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Guide to the Hulda Hoover McLean papers 1953-1965 (Bulk 1956-1963)
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Subject Files, 1956-1963

Physical Description: 4 cartons, 1 document box

4.5 linear ft.

Scope and Content Note


Subject files follow an alphabetic donor order. Correspondence is arranged in a chronological order.

Advertising Committee:

Box-folder 1:1

Correspondence, reports, 1956, 1959-1961

Box-folder 1:2

Scrapbook pages, 1957-1958

Box-folder 1:3

Newspaper clippings, advertisements, & articles on Santa Cruz County, 1957-1962


Printed tourist guides:

Box-folder 1:4

California Mission Trail: Vacation Guide. California Mission Trails Assoc., 1961

Box-folder 1:4

Santa Cruz County Where Californians Live, Work and Play. Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, n.d.

Box-folder 1:4

Black & white photos (5) of Santa Cruz highway signs and a billboard, 1960



Box-folder 1:5

Correspondence, 1957-1962

Box-folder 1:6

Script for Soil Bank Plan Program with corrections, Mar 1957



Box-folder 1:7

Annual Report: County of Santa Cruz. Agricultural Commissioner, 1956-1961.

Box-folder 1:8

Annual Report: Agricultural Extension, University of California in Santa Cruz County, 1956-1959.

Box-folder 1:9

California Farm Reporter. California Farm Research and Legislative Committee. v.22:3, Mar 1961.


Air Pollution: (see also Davenport)

Box-folder 1:10

Correspondence, 1958-1961

Box-folder 1:11

Minutes, memoranda, 1963

Box-folder 1:12

Rules, regulations, resolutions, 1959-1969

Box-folder 1:13

Reports on air pollution and air monitoring, 1957, 1959-1960

Box-folder 1:14

Report and relating documents to Dust Study in Community of Davenport. State of California Department of Public Health, Bureau of Sanitary Engineering, 1955.

Box-folder 1:15

APCD Report. Los Angeles County Air Pollution Control District, 1960

Box-folder 1:15

Newspaper clippings, 1959-1961



Box-folder 1:16

Correspondence, 1956-1961

Box-folder 1:17

Reports, memoranda, etc., 1949-1962

Box-folder 1:18

Handbook for County Boards of Equalization. County Supervisors Assoc. of California, Jun 1960.

Box-folder 1:19

Newspaper clippings, 1958-1962

Box-folder 1:20

Attorney General, State: Correspondence, Apr-May 1960



Box-folder 1:21

Correspondence, proposals, reports1957-1962



Box-folder 1:22

Report on Examination of Accounts. County of Santa Cruz. Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., Jun 1960.

Box-folder 1:23

Report of Examination. County of Santa Cruz. Hood & Strong, Jun 1959.

Box-folder 6:1

Aptos Sanitation District: Reports, memorandum, 1962 [legal size]


Board of Supervisors:

Box-folder 1:24

Correspondence, 1957-1964

Box-folder 6:2

Agenda [legal size], 1963



Box-folder 1:25

Jan-Jun 1958, Dec 1958

Box-folder 1:26


Box-folder 1:27

Proceedings, Dec 1957

Box-folder 1:28

Reports, proposals & misc. administrative records, 1957-1963

Box-folder 1:29

Administrative Rules. County of Santa Cruz, 1959-1960.



Box-folder 1:30

Departmental Monthly Activity Report, Santa Cruz County. County Administrative Office, May 1961

Box-folder 1:30

The Board of Supervisors Annual Report of Santa Cruz County. O'Reilley, Richard C., 1959.

Box-folder 1:31

Your County Government. Hulda Hoover McLean. Jan 1963.

Box-folder 1:32

Newspaper clippings, 1957-1962

Box-folder 6:3

Notes [legal size], 1957


Bonny Doon:

Box-folder 1:33

Correspondence, 1958-1962

Box-folder 1:34

Minutes, questionnaire results, reports, 1958-1960


Budget & County Financing:

Box-folder 1:35

Proposed revisions to County Budget Law, and newspaper clippings, 1959

Box-folder 1:35

Budget Report to Board of Supervisors. Santa Cruz County Planning Commission, Apr 1961


CAO (County Administrative Officer):

Box-folder 1:36

Correspondence, 1959-1962

Box-folder 1:37

Budget reviews, 1960-1961

Box-folder 1:38

Proposals, and studies, 1960-1961



Box-folder 1:38

Administrative Officers in California Counties: Salaries, Qualifications, & Other Comparative Data. Manza, August G., May 15, 1961.

Box-folder 1:38

Second Report on County Administrative Officer in California with a Proposed County Administrative Officer Ordinance for Santa Cruz County . Manza, August G. Jun. 9, 1961.

Box-folder 1:38

Report on County Administrative Study. Silliman, Francis. Sep. 5, 1961.

Box-folder 1:39

Minutes, & misc. administrative documents, 1958



Box-folder 1:40

Correspondence to Sponsoring Committee & Campaign workers, 1956

Box-folder 1:41

Brochures, flyers, handouts, mailers, business cards (2), notes 1956-1958

Box-folder 1:42

Seaside District Newsletter (Campaign Issues), no. 26, Oct. 20, 1958, and v.5:6, May 1962

Box-folder 1:43

Newspaper clippings, 1956-1959

Box-folder 6:4

Posters (4), a sticker, a box of matches [legal size]


Capital Budget: Building plans & space needs (See also Probation Juvenile Hall)

Box-folder 1:44

Correspondence, 1959-1962

Box-folder 1:45

Administrative documents (estimates, agenda, minutes, proposals), 1959-1962


Reports, unbound:

Box-folder 1:46

Agreement for Financial Consultant Services, County Building Program. County of Santa Cruz. J.B. Hanauer & Co., 1957.

Box-folder 1:46

County Public Buildings Deficiencies in California: Senate Interim Committee on Public Works. Senate of the State of California, 1957.

Box-folder 1:46

Financial Report: County Building Program. County of Santa Cruz. J. B. Hanauer & Co., 1959

Box-folder 1:46

Interim Report: Analysis of Temporary Housing Requirements for County Offices Santa Cruz County. CAO, Jan 24, 1961.

Box-folder 1:46

Report on the Feasibility of the Casa Del Ray as a Consolidated Courthouse. Jan 18, 1960.

Box-folder 1:46

Report on Methods of Financing Construction of a New Juvenile Hall. n.d.

Box-folder 1:46

Report on Site Selection: Santa Cruz Public Library. Darrow, Kermit L. & Lockwook, Francis A., 1959.


Reports, bound:

Box-folder 1:47

Building Needs Study, Santa Cruz County. O'Reilly, Richard C., (2nd ed.), 1960

Box-folder 1:47

Capital Improvement Program. City of Santa Cruz, Planning Department, May 1959.

Box-folder 1:48

Newspaper Clippings, 1957-1962

Box-folder 1:49

Cemetery: A Note, (1 sheet) n.d.

Box-folder 6:5

Certificates: Hononary mention at 15th Centennial St. Patrick's Parade, San Francisco, Mar 1961


Chamber of Commerce - California:

Box-folder 1:50

Correspondence, 1957-1958


Reports, surveys:

Box-folder 1:51

Source of California Maps. Economic Development and Research Department. California State Chamber of Commerce, Jun. 1961

Box-folder 1:51

Population: Unincorporated Communities Over 1,000. Economic Development and Research Department, California State Chamber of Commerce. Jan, 1961.[& revision]

Box-folder 1:51

Economic Survey Series. Research Department. California State Chamber of Commerce. 1962. no.1-11, 16, 18, 20-32.


Chamber of Commerce - Santa Cruz:

Box-folder 1:52

Correspondence, 1957-1959

Box-folder 1:53

Agreements, brochures, 1957-1960



Box-folder 2:1

Correspondence, 1957, 1959-1960

Box-folder 2:2

Minutes, surveys, reports, notes, 1957-1960

Box-folder 2:3

Newspaper clippings, 1959-1962


Civil Service - Salaries:

Box-folder 2:4

Correspondence, 1955, 1958-1962

Box-folder 2:5

Charts, 1956-1961



Box-folder 6:6

County of Santa Cruz Salary Schedule. [legal size]1967.

Box-folder 2:6

Joint Local Salary Survey. County of Santa Cruz and City of Santa Cruz. 1960.

Box-folder 2:6

Salaries and Ranges. Santa Cruz County. Apr 1962.

Box-folder 2:6

Salaries in Santa Cruz County Government. Hulda Hoover McLean. Mar 1957.

Box-folder 2:6

Salary Recommendations. County of Santa Cruz civil Service Commission. May 1965.

Box-folder 2:6

Salary Ordinance, Number 527. County of Santa Cruz. Aug 1958.

Box-folder 2:6

Salary Survey of California Probation Departments. Miller, Francis E., The Department of the Youth Authority. 1959.

Box-folder 2:6

Santa Cruz County Salary Survey. Santa Cruz county Employees Assoc. Feb 1959, Dec 1956.

Box-folder 6:6

Santa Cruz County Salary Survey. 1959.

Box-folder 6:6

Santa Cruz County Salary Survey, Part 1-2, Addendum, . Mar 1960.


Civil Service Commission:

Box-folder 2:7

Correspondence, 1956-1960

Box-folder 2:8

Proposals, reports, newspaper clippings, notes, 1957-1961

Box-folder 2:9

County Government salary and classification data, 1962

Box-folder 2:10

Annual Reports, Personnel Rules, Medical Standard booklet, 1955-1957, 1961-1962


Ordinances & rules:

Box-folder 2:11

Civil Service Commission Rules. County of Ventura. n.d.

Box-folder 2:11

Civil Service Rules. County of Sacramento, Jul 1955.

Box-folder 2:11

Civil Service Law and Rules. County of Alameda. 1959.


Committee on County Government Organization [legal size]:


Departmental background information, articles:

Box-folder 6:7

"Can Local Government Be Saved?" Miller, James Nathan. The Reader's Digest. May 1967. p. 140-145

Box-folder 6:7

Selected Background Notes on County Government. Wilson, Don. Jan 1967.

Box-folder 6:7

"The Planning Fiasco in California". Belser, Karl. [article, unknown source]



Box-folder 6:7

County Government Meets the Future. Jan 1967.

Box-folder 6:9

Santa Cruz County Government: The Year Ahead. Committee on County Government Organization. 1967, 1968

Box-folder 6:7

Some Recent Comments by Grand Juries on Efficiency in Santa Cruz County Government. 1961.

Box-folder 6:10

Staff Report to the Committee on County Government Organization. Dawson, John E et all. Sep 1967.

Box-folder 6:8

Survey: Administrative Survey. J. H. Jamison Service. 1951.



Box-folder 2:12



Pamphlet, articles:

Box-folder 2:12

How to Combat Communism: A Guide for Study and Action. Reissig, Herman F. Council for Christian Social Action United Church of Christ. n.d.

Box-folder 2:12

Terrible "1313". Hindman, Jo. The American Mercury. Jan 1959.



Box-folder 2:13

Fish & Game etc. (see also Recreation): Correspondence, minutes, pamphlets, 1959-1962


Litter, Billboards, Scenery:

Box-folder 2:14

Correspondence, 1957-1962


Brochures, articles, newspaper clippings, 1959-1961

Box-folder 2:14

Farm Bureau News. Watsonville. May 1961. v.9:2.

Box-folder 2:14

"Let's Keep Billboards Off Our New Highways!" Harvey, Holman. A Reader's Digest (reprint), 1958.

Box-folder 2:14

Litter Laws: Project Guide No. 3. State and Community Activities Section, Keep America Beautiful Inc., NY. n.d.

Box-folder 2:14

The Modern Freeway and Billboards. California Roadside Council. n.d.



Box-folder 2:15

Correspondence, 1958-1962


Audit reports, a booklet:

Box-folder 2:15

Administrative Survey. Coroner & Public Administrator's Office. Nov 1959.

Box-folder 2:15

Audit Report of the Office of the Coroner & Public Administrator. Kriz, George S. Oct 1959-Dec 1960.

Box-folder 2:15

Audit Report of the Office of the Coroner & Public Administrator. Oct 1958- Sep 1959.

Box-folder 2:15

Cash Audit of the Office of the Coroner & Public Administrator. Kriz, George S. Jun 1961.

Box-folder 2:15

Regulations and Laws Pertaining to The Coroner's Division. Santa Cruz County Sheriff-Coroner's Office. [booklet]

Box-folder 2:16

Correspondence, 1957-1964


Courthouse & bond issues:

Box-folder 2:17

Correspondence, 1957, 1959

Box-folder 2:18

Minutes, proposals, maps, surveys, 1957-1960 (bulk 1959)

Box-folder 2:18

County Offices Report: Committee for Protection of Persons & Property. Hulda Hoover McLean. Mar 1957.

Box-folder 2:19

Newspaper clippings, 1957-1959

Box-folder 6:11

Procedural outline for Amended Asessments [legal size], prepared by Kirkbribe, Wilson, Harzfeld & Wallace Jun 1961

Box-folder 2:20

District Attorney "D. A.": Correspondence, statements, budget lists, newspaper clippings, 1955-1962


Davenport: (see also Air Pollution)

Box-folder 2:21

Correspondence, 1954-1955, 1958-1962

Box-folder 2:22

Reports, site descriptions and location diagrams, newspaper clippings, 1953, 1959-1961

Box-folder 2:22

Report on the Davenport Water Works, Santa Cruz County Water Works District No. 1. L. Cedric Macabee, Aug 1953.


"Destructive": (See also Juvenile Hall)

Box-folder 2:23

Correspondence, 1958-1962

Box-folder 2:24

Newspaper clippings sent to Hulda McLean, 1958-1961

Box-folder 2:25

Flyers, pamphlets, minutes etc.,

Box-folder 2:27

Gifts: Correspondence & newspaper clippings, 1961-1962

Box-folder 2:28

Claim forms & itemized lists, 1957-1962


Economic Opportunity Act:

Box-folder 2:29

Agenda, minutes, reports, handouts, 1964-1967


Pamphlets, a journal:

Box-folder 2:30

Design for Community Action. U.S. Department of Labor. Bulletin 248. 1962.

Box-folder 2:30

Community Action Program Guide: Instructions for Applicants. Vol. 1. Office of Economic Opportunity. Feb 1965.


Farm Bureau:

Box-folder 2:31

Correspondence, & related papers, 1962-1965


Grand Jury: Reports & comments

Box-folder 2:32

Comments on 1957 Gran Jury. Hulda McLean. 1958. [annotated]

Box-folder 2:32

Comments and report on 1961 Grand Jury.

Box-folder 2:32

Interim Report: Flood Control & Water Conservation Committee. 1961.

Box-folder 2:32

Report to the Santa Cruz County Grand Jury from the County Board of Public Welfare. Oct 1958.



Box-folder 2:33

Correspondence, 1957-1963

Box-folder 2:34

Minutes, agenda, statistics, notes, 1958-1964



Box-folder 2:34

Annual Report of the Santa Cruz County Hospital for Fiscal Year 1962-1963. Doeltz, Doloris. Sep 1963.

Box-folder 2:34

A Report on The Santa Cruz County Hospital to the Board of Supervisors of Santa Cruz. Ad Hoc Consulting Committee of the California Medical Assoc. Feb 1962.


Manuals & Booklets

Box-folder 2:35

Guiding Principles for Physician-Hospital Relationships. California Medical Assoc. 1960.

Box-folder 2:35

Hospital Licensing Act and Requirements. State of California Department of Public Health. Jan 1962.

Box-folder 2:35

Manual of Accounting Procedure Patients' Trust Fund Santa Cruz County Hospital. Kriz, George S. n.d.

Box-folder 2:35

Standards for Hospital Accreditation. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. Jan 1957.

Box-folder 2:36

Robinson, Harvey E (Dr.): Correspondence, reports, scrapbook pages, 1956-1959



Box-folder 2:37

Correspondence, 1958-1961

Box-folder 2:38

Outline of health benefits, statistics, notes, 1958-1960

Box-folder 6:12

Fire, liability, automobile insurance bids, 1960-1961



Box-folder 6:13

Analysis of Metropolitan Fire Protection Authority Act. Bodle and Fogel, Los Angeles. n.d. [legal size]

Box-folder 2:38

Report of County Insurance & Bond Coverage. Kriz, George S. Apr 1958.

Box-folder 6:13

Report on Fire Protection Survey. Gum, Lester H. (State Forest Ranger) May 1960. [legal size]




Radio scripts for "County Report":

Box-folder 3:1

Mar-Jun 1958

Box-folder 3:2

Jul-Sep 1958

Box-folder 3:3

Oct-Dec 1958


Radio scripts for "Your County Government Report":

Box-folder 3:4

Jan-Mar 1959

Box-folder 3:5

Apr-Jun 1959

Box-folder 3:6

Jul-Sep 1959

Box-folder 3:7

Oct-Dec 1959


Radio scripts for "Your County Government in Action":

Box-folder 3:8

Broadcasts 97-109, Jan-Mar 1960

Box-folder 3:9

Broadcasts 110-122, Apr-Jun 1960

Box-folder 3:10

Broadcasts 123-136, Jul-Sep 1960

Box-folder 3:11

Broadcasts 137-149, Oct-Dec 1960

Box-folder 3:12

Broadcasts 150-181, Jan-Jul 1961

Box-folder 2:13

Broadcasts 183-200, 1962



Box-folder 3:14

Correspondence, 1957-1960

Box-folder 3:15

Agenda, reports, statistics, notes, 1958-1961



Box-folder 6:14

Boards, Commission & Committees [legal size]

Box-folder 3:16

Printed rosters, 1958-1964


Included are Rotary Club Watsonville/Santa Cruz; Lions Club; list of polling places and election officers (1958); State Assemblymen; Endorsement lists.
Box-folder 3:17

Mailing & organization lists, 1959-1962

Box-folder 3:18

Locatelli: Statements, notes, 1961-1962

Box-folder 3:19

Notes, n.d.


Newspaper clippings:

Box-folder 3:20

Publicity on Mrs. McLean's campaign & public service, 1956, 1958-1965

Box-folder 3:21

Annotated scrapbook pages, 1959

Box-folder 3:22



Newsletter, "Seaside District Newsletter":

Box-folder 3:23

Typescrips to Hulda McLean's weekly column, 1957-1959

Box-folder 3:24

Newspaper clippings of Hulda McLean's weekly column, 1959-1963


Printed in Santa Cruz Sentinel & Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau News



Penny Press: (incomplete runs)

Box-folder 3:25

v.21:1-22:16, Jul 7, 1960-Jun 5, 1961

Box-folder 3:26

v.19:2-20:25, Jul 11, 1959-Jun 30, 1960

Box-folder 3:27

v.14:4-18:26, Sep 14, 1957-Jun 27, 1959

Box-folder 3:28

Frontier Gazette: 1959-1961

Box-folder 3:29

Nudists: Correspondence, May 1, 1958


From Stan Sohler, a chairman of Special WSA Beach Committee (a single sheet)
Box-folder 3:30

McHugh, Thomas L (Editor of Penny Press): Correspondence & copy of Penny Press v.14:4, Sept-Oct 1957


Probation: (see also Youth & Welfare (ANC))

Box-folder 4:1

Memos, minutes, etc., 1961-1962


Reports, pamphlets, a journal:

Box-folder 4:2

Audit Report of the Probation Department for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1962. Auditor-Controller Santa Cruz County. 1963.

Box-folder 4:2

Audit Report: Probation Department & Juvenile Hall for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1961. Kriz, George S. , Auditor-Controller Santa Cruz County. 1961.

Box-folder 4:2

California Youth Authority Quarterly. Department of the Youth Authority. Fall 1962. v.15:3.

Box-folder 4:2

Cow Catchers Don't Catch Cows!: Guide to Youth-Adult Co-operation. Department of the Youth Authority. Feb 1960.

Box-folder 4:2

Report of Examination of Accounts and Records of Probation Department and Juvenile Hall Santa Cruz. Kriz, George S., Auditor-Controller Santa Cruz County. 1960.

Box-folder 4:2

Survey Report of Santa Cruz County Probation Department. Department of the Youth Authority. Aug 1958.


Juvenile Hall: (see also Capital Budget)

Box-folder 4:3

Correspondence (see also "Destructive- Correspondence"), 1960-1962

Box-folder 4:4

Budget, working papers, 1957-1962


Reports, proposals, studies, 1957, 1959-1962

Box-folder 4:5

An Administrative and Personnel Study of the Juvenile Hall. County Probation Officer, Personnel Officer and County Administrative Officer. Nov 1960.

Box-folder 4:5

Juvenile Hall: a report. McLean, Hulda. Sep 1962. [annotated]

Box-folder 4:5

Proposals to Finance county Buildings. Hane, E. W. (County Administrative Officer). May 1962.

Box-folder 4:5

Report of Enrollment Statistics of the Juvenile Hall School from Jul 1958-Jun 1962. Lien, Norman S. Office of Education, County of Santa Cruz. Oct 1962.

Box-folder 4:5

1958 Probation Committee Report. Mansfield, Albert G. (Probation Committee Chairman). Jan 1959.

Box-folder 4:6

Site Study and Cost Estimate Packet by Warren C. T. Wong, AIA Architects & Engineers (includes some correspondence), 1962

Box-folder 4:7

Photographs: Black & White exterior and interior shots of the Juvenile Hall, (5) 8x11, [1962]

Box-folder 4:8

Newspaper clippings, 1960-1963

Box-folder 4:9

Purchasing: Correspondence, working papers (ordinance, charts), 1959-1962


Recreation: (see also Conservation)

Box-folder 4:10

Correspondence, reports, memos

Box-folder 4:10

California Public Outdoor Recreation Plan is Under Way. California Public Outdoor Recreation Plan Committee. Mar 1958.


Sheriff - Jail:

Box-folder 4:11

Correspondence, memos, 1957-1962


Reports, surveys:

Box-folder 4:11

Guide to Community Relations for Peace Officers. Brown, Edmund G. State of California, Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Law and Enforcement. Mar 1958.

Box-folder 4:11

Statistical Report. Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office. 1957.

Box-folder 4:12

Edwards, Andrew F.: Correspondence on Work Furlough Program in Santa Cruz County, 1959-1960


Includes an attached report and article on the topic.
Box-folder 4:13

Silliman, Francis: Green Valley Road Estate papers, 1960


Social Welfare:


Boarding & Nursing Homes:

Box-folder 4:14

Correspondence, 1957-1962

Box-folder 4:15

Reports, memos, forms, notes, 1958


Ordinances on Boarding & Foster Homes:

Box-folder 4:16

Correspondence, 1958, 1960-1962

Box-folder 4:17

Minutes, notes, 1961-1963


Foster Homes:

Box-folder 4:18

Correspondence, forms, list of licensed homes, 1959-1962

Box-folder 4:19

Speeches: Typescripts & handouts, 1959-1961


Testimonial Dinner:

Box-folder 4:20

Congratulation correspondence & telegrams, Nov 1962-Feb 1963

Box-folder 4:21

Invitation lists & guestbook pages, Dec 1962


U.C. Site Committee:

Box-folder 4:22

Correspondence, 1958-1961


Reports, proposals, agreements, environmental plan, publicity:

Box-folder 4:22

Environmental Plan: Discussion Outline University of California. Williams, Sydeny (A. I. P.). Jul 1962

Box-folder 4:22

Facts about Proposed Cowell Site in Santa Cruz for South Central California Coast Section Campus. UC Campus Committee of the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce and the County of Santa Cruz Committee. 1958.

Box-folder 4:23

Bound supplements 1-4 to report University of California Campus at Santa Cruz, 1961

Box-folder 4:24

Veterans: Correspondence, activity reports, newspaper clippings, 1958-1962



Box-folder 4:25

California Community Councils: Correspondence, minutes, agenda, 1963


California Council on Children and Youth (CCCY):

Box-folder 4:26-28

Correspondence: 1961-1963

Box-folder 4:29

Minutes, member lists, 1963



Box-folder 4:29

Children Count. Gunterman, Emma E. 1962. (Report on Grindley Summer Program)

Box-folder 4:29

Summer School Program. Gunterman, Emma E. 1963 (Report on college conducted classes)

Box-folder 4:30

Minutes, agenda, misc. papers, 1962


CCCY Conference agenda, notes, handouts, reports:

Box-folder 4:31

Oct 15-17, 1965

Box-folder 4:32

Oct 1961

Box-folder 4:33

Roster of Organizations affiliated with the CCCY. Stark , Heman G. Department of Youth Authority. Oct 1963.

Box-folder 4:34

Newsletter, The Bulletin, Mar 1962-Sep 1963


Boys Club, Center, Delinquency Prevention Activities:

Box-folder 4:35

Correspondence, 1960-1962

Box-folder 4:36

Agenda, minute, report, invitation list, notes, 1961-1962

Box-folder 4:37

Brochures, booklets, publicity, 1960-1962


Governors Advisory Committee:

Box-folder 4:38

Minutes, 1963


Brochures, booklets:

Box-folder 4:38

California Fact Book on Children and Youth. The Governor's Advisory Committee on Children and Youth. Aug 1959.

Box-folder 4:38

The California Story. The Governor's Advisory Committee on Children and Youth. Jan 1960.

Box-folder 4:38

Meeting the Needs of California's Young People. The Governor's Advisory Committee on Children and Youth. 1960-1961.


Supervisors' Advisory Council (SACY)

Box-folder 4:39

Correspondence, 1960-1962

Box-folder 4:40

Memos, notes1961-1963



Box-folder 4:40

Report on Volunteer Social Welfare Agencies & Foster Homes. Litchfield, Juanitta & Snyder, Alzora. Sep 1963.

Box-folder 4:40

Weaknesses in the Aid to Needy Children Program in California. McLean, Hulda. Apr 1961.

Box-folder 4:40

Youth Employment Opportunities and Needs in Santa Cruz County (Survey). McLean, Hulda. Jun 1961.



Box-folder 4:40

14 Points for Delinquency Prevention. Brown, Edmund G. State of California.1961.

Box-folder 4:40

21 Ways to Prevent Delinquency. Brown, Edmund G. State of California. 1963.

Box-folder 4:40

Employment of Youth in Agriculture. Department of Education, Employment, Industrial Relations. 1964.


White House Conference on Children & Youth:

Box-folder 4:41

Correspondence, 1959-1961

Box-folder 4:41

Conference material, notes, newspaper clippings, 1959-1960


Reports, Publications:

Box-folder 4:42

Lasting Values in a Changing World. Santa Cruz County Report to the 1960 White House Conference. Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. Oct 1959.

Box-folder 4:42

Recommendations: Composite Report of Forum Findings. 1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth. 1960.

Box-folder 4:42

The States Report on Children and Youth. 1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth. 1960.

Box-folder 4:42

1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth: Migratory Labor Children. McLean, Hulda. Apr 1960.

Box-folder 4:42

1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth: Report and Evaluation. McLean, Hulda. Apr & May 1960 (1st & 2nd printings)


Studies & a survey:

Box-folder 4:43

A Study of the Aid to Needy Children Program in Santa Cruz County. (1st & 2nd ed.) McLean, Hulda. Aug 1960.

Box-folder 4:43

Youth Survey. Santa Cruz County Youth Committee 1956-1958.


Bound Material, 1956-1963

Physical Description: 1 carton

1 linear ft.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains bound editions of government books, manuals, reports, studies, and booklets that were separated from the subject files. A special interest within this grouping are Mrs. McLean's two annotated copies of the report " Your County Government" written in 1963.


The material is organized in alphabetic order by title.

Books, Manuals:

Box 5

County Government in America. Duncombe, Herbert Sydney. National Association of Counties. Washington D.C. 1966.

Box 5

Modernizing Local Government to Secure a Balanced Federalism. Research and Policy Committee for Economic Development. Jul 1966.

Box 5

Personnel Manual for Municipalities. Buechner, John C. Graduate School Institute of Governmental Research. Florida State University . Tallahassee. 1960.

Box 5

The Republican Clubwoman's Leadership Manual. National Federation of Republican Women. Service Committee on Republican Education , Washington D. C. [1962.]

Box 5

Bound reports & studies:

Box 5

1961 Legislative Problems No.5: County Supervisorial Districting in California. Hall, Stuart C. Bureau of Public Administration, UC Berkeley. Feb 1961. [report]

Box 5

Elements of Position Classification in Local Government. Byers, Kenneth. et all. Civil Service Assembly. 1955.

Box 5

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