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Guide to the Sasha Sokolov Collection
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Collection Contents


Biographical/Bibliographical Files

Box 1: 1

Articles/Essays about Sokolov, in English and Russian (including essay by Donald B. Johnson), ca. 1975-1984

Box 1: 2

Bibliographies and lists of Sokolov's writing

Box 1: 3

Documents, including passport, ca. 1975-1977

Box 1: 4

Documents and correspondence, mostly regarding Sokolov's emigration from Russia his marriage to Johanna Steindl, and residence and visa issues, 1975-1977



Box 1: 5-6

Correspondence from Sokolov and Johanna Steindl to Ardis (Carl and Eleandea Proffer, Raya and Ronald Meyer, 1975-1986

Box 1: 7

Correspondence from Carl and Ellendea Proffer to and about Sokolov, 1975-1984

Box 1: 8

Correspondence about Sokolov and to Ardis, 1975-1985

Box 1: 9

Correspondence from university faculty to Carl Proffer re Sokolov, 1975-1986

Box 1: 10

Financial documents mainly dealing with School for Fools, 1975-1985

Box 1: 11

Correspondence between publishing companies and Ardis about School for Fools, 1975-1984

Box 1: 12

British Broadcasting Corporation - correspondence re transmission of Sokolov’s books on BBC, 1985

Box 1: 13

Articles about Ardis, ca. 1986


Writings by Sokolov




Shkola dl’a durakov ( School For Fools) [Sokolov’s 1st novel]


Russian Language

Box 2: 1

Original typescript draft, with corrections

Box 2: 2

Original typescript draft - uncorrected photocopy

Box 2: 3

Typescript draft - photocopy sent from Austria by Johanna Steindl, to Carl Proffer, 1976

Box 2: 4

Original page proofs, with SS’s corrections - photocopy


English Language

Box 3: 1

Typescript, with corrections

Box 3: 2

Typescript, with C. Proffer’s corrections

Box 3: 3

Typescript, with handwritten corrections

Box 3: 4

Proffer typescript and page proofs, with corrections

Box 3: 5

Page proofs and corrections by Nina Berberova, of Proffer’s translation

Box 3: 6

Page proofs, with author’s handwritten correction

Box 3: 7

Printed excerpts from the Twentieth Century Russian Reader - photocopy, 1985

Box 4: 1-2

Page proofs, uncorrected, with "Reviews of and comments on the Russian edition and advance copies of the English translation" (photocopies - two sets)

Box 4: 3-5

Reviews and essays (about Sokolov and School for Fools), arranged alphabetically by author

Box 4: 6-7

Correspondence (mostly to Carl Proffer at Ardis) and other material relating to publication and reviews of School for Fools

Box 4: 8

Dustjackets and silverprint proofs


Mezhdu sobakoi i volkom ( Between Dog and Wolf) [Sokolov’s 2nd novel]


Russian Language

Box 5: 1

Revised typescript manuscript - uncorrected photocopy

Box 5: 2

Next to last final typescript draft, with corrections

Box 5: 3

Revised final version of the typescript manuscript - photocopy, with corrections

Box 5: 4

Revised final, final version of the typescript manuscript - photocopy with corrections, 1979

Box 5: 5

Typescript fragments, with corrections

Box 6: 1

Page proofs - photocopy, with corrections - author’s copy

Box 6: 2

Serialization in Volga Magazine (1st Russian publication of novel) Edition 8 (1989): 62-92; Edition 9 (1989): 70-107, 1989

Box 6: 3

English Language - First typescript translation, - fragment, with corrections, 37 pages

Box 6: 4

Reviews and essays (about Sokolov and Between Dog and Wolf), arranged by author


Palisandria ( Astrophobia) [Sokolov’s 3rd novel]


Russian Language

Box 7: 1

Typescript manuscript final version, with corrections

Box 7: 2

Typescript manuscript final version - uncorrected photocopy, with handwritten acknowledgements

Box 8: 1

Galley proofs, with author’s handwritten corrections

Box 8: 2

Page proofs - photocopies, with author’s handwritten corrections

Box 8: 3

Page proofs - photocopies, with Sergei's penciled corrections

Box 8: 4

Transcripts of BBC broadcasts featuring Palisandria

Box 8: 5

Polish Language - Excerpt from Palisandria, appearing in Zeszyty Literackie Magazine, (Paris) vol.2, no.8 (Fall 1984): 20-31 - photocopy, 1984

Box 8: 6

Reviews and essays (about Sokolov and Palisandria), arranged by author,

Box 8: 7

Sokolov’s writings about Palisandria - photocopies

Box 8: 8


Box 9: 1

Essays and Articles by Sokolov (in Russian and English, mostly photocopies), ca. 1971-1991

Box 9: 2

Newspaper Articles by Sokolov - appearing in Literaturnaya Rossia, ca. 1969-1971

Box 9: 3

Poems by Sokolov - untitled, appearing in Kovcheg Literature Journal (Paris), no. 6 (photocopy)


Published Interviews with Sokolov

Box 9: 4

Arranged by author/interviewer, ca. 1981-1985


Speeches/Lectures by Sokolov

Box 9: 5

“V Dome Poveshennogo” = “In the House of the Hung” - speech at Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia) at the conference of “Pereosmyslenie Prav Cheloveka - Rethinking Human Rights”

Box 9: 5

Speech at the Conference of Russian Literature in Immigration. Los Angeles, May 16, 1981

Box 9: 5

“Kluchevoe Slovo Slovestnosti: kak.” = “The Keyword of Literacy: How” - lecture at the University of California, Santa Barbara (printed in Almanac Panorama issue 245, 20-27 Dec 1985), also includes related publicity, 1985


Photographs and Drawings of Sokolov

Box 9: 6

Includes 3 b/w prints and 1 b/w negative



Box 9: 7

“Balada o tret'em semestre - A Ballad of the Third Semester,” an anthology of articles and propaganda on the Five Year Plans about Russian agricultural and technological advancements

Box 9: 8

Notes, clippings, and miscellany re Sokolov and Ardis

Box 9: 9

Reviews and essays on other contemporary Russian authors


Tapes (audiocassettes)


A1843/CS  Poem “Ugodnik Nikolai” and “O Sobake i Volke” (“Of Dog and Wolf”)


A1844/CS  “Zabavnyi Balagan”


Donald Barton Johnson [DBJ] tapes (some tapes recorded on one side only), 1983


A13591-13593/CS  Sokolov interviewed by DBJ (3 tapes), June 20, 1983


A13594/CS  Sasha Sokolov I: Broadcast interview; Sokolov reads from Palisandria, Voice of America, Mar. 21, 1985


A13595/CS  Sasha Sokolov Interview and Palisandria Reading for Tanya Retivov/Russian Service, Voice of America, May 29, [1985?]


A13596/CS  Questions on Palisandria, Nov. 18, 1985


A13597/CS  Mathius interview with Sokolov, at UCSB and published (in part?) in Nexus, Nov. 1985


A13598/CS  Sokolov interviewed by DBJ re Palisandria, Dec. 2, 1985


A13599/CS  Sokolov interviewed by DBJ, Dec. 4, 1985


A13600/CS  Sokolov interviewed by DBJ (one side only), [Dec. 5, 1985?]


A13601/CS  Sokolov interviewed by DBJ, Craftsbury Sports Center in Vermont (where Sokolov was working as a handyman and ski instructor), June 1987