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California Democratic Council (CDC) Records, 1947-1988

Collection number: MSS 036

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Descriptive Summary

Title: California Democratic Council (CDC) Records,
Date (inclusive): 1947-1988
Collection number: MSS 036
Creator: California Democratic Council
Extent: 9 boxes, 3 half-boxes, 24 legal boxes, and 3 legal half-boxes

12 linear feet
Repository: Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research
Los Angeles, CA 90044
Abstract: The collection contains records from the California Democratic Council (CDC), a statewide organization linking independent Democratic Clubs with the Democratic Party structure. The CDC organized conventions, ran issues conferences, endorsed candidates, and participated in other activities. Materials range from 1947 to 1988 but the bulk of the materials are from the 1960s and 1970s.
Language: English.

Administrative Information


Donated to the Library by Emil and Tassia Freed, Saul and Gertrude Reider, Marvin Schachter, and other former CDC officers, members and employees.


The collection is available for research only at the Library's facility in Los Angeles. The Library is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Researchers are encouraged to call or email the Library indicating the nature of their research query prior to making a visit.

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Organizational History

The California Democratic Council (CDC) was founded in 1953 by a group of concerned Democrats. They were galvanized by State Senator George Miller, Jr., who called a meeting in Asilomar to discuss "What's wrong with the Democratic Party in California." In the early 1950s, even though the majority of California voters were registered Democrats, there had only been one Democratic Governor in the 20th Century and the Republicans held the majority in both houses of the Legislature, and a total of 111 out of the 162 elective, partisan offices in the state. The CDC was created as a link between the volunteer democratic clubs and district councils, and the official party structure (State and County Central Committees and elected officials). Besides encouraging membership in the local clubs, one of the CDC's primary responsibilities was to arrange for pre-primary endorsements of candidates (which the Central Committees were not allowed to do). This was needed to cut down on problems caused by the cross-filing of Republican candidates in Democratic primaries and divisive primary campaigns that carried over to the general election and allowed the Republican candidate to win the seat.
The CDC's first convention was held, November 1953, in Fresno. Alan Cranston (later State Controller and then U.S. Senator from California) was elected the first President, serving until 1957. The CDC began seeing improvements immediately, and, by 1958, there were more than 500 local clubs with almost 40,000 members, and even more importantly the Democrats had gained dominance in elected positions, in many cases reversing the 1952 numbers: eleven Democratic to 29 Republican State Senators in 1952 to 28 Democrats and 12 Republicans in 1958. For statewide offices the numbers switched from 2 Democrats and 10 Republicans in 1952 to 10 Democrats and 2 Republicans by 1958.
In 1957 the CDC organized a Resolutions Committee to increase the grass-roots influence on party platforms and policies and in 1959 held the first "full-blown" issues conference as the center of the annual convention, where small groups "discussed topics ranging from nuclear fission to election reform law." This successful format was repeated in 1960, while the 1961 convention focused on "Organization." Club membership and convention attendance continued to increase into the early 1960s (with 60,000 members and 2300 delegates in 1962); convention attendance began to decrease in the later 1960s.
The CDC was involved in a number of civil rights issues: promoting Black and Brown Caucuses, pressing the president in 1963 to appoint Mexican-Americans to government positions, calling for the seating of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Delegation at the 1964 Democratic National Convention, and direct and economic support of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers in 1966. The CDC also took a stand on the Vietnam War, calling for a "political settlement" in 1965. After President Johnson failed to remove US troops by September 1967, the CDC held a Special Convention in Long Beach where they decided to run a Peace and Equality Slate. CDC President Joseph Wyatt is credited with being instrumental in convincing Eugene McCarthy to join the 1968 Presidential race. Martin Luther King Jr., graced the 1968 Convention with a speech just three weeks before his assassination. The CDC's Women's Caucus started in 1968 and the CDC was one of the first Democratic groups to recognize a Gay Caucus (1972). In 1969 the board of directors added five positions, giving representation to women, youth, labor, Black and Brown caucuses. However, it was not until 1975 that a woman (Wallace Albertson) was elected CDC President. Albertson served until 1981.
The CDC has remained active over the years as the progressive voice in Democratic Party politics. In 2001 they honored the memory of their first President Alan Cranston at the annual dinner at the May convention.

CDC Presidents

1953-1957 Alan Cranston -- 1st
1957-1961 Joseph Wyatt -- 2nd (appointed at Cranston's resignation)
1961-1965 Tom B. Carvey -- 3rd
1965-1966 Simon (Si) Casady -- 4th
1966-1969 Gerald Hill -- 5th
1969-1970 John Burton -- 6th
1970-1971 Ernie Hartz -- 7th (interim appointee)
1971-1975 Nathan (Nate) Holden -- 8th
1975-1981 Wallace Albertson -- 9th
1981-1985 Lia Triff Belli -- 10th
1985-1991 Robert W. Farran -- 11th

Scope and Content

The California Democratic Council (CDC) Records contain correspondence, minutes, membership, business and subject files, newsletters, flyers, pamphlets, periodicals, photographs, pins and other miscellaneous items representing the activities of the CDC and various local Democratic Clubs. These are not the official records of the organization but they do present a sense of the nature of the organization, its activities, controversies, and constituents.
The CDC Records have been compiled from materials donated by a number of different donors at various times, mostly without documentation. Saul and Gertrude Reider and Emil and Tassia Freed donated the bulk of the materials. Other possible donors are Gary Alexander, David Seidman, Charlene Daughterty, Marvin Schachter, Wallace Albertson, and Ross Clark. Except for the files that are now the Office Files subseries and the Field Representatives subseries of the Administration Series and the bulk of the Credentials Committee subseries of the Committees/Caucuses Series, the material was mostly unarranged and compiled from more than one donation.
The bulk of the CDC Records date from the 1960s and 1970s, though some earlier and later material is also available. Incomplete Board of Directors' Minutes exist from 1957-1980, as do files on the 5th through the 32nd Conventions (1957-1984) and the 1959-1972 Issues Conferences. Information on the activities of Local Clubs and Regional Councils range from single flyers or newsletters to the extensive files on the Alta Loma Democratic Club (1963-1983) and the West Beverly Democratic Club (1956-1971), which include minutes, correspondence and other materials.
Of special note is the text of the March 16, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. speech to the CDC Annual Convention.


The collection is divided into 8 series: 1. Board of Directors, 2. Administrative Files, 3. Committees and Caucuses, 4. Local Clubs and Regional Councils, 5. Events, 6. Publications, 7. Photographs, and 8. Miscellaneous.

Separated Material

A number of periodicals and pamphlets from this collection were added to the Library's Pamphlet and Periodical holdings. See Related Materials for periodicals titles.

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Collection Contents


Series 1. Board of Directors, 1957-1981

Physical Description: 2 legal boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series contains the minutes of the CDC's Board of Directors, rosters of officers and board members, and a variety of board related correspondence including meeting announcements, agendas, memos on a variety of topics, and other background materials. This is not a complete run of the minutes. Some of the minutes include attachments and background materials. The 1966-1976 Rosters folder also contains some regional officer and board lists. Also included is material relating to a CDC Executive Board hearing of the dispute between Corky Perez and George Medina over use of funds by and leadership of the CDC's Southern Brown Caucus. The final folder in the series contains various versions of the CDC's constitution and bylaws.
Box-folder 1/1-2/2


Box-folder 1/1


Box-folder 1/2


Box-folder 1/3


Box-folder 1/4


Box-folder 1/5


Box-folder 1/6


Box-folder 2/1


Box-folder 2/2


Box-folder 2/3-2/4


Box-folder 2/3

c. 1958-1965

Box-folder 2/4

(includes Regional Lists, 1966-1976, n.d.

Box-folder 2/5-2/7


Box-folder 2/5


Box-folder 2/6


Box-folder 2/7

1969-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 2/8

Executive Board -Perez-Medina Hearing, 1975

Box 2/9, Folder 

Constitutions and Bylaws, 1955-1969, n.d.


Series 2. Administrative Files, 1947-1981

Physical Description: 6 boxes, 1 half-box, 4 legal boxes, and 2 legal half-boxes

Scope and Content Note

This, the largest, series contains materials related to the general administration of the CDC including general office files, the papers of a CDC Field Representative, information on a variety of fundraising programs, and correspondence of three CDC Presidents and other officers or CDC stalwarts.
Also included in this series are materials relating to the larger Democratic Party structure, of which the CDC was a part, including materials showing overlapping personnel and activities between the DNC, the State and County Democratic Central Committees, elected Democratic officials and the CDC. The subject subseries contains information on a variety of issues, concerns, and organizations created or collected by members of the CDC. Not included in this series are materials directly related to the activities of specific committees or individual clubs. Membership information (generally on the club level) can be found in the Credentials Committee subseries of the Committees/Caucus Series.


This series is divided into six subseries: A. Office Files, B. Field Representatives Files, C. Fundraising Files, D. Correspondence, E. National, State, and County Democratic Committees, and F. Subject Files.

Subseries A. Office Files, 1956-1968

Physical Description: 5 boxes and 1 half-box

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes correspondence, bills, financial statements, reports, subject files, and other materials that appear to have come from a CDC office. The materials were originally arranged in two slightly overlapping alphabetical runs (one set was missing the letters M-S). Of special interest are the various correspondence files (Barbara Double, Joyce Fadem, Roy Greenaway, Gerald Hill, Lorraine Lahr, Les River, Jim Scott, Jo Seidita, Lorry Sherman, Howard Sturman, Joyce Turney, Joe Wolf and Joseph L. Wyatt), the Samuel Yorty file that includes a copy of his pamphlet: "Why I Can't Take Kennedy," and the information from the Fallout Shelter Study Committee. More information on most subjects covered in these files can be found in the other subseries of this series (especially Correspondence), as well as the Committee/Caucus, Local Clubs, and Events Series.
Box-folder 3/1

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), n.d

Box-folder 3/2

Ballot Propositions, November 1962

Box-folder 3/3

Balloting - 1966 Conventions, 1966

Box-folder 3/4

Bills, 1961

Box-folder 3/5

Biographical Materials (inc. photo and photoscreen plate), n.d.

Box-folder 3/6

Board of Directors, c. 1956-1963

Box-folder 3/7

Board Meetings - Potential (hotel, restaurant materials), 1966, n.d.

Box-folder 3/8

Budget Statements, 1966

Box-folder 3/9

Bulletin, 1962

Box-folder 3/10

By-laws Committee, 1961-1963, n.d.

Box-folder 3/11

What is CDC, 1962, n.d.

Box-folder 3/12

Campaigns, 1962

Box-folder 3/13

Campaign Bulletins, 1962

Box-folder 3/14

Candidate Development, c. 1962

Box-folder 3/15

Club Info - 1962 Convention, 1961

Box-folder 3/16

Committees of the Board of Directors, 1962

Box-folder 3/17

Contracts, 1964-1966

Box-folder 3/18

Convention Rules, 1965

Box-folder 3/19-3/20


Box-folder 3/19

Incoming, 1967

Box-folder 3/20

Outgoing, 1967

Box-folder 3/21-3/22


Box-folder 3/21


Box-folder 3/22

AD/SD [Assembly District/Senate District] Reps, 1967

Box-folder 4/1

Delano Grape Strike, 1966

Box-folder 4/2

Delegates and Alternates Los Angeles County Democratic Council, 1963-1966, n.d.

Box-folder 4/3

District Directors, 1967

Box-folder 4/4-4/6

Barbara Double - CDC Secretary

Box-folder 4/4

November 1960-June 1961

Box-folder 4/5

July-December 1961

Box-folder 4/6


Box-folder 4/7

DVC [Democratic Volunteers Committee], n.d.

Box-folder 4/8

Election, 1966

Box-folder 4/9

Election Reform Committee, 1961, 1963

Box-folder 4/10-4/11


Box-folder 4/10


Box-folder 4/11


Box-folder 4/12-14/13

1962 Endorsing Conventions

Box-folder 4/12

25th-31st Congressional Districts, 1961-1963

Box-folder 4/13

42nd-65th Assembly Districts, 1961-1963

Box-folder 5/1

Joyce Fadem - Administrative Secretary, 1962-1967, n.d.

Box-folder 5/2

Fallout Shelter Study Committee, 1963

Box-folder 5/3

Finance Committee, 1957-1963

Box-folder 5/4

Finances, 1956-1957

Box-folder 5/5

Financial Statements, 1966

Box-folder 5/6

Forms, n.d.

Box-folder 5/7-5/8


Box-folder 5/7


Box-folder 5/8


Box-folder 5/9

Roy Greenaway - Sr. Vice President, North, 1967

Box-folder 5/10

Gerald N. Hill, President, 1967

Box-folder 5/11

Historian, 1962

Box-folder 5/12

Hotels, 1968

Box-folder 5/13

Insurance, 1961-1965

Box-folder 5/14

Intra Party Communications Seminar, 1961

Box-folder 5/15-5/17

Issues Committee

Box-folder 5/15


Box-folder 5/16


Box-folder 5/17


Box-folder 5/18

Johnston Survey [Robert Johnston Company], 1963-1965

Box-folder 5/19

Journal, 1959-1963

Box-folder 6/1

Labor, 1966-1967, n.d.

Box-folder 6/2

Lorraine Lahr - Program Secretary, 1967

Box-folder 6/3

Las Vegas Weekend, 1967

Box-folder 6/4

Legal Counsel - Leon Cooper, 1961-1964, n.d.

Box-folder 6/5

Legislative Action Committee, 1957-1963

Box-folder 6/6

Legislative Newsletter, n.d.

Box-folder 6/7

Los Angeles City Schools, n.d

Box-folder 6/8

Los Angeles County Campaign Committee, 1961-1962

Box-folder 6/9-6/11


Box-folder 6/9


Box-folder 6/10

Bulk Permits, 1959-1964

Box-folder 6/11

Policy, 1965, 1967

Box-folder 6/12

Mediation Committee, n.d.

Box-folder 6/13

National Convention [Mississippi Freedom Delegation], 1964

Box-folder 6/14

News Clippings, 1965

Box-folder 6/15

Northern Office - Mailings, 1966-1967

Box-folder 6/16

NPAAC [Negro Political Action Association of California], 1965

Box-folder 6/17-6/18


Box-folder 6/17


Box-folder 6/18

New Names 1966, n.d.

Box-folder 6/19

Organization, n.d.

Box-folder 6/20

Party Structure, n.d.

Box-folder 6/21

Peace Slate Steering Committee, 1967

Box-folder 6/22

Personnel, 1961-1965

Box-folder 6/23

Political Action and Council Chairmen, 1966

Box-folder 6/24

Anti-Poverty Program, 1964, n.d.

Box-folder 6/25

Press Releases, 1966-1967

Box-folder 6/26-6/27

Reapportionment [2 folders], 1960-1966

Box-folder 7/1

Regional Vice-Presidents, 1967

Box-folder 7/2

Registration Drive, 1966

Box-folder 7/3-7/4

Representatives, AD/SD [Assembly District/Senatorial District]

Box-folder 7/3

Appointment, 1966

Box-folder 7/4

Ratification, 1966

Box-folder 7/5

Resolutions Responses - Vietnam, 1966-1967

Box-folder 7/6

Right Wing Groups (Group Research Report), 1962-1965, n.d.

Box-folder 7/7

Les River [Endorsements -- Richard Calderon], n.d.

Box-folder 7/8

Jim Scott - Region II Vice President, 1966

Box-folder 7/9

Scriptomatic & Gestetner, 1964-1965

Box-folder 7/10

Jo Seidita - Secretary, 1967-1968

Box-folder 7/11-7/12

Seminar [2 folders], 1965

Box-folder 7/13-7/14

Lorry Sherman

Box-folder 7/13

Treasurer, 1967

Box-folder 7/14

"Representative of the Grand Jury," 1968

Box-folder 7/15-16

Slate Mailer

Box-folder 7/15


Box-folder 7/16

Sharon Lee, 1966

Box-folder 7/17

Smear Campaign Tactics, 1964, n.d.

Box-folder 8/1

Speakers Bureau, 1965

Box-folder 8/2

Special Convention, 1967

Box-folder 8/3

Standing Rules, 1963-1965

Box-folder 8/4

State Committee (California Democratic Central Committee), 1963

Box-folder 8/5

Howard Sturman - Controller, 1965-1966

Box-folder 8/6

Theatre Parties, 1964, n.d.

Box-folder 8/7

Joyce Turney - Coordinator, 1964-1965

Box-folder 8/8

Vietnam Conference, 1966

Box-folder 8/9

Joe Wolf - Vice President South, 1965-1967

Box-folder 8/10

Women's Rights, 1967, n.d.

Box-folder 8/11

Joseph L. Wyatt, Jr. - President, n.d.

Box-folder 8/12

Mayor Samuel Yorty [includes "I Can Not Take Kennedy"], 1961, 1965, n.d.

Box-folder 8/13

Youth for McCarthy, n.d.

Box-folder 8/14

Youth Opportunity Board, 1965


Subseries B. Field Representatives Files, 1961-1964

Physical Description: 2 legal boxes

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes correspondence and other materials created by Ross Clark in his position as a CDC Field Representative. The bulk of the subseries is arranged by Congressional District, Assembly District, County or Region and deals with invitations to speak, club activities, endorsing conventions (including controversies) and other issues. The Weekly Sheets folder contains Clark's weekly work reports. The final folder in the subseries contains material that was waiting to be filed at the time the files were discontinued.
Box-folder 9/1-9/3

Assembly Districts

Box-folder 9/1

45th & Alhambra Democratic Club, 1961-1962

Box-folder 9/2

53rd, 1961-1962

Box-folder 9/3

65th, 1961-1962

Box-folder 9/4-9/23

Congressional Districts

Box-folder 9/4

13th, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/5

17th, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/6

19th, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/7

20th, 1963

Box-folder 9/8

21st, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/9

22nd, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/10-9/11


Box-folder 9/10


Box-folder 9/11

Newspapers & Clippings, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/12

24th, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/13

25th, 1963

Box-folder 9/14

26th, 1963

Box-folder 9/15

27th, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/16

28th, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/17

29th, 1963

Box-folder 9/18

30th, 1961-1964

Box-folder 9/19-9/20


Box-folder 9/19


Box-folder 9/20


Box-folder 9/21

32nd, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/22

38th, 1963-1964

Box-folder 9/23

56th - Challenge, 1962

Box-folder 9/24-9/26


Box-folder 9/24

I, 1963

Box-folder 9/25

II, 1963

Box-folder 9/26

III - Issues Conference, 1961

Box-folder 10/1-10/3


Box-folder 10/1

Los Angeles County Committee, 1963

Box-folder 10/2

Orange County, 1963-1964

Box-folder 10/3

San Diego County Council, 1963-1964

Box-folder 10/4

CDC's 10th Anniversary Party, 1963-1964

Box-folder 10/5

Civil Rights Groups, 1963

Box-folder 10/6

Club Lists & Letters, 1963, n.d.

Box-folder 10/7

1964 Convention, 1963-1964

Box-folder 10/8

Correspondence, 1963

Box-folder 10/9

Local Endorsements, 1964

Box-folder 10/10

Protests [Endorsing Conventions], 1964

Box-folder 10/11

Special Events - Issues Convention Planning, 1961

Box-folder 10/12

UAW [United Auto Workers] Bulletins, 1963

Box-folder 10/13

Union - General, 1964

Box-folder 10/14

Weekly Sheets, 1963

Box-folder 10/15

Changes (Please File in Club Folders), 1963


Subseries C. Fundraising Files, 1956-1981

Physical Description: 1 legal box

Scope and Content Note

This subseries consists of information on a variety of CDC fundraising activities including Ad-books prepared for Annual Tribute Dinners and the Convention "Journal." The CDC Champions file contains examples of pins and other rewards designed for major donors. The United Democratic Headquarters Fund, Dollars for Democrats, and DNC Telethon materials describe joint fundraising activities. Also included is a copy of a fundraising feasibility study prepared for the CDC by an outside agency (see also Johnson Survey, the Las Vegas Weekend, and Theatre Parties folders in the Office Files subseries).
Box-folder 11/1-11/2

11/1-11/2 Annual Tribute Dinners - Booklets

Box-folder 11/1

c. 1958-1962

Box-folder 11/12


Box-folder 11/3

CDC Champions, 1962-1976, n.d.

Box-folder 11/4

Dollars for Democrats Campaign, 1961-1965, n.d.

Box-folder 11/5

A Fundraising Feasibility Study for CDC - Prepared by Robert Johnson Co., 1965

Box-folder 11/6

Honoring Dinners, Annual Dinners, and Telethon, 1962-1979, n.d.

Box-folder 11/7

Journal of the CDC, 1960-1964

Box-folder 11/8

Merchandise Mart and Publications Lists, 1964

Box-folder 11/9

United Democratic Headquarters Fund, 1956-1960

Box-folder 11/10

Miscellaneous, 1963-1981, n.d.


Subseries D. Correspondence, 1960-1976

Physical Description: 1 box

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes correspondence to and from three CDC Presidents: Tom B. Carvey, Jr., Si Casady, and Wallace Albertson, Vice President, Tony Osos, and various CDC staff and members. The Si Casady materials also include information about the campaign mounted in 1965 calling for his resignation. Correspondence files for Barbara Double, Joyce Fadem, Roy Greenaway, Gerald Hill, Lorraine Lahr, Les River, Jim Scott, Jo Seidita, Lorry Sherman, Howard Sturman, Joyce Turney, Joe Wolf and Joseph L. Wyatt can be found in the Office Files subseries.
Box-folder 12/1-12/3

Tom B. Carvey, Jr. - President

Box-folder 12/1

1961-March 1962

Box-folder 12/3

April-December 1962

Box-folder 12/4


Box-folder 12/4-12/5

Si Casady - President

Box-folder 12/4

Call for Resignation/Response, 1965

Box-folder 12/5


Box-folder 12/6

Wallace Albertson - President, 1976

Box-folder 12/7

Toby Osos - Vice President, Region I, 1962-1963

Box-folder 12/8

Staff Secretaries - Rubye Elliott, Sophie Stamos, and Marjorie Bates, 1964-1965

Box-folder 12/9

Ross S. Clark - Executive Assistant, 1965

Box-folder 12/10

Robert E. Cleveland - Field Representative [Civil Rights], 1963

Box-folder 12/11

Saul Reider [From Politicians, JFK signature], 1960-1965

Box-folder 12/12

Marvin Schachter, 1960-1961

Box-folder 12/12

Senator Clair Engle - Documentary Films, 1960, n.d.

Box-folder 12/14

Miscellaneous (includes telegrams), 1961-1962


Subseries E. National, State, and County Democratic Committees, 1947-1983

Physical Description: 1 legal box and 2 legal half-boxes

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes materials generated by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the California State Democratic Central Committee (CSDCC) and the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee (LACDC), as well as some material from the California State Legislators and the State Office of Consumer Counsel. The bulk of the material concerns the CSDCC. Most of the material is serious, but don't miss the lovely booklet from the DNC's Office of Women's Activities, Decorating with Donkeys, which provides patterns and ideas for Democratic theme events.
Box-folder 13/1-13/8

Democratic National Committee

Box-folder 13/1-13/2


Box-folder 13/1

Los Angeles, CA, July 11-15, 1960

Box-folder 13/2

Miami Beach, FL, July 10-13, 1972

Box-folder 13/3

Decorating with Donkeys - Office of Women's Activities, c. 1960

Box-folder 13/4

Information, 1973-1976

Box-folder 13/5

National Directory of State Democratic Central Committees, 1962

Box-folder 13/6

National Party Conference, 1982

Box-folder 13/7

Research Division - Fact Sheets and Lie Detector Bulletin, 1956, 1957

Box-folder 13/8

Miscellaneous n.d.

Box-folder 14/1-14/11

California State Democratic Central Committee

Box-folder 14/1

Rosters, 1959-1964, n.d.

Box-folder 14/2

Bylaws, 1962-1967, n.d.

Box-folder 14/3

Correspondence, etc., 1963-1983, n.d.

Box-folder 14/4

Candidates, 1964

Box-folder 14/5

Democratic Party Reform, n.d.

Box-folder 14/6

Platforms, 1958-1964

Box-folder 14/7-14/8

State Convention

Box-folder 14/7

1962, 1971

Box-folder 14/8


Box-folder 14/9

Press and Public Relations, n.d.

Box-folder 14/10

A Look at the Future - Special Task Force Report, Joyce Fadem & Stephen Zetterberg, eds, June 1968

Box-folder 14/11

Southern Area and Miscellaneous, 1960-1968, 1982, n.d.

Box-folder 14/12-14/14

California State Government

Box-folder 14/12

Senate Democratic Caucus, 1976, 1978

Box-folder 14/13

State Legislators' Newsletters, 1968, 1981

Box-folder 14/14

Office of Consumer Counsel - Highlights of the First Year, 1960

Box-folder 15/1-15/4

Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee

Box-folder 15/1

1947, 1958-1982, n.d.

Box-folder 15/2

County Democrat, 1978-1980

Box-folder 15/3

President's Manual for Democratic Clubs Chartered by the Los Angeles County Central Committee, 1959

Box-folder 15/4

You Can Win in 1950: A Guide for Precinct Leaders and Victory in '60: Organization Workshop: Election Manual,1950, 1960


Subseries F. Subject Files, 1957-1981

Physical Description: 1 legal box

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes files on a variety of subjects and activities including information on outside organizations similar to the materials found in the Office Files series but with less clear provenance. Of special interest are two Amicus Curiae Briefs filed by the CDC. Joel Fort vs. Civil Service Commission of Alameda supports county employee Fort's right to do volunteer work for a partisan campaign. Philip Adams, Edward Napier Thomas and Roland Adickes vs. Edmund G. Brown & Franklin M. Jordan provides suggestions on the proper apportionment of State Senate Districts for the 1966 elections and supplies a suggested Reapportionment Plan. Also of note are a file on the introduction of the Votronic Electronic Voting Machines, and an essay An Appeal to Reason to My Fellow Citizens written by an 72 year-old citizen who explains his opinions on the issues of the current (1968) presidential election and explains why he has finally decided to support Hubert Humphrey. The author of a folder of handwritten and typed notes on political issues is unidentified, but was probably written by Saul Reider. The subseries is arranged alphabetically.
Box-folder 16/1

Amicus Curiae Briefs - Joel Fort vs. Civil Service Commission of Alameda and Philip Adams et al vs. Edmund G. Brown & Franklin M. Jordan,c. 1966, n.d.

Box-folder 16/2

An Appeal to Reason to My Fellow Citizens by Mr. Average Citizen [John Parrish], c. 1968

Box-folder 16/3

Edmund G. Brown, Sr. [Pat] (Narcotics, Delinquency), 1959-1961

Box-folder 16/4

Certificates from California State Legislature to Gertrude and Saul Reider (Presented by Henry Waxman), n.d.

Box-folder 16/5

Club Referrals, 1967

Box-folder 16/6

Databases & Automated Letters, 1962-1968

Box-folder 16/7

Elections - CDC Officers, c. 1957, 1980-1981

Box-folder 16/8

Fair Employment Practices - Legislation, 1965

Box-folder 16/9

Introduction of Electronic Voting Machines, c. 1960s

Box-folder 16/10-16/11

KPFA Commentary Series

Box-folder 16/10

Marshall Windmiller Commentaries, 1960-1963

Box-folder 16/11

Steve Murdock, 1968

Box-folder 16/12

Newsletter Contest, 1965

Box-folder 16/13

Nixon Cartoon Book, 1962

Box-folder 16/14

Notes on Political Issues [S. Reider?], 1965-1967

Box-folder 16/15

Pamphlets, n.d.

Box-folder 16/16

Petitions - Miscellaneous, 1962, 1975, n.d.

Box-folder 16/17

Press Releases, 1961-1963, n.d.

Box-folder 16/18

Reagan's Tax Initiative, 1981

Box-folder 16/19

Reapportionment, 1961

Box-folder 16/20

Resignations - Democratic Volunteers Committee, 1964

Box-folder 16/21

Vietnam and Domestic Programs - Position Papers, etc., n.d.

Box-folder 16/22-16/30

Other Organizations

Box-folder 16/22

ADA [Americans for Democratic Action], 1970, 1972

Box-folder 16/23

California Democratic Volunteers Committee: Election Boards Program,n.d.

Box-folder 16/24

Congress of California Seniors & Aging Issues, 1978

Box-folder 16/25

Democratic Minority Conference, 1958

Box-folder 16/26

MAPA [Mexican American Political Association] and MALDEF, 1963-1980

Box-folder 16/27

United Civil Rights Committee, 1963-1964

Box-folder 16/28

United Democratic Campaign, 1978

Box-folder 16/29

WREE [Women for Racial and Economic Equality], 1979-1980

Box-folder 16/30

Miscellaneous, 1957-1980, n.d.


Series 3. Committees and Caucuses, 1955-1981

Physical Description: 5 boxes and 3 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains materials generated by the committees and caucuses that do much of the actual work of the CDC. The bulk of the committees are listed alphabetically in the first subseries. Because there is so much material from the Credentials Committee related to memberships in specific clubs and the accreditation of delegates to conventions, it has been given its own subseries. See also similar materials in the Office Files subseries of the Administration Series for other committee records.

Subseries A. Alphabetical Files, 1955-1981

Physical Description: 3 legal boxes and 10 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes materials created by many of the committees and caucuses that made up the CDC. The committees formed major working groups that planned events and explored a variety of issues both internal and external (from bylaws to election reform and foreign policy). Of special interest is the Report from the Special Study Committee on Fallout Shelters, and materials from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Liaison Committee. For information on convention activities and planning see the Issues and Resolutions Committees, as well as the Convention Planning Committees materials. CDC Caucuses represented the interests of various subgroups of the CDC. Materials are included from the Women's, Liberal and Gay Caucuses. For information on a controversy within the Brown Caucus see the Executive Board -Perez-Medina Hearing folder in the Office Files subseries of the Administration Series.
Box-folder 17/1

Bylaws Sub-Committee, 1963-1964

Box-folder 17/2-17/5


Box-folder 17/2

Gay Caucus, 1976

Box-folder 17/3

Liberal Caucus, 1966-1967

Box-folder 17/4-17/5

Women's Caucus and CDSC Women's Division

Box-folder 17/4

1961-1979, n.d.

Box-folder 17/5

Women's Rights Newsletter, 1969-1972

Box-folder 17/6-17/11

Convention Planning Committees

Box-folder 17/6

Convention & Issues Arrangement, 1956-1963, n.d.

Box-folder 17/7

Press, 1961

Box-folder 71/8


Box-folder 17/9

Caucus Chairmen, 1964

Box-folder 17/10

Pre-Convention Meetings and Caucuses, 1965-1968, 1976

Box-folder 17/11

Fresno and Long Beach, 1966-1967

Box-folder 17/12

Election Reform Committee, 1963-1964, 1967

Box-folder 17/13

Human Rights Direct Action Committee, 1963-1964, n.d.

Box-folder 17/14

Fallout Shelters, Special Study Committee: Report to the California Democratic Council, March 1963

Box-folder 17/15

Foreign Policy, 1960

Box-folder 17/16-18/9

Issues Committee

Box-folder 17/16-18/1

1958 Issues Conference

Box-folder 17/16

Foreign Policy - Background Materials, 1958

Box-folder 17/17

Recession, 1958

Box-folder 18/1

Water, 1955-1958

Box-folder 18/2-6

1960 Issues Conference

Box-folder 18/2

Correspondence, 1959-1960

Box-folder 18/3

Agriculture - Conservation [Farm workers], 1960

Box-folder 18/4

Election, 1960

Box-folder 18/5

Foreign Policy, 1959-1960

Box-folder 18/6

Health and Aging, 1960

Box-folder 18/7-18/8

1961 Issues Conference

Box-folder 18/7

Correspondence, 1961

Box-folder 18/8

Planning Material/Correspondence/Follow-up, 1961

Box-folder 18/9

Miscellaneous, 1960-1980, n.d.

Box-folder 18/10

Labor Liaison Committee, 1967-1979, n.d.

Box-folder 19/1-19/2

Legislative Action Committee

Box-folder 19/1

1960-1975, n.d.

Box-folder 19/2

CDC Legislative Letter and Legislative Report Card, 1953-1977, 1981

Box-folder 19/3

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) Liaison Committee, 1965

Box-folder 19/4

Organization Committee, 1956-1965

Box-folder 19/5-19/7

Political Action Committee

Box-folder 19/5

1956-1965, n.d.

Box-folder 19/6

Slate Mailer, 1962, 1964

Box-folder 19/7

CDC Political Action Newsletter, 1974

Box-folder 19/8

Program Planning Committee, 1963-1965, 1974, n.d.

Box-folder 20/1-20/6

Resolutions Committee

Box-folder 20/1


Box-folder 20/2

1965-1968, n.d

Box-folder 20/3


Box-folder 20/4

1970, 1976, n.d.

Box-folder 20/5-6


Box-folder 20/5

From Negro Caucus (asking for appointment of minorities to vacant state offices), 1964

Box-folder 20/6

Supporting Senate Fact-Finding Committee on Teacher Shortage, 1964

Box-folder 20/7

Rules Committee, 1958-1964, 1975

Box-folder 20/8

Special Committee - Problems Resulting from Reapportionment, 1961

Box-folder 20/9-20/10


Box-folder 20/9

Lists, 1963

Box-folder 20/10

1962-1975, n.d.


Subseries B. Credentials Committee, 1961-1973

Physical Description: 2 boxes and 4 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains materials collected by the Credentials Committee including official membership lists for individual clubs, dues payment records, and some correspondence and other documents. Related materials can be found in the Field Representative's Files subseries and the Local Clubs and Regional Councils Series. This subseries is arranged chronologically by date; within the date subgroups, the material is arranged by type (i.e. Individual, Lists, Congressional District, Clubs), and/or alphabetically by Club.
Box-folder 20/11-20/14

Credentials Committee

Box-folder 20/11

1961-1964, n.d

Box-folder 20/12

Final Master Caucus List/Convention Roster, 1965

Box-folder 20/13

Congressional District Directors - Elections, n.d.

Box-folder 20/14

21st Convention- Los Angeles, 1973

Box-folder 21/1-22/38

Membership/Credentials Applications

Box-folder 21/1-21/3


Box-folder 21/1

Airport-Good Neighbors, 1962

Box-folder 21/2

Heartland-Reseda-W. Valley, 1962

Box-folder 21/3

Sam Rayburn-Winsor Hills, 1962

Box-folder 21/4-21/7


Box-folder 21/4

County Committee, AD/CD Councils, and Individuals, 1962

Box-folder 21/5

County Committees, 1963

Box-folder 21/6

New Clubs, 1963

Box-folder 21/7

Challenges, 1963

Box-folder 21/8-21/10


Box-folder 21/8

Bellflower Democratic Club, 1964-1967

Box-folder 21/9

Santa Monica Canyon Democratic Club, 1964-1965

Box-folder 21/10

University City Democratic Club, 1965

Box-folder 22/1-22/4


Box-folder 22/1

Challenges, 1966

Box-folder 22/2

County Committee, 1966

Box-folder 22/3

Credentials Committee, 1966

Box-folder 22/4

Final Caucus Masters - Convention, 1966

Box-folder 22/5-22/38


Box-folder 22/5

Advance Dues, 1966

Box-folder 22/6

Club Rosters, 1967

Box-folder 22/7

19th Congressional District, La Mirada Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/8-22/13

20th Congressional District

Box-folder 22/8

Altadena Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/9

Glendale Democratic Study Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/10

Immaculate Heart Young Democrats, 1967

Box-folder 22/11

Pasadena Young Democrats, 1967

Box-folder 22/12

20th Century Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/13

United Democratic Club, Pasadena, 1967

Box-folder 22/14

21st Congressional District - Council and Individuals, 1967

Box-folder 22/15-22/32

21st Congressional District/53rd Assembly District

Box-folder 22/15

Active Democratic Women, 1967

Box-folder 22/16

Athens Democratic Women's Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/17

Avalon Central, 1967

Box-folder 22/18

Broadway Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/19

Eastside/Westside Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/20

Florence Central Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/21

Freedom Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/22

Great Society Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/23

Hawkins/Roosevelt/Kennedy Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/24

Ideal Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/25

Key Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/26

L.B.J. Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/27

Metropolitan Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/28

Professional and Business Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/29

United Community Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/30

Universal Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/31

Wall Street Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/32

Watts Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/33

22nd Congressional District/41st Assembly District - Young Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/34

22nd Congressional District - Van Nuys Young Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 22/35-22/36

25th Congressional District

Box-folder 22/35

Replacement [Individuals], 1967

Box-folder 22/36

JFK Club-El Monte, 1967

Box-folder 22/37

Democratic League of Simi Valley, 1967

Box-folder 22/38

Miscellaneous, 1973, n.d.


Series 4. Local Clubs and Regional Councils, 1955-1988

Physical Description: 4 legal boxes and 4 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes flyers, newsletters, minutes, correspondence and other materials created by or connected with specific individual clubs or regional organizations (Assembly or Congressional District Councils, Regional groups, Young Democrat coalitions, and other multi-club umbrellas). The Local clubs are listed alphabetically by club name. The title of their newsletter is also listed, if at least one copy is included. The Assembly district materials are arranged numerically with separate folders only for those with the largest amount of material.
Many of the Club files contain single or scattered items. Extensive records, including minutes, correspondence and other materials, exist for two clubs: the Alta Loma Democratic Club (1969-1981), and the West Beverly Democratic Club (1956-1969). The West Beverly material includes an especially extensive run of the West Beverly Bray Newsletter (1955-1971). Materials from several San Francisco Gay Democratic Clubs have been combined in one folder (also see the Gay Democrat in the Multi-group Projects folder). The Regional materials are much sketchier.
Box-folder 23/1-26/5

Local Clubs, Alphabetical

Box-folder 23/1

Altadena, Democratic Club of, 1969

Box-folder 23/2-23/5

Alta Loma Democratic Club

Box-folder 23/2

Correspondence, 1971-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 23/3

Minutes, Meeting Notices, 1973-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 23/4

Events, Other Orgs, etc., 1969-1980, n.d.

Box-folder 23/5

Bulletin and News Bulletin, 1963-1983

Box-folder 23/6

Angeles Mesa Democratic Club - The Mesa Maverick, 1968

Box-folder 23/7

Baldwin Hills Democratic Club, 1964-1973

Box-folder 23/8-23/10

Bellevue Democratic Club

Box-folder 23/8

1967-1971, n.d

Box-folder 23/9

Newsletter and Bellevue Democratic Club, 1964, 1969-1977

Box-folder 23/10

Bellevue Democratic Club, 1978-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 23/11

Beverly Hills Democratic Club - Commentator, 1966-1975, n.d.

Box-folder 24/1

Beverly Hills Young Democrats - Action, 1964-1976, n.d.

Box-folder 24/2

Beverlywood Democratic Club - Bulletin, 1969-1970

Box-folder 24/3

Beverly-Wilshire Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 24/4

Bruin Democrats [UCLA], 1977

Box-folder 24/5

Canyon Democratic Club - Newsletter, 1968

Box-folder 24/6

Central Valley Democratic Club - Central Valley Democrat, 1969

Box-folder 24/7

City of Commerce Democratic Club, 1960-1961

Box-folder 24/8

City West Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 24/9

Crenshaw Democratic Club, 1964

Box-folder 24/10

Culver City Democratic Club - Demo News, 1965, 1969-1977, n.d.

Box-folder 24/11

Echo Park/Silverlake Democratic Club - Newsletter, 1968-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 24/12

El Sereno Democratic Club, 1971

Box-folder 24/13

FDR-Sunset Democratic Club - The FDR Sun, 1968-1975

Box-folder 24/14

Fox Hills-Ladera Democratic Club, 1964, 1983

Box-folder 24/15

Greater North Hollywood Democratic Club, 1964

Box-folder 24/16

Harry S. Truman Democratic Club - Newsletter, 1976

Box-folder 24/17-24/19

Hollywood-Highlands Democratic Club

Box-folder 24/17

1969-1977, n.d.

Box-folder 24/18

Hollywood Democrat and The Democratic Cue, 1966-1969

Box-folder 24/19

The Hollywood Democratic Cue, 1971-1982, n.d.

Box-folder 24/20

Hollywood Riviera Democratic Club - The Hollywood Riviera Democrat, 1964, 1969

Box-folder 24/21

LBJ Democratic Club of Beverly Hills - Round-up, 1960

Box-folder 24/22

Los Angeles, Democratic Club of - Democratic Forum, 1971-1972

Box-folder 24/23

Manhattan Beach Democratic Club - Donkey Tale, 1945, 1975

Box-folder 24/24

Marina Del Rey Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 24/25

Martin Luther King Jr. Democratic Club, 1977

Box-folder 24/26

Mar Vista Democratic Club, 1967-1973, n.d.

Box-folder 24/27

Midway Democratic Club - Midway Newsletter, 1964-1994

Box-folder 24/28

Monterey Park Democratic Club, 1960-1961

Box-folder 24/29

Napa Valley Democratic Club - Napa Valley Democrat, 1980

Box-folder 24/30

New Frontier Democratic Club, 1969, 1977

Box-folder 24/31

Northridge Democratic Club - Newsletter, 1962, 1964

Box-folder 24/32

Norwalk Democratic Club, 1968

Box-folder 24/33

Palms-West Los Angeles Democratic Club, 1969, n.d.

Box-folder 24/34

Reseda-West Valley Democratic Club - West Valley Democrat, 1968, n.d.

Box-folder 24/35

Samo-West Democratic Club, n.d.

Box-folder 24/36

San Fernando Valley, Democratic Club of, 1974

Box-folder 24/37

San Francisco Gay Democratic Clubs - includes Gay Vote and Alice, 1977-1978

Box-folder 24/38

Santa Barbara Democratic League, 1967-1968

Box-folder 24/39

Santa Cruz County, People's Democratic Club of - Soundings, 1981

Box-folder 24/40

Santa Monica Democratic Club - Newsline and Santa Monica Democrat, 1968-1982, n.d.

Box-folder 25/1

Shoestring Democratic Club, 1967

Box-folder 25/2

Silver Spur Democratic Club, 1963

Box-folder 25/3

Stonewall Democratic Club [Gay] - Stonewall Speaks, 1978-1981, 1994

Box-folder 25/4

Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, 1968, 1977

Box-folder 25/5

Thoreau Democratic Club, 1968, 1970

Box-folder 25/6

West Adams Democratic Club - Newsletter, 1965

Box-folder 25/7-25/13

West Beverly Democratic Club

Box-folder 25/7

Minutes & Bylaws, 1956-1958, 1961-1963

Box-folder 25/8

President's Correspondence, 1961-1962

Box-folder 25/9

Correspondence, Membership, misc., 1959, 1963-1969, n.d.

Box-folder 25/10

Installation Dinner, 1959, 1961

Box-folder 25/11-25/13

West Beverly Bray

Box-folder 25/11


Box-folder 25/12


Box-folder 25/13

1963-1971, n.d.

Box-folder 26/1

Westchester Democratic Club, 1972

Box-folder 26/2

West Hollywood Democratic Club, 1969-1970

Box-folder 26/3

West Pico Democratic Club, 1966-1976, n.d.

Box-folder 26/4

Westside Democratic Club - Westside Story and Westside Forum, 1967-1976

Box-folder 26/5

Women's Democratic Club of Beverly Hills - Bulletin, 1964

Box-folder 26/6

Multi-group Projects (includes Gay Democrat), 1975-1976

Box-folder 26/7-26/9

Young Democrat Coalitions

Box-folder 26/7

California Federation of Young Democrats, and misc. Young Democratic Groups, 1959, 1964-1969, n.d.

Box-folder 26/8

Progressive Young Democratic Club, n.d.

Box-folder 26/9

Young Democratic Clubs of California - Democracy at Work, 1939

Box-folder 26/10-26/16

Regional Groups

Box-folder 26/10

Northeast Democratic Forum, 1977, 1980

Box-folder 26/11

Northern California Board Meetings - Northern California Newsletter, 1973-1978, n.d.

Box-folder 26/12

Southern California Board Meetings, 1967-1984, n.d.

Box-folder 26/13-26/14

Region II

Box-folder 26/13

1959-1972, n.d.

Box-folder 26/14

1962-1963, 1969, n.d.

Box-folder 16/15

Region III-V, 1975, n.d.

Box-folder 26/16

Region Ten Times, n.d.

Box-folder 26/17-27/4

Assembly District and Congressional District Democratic Councils

Box-folder 26/17

Sample Constitutions, n.d.

Box-folder 26/18-26/22

Assembly District Democratic Councils

Box-folder 26/18

42nd-68th A.D. and Joint Activities, 1961, 1971-1982, n.d.

Box-folder 26/19

45th A.D., 1975-1979

Box-folder 26/20

59th A.D. (includes Minutes), 1963-1973, n.d.

Box-folder 26/21

61st A.D., 1960-1973

Box-folder 26/22

Joint 59th/61st A.D. Events, 1971-1972

Box-folder 27/1-27/4

Congressional District Democratic Councils

Box-folder 27/1

17th-32nd C.D., 1957, 1963-1979, n.d.

Box-folder 27/2-27/3

26th C.D.

Box-folder 27/2

1962-1972, n.d.

Box-folder 27/3

Slate Convention, 1968

Box-folder 27/4

33rd C.D., 1963


Series 5. Events, 1957-1984

Physical Description: 1 box, 7 legal boxes, 1 legal half-box and 4 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes materials relating to various major events including the CDC's official Conventions and Issues Conferences, as well as materials relating to various electoral campaigns and other events with which the CDC was involved or associated. The series is divided into 4 subseries: A. Campaigns, B. Conventions, C. Issues Conferences, and D. Miscellaneous Events.

Subseries A. Campaigns, 1958-1980

Physical Description: 2 legal boxes, 1 legal half-box, and 10 folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes contains materials connected to various electoral campaigns including campaign literature, correspondence, planning and organizational materials. Most of the documents concern individual campaigns for elected office, though there are also files concerning Fair Housing issues, an initiative to allow dog racing, and the Poor People's Campaign, as well as material on endorsements, registration, campaign organization, and get-out-the vote efforts. Besides major Democratic candidates for both state and federal office there are files concerning Nixon's 1960 race, the Recall Reagan campaign, the Republican smear tactics from 1958-1968, and Republican materials from the 1962 campaign. See the Photographs Series for pictures of Alan Cranston, Adlai Stevenson, and other politicians and political events. Folders are arranged alphabetically.
Box-folder 27/5

Brown-Anderson Neighborhood Information Centers, 1966

Box-folder 27/6

Governor Edmund G. Brown, Sr. - Press Releases, 1966

Box-folder 27/7-27/8

Rudd Brown for Congress

Box-folder 27/7

1958, 1960

Box-folder 27/8

Issues, 1960

Box-folder 27/9

CDC Fundletter for Priority Candidates, October 1968

Box-folder 27/10

Shirley Chisholm, n.d.

Box-folder 27/11

Frank Church, Tom Hayden, and John V. Tunney, 1976

Box-folder 27/12

Alan Cranston for Senate, 1964, 1968

Box-folder 27/13

Endorsements, 1966

Box-folder 27/14-27/15

Fair Housing

Box-folder 27/14

AB 1240, 1963

Box-folder 27/15

Questions & Answers About the California Fair Housing Law, Senator Thomas M. Rees and Teamster Unions of Southern California, 1963

Box-folder 27/16

General Election/Registration, 1962

Box-folder 28/1-28/2


Box-folder 28/1

Campaign '66 Kit, 1966

Box-folder 28/2

Vote and Registration Drives, 1960, 1964

Box-folder 28/3

How to Organize a Precinct Campaign, n.d.

Box-folder 28/4-28/5

Hubert Humphrey

Box-folder 28/4

Press Releases/Speeches, 1964

Box-folder 28/5

H.H. and alternatives, 1968

Box-folder 28/6-28/7

Lyndon Johnson

Box-folder 28/6


Box-folder 28/7

V.I.P. Certificates, 1964

Box-folder 28/8

Frank M. Jordan - Secretary of State, 1958

Box-folder 28/9

John F. Kennedy-Lyndon Johnson, 1960-1961

Box-folder 28/10

Robert Kennedy, Jerry Brown, Jimmy Carter, 1980

Box-folder 28/11

Lyndon LaRouche, 1980

Box-folder 28/12

Eugene McCarthy, 1968

Box-folder 28/13

Neighborhood Discussion Program, 1960

Box-folder 28/14

Nixon, 1960

Box-folder 29/1

No on 14 [Fair Housing Revocation], 1964

Box-folder 29/2

Peace and Politics, 1962

Box-folder 29/3

Peace Slate '68, 1967-1968

Box-folder 29/4

People Against Proposition 13 [Dog Racing Initiative], 1976

Box-folder 29/5

Poor People's Campaign, 1968

Box-folder 29/6

Precinct Workshop [Pacht materials], 1962

Box-folder 29/7-29/8

Primary Campaigns

Box-folder 29/7


Box-folder 29/8


Box-folder 29/9

Recall Reagan, n.d.

Box-folder 29/10

Registration Drive, 1960

Box-folder 30/1

Registration and Miscellaneous, 1958-1976, n.d.

Box-folder 30/2

Pierre Salinger - Senate Primary, 1964

Box-folder 30/3

Smear Tactics, 1958-1968

Box-folder 30/4

Sweep the State in '58, 1958

Box-folder 30/5

10th District Recall, 1961-1962

Box-folder 30/6

Victory in the Precincts: Volunteers in Politics, 1966, n.d.

Box-folder 30/7

1962 - Includes Republican Materials, 1962


Subseries B. Conventions, 1957-1984

Physical Description: 4 legal boxes and 4 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes contains announcements, programs, badges, flyers, resolutions, rules, bylaws and amendments, and other materials relating to the CDC's Annual Conventions. Files include both official documents and handouts acquired by attendees at the Conventions. Some planning documents may be with these materials but see also the Convention Planning Committee Materials in the Committees and Caucuses Series. Files are arranged chronologically by Convention. Of special interest are the Report by Alan Cranston, first President of the CDC to the 5th Convention (the only document from that convention), the Special Convention responding to LBJ's failure to end the Vietnam War, held in Long Beach in September 1967, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Speech to the 1968 Anaheim Convention.
Box-folder 31/1

5th - Report by Alan Cranston, CDC President, 1957

Box-folder 31/2

6th - Fresno (includes Issues Conference), January 10-12, 1958

Box-folder 31/3

7th - Fresno, March 14, 1959

Box-folder 31/4

8th- Fresno (includes 2nd Issues Conference), February 12-14, 1960

Box-folder 31/5

9th - Santa Monica, March 4, 1961

Box-folder 31/6

10th - Fresno, January 26-28, 1962

Box-folder 31/7

11th - Bakersfield, February 18-20, 1963

Box-folder 31/8

12th - Long Beach, February 21-23, 1964

Box-folder 31/9

13th - Sacramento, March 19-21, 1965

Box-folder 31/10

14th - Bakersfield, February 18-20, 1966

Box-folder 32/1

15th - Fresno, March 10-12, 1967

Box-folder 32/2-32/3

Special Convention [2 folders], September 30, 1967

Box-folder 32/4

16th - Anaheim (includes M. L. King Speech), March 15-17, 1968

Box-folder 32/5-32/6

17th - San Jose [2 folders], April 18-19, 1969

Box-folder 33/1

18th - Fresno, March 6-8, 1970

Box-folder 33/2

19th - Santa Monica, April 2-4, 1971

Box-folder 33/2-33/4

20th - Oakland [2 folders], March 17-19, 1972

Box-folder 33/5

21st - Los Angeles, March 9-11, 1973

Box-folder 33/6

22nd - Sacramento, February 8-10, 1974

Box-folder 34/1

23rd - Fresno, March 14-16, 1975

Box-folder 34/2

24th - Los Angeles, February 27-29, 1976

Box-folder 34/3

25th - San Jose, March 18-20, 1977

Box-folder 34/4

26th - San Diego, March 10-12, 1978

Box-folder 34/5

27th - Fresno, March 23-25, 1979

Box-folder 34/6

28th - Los Angeles, March 28-30, 1980

Box-folder 35/1

29th - Sacramento, March 27-29, 1981

Box-folder 35/2

30th - Fresno, March 19-21, 1982

Box-folder 35/3

31st - Long Beach, April 8-10, 1983

Box-folder 35/4

32nd - Oakland, March 2-4, 1984


Subseries C. Issues Conferences, 1959-1965

Physical Description: 9 folders and 3 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains materials relating to the Statewide Issues Conferences held by CDC between 1959 and 1965, usually in conjunction with the Annual Convention. Also included is material from an Issues Conference held by the Valley State Young Democrats in 1965. For more information on local or Regional issues conferences see the Local and Regional Clubs series and the Field Representatives Files. Folders are arranged chronologically.
Box-folder 35/5

March 1959

Box-folder 35/6

2nd Annual, February 1960

Box-folder 35/7

3rd Annual, March 1961

Box-folder 36/1


Box-folder 36/2


Box-folder 36/3


Box-folder 36/4


Box-folder 36/5


Box-folder 36/6

[Platform], 1968

Box-folder 36/7


Box-folder 36/8


Box-folder 36/9

Valley State Young Democrats - Community Issues Forum, February 6, 1965


Subseries D. Miscellaneous Events, 1961-1975

Physical Description: 3 folders and 4 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains information on a variety of events sponsored, co-sponsored, or endorsed by the CDC. The Miscellaneous events file also includes some non-CDC event materials.
Box-folder 36/10

Campaign Seminar - Riverside, September 11, 1965

Box-folder 36/11

Coalition Conference - Fresno, November 23, 1968

Box-folder 36/12

Guns to Butter Conference - San Jose State, [1972?]

Box-folder 37/1

Issues '70... A Political Happening, 1970

Box-folder 37/2

National Conference on Volunteer Political Activity, December 1-3, 1961

Box-folder 37/3

Platform Conference - San Jose, November 15-16, 1975

Box-folder 37/4

Miscellaneous Events, 1967-1975, n.d.


Series 6. Publications, 1953-1980

Physical Description: 7 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains incomplete runs of the CDC's official newsletter, which changed names several times through the years, and samples of other CDC published materials. Also included are a series of organizational histories compiled by the CDC's Historian, Dr. R. Fred Kugler, and other organizational background materials. For copies of the CDC's newspaper, variously titled, California Democrat, California Observer, or the Grassroots Democrat see the Library's Periodical Collection. Copies of the CDC Bulletin are also found in the Periodicals Collection.
Box-folder 37/5

Organizational Histories, 1953-1980, n.d.

Box-folder 37/6

CDC Newsletter, Official CDC Reporter, California Newsletter and Call to Action, 1957-1979

Box-folder 37/7

CDC Public Service Manual, c. 1960

Box-folder 37/8

The Democratic Crisis by Gerald N. Hill, CDC President, September 1967

Box-folder 37/9

Effective Club Leadership: A Manual for Democratic Clubs, 1961

Box-folder 37/10

Strengthening the CDC in the 60's, Report by the Planning Committee to the Board of Directors, January 1965

Box-folder 37/11

Miscellaneous Newsletters, 1971-1976, n.d.


Series 7. Photographs, c. 1963-1964, n.d.

Physical Description: 1 half-box

Scope and Content Note

This series contains a small collection of photographs, mainly headshots of various politicians (some identified), most of which appear to have been collected in 1964 (see the correspondence included at the end of the series). Also included are photographs of several events including Adlai Stevenson's 56th Birthday Party and an event honoring Aaron Henry sponsored by the "Mississippi Freedom Parents." A series of unidentified photographs have been tentatively identified as being from the 1963 Issues Conference due to the podium's identification of the location of the event being the Los Angeles Home Furnishings Mart.
Box-folder 38/1-38/5


Box-folder 38/1-38/2


Box-folder 38/1

Identified, c. 1964

Box-folder 38/2

Unidentified, c. 1964

Box-folder 38/3

Alan Cranston - Group Shots [Some with Captions], c. 1964

Box-folder 38/4-38/5


Box-folder 38/4

Adlai Stevenson, 56th Birthday Party, Fresno, 1956

Box-folder 38/5

Miscellaneous - Kennedy, Humphrey, etc., n.d.

Box-folder 38/6-38/7


Box-folder 38/6

Issues Conference - Los Angeles Home Furnishings Mart. 1963?

Box-folder 38/7

Mississippi Freedom Parents/Aaron Henry Event, n.d.

Box-folder 38/8

Correspondence Concerning Photographs, 1964, n.d.


Series 8. Miscellaneous, 1961-1981

Physical Description: 1 legal box

Scope and Content Note

This series contains unsorted materials and materials that did not fit anywhere else in the collection.
Box-folder 39/1

Papers, Flyers, 1961-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 39/2


Box-folder 39/3


Box-folder 39/4


Box-folder 39/5


Box-folder 39/6


Box-folder 39/7


Box-folder 39/8


Box-folder 39/9


Box-folder 39/10


Box-folder 39/11


Box-folder 39/12


Box-folder 39/13