondence relating to legal dispute with Agent Daniels 1921-1933

Box 39, Folder 6

Book excerpts 1922-1940, undated

Box 39, Folder 7

Documents relating to kachinas 1948-1972, undated

Box 39, Folder 8

Additional documents relating to the Hopi tribe 1918-1973

Box 39, Folder 9

Documents relating to San Francisco Peaks Wilderness proposal 1976

Box 47

Scrapbook on "Pages from Hopi History" 1974-1976

Scope and Contents

Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings, fliers, book reviews, and correspondence related to Harry James' book "Pages from Hopi History."

Sub-Series 6.2. Cahuilla tribe 6.2 1900-1968, undated 1957-1968

Sub-Series Scope and Contents

This subseries contains documents related to the Cahuilla tribe. Included in this series are film scripts, a dissertation, a scrapbook, related correspondence, and other materials.

Sub-Series Arrangement

This subseries is arranged sequentially by box and folder number.
Box 24, Folder 1

Published essay titled "Dissertation on ethno-botany of Cahuilla" 1900

Box 24, Folder 2

Correspondence related to the Cahuilla 1957-1965, undated

Box 24, Folder 3

Documents on proposed film 1964-1966

Box 24, Folder 4

Books and film scripts by Harry C. James undated

Box 24, Folder 5

Correspondence related to Paul Bailey 1958-1960

Box 24, Folder 6

Scrapbook titled "The Cahuilla Indians" 1960

Box 24, Folder 7

Report by Malki Museum 1965-1968, undated


Sub-Series 6.3. Other Native American tribes 1880-1970, undated

Sub-Series Scope and Contents

This subseries contains information relating to different tribes of Native Americans that Harry C. James used as research material for his writings. Legislative documents, photocopies of book excerpts, and index cards with an unidentified Native American language are included in this subseries, along with other materials.

Sub-Series Arrangement

This subseries is arranged sequentially by box and folder number.
Box 41, Folder 1

Copies of book excerpts 1880-1969, undated

Box 41, Folder 2

Handwritten notes used for Native American writings undated

Box 41, Folder 3

Legislation documents 1920-1969

Box 41, Folder 4

Research documents 1953-1970

Box 41, Folder 5

Navajo research documents 1948, undated

Box 1

Unidentified Native American language index cards undated

Scope and Contents

Two boxes of index cards arranged alphabetically by English word.

Series 7. Environmental conservation and development documents 1924-1977, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series contains documents related to environmental conservation and land development activities that Harry C. James used for research or participated in. James was also a key figure in conservation of the San Gregornio and San Jacinto mountains. Content includes material on development of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and records of the Desert Protective Council.

Series Arrangement

The contents of this series are arranged sequentially by box and folder number.
Box 23, Folder 1

Documents related to land conservation in Southern California 1953-1971, undated

Box 23, Folder 2

Documents related to Mt. San Gorgornio land development 1944-1967, undated

Box 23, Folders 3-4

Documents related to development in the San Jacinto mountains 1937-1977, undated

Box 23, Folder 5

Minutes of Desert Protective Council 1954-1965

Box 23, Folder 6

Surveys, essays, and legislation related to land conservation and ecology 1924-1974, undated


Series 8. Personal materials 1794-1978, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series includes items and documents owned by Harry C. James. His lecture materials, awards, and journals relate to his environmental conservation efforts in Southern California. Collected signatures and travel documents of his are also included, along with records of his writings. This series also includes personal documents relating to his wife, Grace James.

Series Arrangement

The contents of this series are arranged sequentially by box and folder number.
Box 48, Folder 4

Historical Documents 1794-1807, undated

Scope and Contents

Folder includes: blank Four Language Ship's Sea Letter signed by Thomas JEfferson and James Madison; morning report of the 4th Sub-Legion 26th December 1794, signed by William Lewis; receipt of pay for Meriwether Lewis dated January 19, 1807.
Box 35, Folder 1

Awards 1953-1976, undated

Box 35, Folder 2

Harry James' journals and planners 1951, undated

Box 35, Folder 3

Trailfinders documents 1940-1950, undated

Box 35, Folder 4

Passports 1949-1952

Box 36, Folder 1

Travel documents 1953, undated

Box 36, Folder 2

Lists of writings by Harry James 1930-1974

Box 36, Folder 3, Flat-File-Folder 5

Biographical documents pertaining to Harry and Grace James 1916-1978, undated

Box 36, Folders 4-5

Talks and outlines 1955-1972, undated

Box 36, Folder 6

Financial documents 1951-1977

Box 36, Folder 7

Recipes 1944-1953

Box 46, Item 2

Personal bound file containg programs and other materials 1943-1971, undated


Series 9. Photographs and negatives 1876-1977, undated

Series Scope and Contents

This series is composed of a variety of photographs and negatives that depict different people and landscapes. Many of the photographs included are of identified families with whom James kept in contact with, as well as unidentified individuals. There are also many Native American photographs, including several photos of the Hopi tribe.


This series is arranged sequentially by box and folder number.
Box 1

35mm slides undated

Scope and Contents

Images mostly consist of Native American portraits, scenes, and iconography.
Box 10, Folder 1

Photographs of the Clifford family 1960-1974

Box 10, Folder 2

Photographs of the Kamb and Hause families 1944-1973

Box 10, Folder 3

Photographs of the Bogert and Oyama families 1937-1977, undated

Box 10, Folder 4

Photographs pertaining to Trailfinders 1963, undated

Box 10, Folder 5

Photographs of Bristlecone Pine 1960, undated

Box 10, Folder 6

Photographs and prints of John Muir 1898-1905, undated

Box 10, Folder 7

Photographs of Cornelia B White 1957, undated

Box 10, Folder 8

Photographs of Landscape and architecture 1876-1973, undated

Box 10, Folder 9

Photographs of cruise ship undated

Box 10, Folder 10

Photographs of Churchill's hideout 1951-1955

Box 10, Folder 11

Photographs of groups of identified individuals 1916-1977, undated

Box 10, Folder 12

Photographs of unidentified individuals undated

Box 10, Folder 13

Portraits of identified individuals (1 of 3) 1898-1977, undated

Box 20, Folders 1-3

Portraits of identified individuals (2 of 3) 1912-1965, undated

Box 48, Folders 1 & 2

Portraits of identified Individuals (3 of 3) 1950-1974, undated

Scope and Contents

Folders contain oversized portraits, many with autographs.
Box 20, Item 1

Photograph album titled "Grace Bumbry" undated

Box 27, Folders 1-5

Unidentified negatives 1914-1976, undated

Box 30, Folders 1-7

Framed Photographs of unidentified individuals as well as Sara Clifford, Geronimo, and the Saubel's 1885-1916, undated

Box 34, Folder 1

Photographs from "Hopi History" manuscript undated

Box 40, Folder 5

Photographs of Palms of Con Silvas 1963, undated

Box 40, Folder 6

Photographs of Austria 1951

Box 40, Folder 7

Photographs related to "Living Wilderness" article undated


Series 10. Over-sized, Audio, and Realia 1868-1976, undated

Series Scope and Contents

Included in this series are advertisements, artwork, artifacts, vinyl records, and other material.

Series Arrangement

The contents of this series are arranged sequentially by box and folder number.
Box 34, Folder 2, Flat-File-Folder 2

Maps used by Captain Clark (photocopies) undated

Scope and Contents

Oversized maps located in flat file folders.
Box 34, Folder 3, Flat-File-Folder 3, Flat-File-Folder 4

Maps 1944-1969, undated

Scope and Contents

Maps are primarily of southern California and the United States. Includes map of western Europe. Oversized maps located in flat file folders.
Box 34, Folder 4

Illustrations and paintings pertaining to Native American and Southwestern motifs 1908-1948, undated

Box 34, Folder 5

Advertisements for events pertaining to Native Americans, politics, and books 1948-1976, undated

Box 40, Folder 1

Reel of San Jacinto mountain dedication 1972

Box 40, Folder 2

Cahuilla leather brand undated

Box 40, Folder 3

Bookplates designed by Franz Geritz for Harry and Grace James 1930

Box 40, Folder 4

Calendar with Native American art 1976

Box 40, Folder 8

Prints of paintings by W.M. Keith undated

Box 47

Bound volume of vinyl records undated

Physical Description: 13 Items (1 bound volume; 13 vinyl records)

Scope and Contents

Thirteen vinyl records with recordings of Native American songs, dances, and ceremonies. Ten are records pertain to the Hopi and three relate to the Navajo.
Box 48

Ledger book 1868-1869

Scope and Contents

This ledger book documents the Publishing and General Printing business of Misters Skinner and McCloud in Amherst, MA.
Box 49

Suitcase undated