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Inventory of the California State Senate Insurance Committee Records
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Series Description

See LP numbers below.

Series 1 Bill Files 1981-2004

Physical Description: 687 file folders


Bill files are arranged chronologically by legislative session then numerically by bill number within legislative house.

Scope and Content Note

Most bill files include all or some of the following items: bill analyses, amendments and resolutions, author's statements, testimony, press releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence, roll calls, records of votes, and committee statements. Of particular interest are those bills relating to insurance fraud, investments, liability, Proposition 103 insurance reform, health care service plans, Health Maintenance Organizations, the Healthy Families Program, the Knox-Keene Program, small business insurance, unclaimed property, and surplus line brokers.

Senate Insurance and Indemnity Committee:

1981-1982: SB74-SB2050 (5ff) LP223:72-76
1981-1982: AB15-AB3750 (6ff) LP223:77-82

Senate Insurance Claims and Corporations Committee:

1983-1984: SB25-SB2179 (14ff) LP255:69-82
1983-1984: AB30-AB4056 (17ff) LP255:83-99
1985-1986: SB3-SB2613; SJR9 (14ff) LP284:41-54
1985-1986: AB68-AB4406; AJR9-AJR86 (20ff) LP284:55-74
1987-1988: SB6-SB2865; SCA29-SCA38; SCR31-SCR97 (19ff) LP284:75-93
1987-1988: AB97-AB4659; ACR83; AJR21 (18ff) LP284:94-111
1989-1990: SB3-SB2902; SCA48-SCA49; SCR13-SCR40; SJR41-SJR70 (20ff) LP284:112-131
1989-1990: AB60-AB4284; AJR64; AB23X (26ff) LP284:132-157
1991-1992: SB6-SB2038; SCR30 (20ff) LP284:232-245F
1991-1992: AB14-AB3740; ACR84; AJR43 (23ff) LP248:245G-256F
1993-1994: SB38-SB2065; SCA23; SJR36-SJR37 (27ff) LP382:1-27
1993-1994: AB16-AB3823; AJR9 (22ff) LP382:28-49

Senate Insurance Committee:

1995-1996: SB17-SB2127; SB5X-SB7X (67ff) LP382:50-116
1995-1996: AB8-AB3313 (35ff) LP382:117-151
1997-1998: SB17-SB2209 (72ff) LP382:152-223
1997-1998: AB7-AB2733 (36ff) LP382:224-259
1999-2000: SB5-SB2199; SJR1 (59ff) LP382:260-318
1999-2000: AB12-AB2905 (55ff) LP382:317-371
2001-2002: SB37-SB2093 (35ff) LP382:372-406
2001-2002: AB5-AB3048 (21ff) LP382:407-427
2003-2004: SB64-SB1918 (26ff) LP382:428-453
2003-2004: AB30-AB3088; ACR74; AJR44 (31ff) LP382:454-485
See Appendix A for LP Numbers.

Series 2 Hearing Files 1991-2004

Physical Description: 249 file folders


Hearing Files are arranged chronologically by date of hearing.

Scope and Content Note

Hearing Files contain agendas, testimony, transcripts, reports, audio/visual tapes and background material. Audiocassettes and videotapes have been separated from the files and are stored separately for preservation purposes. A separation sheet is placed in the folders to alert researchers to the existence of such material. Hearing types include bill hearings, informational hearings, government oversight hearings, and round tables. Many hearings are on topics relating to the implementation of Proposition 103 regarding insurance reform, the right to privacy in insurance, and Oversight Hearings on agencies such as the California Correctional System, California Department of Transportation, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. See Appendix A in Master Finding Aid at the California State Archives for a complete listing of hearing file dates and subjects.

Series 3 Subject Files 1994-2004

Physical Description: 23 file folders


Subject Files are arranged alphabetically by subject heading.

Scope and Content Note

Subject Files include correspondence, studies, newspaper and journal articles and background information concerning such topics as managed care complaints and legislation, organ donor studies, Proposition 103, privacy in financial institutions, prescription drug safety, title insurance, predictive modeling, bad faith files from the Insurance Reform Act of 1997, and legislative summaries for the 1995-1996 and 2003-2004 legislative sessions. See Appendix B in Master Finding Aid at the California State Archives for a complete listing of subject file titles and dates.

Series 4 Correspondence 1995-1998

Physical Description: 3 file folders


Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence to and from committee members, the Department of Insurance, the Insurance Commissioner, and the general public. Topics of the correspondence include legislation affecting insurance matters, disputes on the budget, insurance reports, court briefings, and similar topics.

Series 5 Quackenbush Investigative Files 2000

Physical Description: 36 file folders


Quackenbush Investigative Files are arranged by subseries (Hearing Files, Filings, Press Files, General Files and Subject Files).

Access Information

Much of this series is restricted under the Legislative Open Records Act, California Government Code Section 9075 (c) and (k). See Reference Archivist to obtain access to files that may not be confidential (i.e. Hearing Transcripts and Press Files).

Scope and Content Note

The Quackenbush Investigative Files are related to the committee's investigation of Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush and his involvement with alleged fraud involving funds from insurance companies marked for "educational funds" that allowed the companies to under compensate 1994 Northridge earthquake clients. The allegations that he used these funds for self-promotion lead to his eventual resignation. The Hearing Files include transcripts and background information for hearings held by the Senate Insurance Committee on May 10, May 23, and June 5, 2000. Also included are hearings held by the Assembly Committee on Insurance on April 27 and June 26, 2000. Filings contain documents filed or presented before the Sacramento County Superior Court and Department of Insurance. These filings relate to the Attorney General's complaint against the California Research and Assistance Fund, Ronald Weekley, and George Grays. The Department of Insurance case involved complaints against individual insurance companies failure to make payments after the Northridge Earthquake. Press Files are newspaper and journal articles regarding the Quackenbush Investigation. General Files include memoranda, notes, correspondence, reports, and additional information regarding the individual claims against insurance companies, records used in preparation for the hearings, and similar background information. Subject Files include additional information on the Northridge earthquake, hearing information and notes, Quackenbush staff summaries, the original Subpoena notices, background information and correspondence regarding the Department of Insurances activities relating to title insurance companies, an audit of the Department of Insurance, and a report on the transition status given July 25, 2000 by J. Clark Kelso who was appointed Acting Commissioner following Quackenbush's resignation.