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Inventory of the New Religious Movements Organizations: Vertical Files Collection, ca. 1955-1998
GTU 99-8-1  
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Series 1:  Organization Files, 1960-2000

Physical Description: Boxes 1-41

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes such materials as correspondence, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, events flyers, promotional material, newsclippings, or research papers. Each file varies as to the included amount, type, and dates of material. Files may include a very few items, or be more extensive. No file is comprehensive for any organization. Files do not include internal organization records (i.e., administrative files, financial records, legal documents, etc.)


Boxes 1-41 are arranged alphabetically by organization name.
Box-folder  1:1

3HO Foundation

Box-folder  1:2-3

3HO Foundation (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  1:4

Abbey of Thelema

Box-folder  1:5

Abiblical Society

Box-folder  1:6

Abode of the Message

Box-folder  1:7

Academy of Religion and Psychical Research

Box-folder  1:8

Academy of Spiritual Science

Box-folder  1:9

Acts 17

Box-folder  1:10


Box-folder  1:11


Box-folder  1:12

Adventure Trails

Box-folder  1:13

Adventures in Attitudes

Box-folder  1:14

Advisory Council to the Unification Movement International

Box-folder  1:15

Aetherius Society

Box-folder  1:16-17

Ajapa Yoga Society (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  1:18

Allan Watts Society for Comparative Philosophy

Box-folder  1:19

Albuquerque Zen Center

Box-folder  1:20-21

Altheia Psycho-Physical Foundation

Box-folder  1:22

Alive Fellowship of Harmonious Living

Box-folder  1:23

Alive Polarity

Box-folder  1:24

Alliance for the Preservation of Religious Liberties

Box-folder  1:25

American Buddhist Association (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  1:26

American Buddhist Center (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  1:27

American Buddhist Movement

Box-folder  1:28

American Buddhist Order (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  1:29

American Buddhist Society and Fellowship (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  1:30

American Family Foundation

Box-folder  1:31

American Order: Brotherhood of the Wicca (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  1:32

American Saint Hill Organization

Box-folder  1:33

American Sanskrit Institute

Box-folder  1:34

American Society for Continuous Education

Box-folder  1:35

American Sri Lanka Buddhist Association

Box-folder  1:36

American Vegan Society (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  1:37

American Zen Association

Box-folder  1:38

American Zen College

Box-folder  1:39

Americans Preserving Religious Liberty

Box-folder  1:40

Ananda Ashram

Box-folder  1:41

Ananda Ashram

Box-folder  1:42-45

Ananda Cooperative Village

Box-folder  2:1-8

Ananda Cooperative Village (Noffke)

Box-folder  2:9

Ananda Marga Yoga Society (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  2:10-11

Ananda Marga Yoga Society (Piepkorn)(Noffke)

Box-folder  2:12-21

Ananda Rajneesh Meditation Center

Box-folder  2:22

Ancient Arts

Box-folder  2:23

Angel, The

Box-folder  2:24-25

Anthroposophical Society of America

Box-folder  3:1

Aquarian Age Yoga Center

Box-folder  3:2

Aquarian Anti-Defamation League, Inc.

Box-folder  3:3

Aquarian Brotherhood of Christ

Box-folder  3:4

Aquarian Cosmic Colour Fellowship

Box-folder  3:5

Aquarian Educational Group

Box-folder  3:6

Aquarian Fellowship Church

Box-folder  3:7

Aquarian Foundation

Box-folder  3:8

Aquarian Minyan (Noffke)

Box-folder  3:9

Aquarian Research Fellowship

Box-folder  3:10

Aquarian Tabernacle Church

Box-folder  3:11-14

Arcana Workshops

Box-folder  3:15-18

Arica Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder  3:19

Ark of Jesus

Box-folder  3:20

Aro Gar

Box-folder  3:21

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam

Box-folder  3:22

Arunachala Ashrama

Box-folder  3:23

Arya Samaj of Southern California

Box-folder  3:24

Asatru Folk Assembly

Box-folder  3:25

Ascended Master Fellowship (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  3:26

Assembly of YHWH Hoshua

Box-folder  3:27-31

Association for Humanistic Psychology

Box-folder  3:32

Association for the Development of Human Potential

Box-folder  4:1

Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.

Box-folder  4:2-6

Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (Noffke)

Box-folder  4:7

Association for the Understanding of Man

Box-folder  4:8

Association of Churches of the Tolerants

Box-folder  4:9

Association of Cymmry Wicca

Box-folder  4:10

Association of the Temple of Sananda Sanat Kumara

Box-folder  4:11

Association Pour la Defense de la Famille et de l'Individu (ADFI)

Box-folder  4:12-16

Astara (Piepkorn)(Noffke)

Box-folder  4:17

Astro Consciousness Institute for Self-Enlightenment and Peace

Box-folder  4:18


Box-folder  4:19

Aum Center, Baltimore

Box-folder  4:20

Aum Esoteric Study Center

Box-folder  4:21

Aum Temple of Universal Truth

Box-folder  4:22


Box-folder  4:23

Advahut, The

Box-folder  4:24

Avalon Isle

Box-folder  4:25-29

Avatar Meher Baba Center

Box-folder  5:1-2

Awakened Brotherhood Church

Box-folder  5:3

Baca Grande

Box-folder  5:4


Box-folder  5:5

Baptiste Spiritual Techniques

Box-folder  5:6

Barah: Creative Center for American Judaism

Box-folder  5:7

Bawa Muhainaddeen (Noffke)

Box-folder  5:8

Beech Hill Pond Meditation Center

Box-folder  5:9-11

9 - 11. Bear Tribe (Noffke)

Box-folder  5:12

Bay Area Interfaith Council (Noffke)

Box-folder  5:13

Berkeley Christian Coalition

Box-folder  5:14

Berkeley Psychic Institute

Box-folder  5:15

Berkeley Zen Center

Box-folder  5:16

Beshera (Noffke)

Box-folder  5:17

Bhaktivedanta Fellowship and Institute

Box-folder  5:18

Black Brotherhood, The

Box-folder  5:19

Blessed Be

Box-folder  5:20


Box-folder  5:21-22

Blue Mountain Zen Center (Noffke)

Box-folder  5:23

B'nai or Religious Fellowship

Box-folder  5:24

B'nai Yeshua

Box-folder  5:25


Box-folder  5:26

Bodhi Mandala Zen Center

Box-folder  5:27

Bodhi Sala: The Order of Maitreyans

Box-folder  5:28

Bodhi Tree Dharma Center

Box-folder  5:29-30

Boston Research Center for the 21st Century

Box-folder  5:31

Boulder Fellowship Foundation

Box-folder  6:1

Brahma Kumaris

Box-folder  6:2

Brahma Kumaris

Box-folder  6:3

Brotherhood of Eternal Love

Box-folder  6:4

Brotherhood of the Followers of the Present Jesus (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:5

Brotherhood of Peace and Tranquility

Box-folder  6:6

Brotherhood of the Pleroma (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:7

Brotherhood of the Source

Box-folder  6:8

Brotherhood of the Spirit (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:9

Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:10

Brothers of Divine Order (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:11

Buddha Dendo

Box-folder  6:12

Buddha's Universal Church (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:13

Buddha's Light International Association (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:14

Buddha's Light International Association

Box-folder  6:15

Buddhist Aids Project

Box-folder  6:16

Buddhist Association of the United States of America (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:17

Buddhists Concerned for Animals

Box-folder  6:18

Buddhist Dharma Center

Box-folder  6:19

Buddhist Fellowship of New York (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:20

Buddhist Order of Shingaku (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:21

Buddhist Peace Fellowship (Noffke)

Box-folder  6:22

Buddhist Study Group (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:23

Buddhist World Philosophy Group (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:24

Builders of the Adytum, Inc. (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:25

California Diamond Sangha

Box-folder  6:26-27

California Institute of Asian Studies (Noffke)

Box-folder  6:28

California Vipassana House

Box-folder  6:29

Cambridge Buddhist Association (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  6:30

Cambridge Zen Center

Box-folder  6:31

Campsight Coven

Box-folder  6:32

Castalia Foundation

Box-folder  6:33-34

Cauldrons and Broomsticks

Box-folder  6:35

Caveat Emptor

Box-folder  6:36

Center for Esoteric Studies

Box-folder  6:37

Center for Higher Consciousness

Box-folder  6:38

Center for Psychological Revolution

Box-folder  6:39-43

Center for Spiritual Awareness (Noffke)

Box-folder  7:1

Center for Torah Enlightenment

Box-folder  7:2

Center for Vedic Studies

Box-folder  7:3

Chagdud Gonpa

Box-folder  7:4

Chakpori-Ling Foundation

Box-folder  7:5

Chalice Guild, The

Box-folder  7:6

Ch'an Meditation Center

Box-folder  7:7


Box-folder  7:8

Chapel Hill Zen Group

Box-folder  7:9

Charlotte Selver Foundation

Box-folder  7:10

Chesterfield Seminary

Box-folder  7:11

Chicago Koyasan Buddhist Church (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  7:12

Children of God (Piepkorn)

Box-folder  7:13

Children of God

Box-folder  7:14

Chinmaya Mission San Jose

Box-folder  7:15-19

Chinmaya Mission West

Box-folder  7:20-21

Chinook Learning Center

Box-folder  7:22

Christ Brotherhood

Box-folder  7:23

Christ Family

Box-folder  7:24

Christian Destiny, Inc.

Box-folder  7:25

Christananda Yoga Ashram (Noffke)

Box-folder  7:26

Christian Foundation

Box-folder  7:27

Christian Research Institute

Box-folder  7:28

Christward Ministry

Box-folder  7:29

Christian Groups Responding to New Religious Movements

Box-folder  7:30

Christian Ministry to Cults

Box-folder  7:31

Church and School of Wicca

Box-folder  7:32-33

Church of All Worlds

Box-folder 8:1

Church of Amron (Noffke)

Box-folder 8:2

Church of Basic Truth (First Hunan)

Box-folder 8:3

Church of Christ Consciousness

Box-folder 8:4

Church of Divine Knowledge

Box-folder 8:5

Church of Essential Science

Box-folder 8:6

Church of Hakeem (Noffke)

Box-folder 8:7

Church of Humanity (Noffke)

Box-folder 8:8

Church of Infinite Spirit

Box-folder 8:9-11

Church of Light (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 8:12

Church of Loving Hands

Box-folder 8:13

Church of Metaphysical Christianity (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 8:14

Church of Metaphysical Sciences and Research

Box-folder 8:15

Church of Naturalism

Box-folder 8:16-18

[There are no file folders]

Box-folder 8:19

Church of Seven Arrows

Box-folder 8:20

Church of Spiritual Freedom

Box-folder 8:21

Church of Spiritual Technology

Box-folder 8:22

Church of Subgenius

Box-folder 8:23

Church of the Eternal Source

Box-folder 8:24

Church of the Hermetic Sciences (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 8:25

Church of the Living Christ: Order of Melchizedek

Box-folder 8:26

Church of the Tree of Life (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 8:27

Church of the Truth

Box-folder 8:28

Church of the Transition

Box-folder 8:29

Church of Ultimate Reality

Box-folder 8:30

Church of the Universal Brotherhood

Box-folder 8:31

Church of Wicca of Bakersfield

Box-folder 8:32-33

Church of World Messianity (Noffke)

Box-folder 8:34

Church Universal and Triumphant (Noffke)

Box-folder 8:35

Circle (Noffke)

Box-folder 8:36

Circle of Evolution

Box-folder 8:37

Circle of Friends

Box-folder 8:38

Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Box-folder 8:39

Citizens Engaged in Freeing Minds

Box-folder 8:40

Citizens Engaged in Reuniting Families, Inc.

Box-folder 8:41

Citizens Organized for Public Awareness of Cults

Box-folder 8:42

Claregate College of Ohio

Box-folder 8:43

Claymount Society for Continuous Education

Box-folder 8:44

Clear Mountain Zen Center

Box-folder 8:45

Collected Consciousness (Noffke)

Box-folder 8:46

College of Thelema

Box-folder 8:47

Coming Age, The

Box-folder 8:48

Committee Engaged in Freeing Minds

Box-folder 8:49

Committee on Religious Cannibis

Box-folder 8:50

Community of Mindful Living

Box-folder 8:51

Concerned Parents

Box-folder 8:52

Coptic Fellowship, The

Box-folder 8:53-54

Cornucopia Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder 8:55

Cosmic Church of Truth

Box-folder 8:56

Cosmic Circle of Fellowship

Box-folder 8:57

Cosmic Joy Fellowship

Box-folder 8:58

Cosmic Light Foundation

Box-folder 8:59

Council on Mind Abuse, Inc.

Box-folder 9:1

Course in Miracles

Box-folder 9:2

Coven, The

Box-folder 9:3

Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta

Box-folder 9:4

Covenant of the Goddess

Box-folder 9:5

Creative Initiative Foundation

Box-folder 9:6

Cult Awareness and Education Committee

Box-folder 9:7

Cultural Educational Research Institute

Box-folder 9:8-9

Cultural Integration Fellowship (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 9:10

Dai Bai Zan Cho Bo Zen Ji

Box-folder 9:11

Dance of the Deer Foundation

Box-folder 9:12-14

Dark Reflections

Box-folder 9:15-16

Dartington Solar Quest

Box-folder 9:17-18

Dawn Horse Communion (Noffke)

Box-folder 9:19

Deep Spring Center

Box-folder 9:20

Deepta Rajneesh Mediation Center

Box-folder 9:21

Desert Henge Coven

Box-folder 9:22

Devi Mandir

Box-folder 9:23

Dhammachakka Meditation Center

Box-folder 9:24

Dharma Centre of Canada

Box-folder 9:25

Dharma Foundation

Box-folder 9:26

Dharma Realm Buddhist Foundation

Box-folder 9:27

Dharma Yoga Essene Christ Temple (Noffke)

Box-folder 9:28-30

Dharmadhatu (Noffke)

Box-folder 9:31

Dharmasara Satsang (Noffke)

Box-folder 9:32

Dhiravamsa Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 9:33

Dhyanyoga Centers, Inc.

Box-folder 9:34-36

Dialogue House (Noffke)

Box-folder 9:37-38

Diamond Sangha (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 9:39


Box-folder 9:40

Dianetic Foundation

Box-folder 10:1

Dimensional Mind Approach

Box-folder 10:2

Divine Connections

Box-folder 10:3

Divine Dynamics

Box-folder 10:4

Divine Life Society

Box-folder 10:5

Divine Light Mission - Humdinger

Box-folder 10:6-7

Divine Light Mission (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 10:8

Divine Light Mission - Articles: Magazine and Pamphlets

Box-folder 10:9-10

Divine Light Mission

Box-folder 10:11-12

Divine Light Mission - Pamphlets

Box-folder 10:13

Divine Light Mission - Divine Times

Box-folder 10:14

Divine Light Mission - Articles

Box-folder 10:15-20

Divine Light Mission - Study of Premies by Foss & Larkin

Box-folder 10:21

Divine Light Mission - Interviews with the Premie Community

Box-folder 10:22

Divine Light Mission - Paul Schwartz thesis

Box-folder 10:23-25

Divine Light Mission

Box-folder 11:1-2

Divine Light Mission - Interviews

Box-folder 11:3

Divine Science of Light and Sound

Box-folder 11:4

Dome Inner Guide Meditation Center

Box-folder 11:5

Dynamic Judaism

Box-folder 11:6

Earth Circle Association

Box-folder 11:7

Earth Rite System

Box-folder 11:8

Earth Tones

Box-folder 11:9

Earth's Order of Melchizekek

Box-folder 11:10


Box-folder 11:11

Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 11:12-15

Eckankar (Noffke)

Box-folder 11:16

Eden West (Noffke)

Box-folder 11:17

Edmucko Formless

Box-folder 11:18

EE Religion

Box-folder 11:19

Eleusinian Brotherhood

Box-folder 11:20

Emin Foundation

Box-folder 11:21-23

Emissaries of Divine Light (Piepkorn)(Noffke)

Box-folder 11:24

Empty Gate Zen Center

Box-folder 11:25

Esalen Institute

Box-folder 11:26

Esoteric Fraternity (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 11:27

Espirtu Institute for Human Potential

Box-folder 11:28

Essene Light Center, Inc.

Box-folder 11:29-33


Box-folder 12:1-3

Est (Noffke)

Box-folder 12:4

Ethopian Zion Coptic Church

Box-folder 12:5

Evangelical Orthodox Church (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 12:6

Ewam Choden

Box-folder 12:7


Box-folder 12:8

Ex - COG

Box-folder 12:9

Ex - Moon

Box-folder 12:10

Ex - NSA

Box-folder 12:11

Ex Unification Members Group

Box-folder 12:12

Faerie Fire

Box-folder 12:13

Falun Dafa

Box-folder 12:14-15

Family Movement, The

Box-folder 12:16

Family of Man, Inc.

Box-folder 12:17-19

Farm, The (Noffke)(Piepkorn)

Box-folder 12:20

Feathered Pipe Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 12:21

Fellowship of Friends

Box-folder 12:22

Fellowship of the Awakening

Box-folder 12:23

Fellowship of Isis

Box-folder 12:24-27

Fellowship of the Inner Light

Box-folder 12:28

Fellowship of the Spiral Path

Box-folder 12:29

Feminist Spiritual Pagan and Wicca - Periodicals

Box-folder 12:30

Feraferia (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 13:1

Fifth Epochal Fellowship

Box-folder 13:2-4

Findhorn Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 13:5

First Church of Business

Box-folder 13:6

First Fellowship of Neo-Pagans

Box-folder 13:7

First Freedom

Box-folder 13:8

First Universalic Church of Immortal Souls

Box-folder 13:9

First Wiccan Church of Minnesota

Box-folder 13:10

First Zen Institute of America, Inc. (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 13:11

Florida Aquarian

Box-folder 13:12

Flowship of Loving Realness and Oneness

Box-folder 13:13

The Foundation, An Hermetic Society

Box-folder 13:14

Foundation Church of Divine Truth

Box-folder 13:15

Foundation for Inner Peace

Box-folder 13:16

Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

Box-folder 13:17

Foundation for Toward the Light

Box-folder 13:18

Foundation of Revelation, Inc.

Box-folder 13:19

Founding Church of Scientology

Box-folder 13:20

Four Directions Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 13:21

Fourth Center of Creative Learning

Box-folder 13:22

Four Winds Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder 13:23

Fraternitas Loki

Box-folder 13:24

Fraternity of Light

Box-folder 13:25

Free Communion Church (Noffke)

Box-folder 13:26

Free Daist Communion

Box-folder 13:27-30

Free Minds, Inc.

Box-folder 13:31

Free Spirit Alliance

Box-folder 13:32

Friends of Vimala Thakar

Box-folder 13:33

Freedom Counseling Center

Box-folder 13:34


Box-folder 14:1

God's Valley

Box-folder 14:2

Gold Key Foundation

Box-folder 14:3

Gold Key Ministry

Box-folder 14:4

Golden Lotus Press

Box-folder 14:5-6


Box-folder 14:7


Box-folder 14:8

Granthi Buddhist Association

Box-folder 14:9

Great Round

Box-folder 14:10

Great Universal White Brotherhood

Box-folder 14:11

Green Gulch Farm

Box-folder 14:12

Grove of the Unicorn

Box-folder 14:13

Gurdjieff Groups

Box-folder 14:14

Gurdjieff Foundation of California

Box-folder 14:15


Box-folder 14:16

Hanuman Fellowship (Noffke)

Box-folder 14:17-19

Hanuman Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 14:20

Harmony Buddhist Mission

Box-folder 14:21

Harmony of Life Fellowship

Box-folder 14:22

Harold Institute

Box-folder 14:23

Hartford Street Zen Center

Box-folder 14:24

Healing Light Center

Box-folder 14:25

Healing Our World

Box-folder 14:26

Healing Tao Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 14:27

Health Awareness Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder 14:28

Heart Consciousness Church

Box-folder 14:29-30

Heartsong (Noffke)

Box-folder 14:31-34

Heaven's Gate

Box-folder 14:35

Heaven's Song

Box-folder 14:36


Box-folder 14:37

Hermetic Order of the Silver Sword

Box-folder 14:38

Hidden Mountain Zen Center

Box-folder 14:39

Heartland Meditation Center

Box-folder 14:40

High Point Foundation

Box-folder 15:1

Himalayan Academy

Box-folder 15:2-6

Himalayan International Institute (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 15:7

Hoffman Quadrinity Center

Box-folder 15:8

Holy Order of Mans (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 15:9

Hohm Community

Box-folder 15:10-12

Holyearth Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 15:13

Home of the Dharma (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 15:14


Box-folder 15:15

Hsi Lai Foundation

Box-folder 15:16

Hiu-Neng Zen Temple

Box-folder 15:17

Hubbard College of Scientology

Box-folder 15:18-19

Human Engineering Inc.

Box-folder 15:20

Human Individual Metamorphosis

Box-folder 15:21


Box-folder 15:22-23

Humanist Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder 15:24

Humanity Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 15:25-26

Huna Research Associates

Box-folder 15:27

Huna International

Box-folder 16:1

I Am Movement (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 16:2


Box-folder 16:3

Immortality House (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 16:4


Box-folder 16:5


Box-folder 16:6

Infinite Way

Box-folder 16:7


Box-folder 16:8

Inner Light Consciousness Institute

Box-folder 16:9-11

Inner Light Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 16:12

Inner Peace Movement (Noffke)

Box-folder 16:13-14

Insight Meditation Society (Noffke)

Box-folder 16:15

Insight Meditation West

Box-folder 16:16-17

Insight Training Seminars (Noffke)

Box-folder 16:18

Inspirational Review

Box-folder 16:19

Institute for Conscious Evolution

Box-folder 16:20

Institute for Synergy in Action

Box-folder 16:21

Institute for Self Development (Noffke)

Box-folder 16:22-24

Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being (Noffke)

Box-folder 16:25

Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution (Noffke)

Box-folder 16:26

Institute for the Study of Consciousness

Box-folder 16:27

Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge (Noffke)

Box-folder 16:28-29

Institute for Yoga Teacher Education

Box-folder 16:30

Institute of Ability (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 16:31

Institute of Contemporary Christianity

Box-folder 16:32

Institute of Cosmic Wisdom (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 16:33

Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research

Box-folder 16:34-35

Institute of Mentalphysics

Box-folder 17:1-2

Institute of Noetic Sciences (Noffke)

Box-folder 17:3

Institute of Psychic Science, Inc.

Box-folder 17:4-8

Integral Yoga Institute (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 17:9

Interfaith Cloister

Box-folder 17:10-11

Intergalactic Lovetrance Civilization Center

Box-folder 17:12

Interior Castle

Box-folder 17:13

International Association of Metaphysicians

Box-folder 17:14

International Association of Religious Science Churches

Box-folder 17:15

International Association of Sufism

Box-folder 17:16

International Babaji Yoga Sangam

Box-folder 17:17

International Biogenic Society

Box-folder 17:18-19

International Buddhist Mediation Center (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 17:20

International Church of Ageless Wisdom

Box-folder 17:21

International Federation for Internal Freedom

Box-folder 17:22

International Community of Christ

Box-folder 17:23-24

International Cooperation Council

Box-folder 17:25

International Foundation for Individual Freedom

Box-folder 17:26

International Freedom Foundation Trust

Box-folder 17:27

International Guild of Occult Sciences

Box-folder 17:28

International Meditation Center

Box-folder 17:29

International Meditation Center USA

Box-folder 17:30

International Mukti Mission

Box-folder 17:31

International Sacred Sites Festival

Box-folder 17:32

International Sivanada Yoga Community

Box-folder 17:33

International School of Yoga and Vedanta Philosophy

Box-folder 17:34-37

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Noffke)(Piepkorn)

Box-folder 18:1-2

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 18:3

International Zen Institute of America

Box-folder 18:4

Iowa City Zen Center

Box-folder 18:5

Ishtar Fellowship School of Creative Arts

Box-folder 18:6

Islamic Society of California

Box-folder 18:7

Islamic Society of Michiana

Box-folder 18:8-9

Jain Ashram

Box-folder 18:10

Jain Meditation International Center

Box-folder 18:11

Jemez Bodhi Mandala

Box-folder 18:12

Jeng Sen Buddhism and Taoism (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 18:13

Jesua ben Josef School of the Heart

Box-folder 18:14

Jesus People of USA

Box-folder 18:15

Jewish Community Relations Council

Box-folder 18:16-17

Jews for Jesus

Box-folder 18:18


Box-folder 18:19

Johannine Daist Communion

Box-folder 18:20

Joy Lake Community (Noffke)

Box-folder 18:21

Kagyu Changchub Chuling

Box-folder 18:22

Kagyu Donga Choling

Box-folder 18:23

Kagyu Droden Kunchab

Box-folder 18:24

Kagyu Dsamling Kunchab

Box-folder 18:25

Kama Kala Foundation

Box-folder 18:26

Kansas Zen Center

Box-folder 18:27

Box-folder 18:28

Kanya Academy of Occult Sciences

Box-folder 18:29

Karma Tengay Ling Center

Box-folder 18:30

Karma Thegsum Cho Ling Center

Box-folder 18:31

Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

Box-folder 18:32


Box-folder 18:33-34

Karme Choling (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 18:35-36

Ken Keyes Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 18:37

Kerista Consciousness Church

Box-folder 18:38

Kerista Village

Box-folder 18:39

Keshavashram International Center (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 18:40

Khanaqah-I Ni'Mat Allahi

Box-folder 18:41

Kirpal Ashram

Box-folder 18:42

Kohoutek Foundation

Box-folder 18:43

Konko Kyo

Box-folder 18:44

Koyasan Buddhist Temple (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 18:45-47

Kripalu Ananda Yoga Ashram (Noffke)

Box-folder 18:48

Kripalu Yoga Retreat (Noffke)

Box-folder 18:49

Kirpalu Yoga Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 18:50

Kripalu Yoga Fellowship

Box-folder 19:1-2

Krishnamurti Foundation of America (Piepkorn) (Noffke)

Box-folder 19:3

Kundalini Research Foundation

Box-folder 19:4

Kundalini Research Institute

Box-folder 19:5

Kunzang Odsal Palyul Changchub Choling

Box-folder 19:6

Kwan Um Zen School

Box-folder 19:7

L - Miscellaneous

Box-folder 19:8


Box-folder 19:9-11

Lama Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 19:12

Lamaist Buddhist Monastery of America (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 19:13

Land House

Box-folder 19:14

Laughing Man Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder 19:15

Law of Life Group

Box-folder 19:16

Lectorium Rosicrucianum

Box-folder 19:17

Legion of the Enlightened

Box-folder 19:18

Life Enhancement Communications (Noffke)

Box-folder 19:19

Life Science Society

Box-folder 19:20-21

Lifespring (Noffke)

Box-folder 19:22

Light Center Cosmic Brotherhood

Box-folder 19:23

Light of the Universe (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 19:24

Light of Truth Church

Box-folder 19:25

Light of Truth Universal Shrine

Box-folder 19:26

Light of Yoga Society

Box-folder 19:27

Lindisfarne Association (Noffke)

Box-folder 19:28

Light on the Bay

Box-folder 19:29-33

Living Love Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 20:1-2

Living Tao Foundation

Box-folder 20:3

Lomi School (Noffke)

Box-folder 20:4

Lorian (Noffke)

Box-folder 20:5

Lorien House

Box-folder 20:6

Los Angeles Sufi Order

Box-folder 20:7

Love Israel Family (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 20:8

Love Our Children, Inc.

Box-folder 20:9

Love Project, The

Box-folder 20:10-14

Lucis Trust

Box-folder 20:15

M - Miscellaneous

Box-folder 20:16

M.A. Center

Box-folder 20:17

Ma Yoga Shakti International Mission

Box-folder 20:18-19

Magnificent Consummation, Inc. (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 20:20

Maha Siddha Nyingmapa Center

Box-folder 20:21-22

Maharishi International University

Box-folder 20:23

Mahikari of America

Box-folder 20:24

Maitreya Institute

Box-folder 20:25

Mandala Society

Box-folder 20:26

Mann Ranch Seminars (Noffke)

Box-folder 20:27-28

Mark-Age Meta Center

Box-folder 20:29

Matava Buddhist Temple

Box-folder 20:30

Matri Satsang

Box-folder 20:31

Mayan Order

Box-folder 20:32-34


Box-folder 21:1

Medicine Wind Productions

Box-folder 21:2

Meditation Center

Box-folder 21:3-5

Meditation Group for the New Age

Box-folder 21:6-7

Meher Baba Center of Northern California (Noffke)

Box-folder 21:8

Meher Prasad (Noffke)

Box-folder 21:9

Meher Spiritual Center

Box-folder 21:10

Meherana Center

Box-folder 21:11

Mendocino Sufi Camp

Box-folder 21:12

Mental Science Institute

Box-folder 21:13

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America

Box-folder 21:14

Metaphysical Science Center

Box-folder 21:15-16

Mevlana Foundation

Box-folder 21:17

Middlebar Buddhist Monastery (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 21:18

Milarepa Center

Box-folder 21:19

Milwaukee Zen Center

Box-folder 21:20

Mind Power Plus

Box-folder 21:21

Mindful Awareness Meditation

Box-folder 21:22

Ministry of Universal Wisdom

Box-folder 21:23

Minnesota Church of Philosophical Materialism (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 21:24

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center

Box-folder 21:25

Mishakai Center for the Study of Shamanism

Box-folder 21:26

Mission of Maitreya

Box-folder 21:27

Modern Reincarnation (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 21:28

Moksha Ashram

Box-folder 21:29

Moksha Foundation

Box-folder 21:30

Moksha Foundation Corte Madera, CA

Box-folder 21:31-32

Monastery of One

Box-folder 21:33

Morgan Bay Zendo

Box-folder 21:34

Morningland Church of the Ascended Christ

Box-folder 21:35

Mother Church

Box-folder 21:36

Mother Earth Church

Box-folder 21:37

Mount Madonna Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 21:38

Mount Shasta Connection

Box-folder 21:39

Mountain of the Heart

Box-folder 21:40

Movement Education and Research Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 22:1-2

Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (Noffke)

Box-folder 22:3

Multi-Purpose Settlement

Box-folder 22:4

Nalanda Foundation (Including Shambhala)

Box-folder 22:5

Namo Buddha Seminar

Box-folder 22:6

Narayanananda Universal Yoga Trust and Ashram

Box-folder 22:7


Box-folder 22:8-13

Naropa Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder 22:14

Nation of Islam (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 22:15

Nebraska Zen Center

Box-folder 22:16

Nechung Drayang Ling

Box-folder 22:17

Nemeton (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 22:18

Neo American Church

Box-folder 22:19

Neuropsychic Institute

Box-folder 22:20

New Age

Box-folder 22:21

New Age Bible and Philosophy Center

Box-folder 22:22

New Age Contact

Box-folder 22:23

New Age Teachings

Box-folder 22:24

New Age Youth Contacts

Box-folder 22:25

New Broom, The

Box-folder 22:26

New Dimensions

Box-folder 22:27-28

New Dimensions Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 22:29

New Psychiana, Inc. (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 22:30

New Religions Newsletter

Box-folder 22:31

New Religious Movements Newsletter

Box-folder 23:1-2

New, Reformed, Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn

Box-folder 23:3-4

New Vrindaban

Box-folder 23:5

New Wiccan Church

Box-folder 23:6

New World Corps

Box-folder 23:7


Box-folder 23:8

Ngagyur Nyingma Foundation

Box-folder 23:9

Nichiren Propagation Center

Box-folder 23:10

Nityananda Institute

Box-folder 23:11


Box-folder 23:12

Norfolk Enrichment Center, Inc.

Box-folder 23:13

Northeon Forest

Box-folder 23:14

Northwest Dharma Association

Box-folder 23:15

Nu Age Ashram

Box-folder 23:16-22

Nyingma Institute (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 23:23

O - Miscellaneous

Box-folder 23:24-25

OAHSPE Groups (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 23:26

Occult Trade Journal

Box-folder 23:27

Old Gods and New Devils

Box-folder 23:28

Omnistic Society

Box-folder 23:29

On Tsu To Lun (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 23:30

One United System

Box-folder 23:31

One World Family

Box-folder 23:32

Ontology Foundation

Box-folder 23:33

Open Way Sangha

Box-folder 23:34

Order of Shaitan

Box-folder 23:35

Order of St. Germain

Box-folder 23:34-35

Order of the Circle Cross

Box-folder 24:1

Order of the Divine Love

Box-folder 24:2

Order of the Evil Eye

Box-folder 24:3

Ordo Adeptorm Invisiblum

Box-folder 24:4

Ordo Templi Baphe-Metis

Box-folder 24:5

Ordo Templi Dianos

Box-folder 24:6-7

Ordo Templi Orientis

Box-folder 24:8

Orphalese Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 24:9

Oumu Shinrikyo

Box-folder 24:10

Our Lady of Enchantment

Box-folder 24:11-12

Ourobourus Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder 24:13

P - Miscellaneous

Box-folder 24:14

Padma Jong

Box-folder 24:15

Pafekuto Ribati Kyodan

Box-folder 24:16

Pagan Broadcasting System

Box-folder 24:17

Pagan Trine, The

Box-folder 24:18

Pagans for Peace Network

Box-folder 24:19

Palolo Kwannon Temple (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 24:20

Pansophic Institute

Box-folder 24:21

Paradise Psibernetics Productions

Box-folder 24:22

Paras Rajneesh Meditation Center, Berkeley

Box-folder 24:23-24

Paras Rajneesh Meditation Center, San Francisco (Noffke)

Box-folder 24:25

Paras Rajneesh Meditation Center

Box-folder 24:26

Passageways Center for Myth and Ritual

Box-folder 24:27-28

Pathways Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 24:29

Pathwork Foundation

Box-folder 24:30

Pathwork of California

Box-folder 24:31

Peaceworks (Noffke)

Box-folder 24:32-39

People's Temple

Box-folder 25:1

Phenomenon of Man Project

Box-folder 25:2

Philospheres of Nature

Box-folder 25:3

Phoenix Institute (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 25:4

Pittsburgh Association of Individual Freedom

Box-folder 25:5-7

Planetary Citizens (Noffke)

Box-folder 25:8-9

Prana Yoga Ashram (Noffke)

Box-folder 25:10

Prema Dharmasala and Fellowship

Box-folder 25:11-12

Prison Ashram Project (Noffke)

Box-folder 25:13

Prairie Zen Center

Box-folder 25:14

Probe Ministries International

Box-folder 25:15

Process Church of the Final Judgement

Box-folder 25:16-17

The Prosperos

Box-folder 25:18

Project Sigma

Box-folder 25:19

Proteus Institute

Box-folder 25:20

PSI Center

Box-folder 25:21

Psychegenics - Life Communion Press

Box-folder 25:22

Psychiana - Publications

Box-folder 25:23-24


Box-folder 25:25-28

Psychosynthesis Institute

Box-folder 26:1

Purple Lotus Society

Box-folder 26:2


Box-folder 26:3

Quimby College Southwestern College of Life Science

Box-folder 26:4

Qumran Desert Center

Box-folder 26:5

Radha Soami Society of Beas-America

Box-folder 26:6

The Radical Individualist

Box-folder 26:7

Rainbow Bridge Construction Co. (Noffke)

Box-folder 26:8

Rainbow Family of Living Light

Box-folder 26:9-10

Raj-Yoga Math and Retreat

Box-folder 26:11

Rajneesh Foundation

Box-folder 26:12-20


Box-folder 26:21-22

Rajneesh: "This Very Body of the Buddha?"; Exploring the Truth About Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Box-folder 26:23

Rama Seminars, Inc.

Box-folder 26:24

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Box-folder 26:25-26

The Raven

Box-folder 27:1

Reclaiming Collective, The

Box-folder 27:2

Red Flame

Box-folder 27:3

Reformed Congregation of the Goddess

Box-folder 27:4

Religious Order of Witchcraft, The

Box-folder 27:5

Renaissance Church

Box-folder 27:6

Resurrection City

Box-folder 27:7


Box-folder 27:8

Ridhwan Foundation

Box-folder 27:9


Box-folder 27:10

Rigpe Dorje Center

Box-folder 27:11

Rinzai - Ji, Inc. (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 27:12

Rissho Kosei Kai (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 27:13

Rites of Passage (Noffke)

Box-folder 27:14

Rocky Mountain Dharma Center

Box-folder 27:15

Rosicrucian and Military Order of the Grail

Box-folder 27:16

Rosicrucian Fellowship

Box-folder 27:17

Rowan Tree Church

Box-folder 27:18

Rudolf Steiner College

Box-folder 27:19

Rudolf Steiner Institute (Noffke)

Box-folder 27:20

Rudolf Steiner School Association

Box-folder 27:21-27

Ruhani Satsang (Piepkorn) (Noffke)

Box-folder 27:28

S Miscellaneous

Box-folder 27:29

Sacred Order of the Lamp of Invisible Light

Box-folder 27:30

Sacred Sites International

Box-folder 27:31

Sacred Society of the Earth (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 27:32

Sadhana Yoga Center

Box-folder 27:33

Sahaja Yoga

Box-folder 27:34-37

Saiva Siddhanta Church (Noffke)

Box-folder 28:1

Sakya Tegchen Choling

Box-folder 28:2


Box-folder 28:3

San Francisco Institute of Magical and Healing Arts

Box-folder 28:4

Sanctuary of the Gnosis

Box-folder 28:5

Sanatana Dharma (Noffke)

Box-folder 28:6


Box-folder 28:7

Sant Bani Ashram

Box-folder 28:8

Sant Bani School of Ukiah

Box-folder 28:9

Sant Nirankari Mandal, USA

Box-folder 28:10

Santa Barbara Zen Priory

Box-folder 28:11

Santa Cruz Zen Center

Box-folder 28:12

Sathya Sai Baba (Noffke)

Box-folder 28:13

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Box-folder 28:14

Satyananda Ashrams of the USA, 1982 (Noffke)

Box-folder 28:15


Box-folder 28:16

Sawan - Kirpal Rahuni Mission (Noffke)

Box-folder 28:17

Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust of Massachusetts, Inc.

Box-folder 28:18

Scapegoat Enterprises

Box-folder 28:19

Schismatic Druids of North America, The

Box-folder 28:20

School of Contemporary Yoga

Box-folder 28:21

School of Esoteric Studies

Box-folder 28:22

School of Wholistic Education

Box-folder 28:23-24

School of Wicca (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 28:25

School of the Natural Order

Box-folder 28:26

School of Light and Realization

Box-folder 28:27

Scientology, Correspondence 1970's (Piepkorn) (Judah) (L. Ron Hubbard)

Box-folder 28:28

Scientology, Church of -- San Francisco, 1971-1998 Correspondence, events flyers, promotional material

Box-folder 28:29

29. Scientology, SF, Correspondence 1971-1977

Box-folder 28:30-36

Scientology, SF

Box-folder 29:1-9

Scientology, Educational Materials

Box-folder 29:10

Scientology, Educational Materials, The Communications Course

Box-folder 29:11-12

Scientology, Educational Materials, HQS Course

Box-folder 29:13-15

Scientology, Education Materials

Box-folder 29:16

Scientology, Educational Materials

Box-folder 29:17

Scientology, Educational Materials, Study Tapes Transcript

Box-folder 30:1

Scientology of California, Advanced Organization of L.A.

Box-folder 30:2-10

Scientology, Los Angles

Box-folder 30:11-20

Scientology, Flag Ship Service Organization

Box-folder 30:21

Scientology, SEA Organization

Box-folder 30:22-23

Scientology, LRH

Box-folder 31:1-2

Scientology; International Assoc. of Scientologists Scientology News

Box-folder 31:3

Scientology: WISE Catalogs

Box-folder 31:4-7

Scientology: Religious Freedom

Box-folder 31:8

Scientology: Promotional Materials, 1970's, (ABERRE 1956)

Box-folder 31:9

Scientology: Promotional Materials

Box-folder 31:10-12

Scientology: News articles, 1960's - 1990's.

Box-folder 31:13-14

Scientology: Promotional Materials, 1960's - 1990's.

Box-folder 31:15

Seeds of Universal Light

Box-folder 31:16

Seekers After Truth

Box-folder 31:17

Seekers Quest, Inc.

Box-folder 31:18

Seicho - No - Ig, Truth of Life (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 31:19-23

Self Realization Fellowship (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 32:1-3

Self Realization Fellowship

Box-folder 32:4

Self-Improvement Institute

Box-folder 32:5

Sensory Awareness Foundation

Box-folder 32:6

Serpent's Tail

Box-folder 32:7

Servants of the Star and Snake

Box-folder 32:8-10

Shankaracharya Pitham

Box-folder 32:11

Shanti - Nilaya Center

Box-folder 32:12

Shanti Project (Noffke)

Box-folder 32:13

Shanti Yogi Institute and Yoga Retreat

Box-folder 32:14

Shaolin Chi Mantis

Box-folder 32:15-18

Shasta Abbey (Noffke)

Box-folder 32:19

Shinnyo - En (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 32:20

Shenoa Retreat and Learning Center

Box-folder 32:21

Shinrei - Kyo (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 32:22

Shivalia, Inc.

Box-folder 32:23

Shree Hridayam Ashram (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 32:24-28

Siddha Yoga Dham (Noffke)

Box-folder 32:29-30

Siddha Yoga Dham (Will Noffke; personal correspondence)

Box-folder 33:1

Siddhartha's Intent

Box-folder 33:2

Sike Institute, The

Box-folder 33:3-4

Sikh Dharma Brotherhood (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 33:5


Box-folder 33:6-8

Sino-American Buddhist Assoc., Gold Mt. Monastery (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 33:9

Sixth Patriarch and Taoist Center

Box-folder 33:10-13

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 33:14

Sky Foundation

Box-folder 33:15

Ski Hi Ranch

Box-folder 33:16

Society of Evangelical Agnostics

Box-folder 33:17

Society of Pragmatic Mysticism (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 33:18-19

Soka Gakkai (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 33:20

Solar Cross Foundation

Box-folder 33:21

Solar Light Retreat

Box-folder 33:22

Sonoma Mt. Zen Center

Box-folder 33:23

Sophia Foundation of North America

Box-folder 33:24

Sorting It Out

Box-folder 33:25

Soto Zen Temple of Hawaii (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 33:26

Soul Search Foundation

Box-folder 33:27

Source School of Yoga

Box-folder 33:28

Spellbook BBS

Box-folder 33:29

Spirit Rock Center

Box-folder 33:30

Spiritual Community

Box-folder 33:31

Spiritual Advisory Council

Box-folder 33:32

Spiritual Community Guide Correspondance

Box-folder 34:1-3

Spiritual Counterfeits Project (Noffke)

Box-folder 34:4

Spiritual Emergence Network

Box-folder 34:5

Spiritual Emergency Network

Box-folder 34:6-8

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 34:9

Spiritual Healing Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 34:10

Spiritual Hierarchy Information Center

Box-folder 34:11

Spiritual World

Box-folder 34:12

Spring Mountain Sangha

Box-folder 34:13

Springwater Center

Box-folder 34:14

Spiritual Unity Movement

Box-folder 34:15-16

Sri Aurobindo Action Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 34:17

Sri Aurobindo Association

Box-folder 34:18-21

Sri Chinmoy Center (Piepkorn) (Noffke)

Box-folder 34:22

Sri Ram Ashrama (Noffke)

Box-folder 34:23

Starcross Monastery (Noffke)

Box-folder 34:24

Stargate BBS

Box-folder 34:25

Stelle Group (Piepkorn) (Noffke)

Box-folder 34:26

Stillpoint Institute

Box-folder 34:27

Students of Esoteric Thought

Box-folder 34:28

Study Centre of Cosmic Fraternity

Box-folder 34:29

Submarine Church Action Network

Box-folder 34:30

Subud (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 34:31

Suffolk Institute for Eastern Studies

Box-folder 35:1-5

Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society (Noffke)

Box-folder 35:6-13

Sufi Order (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 35:14

Sufism Reoriented

Box-folder 35:15-19

Summit Lighthouse (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 35:20-21

Sunburst Communities

Box-folder 36:1

Sunray Meditation Society (Noffke)

Box-folder 36:2

Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Association

Box-folder 36:3

Susan B. Anthony Coven

Box-folder 36:4

Swami Gitananda

Box-folder 36:5

Synanon Foundation

Box-folder 36:6

Synanon Lighthouse

Box-folder 36:7-8


Box-folder 36:9

Synergy Seminars

Box-folder 36:10

Synthesis Party

Box-folder 36:11

Tantra Healing Experience

Box-folder 36:12

Tantra Research Institute

Box-folder 36:13

Tao Foundation

Box-folder 36:14

Taoist Esoteric Yoga Center and Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 36:15


Box-folder 36:16

Tara Center (Noffke)

Box-folder 36:17

Taung Kaba - Aye Monastery

Box-folder 36:18

Tayu Fellowship (Noffke)

Box-folder 36:19-22

Teaching of the Inner Christ, ICAC (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 36:23-24

Temple of Cosmic Religion (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 36:25

Temple of Esoteric Science

Box-folder 36:26

Temple of Kriya (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 36:27

Temple of Mercy Religious Foundation (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 36:28

Temple of Set

Box-folder 36:29

Temple of the Divine Mother

Box-folder 36:30

Temple of the Elder Gods

Box-folder 36:31

Temple of the Eternal Buddha (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 36:32

Temple of the Goddess Within

Box-folder 36:33

Temple of the People

Box-folder 36:34

Temple of the Vampire

Box-folder 36:35

Temple of Understanding

Box-folder 36:36

Temenos Associates

Box-folder 36:37

Tenrikyo America West Church

Box-folder 36:38-40

Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 37:1-2

Tensho - Kotai - Jingu - Kyo (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 37:3


Box-folder 37:4

Texas Buddhist Council

Box-folder 37:5


Box-folder 37:6

Theological Order of Service

Box-folder 37:7


Box-folder 37:8-9

Theosophical Society of San Francisco Lodge (Noffke)

Box-folder 37:10

Theta Seminars

Box-folder 37:11

Thomas Morton Alliance

Box-folder 37:12

Three Mountain Foundation (Noffke)

Box-folder 37:13

Tibet House

Box-folder 37:14

Tibetan Studies Society

Box-folder 37:15

Tiger Team Buddhist Information Network

Box-folder 37:16

Totality (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 37:17-20

Trancendental Meditation

Box-folder 37:21

Transformation Project

Box-folder 37:22

Transformative Arts Institute

Box-folder 37:23

Tree of Life

Box-folder 37:24-27

Truth Consciousness (Noffke)

Box-folder 37:28

Truth Missionaries Chapter of Positive Accord

Box-folder 37:29

Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America

Box-folder 37:30

Tucson Area Wiccan Pagan Network

Box-folder 37:31


Box-folder 37:32

U.V. Family

Box-folder 37:33-34


Box-folder 37:35-37

Unicorn Ashram (Noffke)

Box-folder 38:1

Unification Church: Arguments Con - May 1976

Box-folder 38:2-4

Unification Church: Arguments Pro - May 1976

Box-folder 38:5-6

Unification Church Articles, May 1976

Box-folder 38:7

Unification Church, Articles about. (From Stillson Juday) 1976 - 1978

Box-folder 38:8-10

Unification Church, Articles about. May 1976 - Dec. 1982

Box-folder 38:11-13

Unification Church, Articles about, 1982 (Piepkorn) (Noffke)

Box-folder 38:14

Unification Church Periodicals

Box-folder 38:15

Unification Church - Publications, Flyers, Brochures

Box-folder 38:16

Unification Church, Periodicals etc.

Box-folder 38:17-19

Unification Church Publications

Box-folder 39:1-2

Unification Church Publications

Box-folder 39:3

Unification Church Correspondence

Box-folder 39:4

Unified States of Awareness

Box-folder 39:5

Unity in Diversity Council Directory for a New World (ASA International Council)

Box-folder 39:6

Unity in Diversity Council (Noffke)

Box-folder 39:7-8

Unity School of Christianity

Box-folder 39:9

Unity Woods Yoga Center

Box-folder 39:10

Universal Brotherhood

Box-folder 39:11

Universal Buddhist Fellowship (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 39:12

Universal Federation of Pagans

Box-folder 39:13

Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 39:14

Universal Free Life Church

Box-folder 39:15

Universal Great Brotherhood

Box-folder 39:16

Universal Life (Organization)

Box-folder 39:17

Universal Life Alliance

Box-folder 39:18-19

Universal Life Church (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 39:20

Universal Listening Post

Box-folder 39:21

Universal Mother Mary's Garden

Box-folder 39:22

Universal Spiritualist Association, Inc.

Box-folder 39:23

Universal Truth Centers (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 39:24


Box-folder 39:25

University of the Christ Light

Box-folder 39:26

University of the Trees (Noffke)

Box-folder 39:27

University Religious Council

Box-folder 39:28

University Religious Fellowship

Box-folder 39:29


Box-folder 39:30

Upper Triad, The

Box-folder 39:31-34

Urantia Brotherhood

Box-folder 39:35

Utopian Society

Box-folder 40:1

V Miscellaneous

Box-folder 40:2

Vajradhatu (Piepkorn) (Noffke)

Box-folder 40:3

Vajrapani Institute for Cultural Wisdom (Noffke)

Box-folder 40:4


Box-folder 40:5-7

Vedanta Center (Noffke) (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 40:8-10

Vedanta Society of Northern California

Box-folder 40:11

Vedanta Society of Sacramento

Box-folder 40:12

Vietnamese American Buddhist Association

Box-folder 40:13

Viha Meditation Center

Box-folder 40:14

Viha Rajneesh Meditation Center

Box-folder 40:15

Viking Brotherhood

Box-folder 40:16

Village Oz

Box-folder 40:17

Vipassana Fellowship of America

Box-folder 40:18

Vipassana West

Box-folder 40:19

Washington Buddhist Vihara (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 40:20

Washington Friends of Buddha (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 40:21

Wat Buddha Wararam of Denver

Box-folder 40:22-23

Way International, The

Box-folder 40:24


Box-folder 40:25

Well Being (Noffke)

Box-folder 40:26

Werner Erhard and Associates

Box-folder 40:27

West Heights Community

Box-folder 40:28

Western Buddhist Order, Friends

Box-folder 40:29

Wheel of Wisdom

Box-folder 40:30

White Horse Hermitage

Box-folder 40:31

White Wind Zen Community

Box-folder 40:32

Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance

Box-folder 40:33

Wind Flow Academy of Taoist and Buddhist Arts

Box-folder 41:1

Workshop, The

Box-folder 41:2

Witches Against Animal Abuse

Box-folder 41:3

Witches International Craft Association (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 41:4

Witness Lee and the Local Church

Box-folder 41:5

W.K.F.L. Fountain of the World

Box-folder 41:6

Wodan's Kindred

Box-folder 41:7

Women's Alliance

Box-folder 41:8


Box-folder 41:9

Women in Spiritual Education

Box-folder 41:10

Women's Spirituality Forum

Box-folder 41:11

World Catalyst Church (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 41:12

World Church, The

Box-folder 41:13

World Council of Enlightenment

Box-folder 41:14

World Fellowship Community

Box-folder 41:15

World University

Box-folder 41:16-17

Worldwide Church of God

Box-folder 41:18-20

Yasodhara Ashram (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 41:21

Yeshe Nyingpo

Box-folder 41:22

Yeshiva School of Spiritual Enlightenment

Box-folder 41:23

YMI: A Deconditioning Process

Box-folder 41:24

Yoga Anand Ashram

Box-folder 41:25

Yoga Center of California

Box-folder 41:26

Yoga House Ashram

Box-folder 41:27

Yoga Research Foundation

Box-folder 41:28

Yoga Seminary of New York

Box-folder 41:29

Yoga Shakti Mission, Inc.

Box-folder 41:30

Yoga Society of San Francisco (Noffke)

Box-folder 41:31

Z Miscellaneous

Box-folder 41:32

Zen Buddhist Temple (Ann Arbor)

Box-folder 41:33

Zen Buddhist Temple (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 41:34

Zen Center of Los Angeles (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 41:35

Zen Center, Mt. Baldy (Noffke)

Box-folder 41:36

Zen Center, Rochester, N.Y. (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 41:37-38

Zen Center, San Francisco (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 41:39

Zen Community of Oregon

Box-folder 41:40

Zen Community of New York

Box-folder 41:41

Zen de la Main

Box-folder 41:42

Zen Fellowship

Box-folder 41:43

Zen Lotus Society

Box-folder 41:44

Zen Mountain Center

Box-folder 41:45

Zen Mountain Center, New York

Box-folder 41:46-47

Zen Studies Society (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 41:48

Zen Temple of Cresskill


Series 2:  Subject Files, 1960 - 2000

Physical Description: Boxes 42-44

Scope and Content Note

This series contains collected articles and materials which pertain to each subject.


The files are arranged alphabetically by Library of Congress Subject Headings.
Box-folder 42:1

Afro-American Religions

Box-folder 42:2-4

United States - Religion - 1965

Box-folder 42:5-6

Anti-Cult Movements

Box-folder 42:7

Bibliography - Religion

Box-folder 42:8-10

Brainwashing - Religious aspects - Deprogramming (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 42:11


Box-folder 42:12

Religious Camps, Retreats

Box-folder 42:13

Channeling (Spiritualism)

Box-folder 42:14

Charismatic Movement, Pentacostalism

Box-folder 42:15-16

Religious Communities

Box-folder 42:17-18

Religions - Congresses, Conferences, Workshops, Lectures

Box-folder 42:19

Curricula - New Religious Movements

Box-folder 42:20

Drugs - Religious aspects

Box-folder 42:21-22

Europe - Religion - 20th Century. Cults - 20th Century

Box-folder 43:1

Europe - Religion - 20th Century. Cults - 20th Century

Box-folder 43:2-3


Box-folder 43:4

Festivals and Fairs - United States

Box-folder 43:5

Gays - Religious Life

Box-folder 43:6

Harmonic Convergence, Aug.16-17, 1987

Box-folder 43:7

Hinduism (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 43:8

Human Potential Movement

Box-folder 43:9

Indians of North America - Religion

Box-folder 43:10-11

Judaism - Relations - Cults

Box-folder 43:12-13

Law (U.S.) - Religious aspects. Religion and State (U.S.)

Box-folder 43:14


Box-folder 43:15

Metaphysical Movements

Box-folder 43:16-19


Box-folder 43:20-21


Box-folder 43:22


Box-folder 43:23-26

Photos: Spiritual Leaders

Box-folder 44:1

Religion - Caricatures & Cartoons

Box-folder 44:2

Religion - Motion Pictures, TV, Radio programs

Box-folder 44:3

Research Questionnaires

Box-folder 44:4


Box-folder 44:5


Box-folder 44:6-7

Spiritual Healing - United States

Box-folder 44:8

Sufism (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 44:9

Taoism (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 44:10

Tibetan Buddhism (Piepkorn)

Box-folder 44:11

U.F.O. Contact. Cults - United States

Box-folder 44:12-13

Women - Religious life - Spirituality

Box-folder 44:14


Box-folder 44:15

Zen Buddhism