Finding Aid to the Tule Lake Relocation Center views, Calif. 1943

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Finding Aid to the Tule Lake Relocation Center views, Calif. 1943

Collection number: BANC PIC 1985.043--PIC

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Collection Title: Tule Lake Relocation Center views, Calif.
Date: 1943
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1985.043--PIC
Extent: 43 photographic prints ; 21x26 cm.
Repository: The Bancroft Library
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Abstract: Includes related ephemera: list of officers, a program from a theatrical production, menus, a map, etc.
Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

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Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945--Photographs
Tule Lake Relocation Center

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This project was funded, in part, by a grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Scope and Content

Collection contains photos of the Tule Lake Relocation Center, workers, farm labor, leisure activites, babies, nurses, the bank, library, barber, school, and social activites.

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General View of Relocation Center. This is a general view of the Tule Lake, Calif., Japanese Relocation Center located near the California-Oregon border and 40 miles southeast of Klamath Falls, Ore. The Land is an old lake bottom developed by the U.S. reclamation service. About 7,000 acres are now being used by the War Relocation Administration. Shown above is the housing area. BANC PIC 1985.043:1--PIC


[Outhouse?] BANC PIC 1985.043:2--PIC


[People standing in line] BANC PIC 1985.043:3--PIC


[Camp residences] BANC PIC 1985.043:4--PIC


[Photographers above camp] BANC PIC 1985.043:5--PIC


[Around a rock garden?] BANC PIC 1985.043:6--PIC


He Makes Shoes. Mitsutaro Miyahara, Sacramento, Calif., in charge of the shoe shop at Tule Lake, Calif., Japanese Relocation Center, holds a pair of shoes he made of wood and scraps. He also made the leather work shoes in the foreground. Residents of the center must obtain an order from officials before they can buy a pair. BANC PIC 1985.043:7--PIC


The Old Timers Aid with the Crops. These elderly Japanese are cutting seed potatoes to be planted by the younger residents of the Tule Lake, Calif., Relocation Center. Some 835 acres are being planted with vegetables at the center. BANC PIC 1985.043:8--PIC


Potato Planting Time at Relocation Center. Using light tractors Japanese residents of the Relocation Center at Tule Lake, Calif., design planting potatoes in several hundred acres of fertile soil reclaimed Old Tule Lake [correct name for the lake). The residents are planting 835 acres in vegetables. BANC PIC 1985.043:9--PIC


[Photographers watching agricultural workers] BANC PIC 1985.043:10--PIC


[Agricultural workers] BANC PIC 1985.043:11--PIC


The Onions Must be Weeded. "Stoop" labor weeds a field of onions at the Tule Lake, Calif., Japanese Relocation Center. This is the type of farm work many of the older workers performed prior to becoming residents at the project. BANC PIC 1985.043:12--PIC


Stork Visits Relocation Center. The stork has paid frequent visits to the Tule Lake, Calif., Japanese Relocation Center since it was opened a year ago. Here are four new arrivals held by nurses (L-R) Mary Nitta, Loomis, Calif., Rudy Fujioki, Seattle Wash., Masako Nakadoi, Loomis, Calif., Katsumi Ogawa, Loomis, Calif. BANC PIC 1985.043:13--PIC


[Nurses with babies] BANC PIC 1985.043:14--PIC


[Nurses and doctor] BANC PIC 1985.043:15--PIC


[Shoppers in camp store] BANC PIC 1985.043:16--PIC


[Bank of America] BANC PIC 1985.043:17--PIC


[Quarantine area. Library. House of Okole 817 A] BANC PIC 1985.043:18--PIC


[Hairdresser at work] BANC PIC 1985.043:19--PIC


[Barber cutting hair] BANC PIC 1985.043:20--PIC


[Woman getting her hair dyed] BANC PIC 1985.043:21--PIC


[Boys at the comic book section] BANC PIC 1985.043:22--PIC


Japanese Tots under Supervision of Aiko Sumoge, assistant teacher, sing an English folk song in class at the Tule Lake Calif., Japanese Relocation Center. BANC PIC 1985.043:23--PIC


Tom and Susie Sugimoto, man and wife, are seated in their apartment at the Tulelake (correct) Japanese Relocation Center in Northern California. The service flag over their heads is for brothers of Susie who lived with them until they entered the armed service. BANC PIC 1985.043:24--PIC


Young Japanese Hold Dance. Messhall movies, Littletheatre activities and jitter-bugging to evacuee bands are popular forms of entertainment at the TuleLake, Calif., Japanese Relocation Center. Here a block dance is in progress. Note the "zoot suit" pants. BANC PIC 1985.043:25--PIC


[Dance] BANC PIC 1985.043:26--PIC


[Dance] BANC PIC 1985.043:27--PIC


[Dance] BANC PIC 1985.043:28--PIC


[Dance] BANC PIC 1985.043:29--PIC


[Dance] BANC PIC 1985.043:30--PIC


[Dance] BANC PIC 1985.043:31--PIC


[Dance] BANC PIC 1985.043:32--PIC


Home on Leave. Cpl. Frank N. Okimoto (left), formerly of Marysville, Calif.; Sachiko Higashi, Sacramento, Calif. (center), and Cpl. Tom Nakagawa, enjoy some refreshments served at a dancing party held at the Tulelake, Calif., Japanese Relocation Center. The two soldiers came to the camp on leave to visit their parents. BANC PIC 1985.043:33--PIC


[Man smoking pipe] BANC PIC 1985.043:34--PIC


[Group photo, nonJapanese] BANC PIC 1985.043:35--PIC


[Photographer] BANC PIC 1985.043:36--PIC


[Actress] BANC PIC 1985.043:37--PIC


[Actor and others] BANC PIC 1985.043:38--PIC


[Actor and others] BANC PIC 1985.043:39--PIC


[Actor applying makeup] BANC PIC 1985.043:40--PIC


[Actor applying makeup] BANC PIC 1985.043:41--PIC


[Map of housing blocks] BANC PIC 1985.043:42--PIC


[Map of housing, firehouse, and hospital] BANC PIC 1985.043:43--PIC


[Menu, May 16 - 18, 1943] BANC PIC 1985.043:44--PIC


[Menu, May 19 - 21, 1943] BANC PIC 1985.043:45--PIC


Officers at Tule Lake Relocation Center BANC PIC 1985.043:46--PIC [page 1]


[Officers at Tule Lake Relocation Center] BANC PIC 1985.043:47--PIC [page 2]