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Finding Aid to the Environmental effects of tourism at Yosemite National Park Photograph Album, 1875-1928 (bulk 1915-1928)
BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB  
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volume 1

Album unknown BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB

Physical Description: 1 album (54 photographic prints) : b&w ; 27 x 21 cm.

One of the many refuse dumps in the lower end of the Valley. [...] BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 1


Incinerator constructed by the Government with a capacity to dispose of all wet garbage. This does not eliminate the dump shown in picture (1). BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 2


Old dry toilets formerly used in the public camp grounds; now abandoned. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 3


Modern comfort station, now in use in public camp grounds. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 4


Auto Congestion over Decoration Day Holiday, 1927 1927 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


Village Plaza BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 5


Line of cars extending one-fourth of a mile below the Arch Rock Checking Station to obtain entrance permit. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 6


Showing congestion which results on Valley Floor roads whenever a bear or other interesting object comes into view. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 7


Overflow crowd of campers in Stoneman Meadow. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 8


Another view of campers in Stoneman Meadow. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 9


Hotel Development BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


Black's Hotel, built in 1869, near the foot of the Four-Mile Trail to Glacier Point. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 10


View of southwest corner of The Ahwahnee. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 11


Yosemite Park and Curry Company stables and sheds at Kenneyville, torn down in 1925. Now the site of The Ahwahnee. before 1925 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 12


Traffic Problems in Old Village. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


The last horse stages to leave the Sentinel Hotel bound for Wawona - June 1, 1915 June 1, 1915 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 13


First run of the Horseshoe Stages between Yosemite and Wawona. (1915) 1915 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 14


Scene in Old Village during Decoration Day Holiday - 1927. 1927 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 15


Sidewalks and Parking Areas BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


Pedestrians on our Valley Floor roads. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 16


Congestion on Stoneman Bridge, showing the danger to pedestrians. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 17


Mirror Lake parking area. (1926) 1926 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 18


Traffic at Happy Isles. (1926) 1926 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 19


First automobile to reach Yosemite Valley. July, 1900 July 1900 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 20


Autos waiting at Arch Rock Checking Station for entrance permit. February 11, 1927. February 11, 1927 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 21


Bridle Paths BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


A guide with party of tourists traveling the automobile roads on the Valley Floor prior to the construction of bridle paths. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 22


Automobile was damaged by colliding with a horse ridden by a visitor on automobile road. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 23


Injury to the horse from this collision. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 24


Tourists and guide using the newly constructed bridle paths. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 25


Tourists and guide on another section of newly-constructed bridle paths. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 26


Scene along one of the new bridle paths. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 27


Scene along one of the new bridle paths. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 28


Bridle path bridge. (Constructed in May, 1928.) after May 1928 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 29


Valley Floor Highway Bridges. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


Cedar Cottage, in the Sentinel Hotel group, with the end of the old Sentinel Bridge showing. (Taken prior to 1880) before 1880 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 30


Pohono Bridge, which is being replaced by a modern structure. (Photo taken in August, 1927.) August 1927 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 31


Kenneyville Bridge No. 1, showing the type of construction now used in six of the main bridges on the floor of the Valley. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 32


Mountain Road Travel. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


This horse stage was in operation over the Wawona Road from 1875 to 1915. between 1875 and 1915 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 33


First auto stages to operate over the Wawona Road. (June 2, 1915) June 2, 1915 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 34


Present-day Wawona Grade, showing modern car ascending. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 35


Modern Yosemite Transportation System auto stage climbing out of the Valley over the Big Oak Flat Road. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 36


Stages BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


The first type of motor stage to operate in Yosemite Park. (Photo taken November 16, 1913) November 16, 1913 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 37


Modern Yosemite Transportation System stage in front of the Ahwahnee Hotel. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 38


Flood Damage, 1928 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


El Portal Road, showing inside ditch badly washed and pavement undermined, in some cases for a distance of five feet. (March 25, 1928.) March 25, 1928 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 39


Repair to damage shown in picture (39) by backfilling under the pavement and constructing a cobble ditch. This ditch insures protection from further damage to the road along this section. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 40


Residence occupied by power house operator at Cascades flooded by overflow of Cascade Creek - March 25, 1927. March 25, 1927 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 41


Section of El Portal Road, showing the parapet wall constructed along the river side as a protection to motorists and to protect the outer bank of the road from flood damage. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 42


Yosemite Creek, jammed with ice. This occurs each spring, causing the stream to cut new channels and doing considerable damage. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 43


Another view of Yosemite Creek jammed with ice. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 44


Yosemite Creek running around the Yosemite Park and Curry Company's warehouse, flooding the road and warehouse area. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 45


Buildings BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, division heading


Old Administration Building, last used in 1924. before 1924 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 46


Entrance to the new Administration Building, constructed in 1924. Museum in background. after 1924 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 47


Museum. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 48


Rangers Club. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 49


Fish hatchery. Constructed by the State Fish and Game Commission in 1927. after 1927 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 50


Residences of Yosemite Park and Curry Company employees in Camp 17. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 51


Outpost station at Chinquapin. Standard Oil Station on right. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 52


Yosemite Park and Curry Company stables at Kenneyville, torn down in 1925. Now the site of the Hotel Ahwahnee. before 1925 BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 53


New company stables, located in Public Camp 12. BANC PIC 1990.034--ALB, p. 54