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Preliminary Inventory of the National Lawyers Guild Records, 1936-1999
BANC MSS 99/280 cz  
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Box 1-12, 15, 16, 18-21; Carton 6, 7, 50, 51, 55-60, 62, 63 71-75, 80, 84, 86 ; Oversize Box 3-9

SERIES 1: Records Of The National Office, 1936-1999.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received.
Divided into three sub-series: Office Files, 1936-1990; NLG Projects, 1962-1987; Publications, 1937-1999.
Office files consist of legal briefs, reports, correspondence, press clippings, and records of national and chapter conventions and committee activities. See annotated guide, An Inventory of Records 1936-1976 (Supplement #2 of the finding aid).
NLG Project files contain correspondence and documents from the Special Committee on Legal Assistance in the South,1962-1968. The Dennis J. Roberts files includes correspondence and an unpublished manuscript of Roberts letters and observations about his experiences as a legal intern in Albany, Georgia in 1962-63. The NLG Prison Project files contain prison newsletters and correspondence to jailhouse lawyers relating to the Prisoners' Rights Network, 1985-1987.
Publications include The Guild Practitioner and law journals, newsletters, newspapers, bulletins, reports and miscellaneous documents published by the NLG National Office, committees and chapters since 1937 and publications of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers.

SUBSERIES 1.1: Office Files, 1936-1998.

Box 1

Resolutions, Policy Statements, and Press Releases


Constitutions of the National Lawyers Guild


Resolutions, Policy Statements, and Press Releases


Membership Rosters and Lawyers Referral Directories (2 folders)


Minutes of Meetings


Financial Records



Box 2

Records and Briefs, A-O 1939-65

Box 3

Records and Briefs, S-Z 1939-65


Published Reports and Memos

Box 4

NLG Conventions (3 folders)


National Committees Committee to assist Southern Lawyers


News clippings


National Committees Committee on Civil Rights Liberties

Box 5

National Committees Committee on Labor Law


National Committees Committee on Civil Rights Liberties


National Committees Committee on International Law (2 folders)


National Committees Committee on Labor Law (2 folders)

Box 6

National Committees Committee on Labor Law Records re: Taft-Hartley & Wagner Acts


National Committees Committee on Social Legislation (3 folders)


National Committees Committee on Taxation


NLG Student Affairs


Legal Services for the Poor


National Committees other committees


Splits in NLG

Box 7

Records re: Independence of the Bar


NLG vs. Brownell (see also BANC MSS 99/281c Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Civil Liberties Docket Case File 221.1)




Drafts of Legal Documents


Records concerning HUAC

Box 8

Answers to Interrogatories


Records concerning NLG


Local Chapter


Answers to Interrogatories (3 folders)


Records concerning NLG Local Chapters

Box 9

News clippings (2 folders)


Foundation and formation documents, NLG


S.F. Chapter Correspondence -Outgoing (4 folders)

Box 10

S.F. Chapter Correspondence


Outgoing (4 folders)


Incoming (2 folders)

Box 11

S.F. Chapter Correspondence


Outgoing (4 folders)


Checking Account Statements of Activity

Box 12

S. F. Chapter Financial Records


Cancelled Checks (2 folders)




S.F. Chapter Committee Records


S. F. Chapter news clippings

Box 15

National Office Minutes of Meetings (5 folders)


National Executuive Board (NEB) : Resolutions, Reports, and Policy Statements

Box 16

NEB: Resolutions, Reports, and Policy Statements


NEB: Reports of the Exec. Secretary, Membership rosters and press releases




Notices (4 folders)

Box 17



Records of National Conventions of the NLG (3 folders)

Box 74

Annual Conventions


Minutes of the National Executive Committee Meeting of the NLG, v. i 1937-42


Report of the Executive Secretary 1937-38


Annual Address of the President of the NLG, John P. Devaney 1938


Proceedings Third Annual Convention NLG, Chicago, v. ii (265 p.) 1939


Convention, Chicago, Ill. 1983


Convention, St. Louis, Mo. 1988


Convention, Los Angeles, Ca. 1989


Convention, Detroit, Mi. 1998

Box 18

Records of National Conventions


Publications of the NLG (5 folders)

Box 19

Records of the Nat'l Committees of the NLG (6 folders)

Box 20

Records of the Nat'l Committees of the NLG


Records of the Detroit Chapter (4 folders)

Box 21

Publications of Detroit Chapter (2 folders)


Records of the Detroit Chapter


Records of other NLG Chapters


Doris Brin Walker Correspondence

Box 73

Progressive Lawyers: A History of the National Lawyers Guild, 1936-1958. Bailey, Percival Roberts, PhD. Thesis. (7 ff)


National Lawyers Guild 50 th Anniversary Commemorative Journal, 1937-1987


New York City Chapter, Referral Directory 1985-86


National Lawyers Guild, Referral Directory 1994-95

Box 75

National Office Updates 1987-88


Correspondence, memoranda


Bylaws, Proposed additions, deletions, amendments


San Francisco Bay Area Chapter


Correspondence, minutes, memos 1975-91


Bay Area Guild Newsletter 1990-92


Issue drafts and proposals 1989-92


Testimonial Dinner programs honoring Ann Fagan Ginger, Jessica Mitford & Robert Treuhaft, Ron Dellums, Arthur Kinoy, Allan Brotsky, Legal Services Workers, Doris Brin Walker 1984-92, Benjamin Dreyfus, Women in the Guild-Forty Years of Struggle, 1976


Workshop and seminar announcements


Los Angeles Chapter, newsletter and announcements 1988


D.C. Chapter, Hormel Strike news


Project Newsletters


NLG AIDS Network


The NLG Foundation, 50 Year Endowment Fund


Activity Announcements sent to NLG


State Bar Information


Miscellaneous NLG history, clippings

Box 84

Materials gathered for the preparation of the book, National Lawyers Guild: From Roosevelt through Reagan, an anthology,1937-87 (6 folders)


NEB Meeting Detroit, 1982


Resolutions of Basic Guild Programs


Typescript draft of "The National Lawyers Guild and the Civil Rights Movement" by Ann Fagan Ginger undated


"The Movement and the Lawyer" by Ann Fagan Ginger


Notes and past-ups of Cold War Against Labor, anthology edited by A.F. Ginger and D. Christiano




Tribute Booklets from People's College of Law (R.W. Kenny, Sam & Sylvia Rosenwein


The Student Advocate 1937


NLG National Commission to Combat Women's Oppression (NCCWO), bulletin and misc.


Publications of the NLG


Miscellaneous (2 folders)

Carton 55

Miscellaneous materials for Lawyers Guild Anthology 1981


International Law 1982


Draft materials


Chapter materials- Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco 1981-84


Shango, Ernest Goodman




Draft copy, National Lawyers Guild :From Roosevelt through Reagan, An anthology, 1937-87

Carton 51

Grand Jury Project 1973

Carton 56

Convention program, brochures 1938


Convention News 1941


Conf. on Administrative Law, program and ticket (Wash. DC) 1939


Ninth Nat'l Convention, Detroit- program, announcements 1949


Fourteenth Nat'l Convention, Detroit- program 1956


Photographs of NLG Lawyers-John Conyers, Robert W. Kenny, Ben Smith, Don Loria, George W. Crockett, Charles Garry, Harry Sacher, Charles Huston, Ernest Goodman, Osmond K. Fraenkel


Reports (3 folders) 1945-50

Carton 57

Conference of Delegates Resolutions (3 folders) 1965-66,1969-70


Summer military law project report 1969


Mailing lists 1971


National Executive Board (NEB) 1971


National Convention, articles re 1971


NLG and State Bar lawyers resolutions 1972


NEB conference, San Francisco 1975


Survival conference 1975


NEB conference, Ohio 1975


NEB conference, New Jersey 1976


Transfer amendment 1978


NEB resolutions 1981


National convention materials, Santa Fe (2 folders) 1982


Miscellaneous correspondence 1977,1979

Carton 58

San Francisco Regional Office- legal memoranda undated


San Francisco Chapter (5 folders)


Announcements, memos, correspondence


SF Activities, legal defense 1969-71


Hastings Chapter, flyer 1972


National Office, memos and announcements 1975-1978


Speakers to Schools 1969


Chapter correspondence, memos from New York City, Michigan, Los Angeles, Colorado,Chicago 1969


International Law Committee 1969


General Correspondence 1970-71


NLG history of Right-wing attacks 1981


NEB Meeting reports 1969


NLG Students 1967-69


Boalt students 1969


Separate Black Nation Report 1970


Correspondence re 14 th amendment, section 2 1965-66


NLG job placement 1969


Conference on education law (correspondence re) 1969


Housing seminar 1969


Housing seminar correspondence 1968


Selective Service Committee 1968


Correspondence re NLG Electronic Surveillance Project 1975


Repressive legislation 1970


National Labor Project 1976


NLG publications committee (4 folders) 1971


NLG & ACLU relations-correspondence 1977


NLG Reports, Kennedy Labor Bill, 1959 and Federal Law and Opiate Addiction undated


"American Foreign Policy and the Rule of Law", by Int'l Law Committee of NLG 1967


NLG v FBI, CIA et al., complaint 1977


Press clippings, NLG suit re rent freeze 1945


News clippings on Guild matters 1950's


Correspondence, Ann Fagan Ginger with Ernest Goodman, S.T. Roebuck 1968, 1966


Publication of the Civil Liberties Docket, early years


The "NLG Docket" and Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, letter from Alexander Meiklejohn c1960's


NLG Anthology background materials undated

Carton 59

Detroit Convention address by Leo J. Linder 1949


re matter of Grand Jury Chicago 1966


Memorial meeting in tribute to George Anderson 1966


Conference of Delegates Committee Reports 1967


Proposed resolutions 1973


National Convention, Chicago 1983


Anti-racism packet 1983


Central America information from convention 1983


NLG International Committee, letter from Doris Walker 1981


NLG National Cuba Sub-committee


New York City Conference 1980


Regional conference paper 1979


Convention agendas 1986


Defense of Civil Disobedience seminar materials 1986


Immigration Project 1980-87


Condemn Reagan resolution 1982


National Convention, St. Louis 1988


Economic Rights Task Force


Miscellaneous position papers and memos

Carton 62

NLG contacts lists


Homeless law


Miscellaneous NLG (8 folders)


NLG delegates to State Bar (6 folders)

Carton 63

Marxism and the Law Committee 1989-90


Earl B. Dickerson- Honarary Dinner Program, Chicago 1980


Dean Robb - Honarary Dinner Program, Michigan 1987


NYC Chapter, Annual Membership Dinner Programs 1976-80, 1990


Dinner Programs, Detroit (1989) and Buffalo (1983)


So. Calif. Chapter Program, Dinner to honor Ben Margolis, Jean Kidwell, Frank Pestana, John McTernan 1976


LA Chapter Dinner to honor Stanley Fleishman, program 1989


Detroit Chapter- Dinner to honor William G. Goodman, program 1987


Chapter newletters, miscellany (2 folders) 1987-88


National Convention, Boston 1980


National Convention, Los Angeles 1989


LSAT challenge, bar exam letters


Civil Rights Conference


NLG "Anthology", research materials


Civil Liberties Docket promotional material


Maurice Sugar Fund


NLG v FBI, correspondence (2 folders)


NLG v Attorney General (3 folders) 1983


Memos and briefs (misc)


re Civil Rights Handbook


Fund raising



oversize OS Box 3-4

Clippingsof NLG news, activities, and events


SUBSERIES 1.2: National Lawyers Guild Projects, 1962-1987.


1.2.1: Special Committee on Legal Assistance in the South, 1962-1968

Carton 51

General correspondence (3 folders) 1962-1963


Bingham, Stephen-"Mississippi Letter" 1965


Duane, Dick- "Albany Georgia-A Summer Brief" [1963?]


Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC),


"The New South Student" (publication) 1966-1968


SSOC-Worklist mailing, available literature list 1968


1.2.2: Dennis J. Roberts Files, 1962-1966

Carton 60

Guide to the Dennis Roberts files


File 1:Correspondence re the summer program April-June 1963


File 2:General correspondence of Dennis Roberts 1963


File 3:Correspondence between Ann Fagan Ginger and Dennis Roberts June-Nov 1963


File 4:Diaries, letters, and newsletters 1963-65


File 5:Newsletters of Dennis Roberts De c.1964-Sept. 1965


File 6:Correspondence between Ann Fagan Ginger and Dennis Roberts Sept. 1964-Apr. 1966


File 7:Letters from Dick Duane re situation in Albany, GA July-Aug,1964


File 8:Letters from AF Ginger and Roberts re publishing book 1963-65


File 9:Letters received from publishers 1963-65


File 10:Lists of cases in Albany and Americus 1963


File 11:Legal memoranda 1963


File 12:Legal documents filed June-Oct. 1963


File 13:Legal decisions June-Nov. 1963


File 14:Joke file (tongue-in-cheek legal complaint in full filed by Roberts et al against C.B. King)


File 15:Correspondence, briefs Aug. 1963-June 1964


File 16:Situation in Albany and Americus


File 17:Magazine articles re situation in Albany and Americus


File 18:Albany Nursery School


File 19:SNCC publications


File 20:Freedom Schools in Mississippi movement


File 21:General material on Southern States and Civil Right


[Missing File 22: Martin Luther King, ephemera and flyers]


File 23:Misc material on Southern States


Other materials accompanying collection:


1- Audio cassette tape "The Dennis Roberts Story" by Ann Fagan Ginger


2-Photographs, black & white


a) 1-8 1/2 x 11, Dennis Roberts c. 1963


b) 5-5 x 7, Dennis Roberts, C.B. King, other law students


Newspaper clippings (Albany and other GA newspapers) (2 folders) 1960's


Newspapers clippings re Medger Evers death 1963


Loose clippings, journal pages, ephemera




"The Law in Black and White, A Law Clerk's Chronicle of Southwest Georgia" Typescript edited drafts, completed book manuscript, (c)Dennis Roberts (3 folders)


Reprints of articles




SNCC, 1961-62

C. B. King, correspondence and cases


Denise Kessler, correspondence as a legal intern


1.2.3: Prisoners' Rights Network, 1985-1987

Carton 50

NLG Correspondence, misc 1987


NLG Prisoners Right's Network


NLG Funding Proposals


NLG Prison Project 1986


Form letters


NLG Law Student Clinics


NLG Prison Meetings 1987


The Jailhouse Lawyers Manual


Requests for Jailhouse Manual


Prisoners Assistance Directory


Prison Network News, vol.1, no.1 1987


Correspondence re newsletter, copy, articles submitted (6 ff)


Defense Correspondence


Prisoner Self-Formed Organizations


NLG AIDS Network


Prisoners Letters (3 ff)


Response to Inquiry by U.C.


Resource Information


Prison Workshop Convention


Paralegal Courses


Prison Phone List


Thunderbird, vol.1, no. 1, vol. 2, no.1 (prison newsletter) 1987


Women in Prisons, D.A.W.N. newsletters (2 folders) 1985-87

Carton 51

The California Prisoner 1985-87


Death Penalty Skills Seminar


State of the Prisons 1986


San Quentin News 1985-87


New York


American Friends Service Committee


Through the Looking Glass, newsletter 1985-87


"Achieving Prisoners Right to Access" (dissertation) 1986


Jail Litigation Status Report 1985


Miscellaneous (3 folders)


Newsletters (5 folders)


Prison Law booklets


SUBSERIES 1.3: Publications, 1937-1999.


1.3.1: Law Journals, 1937-1999

Carton 6

National Lawyers Guild Quarterly, v 1-4 [bound volumes] 1937-40


Lawyers Guild Review, v 1-14 1940-55

Carton 7

Lawyers Guild Review, v 15-20 1955-60


Law in Transition, v 21-23 1961-63


The Guild Practitioner, v 24-31 1965-74

Box 71

The Guild Practitioner, v 32-45 1975-88

Box 72

The Guild Practitioner, v 46-56 1975-99


1.3.2: Newsletters, Newspapers and Bulletins, 1932-1990

Carton 57

Index to International Juridical Association Monthly Bulletin 1932-37


International Juridical Association Monthly Bulletin vol. 1:1-11:6 (3 folders) May 1932 - Dec. 1942

Box 86

[National] News-letter [NLG] 1938,1940


San Francisco Guild Lawyer, newsletter 1944-48

Box 80

National Labor Committee Newsletter undated


Labor Newsletter no. 3-27 (photocopies) Jan. 1973-June 1980


Labor Update v.1 no. 1-5, v.2 no. 1-5 May 1980-Nov.1982

oversize OS Box 8

The Conspiracy (NLG Bay Area Regional Office Newspaper) 1971-73

Box 86

The Conspiracy 1973,1986

oversize OS Box 7

The Conspiracy 1974-79

oversize OS Box 5

Guild Notes (National NLG Newspaper) 1972-75

oversize OS Box 6

Guild Notes 1976-79

oversize OS Box 7

Guild Notes 1980-90

Box 86

Immigration Newsletter 1975


Midnight Special Prison News 1975


Women's Newsletter 1977

Carton 57

Blind Justice, NYC Chapter newspaper 1970's


Up Against the Bench, Chicago chapter newsletter 1970's

Box 86

Labor Update, Labor Newsletter 1970's-80's


In the Struggle, Detroit Chapter newsletter 1980-82

oversize OS Box 9

Blind Justice (New York City Chapter Newspaper) 1980-85

Box 86

Anti-Sexism Newsletter 1985-86


Bay Area Guild Newsletter 1988-90


Los Angeles Chapter News 1986 Briefs, Contempt, Seattle Chapter newsletter 1980's


Guild by Association, Santa Clara Valley Chapter newsletter 1980's

Carton 57

Miscellaneous chapter newsletters undated


1.3.3: Reports, 1977-1994

Box 86

Treatment of Palestinians in Israel-occupied West Bank and Gaza 1977


Frontier Issues in Criminal Litigation 1977


Guatemala: Repression and Resistance 1979


Northern Ireland: Report of the NLG 1985


Legal Ethics in the Real World 1992


Eliminating Bias Against the Disabled, Overcoming Sexual Orientation Discrimination 1994


1.3.4: Miscellaneous, 1970-86

Carton 6

Index to National Lawyers Guild Periodicals 1937-1970

Carton 58

Raising and Litigating Electronic Surveillance Claims in Criminal Cases, National Lawyers Guild 1977

Box 80

Correspondence re newsletter 1985-86

Box 86

NLG publications brochure undated

Box 78

SERIES 2: Leonard Boudin Files, 1940-1992.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received.
Contains a selection of Boudin's authorial writings on constitutional issues, book reviews, and a retrospective bibliography published by Hastings Law Review in 1990. Also includes letters to Samuel L. Koenigsberg. A selection of obituaries and memorial tributes describe his activities in the Lawyers Guild, and his role as legal educator and scholar.
Box 78

Obituaries and tributes 1989-92


Letters from L. Boudin to S. Keonigsberg (18 items) 1968-73, undated


Articles written by Boudin (5 folders) 1940-1980's


Bibliography 1990


Book reviews written by Boudin 1940-83

Box 79; Carton 1-4, 39-40; Oversize Box 1

SERIES 3: George W. Crockett Files, 1948-1964.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received. Three preliminary sub-series: The Smith Act Trial and Appeal, 1948-1950, Correspondence, 1949-1964, and Disbarment Proceedings, ca. 1950.
Smith Act Trial (USA v William Z. Foster,Eugene Dennis et al.) contains trial minutes, memorandum, briefs, testimony, and correspondence from the 1949 trial in which Crockett served as counsel for the twelve defendants. Also contains a large scrapbook of press clippings describing the trail of the convicted Communist USA party leaders.
The bulk of correspondence is to and from George W. Crockett and Maurice Sugar concerning Guild functions in the Chicago Chapter and contempt charges against the defense attorneys following the Smith Act Trial in 1949-50.
Disbarment proceedings against Crockett and five other attorneys in 1949-50 include the briefs and memorandum from both the US Court of Appeals and US Supreme Court cases.

SUBSERIES 3.1: Smith Act Trial And Appeal, 1948-1950.


United States of America vs. William Z. Foster, Eugene Dennis, Aka Francis X. Waldron, Jr., John B. Williamson, Jacob Stachel, Robert G. Thompson, Benjamin Davis, Jr., Henry Winston, John Gates, Aka Israel Regenstreif, Irving Potash, Gilbert Green, Carl Winter, and Gus Hall aka Arno Gust Halberg

Carton 1

Abstract of trial minutes (10 folders) March 14- August 10, 1949


Memorandum (2 folders)


Briefs of defendants on certain Constitutional issues (3 folders)


Rulings on requests for instructions

Carton 2

Conspiracy indictment, individual indictment (4 folders)


Depositions (4 folders)


Defendants motion for mistrial


Government objections, memos, requests


Witnesses (6 folders)


Order to show cause


Grand Jury charges, jury selection process (3 folders)


Motions, Memorandi, Briefs, Opinions


Briefs, Courts questions for jurors, Index to Book III

Carton 3

Statutes/ Indictments


Proposed trial brief (2 folders)


Compendium of testimony for use in preparation of defense




Clippings, Nov. 1948- Oct. 1949 (11 folders)

oversize OS Box 1

Scrapbook, clippings following the trial's progress

Carton 4

United States v. Eugene Dennis, et al. (Smith Act Trial appeal)


Publications, US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit,


Joint Appendix, Trial transcripts, Jury Challenge exhibits: Vol. 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 17,18


Brief for Appellants, October 1949


Brief for US, Supreme Court, Dennis v. USA, October 1950

Carton 39

Joint Appendix, Jury Challenge Vol. 1-3


Joint Appendix, Trial Testimony, Vol. 4, 7-12

Carton 40

Joint Appendix, Trial Testimony, Vol. 13-16


Joint Appendix, Motions, Affidavits, Opinions, Vol. 17


Joint Appendix, Jury Challenge exhibits, Vol. 18


Joint Appendix, Courts Pre-trial and Governments Trial Exhibits, Vol. 19


Joint Appendix, Defendants' Exhibits, Vol. 20

Box 79

Eugene Dennis v USA, US Supreme Court


Suggestion for disqualification 1949


G. Crockett's closing argument 1949


SUBSERIES 3.2: Correspondence, 1949-1964.


Letters To And From George W. Crockett and Maurice Sugar, 1949-1964

Box 79

Chicago meetings 1949


Guild dinners 1949-50


Reception 1950


re Freedom is Everybody's Job 1950


Due Process 1949-50


re Smith Trial 1964




Clippings re contempt 1952-54


SUBSERIES 3.3: Disbarment Proceedings, 1949-1950.

Box 79

USA v. Sacher, Gladstein, Crockett, Mccabe, Isserman, Dennis

US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, Oct. 1949


Brief for Appellee


Appendix to Appellant's Brief


Brief for Petitioner


Motion to file Amicus Curiae


Appeal from the US District Court for the Southern Dist. of New York


Appellants Reply Brief


Petition for Rehearing


Sacher, Gladstein, Crockett, Mccabe, Isserman, Dennis v. US

US Supreme Court No. 201, Oct. 1950


Petition for Writ of Certiorari


Petition for rehearing


Petitioners' Brief


Brief for the United States in Opposition

Box 76-77; Carton 8-12, 41, 49, 51,56,58,60

SERIES 4 : Benjamin Dreyfus Files, 1942-1974.

Scope and Content Note


Seven preliminary sub-series: Morton Sobell Case Files, 1942-1956; NLG Business Files including San Francisco Chapter materials, 1945-1967; NLG Committees, 1945-1973; Civil Rights Matters Files, 1939-1974; Printed Materials, 1948-1959; Lawyers Loyalty Oath, 1950's, Miscellaneous, 1949-1969. Files are unarranged within the sub-series.
Sobell Case Files include court documents and memorandum from appeals case, correspondence from and to Sobell at Alcatraz Island Prison, publicity and newsletters from Committees to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell (LA, Bay Area, National) between 1942-1956.
NLG Business Files include general correspondence with the National Office and minutes of the Executive Board, and Guild event planning notes. Also papers from the San Francisco 1945 membership drive
Correspondence and work papers of NLG Committees including: Veterans Affairs, Russian War Relief, Civil Rights, Vietnam Day Committee, NLG and Bar Association Loyalty, Emergency Civil Liberties, John Caughlin Defense, Investigating, and Lawyers Committee to End the War. Committee Files include correspondence, memorandum, reports, notes, and clippings, 1946-1973.
Civil Rights Matters Files consists of materials from the 1948 Civil Rights Congress; Butler-Humphrey Law; Smith Act cases at the state level; NLG v Brownell; US v Dies Committee suit of 1939; Free Speech Movement clippings and articles from 1964; and the Taft-Hartley conspiracy indictment. Also reports and case files concerning the Fifth Amendment, labor, taxes, Wesley Robert Wells, and elections.
The bulk of the Printed Materials span the 1950's and include Guild newsletters; the Civil Liberties Docket and Reporter; The California Legislative; The American Committee for Protection of the Foreign Born newsletters; Union and State Bar bulletins.
The Lawyer's Loyalty Oath files contain legal documents from State Senate Bills 298 & 1666 and legislation of the Bar Committee against Test Oaths for lawyers. Correspondence includes responses from professionals supporting and opposing the bill. Also included are materials about the Crotty Committee, Internal Security, and the State Bar.
Miscellaneous consists primarily of correspondence, memos, and materials related to the attorney Richard Gladstien's disbarment case,1949-1955.

SUBSERIES 4.1: Morton Sobell Case Files, 1942-1956.

Box 76

District Court - notes and memorandum (2 folders) 1950-57


Court of Appeals 1952-57


Supreme Court 1952-61


News Clippings 1953-58


Com. to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell (2 folders) 1957-62


Publicized Pleadings, Bay Area Council of Sobell


Committees, L. A. Sobell Committee 1942-62

Box 77

Publicized Pleadings, Bay Area Council of Sobell Committees, L. A. Sobell Committee 1942-62


Correspondence (4 folders) 1954-54

Carton 56

Petition re jurisdiction 2255(3 folders) 1956


New clippings, bulletins, misc. documents received from M. Sobell 1950's


Attorney's correspondence 1955


Attorney and Sobell correspondence 1954-55


Correspondence from M. Sobell to Dreyfus (2 folders) 1956-57


Case materials from Mexico

Carton 58

Sobell case briefs (3 folders)


Bibliography of articles and books about Alcatraz Island Prison


Letters and petitions


1956 Appeal


Correspondence from Sobell re 1956 appeal


SUBSERIES 4.2: National Lawyers Guild Business Files, 1945-1967

Carton 8

General Correspondence 1951-52


Correspondence, memos, misc. (2 folders) 1954-59


Meetings 1952-53


Correspondence- Francis J. McTernen 1959


General business 1955-56


Minutes of the Executive Board 1958-59


Legislation 1958


General business and correspondence 1965-66


Chapter Activities 1960


Pending 1956


Social Events 1958-59


Personal miscellaneous (2 folders) 1960-61


National Executive Board 1967-58


National Office, correspondence (4 folders) 1960-65

Carton 9

San Francisco Chapter


General Program 1951-52


General meetings, correspondence (2 folders) 1951-53


Membership Committee and member drive (2 folders) 1945


Executive Board 1960


Luncheon meetings and committees 1960


Membership and treasurers reports 1960


Annual Convention Materials (resolutions, correspondence, planning documents, programs, workshops, notices, speeches)


Detroit 1956


Chicago 1958


San Francisco 1960


General materials










Subject matters


Detroit (25 th Anniv Conv.) 1962


Convention committees correspondence 1963


Detroit 1964


San Francisco, clippings 1965


Meeting Minutes of Executive Board, Los Angeles Chapt. 1956-57


SUBSERIES 4.3: National Lawyers Guild Committees, 1945-1973.

Carton 10

Reference Panel (5 folders) 1954-57


Veterans Affairs Committee 1946


Russian War Relief 1945-46


Civil Rights Committee (S.F. Chapter) 1946-52


National Citizens' Political Action Committee 1946


Investigating Committees 1948-49


John Caughlan Defense Committee 1950


Administration of Justice Committee 1955-56


Un-American Activities Committee -Firings 1958-59


Emergency Civil Liberties Committee 1958-59


Walter-Mahoney Bill (filed by FBI) history & text 1957


Walter Committee 1958


General Committees (3 folders) 1960-61


Special Committee Aid to So. Mississippi Crisis 1962-63


Vietnam Day Committee 1965


Lawyers Committee to End the War 1973


California Farm Research and Legislative Committee 1954


Loyalty Oath Speech 1949


NLG and Bar Association Loyalty 1948-50


Misc Loyalty Oath and McCarran Act materials 1951-52


State Bar Convention 1950


Independence of the Bar Conference Report, NY 1953


Independence of the Bar, South 1963


State Bar Proceeding-Terrance Hallinan 1956-66


SUBSERIES 4.4: Civil Rights Matters Files, 1939-1974.

Carton 51

Springle, Ray-"In the Land of Jim Crowe" 1948

Carton 11

Civil Rights Congress 1948-49


Civil Rights Congress v Earl Warren et al. 1950


Legal and Civil Rights Matters 1953-59


US v Dennis et al, petition for rehearing 1950


Butler-Humphrey Law 1954


Conference on Criminal Law Reform, Los Angeles 1959


Wesley Robert Wells Case, correspondence, clippings 1963-74


Smith-Waltzer Defense in Louisiana v Smith,Waltzer (3 folders) 1964


City Elections, San Francisco 1947-48


Independent Progressive Party 1949


California State Election 1949


US v Flynn et al 1952


Smith Act Trial Report 1952


Smith Act Cases 1950-53


Smith Act Cases, Hawaii 1952-53


Smith Act Cases, Seattle 1952-55


Smith Act Cases, Denver 1955


National Lawyers Guild v Brownell (3 folders ) 1953-55


Brownell Funds 1954-56


NLG Amicus Curiae Brief in Brownell 1955


US v Dies Committee (Indictment by NLG) 1939


California Fair Employment Practices Act Initiative 1943-46


Los Angeles Contempt Cases 1948-49

Carton 12

Fifth Amendment, Briefs, complaints, reports 1953-57


Spray Chemical Corp. and Mine Mill Workers Local 266 1954


Communist Party v Moysey (tax matter) undated


California Legislative Congress 1953-56


Legislation 1955-57


Legislative information-CIO-California 1953


Cleveland Taft-Hartley Indictment 1957


Conspiracy, Taft-Hartley 1958


Newton et al v City of Oakland (2 folders) 1968


Free Speech Movement, clippings, article 1964-65


McTernan, news clippings 1965


Angela Y. Davis case-clippings 1970-71

Carton 60

Report, International Civil Rights Conference, Atlanta, 1971

Carton 12

United Mine Workers of America NLG Amicus Curiae 1946


IUMMSW- wrongful death case 1956


SUBSERIES 4.5: Printed Materials, 1948-1959.

Carton 12

Civil Liberties Reporter 1950-55


Union Research and Information Service Bulletin 1951-54


New York Guild Lawyer 1952-57


NLG Civil Liberties Docket 1955-56


Amer. Comm. for Protection of the Foreign Born 1958-59


Lawyers Guild Newsletters and National Bulletins 1953-55


California Legislative Conference newsletter, On the Record 1948-49


Guild Briefs, State Bar 1953


SUBSERIES 4.6: Lawyers' Loyalty Oath, [1950's]

Carton 41

Senate Bill 298- Bar Committee against Test Oaths for lawyers


SB 1666


Correspondence with lawyers opposing SB1666


Correspondence and excerpts from lawyers letters


Lawyers letters opposing


Doctors letters opposing


Lawyers letters in favor




Oath file, Gladstein office


Correspondence, opposition to Internal Security, Lawyers' Loyalty Oath- General State Bar, Crotty Committee (3 folders)


US v Huff


Miscellaneous related to oath (3 folders)


SUBSERIES 4.7: Miscellaneous Files, 1949-1969.

Carton 49

Gladstein, Richard- Amicus Curiae Brief, Correspondence 1954


Gladstein-Calif.Law /Disbarment of Isserman


Disbarment of Isserman 1949


Gladstein-NLG -Committee to Defend Lawyer's Right of Advocacy 1949-50


Gladstein-NLG-Clemency for Rosenbergs 1953


Gladstein, Disbarment, Sacher Case


Gladstein- Correspondence 1952-55


Gladstein- Transcript of Proceedings before Hon. J. Frank McLaughlin 1955


Gladstein-Notes, etc.


People v Siegel, Daniel M. (evidentiary and legal research) 1969

Carton 12

Correspondence undated


Southern California real estate transaction, leases 1949-50


Miscellaneous notes, ephemera undated

Carton 18-25

SERIES 5 : Henry Di Suvero Files, 1966-1979.


Preliminary sub-series: National Office Presidential and Committee Files, 1974-1978; Printed Materials, 1973-76; Legal Case Files, 1966-1979; Regional Chapter and Subject Files from the 1970's. Folders unarranged within sub-series. Folder contents arranged chronologically by creator

Scope and Content Note

NLG National Office Records produced during Di Suvero's term as NLG National President, 1977-1979. Also includes, National Executive Board and Executive Committee agendas, reports, funding proposals, and finance records.
The Printed Materials are legal journals and miscellaneous newsletters, notices, and ephemera about the People's College of Law, workshops, meetings, and informal gatherings.
Legal Case Files contain trial materials from HUAC (Krebs v Ashbrook), Free Speech (DiSuvero v Imperiale), and the Chicago Eight case. Also materials from the National Convention of Black Lawyers in 1977.
The Regional Chapter and Subject Files include notices and correspondence of activities in San Diego, the Northwest, Southwest, Washington, D.C., Midwest, Northeast, and Southern Chapters of the NLG, 1970's. Di Suvero's subject files are related to projects (Immigration, Grand Jury, Anti-Death Penalty, Labor, Housing, HEW Women's Project) and committees (Gay Rights, Native American Struggles, Anti-Imperialism, Health, Education & Welfare, Cuba, etc.) and contain research materials, articles, clippings, correspondence, and miscellany. In addition are teaching materials from a series of workshops on Representing Minority Defendants, and the Felony Trial Clinic, 1976-77.

SUBSERIES 5.1: National Office; Presidential And Committee Files, 1974-1978.

Carton 18

Records of National Office (5 folders) 1976-78


Records of National Executive Committee (NEC) (6 folders) 1977-78


National Executive Board (NEB) Meetings


Columbus, Ohio Aug. 1975


Norman, Oklahoma Feb. 1977


Washington, DC (2 folders) Feb. 1978


Lexington, Kentucky Aug. 1978

Carton 19

Records of NEB business 1974


International Committee


Middle East (3 folders)


Puerto Rico


Dershowitz Matter (Red-baiting of the Guild) 1978


NLG By-Laws 1976


National Constitution


Dinner and Journal 1976


40 th Anniversary Journal

Carton 20

Support Committee (4 folders) 1977


National Finance Committee (4 ff)



Carton 21

National election campaign, statements, speeches, political position papers (6 folders) 1977


Convention plans


Houston, Texas 1976


Seattle, Washington (4 folders) 1977


FBI Suit 1977


May 1978 Trip


Constitution revisions 1978


People's Justice


Wilfred Burchett Support Committee


Contempt- Chicago


NLG Communist Labor Party


SUBSERIES 5.2: Printed Materials, 1973-1976.

Carton 21

The International, vol 1, no 1-2 1976


On the Line


v ol. 1, no. 1-5,vol. 2, no. 1

v ol. 3, no.1-2, vol. 4, no. 1 1973-76




NLG, Miscellaneous 1974-75


SUBSERIES 5.3: Legal Case Files, 1966-1979.

Carton 21

Di Suvero v Imperiale, et al. (Free Speech, conspiracy)

Carton 22

USA v David J. Miller


Clavir v Mitchell


Krebs v Ashbrook (HUAC) 1966


S v Dellinger et al (Chicago 8) 1968-69


California v Michael J. Kennedy

Carton 23

NLG Police Crimes Task Force


Prison Summer Project 1978-79


Tupelo, Mississippi


Women and NCWO


National Convention of Black Lawyers (2 folders) 1977


NLG So.California Chapter (4 folders)


Criminal Law Project


Southern Labor Project (3 folders)


Law students


Lawyer attacks


Legal services




Restructuring Committee


Minority Legal Task Force


SUBSERIES 5.4: Regional Chapter & Subject Files, 1970's.

Carton 24

San Diego


Northwest (Washington & Oregon)




Washington DC








Jury Project




Committee on Native American Struggles (CONAS)


Anti-Death Penalty Project


Gay Task Force


Guild Notes


Grand Jury


Anti-Imperialist Caucus


NEC, Feb. 1979




San Francisco Convention, 1979 (3 ff)


NLG Stationary

Carton 25

Health, Education, and Welfare Proposals


Women's Project










Red Squad Suit


Felony Trial Clinic


Nails Robbery (#2 defense)


Defense Attorney


Problem #1 files (3 folders)


Representing the Minority Defendant Seminars


Criminal, Los Angeles 1976


Criminal, San Francisco 1976


Course, Misc Government


San Diego 1977


Southern California 1978


Women's Litigation Institute 1978


So. California Dinner 1978


Misc. to do










New York


San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento

Box 81-82

SERIES 6: Jerome A. Duffy Files, 1954-1960.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received.
Legal records and case files In the Matter of Caryl Chessman, the bulk between 1954-1956. Contains correspondence between Chessman and his attorneys and evidentiary documents. Also a file of press clippings following the case from 1954-1960.

In The Matter Of Caryl Chessman.

Box 81

Correspondence (Chessman and other attorneys) 1954-59


Points and Authorities undated


US Supreme Court File Matters undated


Chessman v Teets, US Supreme Court 1955


Supreme Court of California 1954


US Dist. Court, No. Dist. of Calif. 1955


Los Angeles County Records 1955


Costs and expenses 1955-56


Rough drafts undated


Appeal to US Court of Appeals 1955

Box 82

Evidentiary matters, affidavits 1955-60


Miscellaneous documents (2 folders) n. d.


Newspaper clippings 1954-1960

Carton 5

SERIES 7 : Joseph Forer Files, 1948-1966.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received.
Files contain case materials and correspondence concerning two Communist Party of America trials. Also, Forer's composition NLG Report on Alleged Practices of the FBI and case reports.
Carton 5

Communist Party of the United States v Attorney General of the


United States v. The Attorney General of the United States and Columbia Broadcasting System, Final order and Judgement


NLG Report on Alleged Practices of the FBI


Opinion on Anti-discrimination Acts


Forer & Rein reported cases


CP v. Subversive Activities Control Board (SACB), Ben Gold v. USA, ACPFB v. SACB, Briefs


CUAH Hearings 1948-66


Braverman v. US and Int'l Union of Mine, Mill, & Smelters v. SACB, Appeals

Box 73

SERIES 8 : Osmond Kessler Fraenkel Files, 1970.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged by chapter.
Typescript entitled, "Some Recollections of Youth and of the Law", Part II, Chapters 5-6
Box 73

"Some Recollections of Youth and of the Law", Part II, Ch. 5 and 6 (typescript) 1970

Box 32-49, 85,87; Carton 52-56, 61-62

SERIES 9: Ann Fagan Ginger Files, 1939-1988.


Arranged in three sub-series: NLG Files, 1939-1976; American Association of Jurists (AAJ), 1973-1987, and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), 1971-1988.

Access Information

Subseries 9.2 and 9.3 are unarranged and unavilable for use.

Scope and Content Note

Ginger's NLG files to 1976 are described in An Inventory of Records 1936-1976 (see Supplement #2 of finding aid) and consists of National Affairs and Committees correspondence, work on the Vicksburg Project, Southern Regional Council, and reports from Mississippi Contested Elections.
The AAJ materials include correspondence, resolutions, speeches and reports from conferences in Peru, Panama, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina, Grenada, Jamaica and Mexico City. Most documents in Spanish. These materials are unarranged and unavailable for use.
The IADL materials include reports from Puerto Rico and a conference on women at Cambridge, England, and in Northern Ireland. Also French and English transcripts of conference papers and reports on Women in Sudan. These materials are unarranged and unavailable for use.

SUBSERIES 9.1: National Lawyers Guild Files, 1939-1976.

Box 32

General Correspondence (6 folders)

Box 33

General Correspondence (5 folders)

Box 34

Guild National Affairs Correspondence (3 folders)


Bill of Rights Foundation Correspondence


Convention Records (2 folders)

Box 35

Conventions Records (6 folders)

Box 36

Convention Records (3 folders)


Minutes of meetings of NEB


Position papers, Resolutions and Reports (2 folders)

Box 37

National Committees of NLG (3 folders)


Publications, Brochures, and Fliers


International Association of Democratic Lawyers


Lawyers Committee to End the War

Box 38

Contested elections


Correspondence, memos, briefs (3 folders)


Depositions (3 folders)

Box 39

Depositions (6 folders)

Box 40

Depositions (3 folders)


Vicksburg Project of COFO (4 folders)

Box 41

Vicksburg Project of COFO


Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) (3 folders)


Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP)


Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)


Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF)

Box 42

SNCC (3 folders)


Southern Regional Council (2 folders)


Bar Association Newsletters

Box 43

Newspapers (4 folders)


Legal Records (2 folders)

Box 44

Legal Records (3 folders)


Mississippi Contested Elections- Part 1-2 (2 folders)

Box 45

Mississippi Contested Elections- Part 1

Box 46

S.F. Chapter Records


Minutes of Meetings of S. F.Exec. Board (2 folders)




General Membership Meetings





Box 47

Committees of the S.F. Chapter (2 folders)


California State Bar


California State Bar Association Conference


Conference on Racism in Law


Records regarding other NLG Chapters

Box 48

Records regarding other NLG Chapters (5 folders)

Box 49

Records regarding other NLG Chapters (6 folders ) Jan.1939- Dec. 1960


SUBSERIES 9.2: American Association Of Jurists, 1973-1987.

Access Information

Unarranged and unavilable for use.
Carton 52

Resolution, Reports 1979


Lima, Peru


Conference papers and clippings 1973


General (2 folders) 1973-74


Photographs 1973


Panama Conference 1975


Topic Reports 1-4 (4 folders)


Ginger's Working Papers on Topic 4


Topic 5


Troubles in Argentina


Troubles in Puerto Rico


Troubles in Chile (2 folders)




Correspondence(2 folders) 1975


General (2 folders)


Keynote Address (in Spanish)


Cuba Conference


General correspondence, information 1977




Papers, Subjects 1-3

Carton 53

Papers, Subjects 4-8 (2 folders)


Jamaica Conference (3 folders) 1979


Miscellaneous 4 th Conference Papers


Resolutions in English, Spanish (2 folders)


Pamphlets 1979


AAJ Dues (2 folders) 1980-81


US Chapter Mailings to US Members 1981


Correspondence between AAJ and US Chapter 1981


Commn. 1 Report on US Violations of Law undated


ALA Speech


Managua, Nicaragua Conference (5th) 1981


Basic materials by Executive Council


Additional materials


Agrarian Reform Law, 1st Legis. 1980


Committee Reports 1-3 (3 folders)


Resolutions, Commn. 2-3


Miscellaneous (2 folders)



Carton 55



Mexico City, Mexico Conference materials (2 folders) 1983


Argentina, 1985-86 materials (2 folders)


Miscellaneous reports (8 folders)


St. George's, Grenada Conference (6th) (21 folders) 1983

Carton 56

Kingston, Jamaica, Managua conferences, misc (13 folders) 1979-81

Carton 61

Conference materials from 1980-86, correspondence with National Office, mailing lists, newsletter, NLG representatives to AAJ

Box 87

VIII th Conference - Havana, Cuba 1987


Conference Materials (program, brochures, misc) (2 folders)


[The majority of documents from the AAJ conferences are in Spanish. They consist primarily of conference papers presented on the topics listed below]


Self-Determination and Peace


Penal and Criminal Law


Human Rights


Labor Law


Women's Rights


SUBSERIES 9.3: International Association Of Democratic Lawyers, 1971-1988.

Access Information

Unarranged and unavailable for use.
Carton 54

Puerto Rico (9 folders) 1971


Conference on Women, Cambridge 1979


General Information (3 folders)




Conference Transcript


Conference on Women, Cambridge 1979


Transcript and papers marked for publication


Record of transcripts, misc. notes




Papers, French and English (not published) (2 folders)


Women in Sudan




Union of Arab Jurists, Baghdad 1979


Northern Ireland


Repressive Acts of the 1970's


English Material on Media and Troops re N. Ireland


English Communist Party Material


General materials and pamphlets (3 folders)

Box 85

NICRA Materials


Basic Facts on Poverty and Health


Sinn Fein - The Workers Party (2 folders)




Communist Party of Ireland


Irish Council for Civil Liberties


Connolly Youth Movement


Irish Republican Socialist Party


Women, Ireland


Misc. Publications

Carton 62

Correspondence Jan. 1986- March 1988


Congress- Athens 1984


International reports



Box 67

SERIES 10: Ernest Goodman Files, 1986

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received.
Typescript chapters of an unpublished book about the prisoner from Attica known as Shango. Also, interview transcripts with Shango and publishing inquiries.
Box 67

Correspondence between Goodman and Shango


John Stuart chapter


Beth Bonora/ Eric Swanson chapter


Devon Hodges chapters


Goodman transcripts (2 ff)


Shango chapter


Shango, Attica


Goodman chapter


Linda Boras chapter

Carton 64-65

SERIES 11: Aubrey Grossman Files, 1953-1973.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged in two sub-series: Draft Resisters and Sit-in cases, 1963-69; People vs. Wesley Robert Wells, 1953-73.
Draft resisters papers include compiled statistics on selective service prosecutions and dispositions in 1968-1969. Also, case files in the trial of draft resister, Robert Whitehorn.
Civil disobedience arrests and disposition statistics are compiled from 1963-1964. Case files, reports and clippings of sit-ins and mass arrest cases on Broadway's Auto Row in Oakland follow the trial and challenge to judge's fairness by the Congress for Racial Equality.
Includes numerous appeals filed in the Wesley Robert Wells case, 1953-1973 and Wells' correspondence from prison. Documents from Wells et al vs. Procunier et al in 1971 and the Wesley Robert Wells National Defense Committee.

SUBSERIES 11.1: Draft Resisters And Sit-In Cases, 1965-1969.

Carton 64

Selective Service, Prosecutions and results 1968-69


US v Whitehorn (3 folders) 1969


Robert Whitehorn, Selective Service


Whitehorn Subpoenas


Whitehorn v Melehan (2 folders) 1969


Whitehorn v Poole


Whitehorn Case files


correspondence, general, experts (3 folders)


press releases






Civil Disobedience Arrests- Dispositions 1963-64


Sit-ins and mass arrests- Auto Row, Congress for Racial Equality (CORE), challenges to judges fairness (news clippings, 2 folders) 1964


Case dispostion charts, miscellaneous (2 folders) ca. 1964


SUBSERIES 11.2: People v. Wesley Robert Wells, 1953-1973.

Carton 64

Habeas Corpus (3 folders) 1963

Carton 65

Attorney's Work, Court Documents (4 folders) 1953-71


Appeal from Denial Writ (2 folders) 1964


Certiorari, US Supreme Court (2 folders) 1965


Rehearing and Certiorari 1971


Wells et al v Procunier et al (3 folders) 1971


Wells medical reports and correspondence 1973


Correspondence 1960-73


Wesley Robert Wells National Defense Committee c. 1973

Box 54-66

SERIES 12: Jeremiah Gutman Files, 1938-1971.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged in two sub-series: Cases, 1965-1971; Research Files, 1938-1967. The records are described in The Legal Struggle to Abolish the House Committee on Un-American Activities, (See Supplement #1 of the paper finding aid).
The complex of cases were the central legal challenges to HUAC and document important rulings relating to academic freedom, trade-union politics and blacklisting in the entertainment industry including testimony transcripts of hearings. Records of Cole v McClellan case relate to the subpoena of student membership lists during widespread campus disorders, 1960s-70s. The records of Davis v. Willis concern legal struggles stemming from the 1968 Democratic Convention and relate to the defendants in the conspiracy trial of the Chicago 8 in U.S. v. Dellinger.
The research files contain U.S. Congress reports from HUAC, summaries of the Committee hearings prepared by Prof. Hans Zeisel of the University of Chicago, transcripts of radio broadcasts, news clippings, and materials concerning the Guild's battles with HUAC between 1938-1967.

SUBSERIES 12.1: Legal Cases, 1965-1971.


12.1.1: Stamler v. Willis

Box 53

General Correspondence (ff 001-003)


Correspondence re Injury to unfriendly witnesses (ff 004)


Correspondence re Treatment of attorneys (ff 005)


Memoranda, General (ff 006)

Box 54

Memoranda: Zeisel Transcript Search (ff 007)


Legal records, Drafts and outlines (ff 008-009)


Legal records (ff 010-012)

Box 55

Legal records (ff 013)


Correspondence and Congressional Record (ff 014)


Legal records (ff 015-017)


12.1.2: Krebs v. Ashbrook

Box 56

Correspondence, general (ff 018-022)


Correspondence re witnesses and potential witnesses for Plantiffs (ff 023)

Box 57

Correspondence re witnesses and potential witnesses for Plantiffs (ff 024-029)

Box 58

Seminar papers and theses (ff 030)


Legal records, drafts and notes (ff 031)


Legal records (ff 032-034)

Box 59

Legal records (ff 035-036)


12.1.3: District of Columbia v. Kinoy

Box 59

Correspondence and drafts (ff 037)


Legal records (ff 038-039)


12.1.4: Davis v. Willis & Young v. Willis

Box 59

Correspondence (ff 040)

Box 60

Transcript of hearing (ff 041)


Newsclippings, broadsides, etc. (ff 042)


Legal records, drafts (ff 043)


Legal records (ff 044-046)


Health Rights news (ff 047)


12.1.5: Cole v. Columbia, Cole v. Mcclellan, and Univ. Senate of NY v. McClellan

Box 61

Correspondence (ff 048)


SUBSERIES 12.2: Research materials (ff 049)


Legal records, drafts and notes (ff 050)


Legal records (ff 051-053)


Published records of the US Congress (ff 054-055)


Research Files, 1938-1967.

Box 62

Published records of the US Congress (ff 056)


Committee on Un-American Activities: Summaries of Activities (ff 057-060)

Box 63

Committee on Un-American Activities: Summaries of Activities (ff 061-066)

Box 64

HUAC: Notes from the Zeisel Transcript Search (ff 067)


HUAC: News clippings (ff 068-071)


HUAC: Transcripts of broadcasts (ff 072)

Box 65

Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 (ff 073)


Opposition to HUAC (ff 074-75)


Related legal actions, legal records, notes( ff 076)


Related legal actions, legal records, copies of Opinions (ff 077)


Related legal actions, legal records (ff 078)

Box 66

Records re Related actions, Legal records (ff 079-081)


Clippings (5 folders)

Box 68-70

SERIES 13: Abraham Isserman Files, 1930-1976.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received.
Four notebooks contain memorandum In re Sacher and Isserman, concerning disbarment and subsequent re-instatement to the bar. Some FBI files kept on Isserman, interviews given and articles concerning his case. Also documents from the National Federation for Constitutional Liberties,1940s.
Box 68



Transcripts of two different interviews with Isserman


Drafts of Isserman's "Disbarred" article


Decisions arranged chronologically bearing on Isserman's disbarment and re-instatement


Outlines and summaries of Isserman's activities


FBI files on Isserman


Transcripts of Isserman relating his story re disbarment, Jan.6 - Mar.27, 1976


Isserman re ACLU


Isserman's piece, " Criminal Anarchy in New Jersey, 1930"


Legal papers


Notebook, Volume I, Memorandum (U.S. District Court Southern District of N.Y.

In re: Sacher and Isserman, Attorneys

Box 69

Notebook, Volume II, Paragraph 14 (U.S. District Court Southern District of N.Y.

In re: Sacher and Isserman, Attorneys


Notebook, Volume III, Paragraphs 15-18 incl. (U.S. District Court Southern District of N.Y.

In re: Sacher and Isserman, Attorneys


Notebook, Volume IV, Appendix (U.S. District Court Southern District of N.Y.

In re: Sacher and Isserman, Attorneys


National Federation for Constitutional Liberties (NFCL) 1941-47


NFCL, Action letter, 1941-46


NFCL, Form letters

Box 70

Anklageschrift, July 1976


Ford Hunger March photographs (2 b&w) Capitol Building in Washington DC. 1930


Pamphlets, Programs, Speeches




Briefs (Supreme Court, Court of Appeals) 1943-64

Box 13-14, 83; Carton 14-17; Oversize Box 2

SERIES 14: Robert Walker Kenny Files, 1931-1975.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged in nine topical sub-series: Client and Case Files, 1946-1964; House Un-American Activities Committee, 1950-1958; Julius & Ethel Rosenberg Case, 1952-1955; Legislation, 1948-1955; Smith Act, 1951-1954; Lawyers and the State Bar Loyalty Oath, 1947-1964; Attorney General and Politics, 1943-1963; Personal Papers, 1931-1962; Miscellaneous, 1931-1965.
Client Files include court documents, correspondence, memos and press clippings of Kenny's cases, 1940's-1950's. Includes the American Jewish Congress, the Huffman Commission (Los Angeles City Housing Authority),Hugh Hardyman,William Brandhove and religious leaders, doctors, and teachers subpoenaed by HUAC.
Kenny was chief counsel for the Hollywood Ten. HUAC files contain a handwritten chart of the Hollywood hearings: cases, attorneys and dispositions dated 1951. Files also contain correspondence, billing and finance information concerning HUAC contempt cases, and materials on the Congressional Committee Hearings from 1950's.
The Rosenberg files contain their correspondence from prison, legal documents, memos, editorials, fact sheets, speeches, publications and clippings regarding the case, appeals to the President for clemency, clippings and stories concerning the protests and the publics reaction to the execution of the Rosenberg's.
The Legislation files contain correspondence, memos, and printed materials concerning Loyalty Oath Bills (Levering Act), California State Propositions 5 & 6, the Communist Control Act of 1954 and the Mundt-Nixon Bill of 1948.
The Smith Act files contain correspondence, pamphlets, bulletins, reports, and press clippings from 1947-1954. Other papers concern the conduct of Judge Medina in the Foster case, briefs in the Schneiderman, Foster, and Yates cases and reports on investigating committees and the California Bar about pending Smith Act cases in the State.
The Lawyers State Bar and the Loyalty Oath papers contain memos and correspondence in case files of Konigsberg v. State Bar, Shibley re State Bar, Tenner et al, Hallinan v. State Bar, Katz, Margolis, & Tyre v. State Bar and other cases between 1946-1964. Also, files contain information on State Bar investigations, the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, and the Third Report on Un-American Activities in California by a joint fact-finding Committee to the 57 th California Legislature in 1947.
Kenny served as Attorney General of California from 1942-1948. His files from this period include correspondence, press releases, speeches, and clippings. Also, minutes, reports, publications, and correspondence from the Progressive Citizens of America, 1946-1948 when Kenny served as the national chairman. Also includes materials from the 1947-48 Presidential campaign of Henry Wallace and a tribute for President Truman in 1948. Other papers document California elections, 1949-1956.
Kenny's personal papers include three sets of correspondence. Letters between Kenny and his wife, Sara, concern finances, her mothers estate and Baha'i activities in France from 1953-1962. Letters from writer Duncan Aikman include limericks and quips about Aikman's health, work, and friendship. Aubrey Finn's letters concern his wife's immigration status in 1952.
Miscellaneous files include a typescript play written by Kenny titled, The Wilkinson Story", a tribute book to Kenny, 1975 (photocopy), a completed job application to the American Broadcasting Company, articles, and ephemera. There are two albums of the National Guardian news weekly from New York dated Oct. 1953-Oct. 1955.

SUBSERIES 14.1: Clients And Legal Cases, 1946-1964.

Carton 14

American Jewish Congress (AJC)


Court documents, memos, correspondence (6 folders) 1950-53


Young v American Jewish Congress 1950


Fritchman, Stephen (HUAC hearing, religious leader) (2 folders) 1951-53


re Lisher et al. (HUAC doctor's subpoenaed) 1952-53


In re Frank Wilkinson (2 folders) 1952


Bd of Educ, City of L.A. v Wilkinson (3 folders) 1952-54


In re Jean Wilkinson (2 folders) 1953


Dubnoff, Dr.& Mrs. J.W. 1950-51


Ostroll, Harry Alvin 1950


Brandhove, William Patrick 1949-51


Pauley, Edwin W. - news clippings 1946


Huffman Commission (LA, City Housing Authority)


Clippings 1953


Hardyman, Hugh c. 1953

Carton 15

Academic Freedom (Loyalty Oath) (2 folders) 1949-54


Parker v County of Los Angeles (3 folders) 1947-49


Bd of Educ v Massachusetts 1957-64


Laguna Beach School Dist. v Lewis (2 folders) 1953-57


SUBSERIES 14.2: House Un-American Activites Committee, 1950-1958.

Carton 15

Correspondence and billing 1956


Congressional Committee Hearings c. 1950


Handwritten chart of Hollywood hearings: cases, attorneys, outcomes 1951


Contempt cases materials (2 ff) 1954-57


HUAC Committee, A/R and statements 1955


In the matter of Andreis Deinum 1953-58


Byrne v Novak 1950-54


Arlington Theater 1952


Page, Charles 1952-54


SUBSERIES 14.3: Julius & Ethel Rosenberg Case, 1952-1955.

Carton 15

Case files (8 folders) 1950s


Conference of Inquiry, Los Angeles 5/16/1953


Conference of Inquiry Accounting 1953-54


Petitions to the president for clemency 1952-53


Editorials and speeches 1953


Fact sheets and publications 1952-53


Rosenberg Children Fund 1953-55


Clippings, Miscellaneous c. 1953


SUBSERIES 14.4: Legislation, 1948-1955, undated

Carton 16

Loyalty Oath Bills (Levering Act) (2 folders) 1950-55


Calif. State Propositions 5 & 6 (3 folders)


Correspondence, memoranda, clippings, pamphlets, flyers, newsletters 1952


Communist Control Act of 1954


Mundt-Nixon Bill c. 1948


SUBSERIES 14.5: Smith Act, 1951-1954.

Carton 16

Correspondence 1951-53


Testimonial Dinner, Los Angeles 6/7/1952


Pamphlets, bulletins, reports, clippings c. 1952


Papers re conduct of Judge Medina undated


Briefs (Schneiderman, Foster et al., Yates) 1952-54


Briefs (Lightfoot, Frankfeld et al.) c. 1952


NLG reports to members of the California Bar concerning


Smith Act cases in the State (2 folders) 1951-52


Investigating Committees (2 folders) 1947-54


ACLU, Fifth Amendment materials c. 1953


Collection of Cases and Material Concerning the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination (99 p.) undated


SUBSERIES 14.6: Lawyers, State Bar, Loyalty Tests, 1947-1964.

Carton 17

Konigsberg v State Bar, Brooks v State Bar 1954-56


Konigsberg Trust Fund 1960-61


Buhai v State Bar 1956-57


Shibley, George re State Bar Hearing 1948-49


Shibley, George- Contempt (2 folders) 1952-53


Shibley v US 1956


Saleeby v The World, Shibley v Saleeby 1956


In the matter of Fred M. Schneider (State Bar Assn.) 1951-64


Tenner et al. (Lawyers subpoenaed) 1952


Memoranda (2 folders) 1951-52


Allen v State Bar 1950


Hallinan v US- Contempt 1950-51


Katz, Charles J., Bain v Wilson-State Bar) 1946-4


Katz, Margolis & Tyre v State Bar 1947-64


State Bar Investigations c. 1953


Lawyers and the Bar, Miscellaneous 1948-56


Steinmetz, Harry -correspondence, misc. 1953-54


Third Report, Un-American Activities in California, by Joint Fact Finding Committee to the 57 th California Legislature 1947


Emergency Civil Liberties Committee 1956-64


SUBSERIES 14.7: Attorney General Of California, Other Politics, 1943-1963.

Box 13

Correspondence (4 folders)


Records re: NLG vs. Brownell(2 folders)


Photographs (approx. 30 B & W prints and several photocopies)

Box 14

Tapes Reel 1: Race Relations, KVOY. 3 3/4 inch magnetic tape August 1963


Tapes Reel 2: 7 1/2 inch magnetic tape October 1959



Carton 13

Political correspondence 1943


Attorney General's Office, news releases 1943


Kenny, Attorney General of California


Correspondence & clippings (2 folders) 1947-58


NLG Western Conference 1947


National Citizens Political Action Committee (NCPAC) 1946-47


Progressive Citizens of America, So. Cal. Chapter (3 folders) 1946-48


Meeting minutes, committee reports, memos


Correspondence, clippings


Publications, manuals, bulletins, speeches


Wallace, Henry A. (Presidential campaign)


Committee, correspondence 1947-48


Pamphlets, speeches, clippings 1947-48


1948 presidential bid-clippings 1947-48


Democrats for Wallace Conference, Fresno, Ca. 7/19/1947


Photographs (4) taken in Oakland/Berkeley during campaign 1947


Wallace for President Campaign Expenses 1947


Clippings (2 ff) Wallace activities before and after the 1948 election


Democratic Party 1948


Presidental (Truman) Tribute Dinner Program, Los Angeles, CA 12/6/1948


California election campaigns 1949


Movement to Abolish Cross-Filing in California 1950-52


Elections 1956


Photograph, 1957 Supreme Court of the U.S. (Autographed, " To Bob from Earl Warren")


SUBSERIES 14.8: Personal Papers, 1931-1962


Correspondence, 1931-1962.

Box 83

Kenny, Sara McCann (3 folders) 1953-62


Aiken, Duncan and misc. business 1931-55


Finn, Aubrey 1952


SUBSERIES 14.9: Miscellaneous, 1953-1975, undated

Box 83

"The Wilkinson Story" [a humorous typescript play] undated


R.W. Kenny, U.S. Passport 1965


Homage to Robert Walker Kenny 1975


[photocopy of collected letters and tributes]


Keynote address undated


Articles, ephemera, misc. (2 folders) 1953-54


Application to American Broadcasting Company filled out in jest. undated

oversize OS Box 2

(2 bound albums) National Guardian, A Progressive Newsweekly, New York Oct. 1954 - Oct. 1955

Oct. 1953 - Sept. 1954

Carton 48-49, 59

SERIES 15: Lloyd Mcmurray Files, 1948-1972.

Access Information

Unarranged and Unavailable for use.

Scope and Content Note

Includes McMurray's work files from the Guild Legislative Committee between 1955-58, World Council of Peace (1962-65) and Congress for General Disarmament and Peace held in 1962 in Moscow.
Carton 48

Resolutions Committees


Guild Legislative Committee-Personal 1958


Guild Legislative Committee 1955


Guild Legislative Committee-McCarran Act 1955


Case Work File 1948-1955


World Council of Peace (WCP), Correspondence 1962-1965


Congress for General Disarmament and Peace, Moscow 1962


Correspondence re 1962 Congress


Institutes for Peace, Vienna and Stockholm


Peace Correspondence, Misc 1962


World Council of Peace, Vienna 1963


Peace publications re China 1962


WCP Bulletin 1962


Peace, Correspondence (Andy Walker & Prof. Bernal) 1963


Peace Organizations


Unitarian Church Social Action Committee


Loyalty Oath





Carton 49

Pamphlets (2 folders)


State Bar Conference Materials 1972


NLG Resolutions 1972


Barber v California Employment Stabilization Commission undated


Miscellany (3 folders)


Disarmament books (4), Magnetic reel audio tape titled on box "15-minutes of speech by Helen Frumin of WISP on meeting with Geneva Disarmament delegates, (note inside box) August 1962

Carton 59

Marcos Gonzales v International Association of Machinists (5 folders) 1960

Box 52

SERIES 16: David Rein Files, [194-].

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received.
State Department and FBI reports concerning Rein's activities.
Box 52

State Department Information


FBI Reports

Box 14

SERIES 17: Maurice Sugar Files, 1933-1972.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged as received.
Described in, Inventory of Records 1936-76 (see Supplement #2 of the paper finding aid).
Box 14

Correspondence (4 folders)


Constitution of the NLG

Box 50-52

SERIES 18: Rubin Tepper Files, 1938-1981.


Portions correspond to Meiklejohn's, Inventory of Records 1936-1976 (see Supplement #2 of the paper finding aid). Remaining files are unarranged subject, business, and committee papers.

Scope and Content Note

Files contain intra-chapter correspondence, newsletters, reports, and convention records. Includes materials from the committees on School Segregation, CASL, Labor Law, Prison Task Force, International Law sub-committee, IADL sub-committee, Defense Committee and Theoretical Studies on the Law and the State.
Box 50

Intra-chapter Correspondence


Correspondence with California State Bar Association (3 folders)


Constitution of the San Francisco Chapter


Minutes of Meetings

Box 51

Records re Guilds Committee to Assist Southern Lawyers


Records of the Committee on School Segregation


New York City Chapter


Annual Membership Dinner 1979


Cuba Sub-committee


Law for the People 1979-80


International Assoc. of Democratic Lawyers sub-committee 1980


International Law Sub-Committee (of Int. Committee)


Lawyers Committee 1978


Mideast Report 1978-79


Correspondence, Memos, Notices (4 folders) 1977-80


Prison Task Force 1977


NLG Convention, San Francisco Feb. 1979


San Francisco Chapter


Labor Law Committee


Lawyers Committee (2 folders) 1978-80


Notices, Announcements (3 folders) 1978-80


Brief Amici Curiae of Anita Whitney, in D'Aquino v USA 11/1942, 11/1951

Box 52

Reports, Correspondence, Notices, Programs, Fliers etc.


San Francisco Chapter 1981-82


Chicago Chapter


Cincinnati Chapter Police Misconduct Seminar Brochure 1978


Columbus Chapter Mideast Regional Conference 1978


Detroit Chapter 1977-80


West Coast Regional Conference Fresno, October 1979


Los Angeles Chapter 1977-80


Santa Clara Chapter, newsletter 1977-80


Seattle Chapter, Summer Chapter 1977-81


NLG Convention Seattle August 1977


Committee on Theoretical Studies on the Law and the State


NLG Northeast Regional Conference, Philadelphia Oct. 1978


NLG Regional Conference, Portland 1979


NCWO Core Group 1978


Peoples College, Los Angeles


Bay Area Military Law Office (Panel) and S.E. Asia Office


Chicago Chapter 1971


NLG Conference on Ecology, War, and Repression


Chicago Chapter, 1972


NLG Defense Committee 1971-72


Detroit Chapter (2 folders) 1971-74


International Law


Los Angeles Chapter, (2 folders) 1971-74


NLG National Convention, Boulder 1971


P & A Committee 1971


New York Chapter 1971-74


Philadelphia Chapter 1971-75


National Legal Defense

Box 22-31; Carton 26-38, 42-47

SERIES 19: Doris Brin Walker Files, 1960-1998.


Arranged in five preliminary sub-series: National Office: Presidential and Committee Files, 1960-1974, 1976-1998; Legal Cases; Writings; International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), 1971-1996; Miscellaneous, 1980-1992. Portions are described in, An Inventory of Records 1936-1976 (Supplement #2 of the paper finding aid)

Scope and Content Note

The bulk of the presidential and committee files are from Walker's terms as president of NLG in the 1970s. The include: records of National Executive Board's and the National Executive Committee's work and the Lawyer's Panel for Selective Service; NLG fact finding trip to Hanoi; records of the Grand Jury Defense Office; and Bakke case files. Also, files of the International Committee's work.
The Case Files include correspondence, briefs, court documents and attorney's work in four cases: Angela Y. Davis vs. County of Alameda concerning a suit over discrimination in a public medical facility; an appeal in re Soloman Leiberman, a naturalization case; Price vs. Barber, a deportation case; and Keller vs. State Bar Association of California.
Writings include research materials, correspondence, notes, and typescript of journal article by Walker entitled, Limiting Racist Speech in the United States vs. 'Freedom' of Speech: A Marxist View of the Apparent Constitutional Dilemma.
IADL files document Walker's activities during her membership between 1971 and 1996. They include IADL reports in French, English and Spanish, mailing lists, correspondence, and materials on the 14 th Congress in Cape Town, S. Africa in 1996. There are tributes to Haywood Burns (former Guild president) who was killed in an auto accident while attending the conference. Also included are reports from the Central America Task Force, conference papers and correspondence from Congresses. These materials are unarranged and unavialable for use.
Miscellaneous files include Walker's collected materials concerning her interests in the Meiklejohn Institute, United Nations 40 th Anniversary, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, L.A. Labor Defense Network Clinic, and the S. F. Worker's Rights Clinic. Also, correspondence and materials from Walker's 1974 campaign to the State Bar Board of Governors.

SUBSERIES 19.1: National Office; Presidential And Committee Files, 1960-74, 1976-98.

Box 22

Correspondence (4 folders)

Box 23

Correspondence (5 folders)

Box 24

National Executive Board


Policy and Resolution Statements


Minutes of Meetings


Activity Reports


Reports and Resolutions (2 folders)



Box 25

Press releases


Reports and resolutions


Records re: National Conventions of the NLG (3 folders)


Records re: NLG National Committees


Periodical Publications of the NLG

Box 26

Records of NLG National Committees (6 folders)

Box 27

Records of NLG National Committee (5 folders)

Box 28

NLG National Committees


NLG Chapters (5 folders)

Box 29

NLG Chapters (6 folders)

Box 30

NLG Chapters (4 folders)


S.F. Lawyers Panel for Selective Service


Workshop on War Crimes

Box 31

Records regarding the NLG trip to Hanoi

Carton 26

Correspondence, misc. (2 folders) Oct. 1971-Dec. 1973


Bar Association


Bills Paid by TW&B and statements


1971 Convention materials


Convention ideas


Correspondence with people appealing for help


NLG Finances 1970-71


S.F. 14 th Amendment


re Guild Practitioner


S.F. Herzenberg Real Estate


International Committee


International Law Committee


Jury- articles and misc. materials


Military law office


Lawyers division


National Executive Board meetings 1974


NLG misc. materials 1975


Internal struggle - speeches


Lawyers caucus of NLG 1972


Constitution and by-laws


World Peace through Law Comm. 1966-71


American Bar Assn. letter 2/15/1974


Family Law Committee, Alameda County Bar Assn.


D.B. Walker, appointment as Arbitrator 1971

Carton 27

Convention planning 1982


N.E.B. 1982


Correspondence, regional chapters 1984


Correspondence (3 folders) 1980-1982


National notices and minutes 1980


Chapter minutes and notices 1980


Convention reports, Boston 1980


Convention reports, San Francisco 1979


Convention materials, Chicago 1983


NLG- Anti-Nuclear (2 folders)


State Bar and FBI

Carton 28

State Bar Conference 1984


General correspondence


National 1983


Chapter, Regional 1983


Misc 1984


N.E.B. (4 folders) 1979-1984


Bakke case 1978


Minutes and notices


National 1979


Chapter 1979


Correspondence 1978-79


NLG expenses lists, DBW President (2 folders) 1971


Grand Jury Defense Office 1972

Carton 30

N.E.B., Washington DC 1978


Notices and Minute (2 folders) 1978


General NLG 1977


1977 Convention, I.C.


NLG Chapters 1988

Carton 31

1965 Convention, San Francisco


Correspondence (B. Dreyfus, J. Meadows ) (2 folders)


Pre-convention meeting notes, work sheets volunteer lists


Hotel, banquet arrangements, financial reports


General Assembly


Mailing lists


Program, resolutions, printed materials, pre-convention mailings


The Bar and the South 1965


NLG Amicus Curiae, Virginia sit-ins 1965




State Bar Convention 1960-65


New York Chapter, School Integration 1961


United Mine Workers v Illinois State Bar (NLG Amicus brief) 1966


1968 Convention, Los Angeles (materials)


McTernan, Francis J.


1968 Convention, Guild integration, Misc (3 folders)


National Committees 1962-63


L.A. Chapter 1974-75


S.F. Chapter 1975


Grand Jury Project papers 1974

Carton 46

Correspondence -National 1984-86


Correspondence-Chapter (2 folders) 1984, 1986-87


Correspondence re "John Abt" Book review 1993


Guild 50 th Anniversary, correspondence, notes re program 1987


Murcko Resolution


New York City Chapter, Membership Dinner 1978


Tributes to Harry Sacher 1963




Civil Liberties Docket


vol. viii no. 1 1962


vol. viii no. 4 1963


vol. xi no. 1 1965


Twin Cities Guild Newsletter 1975-76


Philadelphia Chapter Newsletter "Uncommon Law" 1974-75


Misc. Chapter newsletters and announcements 1962-77


Affirmative Action In Crisis: A Handbook for Activists 1977


Index to National Lawyers Guild Periodicals, 1937-1970 1970


Clippings on Israel, Mideast, misc.

Carton 47



Iran Contra/ Oliver North


National Office/ NEB 1988-94


National Office (2 folders) 1989, 1995


National Convention, Minneapolis 1974


Conventions (4 folders) 1986-87,1990-95


International Law Subcommittee 1979-80,1986


International Committee (2 folders) 1986,1989-90


International Committee, Media 1989-90


Somalia Committee




Miscellaneous 1996-98


NLG International Committee

Carton 28

General correspondence (2 folders) 1983-86


Central America


Minutes, newsletter Feb. 1985


General materials 1979


Israeli, PLO, Lebanon 1982


Cuba 1984


Latin America, Chile 1984


Miskitos 1984


1986 Convention, misc


South Korea, Diggs v Schultz (4 folders) 1977-83


Middle East 1984

Carton 30

Peace and Disarmament 1982-86


Northern Ireland 1983-85


Middle East 1984-88


Travel Subcommittee 1984




Southern Africa 1983-87


San Francisco Chapter I.C. (2 folders) 1984


Caribbean, Puerto Rico 1983


Vietnam 1984-85


I. C. Misc. 1978


Central America Task Force


SUBSERIES 19.2: Legal Cases.


19.2.1: Angela Y. Davis, et al. v. County of Alameda

Carton 42



Davis, S.F. State Teaching Job, notes


Davis v Laney, Peralta Community Colleges, Bedrick Research


Attorney work files


Davis, research




Interrogatories, Newspaper Articles, Subpoenas,


Deposition Notices, Witnesses




Photos of hospital waiting room (scene of dispute)


Police reports


Medical reports


19.2.2: In re Saloman Lieberman

Carton 44

Administrative, Transcripts of Hearings


Naturalization, correspondence


Red Pawn: the story of Noel Field, memos




Character Affidavits




Correspondence, general


19.2.3: Harry George Price vs Bruce G. Barber

Carton 45

Complaint for Injunction & Exhibits (2 folders)


Deportation Matters, Statements




Application for suspension of deportation


19.2.4: Keller v State Bar Association of California

Carton 45

Bar Assn conference materials, recommendations re Keller (2 folders)


Executive Committee Confidential Report


1969 Conference of Delegates


State Bar misc 1993


SUBSERIES 19.3: Writings.

Carton 44

"Limiting Racist Speech in the United States vs. 'Freedom' of Speech: A Marxist View of the Apparent Constitutional Dilemma"

by Doris Walker. Type script, published article, notes, research material and correspondence (4 folders)


SUBSERIES 19.4: International Association Of Democratic Lawyers, 1971-1996.

Access Information

Unarranged and unavailable for use.
Carton 43

IADL Reports (5 folders) 1990-95


Bureau Reports and corespondence (2 folders) 1995-96


General correspondence, misc 1993-96


Mailing list USA 1990


IADL 14 th Congress, Capetown, So. Africa 1996


Haywood Burns memorial tributes (died in S.A.) 1996


Interjurist (Japan Lawyers Int'l Solidarity Assn.) (English & Japanese) 1997




International Law Debates with Ann Fagan Ginger


Central America


Central America Task Force-Guatemala

Box 31

IADL Records (4 folders)


Records regarding related organizations

Carton 33

Xth Congress, Algiers (2 folders) 1975


General materials (3 folders) (correspondence, reports, clippings, misc.) 1971


Guild Delegation Eastern Europe 1981


Correspondence (4 folders) 1977-78, 1983-86

Carton 34

General materials (2 folders) 1975-76


re Scientific Council 1976-77


National Lawyers Guild matters 1975


1978 Convention


Literature / Brochures 1977


Bureau / Algiers (2 folders ) 1978, 1982

Carton 35

Report of Int'l Conference Mediterranean: Zone of Peace 1982


Correspondence (3 folders) 1979, 1982,1984


Literature 1979


Central & Latin America 1983-84


Bureau Meetings


Athens 1984


Pottsdam 1985


Brussles, Paris 1986


Leningrad, (photos) 1987


New Delhi 1988

Carton 36

Literature and brochures (2 folders) 1978, 1980


Bureau / Budapest 1983


Mercenaries 1978


XI th Congress, Malta 1980


Correspondence (2 folders) 1980-1981


Bureau / Baghdad 1979

Carton 38

Correspondence 1988-89


XIII th Congress, Barcelona 1990


Bureau / UNESCO, Barcelona 1990


IADL Publications

Carton 37

International Review of Contemporary Law 1976-1990


Mediterranee: Zone de Paix 1982


Miscellaneous Publications (some not IADL)

Carton 38

Review of Contemporary Law 1958


The Review (International Commission of Jurists) 1991-97


Information Bulletin on the Activities of the I.A.D.L. 1983-85, 1987


40 th Anniversary of the I.A.D.L. 1986


12 th Congress of the I.A.D. L., Athens, General Assembly 1984


Reports on the 11 th and 14 th Congresses (2 items) 1982, 1996


Women's right to professional and vocational training and its implications in municipal and international law 1982


The White Paper on the Israeli Aggression in Lebanon 1983


International Colloquim on the Militarisation of Outer Space 1986


Territories Occupied by Israel (West Bank): IADL Mission of Inquiry 1984


Palestine and Law , no. 2-4, 6 1988, 1990, 1991


La filière: Jean-Paul II Antova Agca, by Christian Roulette (in French) 1984


Miscellaneous printed matter


SUBSERIES 19.5: Miscellaneous, 1980-1992.

Carton 32

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute (2 folders) 1981


United Nations 40 th Anniversary 1985


Bar Assn. of San Francisco, Comm. on Int'l Human Rights 1981-84


State Bar- Board of Governors, 1974 campaign


State Bar Conferences (4 folders) 1980-81, 1983, 1985-86


California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (2 folders) 1977-1978


American Association of Jurists, misc. 1979-87


Nat'l Conference of Black Lawyers 1984-85


Correspondence, unemployment 1985-92


Sample grant proposal for unemployment clinic 1985


L.A. Labor Defense Network Clinic materials


S.F. Workers' Rights Clinic materials


Leaflets and pamphlets for UI claimants


Guides for legal representatives of UI claimants


State legislative proposals for the unemployed 1983-84