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Guide to the San José State University Office of the President, Gail Fullerton Records
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Collection Contents


Series I:  Administrative Records 1950-1994 bulk(1978-1991)

Physical Description: 169 Boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series consists of the administrative records of President Gail Fullerton (1978-1991), and include administrative files, correspondence, speech files, and awards and plaques. Dr. Fullerton is the only woman to serve as president of San José State University to date. She is also the first faculty member to be promoted to the Office of President since the appointment of President Morris Dailey (1900-1918). Fullerton began her career as a tenure-track faculty member in the Department of Sociology in 1964. She also served as executive vice president for President John Bunzel (1970-1978) before her tenure as president. This series also includes Fullerton's personal files while she was a faculty member and executive vice president.


This series is arranged chronologically by date range.

Access Restrictions

Specific folders within Boxes 4 and 103 are restricted.
Boxes 1-70

Administrative Records 1950-1991

Box 71

Administrative Data, Speeches of Various Campus Presidents 1950-1973

Boxes 72-73

CSU Annual Report, Miscellaneous Reports 1959-1994

Box 74

Awards, Plaques, Citations Honoring Fullerton 1970-1994

Box 75

Alcohol Beverage Control 1970-1988

Box 76

Alphabetical Files, P-W 1973-1980

Box 77

G.I. Forum 1975-1992

Box 78

Alphabetical Files, G-L 1976-1988

Boxes 79-80

CSUC Memos to Presidents 1977-1980

Box 81

Alphabetical Files, P-W 1978-1988

Box 82

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Search 1978-1992

Box 83

Chancellor's Council of Presidents and Board of Trustees 1979-1980

Box 84

Alphabetical Files, L-P 1979-1980

Box 85

Budget & CSU Policies & News 1979-1981

Boxes 86-98

Correspondence 1979-1991

Box 99

Award Considerations 1979-1986

Box 100

Faculty and Staff Relations with CSU Chancellor 1979-1987

Box 101

Parking 1979-1990

Box 102

Alphabetical Files, D-M 1980-1989

Box 103

Affirmative Action Program Coordinator Search 1980-1981

Box 104

Alphabetical Files, F-P 1980-1981

Box 105

Alphabetical Files, P-U 1980-1981

Box 106

CSUC Memos to Presidents 1981

Box 107

Faculty Affairs, Gail Fullerton Documents 1981-1982

Box 108

Executive Vice President Candidate CVs 1981-1982

Box 109

CSU and Colleges: Memos and Reports 1981-1982

Box 110

President's Annual Events 1981-1984

Box 111

Commencement and Grievances 1981-1984

Box 112

Faculty 1981-1988

Box 113

Black Issues in Higher Education 1981-1991

Box 114

Alphabetical Files, L-P 1982-1990

Box 115

Administrative Files, Commission Reviews on Affirmative Action 1983-1984

Box 116

Personal Grievances 1983-1984

Box 117

Alphabetical Files, J-P 1983-1988

Box 118

Accreditation, Reports 1983-1988

Boxes 119-122

CSU Files 1983-1989

Box 123

Master Plan, Board of Trustees, Amendments 1984-1986

Box 124

Various CSU-Wide Subjects, Preliminary Call for Affirmative Action Proposals 1984-1986

Box 125

Personnel Files 1984-1987

Boxes 126-140

Meetings 1984-1991

Box 141

Memos Regarding Budget Bills, Proposals 1985-1986

Box 142

Grievances 1985-1987

Box 143

Government Materials, Project Plan to Improve Facilities, Programs to Assist Foreign Woman-Owned Businesses 1986-1987

Box 144

Academic Senate, Alumni Association, American Colleges Testing 1986-1987

Box 145

Academic Senate 1986-1988

Box 146

Various University Catalogs 1986-1991

Box 147

Director Search 1986-1991

Box 148

CSU Affairs 1987

Box 149

Dean of Student Services Search 1987-1988

Box 150

Alphabetical Files 1987-1988

Boxes 151-154

Publications 1987-1989

Box 155

1988 Annual Fund 1988

Box 156

CSU Correspondence and Reports 1988

Box 157

Chronical of Higher Education 1989

Box 158

Administration Affairs, Services and Relations 1989

Box 159

Meetings, Lectures, Awards Ceremonies 1989-1990

Box 160

Committees, Fullerton Membership 1989-1991

Box 161

Alphabetical Files, G-N 1989-1991

Box 162

University Affairs and Relations 1990

Boxes 163-164

Academic Affairs 1990-1991

Box 165

Budget Files 1990-1991

Box 166

Academic Senate 1990-1991

Box 167

Academic Departments and Offices of SJSU 1990-1991

Box 182

Fullerton Inauguration 1979-1991

Box 183

Speeches 1982-1993


Series II:  Athletics Department 1985-1992

Physical Description: 7 Boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains administrative records concerning the Athletics Department, as well as legal records and newspaper clippings. President Fullerton (1978-1991) was a strong advocate of team athletic sports. She believed that team sports promoted traits favorable to academia and wanted to increase the graduation rate of athletes at San José State University. Fullerton clashed with the Academic Senate on several occasions in the 1980s when she allocated university funds during a budget crisis in order to help support a growing athletics program.
One particular problem concerned the head of the football program, Coach Claude Gilbert, who refused to follow Fullerton's instructions to recruit freshmen athletes, rather than older and more seasoned community college transfers. President Fullerton subsequently terminated Gilbert after the 1989 football season, and the university was sued for wrongful termination.


This series is arranged chronologically by date range.

Access Restrictions

Specific folders within Boxes 173 and 174 are restricted.
Boxes 168-172

Athletics Department 1985-1991

Boxes 173-174

Claude Gilbert Termination Lawsuit 1987-1992


Series III:  Legal Records 1963-1992

Physical Description: 4 Boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

President Fullerton (1978-1991) was often referred to as the "perpetual defendant" by her husband and members of her staff. This series contains two discrimination lawsuits filed against the university, both of which name Fullerton as one of the principal defendants. The cases involved Lenore Seltzer and Jose Hernandez, both of whom claimed discrimination when they were passed over for promotion by President Fullerton and university officials.
This series also contains records documenting the closure of the Spartan City, a university-owned housing complex designated for married students or single parents with children. Used as "emergency" housing since the post-WWII era, the Spartan City wooden barracks were dilapidated, asbestos-ridden and generally unsafe for habitation by the 1980s. As a result, President Fullerton (1978-1991), the State Fire Marshal and various building and structural consultants suggested the complex be demolished due to health and safety concerns. The controversy regarding Spartan City was such that the complex was slated for demolition six months ahead of schedule, and a subsequent lawsuit was filed by Spartan City residents against the university to protest the early closure. In 1988, a Superior Court judge ruled that the university had the right to force the eviction of Spartan City residents, and the complex closed that same year. The court case was formally dismissed in 1992.


This series is arranged chronologically by date range.

Access Restrictions

Specific folders within Boxes 176 and 177 are restricted.
Box 175

Spartan City Closure and Lawsuit 1963-1988

Box 176

Lenore Seltzer Discrimination Lawsuit 1970-1978

Box 177

Jose Hernandez Discrimination Lawsuit 1983-1984

Box 178

Spartan City Demolition 1986-1992


Series IV:  San Carlos Street Closure 1982-1986

Physical Description: 1 Box

Series Scope and Content Summary

During President Fullerton's (1978-1991) tenure at San José State University, San Carlos Street ran through the university, bisecting the campus in half. The San José City Council originally wanted to downgrade San Carlos Street to a smaller road, but President Fullerton and Executive Vice President J. Handel Evans eventually persuaded the Council to agree to close the portion of the road running through campus. The project began in 1994 and was completed in 1996. Today, San Carlos Street is a decorated walkway through the campus, with the street existing in two segments on either side of San José State University.
Box 179

Project Files: San Carlos Street Closure 1982-1986


Series V:  Restricted Materials 1967-1986

Physical Description: 2 Boxes

Access Restrictions

Boxes 180 and 181 are restricted.
Boxes 180-181

Restricted Materials 1967-1986