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Guide to the Clark Moustakas Collection, 1951-1985

Collection number: HPA Mss 26

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Clark Moustakas Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1951-1985
Collection Number: HPA Mss 26
Creator: Moustakas, Clark E.
Extent: .6 linear feet (2 boxes)
Repository: University of California, Santa Barbara. Library. Department of Special Collections
Santa Barbara, California 93106-9010
Physical Location: Del Norte
Abstract: Collection consists of two boxes of article reprints as collected by Clark Moustakas, humanistic psychotherapist.
Language: English.

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Clark Moustakas Collection. HPA Mss 26. Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Clark Moustakas, 1987.


From Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Summer 1985:
Clark Moustakas is President of the Center for Humanistic Studies. He continues his interest in child and family therapy and is engaged in developing new approaches in psychotherapy, utilizing relationship therapy, phenomenology, and heuristics as conceptual and methodological foundations. Out of diverse personal-professional experiences, he has written a series of books, including Loneliness, Loneliness and Love, Portraits of Loneliness and Love, The Touch of Loneliness, Finding Yourself--Finding Others, and his most recent publication, Rhythms, Rituals and Relationships.

Scope and Content of Collection

Collection consists of two boxes of article reprints as collected by Clark Moustakas.

Collection Contents

Box 1: 1

Ansbacher, Heinz L. "Love and Violence in the View of Adler", ca. 1965

Box 1: 2

Assagioli, Roberto. "Dynamic Psychology and Psychosynthesis", ca. 1958

Box 1: 3

Bettelheim, Bruno. "Joey: A 'Mechanical Boy'" Scientific American, March, 1959

Box 1: 4

Branden, Nathaniel. "An Informal Discussion of Biocentric Therapy", 1973

Box 1: 5

Bugental, James F.T. Selected Papers., 1963 - 1968

Abstract: [[bulk; Winter 1963, March1966, Summer 1968]]
Box 1: 6

Chance, Marian. Selected Writings, n.d.

Box 1: 7

Chenault, John. "The Education of the Phony Counselor.", n.d.

Box 1: 8

Combs, Arthur W., and Daniel W. Soper. "The Self, Its Derivate Terms, and Research", 1957

Box 1: 9

Curran, Charles A. "Counseling, Psychotherapy, and the Unified Person", 1962

Box 1: 10

Dinkmeyer, Don. "Elementary School Guidance and the Classroom Teacher", n.d.

Box 1: 11

Donn, Halbert L. and Mort Gilbert. "Public Health Begins in the Family.", 1956

Box 1: 12

Dorfman, Elaine. "Personality Outcomes of Client-Centered Child Therapy", 1958

Box 1: 13

Douglas, Bruce; Moustakas, Clark. "Heuristic Inquiry, the Internal Search to Know." Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Summer, 1985

Box 1: 14

Dunn, Halbert L. "High-Level Wellness for Man and Society," April 16, 1958

Box 1: 15

Ewald, Carl. "My Little Boy.", n.d.

Box 1: 16

Foote, Nelson N. "Family Learning As Play", 1955

Box 1: 17

Frank, Lawrence. Selected Writings, n.d.

Box 1: 18

Frick, William B. Selected Writings, n.d.

Box 1: 19

Greenway, Robert. "Eupsychia -- The Good Society", 1961

Box 1: 20

Greenway, Robert. "Abraham Maslow with Taylor Thomas: 'Eupsychia - the Good Society'," August, 1960

Box 1: 21

Gwendlin, Gene and Mary Hendricks. "Changes - RAP Manual.", n.d.

Box 1: 22

Harding, D.W. "Values In An Industrial Society", 1956

Box 1: 23

Harman, Willis W. "The Issue of the Consciousness-Expanding Drugs," October, 1963

Box 1: 24

Hartman, Robert S. "Value, Fact and Science", 1956

Box 1: 25

Hartman, Robert S. "Value Theory As A Formal System", 1959

Box 1: 26

Henry, Jules. "Attitude Organization in Elementary School Classrooms", n.d.

Box 1: 27

Hobart, Thomas F. "Toward a Rationale and Model for Basic Education," etc., n.d.

Box 1: 28

Jourard, Sidney M. "Healthy Personality and Self-Disclosure.", 1958

Box 1: 29

Jourard, Sidney M. "Notes on the 'Qualification of Wellness'," October 16, 1958

Box 1: 30

Jourard, Sidney M. "Being with Others Versus Manipulationg Others," "Some Lethal Aspects of the Male Role.", 1961 - 1962

Box 1: 31

Kelley, Earl C. "Another Look At Individualism", 1962

Box 1: 32

Kelley, Earl C. "The Teaching of Controversial Issues / The Significance of Being Unique.", n.d.

Box 1: 33

Kelman, Harold. "Kairos' And The Theraputic Process", n.d.

Box 1: 34

Kelman, Harold. Selected Writings, n.d.

Box 1: 35

Lee, Dorothy. Selected Writings, n.d.

Box 2: 1

Maslow, Abraham. Selected Writings., n.d.

Box 2: 2

Mooney, Ross. "A Preliminary Listing of Indices of Creative Behavior," September 24, 1953

Box 2: 3

Mooney, Ross L. "Creative Integration," October 15, 1966

Box 2: 4

Mooney, Ross L. "Creative Writing.", 1963

Box 2: 5

Mooney, Ross L. "Pressures on the Young," June 5, 1966

Box 2: 6

Mooney, Ross L. "Preliminary Introduction.", 1961

Box 2: 7

Mooney, Ross L. "Problems in the Development of Research Men.", 1951

Box 2: 8

Mooney, Ross L. "On Significance in Significant." Experiences.", 1954

Box 2: 9

Mooney, Ross L. "Toward a Realization of the Elementary Conditions of Existence," January 7, 1957

Box 2: 10

Moustakas, Clark. "Research in Play Therapy.", n.d.

Box 2: 11

Moustakas, Clark. "The Significance of Individual Creativity for Psychotherapy.", 1957

Box 2: 12

Moustakas, Clark. "Two Essays on Loneliness: One to Self: the Battle to Be; Being Alone and Being Lonely," May, 1973

Box 2: 13

Moustakas, Clark. "Sex and the Self.", n.d.

Box 2: 14

Moustakas, Clark. "Humanistic or Humanism.", 1985

Box 2: 15

Moustakas, Clark. "Creative Relationship Therapy.", n.d.

Box 2: 16

Moustakas, Clark. "Alienation, Education, and Existential Life.", n.d.

Box 2: 17

Moustakas, Clark. "The Burden of Sensitivity and Compassion in the Onset of a Brain Seizure," January, 1964

Box 2: 18

Murphy, Gardner. "The Enigma of Human Nature.", 1956

Box 2: 19

Progoff, Ian. "The Integral Growth of Persons.", 1967

Box 2: 20

Rogers, Carl R. "Persons or Science? A Philosophical Question.", n.d.

Box 2: 21

Rogers, Carl R. "Dealing with Psychological Tensions.", 1963

Box 2: 22

Rogers, Carl R. "On No Longer Being Ashamed of America.", n.d.

Box 2: 23

Rogers, Carl R. "Some Thoughts Regarding the Current Presuppositions of the Behavioral Sciences.", n.d.

Box 2: 24

Spielberg, Herbert. "On the 'I-Am-Me' Experience in Childhood and Adolescence", n.d.

Box 2: 25

Stevens, Barry Fox. "Journey Into Myself.", n.d.

Box 2: 26

Szasz, Thomas S. Selected Articles., n.d.

Box 2: 27

Van Kaam, Adrian L. "Significant Learning and Evaluating the Atmosphere," etc., n.d.

Box 2: 28

Thomas, Hobart F. "Assumptions in Psychology", 1958

Box 2: 29

von Bertalanffy, Ludwig. "General System Theory as Integrating Function in Contemporary Science and in Philosophy.", n.d.

Box 2: 30

Waterman, Louva and Eugene Alexander. "An Approach to Academic Difficulties Through Interpersonal Relations", 1966

Box 2: 31

Weiss-Rosmarin, Trude. "Adler's Psychology and the Jewish Tradition", 1958

Box 2: 32

Weisskopf-Joelson, Edith. "The Present Crisis in Psychotherapy", 1968

Box 2: 33

Wheels, Allen. "Will and Psychoanalysis", 1956

Box 2: 34

Wilson, Francesca. "The Child As Artist", n.d.

Box 2: 35

Winthrop, Henry. "A Humanistic Psychology is Born", n.d.

Box 2: 36

Wright, Harry W. "Psychotherpy As a Living Relationship: Clark E. Moustakas: An Overview.", n.d.