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Finding Aid to the Henri Lenoir Pictorial Collection, circa 1930-circa 1990 (bulk circa 1970-circa 1985)
BANC PIC 2004.158  
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Series 1. Vesuvio Cafe, The Iron Pot and other North Beach establishments.

Physical Description: circa 970 photographic prints, circa 200 negatives, 4 slides, 2 drawings.
Physical Location: Shelving locations: PIC boxes 1-2, AX box 1, B box 1, C box 1, D folder 1, fALB vols. 1-3 and 5-6, NEG box 1, NEG(strip) box 1, NEG(8x10) misc. box 1

Scope and Content Note

Chiefly snapshots depicting interior and exterior scenes of establishments owned and/or frequented by Lenoir, as well as other locations in North Beach and beyond, including Lenoir’s residences and office. Locations depicted include Vesuvio Café (255 Columbus Avenue), The Iron Pot (539 Montgomery Street), 12 Adler Place (later renamed 12 William Saroyan Place), Enrico’s (504 Broadway Street), Black Cat Café (710 Montgomery Street), Isadore Gomez’ Café (848 Pacific Ave.), TransAmerica Pyramid (600 Montgomery Street), Powell’s Bar (Powell and Union Streets), India House (350 Jackson Street), Little City Litho (650 Vallejo Street), Maritime Museum (900 Beach Street), Cable Car Clothiers (110 Sutter Street), Potrero Hill, Chucker (San Mateo), The Old Grotto Restaurant (545 Washington Street), Ristorante Castellucci (561 Columbus Avenue), Cannon Press (1261 Folsom Street), 526 Connecticut Street, City Lights Books (261 Columbus Ave.), Lenoir’s office at 271 Columbus Avenue, and his residences at 247 Columbus Avenue and 355 Columbus Avenue.
Scenes depict customers and staff, artwork on walls, décor, outside street scenes, etc. Among the individuals depicted are Henri Lenoir, Angelo Sottosanti, Mel Fowler, Patricia Stutsman, Biétry Salinger, Christine Klampe, Marsha Garland, Enrico Banducci, Lorna Larsen, Posey Tibbon, Richard Brautigan, Jerry Kamstra, Charles M. Ware, Alfred V. Frankenstein, Ward Dunham, Byron J. MacDonald, Vern Wiman, Arturo Longhi, Ralph Stackpole, Mike Quinn, Charles Surendorf, Timothy Wulff, Gottardo Piazzoni, Neil Hitt, Louis Bassi Siegriest, James Cleghorn, Ron Leon, José Arnold, Theodore Polos, Charlie Duncan, Emilio Berutti, Barbara Olmsted, Fred Olmsted, Hilaire Hiler, Kenneth Rexroth, Wolo (Baron Wolff Erhardt Anton Georg Trutzschler von Falkenstein), Don Carpenter, Clay Spohn, Guy Wernham, Peter Macchiarini, Louis Hughes, William Hesthal, Elizabeth Enquist, Norma di Tano, Karl Baumann, Luke Gibney, George Gonsalvez, Maya Dhillon, George Olshausen, James Keilty, Sargent Johnson, Richard Harrity, Allen Ginsberg, Evan Cornell, Florence Allen, Jean Varda, Sally Stanford, William Ryan (Bill Ryan), Wing Kwong Tse, Mr. and Mrs. Georgetti, Dwaine Cox, Mary Burns, Dong Kingman, Sammy Pearl, Lester (Pappy) Reynard, Charlie Haberkorn, Paddy O'Sullivan, Silvio O'Neill and Matthew Barnes. Includes artworks by Wendy Wheeler and Rick Fanthorpe-White.

Additional Note

Early photographs of Vesuvio Café (1950s-1960s), as well as photographs of the Iron Pot (1940s), 12 Adler Place (1947-1948), the Black Cat Café (1930s-1940s) and Isadore Gomez’ Café (1940s) are concentrated in PIC box 1, AX box 1 and fALB volumes 1-3.

Series 2. Henri Lenoir and associates.

Physical Description: circa 530 photographic prints, circa 25 negatives, 2 slides.
Physical Location: Shelving locations: PIC boxes 2-3, AX box 1, B box 1, C box 1, D folder 2, fALB vols. 4, 7 and 9, NEG box 1, NEG(8x10) misc. box 1, NEG(strip) box 1

Scope and Content Note

Chiefly snapshots of Henri Lenoir, Luke Gibney, Vern Wiman, Isadore Gomez (Izzy Gomez), Angela McCann Kinkead, Fred Wickham, Enrico Banducci, Robyn Banducci, Allegra Banducci, Mary Duchow, Elizabeth Enquist, Valerie Steel, Charles M. Ware, Faith Kark, Hube Cube, David Wood, Maya Dhillon, Bruce Weiss, Audrey E. Gabrielson, Alex Anderson, Mary Ming, Richard Brautigan, Sam Provezano, Wing Kwong Tse, Thomasina DeMaio, Justin Murray, Pete Macchiarini, Joe Finocchio, Craig Jones, Judy Smith, Suzanne Larsen, Lorna Larsen, Melvin M. Belli, Donna Seid, Curt Gentry, Ed Taylor, Captain Larry Gray, Sergeant Ronald Vernali, Marsha Garland, Jean Rigsby (or Jean Blasby?), Florence Allen, Jerry Kamstra, Don Gillis, Henry Clark, Bonnie McClintock, Patricia Stutsman, Posey Tibbon, Susan Tibbon, Sammy and Izzy Pearl, Robert Hagan (Bob Hagan), Edward Brooks, Louis Bassi Siegriest, Wolo (Baron Wolff Erhardt Anton Georg Trutzschler von Falkenstein), Carl Siegel, Frank Koci, José Ramis, Joe Zygaj, Frank Peacock, Tom Browne, Kelly Wise, Ward Dunham, Bob Lanci, Joyce Resendez (Joyce Rezendes?), Dwain Cox, Claire Cummings, Neil Sampson, Sophia Nimri, Leon Chevally, Lee Chevally, Barbara Phillips, Maryanne Frost, Roberto Ayala, Peter Sword, Mary Gould, Al Hooker (Alan Hooker?), Randy Groschoske (Randy Grochoske?), Don Jones, Patti O’Sullivan, Janette McGregor, Tina Duarte, Cliff Sandon, Joan Swyers, Nancy Larsen, Pete Spear, Madeline Marceau, Claudia K. Jurmain, Madeline Davis, Maria Kaminoff, Doris Carzol, Trent Frakes, Jack Goodwin, Guy Wernham, John Reed, Al Landi, Sally Schaub, Victor Duena, Lyle Tuttle, Basil Woon, Fleurette Woon, Virgil L. Morton, Tracy Smith, Barney Gugel, Tia Snyder, Otto Wernecke (Otto Wernicke?), Ken Touchet, Gary Howard, Bob Johnson, Bob Gouley, Robert Howell, Walter Keene (Walter Keane?), Alma Owre, Charlie Simpson, Ron Leon, Henry Thomas, Marjorie Salin, Ed Moose, Corrine Lee, Norman Lehman, Marilyn Pope, Cornelius Sampson, Bill Teas, and various unidentified homeless people.

Series 3. Events.

Physical Description: circa 140 photographic prints, circa 15 negatives.
Physical Location: Shelving locations: PIC box 3, AX box 1, B box 1, D folder 3, NEG box 1, NEG(strip) box 1

Scope and Content Note

Chiefly snapshots of benefits, celebrations, parties and exhibits. Events include Civic Center Art Show, Annual Grant Avenue Street Fair, Columbus Day Parade, Koci Art Exhibit (at 63 Bluxome Street), bicycle race for North Beach saloons (at Golden Gate Park), Bob Kaufmann Funeral Parade (at Washington Square), Henri Lenoir Memorial (at Washington Square Bar and Grill, 1707 Powell Street), The Saloonkeeper’s Halloween Party (at the Old Spaghetti Factory, 478 Green Street), An Evening of Auditory Assault (poetry reading at The Catalyst), A Warehouse Party for Charles Dawkins (at 200 Greenwich Street at Sansome Street), Blabbermouth Nite #6 (at The Place), U.S.-China People’s Friendship Week (Kabuki Theater and San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts), 1980 Mark Twain Behrens Exhibit (at his studio, 113 Steuart Street), and 1982 Mark Twain Behrens Exhibit (at Limn Gallery, 457 Pacific Avenue). Also includes a few broadsides and posters.
Scenes depict various individuals including Henri Lenoir, Herb Caen, Bonnie McClintock, Bruce Weiss, Pete Macchiarini, Sam Provezano, Quentin L. Kopp, Ward Dunham, Van Hoyt, Thomas Albright, Roger Boas, Scott Beach, Susan Tibbon, Johnny Cooper, Judy Smith, Jack Ertola, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Burt Bales, George Gonzalvez, Louise Renne, Audrey E. Gabrielson, Joan Hinchman and Francis J. Rigney.

Series 4. Artwork.

Physical Description: circa 380 drawings, circa 100 negatives, circa 60 photographic prints, circa 40 prints, 15 slides, 1 engraving plate.
Physical Location: Shelving locations: PIC box 3, AX boxes 2-4, B box 1, C box 1, D folders 4-6, F folder 1, fALB v.10, NEG(strip) box 1, NEG(8x10)

Scope and Content Note

Original artwork, as well as photographs and other reproductions of artwork, primarily by artists represented, exhibited and/or collected by Lenoir. Includes original drawings and prints by Vern Wiman, Mel Fowler, Byron McClintock, Justin Murray, Charles Surendorf, George Pennewell, P.R. Morgan, Sharon Craney, Charles Stark and Sam Provezano.
Also includes photographs, posters and other reproductions of works by Luke Gibney, Karl Baumann, Bill Beuche, Frank Koci, Fred Wickham, Byron Randall, Justin Murray, Crazy Joe Beckman (?), Joe Zygaj, Alex Anderson, Judy Smith, John Sacks, Geroge Pennewell, Bill Bates, Charles M. Ware, Victor Duena and Synergisms. Also includes a few psychedelic posters by W. Sätty and Wes Wilson.
Volume 10 exclusively contains reproductions of Vern Wiman carticatures, as well as clippings and photographs pertaining to the artist.

Series 5. Postcards and slides.

Physical Description: circa 1750 postcards, circa 640 slides, 3 negatives.
Physical Location: Shelving locations: PIC boxes 4, 6-8, B box 1, NEG box 1, LAN boxes 1-2, NEG(5x7) misc. box 1, NEG(strip) box 1

Scope and Content Note

Includes that portion of Lenoir’s renowned postcard collection which does not contain correspondence. Subject matter includes female nudes, romantic couples, and burlesque humor. Postcards are chiefly from the turn of the 20th century, many of them produced in France.
Also includes numerous 35mm glass slide reproductions of Lenoir’s postcards. The slides were numbered, indexed and projected in late-night slide shows at Vesuvio Café.

Additional Note

Other postcards with correspondence to or from Lenoir are included in the Henri Lenoir papers (BANC MSS 92/842).

Series 6. Negative discs and accompanying prints.

Physical Description: circa 830 negatives, circa 500 photographic prints.
Physical Location: Shelving locations: NEG box 1, PIC box 5

Scope and Content Note

Small-format instamatic negative discs organized and described by Henri Lenoir, with accompanying prints. Subjects include friends, associates, local haunts and other subjects. Names listed on accompanying envelopes include Henri Lenoir, Jane Fletcher, Christine Klampe, Sarah Kliban, Bonnie McClintock, Jean McClintock, Patricia Stutsman, Florence Allen, Enrico Banducci, Byron Randall, Bob Lanci, Marie Carzol, Joe Gigliotto, Ward Dunham, Janet McGregor, Drew Sparks, Terry St. John, Valerie Steel, Thomasina DeMaio, Fred Wickham, Mary Duchow, Frank Koci, Claire Walsh, Suzanne Larsen, Melvin M. Belli, Curt Gentry, Frank Peacock, Donna Seid, Ed Taylor, Byron McClintock, Wing Kwong Tsefb, Audrey E. Gabrielson, Joyce Resendez (Joyce Rezendes?), Sheila Grant, Lorna Larsen, Chuck Wilmarth, Bernard Zackheim, Dorothy Tegnazian, Claire Cummings, Mark Behrens, Diane Roxas, Christopher Cevalley, Dwain Cox, Dianne Fechheimer, Dante Benedetti, Wolo (Baron Wolff Erhardt Anton Georg Trutzschler von Falkenstein), Mary Ming, Elizabeth Rush, Hassel Smith, David Vegmola, David Drees, Donna Elway, Audrey Katz Darby, Nicole Bach, Betty Samuelson, Jesse Hamlin, Joe Zygaj, Joe Finocchio, Craig Jones, Judy Smith, Allegra Banducci, Alan Cumings, Nancy J. Peters, Faith Kark, Hube Cube, Roger Boas, David Wood, Louis Bassi Siegriest, Nancy Boas, Maya Dhillon, Nathan Oliveira, Stepehn Canright, Tito and Posey Tibbon.

Additional Note

Negative discs and accompanying prints are arranged numerically, as assigned by Lenoir. Prints (PIC box 5) include Lenoir’s annotated envelopes, usually listing the names of those depicted. Not all negatives have matching prints. No attempt has been made to verify if descriptive annotations match actual contents.

Series 7. Miscellaneous.

Physical Description: circa 120 photographic prints, circa 40 negatives.
Physical Location: Shelving locations: PIC box 4, AX box 4, B box 1, NEG(strip) box 1

Scope and Content Note

Photographs of miscellaneous and unidentified subject matter, including female nudes, Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty celebrities and San Francisco trolley cars. Also includes 3 small snapshot photographs of the 1906 earthquake and fire, assorted greeting cards and business cards, and a photograph of Liberation Day in Paris, 1945.