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Workman Family Albums

Collection number: 100

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Workman Family Albums
Dates: 1887-1989
Collection number: 100
Creator: Workman family members
Collection Size: 1 archival document box, 3 oversize boxes
Repository: Loyola Marymount University. Library. Department of Archives and Special Collections.
Los Angeles, California 90045-2659
Abstract: This collection consists of family albums, newspaper clippings, photographs, and ephemera related to the Workman family of Los Angeles, important players in the politics and development of Los Angeles in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Workman family members in this collection include William H. Workman, mayor of Los Angeles; and Boyle Workman, Los Angeles city councilman and city historian; and Mary Julia Workman, Roman Catholic social activist.
Physical location: Collection is stored on-site. Advance notice required for research use.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


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[Identification of item], Series number, Box and Folder number, Workman Family Albums, Collection 100, Department of Archives and Special Collections, William H. Hannon Library, Loyola Marymount University.

Acquisition Information

Gift of the Loyola Marymount University Jesuit Community. Accession number: 2011.5.

Custodial History

Previously in possession of the Loyola Marymount University Jesuit Community.

Workman Family Biography

The albums partially document the lives of these important members of the Workman family:
  • William H. Workman (1839-1918), developer of Boyle Heights, mayor of Los Angeles(1887-1888), city councilmember, and city treasuer
  • Maria Elizabeth Workman (1847-1933), wife of William H. Workman; daughter of Andrew Boyle, founder of Boyle Heights
  • Boyle Workman (1868‐1942), son of William and Maria, and a Los Angeles City councilmember in the 1920s and Public Service Commissioner, and historian of Los Angeles
  • Mary Julia Workman (1871-1964), daughter of William and Maria, and social and political activist in Los Angeles


1868 William H. Workman marries Elizabeth Maria Elizabeth Boyle, daughter of Andrew Boyle, original developer of Boyle Heights.
1868 Andrew Boyle Workman born.
1871 Death of Andrew Boyle. William H. and Maria Elizabeth Workman assume ownership and management of Boyle Heights.
1872‐1874, 1885-1880 William H. Workman serves on the Los Angeles Common (City) Council.
1886 William H. Workman elected mayor of Los Angeles.
1901 Mary Julia Workman helps found the Brownson House, a major Roman Catholic settlement house in Los Angeles.
1902-1907 William H. Workman serves as treasurer of the City of Los Angeles.
1913-1917 Boyle Workman serves on the Los Angeles Public Service Commission.
1918 William H. Workman dies.
1919-1927 Boyle Workman serves on the Los Angeles City Council.
1926 Mary Julia Workman awarded papal medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice for service to Roman Catholic Church.
1927-1928 Mary Julia Workman serves on the Los Angeles City Civil Service Commission.
1933 Maria Elizabeth Workman dies.
1935 Boyle Workman publishes The City that Grew, his history of the city of Los Angeles.
1938 Mary Julia Workman participates in the successful recall campaign of corrupt Los Angeles mayor Frank Shaw.
1942 Boyle Workman dies.
1964 Mary Julia Workman dies.

Collection Description

This collection consists of family albums, family ephemera, photographs, and newspaper clippings. The bulk of the collection is the family albums, which are scrapbooks with materials on Workman family history. Loose materials sometimes accompany the albums. Of particular interest are newspapers from Boyle Heights with much information on businesses, persons, and churches there. The newspaper clippings that the Workmans collected emphasize early Los Angeles history and the family’s contribution to this history.
The collection also contains ephemera, some of which documents Los Angeles history. See for example, the program for the groundbreaking ceremony for the city hall in 1926 (Box 1, Folder 8).
There is some material not related to the Workmans. This includes, for example, a photograph and bibliography of the works of Charles Lummis. One album concerns Frederick J. Seidenberg, S. J., of Detroit, a sociologist and Jesuit active in labor affairs and acquaintance of Mary Julia Workman and Charlotte Masson (neé Workman).


The Workman Family Albums is arranged by individual album; loose materials that came with the album have been placed in individual folders. There were also loose materials not found with the albums that have been arranged in folders as well.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Workman family
Workman, Andrew Boyle, 1968-1942
Workman, Mary Julia, 1871-1964
Workman, William H., 1839-1918
Workman, Maria Elizabeth, 1847-1933
Workman family--Political activity--History--19th century--Sources
Workman family--Political activity--History--20th century--Sources
Women civic leaders--California--Los Angeles--History--20th century--Sources
Civic leaders--California--History--20th century--Sources
California--Politics and government--1850-1950--Sources
California--Los Angeles--Boyle Heights


For background information on the Workman family, consult the following works:
Engh, Michael. Mary Julia Workman, the Catholic Conscience of Los Angeles. California History (1993): 2-19.
Engh, Michael. Workman, Mary Julia (1871-1964). Encyclopedia of American Catholic History. Collegeville, Minnesota, 1997. Pp. 1517-1518.
Newmark, Marco. The Workman Family in Los Angeles. Historical Society of Southern California Quarterly 32 (1950): 316-325.
Rowland, Donald E. John Rowland and William Workman: Southern California Pioneers of 1841. Spokane: Arthur H. Clark Co.; Los Angeles: Historical Society of Southern California, 1999.
Workman, Boyle. The City That Grew. Los Angeles: The Southland Publishing Co., 1935

Related Material

Box and Folder List

Box 1ov

Boyle Workman Album: Newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs re life of Boyle Workman. Typed manuscripts of histories of Los Angeles and the Department of Water and Power. 1895-1942

(dates broken)


Name "Boyle Workman" stamped on front cover of album
Box-Folder 1ov : 1

Loose Materials from Boyle Workman album: Newspaper clippings re Workman family (photocopies of the originals). 1919-1964 (of originals)

(dates broken)

Box-Folder 1ov : 2

Loose Materials from Boyle Workman album: Photograph of McClay and Widney family members. Relatives of Martha Frances Widney (1874–1971), wife of Andrew Boyle Workman. Undated

Box-Folder 1 : 8

Loose Materials from Boyle Workman album: Boyle Workman Los Angeles City Council campaign cards. Program for groundbreaking of Los Angeles City Hall; postcard of City Hall. Photographs of Boyle Workman. 1919, 1926

Box-Folder 1 : 9

Loose Materials from Boyle Workman album: Correspondence re Workman family plaque. Index to scrapbook. Los Angeles City Council presentation speech to Boyle Workman. Boyle Workman Labor Day speech. 1919, 1941

Box 2ov

William H. Workman Album re mayoral career. Newspaper clippings re mayoral career of William H. Workman. Notice re William H. Workman sale of property. Los Angeles Roman Catholic newspaper The Tidings article re Mary Julia Workman reception of papal medal "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice." 1886-1888 1926


Inscription in pen on first leaf recto: 1887 EXTRACTS FROM THE LOS ANGELES DAILY PAPERS W. H. WORKMAN MAYOR LOS ANGELES 1887-1888. Also inscribed, in pencil, on first leaf recto: L. A. Ingersoll 324 W. Fourth St Parker House Room 3.
Box-Folder 2ov : 1

Loose Materials from William H. Workman mayoral album: The Boyle Heights Sun, volume 1, number 3 (newspaper). Greater Los Angeles and Southern California, volume 7, number 15 (newspaper). 1906

Box-Folder 2ov : 2

Loose Materials from William H. Workman mayoral album: Newspaper clippings re William H. and Maria E. Workman family (photocopies of the originals). 1890-1938

(dates broken)

Box-Folder 2ov : 3

Loose Materials from William H. Workman mayoral album: Mourning card for Mrs. A. M.W. Workman. Black and white photograph with inscription "Dinner Table Jan—1st 1917." Notes re life of Mary Julia Workman. Letter to Mary Julia Workman. 1892, 1917, 1962

Box-Folder 1 : 1

Album re deaths of William H. Workman and other Workman family members. Newspaper clippings re death of William H. Workman, William H. Workman III, and Maria Elizabeth Workman. 1918, 1933, 1939

Box-Folder 1 : 1

Loose materials from album re death of William H. Workman and other Workman family members: Newspaper clippings re deaths and activities of Workman family members (photocopies of the originals). 1918-1950

(dates broken)

Box-Folder 1 : 2

Album re Willam H. Workman and A.A. Boyle familes. Typed table of contents on front pastedown. Newspaper clippings re beginnings of Workman family in Los Angeles. Typed history of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (by Boyle Workman). Family history of Dardier-Christie side of Workman family, as told by Maria Elizabeth Workman. Booklet on Chester Place. 1925-1964

(dates broken)


"William Workman Family A. A. Boyle Family" inscribed in pen on front cover. Album prepared by Eleanor Workman.
Box-Folder 1 : 3

Album re Father Frederic Seidenberg, S. J. Newspaper clippings, obituary, re death and work of Father Frederic Seidenberg, S. J. Photograph of same. Letters addressed to Charlotte Masson, daughter of William H. Workman. "I Saw the Soviet Russia 1937." "An Interview with Fredric Seidenberg, S. J., by Daniel A. Lord, S. J." (pamphlet). Conference on Industrial Relations program. Economic Club of Detroit flyer. Michigan Conference of Social Work program. 1937-1939

Box-Folder 1 : 4

Album re dedication of plaque in honor of William H. and Maria E. Workman. Newspaper clippings, invitations, photograph, correspondence, program. 1962


Title stamped on front cover: THE WORKMAN FAMILY.
Box-Folder 1 : 5

Loose materials from album re dedication of plaque in honor of William H. and Maria E. Workman: Photographs of plaque and of Workman family at ceremony. 8 8x10 black and white photographs. 1962

Box-Folder 1 : 6

Loose materials from album re dedication of plaque in honor of William H. and Maria E. Workman: Correspondence, newspaper clippings (photocopies), Thomas Workman certificate re Cuban Refugee Emergency Center. 1962, 1989

Box-Folder 3ov : 1

General Loose Materials: The Capital, volume 2, number 20. 1895

Box-Folder 3ov : 2

General Loose Materials: Graphic, volume 21, number 17 (two copies). Graphic, volume 24, number 3. 1904, 1906

Box-Folder 3ov : 3

General Loose Materials: The Criterion Illustrated, volume 14, number 19 (photocopy). 1898

Box-Folder 3ov : 4

General Loose Materials: Charles F. Lummis autographed photograph for Mary J. Workman. Top o' the Hill, Charles Lummis autographed poem. "The Works of Chas. F. Lummis," bibliography of works by Charles Lummis. List of music and poem played at Thomas E. Workman funeral. Los Angeles Daily Times article on Boyle Heights. 1905, 1928

Box-Folder 3ov : 5

General Loose Materials: Postcards to and from Mary Julia Workman from family members and friends. 1905-1927

(dates broken)

Box-Folder 3ov : 6

General Loose Materials: Mary Julia Workman medal, Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice. 1926

Box-Folder 3ov : 7

General Loose Materials: Paperweight commemorating 150 th anniversary of the Workman/Rowland party coming to Los Angeles. 1991

Box-Folder 1 : 7

General Loose Materials: Newspaper clippings (photocopies) re Workman family. Collected by Mary Julia Workman. 1889-1916, undated