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Inventory of the Stanton A. Glantz Papers, 1980-97, n.d.
MSS 97-08  
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Series Description

Box 1

SERIES 1: PAPERS, 1988-97, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of all the written materials in the collection. It is divided into 3 major subsections arranged alphabetically: LAWSUITS, STATEWIDE AIR POLLUTION RESOURCE CENTER (SAPRC), and PUBLICATIONS. The material in Publications is further divided into miscellaneous articles, Brown & Williamson document articles, and reports. Materials are arranged chronologically within each section.
The Lawsuit subsection includes:
  • A lawsuit filed by the American Lung Association, American Cancer Association, and others against the State of California for diverting Prop. 99 designated funds away from anti-smoking educational programs.
  • A lawsuit by the proponents of Proposition 188 challenging wording of the opponents portion of the Prop. 188 ballot pamphlet.
The SAPRC documents consist primarily of correspondence, but also contains a draft of its 1992 Annual Report and a copy of a 1988 report issued by the SAPRC.
Glantz's Publications (1992-97, n.d.) include:
  • A variety of short articles
  • Drafts of five articles based on the Brown & Williamson Collection, co-authored by Glantz and five others, that appeared in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association), v.274, n. 3, July 19, 1995
  • A series of reports on tobacco policy, legislation and lobbying from around the country
The final document in this series is a letter that accompanied the video tape of the Sarah Lawrence speech.
Carton 1

SERIES 2: VIDEOS, 1980-97, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

This series includes all the videotapes from the collection. Most of these videos were taped directly from television broadcasts and are brief news clips, longer investigative pieces, or talk shows about tobacco issues that include or feature Glantz. One of the videotapes is a speech by Glantz to students at Sarah Lawrence College in New York State that details Glantz's involvement with tobacco issues, the appearance of the Brown & Williamson documents the writing of The Cigarette Papers, and examples of the Brown & Williamson documents.

Two or three of the videotapes were produced by the tobacco industry. One is a copy of "Philip Morris In Motion," a video magazine put out by the Philip Morris tobacco company that includes product and company information, cultural news, and a question and answer segment featuring Philip Morris employees and administration, including a question regarding the company's campaign contributions to Senator Jesse Helms. The other is an unidentified report showing how smoking bans hurt local businesses. The third item includes segments from a Philip Morris stock holders meeting during which a shareholders' resolution to voluntarily cut back on tobacco-related advertising is discussed.

All of the videotapes are standard VHS except for one which is 3/4 inch broadcast tape.

Container List


SERIES 1: PAPERS, 1988-97, n.d.



Box Box 1, Folder 1

-- Prop. 99 Tax Diversions 1994

Folder 2

-- Prop. 188 Ballot Pamphlet Challenges August 1994



Folder 3

-- Five Year Review June 30, 1988

Folder 4

-- Correspondence 1991-92

Folder 5

-- Correspondence 1993

Folder 6

-- Draft Annual Report 1992-93



Folder 7

-- "Tobacco: Biology & Politics" Stanton A. Glantz 1992

Scope and Content Note

Published by Health EDCO
Folder 8

-- Cigarette Papers -- Publicity and Preface [1996]

Folder 9

-- Tobacco Control Reprints 1991-96

Folder 10



(1) "Looking Through a Keyhole at the Tobacco Industry" Stanton Glantz, Deborah E. Barnes, Lisa Bero, Peter Hanauer, John Slade n.d.

Folder 11



(2) "Nicotine and Addiction" John Slade, Lisa Bero, Peter Hanauer, Deborah E. Barnes, Stanton A. Glantz n.d.

Folder 12



(3) "Lawyer Control of Internal Scientific Research to Avoid Products Liability Lawsuits" Peter Hanauer, John Slade, Deborah E. Barnes, Lisa Bero, Stanton A. Glantz n.d.

Folder 13



(4) "Lawyer Control of the Tobacco Industry's External Research Program" Lisa Bero, Deborah E. Barnes, Peter Hanauer, John Slade, Stanton A. Glantz n.d.

Folder 14



(5) "Environmental Tobacco Smoke" Deborah E. Barnes, Peter Hanauer, John Slade, Lisa A. Bero, Stanton A. Glantz n.d.

Folder 15



"Analysis of the Smoking and Tobacco Products, Statewide Regulation Initiative Statute (also known as the California Uniform Tobacco Control Act)" Heather R. Macdonald, Stanton A. Glantz March 1994

Folder 16



"The Twilight of Proposition 99: Reauthorization of Tobacco Education Programs and Tobacco Industry Political Expenditures in 1993" Michael E. Begay, Michael Traynor, Stanton Glantz March 1994

Folder 17



"Undermining Popular Government: Tobacco Industry Political Expenditures in California 1993-94" Stella Aguinaga, Heather Macdonald, Michael Traynor, Michael E. Begay, Stanton A. Glantz May 1995

Folder 18



"Shifting Allegiances: Tobacco Industry Political Expenditures in California January 1995 - March 1996" Fred M. Monardi, Edith D. Balbach, Stella Aguinaga, Stanton Glantz April 1996

Folder 19



"Tobacco Industry Political Activity in Colorado 1979-1995" Fred M. Monardi, Amanda O'Neill, Stanton A. Glantz May 1996

Folder 20



"Tobacco Industry Political Activity in Washington: 1983-1996" Fred M. Monardi, Stanton A. Glantz November 1996

Folder 21



"Tobacco Industry Political Activity and Tobacco Control Policy Making in New Jersey: 1982-1995" Fred M. Monardi, Stanton A. Glantz May 1997

Folder 22

SPEECH -- Sarah Lawrence Lecture/Video Letter Feb. 26, 1997


SERIES 2: VIDEOS, 1980-97, n.d.

Carton Carton 1, videotape v1

(a) "Cigarettes in the Philippines" -- ABC's 20/20 -- about international cigarette sales focusing on Philippines. [Glantz is not in this tape] 4-25-80

Additional Note

[14:31 minutes]

(b) "Nicotine Addiction" -- Face the Nation -- CBS News 1988

Additional Note

[26:47 minutes]
videotape v2

"Growing up in Smoke" -- Cigarette Advertising -- ABC's 20/20 10-20-83

Additional Note

[20 minutes]
videotape v3

(a) "Passive Smoking" -- Judson Wells -- CBS News -- with Glantz and James Repace 10-22-88


(b) News report on Program on UCSF -SF public schools joint science programs includes brief clip of Harold Varmus and Glantz's son

Additional Note

[2 minutes plus]
videotape v4

"PM in Motion" Philip Morris Video Magazine (2nd ed.) Fall 1990

Additional Note

videotape v5

"Stan Glantz/Tobacco Education" -- Channel 7 News KGO-TV Coverage of the challenges to the successful prop 99-financed anti-smoking commercials with Dr. Dean Edell 12-11-90

Additional Note

videotape v6

"Stan Glantz on Oprah" -- discussion of second hand smoke and smokers vs. nonsmokers conflicts -- Beginning of show missing and other gaps, embedded in another show, Glantz appears 20 minutes into the show w/ Simmons of RJR 4-15-91

Additional Note

[36:13 minutes]
videotape v7

(a) "Smoke in Your Face" -- ABC's 20/20 -- 2nd hand smoke and flight attendants 2-3-92


(b) ["Federal Cigarette tax"] -- ABC news clip [longer version of this clip on tape v9]

Additional Note

videotape v8

"Philip Morris Stockholders Meeting" -- Edited 1992. -- Includes internal promotional materials and speakers for a stockholder's resolution aimed at reducing tobacco advertising. 1992

Additional Note

[28 minutes]
videotape v9

"Federal 'Sin' Tax" -- World News Tonight -- KABC Ch 7 [Los Angeles?]. On the Clinton Health Plan -- Aired 9/21/93 at 6:30 p.m. [see also tape 7(b)] 9-27-93

Additional Note

videotape v10

"Local Smoking Bans in California." -- unidentified tape discusses the negative financial impact of smoking bans on several California restaurants. [Glantz not included in this tape] 11-15-93

Additional Note

videotape v11

"Tobacco Addiction" -- Glantz on Sonja Live -- CNN -- tape has a lot of extraneous material and disruptions, show is embedded in a TV movie ["The Babysitter"] 3-9-94

Additional Note

[35:50 minutes]
videotape v12

"Tobacco/Smoking" -- Cable Headline News -- CNN -- Report that anti-smoking ad campaign is in danger with shift of funds to cover health care instead. -- Aired 3-15-94 between 5 & 5:30 p.m. 3-18-94

Additional Note

videotape v13

"Proposition 99 Lawsuit" 13 Real News KCOP-TV -- Los Angeles [1:09] also KCRA news [3:25] 3-31-94

Additional Note

[total 4:36].
videotape v14-v15

"Tobacco Strongarm" -- KRON-TV -- On the tobacco industry's role in the removal of anti-smoking ads and the B & W stakeout of the UCSF library 2-28-95

Additional Note

[1:47 minutes]
videotape v16

"Tobacco Company" -- Channel 7 News -- KGO-TV -- Lead story on the ruling by the court that UCSF could make the Brown & Williamson documents public. [Live portions of show had technical problems] 5-25-95

Additional Note

videotape v17

"Tobacco Press Conference - Full Coverage" -- American Medical Association --Stan Glantz and others on the Journal of the American Medical Association articles on the Brown & Williamson papers by Glantz, et al. 7-13-95

Additional Note

videotape v18

(a) "Untitled" -- KPIX Channel 5 News -- short piece on the dangers of passive smoke. n.d.


(b) "Day One Investigation-- Brown & Williamson" -- ABC News -- Interview with Glantz on toxins in passive smoke and with Tobacco Institute spokesperson n.d.

Additional Note

[15-20 minutes]
videotape v19

(a) "Ron Reagan Show" -- KOFY-TV 20 -- Debate between pro and anti-smoking groups including Stan Glantz and Jim Nethery. n.d.

Additional Note

[1 hour, including commercials]

(b) Short Newsclip on smoking in TV shows and films n.d.

Additional Note

[Rest of Tape: Missiles of October-What We Didn't Know]
videotape v20

"Morton Downey Show" -- includes Glantz and representative of the New Jersey branch of GASP (Group Against Smoking Pollution) as well as Tobacco Industry spokespersons. Gaps in program / sudden break to another TV show n.d.

Additional Note

[37 minutes including commercials]
videotape v21

"JAMA Report #33011, Smoking Documents" -- 3/4" Broadcast video tape. On the Scene Productions, American Medical Association n.d.

Additional Note

videotape v22

"Cigarette Papers" -- Glantz speech at Sarah Lawrence College, NY Covers history of Glantz's involvement in anti-smoking issues, the appearance of the Brown & Williamson documents, creation of the book and sample documents from the book. 22-13-97

Additional Note