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Finding Aid to the Yoshiko Uchida photograph collection circa 1902-1991
BANC PIC 1986.059--PIC  
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[Pre Camp]


[My father (left) with 2 college friends. Kyoto, Japan, about 1902.] [From Desert Exile] Banc Pic 1986.059:1--PIC


D.T. Uchida, Mr. Fukuda, Pastor, Misao Kondo. Hawaii 1903. Banc Pic 1986.059:2--PIC


On eve of D's departure for Hawaii. Classmates. Kyoto, 1903. [From Desert Exile.] Banc Pic 1986.059:3--PIC


[New photo for page 8. Caption should read:] My father (standing), with his classmates, on the eve of his departure for Hawaii. 1903. Banc Pic 1986.059:3--PIC copy 2


Hawaii. Japanese language school. D.T. Uchida on right. 1903-'06. Banc Pic 1986.059:4--PIC


Lihue in 1903. Banc Pic 1986.059:5--PIC


Rev. Mitsutaro Tsuji, adult in back. D.T. Uchida, 2nd row, extreme left, in straw hat. 1906. Japanese Lang[uage] School children, or Sunday School? Banc Pic 1986.059:6--PIC


Hawaii. D.T. Uchida, the center in the third row. 1903-06. Banc Pic 1986.059:7--PIC


Hawaii Japanese School. D.T. Uchida, adult on right, wearing plaid cap. 1903-06. Banc Pic 1986.059:8--PIC


D.T. Uchida in Hawaii. 1903-1905. Banc Pic 1986.059:9--PIC


Portland Ore[gon]. Far left, D.T. Uchida. 1906? Banc Pic 1986.059:10--PIC


D.T. Uchida, far left. 1906? Banc Pic 1986.059:11--PIC


[verso with Japanese writing] Banc Pic 1986.059:11--PIC


D.T. Uchida's departure for U.S. Hawaii school children sending him off. 1906? Banc Pic 1986.059:12--PIC


Dwight's mother with woman Banc Pic 1986.059:13--PIC


Young Dwight Uchida graduation Banc Pic 1986.059:14--PIC


Young Dwight Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:15--PIC


Furuya Store, Portland. 1916? Banc Pic 1986.059:16--PIC


Interior of Furuya store, Portland, Ore. in 1916? Where D.T.U. worked as mgr. Banc Pic 1986.059:17--PIC


Furuya store. 1916? D.T.U. 2nd from right. Banc Pic 1986.059:18--PIC


Iku, right. 1916-1917 Banc Pic 1986.059:19--PIC


1916 Banc Pic 1986.059:20--PIC


Dwight and Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:21--PIC


1916-1917 Banc Pic 1986.059:22--PIC


[verso. Japanese writing.] Banc Pic 1986.059:22--PIC


Dwight, Iku. 1916-1917 Banc Pic 1986.059:23--PIC


Dwight, Iku [left] 1916-1917 Banc Pic 1986.059:24--PIC


Iku, right. 1916-1917 Banc Pic 1986.059:25--PIC


Iku, right back. 1916 Banc Pic 1986.059:26--PIC


Iku, left. 1916-1917 Banc Pic 1986.059:27--PIC


Iku, left. 1916-1917 Banc Pic 1986.059:28--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:29--PIC


Dwight's mother. Banc Pic 1986.059:30--PIC


Dwight's mother. Banc Pic 1986.059:31--PIC


Dwight's family. May 1920 Banc Pic 1986.059:32--PIC


[verso] Banc Pic 1986:059:32--PIC


Dr. Kagawa and Grandma Banc Pic 1986:059:33--PIC


Iku and Dwight Banc Pic 1986:059:34--PIC


Family friends Banc Pic 1986:059:35--PIC


Yoshiko as baby with Iku Banc Pic 1986:059:36--PIC


Iku, center. 1921 Banc Pic 1986:059:37--PIC


Yoshiko -- far right (3 yrs), Momma [?] behind her. Keiko -- far right 97 yrs) Banc Pic 1986:059:38--PIC


K & Y, window seat. [Taken in Berkeley.] [CNEGS available.] Banc Pic 1986:059:39--PIC


Yoshiko Uchida, is 3 yrs. Sister Keiko is 7 yrs. old. Banc Pic 1986:059:39--PIC copy 2


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:40--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:41--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:42--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:43--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:44--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:45--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:46--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:47--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:48--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:49--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:50--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:51--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:52--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:53--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:54--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:55--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:56--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:57--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:58--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:59--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:60--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:61--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:62--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:63--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:64--PIC


Keiko (is 7) & Yoshiko (is 4 or 5 yrs.) unhappy at church -- Mom, far left, Dad far right. in 1925? Uchida family: Dwight, Iku, Keiko, Yoshiko. Banc Pic 1986.059:65--PIC


[Not used.] [CNEG available.] Banc Pic 1986.059:66--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:67--PIC


Mom's poem. Keiko & Yoshi. [CNEG available.] Banc Pic 1986.059:68--PIC


K & Y. Mom's poem. Yoshiko & Keiko. Banc Pic 1986.059:69--PIC


Yoshiko, Keiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:70--PIC


Yoshiko & Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:71--PIC


Yoshiko & Keiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:72--PIC


Keiko & Yoshiko w/ friends Banc Pic 1986.059:73--PIC


Keiko (standing). Yoshiko (seated) Banc Pic 1986.059:74--PIC


Keiko & Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:75--PIC


Yoshiko, Keiko, et al. Banc Pic 1986.059:76--PIC


At big C. Oct. 6, 1929. Yoshiko (front), Iku (behind w/dark hat) Banc Pic 1986.059:77--PIC


Iku, Yoshiko, Keiko, & friend Banc Pic 1986.059:78--PIC


Keiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:79--PIC


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:80--PIC


[possibles] Banc Pic 1986.059:81--PIC


[possibles] Banc Pic 1986.059:82--PIC


[NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:83--PIC


Keiko & Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:84--PIC


[Our house on Stuart Street where we lived until our forced removal.] Keiko, Yoshiko at Stuart St. House Banc Pic 1986.059:84--PIC copy 2


Keiko & Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:85--PIC


Keiko & Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:86--PIC


photo for p. 33, Desert Exile. [The congregation and Sunday School of the Japanese Independent Congregational Church of Oakland, about 1928.] Banc Pic 1986.059:87--PIC


Yoshiko & Keiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:88--PIC


[not used] Banc Pic 1986.059:89--PIC


Yoshiko, Keiko,and cousins Banc Pic 1986.059:90--PIC


[verso] Banc Pic 1986.059:90--PIC


[not used] Banc Pic 1986.059:91--PIC


[possibles] Banc Pic 1986.059:92--PIC


[possibles] Banc Pic 1986.059:93--PIC


Yoshiko, Keiko, et al. Banc Pic 1986.059:94--PIC


[From Invisible Thread. Having a good time with our neighbors. Left to right: Solveig, Yoshiko, Marian, Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:95--PIC


Uchida Family Banc Pic 1986.059:96--PIC


Invisible Thread. [My sister (waving) and I (bending), on a picnic with an uncle and a cousin in Japan. my uncle Minorv ] [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:97--PIC


Crossing the Mississippi river, train in bags. Banc Pic 1986.059:98--PIC


[possibles] Banc Pic 1986.059:99--PIC


Yoshiko (2nd left) age 10, with parents, Grandmother & older sister. [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:100--PIC


Yoshiko (2nd left) age 10, with parents, Grandmother & older sister. [NEG available] [copy 2] Banc Pic 1986.059:100--PIC copy 2


Yoshiko (2nd left) age 10, with parents, Grandmother & older sister. [NEG available] [copy 3] Banc Pic 1986.059:100--PIC copy 3


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:101--PIC


Keiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:102--PIC


Yoshiko w/friends Banc Pic 1986.059:103--PIC


Toki, Yoshi and Brownie, August 1931 Banc Pic 1986.059:104--PIC


Yoshiko and Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:105--PIC


Keiko & Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:106--PIC


Yoshiko, Keiko, Iku Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:107--PIC


Yoshiko, Iku Banc Pic 1986.059:108--PIC


Dwight & Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:109--PIC


Daddy & Brownie, Nov., 1931. Dwight w/dog. Banc Pic 1986.059:110--PIC


Yoshiko. Nov., 1931 Banc Pic 1986.059:111--PIC


[possibles] Banc Pic 1986.059:112--PIC


Keiko & Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:113--PIC


Dwight, Yoshiko, Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:114--PIC


Keiko, Yoshiko, & friends Banc Pic 1986.059:115--PIC


Keiko, Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:116--PIC


Yoshiko on left. In L.A. with cousins, 1931? Banc Pic 1986.059:117--PIC


Keiko, Yoshiko, and friends Banc Pic 1986.059:118--PIC


[NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:119--PIC


Miss Jenny Wolfard, my 6th grade teacher at Longfellow. 1932 Banc Pic 1986.059:120--PIC


Dwight & Keiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:121--PIC


Left to right: Iku, Yoshiko, Keiko, & Dwight Banc Pic 1986.059:122--PIC


cousin Banc Pic 1986.059:123--PIC


Neighbor Banc Pic 1986.059:124--PIC


[For autobiography] Banc Pic 1986.059:125--PIC


[skipped #] Banc Pic 1986.059:126


[Neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:127


Dwight, Iku, Keiko, Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:128--PIC


Uchida Family w/Kumais. 1932? Banc Pic 1986.059:129--PIC


Keiko and Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:130--PIC


Keiko and Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:130--PIC copy 2


Keiko and Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:131--PIC


Japan, 1934 Banc Pic 1986.059:132--PIC


Uchidas in Japan Banc Pic 1986.059:133--PIC


Japan trip, 1934. Banc Pic 1986.059:134--PIC


[not used] Banc Pic 1986.059:135--PIC


Uchida's shipboard Banc Pic 1986.059:136--PIC


Desert Exile Publication. Uchida Family, shipboard. [Our family with my grandmother on the day we sailed for a visit to Japan. Next to my mother is her close friend (second from left) who came to see us off.] Banc Pic 1986.059:137--PIC


[verso] Banc Pic 1986.059:137--PIC


for autobiography. Keiko & Yoshiko in Japan Banc Pic 1986.059:138--PIC


Uchida Family Banc Pic 1986.059:139--PIC


Three women Banc Pic 1986.059:140--PIC


Yoshiko Uchida, age 11, [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:141--PIC


Yoshiko Uchida, age 11 Banc Pic 1986.059:141--PIC copy 2


Yoshiko Uchida, age 11; [postcard] Banc Pic 1986.059:141--PIC copy 3


[postcard verso] Banc Pic 1986.059:141--PIC copy 3


Yoshiko Uchida, age 11 Banc Pic 1986.059:141--PIC copy 4


[slide] [Ruby Shoes Studio. 4-20-92] [Yoshiko, age 11.] Banc Pic 1986.059:141--PIC copy 5


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:142--PIC


Dwight & Mother Banc Pic 1986.059:143--PIC


Desert Exile Publ. [Keiko and I with Laddie, whom we had to leave behind when we went to camp.] Keiko and Yoshiko. Banc Pic 1986.059:144--PIC


Yoshiko and Iku Banc Pic 1986.059:145--PIC


Iku, Yoshiko, Keiko, & family friends Banc Pic 1986.059:146--PIC


Dwight, Keiko, Yoshiko, Iku Banc Pic 1986.059:147--PIC


Keiko, Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:148--PIC


Keiko and Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:149--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:150--PIC


Yoshiko and Iku Banc Pic 1986.059:151--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:152--PIC


Uchida group photo Banc Pic 1986.059:153--PIC


Dwight and Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:154--PIC


Dwight and Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:155--PIC


Keiko and Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:156--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:157--PIC


Yoshiko & Grandma. [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:158--PIC


Dwight, Yoshiko, Iku Banc Pic 1986.059:159--PIC


Uchida children Banc Pic 1986.059:160--PIC


Iku (far), Yoshiko (to right) Banc Pic 1986.059:161--PIC


School photo Banc Pic 1986.059:162--PIC


Iku, Yoshiko, Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:163--PIC


Dwight, Iku & Keiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:164--PIC


Keiko, Iku, Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:165--PIC


Dwight Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:166--PIC


Keiko, Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:167--PIC


Dwight (center) Banc Pic 1986.059:168--PIC


Uchida family Banc Pic 1986.059:169--PIC


Yoshiko, Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:170--PIC


[these numbers in another section] Banc Pic 1986.059:171-181--PIC


Iku at Stuart St. House Banc Pic 1986.059:182--PIC


Iku Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:183--PIC


Yoshiko and Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:184--PIC


Iku, Keiko, Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:185--PIC


Yoshiko & Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:186--PIC


Keiko, Yoshiko Uchida Banc Pic 1986.059:187--PIC


Yoshiko (front) Banc Pic 1986.059:188--PIC


Family dog Banc Pic 1986.059:189--PIC


Yoshiko, Keiko [My sister and I with Laddie on our back porch.] [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:190--PIC


Yoshiko and Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:191--PIC


Keiko, Iku, Dwight Banc Pic 1986.059:192--PIC


Uchida family Banc Pic 1986.059:193--PIC


Uchida family Banc Pic 1986.059:194--PIC


Uchida family Banc Pic 1986.059:194--PIC copy 2


[not used. High school graduation.] [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:195--PIC


Yoshiko second from left Banc Pic 1986.059:196--PIC


Yoshi & Keiko Banc Pic 1986.059:197--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:198--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:198--PIC copy 2


Uchida family. 1938. Banc Pic 1986.059:199--PIC


Yoshiko et al in Japan Banc Pic 1986.059:200--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:201--PIC


Neighbors. Sept. 1942 Banc Pic 1986.059:202--PIC


[Banquet dinner] Banc Pic 1986.059:179--B


Banquet given in honor of Admiral Zengo Yoshida, Officers and Cadets of Japanese Training Squadron. July 11, 1936, Palace Hotel, San Francisco, U. S. A. Morton Photo. 5274 Banc Pic 1986.059:180--B


Dinner tendered in honor of their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Takamamtsu by Japanese Society of America. May 27, 1931. Fairmont Hotel - San Francisco. Morton Photo. Banc Pic 1986.059:181--B




Celebration by members of Mitsui & Co., San Francisco, November 11, 1918 on occasion of signing the armistice between the allies and Germany. Banc Pic 1986.059:171--B


D. T. Uchida -- 2nd row, far left. Mitsui & Co., San Francisco, 1917 (?). Banc Pic 1986.059:172--B


D. T. U., 2nd from right. Mitsui gp? 1929-30? N. Shijo, D. Takashima, S. Miyajima, D.T. Uchida, C.L. Maclead. Banc Pic 1986.059:173--B


S.F. Mitsui & Co. office group. DTU far right. Farewell party for Mrs. Kobayashi. May 13, 1935 at Mark Hopkins Hotel. Banc Pic 1986.059:174--B


Mitsui & Co. S.F. 1930? Photo by Morton & Co. Banc Pic 1986.059:175--B


Dinner given by Mitsui & Co., LTD. San Francisco in honor of Mr. Y. Nagashima. Fairmont Hotel -- Jan. 5, 1920. Photo by Morton & Co. 653 Banc Pic 1986.059:176--B


Mitsui & Co. Ltd. Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco. April 17, 1926. Walter A. Scott, Photo. Banc Pic 1986.059:177--B


Left to Right. Messrs: J. Clark, G. Yoshida, R. Ishii, M. Hasegawa, M. Fujimoto, K. Kishi, T. Itoh, K. Fukemoto -- Abe -- Ide K. Seki, T. Mizuno, R. senasac, R. Hoshino, K. Miyazaki, S. Umibe, D.T. Uchida, N. Kitade,T. Okumura, M. Ross. Misses: H. Tatton, G.H. Anker, B. Greves, H. Murphy, H. Kriete, K. Shephard, P. Loupy, M. Espedahl, T. Ijima, G. Mazza. Banc Pic 1986.059:178--B




Heart Mt. camp. 1943 Banc Pic 1986.059:203--PIC


7 - 2 - C Topaz, Utah, '43. Banc Pic 1986.059:204--PIC


7 - 2 - C Topaz, Utah, '43. Banc Pic 1986.059:204--PIC copy 2


[postcard] [Our concentration camp in Topaz, Utah. The barbed wire fence and guard towers are not visible.] [On verso:] Dec 16, 1944. Mr. and Mrs. Uchida. Our life's memory. Topaz city Utah. Looking down frm 1/2 million gl water tank (Daily usage of amount 150,000 gls.) Height 130 ft. R. Kasai. [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:205--PIC


[postcard] Banc Pic 1986.059:205--PIC copy 2


Topaz Banc Pic 1986.059:206--PIC


Group photo in front of barracks Banc Pic 1986.059:207--PIC


Group photo in front of barracks Banc Pic 1986.059:208--PIC


Group photo in front of barracks Banc Pic 1986.059:209--PIC


July 1943. Coop office workers. Banc Pic 1986.059:210--PIC


1943 camp hall Banc Pic 1986.059:211--PIC


Kiyo Omura, Tomoyaki Yokomizo, Roy Ebihara, Yukio Shimomura, Saburo Kami, Yoshinobu Hiro, Willie Ozawa, June Morita, Yoko Itashiki, Suzuye Murai, Aiko Sano, Keiko Saito, Ayako Nagai, Hisako Oku. Third Grade. Topaz Elementary School. July, 1943. Banc Pic 1986.059:212--PIC


[verso] Banc Pic 1986.059:212--PIC


1943 Banc Pic 1986.059:213--PIC


Mrs. Yoshizawa. Fujinkai. Topaz, Utah. 1945? Banc Pic 1986.059:214--PIC


To Yoshi -- taken June 15 -- 1943. [My sister (far right) and I, with our parents, on the day of our departure for the outside world. Topaz, 1943.] [CNEGS available.] Banc Pic 1986.059:215--PIC


"Family, Topaz." Yoshiko Uchida. Topaz, June '43. Banc Pic 1986.059:215--PIC copy 2


"Family, Topaz." Yoshiko Uchida. Topaz, June '43. Banc Pic 1986.059:215--PIC copy 3


"Family, Topaz." Yoshiko Uchida. Topaz, June '43. Banc Pic 1986.059:215--PIC copy 4


"Family, Topaz." Yoshiko Uchida. Topaz, June '43. Banc Pic 1986.059:215--PIC copy 5


[Group picture] Banc Pic 1986.059:216--PIC


[Relocation (Heart Mountain)]


1944 Banc Pic 1986.059:217--PIC


Ht Mt '44 Banc Pic 1986.059:218--PIC


Ht Mt '44 Banc Pic 1986.059:219--PIC


Ht Mt '44 Banc Pic 1986.059:220--PIC


[Group in front of mural] Banc Pic 1986.059:221--PIC


[mural] Banc Pic 1986.059:222--PIC


[mural] Banc Pic 1986.059:223--PIC


[mural] Banc Pic 1986.059:224--PIC


[Relocation (Smith College)]


[not used] Banc Pic 1986.059:225--PIC


Mt. Holyoke. Feb. 6, 1944. Banc Pic 1986.059:226--PIC


Smith College Banc Pic 1986.059:227--PIC


[From Invisible Thread] Smith College. 5-16-44 Banc Pic 1986.059:228--PIC


Here are the 3 M. Ed's. The sign was put there to indicate where we were to line up for the procession into the bldg. where we had the grad exercises. Left to right -- Bodil Jorgensen -- Danish student -- me -- Ruth T .. [illegible] -- P.E. major. Both swell girls. Banc Pic 1986.059:229--PIC


[Post Camp]


[Desert Exile publ.] Keiko, Iku, Yoshiko, Dwight Banc Pic 1986.059:230--PIC


[From Invisible Thread] [Our family in happier days after WWII.] Oakland, Calif., July 1948. Banc Pic 1986.059:230--PIC copy 2


[skipped#] Banc Pic 1986.059:231


Yoshiko in Japan Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC


Yoshiko in Japan [copy 2] Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC copy 2


Yoshiko in Japan [copy 3] Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC copy 3


Yoshiko in Japan [copy 4] Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC copy 4


Yoshiko in Japan [copy 5] Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC copy 5


Yoshiko in Japan [copy 6] Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC copy 6


Yoshiko in Japan [copy 7] Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC copy 7


Yoshiko in Japan [copy 8] Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC copy 8


Yoshiko in Japan [copy 9] Banc Pic 1986.059:232--PIC copy 9


L. A. 1950 Banc Pic 1986.059:233--PIC


Paris, summer 1951. Overlooking the Seine from a bridge near the Left Bank. Banc Pic 1986.059:234--PIC


Coming down from upper deck. SS. Europa. 6-19-51 Banc Pic 1986.059:235--PIC


Ready to go! SS Europa. June 19, 1951 Banc Pic 1986.059:236--PIC


9/27/52. 2 Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:237--PIC


[for autobiography] Yoshiko in Japan Banc Pic 1986.059:238--PIC


[for autobiography] Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:239--PIC


In Agabe -- This is Sumi -- Chan. (Kawagita's youngest child) who was so cute -- saying "Onei cheen asondotte-ya" as she climbed up to pick some wild flowers. This was taken by elder Kawagita's home. Banc Pic 1986.059:240--PIC


Japan '53 Banc Pic 1986.059:241--PIC


Dr. Soetsu Yanagi & Y.U. at the Mingei-kan, Tokyo, Sept. 19, 1954 Banc Pic 1986.059:242--PIC


[Early pub photos] May 1957 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:243--PIC


[early publicity] Banc Pic 1986.059:244--PIC


[early publicity] Banc Pic 1986.059:245--PIC


D.T. Uchida receiving or giving up flag? Banc Pic 1986.059:246--PIC


Dwight Uchida. "D's" photos. Banc Pic 1986.059:247--PIC


Dwight Uchida. "D's" photos. [copy 2] Banc Pic 1986.059:247--PIC copy 2


Dwight Uchida. "D's" photos. [copy 3 ] Banc Pic 1986.059:247--PIC copy 3


Dwight Uchida. "D's" photos. [copy 4] Banc Pic 1986.059:247--PIC copy 4


Iku Uchida. G DTU Banc Pic 1986.059:248--PIC


Sycamore Congregational Church. El Cerrito, Calif. November 22, 1964. Banc Pic 1986.059:249--PIC


Funeral of early church member (Mr. Sasaki?) Prob about 1918. Rev. Hukaga -- (bearded man behind coffin). Yosibi Toga standing extreme left. [illegible] Hoyakawa, D.T. Uchida -- rear row. Banc Pic 1986.059:250--PIC


Yu 8th from right, 3rd row. 75th anniversary, 1904-1979. Sycamore Congregational Church. The Rev. Warren Lee, Interim pastor. Banc Pic 1986.059:251--PIC


Jan. 1961. [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:252--PIC


[83/3 from Atheneum] [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:253--PIC


Minichi [?] Shinbum. 6/67 Banc Pic 1986.059:254--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:255--PIC


2/22/75. At the Book Place. Banc Pic 1986.059:256--PIC


2/22/75 Banc Pic 1986.059:257--PIC


Sacramento, May 1975 Banc Pic 1986.059:258--PIC


5/75 Banc Pic 1986.059:259--PIC


5/75 Banc Pic 1986.059:260--PIC


2/75 Banc Pic 1986.059:261--PIC


9/30/77 Banc Pic 1986.059:262--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:263--PIC


[proofsheet. 24 negs (strip)] 2/16/79 John Gorman, Gorman Productions, S. F. Examiner, 641 Golden Gate Ave., S.F., 94102 Banc Pic 1986.059:264--PIC


John Gorman photo. 1979 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:265--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:266--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:266--PIC copy 2


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:267--PIC


4/80 Banc Pic 1986.059:268--PIC


4/80 Banc Pic 1986.059:268--PIC copy 2


credit: George Fry Banc Pic 1986.059:269--PIC


[NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:270--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271a--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271b--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271c--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271d--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271e--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271f--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271g--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271h--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271i--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271j--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:271k--PIC


Sherman, Texas. 3/29/84 Banc Pic 1986.059:272--PIC


Book signing, Sherman Texas Library. 3/29/84 Banc Pic 1986.059:273--PIC


Mark Ryland [?] 12/83 Banc Pic 1986.059:274--PIC


[illegible] field School, Sherman, Texas. 3/27/84 Banc Pic 1986.059:275--PIC


[NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:276--PIC


[NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:277--PIC


1984 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:278--PIC


1984 [NEG available] [copy 2] Banc Pic 1986.059:278--PIC copy 2


1984. [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:279--PIC


1984. [NEG available] [copy 2] Banc Pic 1986.059:279--PIC copy 2


1984 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:280--PIC


1984 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:281--PIC


1984 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:282--PIC


1984 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:283--PIC


1984 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:284--PIC


1984 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:285--PIC


1984 [NEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:286--PIC


Yoshiko Uchida. Aug '86 [NEG available][B&W copy print] [copy 2] Banc Pic 1986.059:287--PIC


Yoshiko Uchida. Aug '86 [NEG available][B&W copy print] [copy 2] Banc Pic 1986.059:287--PIC copy 2


[children] Banc Pic 1986.059:288--PIC


[children] Banc Pic 1986.059:289--PIC


Cherie Wong portrayers [sic] you in Joaquin Miller's annual Herstory Parade -- (I wonder when she notices she had the wrong spelling on her cake!) I have a video of her portrayal which I would like to share with you some time. - Mai Cox. Locates [sic] in Montclair section of Oakland. (Elementary) part of Oakland Public Schools. Banc Pic 1986.059:290--PIC


[proof only] Banc Pic 1986.059:291--PIC


[proof sheet. Have negs] Banc Pic 1986.059:292--PIC


[proof sheet] Banc Pic 1986.059:292--PIC copy 2


[Neg available.] Banc Pic 1986.059:293--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:293a--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:293b--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:293c--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:293d--PIC


[neg only] Banc Pic 1986.059:293e--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:294--PIC


[CNEG available] Banc Pic 1986.059:295--PIC


Yoshiko Banc Pic 1986.059:296--PIC


11/9/91 Banc Pic 1986.059:297--PIC


1991 Banc Pic 1986.059:298--PIC




National Women's Hall of Fame Banc Pic 1986.059:299--PIC


[From Invisible Thread] [A page from my first diary -- a farewell to Brownie.] My first brown wrapping-paper book. Banc Pic 1986.059:300--PIC


[From Invisible Thread] [My first brown wrapping paper book.] A page from my first diary. Banc Pic 1986.059:301--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:302--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:393--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:304--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:305--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:306--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:307--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:308--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:309--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:310--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:311--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:312--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:313--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:314--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:315--PIC


[copy slide] Banc Pic 1986.059:316--PIC

box 1, volume 1

[Volume 1: Europe Album] July 19, 1951 BANC PIC 1986.059:Volume 1-ALB

box 1, volume 2

[Volume 2: Hawaii and Japan] BANC PIC 1986.059: Volume 2-ALB

box 1, volume 3

[Volume 3: Samurai of Gold Hill exhibition photographs and more] BANC PIC 1986.059:Volume 3-ALB

box 2, volume 4, folder 1

[Volume 4: Photographs from disbound album] BANC PIC 1986.059:Volume 4-ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 130 photographic prints
box 2, volume 5, folder 1

[Volume 5: Photographs from disbound album] BANC PIC 1986.059:Volume 5-ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 68 photographic prints
box 2, volume 6, folder 1-4

[Volume 6: Photographs from disbound album] BANC PIC 1986.059:Volume 6-ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 309 photographic prints