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Guide to the HerBooks Feminist Press Archive 1984-2002
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Collection Contents


Series 1 HerBooks Press, 1984-2000,

Physical Description: Box 1, 5-7

Scope and Content Note

This series contains general correspondence, promotional materials, interviews, audio cassettes and press ephemera relating to the business of HerBooks.


The material has been arranged by content.
Box-folder 1:1-5

History & Business

Box-folder 1:1

History of HerBooks.

Box-folder 1:2

General business & promotional materials (letterhead, bookmarks, business cards).

Box-folder 1:3

Herbooks catalogs.

Box-folder 1:4


Box-folder 1:5

Financial records.

Box-folder 6:1

Irene Reti, 3/1/90 interview

Box-folder 1:6-8


Box-folder 1:6

Herbooks distribution.

Box-folder 1:7

Diaspora Distribution Company.

Box-folder 1:8

Alamo Square Distributors.

Box-folder 1:9

Community Printers of Santa Cruz

Box-folder 1:10

The Women in Print Movement.

Box-folder 1:11

Feminist publisher catalogs.

Box-folder 1:12

Feminist publishers correspondence.

Box-folder 1:13

The Lesbians and Gays in Print Movement.

Box-folder 1:14

Outwrite! Conferences

Box-folder 1:15

Skills of Self-Publishing - proposed workshop.

Carton 5

Press ephemera

Carton 5

Sinister Wisdom, misc. issues

Carton 5

Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, misc. issues

Carton 5

Gossip, misc. issues

Carton 5

Lesbian Ethics, misc. issues

Carton 5

Conditions, misc. issues

Carton 5

HerBooks banner.

Carton 5

HerBooks T-shirt

Carton 5

"So Precious a Place" on women-only space - video tape

Box 6-7

Audio Cassettes - a collection of interviews and business related tapes.


Series 2. Publications, 1984-2002,

Physical Description: Boxes 1-4

Scope and Content Note

This series contains publication correspondence, corrected manuscripts, production materials, publicity, reviews, promotional materials, and archival copies of publications.


The material has been arranged by publication.
Box-folder 1:16

Lesbian Words: A Santa Cruz Anthology, edited by Irene Reti and Sue McCabe

Box-folder 1:17

Lesbian Words II: Photographs and Writings, edited by Irene Reti, Sue McCabe, and Terese Armstrong

Box-folder 1:18-21

The Lesbian in Front of the Classroom: Writings by Lesbian Teachers, edited by Irene Reti and Sarah-Hope Parmeter

Box-folder 1:18

Contributor Correspondence

Box-folder 1:19

Lesbian Teachers

Box-folder 1:20

Unpublished sequel

Box-folder 4:1

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 1:21


Box-folder 1:22-26

To Live with the Weeds, by D.A. Clarke

Box-folder 1:22


Box-folder 4:2

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 4:3

Printed sheets - complete copy

Box-folder 1:23


Box-folder 1:24


Box-folder 1:25-26

1st ed. & 2nd ed. archive copies

Box-folder 1:27-33

Messages: Music for Lesbians, by D.A. Clarke

Box-folder 1:27

Lyrics and notes, and production notes.

Box-folder 1:28


Box-folder 1:29-33

Additional writing by D. A. Clarke.

Box-folder 1:29-30

Articles, stories, etc.

Box-folder 1:31


Box-folder 1:32

Sinister Wisdom no.35, 38; Lesbian Ethics, v.2:2

Box-folder 1:33


Box-folder 1:34

Distribution - Ladyslipper.

Box-folder 1:35


Box-folder 6:2

Messages: Music for Lesbians, archive copy of audio cassette.

Box-folder 1:36-39

The World Between Women: An Anthology, edited by Irene Reti, Sarah-Hope Parmeter and Abby Bogomolny

Box-folder 1:36

Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County grant

Box-folder 1:37


Box-folder 1:38


Box-folder 1:39

Archive copy

Box-folder 1:40-42

Nauseous in Paradise by Abby Bogomolny

Box-folder 1:40

HerBooks distribution and archive copy

Box-folder 1:41

Abby Lynn Bogomolny Collected Writing

Box-folder 1:42

Abby Bogomolny - misc. publications

Box-folder 1:43

Prepositions, by Linda Hooper, distributed by HerBooks

Box-folder 1:43

Research, distribution, and archive copy

Box-folder 1:44

Between the Lines: An Anthology of Pacific/Asian Lesbians of Santa Cruz, California, edited by Alison Kim, Christy Chung and A.K. Lemeshwsky, distributed by HerBooks.

Box-folder 1:44


Box-folder 1:45

Alison Kim - other writings

Box-folder 2:1-2

Lizards/Los Padres, by Bettianne Shoney Sien

Box-folder 4:4

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 2:1


Box-folder 2:2

Archive copy

Box-folder 2:3

Love, Politics and "Rescue" in Lesbian Relationships, by Diana Rabenold

Box-folder 2:4

Past, Present and Future Passions: Poetry by Barbara Ruth, distributed by HerBooks

Box-folder 2:4

Distribution & archive copy

Box-folder 2:5-8

Bubbe Meisehs by Shayneh Maidelehs: An Anthology of Poetry by Jewish Granddaughters about our Grandmothers, edited by Lesléa Newman

Box-folder 2:5


Box-folder 2:6


Box-folder 4:5

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 2:7


Box-folder 2:8

Reviews & archive copy

Box-folder 2:9-10

Love Me Like You Mean It: Poems by Lesléa Newman

Box-folder 2:9


Box-folder 2:10

Reviews & archive copy

Box-folder 2:11-15

Sweet Dark Places: Poems by Lesléa Newman

Box-folder 2:11


Box-folder 2:12


Box-folder 4:6

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 2:13

Publicity, Reviews, archive copy

Box-folder 2:14-15

Lesléa Newman

Box-folder 2:14


Box-folder 2:15

Biographical Information

Box-folder 2:16-19

Remember the Fire: Lesbian Sadomasochism in a Post-Nazi Holocaust World, an essay by Irene Reti

Box-folder 2:16

Response Letters

Box-folder 2:17

Manuscript, comments by D. A. Clarke

Box-folder 2:18


Box-folder 2:19

Reviews & archive copy

Box-folder 2:20-24

Unleashing Feminism: Critiquing Lesbian Sadomasochism in the Gay Nineties, edited by Irene Reti

Box-folder 2:20


Box-folder 2:21

Response letters

Box-folder 4:7

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 2:22

Publicity material

Box-folder 2:23


Box-folder 2:24

Archive copy

Box-folder 2:25-29

Cats (And Their Dykes): An Anthology, edited by Irene Reti and Bettianne Shoney Sien

Box-folder 2:25

Contributor Correspondence

Box-folder 2:26

Response Letters

Box-folder 2:27


Box-folder 4:8-9

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 4:8

Pgs. 1-80/81

Box-folder 4:9

Pgs. 82/83 - 158/159

Box-folder 2:28

"Toward a Feminist History of the Cat" by Irene Reti - handwritten draft

Box-folder 2:29

Reviews & archive copy

Box-folder 2:29-33

Childless by Choice: A Feminist Anthology, edited by Irene Reti

Box-folder 2:29

Contributor Correspondence

Box-folder 2:30


Box-folder 2:31


Box-folder 2:32


Box-folder 4:10

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 2:33

Reviews & archive copy

Box-folder 2:34-37

Garden Variety Dykes: Lesbian Traditions in Gardening, edited by Irene Reti and Valerie Chase

Box-folder 2:34


Box-folder 2:35

Manuscripts w/corrections

Box-folder 4:11

Camera-ready copy

Box-folder 2:36


Box-folder 2:37

Reviews & archive copy

Box-folder 2:38-46

The Second Coming of Joan of Arc and Other Plays by Carolyn Gage

Box-folder 2:40

Corrected galleys

Box-folder 2:39


Box-folder 2:38


Box-folder 2:41


Box-folder 2:42

Reviews & archive copy

Box-folder 6:6

The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, archive copy of audio cassette

Box-folder 2:43-46

Carolyn Gage

Box-folder 2:43

Miscellaneous writing

Box-folder 2:44

Theatre Productions

Box-folder 2:45

"Radical Propositions" - draft

Box-folder 2:46

Other plays - not published in HerBooks collection

Box-folder 3:1-15, 5

A Transported Life: Memories of Kindertransport: The Oral History of Thea Eden, edited by Irene Reti and Valerie Jean Chase

Box-folder 3:1


Box-folder 3:2

Oral history - transcript

Box-folder 3:3


Box-folder 3:4


Box-folder 3:5

Galley proofs

Box-folder 3:6


Box-folder 3:7


Box-folder 3:8

Donation letters

Box-folder 3:9

Archive copy

Box-folder 3:10-12


Box-folder 3:10


Box-folder 3:11

Kindertransport Association of America (KTA)- information & newsletter "Kinderlink", 1995-2001

Box-folder 3:12

Reunion of Kindertransport (ROK) -- Great Britain

Box-folder 3:13-14

Jewish Lesbian Daughters of Holocaust Survivors

Box-folder 3:13

Organization information

Box-folder 3:14

Chosen of the Chosen

Box-folder 3:15

Correspondence with women who didn't know they were Jewish until adulthood.

Box 5

A Holocaust Family Album (videotape)

Box-folder 3:16

Shards of Memory & other writing by Irene Reti

Box-folder 3:17-22

The Keeper of Memory: A Memoir, by Irene Reti

Box-folder 3:17

Background research notes

Box-folder 3:18

Draft, with comments by Gloria Anzaldua

Box-folder 3:19

Draft, with comments by Lori Klein

Box-folder 3:20

Draft, with comments by Barbara Wilson

Box-folder 3:21

Draft, with comments by Jeanne Freebody

Box-folder 3:22

Reviews & Archive copy

Box-folder 3:23-25

Women runners : stories of transformation, edited by Irene Reti and Bettianne Shoney Sien

Box-folder 3:23

Manuscript, pt.1

Box-folder 3:24

Manuscript, pt.2

Box-folder 3:25


Box-folder 3:26-32


Box-folder 3:26

Gloris Anzaldua

Box-folder 3:27

Ellen Bass

Box-folder 3:28

Roz Spafford

Box-folder 3:29

Lesbian community of Santa Cruz

Box-folder 3:30

Celeste West

Box-folder 3:31

Irene Zahava

Box-folder 3:32-33

Irene Reti

Box-folder 3:32

Cottages at Hedgebrook Residency

Box-folder 3:33

Norcroft Residency